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Paul Themba Nyathi: What is the role of "The Zimbabwean" in Zimbabwe's fight for Democracy?

In “The untold story of the MDC split", Itai Dzamara has written an article that raises questions about the role of “The Zimbabwean” in Zimbabwe’s struggle for democracy, human rights and political decency.


The article, that quotes unnamed sources, alas, Herald, Chronicle and other state sponsored mouthpieces, is full of blatant lies, misinformation, innuendoes and what would seem like a deliberate attempt to malign those who hold views contrary to those of Morgan Tsvangirai.


Whilst I do not advocate editorial censorship on the part of "The Zimbabwean", I am distressed that a newspaper that claims to promote “voices of the voiceless” would give room to articles that seek to promote only one voice, that of Mr Tsvangirai.


Let us examine some of the untruths in Mr Dzamara’s article


·   All the internal commissions of enquiry that were commissioned by the united MDC’s National Council do not reveal a single incident of inter-party violence perpetrated by any other group other than groups aligned to Mr Tsvangirai. When the MDC split following the October 12 vote, Professor Welshman Ncube did not become the Acting President of the formation that went to Congress and was subsequently led by Professor Arthur Mutambara.  That grouping was led by Mr Gibson Sibanda. This constant reference to Welshman Ncube’s camp is a sinister disinformation designed to mislead the general public.

·   “They tried to push for a preservation of their senior positions through a decree by Tsvangirai”writes Dzamara. Which section of the MDC constitution would have allowed Tsvangirai to “decree” some process in the MDC? None! Why would someone make such a blatantly false statement in a newspaper that seeks to rescue Zimbabweans from the nauseating disinformation spewed out by state newspapers on a daily basis? Why would Tsvangirai, as Dzamara revealingly puts it, “want to get rid of Ncube"? I thought it was Congress delegates who decided who held which position in the Party! So, according to Dzamara, Tsvangirai was on record as saying “ To hell with the Top Six”, a leader that uses that kind of language can only be admired by those that are blindly psychopathic. The truth of the matter, and I do not claim to speak for Mr Tsvangirai, he is not on record anywhere as saying, “To hell with the Top Six,” that is Dzamara’s fanciful invention.

·   Though Dzamara claims that “ it is important to unravel the link between the Tsholotsho plot and the MDC" ( I thought it was only ZANU PF  and Mugabe who referred to the Tsholotsho gathering as a plot,) he is unable to offer any reasonable links between the two. Again he indulges in fanciful innuendoes without providing concrete evidence. Those of us who were in the united MDC then know for a fact that there was no such link. Why would a serious journalist, if at all he is a serious one, writing in a serious human rights promoting newspaper, write such untruths?

·   The rest that he writes about with respect to Professor Jonathan Moyo and President Mbeki can be dealt with by those individuals that, in my view, he seeks to malign in order to promote Tsvangirai leadership.

·   So, according to Dzamara the Tsholotsho “plot” flopped because it was leaked to Tsvangirai! If that is true, then ZANU PF owes Tsvangirai a huge debt of gratitude. Of course, this is fanciful stuff designed yet again, to elevate Tsvangirai’s status way above its purchase level.

·  I can understand Dzamara maligning Zimbabwean opposition politicians that do not support Tsvangirai’s leadership, but to make disparaging remarks about President Mbeki in yet another attempt to promote Tsvangirai’s leadership is in bad taste to put it mildly. President Mbeki had nothing to do with the MDC split, Tsvangirai presided over that split. President Mbeki did not influence 33 members of the National Council to vote in favour of participating in the senatorial contest. What tends to be ignored by those who are in the business of distorting facts is that of the 12 Party Provinces that decided on the matter, 6 voted in favour of participation, four voted against and two had not completed the process of consultations. Let anyone dispute these facts. Whether participating or not participating in the senatorial race was politically wise or not is now water under the bridge that should not be mudded by peddling untruths.

·   The allegations of fraud around the voting procedure are false. After the Top Six Management team had been asked to deliberate on the issue in response to Roy Bennet’s resolution which was unanimously adopted, Tsvangirai came back and announced that the Top Six had agreed that the matter be subjected to a vote by secret ballot. It was Tsvangirai himself who urged all present to abide by the outcome of that vote. Let Tsvangirai and his supporters dispute this fact if they dare.

·   It is false, infact it is a despicable lie to state that after the National Council vote “Ncube and his followers walked out to announce the split”. It is Tsvangirai who walked out despite entreaties from his colleagues who included Tendai Biti. It was Tsvangirai who, thirty minutes after leaving the Council, falsely told journalists that the council vote had been split evenly and that he had used his “presidential casting vote”. Of course that was untrue. The MDC Constitution does not have a provision for a presidential casting vote- what ever that means. The lie that is being currently peddled to the effect that there were two proxy votes from Mrs. Sekai Holland and Ms Grace Kwinjeh is just a lie. There are no proxy votes in the MDC Constitution. In any case those two did not even know that there would be a vote over the matter.

·   The ethnic frame in which the split is being cynically cast by Tsvangirai’s supporters raises questions about the group’s ability to build a united Zimbabwe free of ethnic intolerance. Is it possible that Dzamara’s investigations did not reveal who exactly met President Mbeki to seek the President’s assistance in this matter? The inclusion of Paul Themba Nyathi in the group that went to see Mbeki cannot be an innocent error. It is designed to cast the matter in an ethnic mode. For the record, Gift Chimanikire, Gibson Sibanda Welshman Ncube and Fletcher Dulini Ncube went to meet President Mbeki. The late Isaac Matongo had initially agreed to undertake the trip but gave in to pressure from Tsvangirai at the last minute.

·   President Mbeki should be commended for attempting to assist the opposition heal the split. He was after all; seized with attempts to get ZANU PF and the MDC resolve the Zimbabwean crisis, a fractured MDC would not achieve this objective. The nonsense about Mbeki preferring Ncube to Tsvangirai is the product of an inferiority complex that cannot be blamed on Mbeki. He took the risk of angering ZANU PF in the process

·   So “Tsvangirai declined and actually called the developments a storm in a tea cup”. We have a private conversation between a Head of State and an opposition leader revealed in order to promote Tsvangirai’s leadership! Is it any wonder that President Mbeki would “prefer” some leaders in the opposition and have disdain for others?

·   Professor Arthur Mutambara was unanimously elected by a properly constituted Congress in Bulawayo comprising 3000 delegates from all of the Party’s 12 Provinces. Attributing his election to Welshman Ncube is designed to de-legitimize his leadership. It is yet another ethnic project that only shameless people would have no qualms in promoting.


Democratic forces in Zimbabwe need to come together to rid the country of the tyranny that has bedeviled it in the past 27 years. We demean the struggle by peddling untruths in an effort to outdo each other in the eyes of the people of Zimbabwe and the international community. We need to use information outlets like "The Zimbabwean" to give people factual information that will enable them to make informed choices




Writing in his personal capacity


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Zimbabwe: The Case of the Diaspora Vote

African Path

Izzy Mutanhaurwa

August 28, 2007 07:10 PM

I fully support MDC party National Chairperson Mr Lovemore Moyo's call
for the Diaspora vote. Any election that Zimbabwe will stage will not be
free and fair if the Zimbabweans that are based outside the country are not
allowed to exercise their right to choose the next government. If the
despotic regime of Robert Mugabe goes ahead without the vote of Zimbabweans
based outside the country the result will be challenged as it will not be a
true representation of the wish of people.

There are provisions made by the illegal government of Robert Mugabe
to enable soldiers and diplomatic staff based outside Zimbabwe to vote, the
same provisions can be extended to cater for millions of Zimbabwe many whom
have been forced by this regime to abandon their homes in search of refugee
outside Zimbabwe. Already millions that are in exile feel helpless as events
unfold in Zimbabwe, they watch from the sidelines unable to contribute to
bring change in Zimbabwe. If we are allowed to vote it will mark our only
notable contribution and bring the much needed change in Zimbabwe. While
Moyo is spot on on the call for the diaspora vote a lot is needed from
Zimbabweans if change is needed in Zimbabwe.

