ZUNDE is opposed to another marriage of convenience with ZANU PF

via ZUNDE is opposed to another marriage of convenience with ZANU PF February 5, 2014 by Information and Publicity – ZUNDE

Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) is concerned about the announcements made by MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirayi and his Secretary General Tendai Biti that their party is now in favour of re-joining ZPF in another GNU. It is difficult to understand the motivation behind such a decision other than that they are now missing the luxuries of office that they had got used to. We wonder what they wish to achieve which they could not do in the past 5 years when they had a bigger mandate of the electorate than they have now.

ZUNDE wonders how MDC-T is going to fight a system that they are part of. Both ZANU PF and MDC-T made us believe that the GNU was dysfunctional and Mugabe calls it an evil they will never be part of ever again. MDC-T told us that progress could not be made because ZANU PF was not interested in change and was insincere. What makes MDC believe that ZANU PF will change and be more sincere this time around?

At the moment, the MDC-T is trying very hard to disassociate itself from the current salaries scandal which dates back to the time of the GNU and yet they prefer to re-join the same partner which has produced such high level of corruption. It is difficult to understand what has become of the MDC-T. The only explanation is that they have been seriously compromised to the extent of falling in love with Zanu PF regardless of its iniquity. They seem to have completely run out of options. Now that Rugare Gumbo has categorically dismissed any prospect of yet another inclusive government, what next for MDC-T? ZUNDE has options and new ideas. That makes us different from other movements as time will tell.

ZUNDE believes in a coalition of pro-democracy movements to confront ZANU PF dictatorship that has destroyed our country. We are therefore calling on the MDC-T to reconsider their ill-conceived and poorly timed decision and partner ZUNDE and the people in their quest for true change and lasting freedom and democracy. If MDC-T is stranded, they must simply admit and look beyond themselves because if they have failed they must not assume that it is impossible to dislodge ZANU PF.

ZUNDE acknowledges that MDC-T has its own objectives and therefore has a right to re-join ZANU PF which they seem to have grown to love and respect. We have always questioned why the MDC-T would abandon the demand for real change and go for the cheap “zhing-zhong” democracy ZANU PF is offering. We have the greatest respect for genuine activists, war veterans, workers and members of the public who have been convinced that MDC-T was the only option available. Now it’s not the case; there is ZUNDE to take us past ZANU PF. ZUNDE is the viable alternative that has the vision of how to dismantle the dictatorship.

ZUNDE is not just calling for a coalition with all pro-democracy political parties, but is also calling on all the people of Zimbabwe; individual activists, civic groups, workers, students, business people, religious groups and social movements to join us in a grand coalition to take positive action to reclaim our humanity, dignity and freedom. ZUNDE is driven by the long standing pan-African philosophy that we are our own liberators. Indeed, we are!

We cannot be free by admiring and joining the oppressor. We can only be free by rejecting undemocratic institutions like ZANU PF. Children of Zimbabwe, please reflect on this and make your decision before we are locked into yet another hopeless marriage of convenience, another GNU that will delay further our journey to real freedom. The time for modicum change is now behind us.

Information and Publicity – ZUNDE



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19 comments on “ZUNDE is opposed to another marriage of convenience with ZANU PF
  1. MikeH says:

    And what makes anyone believe that ZUNDE is not after what zanupf still have and what the mdc-t had but lost ….. the luxuries and spoils of office.

    • @Mikeh Idon’t know what they are about all except the four individuals that are spearheading them. I also don’t know how they will engage the populace. What I do know is that MDC have made mistakes. The British labour Party has made mistakes. The British Tories have made mistakes and the Obama administration and the ones before him in the USA have made mistakes. That is part and parcel of the Political stage. I also know that(In my opinion) the MDC is the best we’ve got to oppose what is happenning now. Not that I will not change my mind if Isee a better option… But if I do then THAT WILL BE MY DEMOCRATIC RIGHT.

      • MikeH says:

        The labour party, led by the TWAT! Harold Wilson, certainly made a gross mistake since when, as you say, all and sundry have continued in the same vain. But, all things considered, you are perhaps right in saying the MDC-T are the best bet. The big question is, of course, how do they get rid of zanupf ???

  2. Mixed Race says:

    This would be a clear admission that MDC-T lied when they said the election was rigged.These guys are poor politicians who have lost direction and financial support.
    Ms Khupe cannot manage to raise funds like the well known Chipinge farmer who lost all his farms.The MDC-T leadership is confused and they know that their coffers are getting dry day by day.They tested luxurious life style so they do not know what to do but to beg for a useless coalition government.
    This proposed GNU will never happen so they may as well reorganise themselves before 2018 or they disband gracefully.

    • A lot of people have given up and are content to let the cards fall where they may. I do have alot of respect for yours and alot of others opinions on this forum @Mixed Race. I have my own suspicions as to MDC lackings being the direct infiltrations of Zanu. I am not someone that will say I support a particular party for life but for me at the moment I do not see a beter altenative. Zunde is run by people that are not in the country so I cannot see what difference that would make. I might be wrong but I think that the opposision parties must be there leading the people rather than the people leading the opposition parties.I remember during the 80’s a stike was called by our unioun. I will not say which unioun for obviuos reasons. We all eagerly went on strike until we found out that the very people who had called the strike had rushed to the Doctors for medical certificates. That is not what we need . We need leaders walking infront or besides the people rather than engaging the people remotely.

