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Long bank queues return as cash shortages hit Zim

By Tererai Karimakwenda
21 December, 2011

A shortage of cash has hit many banks in Zimbabwe as the Christmas holiday
approaches, despite assurances by the Bankers Association that all banks had
enough money for the festive season.

Local reports said some banks had already run out of cash by Tuesday
morning, causing fears that the cash shortages that used to cripple the
country had returned.

According to the state run Herald newspaper, Bankers Association President
John Mushayavanhu said: “The money we have is enough to cater for the
festive season and there should be no fear at all.”

Mushayavanhu advised people to use ATMs to avoid the long bank queues. “The
problem with this period is that most people want to go to banks at the same
time and people do not want to use ATMs,” he is quoted as saying.

The long queues were created by workers hoping to collect their Christmas
bonuses and year-end salaries, which are crucial to many families this time
of year.

Hararewas not the only urban center hit by the cash shortages. Long bank
queues were also reported inBulawayo, Masvingo, Marondera and Chinhoyi. In
some areas outside the capital banks waited for cash to be delivered from
other branches.

Journalist Tendayi Ndhlovu, who visited several banks in Harare city centre
on Wednesday, told SW Radio Africa there were “long, winding queues and
chaos” at most locations as people tried to make withdrawals before the
Unity Day celebrations on Thursday.

“Most depositors are trying to withdraw all their money fearing they may
fail to do so come tomorrow at the ATMs. But they are being asked to
withdraw half the amount of money in their accounts,” Ndhlovu explained.

He spoke to a pensioner from Ruwa who had been unable to access any money on
Wednesday. Ndhlovu was unable to contact the Bankers Association President
John Mushayavanhu for comment.

InBulawayo, SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme reports that long
queues extended into alleyways and through to other roads. But unlikeHarare,
there were no restrictions on the amount allowed for withdrawals.

“This particular situation was exacerbated by a power outage that
hitBulawayofor most of the afternoon,” Saungweme said. He added that some
banks extended their hours, closed the doors and crowded people inside their
banking halls.

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Dozens of political activists to spend Christmas in prison

By Lance Guma
21 December 2011

Dozens of activists will spend Christmas in remand prison as ZANU PF cracks
down on both perceived opponents and others accused of insulting their

The MDC-T legislator for Chimanimani West, Lynnette Karenyi, was on Monday
arrested by police in Mutare for allegedly branding Robert Mugabe ‘a gay who
sleeps around with (former information minister) Jonathan Moyo.’

On Tuesday state prosecutors used controversial legislation to suspend for 7
days the US$300 bail given to her by Mutare magistrate Noah Gwatidzo. Even
though the magistrate ruled that, “the state seeks to punish the accused
before trial and before conviction” Karenyi will still spend Christmas in

Seven MDC-T activists arrested in May as part of a larger group are still in
custody nearly 8 months later. Glen View Ward 32 Councillor Tungamirai
Madzokere, Rebecca Mafikeni, Phenias Nhatarikwa, Lazarus Maengahama,
Stanford Maengahama, Yvonne Musarurwa and Stanford Mangwiro face what have
been described as ‘trumped up’ charges of murdering a policeman.

In October the police arrested MDC-T Youth Assembly chairperson Solomon
Madzore over the same charges. Since November his bail hearings have been
postponed for more than 8 times. Police claim he was arrested while on the
run despite video evidence proving he addressed several public MDC-T events.
Christmas for Madzore will be at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.
Meanwhile on Tuesday the MDC-T said the growing use of controversial
legislation to suspend bail given to their members showed that the
Attorney-General’s office continues to be used by ZANU PF for persecuting
and not prosecuting MDC officials and supporters.

But slightly happier news from Makoni where two MDC-T members were arrested
for “illegally distributing seed.” Councillor Charles Kawadza and Mike
Masekesa of Ward 23 in Makoni South were arrested for distributing the
presidential maize seed in the area on Sunday. They were both taken to and
detained at Rusape Police Station. But Makoni South MP Pishai Muchauraya
intervened, and they were set free.


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State blocks bail for MP

By Own Correspondent
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 16:50

HARARE - The state on Tuesday blocked bail for Chimanimani West Member of
Parliament Lynette Karenyi who is charged with insulting President Robert
Mugabe by calling him a homosexual.

Mutare magistrate Noah Gwatidzo had granted Karenyi $300 bail with a few
reporting conditions but the state represented by Truman Joma promptly
invoked Section 121 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act (CPEA) which
implies that Karenyi will stay a further seven days in remand prison
ostensibly to give the state time to prepare papers to oppose bail.

Gwatidzo had dismissed the state’s argument that the accused would abscond
and was a flight risk.

“The accused being married with children who are minors and also being an MP
holding various portfolios is not a flight risk. In the quest to uphold the
interest of justice, the state’s argument was not exhaustive in its
pursuance to bring forth the high chances of its fears.

“The state seeks to punish the accused before trial and before conviction,
yet it has not told and convinced the court that the accused may interfere
with witnesses while on bail. The accused’s conduct when she handed herself
to the police is not consistent with someone who is a flight risk,” ruled

But Joma informed the court that he had instructions to invoke Section 121
in the event that Karenyi is granted bail pending trial.

He would not say from where he got the instructions.

Karenyi is expected to return to court on December 28, 2011.

David Tandiri who represents Karenyi said he was disappointed by the
behaviour of prosecutors who are “fond” of invoking “section 121” on
unreasonable grounds.

“There is no meaningful ground to invoke such a section on this case. The
state also has no basis to attack the ruling by the magistrate. That appeal
will not be good enough that is if they appeal at all, otherwise they are
just buying time to fix my client,” said Tandiri.

Human rights lawyer Blessing Nyamaropa, who works with the Zimbabwe Lawyers
for Human Rights (ZLHR) condemned the continued incarceration of Karenyi. He
said the state’s abuse of power was phenomenal.

Karenyi, 36, was arrested on Monday December 19, 2011 in Mutare after she
handed herself to the police in the company of her lawyer. The legislator is
charged with “undermining authority of or insulting President” as defined in
Section 33 (20 (b) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter

Karenyi allegedly told a gathering of his party supporters that; “Zanu PF
members have been attacking MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai alleging him to
be pro-homosexuality yet Robert Mugabe president of Zanu PF was involved in
homosexual activities with Jonathan Moyo and also Canaan Banana was gay.”

Karenyi allegedly made the utterances on December 9, 2011, while addressing
her party supporters at Nhedziwa in Chimanimani on developments within the

Meanwhile, two MDC members were arrested yesterday in Makoni for “illegally
distributing seed.”

Councillor Charles Kawadza and an MDC activist, Mike Masekesa of Ward 23 in
Makoni South were arrested for distributing the Presidential maize seed in
the area on Sunday.

The two have since been taken to Rusape Police Station.

MP for the area and the MDC Manicaland provincial spokesperson, Pishai
Muchauraya, said the two were arrested by police officers who said they were
from Rusape police Law and Order Section.

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Air Zim plane released in London but no flights yet

By Tererai Karimakwenda
21 December, 2011

A Boeing 767 Air Zimbabwe plane, impounded at Gatwick Airport over a week
ago, was finally released by law enforcement officers on Tuesday, after an
American company that seized the aircraft confirmed receipt of the $1.5
million owed by Zimbabwe’s national airline.

But according to Air Zim regional manager David Mwenga, it will take a few
more days before flights back to Harare can resume. Mwenga explained that
the plane had been on the ground for over a week and developed problems.
Engineers are expected to complete repairs by the end of the weekend.

He added that some passengers had been refunded and made alternative
arrangements, but since the airline had limited funds, others could not be
refunded. “We have to apologize to a lot of our passengers. We cancelled
three flights because of this situation. We are sorry this happened,” Mwenga

Air Zim passengers who had booked flights to Harare for the holidays have
spent over a week between hotel rooms and lounges at Gatwick Airport. Some
were briefly detained by police last week after frustration turned to anger
as they demanded answers.

Although the plane has been released, the holidays are ruined for many
tourists who had booked guided tours tied to a schedule.

Air Zim flights to Johannesburg were also reportedly suspended last week,
following claims that the management did not want to risk losing aircraft to
Bid Air Services, a grounds company demanding payment of a $500,000 debt.

It is now up to engineers to decide when the Air Zim plane is safe enough to
operate. Meanwhile the airline faces more debts that will soon need to be

So book at your own risk!

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Kereke withdraws journalists’ case

By Helen Kadirire, Staff Writer
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 16:44

HARARE - Two Standard newspaper journalists arrested on charges of stealing
documents from a medical aid society and defaming its founder are free on
the theft of documents charge.

The state yesterday withdrew charges of theft against The Standard newspaper
editor Nevanji Madanhire and reporter Nqaba Mtshazi.

Madanhire and Mtshazi appeared before magistrate Sandra Mupindu on charges
of theft and criminal defamation.

Prosecutor Tapiwa Kasema said Green Card Medical Aid Society’s acting chief
executive officer Simon Tapfumaneyi withdrew the theft charge and indicated
that he wishes to no longer proceed with the matter.

“It is not in the best interest of the state to proceed…the state is doing
this very willingly,” Kasema said.

Charges of criminal defamation have however, not been withdrawn because the
key witness Munyaradzi Kereke was not present in court.

Madanhire and Matshazi were facing charges of stealing some private
documents from Green Card Medical Aid Society that were on Tapfumaneyi’s

Tapfumaneyi had prepared the claims reports, financial statements and
membership reports in preparation for a meeting with Kereke.

Allegations are that Madanhire and Matshazi wrote a story containing false
statements, which was later published in The Standard on November 12
headlined: “Kereke’s medical aid firm collapses”.

After the court case Kereke said: “Green Card has mutually agreed for an out
of court settlement following positive approaches for dialogue from those
who had injured us.

We are also pleased by the positive steps the defendants have taken on some
of their staff involved.

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Mbuya Nehanda tree at Heroes Acre

By Staff Writers
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 13:37

HARARE - Government last week summoned Harare City Council to explain how a
worker fell down a tree from where legendary spirit medium Mbuya Nehanda was
reportedly hanged by colonialists in 1898.

The mystery tree has also been transferred to the National Heroes Acre,
where it lies in the same compound as later day “heroes” such as Chenjerai
Hunzvi and Border Gezi, two men who left a legacy of violence and whose hero
credentials are in question.

The historic tree was brought down two weeks ago by a workman operating a
council construction vehicle and was removed from the roadside after some
rituals were performed by a member of the Zimbabwe Traditional Healers

Harare Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda told a council meeting last week that town
clerk Tendai Mahachi had been summoned by Godfrey Mahachi, the National
Museums director to explain circumstances surrounding the fall of the tree.

Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo also confirmed to the Daily News
yesterday that the tree now lay at the National Heroes Acre, although he
denied that it bore any significance to Mbuya Nehanda’s death.

“I would like to inform this house that Tendai Mahachi had a meeting with
his Museum counterpart Godfrey Mahachi and he explained what transpired. We
have to own up and respect national museums and things that make up our
heritage,” Masunda said. The two Mahachis are not related.

Council took over custody of the fallen tree before handing it to the
department of national museums who are responsible for preserving national
heritage and monuments.

Confirming that the tree was in the hands of the department of national
museums, which manages the heroes’ acre, Chombo downplayed the significance,
saying the tree was not the place where Nehanda was hanged by colonialists
whose occupation she resisted.

