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  1. Friday 2 June 2000
  2. Saturday 3 June 2000

FRIDAY  2  JUNE  2000


The Herald today carries a list of 804 farms to be acquired under this Act. This list is being prepared at the Government Printers for a Special Gazette Edition to be released this afternoon. If the Gazette comes out, these actions will be official in terms of the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act and the Land Acquisition Act amended by these powers. There are other procedural issues which are in question and we are studying these and will make a fuller statement next week, after consultation with our legal advisers.

We are asking the legal fraternity to meet early next week and brain storm the issue & that advise will also be passed to you as soon as available.

In the meantime, advice to farmers so affected by the list is that there is provision in the Act for objection to be lodged with the Minister within the next 30 days, before 2nd July, 2000. Properties are not acquired until a Section 8 Acquisition Order is served after 30 days from the date of the Preliminary Notice and the Government has to have these orders confirmed in the Administrative Court before acquisition is completed. Furthermore, notice has to be served on each land owner and anyone else with a right therein. We understand these notices will be served from Monday.

There is ample scope for negotiation with the Minister in terms of swaps, deals or alternative proposals and farmers should carefully consider these over the next few days.

In addition, we believe that community plans to come up with properties, preferably contiguous, for resettlement purposes, without breaking up the communities, are absolutely paramount and farmers should press ahead with these plans as quickly as possible.

I am absolutely convinced that there will be no farmer displaced from his home farm out of this exercise, although some single owned farms on the communal area boundary may be casualties and the community plans should include a means of incorporating such casualties on to other properties inland.

Of particular concern to us is the likelihood of a rush of farm invasions, by war veterans and their followers, of these properties so identified today. These invasions should be treated in the normal way. Farmers should advise their local Member in Charge and Security Liaison person, not confront the invaders, co-operate where necessary without conceding land, equipment, food or anything else. It is imperative to avoid opportunities for violent reaction from invaders under these circumstances and remember that the programme is by no means over.

In the meantime, we will continue to attempt to keep the other initiatives on track and are in touch daily with the various organisations’ responsible. We will advise of developments as and when appropriate.

Dr J L Grant


P.S. The Gazette is out.