While those trapped in Zimbabwe continue to feel the brunt of the evil
regime of Robert Mugabe, it bothers me that the majority of Zimbabweans in
the diaspora remain apathetic to the situation in Zimbabwe. While there is
notable activism to those that are dedicated to a new Zimbabwe, my comrades
in the MDC, Free-Zim Youth, The London & Bristol Vigils, The Forum...amongst
the few. Despite the noble and sometimes heroic efforts of those that still
care about Zimbabwe, there are those that are here in the diaspora that
cannot be bothered about Zimbabwe or its politics. Nobody knows the exact
population of Zimbabwe but if estimates are correct then there are almost
4.5 million Zimbabweans living outside the country out of population of 13
million people. Of the 4.5 mill, 500 000 are estimated to be based in UK,
and the rest divided amongst South Africa, US, Australia, New Zealand and
others scattered in various parts of the world. A while ago Lance Guma of SW
Radio Africa covered this issue arguing that Zimbabweans are found in droves
at musical concerts but a few would turn for political meetings.

This apathy is not fueled by lack of information about the state of
affairs in Zimbabwe, the internet is awash with Zimbabwean news sites, but
rather on the short-term solutions to the economic crisis that has paralyzed
Zimbabwe. Most Zimbabweans based in the UK feel as long as they are working
they can sustain their families by remittances of foreign currency. Its a
flawed view as it for starters a very selfish solution, its has short term
gains as it cannot be sustained over a longer period of time. Its a false
sense of security as it only addresses immediate cash needs, for instance
you can send say £50 to your family, at today's exchange rate its equivalent
to Z$22 250 000, it does not guarantee service, if your beloved falls sick
they can afford the ambulance fee but what of if the service is unavailable
as it is now in Zimbabwe you will have to rely on hiring a local cab again
that depends whether they can get fuel. While it can be argued but never
substantiated that the life will remarkably improve as a result of
remittances from abroad it fails to address issues such as lack of fuel, the
scarcity of basic food like maize meal, flour, cooking oil, sugar, the
collapse of the health sector, the dangers posed by water borne diseases,
the breakdown of urban infrastructure. There are many websites offering
free-view decoder that picks up extra channels without the need for
satellite subscription for your beloved to escape the boredom of Zimbabwe
Broadcasting Corporation's propaganda but with sporadic electricity supply
in Zimbabwe the flat screen TV you send them and the M-Net subscription
might not be enough, you will have to look into sending them a generator,
but then again with chronic shortages of fuel the generator might not even
run. Remittances are excellent if there is a vibrant economy, not when 90%
of the population is unemployed, inflation at unprecedented 8000% the
highest in the world, add the current artificial shortages of basic goods
exacerbated by terror economics. So the idea that I'm fine as long as I sent
money to Zimbabwe should be dispelled here and forthwith.

Whatever comforts that one can enjoy in the Diaspora home is always
home. The fact that one day most of the people based outside Zimbabwe will
want to go back home means that their contribution in bringing change in
Zimbabwe should not only be limited to financial remittances. The atmosphere
alone in most host countries should encourage more Zimbabweans to become
political active; with the democratic freedoms we should be seeing an
avalanche of activism. During apartheid the global Anti-Apartheid movement
was a force to reckon with, it bothers me why with so many Zimbabweans in
exile why we cannot emulate that and firmly put Zimbabwe case on the
conscience of millions who in turn can lobby their governments to help bring
change in Zimbabwe. While many arm-chair activists are quick to analyse and
offer their punditry blaming Tsvangirai, saying MDC has failed, the question
right now is not what others have done for you, what have you done for

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Zimbabwe's blood reserves dry up

New Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 08/29/2007 07:29:18
ZIMBABWEANS have stopped donating blood because the country's National Blood
Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ) is no longer able to provide refreshments after each
donation, which are also seen as an incentive.

The refreshments, usually biscuits and a soft drink, used to be provided to
blood donors - attracting valuable donations from young adults.

Zimbabwe is going through an acute shortage of food products after imposed
government price freezes and a crippling shortage of hard currency necessary
for imports.

Emmanuel Masvikeni, the NBSZ's programmes officer, said they had not been
spared by the raging economic crisis.

"We failed to secure refreshments critical after donors have given blood,
and the country is likely to suffer a serious blood shortage," he said.

The blood shortages look set to restrict the country's health services in
dealing with major crises like road accidents and women who suffer
complications during or after delivery.

Masvikeni also revealed the NBSZ had temporarily stopped importing Rhesugam
required by pregnant women whose blood types fall under Rhesus Negative and
are carrying Rhesus Positive foetuses.

The country imports the Rhesugam (Anti-D) from South Africa but NBSZ said
they had cut deliveries owing to the unavailability of foreign currency.

Rhesus Negative pregnant women must be injected with Rhesugam within 48
hours of giving birth to a baby with a Rhesus Positive blood type.

Health experts explained this was because the body system of a Rhesus
Negative woman regarded a Rhesus Positive baby as a foreign body and infects
the mother with anti bodies during pregnancy or at birth.

"If not injected the Rhesugam," a medical expert explained, "the infection,
which will remain in the mother's body, would not harm the mother or the
child but would destroy all the children to be conceived years later."

Masvikeni confirmed some pregnant women suffering from this rare medical
complication needed urgent assistance.

"We are unable to significantly help them at the moment. An arrangement we
have made on their behalf is that patients or hospitals requiring Rhesugam
should obtain a Pro Forma invoice from us. They will then make payments to
the suppliers in South Africa through their bank," he said.

Without disclosing the exact amount the product costs, Masvikeni said upon
admission of proof of such payment, NBSZ would provide the product as soon
as it is shipped from South Africa.

Zimbabwe is in its eight year of recession marked by rampant inflation,
officially pegged at close to 7000%.

President Robert Mugabe's government refuses to accept blame for the
economic collapse, pointing at what it claims are economic sanctions imposed
by Western countries.

His critics, however, say corruption, uncontrolled expenditure and a chaotic
seizure of commercial farmland held by a white minority conjured the
dramatic economic decline.

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Trouble in the land of empty

New Zimbabwe

By Lenox Mhlanga
Last updated: 08/29/2007 06:30:45
IF IT weren't for the fact that I was in Luveve, one of Bulawayo's oldest
suburbs, I would have bet that I was in rural Lower Gweru (Mziyathi) where I
come from.

It was around four o'clock on a bitterly cold morning in March this year. It
was so early one could easily bump into an old hag riding a hyena returning
from her witching errands.

But it's not the witch that I am on about. Here I was being nudged in the
ribs by the wife. It was my turn to make the fire. Excuse me? Sure, you
heard her right, a fire, an inferno, combustion, get the point?

You see, the power disappeared the day before courtesy of the Zimbabwe
Electricity Sometimes Available (ZESA). As I cursed under my breath, I
recalled that the firewood that I had dutifully poached in Inyathi had to be
hewn, with a very sharp axe, an axe I was supposed to borrow from the
neighbour two days previously and clean forgot!

Forget the fact that I had to bribe the chap from the Forestry Commission
stationed at a roadblock for the sole purpose of preventing people like me
from decimating the countryside. He had flashed me a toothless smile (at
least we had something in common) as he counted the sheaf of Zim-Kwacha I
had kept with me just in case.

Who am I to fail to grease the wheels of a creaking bureaucracy? The
swiftness with which he pocketed the money left me with such admiration. It
gave the term "Chioko muhomwe,' new meaning altogether!

But then I digress. It's early in the morning and I am supposed to have
started a roaring bonfire by 5am, right in the middle of urban Zimbabwe. The
kids had to have their bath and mealie-meal porridge and happily be on their
way to school.

In the eerie pitch darkness, I fumbled for the matches. I had to inquire
from the increasingly irritated spouse where she last placed the box the
last time the power went out, only a few hours previously.

'Its ZESA's fault, not mine,' I cursed under my breath again.

At this rate, I was thinking to myself, I wouldn't make it to heaven with
all this swearing. Yet again there is the firewood and the very blunt axe to
contend with. If I was given half the chance to rename this contraption I
would gladly call it a hoe, but we are supposed to be cutting wood not
cultivating it aren't we?

After several back breaking blows I had a few splinters that would at least
scare away a ghost. Unfortunately these were not enough to fuel a fire that
was supposed to boil, cook, fry and warm.

At least that is what the 'supervisor' thought because she was standing
there with a very dissatisfied look on her face in spite of my being
drenched in sweat, on the verge of the major coronary that Dr Barnard warned
us about. Pity, the world famous heart surgeon could not save himself. Too
much good living I guess.

With clucks of derision, the wife takes over and in no time there is a fire.
Imagine, a few pieces of the Chronicle newspaper (what else can one burn?)
and a couple of twigs then she blows strategically under the billowing
amalgam. Then hey presto!