Chombo said Nehanda was not hanged at the tree but was executed mechanically
somewhere close to the Africa Unity Square in central Harare.

“Those are historical distortions. From the information available from the
archives, Mbuya Nehanda was not hanged on that tree. That history was told
by the whites who wanted to distort the truth as to what really happened to
Mbuya Nehanda.

Accomplished publisher and one of the first top officials of Zimbabwe’s
post-independence government, Ibbo Mandaza, said the tree had colonial
legacy only but could not be associated with the death of Nehanda.

“Mbuya Nehanda was hanged at the gallows somewhere close to the city
 centre,” Mandaza said.

The “historical tree” was brought down accidently by council employees just
at the time same time Zanu PF was opening its annual conference, two weeks
ago in Bulawayo, a sign some depicted as a bad omen for the party.

Zanu PF proceeded to use the conference to endorse President Robert Mugabe
as its official candidate in forthcoming elections, despite the 87-year-old
being reported to be of ill-health and having lost elections to rival Morgan
Tsvangirai in 2008.

Social commentators and ordinary Zimbabweans who spoke to the Daily News
interpreted the fall of the tree as the beginning of a new era – bad or
good - in Zimbabwean politics.

In a snap interview in Harare, residents gave the Daily News various views,
with some saying a bad omen would befall the country while others said the
tree was old and meant nothing.

Maidei Chimudza said Mbuya Nehanda was angry that people in high authority
were destroying the country.

“Mbuya Nehanda is angry at people in authority for neglecting the masses and
is sad to see the country which she fought for being run down completely.”

Professor Gordon Chavhunduka, a traditional leader, however said there was
no significance in the tree’s fate. “The tree was old. It was more than 100
years old.”

Aaron Mukoki felt Mbuya Nehanda died a long time ago hence the tree no
longer bore any significance to Zimbabwe’s present day situation.

“It is common knowledge that everything gets old and subsequently dies.”

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Chief Bans MDC's Friday Political Meetings

Chimanimani, December 21 2011 - Chief Caleb Zimunda of Zimunda area in
Chimanimani has banned the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Prime
Minister Morgan Tsvangirai from holding political meetings in the area on

The chief told party officials that the party can no longer hold any
political meetings in the area claiming Friday is a customary sacred day
known in the Shona language as Chisi.

“On Sunday this week the chief summoned us to his court and told us to stop
a meeting which we wanted to hold on Friday at Kutamburika business centre.
The chief said he has been instructed with immediate effect not to sanction
any political activity held on a Chisi day,” said Charles Mashingaidze, the
party’s ward chairperson for the area.

Mashingaidze questioned the motive and source of the new directive which he
insisted is a ploy by Zanu (PF) to curtail the MDC from campaigning in the

“From my own understanding chisi is a day where people are not supposed to
work in their fields because of cultural reasons. Why change the rules now
when previously every political party has been holding meetings on this day?
We are monitoring the situation and see if the same applies to Zanu (PF),”
he said.

The MDC district coordinator for Chimanimani Pardon Maguta said the party
will defy the chief‘s directive.

“Chiefs should not abuse their traditional positions by getting involved in
cheap politics. Over the past weeks we have observed a trend where Zanu (PF)
is using chiefs to settle political scores. This is what exactly chief
Zimunda is trying to do and that we will not accept,” said Maguta.

About three weeks ago following Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s botched marriage
with Locadia Karimatsenga, a Chiweshe chief, Luscious Chitsande
unsuccessfully tried to summon the PM to his traditional court for allegedly
marrying in the traditionally holy month of November.

After the incident another chief from Masvingo province, Ephias Munodawafa
also attempted to drag the MDC-T legislator for Masvingo central, Jeffreyson
Chitando to his traditional court.

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Mugabe wades into DRC poll dispute

21/12/2011 00:00:00
    by Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Tuesday hinted Zimbabwe was ready to intervene
yet again in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) as the huge central African
country teeters on the brink following disputed presidential election.

Mugabe was the only foreign head of state to attend Joseph Kabila’s
sweating-in for a new term as DRC president on Tuesday following elections
the opposition dismisses as fraudulent.

Opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi maintains he won the poll and says he
will swear himself in on Friday, raising fears of renewed street violence in
the capital Kinshasa where he is popular.
But speaking to the media journalists after the event Mugabe pledged to back

"We are one with them (Congolese) as they cele­brate the victory and his
party and having won, and won thunderously against Tshisekedi. He has won a
democratic election,” the Zimbabwean leader said.

"This must send a clear message to those who had other ideas. Any attempt to
under­mine that democratic Government will be resisted by Africa, SADC and
Zimbabwe which has been a partner to the Congolese people."

Zimbabwe sent thousands of troops to the DRC in 1998 to back Kabila’s
father, Laurent, as his regime was threatened by a sweeping rebel advance
from outside the capital, Kinshasa.

Joseph Kabila assumed power following his father’s assassination in 2001.
However, his re-election on November 28 was marred by deadly violence and
allegations of fraud.

On Tuesday he vowed to rebuild a country shattered by decades of conflict
which have left it unable to benefit from its vast mineral resources.

"We are going to pursue an improvement of the business climate to better
serve investors. We are also going to pursue and accelerate the
reconstruction of the country," Kabila said after he was sworn in by the
country’s Supreme Court.

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Crisis rocks COPAC as ZANU PF complain at draft content

By Tichaona Sibanda
21 December 2011

ZANU PF’s co-chairman of COPAC, Paul Mangwana, has been heavily criticised
for trying to destroy the integrity and reputation of drafters, whom he
alleged were ignoring reports gathered from the outreach program.

ZANU PF believes their supporters contributed the most during the outreach
program, but critics say most of those contributions were unusable for a

In the last two days the media has been reporting that Mangwana accused the
drafters of tampering with views gathered during last year’s public outreach
process. The former ruling party has also allegedly lost faith in the
drafters. But Mangwana’s remarks have been rebuked by politicians from other
parties in the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

The three drafters are legal experts in their own right, with over 60 years
of combined experience. The drafters working on the new constitution are
former High Court Judge, Justice Moses Chinhengo and constitutional experts
Priscilla Madzonga and Brian Crozier. The trio are considered to be among
the best legal drafters in the field.

It’s believed the drafters have so far written four sections of the new
basic document on principles, citizenship, a bill of rights and Zimbabwe’s
territory. ZANU PF is apparently unhappy that their supporters contributions
in rural areas have been considered of little use in the new constitution.

This has enraged Mangwana who accuses the drafters of pushing the positions
of the two formations of the MDC, for instance on the issue of dual
citizenship. Zimbabwe is the only country in SADC which does not allow dual

Our Harare correspondent Simon Muchemwa said Mangwana is the one who told
the drafters not to include things they saw as unconstitutional, but now he
is backtracking. Most of the views discarded favoured ZANU PF.

To prove Mangwana’s about turn and lack of clarity, video footage showing
him briefing drafters how they should approach sensitive issues has been
leaked to the media.

‘In the footage, Mangwana is clearly heard telling the drafters not to
include issues that are not constitutional in the new charter. He actually
gives an example of Mutoko were ZANU PF views advocated for women not to
wear trousers. He said such issues were not constitutional and would never
make it into a constitution. He states clearly that when faced with such
issues, they, as legal drafters would use their discretion to come up with
what they considered the best draft,’ Muchemwa said.

Analysts told us it is clear at this time that many of the views contributed
by ZANU PF could not be contained in any new constitution.

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Parties clash over constitution

20/12/2011 00:00:00
    by Staff Reporter

THE spat between Zanu PF and the MDC-T over the new constitution appeared to
escalate Tuesday with constitutional affairs minister, Eric Matinenga
clashing with COPAC co-chair Paul Mangwana.

The constitution has reached the drafting stage but Mangwana, from Zanu PF
this week instructed the drafters -- Justice Moses Chinhengo, Priscilla
Madzonga and Brian Crozier – to stop the process claiming they were ignoring
contributions from members of the public.

Mangwana reportedly claimed the drafters were trying to include provisions
which Zanu PF opposes including guaranteeing gay rights and dual

But minister Matinenga told the drafters to ignore Mangwana’s instructions
arguing he was acting outside his mandate.
"With respect, Mangwana's unilateral position has no merit,” Matinenga said.

"It is contrary to established procedure and until such time that a common
position is communicated, the drafters must be left to carry out their work
without hindrance."

Mangwana in turn accused Matinenga of interfering with the work of the
Constitutional Select Committee.
“I believe that you are exceeding your jurisdiction. We appointed the
Drafters as a Select Committee,” Mangwana told Matinenga.

"They (drafters) entered into a contract with us and not the Ministry. If
they are any problems between Copac as the Principal and the Drafters as
Agents, that will be resolved by Copac. Your unsolicited opinion is not

He added that Zanu PF was withdrawing its support for the drafting process
because it was proceeding in a manner prejudicial to its interests.

"I do not agree with the mandate the Drafters appear to have given
themselves and I have withdrawn my party's consent to what they are doing,”
Mangwana said.

“The Select Committee is seized with this matter and it shall be
communicating its position to the Drafters.”

Zimbabwe is writing a new constitution is part of a raft of political
reforms expected to lead to new elections next year.
Once completed the constitution is expected to be put to a referendum,
leading to the polls.

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Tobacco Farming Negatively Impacts Zimbabwe's Indigenous Forests

December 21, 2011

Peta Thornycroft | Johannesburg

Zimbabwe’s indigenous forests are disappearing at an unprecedented rate.
Thousands of new tobacco farmers say they have to use wood to cure their
crop because they cannot afford coal mined in western Zimbabwe.

The forests were in relatively good shape, compared to some other countries
in the region like Zambia, for example, where many forests were lost to
charcoal production. But, in the last three years, Zimbabwe’s natural
resource experts and the government estimate that more than 300,000 hectares
of indigenous forests are now destroyed annually by new, mostly small-scale
tobacco farmers, who use wood to cure the leaves.

Zimbabwe is the world’s third largest producer of tobacco - an export
industry that is attracting many. Four years ago there were about 3,500
small-scale tobacco farmers. This season there are at least 47,000 of them.

Thomas Chitate, 35, began growing tobacco 200 km north of Harare five years
ago on land seized since 2000 from white commercial farmers.

He says prices for his crop at the annual tobacco auctions this year varied
enormously from a high of $4 per kg at the start of the selling season to a
quarter that price weeks later for the same quality tobacco.

“At the moment there are quite a number of challenges that we are facing as
tobacco farmers that can stop us from using coal and continue using
firewood," said Chitate. "One of the major problems that we are facing is
that the prices we are selling our tobacco at per kg is not that favorable
for us to go and use coal.”

He also says using coal fired tobacco barns requires fans driven by
electricity and Zimbabwe is chronically short of electrical power.

The government, tobacco companies and natural resources experts have reacted
to the sudden decline in Zimbabwe’s indigenous forests.

Chitate and other new tobacco farmers say they are receiving free seeds of
the Australian Eucalyptus, or gum trees as they are known in Zimbabwe, to
plant to replace the forests they are chopping down.

“So what they do is advise you to mix the tobacco seed and gum seed in the
same can, so you sow them at once, so they will be growing together, and
when you transplant tobacco you are also transplanting gum tree plants,” he

Gum trees, agriculturalists say, need much more water than indigenous
trees - like the Msasa- but are better than nothing. Chitate says he and
many thousands of new farmers have learned much in the last few years.

