ZUNDE condemns MDC-T violence

via ZUNDE condemns MDC-T violence February 17, 2014 at 10:06am by Information & Publicity – ZUNDE

Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) does not believe in the archaic, retrogressive and barbaric politics of fists and missiles.  Rather, we are advocates for values and substance. We are, therefore, deeply concerned with reports of violence that took place over the weekend at Harvest House as widely reported.

ZUNDE strongly believes that hoodlums such as those who reportedly assaulted Elton Mangoma over the weekend as well as other MDC-T officials have no place in modern day politics. Let degrees in violence be the sole preserve for ZANU PF not those who cherish and fight for democratic values.

For a party that is supposedly democratic to unleash dogs of terror at its own is both despicable and unforgivable. Progressive politics must be guided by the values and principles of Ubuntu/Hunhu. Assaulting a person simply because he/she holds a view different to yours is seriously at variance with what ZUNDE stands for.

In a democracy, leaders are scrutinized, opposed and challenged. They can only defend themselves using facts and ideas, not missiles and fists. We condemn, with utmost contempt, the politics of personalities and self-aggrandisement.

Unequivocally, ZUNDE denounces the violence that is said to have taken place in Harare after the MDC-T meeting. We call upon Morgan Tsvangirai, as MDC-T leader, to unreservedly issue a public apology. He must also go a step further and take stern measures against the hooligans involved as well as assure peace-loving Zimbabweans that such barbaric acts won’t happen again in future.

Actions by one party can easily affect the image of the whole country. Zimbabwe doesn’t need to be known for this kind of shameful intolerance, whether political or not. We want to get to a point where people can talk freely about their views and opinions in public without having to look over their shoulders first.

Animal Farm politics must be condemned unreservedly. MDC-T must never create the impression that some people are more equal than others. That’s taboo in a democracy. A question that many people are beginning to ask, rightly so, is “What will happen if Tsvangirai were to become president and commander-in-chief one day? Who will restrain his violent supporters? Who will protect the vulnerable and defenceless?”

If there is anything that has come out clearly in the last few days, it is that neither ZANU PF nor MDC-T in their current form can move our nation forward. While the former has been a theatre for corruption as evidenced by SalaryGate and discord in the presidium, the latter risks turning into a boxing arena or a jungle where only the fittest survive. Something needs to be done quickly. Despicable acts of hooliganism must be nipped in the bud once and for all.  We urge the police to move in swiftly and professionally and bring perpetrators to justice without prejudice. This is not a political but criminal act.

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31 comments on “ZUNDE condemns MDC-T violence
  1. Dadirai says:

    Ndizvo! Well said ZUNDE.

  2. This is what some of us have been saying. What we want from ZUNDE is to tell us what your plans are as an alternative Government. at the moment you are spitting fire at the going ons within other Parties. You are doing the very same thing that divides the opposition in Zimbabwe. Smear each other and Zanu gets stronger. “ZUNDE denounces the violence that is said to have taken place in Harare after the MDC-T meeting” You are not even sure because you say “violence that is said to have taken place” Said being the operative voice. Is this because you have no one nearby as you are all out of the country? Which Police are you asking to arrest the perpetrators? Do you think that Zanu pf will benefit if they arrest fighting factions within the MDC? They are most probably behind the whole fiasco. Tell us how you are going to engage the internet less masses and start campaigning about what you will do for us if you come into Government.

  3. John Thomas says:

    ZUNDE is sounding very familiar. I’m thinking of an earlier evolution of Jono Moyo, Simba Makoni, Mutambara. A smart mouth is not enough. What have any of these people ever done? Is there any evidence of an ability to organize? Raise funds? These are ZANU babies. Let them prove themselves. Lets see some sacrifice, some blood sweat and tears. Lets see some action to alleviate problems people face. Food for the hungry, lawyers for the unjustly accused. This is where political action starts. This is how strong political forces are built. Talking right away about the big picture as though they are actually somebody. Please the situation is too serious for this childishness.

  4. Gutu says:

    This ZUNDE thing must just take Mangoma on board if they feel so much pity for his misfortunes at the hands of infiltrators masquerading as MDC members. Mangoma was tasked with rocking the boat by Biti and company unfortunately they misjudged the people’s mood and will pay dearly if they ever rise. People of Zimbabwe want Morgan to stay until congress decides otherwise in 2016. Biti as a lawyer must respect the rule of law ie The Party’s Constitution not inciting a coup while he pretends to be innocent. If Biti contests to be president of Zimbabwe he will surely be trounced by mugabe even in his grave! Biti and co are desperately wanted by ZUNDE and the sooner they go the better so MDC can restructure quickly without them.

