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This is the first of a three-part series from ZUNDE on Governance, Politics and Rule of Law

In 1677 a teacher in governance called B de Spinoza had this to say, “Men should be governed in such a way that they do not regard themselves as being governed, but as following their own bent and their own free choice in their manner of life; in such a way, then that they are restrained only by love of freedom, desire to increase their possessions, and the hope of obtaining office of state.”(Tractatus Politicus) “What you need around here is a government that isn’t afraid of doing a little governing”, says Peter Sellers, an actor of recent times. We hope we are adding value to what Tendai Biti was saying the other day about democracy and governance.

ZUNDE subscribes to the idea that governance is all about the capacity to steer society, the economy and how to reach collective goals, the capacity to make and to implement policy decided upon with the involvement and consent of the people who are being governed.

Governance as a concept dates back to as far as the 14th Century. It has seen turbulent times, sometimes government being looked at as a solution to societal problems and at other times being regarded as the problem itself. The mid to late 90’s when Zimbabwe was going through turbulence of its own, price controls and food riots, etc, the rest of the world was transforming to new forms of governance, what has come to be known as the new public management (NPM).

They were for the first time putting more emphasis on allowing the market to play a leading role in societal development as opposed to the traditional model of government characterised by bureaucratic rigidity in service delivery and public administration. Today the world has advanced to an even better phase of new public management characterised by perfecting democracy and good governance in world government systems. Zimbabwe has experienced little, if any, of this and has largely stayed behind world trends on governance. The chaotic land reform programme policies, Operation Murambatsina, Gono’s one man style of governance and economic model never practiced anywhere in history and the latest SalaryGate are just but a few examples indicative of the crises of governance that have contributed to where we are today.

While we boast of being the most literate country south of the Sahara, we are totally illiterate in matters of governance. There are no institutions of research nor are there scholars in governance that contribute towards teaching ourselves correct governance practices. A few of our professors in political sciences have left us in no doubt about our lack of capacity as people skilled in the art of governance. Zimbabwe has become a whole factory of corrupted and corrupting chamber, where our people are even beginning to think that bad governance is normal; that things are working well in Zimbabwe when they are not. If they can get what they want through corruption and a badly run or non-existent economy, to them, that represents progress and normalcy. Before the July 31st election, some people were even suggesting and wishing there were no elections; that elections were totally disruptive as the country was likely to slide back to pre-2008 meltdown that had brought economic ruin, hyperinflation, poverty and death.

ZUNDE understands that politics, governance and the rule of law are there to advance individual liberties; that each person must be able to act as he or she chooses without interfering with individual liberties of other people, within the law. The recent events regarding violence against Elton Mangoma are a total antithesis of what ZUNDE believes in. We believe that if people act in good faith, honestly and deal with each other fairly, they have the capacity to resolve differences through debate and argument rather than violence bloodshed and war. We are not suggesting that violence does not happen. As Nelson Mandela realised in his Long Walk to Freedom, sometimes the oppressor dictates to the oppressed how they react to oppression and denial of freedoms. The oppressed start to mirror what the oppressor does. Violence sometimes breeds violence especially where the oppressed begin to feel it is better to die than live in perpetual servitude.

For ZUNDE equal opportunity gives all individuals an equal chance to realize their respective potential. We believe that toleration, forbearance, and the willingness to give others the right to think, to speak or act in ways of which they disapprove is both a guarantee of individual liberty and a means of social enrichment. We promote debate and intellectual progress as a means of testing the abundant free market of ideas which is healthy. We believe that authority and social relationships should always be based on consent and agreement of the people on whom the authority will be exercised. We want to see representation and democracy encouraged; and government must be a reflection of the consent of those governed.

Governance is therefore much broader than government. It relates to the various ways through which social life is coordinated. Government is therefore seen as one of the institutions involved in governance. It is quite possible to have governance without government. Governance is reflected in markets, institutions, hierarchies and networks and in governance the distinction between state and society starts to get blurred.

The world has moved on and ZUNDE believes Zimbabwe can also move closer to modern forms of governance. It will take time to catch up but it can be done. ZUNDE believes Zimbabwe has a lot to catch up on if we must live in the modern world of democratic good governance.

Today we talk of e-Government which Zimbabwe is still yet to practice. Isn’t it bizarre that an ICT specialist in Harare should spend hours or days queuing at Makombe Building just to get a passport form which can be downloaded on an iPad by a first grade pupil in less than three minutes? Today is a time for new public management NPM (not “public administration” that Jonathan Moyo was talking about giving a lecture on the other day at the university). We talk of the growth of public-private partnerships (PPP), and the increasing importance of policy networks. There has been a shift from the command and control model towards reliance on consultation. Zimbabwe has lost two decades of growth towards good governance and ZUNDE has the vision to push the country forward to the present. Our policies shall demonstrate exactly that.