“Farmers they are hardworking," he said. "When we started growing tobacco
four to five years back we had no knowledge of how to grow the plant. But
now we are even experts.

"I remember when I started growing tobacco I was being given seed by white
commercial farmers because we couldn’t know how to produce seed," continued
Chitate. "Now we can produce seeds on our own. We can even cure the leaves
on our own. Our major worry is the price. If the price improves, we can use

Many of the large-scale tobacco producers who produce Zimbabwe’s famous top
quality leaf are struggling financially and industry analysts predict
Zimbabwe will soon be like Brazil where most tobacco is produced by
small-scale or peasant farmers.

Zimbabwe’s Forestry Commission is now legally requiring all tobacco farmers
to set aside land to woodlots in the hopes of reversing the damage to the
country’s natural forests.

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Govt struggles to raise agric funds

By Business Writer
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 08:36

HARARE - The government is struggling to raise capital to support the
2011/2012 agricultural season after two critical fund-raising schemes were

This comes on the back of the Agricultural Marketing Authority’s (Ama)
360-day agro bills targeted at raising $100 million only realising $17,7
million out of the first batch of $50 million expected from private players.

The money was meant to be raised though two $50 million batches.

Previously, Ama had managed to raise only $4,5 million out of a $20 million
financing target to fund soya beans production in the country.

Although government has given tax and asset status prescriptions as an
incentive on the $100 million agro bills, market analysts say the 10 percent
interest rate was not competitive.

“An independent investor would not invest in Ama bills with return less than
10 percent when they can get such returns on simple deposits with banks, a
more secure investment,” said a banker who requested not to be named, adding
that government, through its Grain Marketing Board (GMB), had a record of
defaulting on loans.

“The only way out for the government — since the Ama bills have prescribed
asset status — is to push pension funds, asset management companies and
other financial institutions to hold a certain percentage of their assets in
Ama bills.”

The reluctance by market players to take up the bills, particularly
financial institutions, appears to be a result of a cautious approach which
the companies adopted after GMB defaulted on a similar scheme in 2004.

Loopholes in GMB’s stop order system have seen farmers, especially communal
farmers who are also beneficiaries under the scheme, defaulting on the
loans. Grain producers have tended to bypass the stop order system by
selling produce to other buyers taking advantage of the fact that grain,
unlike tobacco, can be sold anywhere.

Eric Bloch, an economist, said the Ama bills were a noble attempt to boost
agricultural production, but the under-performance and lack of capital in
the local market would posed a challenge to the initiative.

“The major problem in our industry is that there are very few companies who
have the liquidity to venture into such projects,” he said.

Agriculture support is essential to Zimbabwe’s attempt to revive its
agricultural sector.

The country, sustained by huge grain imports, is currently trying to boost
its agriculture production, including key crops like soya beans, which is a
major raw material in the food manufacturing industry.

Since the decline of the country’s agricultural sector, soya beans demand
has far outstripped production with supply at 20 000 tonnes per year against
the national demand of about 220 000 tonnes per year.

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Eyebrows raised as SADC secretariat pushes ZANU PF agenda

By Tichaona Sibanda
21 December 2011

The SADC secretariat has raised eyebrows within Zimbabwe’s civil society
organisations by carrying partisan items of news in its newsletter.

Analysts told SW Radio Africa that circulating an article about the ANC’s
promise to support ZANU PF in next year’s elections in their monthly
newsletter was unprecedented.

During ZANU PF’s annual conference held in Bulawayo two weeks ago, Gwede
Mantashe, the ANC Secretary-General, said his party was glad to offer help
to ZANU PF to win the next election in Zimbabwe.

In his solidarity message Mantashe said the ANC was willing to assist the
former ruling party in coming up with election messages and strategies that
would deliver victory.

Dewa Mavhinga, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition’s regional coordinator in
Johannesburg, said the SADC newsletter was not for partisan politics – it
was meant to deal with member states issues.

‘Its either someone in the secretariat was being mischievious or is a big
fan of ZANU PF. The way this thing is being interpreted implies the SADC
secretariat is supporting ZANU PF.

‘It means President Jacob Zuma must clarify that position, otherwise he is
compromised. This is a problem and serious conflict of interest between Zuma’s
position and his party’s position of supporting ZANU PF which would affect
his mediation role,’ Mavhinga said.

The leading pro-democracy activist added that the ANC’s open support was
extremely worrying, as they had hoped that South Africa would continue to
play an objective role in support of democracy in the region.

‘We want them to fight for democracy within SADC and not in the corner of
ZANU PF. That party is certainly not looking to the future but is
comfortable looking back to the past as confirmed by the endorsement of
Mugabe as their presidential candidate, who has been their leader since
1975,’ Mavhinga said.

South Africa is leading SADC efforts to mediate in the crisis in Zimbabwe.
But political commentators believe more needs to be done by the regional
bloc to support the unity government and to ensure that legitimate elections
can take place.

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Murambatsvina part II coming soon

Dec 21st, 2011

HARARE — Harare City Council (HCC) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)
have given notice to embark on an Operation Murambatsvina-style clean up in
the Central Business District (CBD).

Addressing journalists at Town House yesterday city and police officials
told journalists that they were embarking on the operation to bring back the
spark to the city whose many corners have become an eyesore.

The officials said the operation targeted illegal vending, illegal flea
markets, unlicensed businesses, illegal structures, congested commuter
omnibus ranks and the general traffic flow in the city once known as a
Sunshine City.

“This exercise, whilst it will be carried out simultaneously will
concentrate initially on commuter omnibus ranks and traffic flow to this
extent the city and all its stakeholders will commence the ranks operation
on December 21, 2011.

“This exercise is on-going and will continue until the city is cleared of
this scourge,” said Lesley Gwindi, Harare City Council spokesperson while
reading a joint police/ council statement.

The high rate of unemployment in the city has forced a lot of people to seek
a living through vending in the city centre.

Vendors have constantly had running battles with municipal police who
confiscate their goods and council has said it will not tolerate vendors in
the CBD.

“The problem of unemployment is not a city issue. The city can only take a
certain amount of vendors. We need order; we cannot have everyone being a
vendor,” said Gwindi.

Also to be targeted are commuter omnibuses which are accused of causing
constant headaches to council because they often shun designated pickup and
drop off points creating chaos. However, previous attempts to bring back
sanity to the city’s streets have failed and caused the commuting public to
suffer due to the shortage of transport that road clean-up campaigns always

Some critics have accused council of failing to put in place proper policing
and designate operating areas for both the vendors and the commuter omnibus

Gwindi said the transport clean ups were necessary in the long-term though
they might be problems now.

“If we have to cause a problem to clear a problem then so be it. Commuter
omnibuses must be registered and the problems will only be short term,” said

National Traffic Police spokesperson Inspector Tigere Chigome said police
were going to impound all unregistered commuter omnibuses operating in the

Chigome said; “Three quarters of commuter omnibuses are not properly
registered and we are going to impound all those not registered.

People should not cry foul, we are saying you must have a commuter omnibus
that is properly registered and have a driver who meets all requirements
operating the commuter omnibus.”

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No plans for regularising Zimbabweans again

Sapa | 21 December, 2011 16:13

The home affairs department is not aware of any decision or agreement to
begin a second process of regularising the illegal stay in South Africa of
Zimbabweans, as reported by the Zimbabwean media on Wednesday.

Responding to comments attributed to Zimbabwe's Home Affairs Co-Minister
Kembo Mohadi in the independent Newsday newspaper, spokesman Ronnie Mamoepa
said he was not aware of such plans.

"I'm not aware of anything to that effect, that's all can tell you."

Mohadi was quoted as saying Zimbabwean officials would be meeting their
South African counterparts in the new year to begin "the second phase".

"Last year, we engaged the South African government on regularising our
people, but many were initially suspicious. They thought that we wanted to
arrest them. But they are now coming up in large numbers and we hope we will
be able to have them regularised," he was quoted saying.

The process had also failed to deal with as many people as would have been
expected because of the large number that needed the permits.

"We are going to engage [South Africa] early next year, to get into the
second phase," Mohadi said.

In April last year, Pretoria announced a moratorium on the deportation of
Zimbabweans. They were granted a special dispensation in order to get
documents and make their stay in South Africa legal.

A total of 275 762 applications for permits were received, according to
South Africa's home affairs department.

An official at the Zimbabwean Consulate in Johannesburg declined to comment
on the matter on Wednesday, saying he had not read the newspaper report.

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Zimbabwe’s Strange And Messy Debate Over Homosexuality

Posted by: Bridgette P. LaVictoire on December 20, 2011.

Zimbabweans are drawing up a new constitution. Sixteen years ago, President
Robert Mugabe began the abuse of his nation’s lesbian and gay population
calling homosexuals “worse than pigs and dogs.” Now, his views of
homosexuality are center stage as the Zanu PF plays those hateful and
venomous views up in an attempt to make sure that the rights of lesbians and
gays are excluded from the nation’s new constitution.

According to News Day:

    The event was an important diary item in the country’s intellectual life
and luminaries such as Nadine Gordimer and Wole Soyinka were in attendance.
The theme for the book fair in 1995 was “Freedom of Expression”.

    When a little-known activist group, Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe
(Galz), sought the right to attend the function there was strong opposition
from the government. As a result Gordimer and others crafted a statement
asserting the right of Galz to attend.

    Preside Mugabe delivered the opening speech at the book fair and chose
the occasion to denounce gay rights in blistering terms.

Mugabe went on to use his hatred of homosexuality to rally churches and
traditionalists ahead of elections in 2000. Still, Mugabe’s standing abroad
began to plummet after that, and not just because of his stance on

To Zimbabwe’s south, Nelson Mandela helped to provide greater protection for
gay rights in South Africa’s new constitution. Rights that would eventually
include marriage. South Africa is one of the few nations in Africa to have
any rights for lesbians and gays, and the only one to have same-sex
marriage. In fact, while South Africa is far from perfect with regards to
lesbians and gays, there was still a demonstration against Mugabe in South
Africa after that speech. Mugabe was visiting South Africa at the time, and
the demonstration prevented him from leaving the Johannesburg airport for a
brief time. Furthermore, South African media was very unforgiving to Mugabe.

It should be noted that Mugabe is a staunch patriarchalist, and views
independent women with disgust as well.

Right now, the debate over homosexuality has come about again because of
Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the Movement for
Democratic Change, has said that lesbians and gays should have rights in the
new constitution. He told the BBC that “The right to freedom from
discrimination. Given our history of discrimination and intolerance, must be
broad to include the protection of personal preferences, that is gays and
lesbians should be protected by the constitution.”

Of course, Mugabe’s spokesman responded rather quickly saying “You can keep
your gay England. We will keep our Zimbabwe.” Bishop Trevor Manhanga, who is
a disciple of Mugabe, stated “the practice of homosexuality is neither human
nor right. To equate deviant sexual behaviour with the rights of women and
children, minorities and other sectors of humanity who have struggled to be
afforded certain inalienable basic human rights is nothing short of
diabolical.” Manhaga has been part of a move to strip the Anglican church of
property in Zimbabwe.

Things have gotten worse in Zimbabwe as British Prime Minister David Cameron
has stated that Great Britain will cut aid to nations that continue to
criminalize homosexuality. This was backed up by President Barack Obama’s
decision to do the same. The debate got even messier after MDC members
threatened to out members of Mugabe’s Zanu PF.