It's not my fault that I am a 'born location.' The only fire I could light
was the one we used to ignite some intoxicating grass that this school mate
of ours used to 'borrow' from his uncle's stash. Don't look at me that way,
all of us have our 'X' files. Even President Clinton said that he smoked,
but take note, did not inhale! Who was he trying to fool?

Bob Marley smoked, look where it got him! So did Peter Tosh, Mick Jagger and
isikompi saseMasina. Yes, isikompi was famous all over the area. Even if the
proceeds from his trade never lifted him above the one roomed lodgings he
kept. Rumour has it that he had a massive herd back in the sticks. I wasn't
convinced of this and always thought those who made these claims were high
on something.

I digress. We are talking about making a fire here. I think to myself, is
this we have been reduced to? I still remember a certain politician who
belongs to the Party who once told me not so long ago that we were lucky
that at least we got 'some' electricity.

'Look at Nigeria,' he said with an air of self-importance, 'they celebrate
when they get just ten minutes of power!' I cursed once again, that at this
rate, we will soon be celebrating the discovery that we never needed
electricity in the first place.

Come to think of it, there will be advantages of not having any power.
First, no electricity bill to pay, so there will be fewer domestic fights in
the home. We are spared from Dead BC (ZBC), so, little stress and less
likelihood of going the Dr Barnard way (heart failure).

We become closer to nature having to take long walks into the surrounding
bush to look for firewood. Who among us can afford the firewood sold by
vendors? In fact at the way these guys are making money, it would be prudent
for the power utility to diversify into the lucrative alternative fuel
(firewood) market. Look at the empty supermarket shelves in the city centre.
There is basically no reason why they couldn't be filled up with firewood.

Talk about empty shelves! Enough said.

The main problem with the fire thing is that you go to work smelling as if
you just dropped off the Suka Sihambe bus from Majinkila at the Renkini. The
only comfort is that you might not be the only one because no-one is spared.
Even Mr Jones from Burnside is talking about having had an early morning
barbeque with the family. What did you say - the generator? Where the hell
would he get the fuel from? Remember that we were told that the fuel is on
the high seas as we speak.

Then there is the lung thing. Making a fire and hanging around messes up
your lungs, that is, if you do it long enough. At the rate at which things
are going, we will be making fires for a long time to come.

Don't ever fool yourself that SADC will be there to give a standing ovation
when we go down the tubes. They will be too busy picking up the pieces. That
is life my friends. There will always be those who when you are on fire,
will be sure to pour more petrol on you.

Unless, of course, you have been smoking 'something' for all these years and
there is a semblance of a brain remaining, it is better for you to get
regular check ups if you can afford them or if you can find a doctor cheap
enough or better still if there is a doctor in the first place.

Allow me to conclude this mourning with a definition of the word 'Empty'.

It is the feeling that one gets when walking into a supermarket and there is
a howling wind blowing through. It's so surreal yet very real. You sort of
half expect to hear that eerie whistling tune from that spaghetti western
movie 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.' Then you curse to yourself, 'What a
wonderful mess we have got ourselves in!'

Lenox Mhlanga is a New columnist. His column is published here
every Friday. You can contact him through e-mail address:

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Embattled Mugabe Turns To War Veterans For Support


      By Blessing Zulu
      28 August 2007

Facing widespread popular disenchantment as the economic collapse turns into
a grave crisis, President Robert Mugabe has once again turned to the
liberation war veterans to shore up his support and, some say, intimidate a
restive population.

Often deployed in the past as administration shock troops, veterans of the
1980s war against colonial, white-ruled Rhodesia, have called a solidarity
march on Wednesday in Harare and urged ZANU-PF loyalists to assemble at the
party's headquarters.

Joseph Chinotimba, vice president of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War
Veterans Association, said the group backs the president and approves of his

Analysts warn this show of support suggests campaigning for next year's
presidential and general elections, could be starting to turn in a more
violent direction.

ZANU-PF has yet to formally endorse Mr. Mugabe as its presidential candidate
and factionalism in the party is intensifying, source say, noting that the
question could be definitively resolved at an extraordinary party conference
in December.

Mr. Mugabe and his government have come under mounting and intense pressure
as the economy's already clear collapse has alarmingly accelerated. The
state-controlled Herald newspaper reported earlier this week that the three
state-operated fertilizer manufacturers have shut down, boding ill for the
planting season coming up.

Harare's offensive against high prices has worsened shortages of food and
fuel and caused yet another wave of business shutdowns, emigrations or

Harare, Bulawayo and most other cities are suffering from chronic water
shortages, raising the specter of disease outbreaks. International Crisis
Group senior analyst Sydney Masamvu told reporter Blessing Zulu of VOA's
Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that Mr. Mugabe could be a tough sell for ZANU-PF in
next year's presidential ballot.

Elsewhere, reflecting the mounting crisis that has already driven millions
abroad, the International Organization for Migration said more than 102,000
Zimbabweans were deported from South Africa between January and June of this

IOM spokeswoman Erin Foster added that the United Nations organization has
been receiving some 17,000 deportees a month at its Beitbridge reception

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New wheels for Mugabe's army, police bosses

New Zimbabwe

By Lebo Nkatazo
Last updated: 08/29/2007 05:49:02
ZIMBABWE has spent thousands of United States dollars acquiring luxurious
Mazda 3 vehicles for army and police chiefs, at a time when the country has
no foreign currency for essentials such as drugs, it has emerged.

Sources confirmed that the government two weeks ago took delivery of 10
Mazda 3s from dealer Puzey and Payne for the army, while a similar
consignment was bought earlier for the police.

An official at Puzey and Payne said that each Mazda 3 cost US$16 607, plus a
Zimbabwe dollar top up of $200 million.

Police chiefs have of late been spotted cruising in the sporty Mazda 3,
while the ones for army chiefs have not been seen in public.

Military sources said the vehicles were still being fitted with extra
accessories such as CD players before they could be issued out.

"It's only a matter of days. They have been delivered and technicians are
working on the accessories," said a military source.

In addition, the army chefs have Toyota Prados and Mercedes Benz, depending
on their ranks.

Meanwhile, the government has acquired hundreds of Toyota Yaris for the
Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO). CIO agents have been seen driving
around in the brand new cars. It is believed that their bosses got the Mazda
3s also.

Critics say President Robert Mugabe's regime is splashing resources on the
security agents to appease them in view of the economic crisis and rising
political tensions ahead of next year's polls.

The army remains President Mugabe's center of power.

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Mugabe donates Z$300 million to Catholic women

Zim Online

Wednesday 29 August 2007

By Hendricks Chizhanje

HARARE - A top ally of President Robert Mugabe last weekend handed $300
million to Roman Catholic Church women she said was donated by the
Zimbabwean leader to help the women start income generating projects.

Head of the women's wing in Mugabe's ruling ZANU PF party Oppah Muchinguri
also donated $20 million of her own money to the church's Marian
Association, which met at the Harare Polytechnic from Thursday to Sunday.

Muchinguri, who is also Minister of Women Affairs, Gender and Community
Development in Mugabe's Cabinet, was not immediately available for comment
on the matter with aides at her office saying she was too busy to take calls
from the media.

Mugabe's spokesman George Charamba was also not available for comment on the

But senior Bishop Patrick Mutume confirmed the gift from Mugabe and said the
money would be invested on the money market until a decision was made on how
it could be best utilised.

"We have to meet at the end of September to decide on the money. We have to
plan and see the best way to utilise it," said Mutume, when asked by
ZimOnline to confirm the donation from Mugabe, who is also a Catholic.

"The women are happy," added Mutume who according to witnesses was tasked by
Muchinguri to oversee administration of the money which is more than US$1
million at the official exchange rate of one greenback to 250 local dollars
or slightly more than a thousand American dollars at the parallel market
rate of about 240 000 to the US unit.

Sources said Muchinguri told the women that the donated money - which has
raised eyebrows coming as the country heads for crucial presidential and
parliamentary elections next year - was meant to help them start farming

"Muchinguri said the money would be used for facilitating individual
projects . she also spoke about voting and urged women to vote for each
other," said a source.

Zimbabwe holds presidential and parliamentary elections next year, which
some analysts say could be the toughest yet for Mugabe and ZANU PF, citing a
deepening economic crisis they say has angered voters.

Mugabe regularly distributes freebies to voters ahead of major polls in what
critics view as an attempt to curry favour with the electorate.

Women who attended last weekend's meeting in Harare were drawn from the
country's 10 provinces. - ZimOnline

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Harare disbands ambitious food production team

Zim Online

Wednesday 29 August 2007

By Regerai Marwezu

MASVINGO - The Ministry of Agriculture has disbanded the Masvingo provincial
Operation Maguta taskforce to pave way for investigations into allegations
of massive looting of agricultural inputs by top officials.

