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Macheke / Virginia - Airlie Farm severe intimidation of labour on Saturday by war vets. Foreman beaten up and police unable to attend until today because of a lack of fuel.

Paradise Farm - Saturday night war vets demanded a meeting with the labour. Demanded $55 from each worker now, and further payments, monthly. Police attending today.

Wedza - Relatively quiet

Enterprise / Bromley / Ruwa - As of Sunday morning - quiet. Rally is to take place on Chabwino farm today.

Mvurachena area - Gatsi farm, war vets moved into the farm house on Friday. Local task force will be meeting them on Monday.

Rapid Farm - New invasion by 10 on Saturday. Farm is gazetted.

Dorset Farm - One mombe was slashed on Friday night.

Suffolk Farm - Increase in invaders on Saturday. However, when told the farm was gazetted they all left.

Stonehaven farm - No presence but criminals broke into the ostrich enclosure attempting to slash a bird. Also had 1700 litres of fuel stolen. May relate to overflow from neighbouring Labor farm.

Homepark farm - owner was threatened with occupation of the house on Ngamakovera section. This was thwarted.

Bothas Rust - War vets currently visiting to inspect the farm as it has been gazetted.

Harare south / Featherstone / Beatrice - Nothing to report.


Save Conservancy - the Mkwasine Police and the War Vet task team visited Humani Ranch yesterday. The report given yesterday concerning the game scout had been very exaggerated - the game scout is not as severely beaten up as reported yesterday. The War Vet team is coming into Masvingo on Monday to C.I.O offices for a disciplinary hearing.

Everywhere else remains quiet.

Mwenezi area - Nothing to report this morning.

Gutu / Chatsworth Area - No communications with them.

Masvingo East and Central - All quiet.

Chiredzi Area - there seems to be a build up of numbers on Speargrass and on Bangala Ranch.


In Zvishavane, on Manjere Ranches, a group of invaders have arrived on mainly a political campaign. The police were called and the situation seems to be calm.

Yesterdays report indicated a rally to be held on Highlands Farm. The next door farm, Hillside, has been volatile as a result, with farmer and staff threatened and transport commandeered. The Lalapanzi Police have been called in.

Otherwise, area has had sporadic movements with little to report.


An MDC rally to be held today in Odzi. Generally quiet.


No report


No report


The province has had a relatively quiet weekend up to midday Sunday.  There have been numerous "voter education" rallies in the province over the weekend, but all seem to have passed without major incident.  There has been some focus of attention on the listed farms near Harare but the police have assisted where necessary.
Mazowe / Concession:  A large group visited Spa Farm  yesterday demanding that the owner vacate by Monday as the farm had been listed for compulsory acquisition.  The response from the police was good and the situation has been defused.  A truck from Watakai was delivering paprika to Chegutu on Friday but was commandeered by ZANU PF supporters at Selous and only returned to the farm by lunch time yesterday. 
Glendale:  Three war vets visited Chibara Farm late last night and there was an altercation involving the war vets, the assistant manager and farm guard.  The assistant manager and security guard were abducted but have returned unharmed.
As at midday, all other areas had nothing to report.
Generally quiet
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