By and large, Zimbabweans do not actually care about homosexuality. They
have 80% unemployment and want jobs.

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Settlement Chikwinya on Question Time: Part 1

Settlement Chikwinya, the MP for Mbizo

SW Radio Africa journalist Lance Guma speaks to Settlement Chikwinya, the MP for Mbizo who recently raised a motion in Parliament calling for the withdrawal of the two radio licences given to the government owned Zimpapers’ Talk Radio and AB Communications, owned by ZANU PF sympathiser Supa Mandiwanzira. Chikwinya answers questions sent in by SW Radio Africa listeners.

Interview broadcast 14 December 2011

Lance Guma: Hallo Zimbabwe and thank you for joining me on Question Time. My guest tonight is Settlement Chikwinya, the MP for Mbizo who recently moved a motion in Parliament calling for the withdrawal of the two radio licences given to the government owned Zimpapers’ Talk Radio and AB Communications, owned by journalist and ZANU PF sympathiser Supa Mandiwanzira.
Mr. Chikwinya’s motion also seeks to dissolve the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe board on the basis it was unilaterally appointed by Zanu PF’s Information minister, Webster Shamu in 2009. Mr. Chikwinya, thank you for joining us.
Settlement Chikwinya: You are welcome Lance, thank you.
Guma: Now let’s start off with why you want the two licences withdrawn and maybe give our listeners a bit of information on what happened in Parliament yesterday when you were debating this.
Chikwinya: The principal matter before the nation currently is that the inclusive government is committed to media diversity and media plurality and in essence we are simply trying to have independent voices also broadcasting and airing out of views of various Zimbabweans of various ideologies within the broadcasting space in Zimbabwe.
But currently we have a monopoly in terms of broadcasting licences, we have a monopoly in terms of the control of broadcasting frequency and what you have seen is the issuance of two licences to the radio owned by Zimpapers and AB Communications owned by Mandiwanzira is only a multiplicity of the same ideology, a cloning of the same ZBC ideology – therefore it is promoting one party which is within the inclusive government and to which party in this case is Zanu PF.
Guma: Okay last week you gave your intention to move this motion – what was happening in Parliament yesterday?
Chikwinya: Yesterday what happened then in accordance to parliamentary procedures is that last week I gave intention, I moved the motion, that is basically placing the motion on the Order Paper which is basically the agenda paper of Parliament and therefore yesterday we were now engaged in debate. I am quite happy that the motion attracted a lot of debate with actually 19 members having debated yesterday with debate lasting a total of six hours thirty minutes.
We had various reasoning from members of all political parties within the inclusive government in parliament. What is going to happen again tomorrow, we are going to continue with this debate and by the end of the day tomorrow I will then wind up the motion, put the resolutions before the House either for unanimous vote of all the Parliamentarians or if they are divided over the issue they might choose to go to a secret vote.
Guma: Okay now let’s get into the problems with the awarding the two licences – you raised a couple of very serious allegations in the debate yesterday particularly with reference to the winners of the radio licences. Just go through that with our listeners – what do you have a problem with in terms of both the BAZ board and those who won the licence?
Chikwinya: Principally in terms of the BAZ board, it is irregular in the manner that it was not set up in terms of Section Four of the Broadcasting Services Act as amended in January 2007 which basically says it is the prerogative of the president to appoint the Board after consultation with the minister and the Standing Rules and Orders committee.
Within the Standing Rules and Orders committee there sits the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Parliament sits there, the Minister of Finance sits there, the minister of Defence they sit also, other legislators, so to the effect that it is actually broadly representative, but that was not done.
What actually happened is that when the Standing Rules and Orders committee invited applicants for the Zimbabwe Media Commission and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the Human Rights Commission, within the candidates who had not made the grade into the Zimbabwe Media Commission in terms of pass marks, the rejects of the Zimbabwe Media Commission were then seconded to the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.
So this is basically a different process altogether – one person is applying out of interest to say I want to sit on the Media Commission, he does not make the grade, he will then choose for him to say he must then go to the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe. That must not be the case; there should have been advertisements to say people who are interested in the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, because these two different institutions have got two different mandates.
Those who are interested in the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe should have been given the opportunity to apply, they should have gone through an interview process, then they should have been selected by the Standing Rules and Orders committee and then a list sent to the president of Zimbabwe, then him – the president of Zimbabwe, in consultation with the Prime Minister, as provided for in Constitution Amendment Number 19, that any executive authority of government must be done by the president in consultation with the Prime Minister in as far that that appointment is done within the aegis of the Parliament of Zimbabwe.
Guma: Now the first question from our listeners came from the UK, this is Anne Kawenda Mudzingwa she says why does the MDC seem to behave in reactionary mode? Would it not have been more appropriate and perhaps more effective if the MDC had fought to get BAZ dissolved the minute they advertised for people to apply for the issuing of licences?
Chikwinya: I want to bear with the member who has questioned, who has presented that question in that maybe it is actually out of lack of communication over the processes which would have been done by the executive and the Parliament and maybe as they are actually being presented to the public.
But what happened is that in August of 2009 the Prime Minister actually wrote to Minister Shamu telling him of his concerns in the irregular manner in which BAZ was intended actually to be constituted because at that time BAZ had not actually been constituted but the only maneuver it is being intended to be constituted in this manner because the minister Shamu at that time had indicated that members of who had been rejected on entry into the ZMC would be taken into the BAZ.
So the Prime Minister at that time actually wrote to minister Shamu. On 30th September 2009 minister Shamu went further to actually execute his intentions by actually appointing these members and over and above, he did not only appoint only those members as restricted by the SROC, that is the Standing Rules and Orders Committee but actually went further to appoint other members where he did not even consult anyone.
But subsequent to that the principals actually continued to engage each other in this matter and only as far as mid last year, the principals issued out a joint statement actually recognizing that there was irregular, there was an irregularity in as far as the issuing out of licences.
I mean the setting up of BAZ had been done and therefore minister Shamu had been told to rescind the appointment which he had done to BAZ and recommend members, the principals whom, a name of 12 people to the principals from which the principals were going to discuss and then also agree with SROC, then actually make the regular appointments.
Guma: I suppose the problem for people is they would have seen this BAZ board illegally constituted as it was calling for radio licence applications so I suppose part of Anne Mudzingwa’s question and another from Munashe in Westlea is when that call was made for radio licences, you were not as vocal as you are right now as the MDC.
Chikwinya: Yes I want to agree with them but what we do as parliamentarians is that we give due respect to the executive as well. Where we know that our principals have spoken what we now expect is that the minister should abide by the order, the express order of the principals. The problem in Zimbabwe currently is that of defiance of executive order.
It has been exhibited in as far as minister Shamu has actually defied the order of the principals as written to him, as communicated to him officially by those representing the principals, it has been communicated to him but he has defied them. Not only that, we have people in, you have the president calling for nonviolent actions during the opening of Parliament but actually some people were actually ordering youths to be attacking people outside Parliament.
You have, we have the president calling for nonviolent actions but we have actually people bussing in youths to attack members of parliament at the Parliament building. You have the president calling for the total submission of diamonds from Marange but you only have partial submission.
So we have ministers who are defying orders from the executive; this is actually what is keeping the inclusive government in handcuffs whereby the orders from the prime minister, the orders from the president actually you have got no, there’s no implementation force.
At the same time you have JOMIC which is also not playing its part in terms of such orders being implemented by ministers so this motion is not spared, or this issue of BAZ is not spared. Minister Shamu is simply defying the orders of the principals and he is quite clearly aware that he was told to rescind his appointment of BAZ well before the licences were even issued out.
Guma: Let’s quickly move on to Clayton Moyo who sent us a question on Facebook, his question is slightly similar to Anne Mudzingwa and Munashe’s question, he said if there were no consultations whatsoever with the Parliamentary committee on Standing Rules and Orders as per the provisions of the Broadcasting Services Act, why has it taken you and your colleagues over two years to move the motion?
Chikwinya: This is exactly how I have presented it that we respect each other in terms of arms of government. If you want to move a motion as a parliamentarian you also equally consult your leadership and if your leadership tells you this is where we are in terms of how to address the same, you actually give respect to that process.
But what we have seen, what we have seen is that we cannot worry continuously watch, continuously watch as bystanders or as parliaments to say what is the executive, obviously they have given orders to the minister but the minister has defied. So us as parliament we also have another duty and a mandate to actually move this motion and when adopted, it can actually be followed to the letter.
Guma: Sidza Sachidza on Facebook says they’ve always been bringing motions to Parliament and the Senate, what are the chances of the licences being revoked and how have they been using their majority in Parliament besides winning the Speaker of Parliament election? Are they not wasting people’s money and time on a wild goose chase?
Chikwinya: It is never basically a lack of understanding of parliamentary procedures maybe which needs us as members of parliament when we are giving our feedback to our constituencies actually enlighten our constituency members.
Once the motion has been adopted in parliament, it is actually the duty of the minister of Constitution, Parliamentary Affairs, together with the leader of the House who is actually the prime minister of Zimbabwe to make it a cabinet issue on cabinet agenda, put it on cabinet agenda.
What we have had is that, what we have seen is could not, because we are an inclusive government, what we would be calling for as parliamentarians could not be met at times, could not be implemented as is but you will see, you’ll see that part of it or some of the content actually implemented, you’ll find that in June, actually in March 2009, I personally moved the motion on media reform and you have seen steps towards that.
It might not be exactly what we want but you have seen steps towards that. You have seen issues with regard to the intent of bringing up about media reforms. I agree that we have not yet got to where my motion actually was seeking to do but we have actually managed to actually create an open gap within the media space.
Guma: Still on that, I think another pertinent question – you may as well answer this one as well, it’s from Mina Yetu on Facebook who says Mr. Chikwinya, do the two MDCs realize their potential in changing the laws using their numbers in parliament? And he goes on to ask what have the MDC parties done to change repressive laws like POSA and including the controversial BAZ board?
Chikwinya: Ah okay; people might also be aware that in terms of the House of Assembly, the MDC enjoys a slight majority, I think of one member or we actually at par with Zanu PF subject to cross reference to figures but in terms of the Senate we are actually underrepresented because Zanu PF then have got chiefs, Zanu PF has other appointed members as provided for within the laws those appointed by the president.
So what happens is that if it is in as far as cases of legislation like Public Order and Security Act POSA or IAPPA is concerned, we have actually as a house of assembly, where we are in our majority, have passed a resolution, all of us, all the members of parliament, it didn’t even go to a vote, it actually was passed in its unanimous, in its unanimous content that POSA must be amended but it then faced a block at the Senate where Zanu PF obviously uses its numbers to block but in as far as the House of Assembly is concerned we would have passed it. That is why we have no difficulties in passing issues like the budget because…
Guma: So a similar thing could happen to your motion calling for the withdrawal of these radio licences. They could just come unstuck at the Senate level.
Chikwinya: No it’s different now. The motion does not seek to amend the legislation. The motion simply seeks action by the minister. You see it does not seek, it is not an amendment to the legislation, it’s not amendment to any law. It does not have to go to the Senate.
Once it passes through the House of Assembly, what is now left is for the cabinet chairperson, in this case the president, to then direct the minister that in respect of what Parliament has said, Mr. minister can you please implement as it is or were do we meet, but we have the agreement of principals, if we then have the Parliamentary resolution then we are quite well armed and we also have interpretation of, we have interpretation of the law itself which actually provides for a Section Four then the affected members can actually take their case to court, to actually form a parallel process because here we’ll be having a Parliamentary resolution, we have the interpretation of the courts, then we can actually have implementation of the same.
Guma: Whitlaw Mugwiji sends us a question: he says I’m not well-informed so my questions are just general – why should there be a limit to the number of radio licences given and what are the reasons given for denying the other radio stations?
Chikwinya: Okay this actually forms the core of my basis in terms of debate yesterday that why is it today we are actually dealing with the specific radio stations that were actually given licences or that were denied the radio licences.
We, the general law itself must actually be amended to create democratic tendencies and democratic space whereby if one applies for a licence and is not meeting the criteria, that must not mean that’s the end of the road.
He must be told where to go and address within what period and come back and make re-submissions so that the intention must be to licence. The intention must be to licence and not the intention to prohibit licences. So I think the member that has asked that question is quite, is very correct.
In a democratic system, depending on the, on our bandwidth in terms of our frequency, if we establish that our radio frequency or our bandwidth can accommodate this much then we must be able to say we intend to licence this number of radios but these are the criteria. So once you meet those criteria, one should be eligible to be licenced.
It should not be an issue of prohibiting from being licenced, but the current issue is that the BAZ board is actually going all out on its way to prohibit people from licencing for the obvious reasons that they do not want media diversity and they do not want plurality in terms of broadcasting.
Guma: We’re running out of time but just briefly, a lot of people were asking questions on the BAZ board chairman, Tafataona Mahoso saying he’s clearly Zanu PF, he writes articles in the state media, he defends Zanu PF on ZBC, why do we have a situation where he’s the chairman of the Broadcasting Authority? It seems very blatant.
Chikwinya: Yes, that actually forms part of our debate. You’ll find that when I was debating yesterday, I took time to profile members of the BAZ board. The intention was to make it clear that this board is made up of Zanu PF cronies, this board is made up of Zanu PF appendages, this board is made up of Zanu PF bootlickers.
People who have well known roots within Zanu PF and there is no way they can give impartial decisions in as far as licencing is concerned. The BAZ board is unlike any other commercial board of a parastatal whose mandate basically is to run an institution like a parastatal and make profits or otherwise but the BAZ board is there to control limited frequency and whose action actually can determine the thinking of the people.
Guma: Let’s quickly look at some of these individuals – who are they and what have they done in the past? Just quickly.
Chikwinya: There’s Susan Makore who is also a member of, who is the director at Mighty Movies; Mighty Movies is owned by Supa Mandiwanzira. Susan Makore sits in BAZ board, she was party to the adjudication of the licences, therefore you can actually strike a commonality of interests there.
There is Vimbai Chivaura who anchors the ZBC programme called Zimbabwe together with Tafataona Mahoso, a clear programme designed to actually promote Zanu PF propaganda. They are on record denigrating the prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai, they are on record denigrating MDC in terms of its policies, in terms of why it is a British…calling it a puppet party.
There is retired Brigadier (Colonel Reuben) Mqwayi, a clear militarization of civilian activities. You would not expect soldiers within the BAZ, within the broadcasting fraternity, they have nothing to do with that. There’s a colonel again who is in there, I don’t have his name offhand.
There’s Charity Moyo, a well known Zanu PF activist from her days at college. She was an attaché minister of Foreign Affairs, she is a well known CIO operative operating in Harare. There’s deputy minister who has given us all the details of Charity Moyo. So these and other members will actually tell you that the BAZ board is infested with Zanu PF appendages.
Guma: Well we have to end there but we still have a lot of questions so hopefully I think we’ll have to do a Part Two. Many questions from listeners on this topic, I think it’s very close to people’s hearts so we’ll probably have you again next week.
That’s the MP for Mbizo, Settlement Chiwinya who recently moved a motion in parliament calling for the withdrawal of the two radio licences given to Zimpapers and AB Communications. Mr. Chikwinya thank you so much for your time.
Chikwinya: Thank you Lance, you are welcome.
To listen to the programme:

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Political violence perpetrators and their crimes
Aquilinah Katsande: Mudzi West Constituency

Aqualinah Katsande

Aquilinah Katsande is the Zanu PF MP for Mudzi West constituency. MDC supporters in Mudzi district have terrible stories to tell about her brutality. She orchestrated a reign of terror in the period April to June 2008.

She was so thorough in her persecution of known MDC activists that she personally moved around the entire Mudzi district hunting for her quarry and was present when most heart rending punishments were meted out on MDC activists in her constituency.  At the height of the Presidential run off campaigns in 2008  her son George Katsande joined in the fray. He teamed up with the notorious killer Bramwell Katvsairo and took to the perpetration of violence like a duck to water, and has never stopped since. On January 1, 2010 George Katsande, now a seasoned killer, was roaming the area armed with a gun. Following in the footsteps of his equally vicious mother Aquilinah he attacked Bennizah Nyapfunde Mutize at Rukonde School in Mudzi.

This group of assailants was reported to be very ruthless.They indiscriminately bashed Nyapfunde, even his children were not spared, they were beaten up as George Katsande, in the true spirit of his mother, displayed his wrath of aggression. George was accompanied by Asmore Simoko, Tichafa Kativhu, Josiah Nyamuda, Punzu Charles , Martin Mutaundi, Daniel Chitedega, Misheck Pengapenga, Dinga David, Solomon Chingwete, Tonde Chipwanya and four other unknown men.

The group is now revisiting the victims at night and many MDC activists are sleeping in the bush and going back to their homes in the morning. Aquilinah, through her son George, is sponsoring this new wave of terror. George has vowed to shoot all MDC supporters in Mudzi West. Many of Aquilinah Katsande’s victims have reported their cases to the police and despite the glaring evidence linking her to the horrible offences she has remained untouchable and continues to sit in the house of assembly.  She apparently has manifested a complete disregard of the GPA and will continue to maim and displace people with impunity, whilst the nation solemnly preaches the gospel of national healing reconciliation and integration. Some of the details of reported acts of politically motivated violence directly linked to Aquilinah Katsande are narrated below.

April 6, 2008

On 6 April 2008 Aquilinah Katsande and Peter Nyakuba, the local Zanu PF councillor, called for a rally at Bensen Mine where the MP for Mudzi West Aqualinah Katsande informed Zanu PF supporters that they should assault all MDC supporters who had campaigned for Morgan Tsvangirai in the March 29 elections. She added that,” these beatings were meant to compel them to rejoin Zanu PF, if any of the MDC supporters foolishly resist, kill them all, we have been granted authority by the president to kill MDC supporters”. Immediately after this rally Zanu PF youths and war veterans went on the war path, many MDC supporters were brutally assaulted, homes were destroyed and livestock forcibly taken for food, to feed comrades at the torture bases.

June 1, 2008

George Katsande and Tawanda Mazunze, leading a gang of Zanu PF militia, abducted Fianda Katiyo on June 1, 2008. They took him to Nyahondo torture base using a vehicle provided by Aquilinah Katsande. Fianda Katiyo was subjected to a terrible bout of torture throughout that night and was released the following morning. The group had worked him over so seriously that he was terribly frail and died a week after his release

June 1, 2008

Tafadzwa Meza was accused by the local Zanu PF militia of transporting MDC supporters to rallies using his pick up truck. Bramwell Katsvairo, in the company of George Katsande and three unknown people, looked for Tafadzwa and could not get him for several days. They finally caught up with him at Nyamuyaruka Business centre near Kotwa on 1 June 2008. Tafadzwa tried to flee but Bramwell Katsvairo shot him in the leg.

Tafadzwa jumped off his truck to hide under some bushes close by as it was getting dark, probably hoping that the killers would not find him. George and the band of killers set Meza’s truck on fire and the resultant light from the flames betrayed Tafadzwa’s hiding spot. They dragged him to their vehicle then took him to the Broken bridge in the Nyamanyora Area, where Tafadzwa’s body was recovered the following morning.

Witnesses reported that George Katsande, using his mother’s gun, shot Tafadzwa Meza at close range killing him instantly. George is reported to have boasted about his shooting skills for quite some time after Tafadzwa Meza’s death. Aquilinah Katsande has always used Tafadzwa Meza’s death as an example at all her meetings in Mudzi, a habit which led to Tafadzwa’s mother suffer a stroke in 2009. She however survived the stroke but has reported that she is always reminded of her son’s death each time the Katsandes addresses a rally.

June 28, 2008

DK, an MDC ward official, was abducted from his home on 6 June 2008. He was bundled into Aquilinah Katsande’s truck and taken to Nyamanyora base. There he was assaulted by Nyamaromo, Mangwende, George Katsande and other Zanu PF supporters. They kept on assaulting him for several days before releasing him, he never recovered from the injuries inflicted on him and passed away at his home on 28 June 2008.

July 5, 2008

On 5 July 2008 Aquilinah Katsande in the company of Peter Nyakuba caught up with Gwindiri Mutadza, an MDC activist they had tried to capture before the 27th June elections but had failed. Witnesses say Gwindiri Mutadza had returned from hiding on the assumption that since the elections were now over the coast was clear. But alas Aquilinah and company had other plans for him. They quickly descended on him in full view of all the people who had gathered at Chimukoko Business Centre. Aquilinah Katsande, Peter Nyakuba, and assisted by two other unknown men, heavily assaulted Gwindiri Mutadza, with fists and booted feet they bashed him all over the body. He passed out and died on the spot. On realizing that Gwindiri was dead, Aquilinah and gang jumped on to their double cab truck and sped off from the murder scene.

August 8, 2008

On August 8 Tambadzi Gombe, who was coming from a meeting that had been organized by Aquilinah Katsande, met Winnet Makaza, whose name had been mentioned by Aquilinah Katsande as amongst MDC activists still on the wanted list. Tambadzi accused Winnet of being an MDC supporter and started assaulting her with fists and booted feet. The assault was so severe that Winnet is reported to have screamed only once. She collapsed and died during the attack. Relatives reported the incident to the police but nothing was done. They did not even care take the corpse to the mortuary. Tambadzi Gombe is still a free man in Makaza village. Aquilinah Katsande issued an order forcing the Makaza family to bury Winnet without delay or they would also meet with the same fate.

Biata Beatrice Nyamupinga – MP Goromonzi West  Constituency

Biata Beatrice Nyamupinga

Biata Beatrice Nyamupinga is the member of parliament for Goromonzi West constituency. During the run up to the presidential run off elections in June 2008 MP Nyamupinga moved around the Domboshava and Chinhamhora communal areas campaigning for the Zanu PF presidential candidate.  She was always accompanied by a troop of Zanu PF militia and suspected CIO agents. This team was always seen driving in two Mitsubishi trucks, followed by Nyamupinga’s car, a Mazda 626 cream in color. This group hunted and terrorized MDC supporters in the Goromonzi West constituency. The names of the people listed below fell victim to the atrocities of the Nyamupinga militia.

May 29, 2008

Ben Mbidzo, an MDC activists in the Goromonzi West Constituency, was abducted from his home on 29 May 2008 by the group of Zanu PF militia led by Beatrice Nyamupinga. They heavily assaulted him first, destroyed his homestead, took away his household property and subjected his wife and children to another thorough beating that lasted for hours. They then took Ben away to their Base at Chogugudza  Primary School for another round of torture and beatings. He was released after the 27June elections.