Centenary - War vet leadership visited 8 farms in the area (Tekwani, Mt Parnis, Nyamanetsa, Mtorazini, Dunbarton, Birdwood, Sharon and Two Jays) to establish that seedbed planting should go ahead.  A rally is in progress at present after which it is expected that the leadership will continue their visits to enable the rest of the area to start their seedbeds.
Horseshoe - The work stoppage reported on Chiringi Farm yesterday in fact took place at Nyamfuta Farm.
Victory Block - Owner of Msitwe River Ranch agreed to collect firewood from next door farm for war vets but refused to supply food.  War vets at Prangmere threated the farm owner when he refused to supply them with bread and work has been stopped at the farm's mill.  Requests have been made to supply transport to a rally today.
Glendale - A tense situation arose at Avonduur when war vets demanded that the farmer give them his Zimbabwe Flag.  They were satisfied with an old flag which had recently been taken down.
Lions Den - 15 War vets occupying Sheepridge Farm, selling game meat on the main road and also selling plots on the farm.
Banket - a new invasion was reported on Solario Farm and a reinvasion on Binge Farm.  The owner of Bakwe Kop Farm was forced to roll in the mud by 20 people.
Kadoma - new invasion on Eureka Farm.
Norton -  new invasion on Garvillan Farm whilst owner is away.  Some extortion in compound and police have removed invaders.  ZRP reaction not considered satisfactory.  During the last few days two vehicles were comandeered in the area, one by Mrs Rusike from Parklands, and one by Don Carlos from Merton Park.  Both vehicles have been recovered and police have been informed.  Two electricity poles were cut down during a local power failure on Idaho Farm.  Police were informed but did not react.  Police later denied receipt of the report and despatched an officer to investigate.
Marondera North - War vets from Dormavale Base requested youths to attend all night meeting and demanding food, transport and money from farmers.
The farmer on Gatsi Farm paid and laid off contract workers who wished to continue working and assaulted him.  He drove himself to the Police Station and was then admitted to  hospital.
Wedza - War vet Chigwadere collected 10 workers from Lifton Farm to peg the farm during working houses.  They then requested the farmer to plough the land, which was refused, and they left.  It was later discovered that they wanted scraps of metal in the workshop to make spears.  There was a work stoppage on Doon Farm while the workers pegged Karimba Farm.  War vet Chisingere ordered  farm labourers from Devon Farm to report to Poltimore Farm at 8.00 a.m. today.  The labour on Dean Farm have been paid off and some workers stole a bailing box presser, which has been reported to the police.  Two cows in calf and two steers have been stolen from Lilifontein Farm.  War vet  Dauka attempted to prevent loading of cattle for sale on Poltimore Farm but farmer went ahead regardless. 11 Houses have now been built on Bristol Farm and 6 on Chard.  Houses being erected on the north end of Calate Farm yesterday and husband and wife arrived to view their plot of land.  A work stoppage occurred on Fighill as the labour was pegging Chakdenga Farm.  The rose foreman from Chakadenga Farm was abducted and held.  One female worker was dismissed a few months ago and war vets refused to release  the foreman until it was agreed that the female worker would be reinstated.  The farmer refused and the foreman was released.  More pegging taking place on the farm.  Three quarters of the labour from Lustleigh was taken to peg Chakadenga yesterday.  Another 15 houses have been erected on Edridge Farm and more pegging taking place on Plimtree.
Bromley/Ruwa/Enterprise - Fighting took place between two war vet groups on Draycot Farm following a dispute.  Minister Murehwa will be addressing a really at chabwimo on Sunday.
Chimanimani - Roy Bennett returned to his farm under police escort yesterday.
Shangani - Two CIO officials have been arrested for poaching on Debshan Ranch and are being prosecuted.
Bulawayo - With regard to the incident at the Bulawayo Bus Terminus yesterday, we await further details.
Kwekwe - 2 steers slaughtered on Makuti Ranch on Sunday evening.
Somabula/Daisyfield - The locks on the security gates of Grainlee Farm were broken and 1000 litres of diesel stolen.  This was reported to the police.
Nothing to report.
ZESA MABELREIGN DEPOT advise that they have a burnt out substation in this area.  They are trying to repair it so the power will be going on and off until they have resolved the problem.
They are working on a load shedding schedule which they will broadcast on radio and television.
Affected areas : Marlborough, Bluff Hill, Mt Hampden 
3646 centres have been set up countrywide where people are able to check their names on the Voters Roll with their ID/passport/driver's licence.  The centres are at the traditional polling stations and are open from 0700 - 1800 until 13 June 2000.  Voters are able to correct ID numbers and effect change of address.
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MASVINGO REGION                                                                                                                                              Masvingo East and Central                                                                                                                                             There was meeting reported to have taken place at the Civic Centre here in town yesterday morning. Dr. Hunzvi was the speaker.

Mwenezi Area                                                                                                                                                                          All is reported t be quiet in this area.

There are a few farms that have had war vets come onto the properties and peg out plots, but have then moved off again. They are the following :

Quagga Pan A , Kyalami Ranch , Kalahari Ranch , Mkumi Ranch .

Chiredzi Area                                                                                                                                                                        No movement in this area apart from a War Vet meeting that was held at the Hippo Valley Club yesterday afternoon. Discussions that took place are not known at this stage, but it is presumed to be an update as to whatever took place at the meeting in Masvingo yesterday morning.

Save Conservancy                                                                                                                                                             Quiet although its is not back to normal as it should be.  There has been an upsurge in violence and in activity at Bedford Block.  They have erected another two camps and set up more roadblocks with tree booms.

MASHONALAND WEST NORTH                                                                                                                               Lions Den:    One new invasion on Montrose Farm.  4 "War Vets" arrived on the farm, and threatened the owner.  He was told to take all his equipment and labour and get off the farm.

MIDLANDS                                                                                                                                                                              A meeting was held between the Regional Chairman and the Governor yesterday, regarding the farm occupation exercise. 

A political rally is being held on Highlands farm today, all workers who are not working today have been ordered to attend.

MASHONALAND CENTRAL                                                                                                           The provincial police command has been informed about the farms that have been listed for acquisition and have given their assurance that the police would do their utmost to prevent damage or loss of property in the event of a "free for all."  All police stations have now received the signal sent by Compol two weeks ago.  So far, up to midday, it has been quiet in the province, but all areas are remaining vigilant.