  5. John Thomas again wisdom from you. You never seize to amaze me. These are people that are choosing the Politics of leadership. As yet we have not seen the sweat. Gutu I respect your advice to these guys. Here they have taken sides in another parties internal fight. I have always had the greatest respect for Tendai and Mangoma. Was this the right time to have this wedge between the leadership? Mixed race is right, there are serious problems in the MDC. But then again which party at the moment is at peace with itself. There is a lot going on with our politics at the moment. We the populace have to be careful we are not being played by the chief puppeteer himself.

  6. Dangamvura says:

    Condemning violence is not taking sides with anybody. Those who think that whatever Tsvangirai and his thugs do must not be challenged live in a world of their own. Gutu, what are you smoking? Does violence seize to be violence because it is directed at Mangoma? You guys are slowly creating a monster in Tsvangirai, when will you ever learn? Thanks ZUNDe for challenging this MADNESS. We need leaders with conscience.

  7. Naison says:

    Dcotor do little, there is only one police force in Zimbabwe. Do you know of any other? Are you saying the police should turn a blind eye when violence occurs in the MDC? What a shame!!!

    • Kubota Binga says:

      You cry daily that the police are all ZANU PF, so thats why other fellow is asking which police? Don’t you get it?

      Sad that anything that MDC fails to do well is because of ZANU PF. You hardliners amaze me.

      Thumbs down to ZUNDE for even mentioning ZANU PF in this line. Just stick to MDC foolery period!! if at all its a word

  8. hutu says:

    Dangamvura why should they challenge the MDC madness, MDC are not in power. They should concentrate on what they have to offer. What is it by the way? Joseph Culverwell who was with Zanu pf and was disgaced appearing in the media photo wearing a very tight swimming costume with girls that were old enough to be his Grand daughters? Do little talked about short memories. Hutu’s memory is fine.

  9. jiji says:

    Zunde is a social gathering of drinkers in Hillbrow, Johanesburg.Politics is not cheap mafera.Some of you are brave after the border.Come here and just have one gathering uone marovegwe acho.You get missing one by one.So all thosedeeply seeking a new Zimbabwe must advocate for Makoni and Dabengwa to team up with MDC and then make a formidable front.Facebook politics is nothing.Politics of ZIM is rough.In the rural areas, Sabhuku mark the register of those who vote.Pafunge ipapo?Now the youth and the urban dwellers’s voter turnout is 50% or less.In Mash central, if you did not vote then you must have a sick letter from hospital.Ask those from Hoya, Chidodo,Chikafa in Dande.Politics is not just for theories and theories.ZANU is action packed when it comes to voting, action packed in killing, action packed in looting.You name it.So if Zunde goes into the pan, it must be prepare to be fried or it has to develop muscle and fry ZANU PF.That way we will say thumps up

  10. hutu says:

    Hutu would like to apologize the man I was talking about is late. That was very unafrican of me…

  11. jiji says:

    True Gutu, every time when elections come Mugabe ask the army” Toita sei nemunhu uyu anongondidya?” Army tells him hauendi.Which elections did Mugabe win against Tsvangirai? Kuumburudzwa chete chete asi kuti ndovakabata matomu, kuti vati chitora hazvigoni.If international community had not entervened even Smith was adamant saying no to one man one vote.Unless you have an independent electoral commission, not one appointed by Mugabe , no one will give ZANU PF headaches to manipulate results except Morgan.By the way, who will stand against him in ZANU come 2018?Mujuru will be thumped, Mnangagwa whitewash.So Biti and Mangoma tested deep waters and I think they are seeing that technically they can remove Tsvangirai, but surely not from the hearts of the people

  12. Naison you don’t get what I am saying. The Police will not intervene if it benefits Zanu. How many times have opposition supporters reported violence to the police and been arrested themselves? Come on man I SAID A SIMPLE STATEMENT AND YOU DID NOT COMPREHEND.

  13. roving ambassador. says:

    Jiji ,with due respect ,rewarding failure is the worst evil we could ever do . this is what has made Zanu an irresponsible grouping. lets not creat a Tsvangirai monster. He has failed to realise the power we gave him in the GNU and use it to MDC advantage. Even Mudede was more powerful than him. 3 times he had the chance to lead and he failed. Yes rigging was involved, but thats no excuse, 3 time in a row. Same trick, you fall fro it and you call that leadership.
    And on this grassroots support rubbish, if he really cares about the party and Zimbos, he can be Chairman thus unifying and pacifying the grassroots.

  14. Dangamvura says:

    Hutu, do you expect anybody to wear an overall when going swimming? Wakambokwira ndege here upenyu hwako hwese? Have you ever been to a beach? Chero kurwisi pane aipinda mudhidho akapfeka hovhorosi? You’re very dull or terribly uninformed.