June 11, 2008

Ishumael  Chitunhu, who owned a small retail shop at Chinhamhora Growth Point, was abducted in the evening of 11 June 20089 from his shop. The people who attacked him were all members of the Zanu PF campaign team. These militia were led by Tendayi Maruta and was using a car provided by Beatrice Nyamupinga the MP. Ishumael was severely assaulted at his shop before being taken to Chogugudza Primary School base; he was tortured and transferred to another base in Bindura (Mashonaland Central). He managed to escape from the Bindura base and fled to Mozambique where he sought refuge until October 2008.

June 17, 2008

Violet Mubauka was attacked at her home on 17 June 2008 by a gang of Zanu PF Militia sent by Beatrice Nyamupingu. They accused her of supporting the MDC, they assaulted her on the buttocks and she sustained severe injuries. She was warned not to seek any medical help for they would kill her for doing so.

June 19, 2008

Beatrice Nyamupinga and her convoy of three vehicles went to Pote Primary School in her constituency. The youths in her group were led by Peter Maruta who looked for and apprehended Tito Munyanyi. They assaulted him in the presence of the MP and she never stopped them from carrying out this barbaric act. They even went on to take him in their vehicles and deposited him at their base at Chogugudza Primary School. Tito was tortured at the base and was later instructed to go and collect his MDC regalia and bring it to the base, Tito grabbed this chance and fled to Harare.

June 28, 2008

A group of Zanu PF youths using a party vehicle that had been availed to them by Beatrice Nyamupingu descended on the home of Peter Chamhumha in the Domboshava area looking for him. Fortunately Peter had got wind that the militia was looking for him and had managed to leave before their arrival. This incensed the Zanu PF gang that they destroyed his entire homestead to the ground.

28 June 2008

Elias Chiringa, the headman of Chiringa village, was attending a meeting addressed by the MP when Reuben Zulu pointed  him out that he was an MDC activist . Zanu PF youths who were accompanying the MP manhandled him and assaulted before all the people gathered at the meeting. He pleaded with the MP to stop them but she said it was his fault and that he should go through the cleansing process.

November 2008

Biata Beatrice Nyamupinga was reported to have a left a workshop fuming with anger that Jestinah Mukoko,  the director of ZPP, had given a presentation which cited that Goromonzi West constituency had gone through a wave of severe political violence in the period preceding the June 27, 2008 elections. She warned Jestinah that she would pay for it and surprisingly enough Jestinah was abducted from her a few days later.  She was only produced by the state a few days before Christmas. Unconfirmed reports say a car similar to her mazda 626 was seen at the scene of Jestinah’s abduction. Many victims have reported being assaulted by the army based at Domboshava barracks in her constituency, reportedly at the instigation of MP Beatrice Nyamupinga.

Changara Kasekete – Traditional Chief Muzarabani District

Chief Changara Kasekete is a paramount traditional leader in the Dande communal areas of the Muzarabani District. As a traditional leader Kasekete is the custodian of traditional customs and culture, his subjects look up to him for guidance in conflict resolution. His manner is in sharp contrast to these popular expectations. Chief Changara Kasekete’s weird character has puzzled the communities in Muzarabani district.

On assumption of his chieftainship, Kasekete was a very popular and promising leader instrumental in attracting developmental projects into the semi arid region. Little did the people know that they were celebrating the installation of a monster that was to devour them and their children. Whenever there is a gathering in his area Changara Kasekete declares undying loyalty to President Robert Mugabe and the Zanu PF party. He promised that MDC was never going to be allowed in Muzarabani and over the years Kasekete has proved to be a man of his word, many MDC supporters have been butchered, maimed, tortured and displaced in Muzarabani. Though Kasekete has gained notoriety, due to his determination to ban the MDC from Muzarabani through political violence, the intensity of his fierce concentration and commitment to the perpetration of political violence in 2008 was overwhelming.

Kasekete teamed up with a high profile Zanu PF terror squad that included  Edward Raradza (MP), Luke  Mushore(MP), Jenia Manyeruke( Senator), Kamusengezi  (ZNA), Yahwe (CIO), Chief Chiweshe, Proud Pfotso, Godfrey  Katsiru, Chibau (Zanu PF district chairman) and Avozhi Chibedebede. This team was in command of a group of over 400 Zanu PF militia and armed soldiers. Chief Changara Kasekete and his accomplices were responsible for the abductions and murder of MDC ward officials namely the late; Tennyson Manyimo, Titus Goho, Canaan Dzamwarira, Clemence Chirozva, Learnmore Chingani, Muzumbe, Taurai Chamboko, Ratidzayi Dzenga , Freddy Macheka and Biggie Zhuwawo.

On 3 June 2008 Chief Kasekete addressed a rally at Hoya Primary School and ordered all Zanu Pf supporters and militia to burn all MDC supporters’ homes that Saturday night. That instruction spelt disaster for MDC supporters in Muzarabani. Zanu PF went on the rampage, homes went up in flames, men women and children were ruthlessly assaulted and tortured, broken bones and lacerated wounds were the order of the day. Roads were blocked and victims were not allowed to seek medical help. Many suffered in silence and only managed to access help several weeks later, some with their conditions having developed complications due to the delays, others have consequently suffered permanent disabilities.

In May 2010 two MDC supporters who were victims of 2008 violence reported that they were dragged before Chief Kasekete’s court. Their crime was that they had approached one of the perpetrators who took away their cattle in 2008 to return them. Chief Kasekete accused them of talking about political issues and insulting the complainant who is a Zanu PF official. They were initially fined US$30 each and were handed over to the police where they were charged with public nuisance and paid an admission of guilty fine of US$5 each. The perpetrator, now the complainant, armed with copies of the receipts from the police, instituted a civil suit against the two victims. The case was presided over by Chief Kasekete himself. He awarded the Zanu PF perpetrator damages of three cows and two goats. The cattle and goats were forcibly taken away from the victims’ homes by Kasekete and handed over to the perpetrator as compensation for the pain caused by the accusation and insults.

During the campaign period towards the presidential run off elections in June 2008 chief Kasekete was personally involved in numerous incidents of political violence some of which are outlined below;

April 1, 2008

On 1 April 2008 a group of Zanu PF militia led by Chief Kasekete abducted  Biggie Zhuwawo from his home. Biggie was subjected to a heavy and brutal assault such that he passed out and died on the spot.

April 16, 2008

Chief Kasekete and his gang of Zanu PF militia abducted Liven Mapfumo who operated a small general dealers shop in the area. They assaulted him all over the body and destroyed his entire home. Chief Kasekete then ordered Mapfumo to supply groceries for the Independence celebrations.

April 26, 2008

Eric Chinzima reported that a large group of Zanu PF militia led by Chief Kasekete got to his home during the day. They accused him of supporting the MDC and viciously assaulted him. He lost his upper teeth after being kicked in the mouth with a booted foot.

May 1, 2008

Zanu PF militia apprehended Simbarashe Manzizi on his way home. They accused him of voting for the MDC in March and started beating him up there and then as punishment for his support of MDC. They then took him to his home where they destroyed all the huts there and left him in the open. He noted that among the group was Chief Kasekete who was giving the orders.

May 2, 2008

The local Zanu PF youths around Hoya school accused Freddie Matonhodze of campaigning for Tsvangirai in the area. On 2 May 2008 Chief Kasekete and his band of thugs destroyed Matonhodze’s entire homestead. His family fled and sought refuge with relatives away from the area. Their clothes, property and utensils were all burnt.

May 1, 2008

On 1 May 2008 Chief Kasekete ordered Lucky Mutengwa to be brought before him. Lucky was accused of supporting the MDC. They harassed and tormented him and kasekete threatened him with death if he continued living in Muzarabani. Mutengwa deserted his family and property and lived in another district until after the June elections.

May 1, 2008

Chief Kasekete, in the command of more that 50 Zanu PF youths and war veterans, attacked Christopher Mondera at his home. They heavily assaulted him, looted and destroyed his home.

May 1, 2008

The Zanu PF supporters in their orgy of violence on 1 May 2008, caught Wanzirai Magodo at his home. They heavily assaulted him with a variety of weapons and he sustained serious injuries all over the body. Having worked him over to their satisfaction they turned their anger on his property destroying anything in sight. All the family’s clothes were burnt. Magodo lost his only tractor that was burnt in the attack. Magodo identified amongst others, Chief Kasekete, Edward Raradza, Luke Mushore and Avhozhi Chibedebede .

May 2, 2008

Saymore Gweru was abducted and interrogated by Chief Kasekete. He was accused of refusing to divulge information on where his brother was hiding. He was assaulted and tortured for a long time before he was released . His abductors confiscated 2 goats from his home for food at their base.

May 2, 2008

A large group of Zanu PF supporters attacked Dzikamayi D Gono at his home during the night. Some of the assailants were in military uniform, they destroyed the whole homestead. Gono identified some of the perpetrators as E. Raradza, P Pfotso,T Diamond, O Sosono, C Chiringa, CP Mutonga Njiva, B Mazhuwana, P Chashaya and Chief Kasekete,

May 2, 2008

Zanu PF youths in the company of senior party officials surrounded  Clemence Chirozva’s homestead near Chaminda Primary school. They ordered him out of his house and started assaulting him with a variety of weapons. Clemence sustained serious injuries that never healed until he passed away in 2009. The group that killed Chirozva included MP Raradza,  MP  L Mushore, Manyeruke, Chief Kasekete, Chief Chiweshe, Pfotso, Katsiru, DCC Chibau, and Chibedebede

May 3, 2008

A group of Zanu PF stormed Siiraishe Charunda’s homestead they interrogated and assaulted him. The gang destroyed his house and property the property destroyed includes bed, radio, food, clothes. The people were Raradza, Luke Mushore, J Manyeruke, Chief Kasekete, Chief Chiweshe, Pfotso, Katsiru, DCC Chibau and  Chibedebe

May 6, 2008

Chief Kasekete leading his gang of Zanu PF militia wielding axes, iron bars and guns, surrounded Angelina Ngorima’s homestead during the night. They ordered her out of the hut she was sleeping in and set it on fire. All the structures were demolished. She lost everything she had.

May 7, 2008

Lucky Mutemaunga got wind that ZNA officers were looking for him and that he had been targeted for elimination by the local Zanu PF leadership.  Lucky never wasted time and he bolted out of the area and walked on foot through out the night. He only boarded a bus the following morning to Harare where he sought refuge for the whole of 2008. The army was being assisted by Madhongi, Chief Kasekete, Norman Chizeya, Paramanzi and Kanhutu.

May 3, 2008

Luke Mushore, Edward Rraradza, Chief Kasekete and the other members of Zanu burnt the home of Sunungurai Musengeni. They beat him up to a pulp and as if that was not enough they drove away his three cows for food at the base. They burnt whatever was in sight at his homestead, and he lost everything.

May 1, 2008

Chief Kasekete, accompanied by a large group of Zanu PF youths, some of them in army fatigue, assaulted Obert Tayi at his home. They destroyed his huts and took away 9 cattle, 4 sheep and 3 goats.

May 5, 2008

Prisca Mutizwa was beaten up by local Zanu PF youth who accused her of supporting Morgan Tsvangirai. She reports that after the assault Chief Kasekete took away 2 tonnes of maize and 4 bales of cotton as punishment for her supporting the MDC.


Christopher Hatikure Mutsvangwa – Losing Candidate – Norton Constituency

Christopher Mutsvangwa

Christopher Mutsvangwa was the Zanu PF candidate for the Norton house of assembly seat in the March 2008 general elections. He lost to a little known MDC-T candidate and it appears Mutsvangwa was so heavily humiliated and terribly hurt that he immediately unleashed a reign of terror in the small town.