The taskforce, which was headed by Masvingo provincial governor Willard
Chiwewe and comprised mostly members of the security forces, government
officials and ruling ZANU PF party supporters, was disbanded this week
following complaints from members of the public over the way things were
being run.

Agriculture Minister Rugare Gumbo yesterday confirmed the disbanding of the
taskforce set up two years ago to boost food security in Masvingo.

"I can confirm that all members of the Operation Maguta in Masvingo have
been suspended to pave way for investigations," Gumbo told ZimOnline

Operation Maguta is an ambitious government project launched by
Vice-President Joice Mujuru in November 2005 to reduce Zimbabwe's reliance
on food imports and release foreign currency to productive sectors critical
to the national economic turnaround programme.

The country has suffered acute food shortages since 2000 when President
Robert Mugabe embarked on a controversial land reform programme that
destroyed the country's commercial farming sector.

Gumbo said a new interim committee was established to run the programme in
one of Zimbabwe's food-insecure provinces. He did not disclose members of
the interim committee.

"The decision to disband the committee followed several complaints from
members of the public who felt that work was not being done in a transparent
manner," Gumbo added without elaborating.

Sources yesterday said some members the disbanded taskforce were accused of
diverting agricultural inputs onto the black market where they sold them for
a handsome profit.

According to sources, senior ruling ZANU PF officials in the region abused
their positions to loot the inputs while more deserving beneficiaries
received nothing.

"An investigation team from the Ministry of Agriculture has since discovered
that some of the beneficiaries did not even have land while others never
used the inputs but sold them on the black market," said one of the sources.

Chiwewe yesterday confirmed the probe but cautioned against finger-pointing
while the investigation was going on.

"I am the one who ordered that the whole taskforce be investigated . . . Let
the probe go on and we will see who is at fault," Chiwewe said. - ZimOnline

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War veterans want Tsvangirai barred from presidential poll

Zim Online

Wednesday 29 August 2007

By Thulani Munda

HARARE - Veterans of Zimbabwe's 1970s liberation war say they want main
opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai stopped from contesting next year's
presidential election.

The veterans, fierce supporters of President Robert Mugabe and who will
today march in Harare in a show of support for the controversial leader, say
they want Tsvangirai barred from the poll because he allegedly called for
sanctions against the country.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) deputy
chairman Joseph Chinotimba said the group was considering going to court to
seek an order barring Tsvangirai from the presidential poll that will be
held jointly with elections for Parliament.

Chinotimba said: "We want to take him to court so that he will not take part
in next year's election. He wants the best for whites at the expense of
blacks. That is why he is in Australia now calling for sanctions."

The veterans' leader did not say when exactly they planned to approach the

Tsvangirai, whose trip to Australia this week has been reported by state
media as a "heightening of his campaign for illegal regime change", poses
the greatest threat to Mugabe's bid for re-election although analysts say
divisions in the opposition movement greatly limits its potency against the
83-year old President.

MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa dismissed Chinotimba's calls for Tsvangirai to
be barred from next year's presidential race as childish and motivated by

He said: "The majority of genuine war veterans and Zimbabweans in general
understand that the person at the centre of our agony, suffering and
misfortune is none other than the man at the helm of the regime, Robert

"Mugabe is the number one sanction against the people of Zimbabwe, including
the innocent Joseph Chinotimba."

War veterans have routinely waged violence and terror against the opposition
at every election to ensure victory for Mugabe and his ruling ZANU PF party.

The ex-combatants also spearheaded the government's controversial land
reform programme touted by Mugabe as his administration's best achievement
since coming to power in 1980 but blamed by critics for destroying the
mainstay agricultural sector and causing food shortages.

Mugabe, who is patron of the veterans, is today expected to address the
former fighters at ZANU PF headquarters in Harare.  ZimOnline

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Journalist trial postponed as police fail to turn up

Zim Online

Wednesday 29 August 2007

By Sebastian Nyamhangambiri

HARARE - The trial of a Zimbabwean journalist accused of working without
accreditation from the Media and Information Commission (MIC) was yesterday
postponed to Thursday after the police failed to turn up.

The journalist, Gift Phiri, is being charged with contravening a section of
the tough Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) that
requires journalists to be registered with commission in order to practise
in Zimbabwe.

Phiri's lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, told ZimOnline yesterday that the trial
might resume on Thursday this week.

"The state's main witnesses - the police - who have evidence from the Media
and Information Commission did not show up leading the prosecutor to push
the trial to Thursday," said Mtetwa.

"They are obviously ashamed of what they did to Phiri - they assaulted him.
And anyone who comes is likely to be one of the assailants. We have a
medical report that shows the extent of his injuries," she added.

Phiri is being accused of writing for the United Kingdom-based The
Zimbabwean weekly newspaper between August 2006 and April 2007. He is
denying the charge.

At the start of the trial on Monday, the defence team of Mtetwa, Harrison
Nkomo and MISA-Zimbabwe legal officer Wilbert Mandinde raised the
outstanding probe into the torture and detention of Phiri as demanded by the
remand court.

Phiri was allegedly severely tortured by the police while in police custody
following his arrest in Harare on 1 April 2007.

Magistrate Stanley Chimedza is presiding over the trial while Editor Mavuto
is prosecuting.

Zimbabwe has some of the harshest media laws in the world that have seen at
least a hundred journalists being arrested over the past four years for
allegedly violating the media laws.

Scores of journalists have been dragged before the courts during the same
period for violating the Press laws. - ZimOnline

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JAG job opportunities 28/08/07

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to: JAG
Job Opportunities; or

Secretary/PA required (preferably a displaced farmer’s wife

An opportunity has arisen at the JAG Trust for a secretarial/personal
assistant to the CEO.  The successful applicant must be punctual, reliable,
able to use initiative, meet deadlines, engage in a high degree of public
relation skills and able to work as part of a team and independently.  JAG
is a small office but a fun and challenging environment to work in, although
can be stressful at times.

Skills required:

-          Typing
-          Minute Taking
-          Diary Management for CEO
-          Knowledge of all Microsoft Office Programs
-          Good PR skills

A competitive, inflation proofed remuneration package is offered plus a fuel

Interested applicants should contact the JAG Office on 04-799410 and furnish
a written application with cv via email:
and for the attention of the Trust’s CEO.

(Add inserted 28 August 2007)


Looking for a mature book-keeper, mornings only excluding Fridays and the
odd Wednesday. Must be computer literate.

We off a fun working environment based in Highlands with a good remuneration
and fuel allowance offered.

Please contact:  Siobhan Hutchings on Tel: 443080/2 or 443088 or
Mobile: 011 410 347 or email:

(Add inserted 28th August, 2007)


.I have an immediate vacancy for a Dairy Manager to manage our 1000cow dairy
in Chisamba,  Zambia. This is a senior post and I am looking for a highly
motivated, experienced, professional person. Only high-calibre, suitably
experienced candidates will be considered. Experience of managing a large
dairy herd is ESSENTIAL. Total herd is 2500 animals. Tertiary education
would be an advantage but NOT essential.

1. 1000 milking cows.
2. TMR feeding system.
3. All silage/stockfeed is provided by Crops Manager so Dairy Manager can
focus 100% on managing the dairy
4. 40 x unit herringbone parlour.
5. 50km north of Lusaka.
6. Very attractive package.
7. Permanent/long-term position.

Please contact:

Francis Grogan
Managing Director
Zambeef Products PLC,
Private Bag 17,
Tel:    +260977999001
Fax:    +2601213777

(Add inserted 28th August, 2007)


We require:
Good management skills
Basic computer literacy
Catering Experience (if possible)
The position would suit a husband/wife team and/or a displaced farming
couple without children.

A good package is offered in return.

Please contact::-
Tel: 495498 or mobile: 011 409 796

 (Add inserted 28th August 2007)


We are a well established family run company based in Victoria Falls looking
to expand due to increased market share.

We are looking for a full time office manager. The applicant must be
completely computer literate specifically in Excel and have a clear friendly
telephone manner. Previous experience in travel would be a distinct

Competitive salary and perks offered.

Start date 1st October, 2007-08-28
Conditions of employment will only be discussed with serious applicants that
are interested.

Please contact Sid Hayes – email:


(Ad inserted 19 July 2007)

Position for manager of Meat Factory in RSA

I hope and pray that you are well in these difficult times and

I have an opportunity for an honest hard working couple who is destitute
though unforeseen uncontrollable circumstances.