  15. Dangamvura says:

    Jiji, what’s wrong about social media? Did you ever follow the Arab Uprising? How & where did it start? If you don’t know that social media has trnasformed the world, enda kumusha undofudza mombe. Chero mbuya vako vari kuruzevha vave ne whatsapp!!!!

  16. Msizeni silwelani says:

    Psuedo/anonymous politics will not help Zunde or Zimbabwe. As of now Mangoma and the ilk know where they stand in the movement. They tested the waters, clever academics, ours is a revolution and we will not change the leader in the middle of the struggle. Someone once said that academics have students and institutions as their admirers while politicians have followers/supporters.

    Well a new jingle is in the offing, “Promise, a local beer brewed by zanu pf full of Biti, one sip, Mangoma ngaatsve”.

  17. NBS says:

    Zimbabwe is driven by a spirit of violence. We need to resist this. Where is the praying church in all this ugly debacle?

  18. Jaluo says:

    Tsvangirai to apologise , iye ariye akati batai munhu. There is no difference between Tsvangirai and ZANU PF .

  19. Zindoga says:

    Mangoma,Biti and company ngavabatwe we dont change Commanders in the Middle of a Batle.Morgan ws not Leading the Party alone Whats their Position in the Party??They must leave Tea boy Alone.where is Welsh and comany We dont need degrees in fighting for Democracy .Stay away wth yr degrees cme on board after we Won isu Madofo.ask cmrade how many degrees he had whn he ws fighting in the bush.VANHU NGAVATSVE VATENGESI VAITSVA NEMAPLSTIC KUHONDO,KUROHWA ZVISHOMA,ZUNDE forget about Arab spring THIS IS ZIMBABWE CME HME AND GET FIRST HAND OF ZIM POLITICS.ichoo! Charira kuna Biti ,Mangoma and Company.we gonna get Rougher Boys watch the Space Zanu Detractors Wll go.These Guys are nt cming back at Congress their structuers we are going to dismanle they gonna Sumon their Master Zanu for help and they wont win as wel.those who right rubish abt Mdc wil make us more tough on these SELOUTS OF THE STRUGGLE.Ichooooo!! Charira! Usatambe naSave

  20. NAISON said ” There is only one police force in Zimbabwe. Do you know of any other? Are you saying the police should turn a blind eye when violence occurs in the MDC? What a shame!!!”

    Your comprehension is poor Naison. I meant the Police who are run by Zanu will never interfere or arrest anyone because the fighting benefits Zanu. I DID NOT MEAN THEY MUST TURN A BLIND EYE. I MEANT THEY WILL TURN A BLIND EYE. Your command of English is either poor or you are trying to spin…

  21. Dadirai says:

    Zindoga, you are such a disgrace to humankind!!!

  22. roving ambassador. says:

    With people like Msizeni and Zindoga, I am lost for words. If the want to met violence ,why can’t they match up with Zanu. The real Zanu WITH DECLARED DEGREES OF VIOLENCE.

  23. Rockstone says:

    Roving ambassador tell them

  24. Msizeni silwelani says:

    Roving Rockstone, it goes doesn’t it? Negotiation is double headed, on the table and on the battle front, had not Mangoma met what he encountered, today he would be thinking he commands support. Our anger enamates from the fact that Biti and Mangoma were chief negotiators in the GNU and now their action and associates are of suspicious pedigree. Conflict is sometimes heathy for an organisation. The earlier they shipout that would assist (msizeni).

  25. Musa says:

    Vana Dngamvura muri pwere dzinorota.Kna muri ve Zunde chimbodhakwai muriko mzansi.I dont see any need to throw missiles to Jiji.Asi ndiwe unovhura doro racho pazvima social gathering? Unenge mwana wehure asongoti daddy kumurume wese.Kangamwai nezve Zunde, it means nothing,absolute trash.Kutadza kuwana mabasa muJoni then you form zvima social gathering kuti muwane tuma cents twema donations.

  26. jobolinko says:

    the problem is we forget that violence has got no barriers ,those who attacked mangoma and biti should be ashamed ,As for mangoma he should have known that what comes out of our mouths is the most enemy if he volunteerd to say it on behalf of someone, well he should desist from that and the young men who attacked him must shake hands and move on, As for Tsvangirai noone can match him now in the party ,not with the support he has now in the country he does not need the army or police or even nikuv so lets not point fingers at him for nothing.

  27. Bands says:

    I have never seen such stupidity as abounds in this MDC group. No wonder you are always cheated. Wake up and smell the coffee, come 2018 your Tsvangcry will be crying rigging again and whoever will be leading zanu will be snoring in summits while his or her lieutenants will be looting a country dry.
    The problem with you people is that you have too much faith…
    politics is not about faith ( that Tsvangcry will win ), it’s about facts ( that he has been failing or cheated for as long as he has tried ) .
    we need change….

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