Christopher Mutsvangwa a former director of the infamous Central Intelligence Agency (CIO) and still commands respect and support from this spy agency. His links with the CIO in his campaign of violence were manifested in the fact that about 60% of political violence cases in his constituency were reportedly perpetrated by CIO agents. Mutsvangwa once served as the chief executive officer of the ZBC were he persecuted workers who failed to toe the party line thus constantly singing praises for Zanu PF and its leader Robert Mugabe.

Christopher Mutsvangwa is well known for his hate speeches towards Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the MDC, and has never failed to sing praises for Robert Mugabe and his party. He has appeared on national television an enumerable number of times as a so-called independent analyst, where he has invariably churned out horribly biased analyses. Of particular note is when in 2008 at the height of political violence he appeared on ZBC-TV vehemently denying that there was any political violence in the country, calling the MDC spokesperson a damning liar, hell bound on destroying the image of Zanu PF, and yet Mutsvangwa himself was personally involved in the hue, murder and plunder.

In August 2009 he is reported to have shot and killed Costa Matete and two other people in Highlands. The widow of one of the victims has since filed a law suit against Mutsvangwa for the cold blooded murder of her husband. She claims the murder was politically motivated, as against Mutsvangwa’s robbery allegations he is citing in his defence. Despite these serious murder charges he is facing President Mugabe has appointed him to sit on the Zimbabwe Media Commission. Some of the known and reported acts of violence directly linked to Christopher Hatikure Mutsvangwa are listed below.

1 May 2008

Gibson Nyandoro, a war veteran who fell off with his comrades after he had openly campaigned for the structures of the MDC in Norton. Reports from locals note that his activities in the MDC incensed the Zanu PF leadership in Norton and that they summoned him to appear before a kangaroo court comprised of Zanu PF party stalwarts that was chaired by Christopher Mutsvangwa as the senior member in the constituency. He was reportedly warned about his links with the MDC activities in Norton and it appears Gibson could not be deterred as he continued to pursue the new path he had chosen. Two weeks later Gibson Nyandoro was reported missing by his relatives and his body was discovered floating in a local dam a few days later.

12 June 2008

On 12 June Mutsvangwa addressed Zanu PF militia teams at the local community hall and during the evening. Following the meeting a group of youths including Oliver Tembo, Ian Kazungu, Wilson Asau and Adas Kudiwapfava, and accompanied by local CIO agents, abducted Moses Mutandwa to the hall where he was heavily assaulted with sticks under the feet and all over the body. They detained him at the hall for two days after which they were released together with other detainees, when Mutsvangwa visited the base and assigned the militia on other missions.

12 June 2008

On 12 June 2008 Oliver Tembo, one of Mutsvangwa’s campaign team members, led Zanu youths who abducted Chris Kakanga to the local Zanu offices in Katanga, where he was savagely assaulted with steel bars and logs until he sustained a fractured arm and leg. His tormenters told him that his MDC activities in Norton were nauseating their chief Christopher Mutsvangwa and had therefore send them to deal with him once and for all.

12 June 2008

Moses Mutandwa  was taken from home to a campaign meeting held at the local community hall, where he was heavily assaulted with sticks under the feet and all over the body. Witnesses note that as the prisoners were being tortured, Mutsvangwa personally delivered food supplies to be used at the base. The perpetrators were noted as Oliver Tembo, Ian Kazunga, Wilson Asau, Adas Kudiwapfava and many other unknown armed people.

13 June 2008

After the 29 March harmonized elections, Christopher Mutsvangwa was reported to have held a meeting with his campaign team at a house in Norton where they agreed to set up torture bases at some of the Zanu PF officials houses. Mutsvangwa supplied the tents that were pitched up at Matambo’s and Knowledge Ndiya’s houses respectively. These were subsequently used as torture and detention centers. On June 13 2008, John Kwangware reported that CIO operatives broke into his house and blindfolded him. They took him to Matambo’s house where they severely assaulted him and his left eye is permanently damaged as they allegedly tried to remove it.

18 June 2008

David Mupandasekwa  was an MDC polling agent in the March 29 elections and was targeted by the Zanu PF militia attacks . On June 18, 2008 Zanu PF supporters chanting Zanu slogans and holding Mugabe and Mutsvangwa campaign posters, abducted David from his house and hauled him blindfolded to some place where CIO agents heavily assaulted him and left him for dead.

21 June 2008

Theresa Kamasula was abducted to Knowledge Ndiya‘s house, where a tent had been pitched by Mutsvangwa’s team. On arrival she was taken into the tent and was subjected to a terrible assault and torture. The youth who assaulted her threatened to kill her if they wanted. They informed her that they had orders to kill from Mutsvangwa and it was up to them either to kill or spare her. She was then ordered to report to Ndiya’s house everyday to carry out household chores until after the 27 June Election.

21 June 2008

On 21 June 2008 a team of Zanu PF youths riding in Mutsvangwa’s twin cab truck, driven by a local CIO agent known only as Simba , broke into Brian Takaruza’s house in Maridale Norton. They  ransacked the house and stole some personal items , destroying furniture and kitchen utensils. They took all the MDC regalia and used the register to track and assault MDC members.

26 June 2008

Opah Mukweni was abducted on 26 June 2008 from her house and taken to Ndiya’s home to the tent used as the torture base. She was told that the MP (referring to Mutsvangwa) had identified her as the pivotal MDC activist in the constituency and had instructed that she be punished. She was taken through a terrible torture and re-education session that lasted the whole day. The major perpetrators identified were Fungai Garapo, Tarirai Javangwe under the instruction of four unidentified but armed men.


Didymus Noel Edwin Mutasa – MP Headlands Consituency

Didymus Mutasa

Didymus Mutasa is the member of parliament for the Headlands constituency in Manicaland Province. He is currently the minister of state in the President’s Office responsible for presidential affairs. Mutasa cast a very long shadow of terror across the entire population of Zimbabwe.

Opposition party activists, members of the civic society, journalists and members of the clergy all have horrific accounts of nasty incidents of violence involving Didymus Mutasa. In 2005 Didymus Mutasa described Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu as “a puppet of the west, a vassal of imperialism and a lost soul.” It appears Mutasa was echoing the speech of his master President Robert Mugabe who had just called Archbishop desmond Tutu “an evil little Bishop.”

When Archbishop Pius Ncube protested that people were starving in areas around Bulawayo and the government was neglecting them, Mutasa called him “a heathen man who lies through his teeth, who needs his head examined for he is a liar.“

Terence Ranger, Emeritus Professor of history at Oxford, has described Didymus Mutasa as “a ruthless and acquisitive politician who is notorious for using violence against his political opponents.” Didymus Mutasa’s character will never cease to amaze those who worked with him in the early 1970s and who described him as a near saint. They have watched their devout Christian fellow transform into a blood thirsty hound who makes a pact with the devil.

In 2002 Didymus Mutasa mentioned that he would not care a hoot if six million people would die in Zimbabwe due to severe food shortages at the time, which were compounded with the Aids pandemic. He publicly noted that the country would be better off with just members of his party Zanu PF and would not mind losing what he called extra people, ostensibly referring to the millions facing death through starvation and disease. Clare Short noted that, ”Mutasa’s statement was unforgivable and that no one should ever forgive him.”

Even members of his own party have not been spared the wrath of his violent and ruthless ill temper. In 2005 Mutasa was reported to have abducted a Zanu PF war veteran Nyakuedzwa and pounded him to near death. This unfortunate soul had dared challenge Mutasa’s nomination during Zanu PF primary elections in Rusape.

Didymus Mutasa has been portrayed by his victims as the most powerful person in Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s blue eyed boy who is absolutely above the law. In 2004 he kicked the then MP for Chimanimani Roy Bennett in Parliament. This was after Bennett had failed to contain his anger  after his patience had been stretched to breaking point when Patrick Chinamasa had churned out a charade of venomous attacks on MP Bennett, describing his ancestry as a band of thieves and murderers. Roy shoved Chinamasa to the floor and was subsequently committed to jail where he languished in filthy and inhuman conditions for 15 months. Didymus Mutasa walked scott free. No-one dared point a finger at him, despite publicly boasting about his kicking antics displayed on Roy Bennett in Parliament.  Didymus Mutasa was not disciplined for his actions but was immediately promoted to Minister of State Security and Land Affairs.

Armed with his new dual insurmountable powers Mutasa launched the infamous operation Murambatsvina (clean up) in May 2005. This exercise manifested immeasurable levels of brutality of the Zanu PF party and government .

More than 700 000 poor families were displaced through  wanton destruction of houses and purportedly illegal structures, some of which had been constructed before 1980. Men, women and children were now in extreme poverty, their lives having been turned inside out within the spur of the moment. They had been robbed off their sources of income and what they called home. These poor souls piled up in makeshift camps along all the major roads of Zimbabwe. A sombre atmosphere downed on the nation. Seething masses of desperate humanity, with glaring signs of hopelessness written on their faces, could be noticed everywhere with their world’s possessions balanced precariously on women’s heads or in bundles under their children’s arms. This was the little they had managed to save from the flames  when troops of soldiers and the police had mowed their houses down, burning the rubble in the process.  All this was because Didymus Mutasa and President Mugabe had been angered by the poor people who had apparently changed allegiance from Zanu PF to the MDC and therefore had to be punished.

In the run up to the presidential run-off elections in June 2008 , Didymus Mutasa unleashed an unprecedented orgy of terror and torture of MDC supporters in Headlands, the whole of  Rusape and its environs. Residents of Rusape urban reported that Didymus Mutasa took over some properties and used them to house hordes of armed youths/operatives that he used to terrorize MDC supporters in Headlands and Makoni constituencies. Below are accounts of some of the horrible incidents in which Mutasa was directly involved or sponsored.

January 3, 2008

A prominent MDC activist, Shepherd Maisiri, who is a poor farmer in the Inyati Resettlement area, has incessantly suffered at the hands of Didymus Mutasa, he has been relentlessly persecuted by Mutasa since 1999. His homestead has been burnt a record seven times in the past 10 years. He has been abducted and tortured by people who have been sent by Didymus Mutasa on numerous occasions, that it’s a wonder to him why he is still alive. The people who have been assigned by Mutasa to haunt him are Walter Rushambwa, Maxwell Chidzambwa, Punish Mhiripiri, Walter Mhepo (now deceased), Kainos Chidzambwa, Albert Makura, ZRP police Inspector Muchazorwa and Lovemore Manenji.

At one time he was put into a jute bag, bundled into Punish Mhiripiri’s truck and dumped in Rusape dam, only to be saved by fishermen laying their nets during that night. On 3 January 2008 Shepherd Maisiri was in Harare when he was manhandled by two men who took him to a waiting car where he was confronted by Didymus Mutasa himself. Mutasa told him that they were going to finish off their struggle that day and he ordered his gang to drive off, leaving a dumbfounded Shepherd shell shocked along Samora Machel Avenue. Later that day a man and a woman followed him to Mbare Musika. They boarded the same bus with him to Mutare, where he was arrested on arrival. put into cells and then released. The two people who had followed him from Harare were at the police station when he was released. Shepherd, sensing danger, managed to outmanoeuvre them and escaped to Mozambique that same night. He was in Mozambique until August 2008, but his wife was raped by Lovemore Manenji on 23 June 2008 as punishment for hiding her husband.