They would need to re-locate to De Aar where the wife can run a Guest
House/Bed & Breakfast and husband can run a Meat Processing facility/Biltong
factory. I have everything re the business except the time to run it. I only
need able; hard working honest people. Profit sharing is a possibility.

The success/failure will depend solely on the manager/s of these

The position is available immediately and is rather URGENT.

Please reply to:


(Ad inserted 19 July 2007)


Organic/Bio-dynamic farmer or organic-oriented farmer with mechanical skills
required to operate 26 hectare certified organic small-holding one hour east
of Pretoria and Johannesburg. 8 hectares currently in production with
another 8 hectares to be developed growing vegetables. Poultry for eggs in
another opportunity. Would suit younger, energetic, hands-on, organized and
business-oriented couple. Must have mind-set to take direction and regularly
report to owner. House available. Profit sharing. References required.
Non-organic farmers will be considered as organic conversion training
available. Send details to e-mail: or fax: ++ 27 696


(Ad inserted 19 July 2007)

Unique Own Business Opportunity

To the right person a rewarding opportunity exists to ‘operate your own
business’ in partnership with Zimbabwe and UK based businesses and a
Non-Profit Organisation.  No financial investment is required of you,
HOWEVER, this opportunity has specific requirements which would be your
contribution to the ‘partnership’.

Kindly Note:
This is not a ‘job’ - this is an opportunity to ‘operate your own business’
Self righteous religious zealots will not be considered
Timewasters will not be responded to

About Us:
We are a low-profile service orientated business (inc 1994) and
organisation, providing commercial services to the business community, and
strictly confidential services to private clients, and non-profit

The Partners
The partners adopt a philosophical approach to Life, believing in the
significance of an individual’s need to find their very own unique and
special purpose, and to then live out their personal dream.

About You
Business skills:
Excellence & proficiency in: secretarial & office practises, written &
spoken communication, computer skills (especially MSOutlook & File
Working knowledge of Company formation procedures
Basic knowledge of computer hardware (you know what’s in the tower)
Basic accounting experience - accounts are contracted out
Willing to learn LINUX

As the successful ‘partner’ person you will be self-motivated, and
competently & with dedication, carry out the daily activities, expand the
market of our services in Zimbabwe and further develop, maintain & operate
various Address Book data bases (Network Marketing).

Personal attributes:
You will possess and be able to practically demonstrate: personal
responsibility, a high degree of personal integrity and trustworthiness,
that you are a ‘people person’ with  compassion and empathy, emotional
maturity and stability. Good health and bodily disposition. Be committed to
staying....for the next year at least.  An added ‘feather in your cap’ will
be that you subscribe to the philosophy as expounded in the movie and book -
‘The Secret”

It goes without saying that you will be generously rewarded

Quo Vadis
Write an Email letter (attaching your Résumé) telling us sufficient about
yourself that we would be wanting to meet with you for consideration as a
‘partner’ in Zimbabwe.

Thomas Vallance ACIArb, Executive Director, PARADiGM Trust(Pvt)Ltd
Trust Executives & Administrator, Para-Legal Advisory Services
POBox HG750, Highlands, Email: []


(Add inserted 28 August 2007)

Looking for work in Australia?
Australian Recruiting Pty Ltd is a national leader in the provision of
recruitment and human resource consulting services and is a wholly
Queensland owned and operated business which is staffed with leading
industry consultants.
We provide specialised recruitment expertise with local knowledge. Our
personalised friendly approach is backed up with skilled consultants and a
state of the art database that identifies both client and candidate
opportunities in the marketplace.
We partner with our clients to search for, attract, screen and appoint
exceptional people more effectively.
For a confidential appraise of the job market and work opportunities in
Australia, please contact Kerran Nicolle, Manager & Owner of the Sunshine
Coast Branch of Australian Recruiting.
Kerran ran a highly successful Agricultural Consulting Company in the
Chinhoyi District up until the end of 2002. He has now been in Australia for
4 ½ years. As an autonomous manager of the Branch or Australian Recruiting,
he is happy to communicate with any interested parties currently looking to
Australia to relocate.
Contact Kerran on:
                                    Work:   61 7 54453188
                                    Fax:      61 7 54456539
                                    Mobile:  61 400070526

(Ad inserted 19 July 2007)

Accountant / Bookkeeper - at least 3 years experience required in the
accounting field.

To work for a busy lodge, friendly environment, Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.
Good package offered including fuel. Please forward your CV's and References
to or post to T J Cornish, Box BW198, Borrowdale, Harare.


(Ad inserted 26 July 2007)


We are seeking to fill two vacancies in our tourism related business in
Kariba, these can be filled by individuals or by a couple.

Senior bookkeeper / Accounts department supervisor
This position requires an experienced Pastel bookkeeper to manage our
accounts department that consists of 3 additional staff. The successful
applicant will be required to supervise the entire accounting functions of
the company including cash controls and preparation of monthly trial
balances and management trading account reports. This is predominantly a
female environment, but the position may suit a retired male accountant
seeking a quieter lifestyle.

Workshops Manager

This position will require a more mature person with considerable mechanical
and maintenance experience as our workshop, with a staff compliment of 10
employees, not only maintains a fleet of speedboats and outboard motors, but
also our property and buildings as well as all types of maintenance on
houseboats. Experience of outboard motors, while not absolutely necessary,
will be a distinct advantage.
Apply with CV to General Manager at


(Ad inserted 2 August 2007)

Cotton Production Specialist

A local cotton company is seeking the full time services of an experienced
cotton consultant to work locally and in the region with contract growers.
Applicants to submit full C.V via email details of which are available
through 0912233415.


(Ad inserted 2 August 2007)


Required to run a workshop on a busy farm in Matabeleland North.

Applicants must have a sound knowledge and long-term, hands-on experience in
the servicing, maintaining and repairing of a wide diversity of vehicles and

The incumbent will be responsible for the supervising and development of
workshop  staff and tractor drivers.

Administrative work would include the timely procurement of inputs and
spares, ensuring on-farm stocks and minimal downtime of vehicles and

The ability to operate a lathe would be an advantage.

The successful applicant will take up his post on 2nd January 2008.

Very competitive remuneration and fringe benefits are commensurate with the

If you feel that you meet the requirements, send your CV and traceable
references to:

The Advertiser, Box 1288, Bulawayo or email: or Phone:


(Ad inserted 2 August 2007)

IT Technician

Wanted - IT Technician with standard hardware and network experience.
Papers not necessary but need somebody with reasonable common sense and
motivation.  Contact Donald on 091 2 258159 or 771101/771097-9.


(Ad inserted 2 August 2007)


Qualifications : Must have excellent qualifications in Pastel Vs 7, 8, 9 and
be proficient in Excel & Word

Duties :          Perform all basic tasks of data capturing into Pastel and
interpreting into Excel & Word Spread Sheets

Balancing inter Company Accounts (no wages or salaries)

Produce monthly balances of Expense Accounts in Pastel

Responsibilities :    Ensuring daily sales are accurate

                                    Reporting to Financial Manager &
carrying out duties allocated

                                    Supervising Accounts Clerk

Qualities :      Well organised & Punctual
                        Efficient & Dynamic
                        Must work well under pressure & in busy environment
                        Suit mature female/male
                        Be prepared to work 6 day week

Forward updated C.V. with contactable references to :
Glynis Wiley, ABC Auctions, Hatfield House, Seke road, Harare

Telephone: 751343 / 751498 or Email:


(Ad inserted 2 August 2007)


Qualifications : Must be very proficient in Excel, Word, Pastel and have
good working knowledge of VAT

Duties :  Data capture from departments and interpretation onto Spreadsheets
               RTGs applications
               Balancing spreadsheet to Pastel
               Produce cheques & write out orders

Responsibilities : Ensuring accurate daily data capture
                             Reporting to Financial Manager & carrying out
duties allocated

Qualities :   Well organised & Punctual

                    Efficient & Dynamic

                    Must work well under pressure & in busy environment

                    Be prepared to work 6 day week

                    Suite mature female/male

Forward updated C.V. with contactable references to :
Glynis Wiley, ABC Auctions, Hatfield House, Seke road, Harare

Telephone: 751343 / 751498 or Email:


(Ad inserted 2 August 2007)

Accountant / Bookkeeper

At least 3 years experience required in the accounting field.

To work for a busy lodge, friendly environment, Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.
Good package offered including fuel. Please forward your CV's and References
to or post to T J Cornish, Box BW198, Borrowdale, Harare.