      • Smart Talk says:

        I should think you have got a valid point, though everything in Zim gets criticised. I am sure, I also agreed with one writer who said that when Africans moved from the only the weakest ones were displaced, hence their moving southwards. So lets not be amused nehumbwende hwakazara kuvana veZimbabwe coz fear has been instilled in them to an extent that if they see anyone in army uniform to them anofanirwa kutyisa zvikuru, even if that person has never been trained. Ukatora hembe dzemukoma wako ukamira paroad chaipo sandi kutyisa kwaunenge uchiita. Do you think the army at large is not smelling the rot in the country. If people demonstrate, how many lives will this government sacrifice and how long will they survive? Tinongowawata chete but hatina maballs acho. Its high time people say enough is enough. NGACHIBVONDOKE kana izvozvi. There are a lot of issue dzinogona kuti vanhu vapinde mustreet, but tirikungogomera nakugomera. Tinoda varume vakashinga. Harare City Council chaiyo yakuratidzai kuti yakaora kudarika kunhuwa kwesewrage yavari kunwa asi vanhu vakanyarara. Why cant we declare a D_DAY. ENUF IS ENUF.

    • mucha says:

      The MDC best understand the saying which goes, “If u cant beat them, join them”. They tested power and life is hard out there with no donour funding from Bennet and the Westminister Foundation.

  3. stobbs says:

    Ahhh no they cannot decieve us again these mdc people,,we dont want half democracy like in 2009,,we want full change,,,,we have had enough,,,,in 2008 they won the election and still went and propped up an alll but dead donkey,,,this time around it is dying again they want to do the same ,,,no mdc we are going to ditch you now

  4. I do not believe that joining Zanu in a coalition is the answer. I have said in a previous response that I thought the MDC councillors should resign because of Chombo’s interference because at the end of the day the blame will fall on the MDC because they are supposed to run the councils. Another opportunity to resign citing interference is the Town Clerk Saga would be a wise Political manoeuvre.Alas this will not happen. Hopefully MDC, Zunde and other opposition parties read these comments from you guys and maybe they can start to ponder where they are going wrong.

  5. Saddened says:

    Whatever happens or doesn’t happen we the people will continue to suffer. I too don’t support either party so have no axe to grind however my heart bleeds for our country. If the MDC feel this is an option come and engage with the people first and hear what we think. We should make it plain what we expect of them so we don’t have a repeat of their first venture into running the country. Quite frankly they could have done much better if they set proper standards like not being compromised by living the high life. Worst example being the mansion their leader lived in. Follow Joyce Banda’s example and put the people first.

  6. Nodza says:

    ZUNDE if ts a real political party aimed at bringin real chnge 2 our blov’d mother then,must STOP e blame game that has killed our politics in general.All politicians,pressure grps etc pointing fingers @ each other.Enf is enaf guys.We want a political prty that can market itself by outlyining how it intends to change economic,political and social doldrms that are dogging our ctry.We hav heard,we have felt,we hav smelt,we hav tasted,and we hav SEEN the prblms and wat we want NOW are/is the SOLUTION*.NB ZU-NDE.

  7. moyokumusha says:

    Morgan just wants to keep his house and get another CIO sponsored wife, simple mahara yose

  8. John Thomas says:

    MDC is good only in as far as it is not as bad as ZANU. They do not murder and beat and torture as a general rule. They are corrupt and very incompetent. They would be a much better government, but then even no government might be better than the one we have, so this is not saying much. ZUNDE seem to say the right things, but then again Johnathan Moyo used to, too.

  9. Dangamvura says:

    I’m getting more and more convinced by this ZUNDE initiative. The guys are loud and clear. If MDC has failed, it does not mean everybody else will fail too. Crossing the line is the most important thing, some run too fast just at the beginning of the race, only to fizzle out towards the end, does that sound like MDC????

  10. easily fooled says:

    Silly Zunde, you are immature. The purpose of democracy and pluralismi is serving the interest of your people. Did you see how illiquidity turned to liquidity with GNU? How service delivery improved? How money was being deposited in the banks instead of under the pillow? How police were busy controling or smashing car windscreen instead of being in the bank queues at Metropolitan? Yes MDC was in a government were they had No control, but the Zimbabwean benefitted. Even World bank and IMF can tell you about STERP and their desire to see a new Zimbabwe. There wass some vote of confidence Zunde.

    Lastly, Zunde, let me tell you that the country is going through a crisis of legitimacy. ZPf robbed elections, and without the people who contested coming on board, then its finished. Zpf and the electrorate need GNU than MDC. Cant you see beyond the screen, Zunde? Thunderstorn, wind and bad weather awaits you and Zimbabwean until 2018. Ironically, MDC, daft or not, has the keys to unlock the crisis.

    I m disa9pointed at you Zunde

  11. Khaya'bonina says:

    Make no mistakes , MDC T never said they want to join ZANU PF , but their concern as Biti raised it was that they can not sit and relaxe while Zimbabwe goes into drains led by the failing government of ZANU PF , this means that they want to participate and assist the government of ZANU PF , working together have got nothing to do with the joining.ZUNDE must not add salt on this , their campaigning must be appropriate , they must tell us about their clear policies as a political party , they must stop being opportunists .

  12. Nesbit majoni says:

    Guys you can say whatever you like since it’s your political rights but the truth Is MDC is the darling of the majority. They won the elections in 2008 but ZANU Pf refused to leave the office. So let’s not run away from the truth. MDC must be given the chance to govern not judge them by their partnership in the GNU. When it comes to corruption MDC tried their best to clean this rot and went as far as firing their own councillors but Chombo of ZANU Pf stopped that. So for Zunde to say MDC is party of this is a lie. If this Zunde project is for real they must work with other opposition political parties like MDC to send ZANU Pf packing.

  13. Saddened says:

    Sorry Nesbit we must judge them on their performance in the GNU what other yardstick should we use? They had a wonderful opportunity to show up ZPF but collectively they failed although some individuals like Tendayi Biti did, he stood by his principles & gave us some hope at he time. Their leader did not stand up to Mugabe which regrettably set the tone for most of the party.

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