Centenary:  The issue of tobacco seedbed stoppages has been resolved after discussions with  Propol, the Governor, the Provincial War Vets Chairman and local War Vets leadership.
Mutepatepa:  A group of 25 re-invaded Brockley Farm.
Nyabira:  There was a new, low key visitation yesterday to Warley / Barwick H. Both these farms are on the list. 
As at midday, all other areas had nothing to report.

SOUTH WEST MASHONALAND                                                                                                                         Chegutu: Peaceful Zanu PF Rallies yesterday on Halingbery and Chiwere Farms which mean't workers could not work for most of the day.

Regional Chairman and Executive had a meeting with about 100 farmers yesterday regarding the list that came out yesterday afternoon and are putting together community plans to do swops e.t.c.

Chakari:  Blackmorevale Farm a guard was threatened and police came out.

Kadoma/Battlefields: over 20 war vets invaded Peamena Farm, Police told war vets to leave and they did.  Collingdale Farm and Peersen Farm invaded.

Norton:  member in charge went to one property this morning to try and sort out death threats.

MASHONALAND EAST                                                                                                                                                  There was meeting held this morning with the farmers who were on the list gazetted yesterday, with Guy Watson Smith and a briefing from John Heyns.  The farmers felt that it was useful to have these reports.

Macheke/Virginia                                                                                                                                                            Home Park this morning reacting to the gazette list published yesterday.  The war vets have informed the owners' son that the properties identified in the gazette are the wrong ones, and that they will direct which land is to be taken - namely that which is contiguous with Village 8 area of Wenimbe resettlement area.  War vets have indicated intention to talk to the owner, who lives on the Nyamakovera section close to resettlement area.  He is unwilling to do this and has been advised to make himself scarce with the assurance that if his house is broken into and occupied, police have assured him that they will react.

Marondera North                                                                                                                                                              Unable to contact

Marondera South                                                                                                                                                          Chipesa Farm - Daily News article on Tuesday reported that the police took fuel from Chipesa.  This was not the case - CIO checking on farm stocks.  Further to the break in at Chipesa homestead previously reported approximately $900 000.00 loss was sustained, with $123 000.00 worth recovered.  Losses sustained from the farm in general as a result of the invasion, evacuation of the owner, removal of cattle and produce e.t.c is estimated at approximately $3 000 000.00.  Through neighbours, war vet Marimo has threatened the owner's wife and alleged various "crimes" on her part, including the claim that she rather than her husband is the real politician, and reminding her that they had beaten him up.

Beatrice/Harare South                                                                                                                                                  Nothing to report today.  All is peaceful

Wedza                                                                                                                                                                               Tapson Farm - a war vet has moved into the driver's house which is next to the main homestead.  He refuses to tell the farmer what his name is.  On Thursday night most of the paddock gates were left open and the different groups of cattle on the farm got mixed up.                                                                                                            Chadenga Farm - 2km of fencing was pushed over while invaders were pegging.                                              Rupaka Farm - Houses are going up fast and furiously.  There are about 35 on the farm now.  The house that was built on the seedbed site and then pulled down has to be replaced, but the war vet wants a house with cement floors and plastered walls.

Featherstone                                                                                                                                                                     Unable to contact.

Bromely/Ruwa/Enterprise                                                                                                                                                     Mr Murehwa will be addressing a rally at Chabwimo on Sunday.

Unless there is an increase of activity tonight, there will be no report from this area tomorrow.

MANICALAND                                                                                                                                          Nyanga/Odzi/Middle Sabi - Quiet

Burma Valley                                                                                                                                                                           FA Chairman having meeting Zanu PF representatives this afternoon.

Chimanimani                                                                                                                                                                      Since Thursday last week Roy Bennett and managers Vooruitzicht Farm returned to farm. Currently occupied by 15 war vets but no hostilities.  Recovered farm vehicles, 8 head of cattle slaughtered.  Sorting out trashed homestead today.

Headlands                                                                                                                                                                            Abel Murima who is from Rusape is moving through Wakefield Estate who have been keeping their gates locked, he has told the guards if they do not leave the gates open for him - he will kill them.  Causeway Farm - has been invaded by rival war vets from Macheke and the resident war vets are threatening to ambush the rival warvets.

MATABELELAND                                                                                                                                                                No Report

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