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26 comments on “ZUNDE on Governance
  1. John Thomas says:

    You guys are speaking so very nicely. Saying exactly what people want to hear. Why does it sound so plastic? So unreal, so theoretical.

    I hope I am wrong, but I think you are a new generation of Moyos, Mutambaras, Makonis. Just waiting for a chance to betray these nice things you are saying for personal power and money.

    One of you actually read Spinoza. Zippidy do da. Or maybe you googled it.

  2. I personally have tried to understand and see what Zunde has to offer. I am someone that encourages more hands on action in the Zimbabwe Situation by Politicians. At the moment it is just articles on this website. What are you doing on the ground in Zimbabwe? What are you doing about the Disaster victims in the recent floods? How can Zimbabweans without the internet access information on your mission statement? Are you holding meetings at home? Do you have offices at home? If yes where can they be found in Zimbabwe?

  3. Roving Ambassador says:

    Since th e current parties have gone past their used by date, there is definitely room for a very active party on the ground. True ,this is where Zunde is lacking. I do not think they are ready yet. Sacrifices have to be made in terms of family life, finances and the small luxuries. I have been throwing in names. Nkosana Moto and Strive Masiyiwa, these are self made men. We have a lot to gain in calling on these men of distinction. We all no their exploits with this regime.
    I only wish I had contacts with these chaps. I believe there is more,we should bring out some names and debate.

  4. Sekesai says:

    “What are you doing about the Disaster victims in the recent floods?” – Doctor do little, where do you get the impression that ZUNDE is a charity organisation? Why don’t you ask that question to ZANU PF which is literally sitting on diamond money???

    • Tinomunamataishe says:

      Sekesai, that question by Doctor do little is a genuine question and needs to be answered. The opposition doesn’t necessarily have to go and supply money or goods but a tour of the affected areas shows concern and care.

      This happens in many countries around the world when there has been a major disaster – community leaders including politicians visit the areas affected to get a hands-on assessment and just to show the moral support and rally the people and show them they are not on their own.

      For example, Ed Miliband(UK) visited flooded areas on 11 Feb 2014, Bill Shorten(Australia) visited bushfire affected areas in Oct 2013 – were they charities? These are opposition leaders.

      We need that kind of leadership not only from Zunde but also from the other parties that claim to have the needs of the people at heart.

  5. former farmer ( White ) says:

    Zunde, where do you stand on the land issue that has destroyed a vibrant economy ??? Where do us Zimbabweans fit into your manifest????

  6. ZUNDE says:

    “Zunde, where do you stand on the land issue that has destroyed a vibrant economy?” – former farmer (white), ZUNDE does not believe in black, white or brown, it believes in Zimbabweans in their diversity. ZUNDE will NOT be rushed by anybody into releasing prematutre policies. The next election is expected in 2018, there is plenty of time to do things correctly, there is no need to behave like people under immense pressure and make the same mistakes other movements have made before. Keep following, you will notice the difference and impact. Rome was NOT built in a day. A movement that is hardly 4 months old cannot roll-out policies as if it has been around for decades. At ZUNDE, we will move progressively, cautiously and effectively. Wait until we start rolling out our polices as well as internal structures, but we will NOT allow anybody to rush us.

    • Tinomunamataishe says:

      Is this really a response from somebody from Zunde – it doesn’t sound well thought. Maybe this is an area they should address as well.

    • John Thomas says:

      This a definite political reply. Lots of words and the specific issue not addressed at all.

  7. NBS says:

    So we patiently wait another 4 and half years for another rigged election?

  8. NBS says:

    Where are the opposition? Sleeping as bob does? Why do we just take everything ZPF throw at us?

  9. NBS says:

    Where is the leadership and what happens to Zimbabwe in the next 4 plus years? More death? More destruction? More corruption?

  10. NBS says:

    Where is our voice? The current government must step down. There is a litany of failures behind them. And now salarygate???

  11. Rich says:

    zim like ugandans and following other countries upwards and a long the way, are a very clear picture. Africans, might have started, but more temperate regions, are now advanced.