(Ad inserted 16 August 2007)


This position will require a more mature person over the age of 35, with
considerable mechanical and maintenance experience of ERF and Renault
trucks.  Would prefer a candidate with at least 5 years experience in this
same position, who would be able to manage the running of a fleet of
cross-border trucks.  Please send CV's to Mahomed Abdulla at .


(Ad inserted 16 August 2007)

Cook and Gardener

I am looking for a cook and gardener (preferably husband and wife team) to
start immediately. Accommodation is offered.

Please contact:  Glenn 011888214 or email:



(Add inserted 28th August 2007)


Mature man in his 30’s seeking employment in either Marketing/Sales or
Management. Preferably regional.
I am the holder of an IMM Diploma; Bachelor of Bus. Admin degree;
Certificate in Retail Business Management.
I am computer literate with experience in Word and Excel.
Please contact: Stan Mabika c/o email:

(Ad inserted 19 July 2007)

Employment Sought

I am an ex-Zimbabwean farm manager with 6 years experience in Horticulture
and just recently established a 12.5 Ha project in Ethiopia working together
with Richel and Netafim.  I also have 3 years experience in Dairy and Beef
farming. I am looking for a vacancy in any of these fields.  My contact
email is


(Ad inserted 2 August 2007)

Employment Sought

Position sought - Finance, Salaries and Administration.

Work experience
Currently serving as a Finance and Administration Officer for a regional
17 years solid work experience, 8 in the NGO sector.
NGOs, Embassies, Regional or International organisations preferred.
Current salary in foreign currency.
Clean class 4 driver s licence.

Diploma in Personnel Management.
Higher National Diploma in Accounting.
Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Finance.

Contact details
Juliah Murima – 04-2920769 home, 0912699258 cell, 091405281 husband
Email or


(Ad inserted 16 August 2007)


I am mature lady with 14 years working experience in Administration and
Human Resources. I am currently working at the University of Zimbabwe in the
Human Resources Department. I hold A Bsc in Sociology from The University of
Zimbabwe and Certificates in Human Resources Management. I am looking for
employment either as an Administrator  in Human Resources. My contact is Mrs
Hove 011218590 or 333524 or 492348. My e-mail address

For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact

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JAG classifieds 28/08/2007

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified adverts
for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds: - JAG Job Opportunities:

Rules for Advertising:

Send all adverts in word document as short as possible (no tables, spread
sheets, pictures, etc.) and quote your subscription receipt number or
membership number.
Notify the JAG Office when Advert is no longer needed, either by phone or
Adverts are published for 2 weeks only, for a longer period please notify
the JAG office, by resending via email the entire advert asking for the
advert to be re-inserted.

Please send your adverts by Tuesdays 11.00am (Adverts will not appear until
payment is received.). Cheques to be made out to JAGMA.


1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items
3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation
5.  Specialist Services
6.  Pets Corner
7.  Social Gatherings



1.1  Generators & Inverters for Sale

The JAG office is now an official agent for GSC Generator Service (Pvt) Ltd
and receives a generous commission on sales of all Kipor generators and
equipment.  Generators are on view at the JAG office.  Please could all
those JAG subscribes who deal directly with GSC, rather that through the JAG
office, clearly stipulate that the commission if for JAG.

The one stop shop for ALL your Generator Requirements SALES:
We are the official suppliers, repairs and maintenance team of KIPOR
Equipment here in Zimbabwe.  We have in stock KIPOR Generators from 1 KVA to
55 KVA.  If we don't have what you want we will get it for you.  We also
sell Inverters (1500w), complete with batteries and rechargeable lamps.  Our
prices are very competitive, if not the lowest in town.

SERVICING & REPAIRS: We have a qualified team with many years of experience
in the Generator field.  We have been to Kipor, China for training.  We
carry out services and minor repairs on your premises.  We service and
repair most makes and models of Generators - both petrol and diesel.

INSTALLATIONS:  We have qualified electricians that carry out installations
in a professional way.

SPARES: As we are the official suppliers and maintainers of KIPOR Equipment,
we carry a full range of KIPOR spares.

Don't forget, advice is free, so give us a call and see us at: Bay 3,
Borgward Road, Msasa.  Sales: 884022, 480272 or
Service: 480272, 480154 or


1.2  For Sale

So Far and No further! Rhodesia's Bid for Independence during the Retreat
from Empire 1959-1965 by J.R.T. Wood

533 pages; quality trade paperback; pub. Trafford ISBN 1-4120-4952-0
Southern African edition, pub. 30 Degrees South : ISBN 0-9584890-2-5

This definitive account traces Rhodesia's attempt to secure independence
during the retreat from Empire after 1959. Based on unique research, it
reveals why Rhodesia defied the world from 1965.

Representing Volume One of three volumes, Two and Three are in preparation
and will take us to Tiger and thence to 1980;

To purchase:

Zimbabwean buyers contact Trish Broderick:

RSA buyers: WWW. 30 or Exclusives Books

Overseas buyers see:
and a link to Trafford Publishing


1.3 For Sale

Road motorcycle for sale. YAMAHA - Model YZF 600cc - Thundercat - in
immaculate condition.

Highest cash offer secures.  For further details contact Dave on 011 600 770

or 091 22 55 653 or email


1.5 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/08/07)


ZNSPCA HQ 156 Enterprise RD. Tel 497574/ 497885





113cm x 139 cm - $3 600 000

90 cm x136cm - $3 000 000

70 cm x 61.5cm - $900 000

59,5cm x 62 cm - $700 000




PRINTERS TRAY - $ 500 000


FIRE WOOD - $150 000 PER BAG


1.6 For Sale (Ad inserted 31/07/07)

10 kg LPG cylinders (empty): ea- 20

2 kg LPG cylinders - need attention ea- 10

Army (ex) steel frame stretchers: 20

Bar (small): 25

Book case (teak) 2 shelf small: 20

Camping stools and chairs: 6 - 10

Coffee table 30

Dart board with darts 15

Fans  various from fixed  to oscillating: 30 - 40

Garden hose on hose roller 15

Rucksacks (Hiking) (empty!): 20 - 40

Pentium 1 computer and screen  30

Soda streams and CO2 cylinders - 10 and 15

Spring-Master 4 serving bowl Hostess Food Warmer: 50

Steel garden swing chair (1950 era): 60

Steel garden round table and four chairs and securing chain: 55

Steel  chaisse longez: 20

Well used golf set with various clubs and woods and about 2 doz golf balls:

Figures represent US$ also payable at the current equivalent.

Email: for more details or Phone 301646 or 011 201 231
for viewing

1.7 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Nissan CWA 45. 15 tonne Lorry with 10 Tonne trailer. 176000 kilmetres.
Immaculate condition. Phone 747777 mornings or 011606595


1.8 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 7/08/07)


Following units ex stock:

Generators - 5 Kva Silenced, 15 Kva Silenced, , 40 Kva Silenced, John Deere
60 Kva Open Frame, John Deere 100 Kva open frame.

Inverters - 1500 Watt complete with 1 x 100 Amp Hr battery and charger in

5000 Watt complete with 4 x 100 Amp Hr Batteries and charger in cabinet

Large Range of Generators available from 5 - 2200 Kva ex import (some in
Bond South Africa)


We now have imported Harrow discs (24", 26" and 28") available :


Single Row forage harvesters available ex stock


Tractor Mounted 12 Metre / 600 Litre tank Boom sprayers and Canon sprayers
in stock.


Imported Offset disc harrows suitable for 80 Hp Tractors currently on order
and will be available August / September, 2007.

Please phone:- Radium Africa - Tel + 263 4 335848 / 307740

Sean Bell: + 263 11 600389, Keith Lowe + 263 11 800859



1.13 For Sale (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

1 x MF265S tractor - front to back rebuild.  $3 billion

1 x Ursus 3512 tractor - front to back rebuild.  $3 billion

1 x Renault ME160 7 tonne truck - immaculate condition, new tyres, imported
batteries etc. + 1 x 5 tonne drop side trailer - immaculate conditon, new
tyres etc. - $10 billion

Telephone Marondera 079-21421, 0912 256 661, e-mail


1.14 FOR SALE (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

Marondera - Ideal industrial premises suitable for transport, storage,
procurement etc.  Very attractive property in very good condition, and in
good location.  To include borehole, very good security, access to railway
siding etc.  Property size 6,051m2.  Outside covered workshop 700m2, inside
workshop 128m2, 10 offices, storage rooms, 5 x 20ft containers, 3 bed-roomed
cottage + more.  Asking price in the region of $50 billion.   Contact
details 079-21421, 0912 256 661, e-mail


1.15 THE WEAVERY.(The African Craft Market)  (ad inserted 28/08/07)

Going Overseas or down South? Why not take hand woven gifts for your friends
or family?  These super articles which are light,easy to pack, take or send,
and fully washable.Some of our articles are to be discontinued; so don't
miss out! Contact Anne on 332851 or 011212424.Or email

Discount of 20% on all articles.

