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Statement by President Mugabe at Star Rally in Gutu yesterday 8 June
2000 :
"If farmers try and resist war veterans taking their farms they (war
veterans) will kill them".
In this regard the CFU's position is that it is not dealing with the
offer of farms or their allocation with the war veterans.
Vice-President Msika, Chairman of the National Land Task Force, stated
on 15 May 2000 that the demonstration by war veterans by occupying
commercial farms is separate to the issue of the offer or acquisition of
farms by the State, which will be dealt with only by him.
The Union continues to follow only the legal procedures in dealing with
the land issue and will not be intimidated by politicians as to how its
members will respond to the gazetting of 804 farms on 2 June 2000.

- - -
We are still studying the legal implications of Gazette Notice 233A
involving 795 properties (there are some duplications!) and advise, at
this stage, that farmers who intend to object to the acquisition of
their properties should prepare their papers in the meantime but do not
submit objections prior to the elections - this could be highly
inflammatory. Farmers have until the close of business on Monday 3rd
July, to lodge their objections with the Ministry, which is ample time.
Advice on how to construct an objection will follow shortly. In the
meantime keep cool.
Centenary - There was a work stoppage yesterday, which was resolved.
Victory Block - A group in a white Isuzu was moving around the area
claiming to be war vets and collecting food from various farms
yesterday.  It is suspected that this group are not war vets but are
taking advantage of the situation.  A farm lorry was commandeered from
Rusimbe to transport people to a rally this morning and has been seen
driving around the area.  The owner of Msitwe River Ranch reports that a
large proportion of his maize crop has been stolen.
Tsatsi - Zanu PF youths commandeered a tractor and trailor from one farm
and collected youths from surrounding farms to attend a pungwe
Glendale - a lorry was commandeered yesterday morning to transport
people to a rally.  A group of war vets are currently searching the farm
village for opposition material at Bauhenia.
Mwenezi - There is still an occupation on Moriah Ranch.  A new
occupation has ocurred on Marriotti Ranch this week. Pegging is taking
All is quiet in the rest of the region.
Kwekwe - There was a visit to Rockvale Farm, with an expected return.
Communications between farmers and war vet leaders in the area are good.
Banket - Occupiers left Chimwemwe Farm for Doondo Farm, where building
has started. There have been reports of poaching on Ringari Farm.
Chinhoyi - Young occupiers have pegged and left The Range Estate.
Ayshire - Unknown thiefs broke into the homestead on SS Ranch. On Chiwe
Farm there was a pungwe on Wednesday night. Labour were assaulted for
not attending.
Lions Den - 4 cattle are missing from Chengu Farm, and 2 from Nyamakari,
which is adjacent to it. A meeting was held with war vets on Nyamakari
this morning regarding the re-allocation of cattle so that huts may be
built. Occupiers are unhappy with Tredar Security Firm and locked the
A Zanu PF rally was held on Romsey Farm with the labour, and threats
were made to  key personel. On Upper Romsey, Mr Maseko is waiting on the
farm for Agritex to peg plots.
Doma - There was a walk-on on Binge, Eben and Lorraine farms in Doma.
Karoi - 3 marathon runners were hassled by war veterans when running
along the road, and later by ZRP Karoi.  The owner of Buttevart Farm
denied occupiers transport and his name was booked for possible
Harassment continues on Runnimede Farm and there has been a work
stoppage on the seedbeds and demands that labour should attend
meetings.  Tractors have still not been allowed to work on Renroc, and
labour is being harassing.
Our Regional Office reports the following:
ZESA Kariba has only 4 out of 6 generators working, and ZESA Hwange only
2 out of 6. Imports are limited, there is a shortfall of 400 megawatts,
and the situation is now so bad we have to load shed without a plan.