    • @Sekesai I could not have answered any better that @ Tinomunamataishe who has shown understanding in how politicians should react when we have such a disaster. To say that I should of questioned Zanu instead is like questioning a goat why it is eating grass. A lot of us agree that Zanu does not care about the people so this is not about them but about the article above. If the @Zunde answer to former white farmer is a political statement then a little bit becomes more clear. The answer (not saying it’s from Zunde) shows a lack of maturity (which you might expect) and a measure of arrogance i.e. (don’t tell us what to do) . A more mature answer would be “four months down the line we are still trying to set up our structures and we ask the people to bear with us” Anybody that thinks that Myself and others on this forum are opposed to Zunde need to understand the when Political parties are formed we the people must keep them honest. We missed a trick to some extent with the MDC (all respect to the genuine ones in that Party) and many tricks were missed with Zanu. What I am saying is that if you let Politicians say shut up and we will speak for you then we will have a similar situation we are in with all parties. The people must question the Parties and they must give answers so that we can correct them when the err and tell them what we want. Zunde politicians obviously read this forums contributions so their maturity would be to answer our questions because at this time we are the people they have access to.

  12. jiji says:

    Theories and theiries taneta nadzo.We have a lot of Professors with dozens of theories by none is used to steer us out of trouble.In Political science , at UZ they say the power lies in the people.Really.Why cant the so called theorists go in front and we do the Ukraine stlye?Even Malawians went on rampage 2012.Zimbabwe is full of people who think they are educated when nothing beneficial comes out of their theory degrees.I am not discrediting Zunde but for these guys to think they can play in the same field with ZANU PF, is a big error.They are hiding their identities while in safe haven of South Africa.In Politics , you live with the people, suffer with the people,then they can point at you and say you are one of their own.

    If ZUNDE is serious , its time to come home and start grassroots structures in rural areas first.MDC as people say, have failed to take the rural electorate.Then Zunde must devise a strategy to win the rural votes first and then it will be well done.Its useless to recite famous statements by certain authors.Zimbabean politics is tough.While the Police can sanction a rally in Gokwe Nembudziya, the village headman will write names of those who attended, and when food comes, they wont get it.Automatically the power structure in ZANU starts with the village headman.So as Zunde how are you going to convince about 10000 village headman to be neutral ?MDC won rural Manicaland and Masvingo in 2008 and the main reason was the soberness of village headmen and community leaders who among them were retired civil servants.

    Zunde I urge you to grow emotionally and stop throwing insults at people who dismiss you.Remember you are buying into people, so you cant trade blow for blow.Convince the people andcome up with solutions.As I said in Dande under Chidodo, if a family does not attend a ZANU PF rally, then they are nold to move out of the area.When the ballot boxes were send to Mushumbi to be counted, every village ward chairman was there to get the numbers of MDC votes in his village.In Chidodo primary school, it was MDC 3 , ZANU PF 755. The chairman was visibly angry and he said he knew the people and action was going to be taken .This happened right in front of ZEC officials, presiding officer and the police.So with this piece of information which I have gathered as an active member of MDC, I would love it so much for Zunde to give a crack in the rural areas.I wish you a good go in the elections

  13. @ jiji “Zunde I urge you to grow emotionally” I couldn’t have said it better.

  14. Yoyo says:

    How can you tell people ‘don’t tell us what to do” when you expect the same people to vote for you? ZANU PF with its dictatorship is even better than your arrogance.ZANU PF tells people that it will always listen to their concerns, even though they are lyiung.Not a statement like a roving male lion proving that it is in its territory.If you want votes, form the party and let the people own the party.Not this arrogance.AI hope its not the real ZUNDE officials.If it is, then its much ado about nothing

  15. NBS says:

    ZUNDE needs to understand that we have lost all faith in politics. This last election and the MDC debacle have done a lot of damage.

  16. NBS says:

    And so why would everyone suddenly think that another movement will do better. It will take God’s divine hand to dislodge the evil that has overtaken this nation

  17. NBS says:

    No repentance! No restoration. We do not have the answers: God does!

  18. NBS says:

    I am praying for the Lord to raise up His own leader for this nation: a man after His own heart

  19. NBS says:

    I know the last elections were rigged. A word of knowledge from the Lord! Also knowing someone who was complicit!

  20. Dadirai says:

    Dr do little & NBS, when did you ever vote in a Zim election? Do you think your rumblings on this forum will change anything? And you have crowned yourselves god fathers or saints whose view is always right! Have your views, let others have theirs too.

    • wensil says:

      Surely Dadirai you can also put across your point of view like the people you have mentioned. By doing that you will not be imposing your views but being involved in debate.
      I have voted in Zim elections, so what does that make me? I wonder.

  21. Dadirai thats what this is about. If you have any comments to make about the situation we will listen but no one is forced to believe. Hopefully thats the Zimbabwe we crave for… And just for your peace of mind I do vote in the elections but my vote is my secret.

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