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Sent: Monday, April 24, 2000 11:05 PM
Subject: cfu update 24 April

Commercial Farmers' Union
Information Room
Farm Invasions Update - 24 April 2000
Monday, 24 April, 2000
Mashonaland East
Five farms in south west Wedza are in a volatile situation. A tractor
and trailer with about 25 "war vets" is touring five farms, other groups
include numbers of up to 120 "war vets". A great deal of skull bashing
of labour underway. Three workers seriously injured on Chard Farm;
unknown number on Dean Farm where there was an armed attack. Russell
Tapson (Dean) had a tobacco bulk store burned down (house OK). Police in
Labour having a tough time on Beer, Oklahoma and Tottness Farms. One
labourer abducted on Beer Farm, apparent MDC supporter.
Mashonaland East had a meeting with war vets and FA Chairmen today. A
provincial Taskforce and a District Taskforce have been set up to look
at the way forward on land reform.  Mr John Parkin was the informal
chairman, Guy Watson-Smith represented the farmers and Mr Ndumo, who is
the vice-Charmin of Mash East War Veterans Association, represented the
war vets.  A member of the ZANU (PF) Central Committee also attended
this meeting.
New invasion - Harare South Amalinda Farm, 50 plus. Peaceful, asked to
see farm map, went to see labour. Manager Martin Harrison left farm and
reported from Harare. (Owner Peter Huddy away).
Arthur Baisley reports Macheke/Virginia OK but "war vets" making a lot
of demands (foodwise).
Enterprise -
Big group arrived at Lonely Park.  Message conveyed to officer in charge
to tell the owner to not come back.  However, farming has been ongoing
since he left.
Chifumbi Farm, Mr Nortier - very demanding and threatening situation.
Demands include clothing and food.
Mukwene Farm - there is a large group of war vets who said they would
demonstrate to the manager what treatment they give to people who do not
Mashonaland West (N)
Ridings School NOT invaded.
Tengwe Zanu-PF rally - normal mud slinging. 1000 people attended.
Chinhoyi -
Highbury Estate - as perceived to be British owned, extra pressure was
brought on to this estate today.  All okay.
A tense situation in Doma North on Chipunga Farm.  Neighbours have been
of assistance in this situation.
Mashonaland West (S)

Save Valley Conservancy - invasion on Levanga Ranch. War vets told the
people maintaining the veterinary and buffalo fences to leave.  They
also told the caretaker of one of the lodges to vacate. A meeting has
been arranged for tomorrow between police, war vets and farmers to try
defuse the situation.  There has been an upsurge of poaching recently
and there is concern the large number of black rhino in this conservancy
could be taken out.
Three death threats in the province. Manjere Ranches at
Mberengwe/Zvishavane homestead occupied by war vets and supporters. ZRP
cleared them out and told them not to return.
Shurugwi -
60 invaders on Edward's Farm - 10 armed (AKs, 303s); pegged lands.
At Beacon Kop 100 invaders, occupied staff quarters, pegging.
Mashonaland Central
Mvurwi - 40 farmers evacuated farms as a result of armed incursions on
to Forrester Estates. Duncan Hamilton and the two ladies are okay.
There were approximately 1000 people, 20 to 30 of them being war vets,
the rest from nearby communal areas. 
The war vets are mobile and have invaded another 6-8 farms today.  As
the farmers were not on farm, the invaders moved on to the next farm.
Horseshoe Area - Edmunstone Farm: lorry stolen, farm occupied (Fred
Williamson, owner) moved on to Gurungwe Farm.
Tsatsi - Des Martin unable to return to Mountain Home Farm due to a war
vet road block on Chadesly Road.
In Mazowe, Makalanga Farm (Peter MacDonald) visited by ZANU-PF who
demanded all MDC cards to be handed in by workers. MacDonald had to
refund workers joining fee.
Glendale - On Sunday at approximately 1500hrs 50 "war vets" visited
Villa Franca, intimidated workers and took away opposition T shirts.
Moved to Satchel, Heyshott and Wooler Farms doing the same.
"war vets" arrived in MDC T shirts; they were welcomed by the workers
who then realized that they had been deceived.
"War vets" have vowed to return today. ZANU PF also moving around
intimidating. Other regions need to be warned of this new tactic.
Shamva - all work stopped on Lions Den Farm, Annadale and Rutherdale.
Combines have been stopped (threats to burn them); farmers told to stop
land preparation for wheat.

ACCOMMODATION: Time share Vic. Falls 30 April - 7 MAY. Contact Tony
Robertson 011.600.533

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