Crocheted oven gloves--$810,000.
Cotton oven gloves--$765,000.
Small woven bags--$665,000.
Large woven bags--$810,000.
Crocheted bags--$945,000.

Single Duvet cushions(open into a duvet)--$4,080,000.
Double Duvet cushions--$4,720,000.

Queen bedcovers--$6,070,000.

Single bedcovers--$3,550,000.

3 piece toilet set--$1,610,000.

Toilet roll holder--$550,000.
Bath mat--$1,140,000.(small rug).

Cushion covers--$810,000.

Table runner--$473,000.
Set(4)Bordered table mats + serviettes--$1,610,000.
Set(6)Bordered table mats + serviettes--$2,420,000.
Set(4) crocheted table mats only--$1,280,000.
Set(6)fringed table mats + serviettes--$2,420,000.
The table mat range is to be discontinued once present stocks are sold.

Small(approx.105x52cms) plain cotton rug--$1,140,000.
Medium(approx.120x65cms) plain cotton rug--$1,610,000
Large(approx.150x75cms) plain cotton rug--$2,420,000.
Ex.Large(approx.230x130cms) plain cotton rug--$5,210,000.
Small patterned cotton rug--$1,610,000.
Small rag rug--$1,140,000.
Medium rag rug--$1,610,000.
Medium patterned cotton rug--$2,420,000.
Large patterned cotton rug--$3,230,000
Ex.Large patterned cotton rug--$6,390,000.
Small patterned mohair rug--$3,180,000.
Medium patterned mohair rug--$4,010,000
Large patterned mohair rug--$5,210,000.
Ex. Large patterned mohair rug--$8,810,000.

Lots of other articles.PLEASE be aware that prices may change without
notice and orders take some time as they have to be woven and sent from
Gweru to Harare.


1.16 FOR SALE.

Are you leaving Zimbabwe and wanting an investment to take with you? For
sale (Valuation certificate by Sharon Caithness(Graduate Gemologist. USA)

Solid silver tray (2.836 gms), Solid silver coffee set - coffee pot,sugar
bowl and milk jug (1.307gms).


Silver-English Hallmark-Sheffield(1950). Oval. Handles and Edges
patterned.(Acanthus leaf). Mass 2.836 gms. Z$ 1,363,000,000.00.


3 piece coffee set,beaded rims, acanthus leaf swan's neck spout, scrolling
acanthus leaf handles and circular pedestal foot, comprising coffee pot,
ivory cover finial and handle heatproof liners, wt. 797.00 gms(Z$
509,000,000.00), 2 handled sugar basin wt.315 gms(Z$ 202,000,000.00), Helmet
cream jug wt. 195 gms(Z$127,000,000.00). Overall total mass 1.307 gms.
Birmingham c. 1905, Maker W.D., In original, oak presentation case, hinged
brass side handles, with key, fitted lined interior of rich cobalt

Total value, by Sharon Caithness  Z$2,201,000.000.00 (two billion, two
hundred and one million dollars).

NO "chancers".email


1.17 For Sale (Ad inserted 15/08/07)


Cougar 16' Hull on trailer with Mercury redline 125 motor, electric start,
ride glide steering system, two built in fuel tanks, one carry tank.

Various '94 Peugeot 405 body parts

Windscreen - cracked

Rear window (with heater lines)



4 Doors (one bit of a dent)

3 glasses for the doors

Door panels



Rear tail lights

Back seats

Rims x3

Front & rear suspension

Boat motors:

Mercury Blue line 40hp motor, running but needs minor attn, complete with
controls, plus many spares.

Car for Sale

Datsun 180U 1800 Automatic in good running condition

Motorbike for Sale

Suzuki Bandit 400

Contact Tyron on 091 2 317 961 or 772156 for further information

 ....................................       1.18  POWER CUTS (Ad inserted

Can't cook your food?  Problem solved.

Get yourself a wood stove or three legged cast iron pot.



1.19 For Sale

Washing Machine - Zanussi Jet System 1000  brand new , never been used. US
200 ono.

Nissan Sunny 1.5lx, red,  in good working order.US 2,500

Golf Clubs old but hardly used.US 30

Set of "The Great World War - a History"  by Frank Mumby eighteen volumes.
Published 1916. US 100.

Imbuia ball and claw dining room table - 6 seater ladder back chairs. Imbuia
ball and claw side board - in excellent condition.US 250

Also a wide selection of old books in good condition on various topics -

Please contact Martyn Doggrell on or cell 011 215
197 or landline Harare 721 710



VW beach buggie with 1100 cc motor for sale, needs slight TLC and will run.
Offers invited call : Philip on 091 2 235579 or at office on 336962 or or


1.21  FOR SALE

1 x SINGLE BED   (Mattress & Base) - GOOD CONDITION  $15 MILLION

Contact - 497735 or 011 611360   e-mail -



2.1 Wanted

By way of loan or donation to the JAG Trust.  The Trust is Capacity Building
a New Project which necessitates the furnishing of an office with desks,
chairs, cupboards and shelving. Any surplus office furniture or trimmings
will be welcomed.  Phone 799410.


2.2 Wanted

Sheila Macdonald (Sally in Rhodesia) - If you have any of Sheila Macdonald's
books for sale, please let JAG know the details including condition etc with
your name, telephone number and price wanted.

Telephone JAG - 04 - 799410


2.3 Shotgun Wanted

Good quality, Baretta or Browning, 20 bore over/under shotgun.  In excellent
condition.  Please contact the JAG office on 799410.


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 31/07/07)

ZNSPCA :  We are looking to purchase two second hand 165 / 13 inch rims for
our horse box and one of our pickups.  Currently we have no spare for these
vehicles.  We are also looking for tools for our vehicles - pliers, spanners
and screwdrivers - so please if you are clearing your workshops we are keen
to buy your junk off you.  Any donation of the above equipment will be
greatly appreciated.

Head Office:  04 - 497885 / 497574


Is also looking for donations of

Buiding Materials:

Pit and River Sand, Bricks

Second hand Window Frames, French door

Wooden doors

Door handles/Locking Mech.

Fluorescent light fittings tubes and bulbs

ZNSPCA is always looking for 2nd hand Dog collars, leads, kennels and

ZNSPCA HQ156 Enterprise Rd or Tel: 497574/497885


2.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Barwick School is in urgent need of a changeover switch for a 60KVA
generator (approx 100 amps).  Please phone 0912 262566 or


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

We are looking for deep freezers and cold room units.

Please contact David and Janet Cunningham 09 251555/ 234879/232136 or

You can also contact   Khosi Bhebhe - 09 251555/234879/232136 -


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Am looking for a wheelchair for a child who was born with severe curvature
of the spine and who now cannot walk. Any suggestions as to who to approach
or offers please.

Julia Burdett 744207, 0912236641,


2.8 Wanted PAPRIKA GROWERS (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

We are looking for Paprika Growers / Farmers for the 2007/2008 season. We
are an end user - we are not agents and we do not want agents.

Please contact or visit our website for
further information.


GYPSUM - Any quantity please contact:  Roger Blair  062-2489 email



Looking to buy either of the above car, or to swop for my Nissan sunny.

Please phone Greer 0912 353 047 / 744075.


2.11 "Looking for a set of bunk beds.  Please sms 091 2 264160 or e-mail"




3.1 House-sitter Wanted (Ad inserted 31/07/07)

I am looking for a house-sitter for mid August till mid October on my little
farm in Bromley  There is no farming to be done, the settlers have seen to
that, just 6 pets (4 dogs and 2 cats) to love and look after.   I have a
home and garden (the house is over 100 years old), good security with two
night watchmen, and a very good house servant.  We are 50 kms from Harare.
No money exchanges

Please contact Jennifer at 073 3399 or 011 423614 - or sms, or E mail


3.2 FOR SALE (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Blue skies and warm seas

Situated in the village of PENNINGTON in Kwa Zulu Natal Mid South
Coast,close to the sea ,surrounded by up market homes and simplexes , three
golf courses in the town area ,an ideal investment for the future with real
possibilities for a simplex development.The two beautiful acres are side by
side with two road fronts together are 100 x 80 meters...,secluded open
natural forest park land. ,almost level , 5 minutes from the beach and the
very smart brand new  Village Mall shopping centre.  Price on request.