Chakari - On Blackmorevale war vets put stones across the road and the
owner lost his exhaust early this morning.
Chegutu - On Masterpiece Farm war vets wanted the owner to plough with
them, but he refused. Tree cutting continues. On Ranwig a dairy cow was
shot dead. On the Lowood Farm road about 50  airforce personel are
currently "on exercise" with shovels and weapons. This is being
monitored. On Corleinor Farm occupiers are demanding that the workers
move off so that they can be resettled. It appears they have it mixed up
with another farm on the list. There have been a number of visits to
farms wanting transport for rallies over the weekend
Norton - There have been quite a few demands for farmers and farm
workers to attend a rally on Sunday. This clashes with a cricket match.
Don Carlos has said he will close down the club if farmers do not
attend. Police have said they will put Support Units at the club.
Kadoma - Georgia Farm has been reoccupied.

Marondera South - 7 youths approached the owner of Stow yesterday. The
owner asked the leader his name and he opened his jacket to reveal a
pistol, telling the owner "I can drop you right now." The youths then
demanded to meet with the labour, who were unloading a National Foods
truck. They got fiery when they heard this and told the farmer to go
back to Britain. The farmer was threatened and told to leave the farm by
4 pm yesterday. The farmer phoned the police who arrived within 20
miniutes and defused the situation. Their reaction was effective and
50 war vets made the Ruzawi Ranch labour peg the farm and charged them
$25 each in order to feed the resident occupiers.
Wedza - A white pickup visited Maryhill Farm, advising that they would
be back to take one of the farms.  A shot was heard and the meat of 2
impala found on Lillifontein. Tracks lead to Collacc Farm, but Wedza
security are dealing with the report.
Beatrice - The commercial farming area is quiet, but there are rumblings
in the resettlement areas.
Enterprise - The farmer on Devonia had to slaughter a beast for
occupiers and his labourers in order for the occupiers to remove the
boom they set up on the farm. The police and war vet leadership attended
the scene in support of the farmer and he willingly agreed to slaughter
the beast for goodwill and to prevent the development of any further
Bromley/Ruwa - 50 war vets arrived to peg Middleton and left yesterday

Nyamandhlovu - There is extensive poaching on Redwood Park as well as
the intimidation of staff, especially the two night guards patrolling
the ostrich pens. Gates have been opened at night and ostriches have
stampeded through two fences into the maize and paprika lands resutling
in three ostriches' deaths and two with broken legs.   ZRP and war vet
leadership have reacted and are trying to restore order.
Inyathi - On Goodwood Block large numbers of communal cattle are being
driven in and out of the ranch through holes the boundary fence, making
monitoring and stock checks nearly impossible.

Police and Support Unit have withdrawn from Roy Bennett's farm. He has
moved off as a result.
There is a Zanu PF star rally in Mutare today.
There is an advance party of two Commonwealth Observers based in
Manicaland at the Holiday Inn. They are:
Mr Shyley Kondowe - Executive Director of the Malawi Institute of
Democratic and Economic Affairs
Julie Bishop - Federal Member of Parliament for Curtin - Australia -
house of Representatives
They can be contacted on Cell  011 210496 or at the Hotel and the Hotel
The Commonwealth contingent is co-coordinated by:
Mr Christopher Child
Chief Programmed Officer
Commonwealth Secretariat
Based at the Sheraton Hotel - Room 1519
Phone: 781033        Cell: 091 240403
The SADAC contingent is based at
Jameson Hotel  - Room 304
Phone: 774106
The NDI Senior Programme Officer is
Richard Klein 
Cell: 011 710245
Any reports of political violence or intimidation should be reported
immediately to the Police and a docket number obtained and to an
Observer group.   Details of other observer groups will be given as and
when available.


We have been in contact with ZESA regarding the unscheduled outages.

They advise that 4 generators at Hwange are down at present and they are
struggling to find forex to repair them.

Presently, because of the high winter demand the daily peaks often
exceed the available supply by between 10 - 25% and load shedding is
necessary to cope with these periods.

They are unable to increase their imports because of forex
restrictions.  The present imports are based on contracts and buying
extra imports to cope with peak demand would be outside the normal
contract costs and hence very expensive.

We are arranging a meeting early next week with top Zesa executives to
ascertain the longer term implications and will advise our members

9 June 2000

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