Please look up our website to see all or
properties for sale in the village of PENNINGTON.Our mission statement is
"Making homes more affordable" by reducing our commission tariffs.


3.3 PROPERTIES FOR SALE (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

GLEN LORNE - A Country Home in Town

Lovely hilltop property on 6 1/2 acres with views and beautiful garden with
msasa trees and abundant bird life.

3 bed-roomed home with wooden strip floors, 2 1/2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining
room area, big lounge with fireplace, bar, covered veranda.

Charming cottage with 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, open plan lounge and
kitchen. Modern fittings. Single lock-up garage attached. Independent to
main house - own ZESA and Water meters.

GOOD BOREHOLE plumbed in to both houses

Double garage / Swimming pool / Staff quarters for 4 / 2 x Mushroom Houses /
Chickens runs / Electric fenced all round / Woodrow Art Studio


Thinking of downsizing to a nice quiet area?

Situated on a quiet close this is a very appealing 3 bed-roomed home with
pretty garden, slightly elevated looking out over lovely msasas on 2 acres.

2 bathrooms, lounge with wooden doors opening onto covered veranda, dining
room, fitted kitchen. Alarmed / Swimming pool / 5000 litre storage tank /
walled with electric fence and gate. Small Guest Cottage

Very charming with Oregon pine features

Contact Helen Stephens: 011406428 or Kennan Properties:  334994, 302721


3.4 Accommodation :

Private Sale,  Large double story house comprising 5 beds, 1 1/2 Baths,
fitted kitchen, lounge, dining room, double lock up garage, all situated on
1 1/3 acres with good parking space in Mt Pleasant. Property has perfect
potential for upmarket offices.
For more information and viewing arrangements, please contact Doug on


Accommodation available in Cape Town:

6 Berth at Seapointer in Seapoint from 21-28 December

6 Berth at Big Bay in Blouberg from 28 Dec - 4 January.

ZA R5,000 per each week




4.1 Need a break

Getaway and enjoy peace and fresh air at GUINEA FOWLS REST
Only 80kms from Harare, Self-catering guest-house
Sleeps 10 people, Bird-watching, Canoeing, Fishing, DSTV

REGRET: No day visitors.  No boats or dogs allowed.
Contact Dave: 011 600 770 or Annette 011 600 769
or 091 22 55 653 or email


4.2 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 31/07/07)

Self catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges. Just bring your food,  drinks and
relax.    Best value for money. U12 are 1/2  price

Contact John : or Phone 091 2631 556


4.3 GACHE GACHE LODGE - KARIBA (Across the lake.) (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Still some available dates for August hols. Prices reduced to 18 June!

Contact: Fatima - or phone 301889.

Open for provisional bookings for December holidays too.


4.4 Self Catering Holiday Cottages S.A (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Figtree Self catering Holiday cottages almost on the beach in the quiet
village of Pennington four cottages which may sleep comfortably 20 persons.
Minimum of R300 per night and R60 per person per night.Kindly book in
advance so as not to be disappointed. Contact Cindy or Willy on 27833002394
or Email : We really look forward to hearing from you


4.5 NATUREWAYS SAFARIS (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

Urges you to take a step back in time to the untouched, unchanged wilderness
of MANA POOLS. Away from the rush and stress of the modern cities to an
exclusive paradise where you can be at one with nature and interact with a
variety of interesting neighbours such as elephant, hippo, waterbuck to name
just a few.

Partake in a luxury Odyssey safari (and spend your days walking, canoeing or
on safari drives) or climb into your canoe and set off on an exciting
semi-participatory Explorer canoe safari down the mighty Zambezi River. We
look forward to welcoming you to our magic world!

Email :, Phone: 333 414 / 339 001, Fax:   333414 /
Skype: natureways_reservations2 or


Luxury Cruise Ship on Lake Kariba

Christmas special 2007 - individual cabins on offer:

Deluxe Cabin:  US$  195.00 per person per day

Executive Cabin  US $ 190.00 per person per day

Double Cabins   US $ 155.00 per person per day

Twin Cabins   US $ 140.00 per person per day

Triple Cabins  US $140.00 per person per day

Cruise dates   22 December to 26th December 2007

Departure times Marineland Harbour  10.30am

Cruise departure dependent on minimum of 24 passengers

Book now to avoid disappointment -  bring the whole family.



Looking for New Year's accommodation at Charara, from 29/12/07 - 3/1/08
Please contact Roger Blair  062-2537 or




Accommodation available in Cape Town:

6 Berth at Seapointer in Seapoint from 21-28 December

6 Berth at Big Bay in Blouberg from 28 Dec - 4 January.

ZA R5,000 per each week




5.1 Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle repairs carried out personally by qualified mechanic with 30 years
experience. Very reasonable rates.

Phone Johnny Rodrigues:  011 603213 or 011 404797, email:


5.2 SpeedWorx - WYNN'S

Intelligent Car Service has arrived!

Why pay ridiculous prices and be without your car for days.

Our services are done while you wait & cost a fraction of the normal repair.

At SpeedWorx we will:

Service your car

Increase your engine's performance and improve your fuel economy

Completely flush your engine oil to prolong your engine life

Restore your Power steering performance and stop it leaking

Restore your Automatic Transmission performance and stop it leaking

Completely flush your brake system and make you safe

Stop your car overheating and reduce the risk of leaks

Remove bad odours from the interior of your car and keep it fresh

Services done at your home or office.

Contact: Bryan 011 612 650 or Russell 011 410 525.



Filming & Editing of Weddings & Special Events. DVD Production, Broadcast
Quality.  DVD & VHS transfers. Call Greer on 744075 / 0912 353 047

Greer Wynn - Focused Video Productions:  0912 353 047 / 744075


5.4 HUNTING TROPHY EXPORTS (Ad inserted 31/07/07)


·          Fast and efficient dipping and shipping

·          Professional administration and storage of trophies

·          Taxidermy in the USA

·          Convenient drop-off

Contact me, Joe Wells on Tel/fax (263) 04 490677, Cell: (263) 0912 239305






ROB and SUE - PHONE (04) 852658 - CELL - 011 601 885 / 023 924 896



5.6 Highly recommended painter/tiler/brickworker (As inserted 23/08/2007)


Newton Samukuite.  2 Wakefield Road, Avondale.  Cell 011 523624.

References available from Mary Dunphy,,  tel/fax 308318
cell 091 2 401664




6.1 Looking for a Home (Ad inserted 31/07/07)

Jack Russell male, tan/white 'PERCY' needs kind and loving home. 5 years,
owner left. Has been spoilt and adored. Tel Michelle on 884294 or 011602903
or e-mail


6.2 Looking for a Home (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Please would some kind person give a home to 'Jessica'. She is a 4 year old
brindle English Bull Terrier bitch. Loves cats but is terrified of other
dogs so doesn't get on with them. If you are wanting an only dog Jessica is
for you, she has a lovely temperament and just wants love in return. Tel
Michelle on 884294 011602903 or e-mail


6.3 Lost (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

Our little dog Molly, a miniature Jack Russel brown and white in colour has
gone missing in the Dawnhill area of Greendale between Greendale Avenue and
Coronation Avenue could even be Rhodesville Avenue.

$1 million reward is offered for her safe return to Delia and Philip Brown
23 Moulsham Road Dawnhill Greendale Please phone or text 0912 201686 or 0912
235579 Thank you!


6.4 Looking for a Home (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

Lovely cat -bout three years old, fat and fluffy, looking for a home.  She
is very loving, but doesn't like big dogs.  Or let's say she isn't used to
them.  Her name is Ginger.  Please urgently looking for a home for her!!!
Contact Sandy on 091 2 908262 for further information.




7.1 Country Juke Box (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Come and party with Country Juke Box. Bring the family. Children allowed.
Reasonable bar prices, club menu and a great atmosphere. A wide selection of
dance music from the 60's to 90's, Country, Tiekkie Draai, Rock and Roll
etc. For details contact Joe Esterhuizen on 339378 or 0912 338414 or e-mail


JAG Hotlines: +263 (011) 610 073, +263 (04) 799 410.  If you are in trouble
or need advice, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!

To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to:
with subject "Classifieds".

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