May 22, 2008

Taurayi Kamuchira was abducted by Zanu PF militia and taken to Chinyamukamani base where the youths led by Phillip Mushayi assaulted him with logs, iron bars and whips. He died during the assault. Philip Mushayi told all the people who had been force marched to the base that all MDC supporters who were present had to take their lesson, for what had happened to Kamuchira was going to be meted out on them as well. There was no going back and no one was going to arrest the Zanu PF cadres, since comrade Didymus Mutasa had granted them express authority to kill all people who supported Tsvangirayi.

June 25, 2008

On the night of 25 June 2008 a gang of armed operatives and Didymus Mutasa’s  youths wreaked havoc in Eagles Nest area of Headlands. They were seen driving around in two vehicles, one of which was reported to be Didymus Mutasa’s Toyota Venture. Masitafundikera Gumura was attacked at his home by this gang. They accused him of leading MDC activities in that area, they viciously assaulted him, and witnesses report that the attack was so ruthless that Gumura died during the assault. His wife Aquiline Sanzvengwa Gumura paid for her husband’s sins when she was also assaulted. She sustained severe injuries all over her body though she was taken into hospital the following morning. She passed away on 28 June 2008.

June 25, 2008

On the same fateful evening of June 25 2008  a gang of local Zanu PF youths, accompanied by Mutasa’s operatives from Rusape, pounced on Robert Ziyengwa and his wife at their home in Headlands. The unfortunate couple was guilty of supporting the MDC and urging other people to commit the same crime. The gang used pieces of wood, iron bars and gun butts to assault Robert and wife. The beating was too severe for the ageing couple that they succumbed to the wounds sustained, and both passed away during the assault.

June 25, 2008

Residents of the Eagles Nest now regard June 25, 2008 as the day the devil visited them, for many people fell victim to Didymus Mutasa’s messengers, a  heartless, blood thirsty gang of Zanu PF youths and CIO operatives from Rusape. Many MDC activists were lashed and slashed and the police refused to attend the desperate calls of the maimed villagers. The militia butchered the defenceless folks until the following morning, when they left, their job done, leaving behind a trail of blood and lacerated victims. Sandros Mandizha, another MDC activist who was also assaulted by this band of killers, died early that morning.

June 27, 2008

Taurai Zindomba, another small scale farmer in the headlands area was attacked at his home by a gang of Zanu PF youths and operatives from Rusape. This barbaric gang used barbed wire and a knife to tear and pull Taurai’s intestines out. He died instantly. His brothers Abel and Sternly, touched by what happened to their brother, wept in grief and were savagely assaulted sustaining serious injuries. Fortunately they survived.

July 30, 2009

On July 30, 2009 in Macheke resettlement areas, a 16 year old boy Arnold Mosterd died after being beaten by Zanu PF supporters who accused him of supporting the MDC. Arnold was killed after he had asked for his outstanding wages from his previous employer a local Zanu PF Chairman Harry Munetsi. The seven people who killed Arnold were arrested by the police but Didymus Mutasa MP ordered their release. Mutasa ordered the villagers in the area to deal with any strangers who would come into the area inquiring about the death.


Edward Raradza – MP Muzarabani  South Constituency

Edward Raradza is the Zanu PF member of the House of Assembly for Muzarabani South Constituency. Edward Raradza won the seat unopposed in March 2008 elections and it has remained an unresolved puzzle why the MDC candidate failed to file their papers with the nomination court. Raradza, who has since time immemorial hero worshipped President Robert Mugabe for giving him farms for free, breathed brimstone and fire in his campaign for his Zanu PF party presidential candidate in April to June 2008.

Raradza organized large groups of motley militia gangs comprising Zanu PF youths, soldiers, police and CIO operatives to terrorize MDC supporters in the whole of Muzarabani District. He was assisted by his colleagues in Zanu PF as commanders Bitu Mazhuwana, Proud Photso (ZRP), Diamond Tapana, Owen Sonono, Yahwe (CIO), Charles Chiringa,  Muzanenhamo Kamusengezi (ZNA), Jenia Manyeruke (Senator) and Luckson Bumhira.

Raradza’s vicious and murderous activities were complimented in the north by another equally ruthless character, Luke Mushore, who in command of 400 to 500 youths pounded and tramped on MDC supporters in the same period. This duo of bandits spearheaded the bloody campaign of violence in Muzarabani District. Their relentless efforts to silence the MDC being augmented by yet another strange and uncouth traditional leader Chief  Chisekete, who offered his blessings and service to this trail of destruction, torture and plunder.

This perfectly matched trio meant nothing but death to all MDC supporters in the Dande area. Edward Raradza, Luke Mushore and Chief Kasekete took to the Zanu PF mode of violent campaign like ducks to water, their destructive engagement created a real biblical Armageddon for MDC and civic society members in this northern district. The combined sterling efforts and unwavering leadership of these three true sons of the soil resulted in the deaths of nine MDC supporters, namely (Tennyson Manyimo, Titus Goho, Canaan Dzamwarira, Clemence Chirozva, Learnmore Chingani, Muzumbe, Taurai Chamboko, Ratidzayi Dzenga and Freddy Macheka). These innocent souls were tortured and killed because they had voted for Morgan Tsvangirai in March 2008. Many homes belonging to known MDC supporters were burnt and destroyed to smithereens.

Despite countless reports that have been made by victims to the ZRP police in Muzarabani on the activities of these three men, they have remained free as no one dares touch them. Victims who trudged from their destroyed homes and painstakingly found their way to the police station, some with blood oozing from fresh wounds, were arrested and detained instead. Charges of causing violence or stock theft being preferred on them by the ZRP officer in charge at Muzarabani.

The two, Raradza and Mushore, are honorable members of the parliament of Zimbabwe.  They continue to wield power within the Zanu PF machinery of violence in Muzarabani.

Recently in March and April 2010 this Zanu PF monster has shown its ugly head as 58 MDC supporters were haunted out of their homes and made to camp with their children at Muzarabani police station, where another Zanu PF activist, who is unfortunately the officer in charge, has refused to take action to protect these vulnerable and persecuted members of society. All this has reportedly been done in preparation for the constitution outreach team’s visit. Edward Raradza, Luke Mushore and gang have issued instructions to the effect that no MDC supporter should be allowed to contribute at these constitution meetings in Muzarabani.  Some survivors of the terror campaign in Muzarabani narrated details of their ordeal at the hands of Raradza and gang;

April 2,  2008

On 2 April 2008 the ultimate authority in the Muzarabani district, the Zanu PF campaign team that included Luke Mushore, Edward Raradza, Chief Kasekete and the other members of Zanu militia, attacked Sunungurai Sengweni at his home. They destroyed his house, seriously bashed him and drove away his cattle and goats, he lost everything and is now living in abject poverty.

April 29,  2008

Farirai Hwatura, a losing MDC councilor candidate, was abducted from his home on 29 April 2008 by a group of militants which he described as the CIO, war vets and Zanu PF youths. They took him to a torture camp in the bush far away from his home. Once at the torture base he was confronted and interrogated by the powers that be; Luke Mushore, Edward Raradza, Jenia Manyeruke, Goromondo, Mugariri, W Mbizvo, W Muvhiyiwa, J Kangara, M Maguta, O Ururu and Gagiya. They wanted to know from him all what he knew about the MDC-T.  The CIO agents and the youths assaulted him and warned him that he was going to die if he continued supporting the MDC.

May 1,  2008

On 1 May 2008 a large group of Zanu PF militia attacked Wanzirai Magodo’s homestead. They wantonly pulled all the buildings down, looting and burning was the order of the day. Members of the family were slapped, boxed ,kicked and hacked. The gang stole Z$900,000, 000 during the onslaught  and the family’s only tractor was set on fire . Witnesses and victims identified the perpetrators as Charles Chiringa and Edward Raradza in the company of Zanu PF youths and soldiers.

May 1, 2008

On May 1, 2008 the Zanu PF gangs of militia wreaked havoc in Charunda village. The poor villagers’ lives were decimated as the Zanu PF campaign machinery put what it had learnt best into practice. Scores of villagers were left wounded and homeless as their homes were destroyed, burnt and stripped of their entire life’s possessions. David Kamudzandu was one of the unfortunate villagers to have fallen victim to this Zanu PF swoop of fury. He reported that they assaulted him with such vigour and anger, they kept on striking him as if they would never stop. Bruised and tormented David watched the gang steal his property and burn his homestead to the ground. He lost a television, wardrobe, radio, clothes gas stoves and food stocks. He noted that the team was under the leadership of Edward Raradza and other senior party leaders.

May 2, 2008

In the afternoon of May 2, 2008 a large group of Zanu Pf militia captured Clemence Chirozva from his home in Chamhinda village. They took him into a bush a few hundred metres from his homestead. This rowdy crowd accused Clemence of voting for Tsvangirayi and started assaulting him viciously. He sustained serious wounds on the buttocks and back and he was then warned not to seek any medical help, for the price of doing so was death. When the group finally left, Clemence Chirozva’s homestead was in ruins his house was demolished, household property destroyed and burnt. His family was turned into instant destitution, their food and clothes having been taken away – all what had remained were ashes and nothing more. Members of his family reported that Clemence Chirozva braved and nursed his wounds from May 2008 until he succumbed to the wounds and passed away in September 2009. The militants that made the larger share of the group were not from the area but the victims noticed Edward Raradza (MP), Luke Mushore(MP), Jenia Manyeruke( Senator), Chief Kasekete, Chief Chiweshe, Proud Pfotso (ZRP), Godfrey  Katsiru, Chibau (Zanu PF district chairman) and Avozhi Chibedebede.

May 2, 2008

On the night of 2 May 2008 in the Charunda School area, a gang of Zanu PF supporters in military uniform swarmed on Dzikamayi D Gono at his homestead He was accused of supporting the MDC and they terribly assaulted him, destroyed his property and told him to go and live in England or America. Dzikamayi sustained wounds on his buttocks and face. The perpetrators were Edward Raradza, Proud Pfotso, Tapana Diamond, Owen sonono, Charles Chiringa, CP Mutonga, Njiva, Bitu Mazhuwana, P Chashaya and Chief Kasekete.

May 2, 2008

Attacked on 2 May 2008, Agrippa Charunda described Edward Raradza as head of the military who sent a gang of cheeky zanu PF youths to their village who destroyed several homes and assaulted many MDC supporters. Agrippa was severely assaulted when this gang got him at his home. They took away quite a substantial amount of money in Zimbabwe dollars when they searched his house. They then razed his homestead to the ground burning everything that was in it in the process. They left Agrippa bruised and battered and warned him never to go to the clinic or hospital.

May 2,  2008

Edward Raradza, leading a group of CIO agents, soldiers and more than 500 youths, over ran Charunda village on 2 May 2008. They destroyed Muchanzwa Katsamba’s home, beat up many people accused of supporting the MDC, they forced the subdued men and boys to join them in hunting down other MDC supporters. A base was set up in the village and Raradza said he was looking for men who support the MDC so as to kill them.  Many unfortunate people were dragged to the base for re-education and torture.

May  3, 2008

On 3 May 2008 Patricia Gono’s home was invaded by Edward Raradza and his gang of youths. They interrogated her for a long time then assaulted her and set her home on fire. Everything she owned was destroyed in the inferno and she is now desperately poor and lives close to Charunda School. She reports that her tormenters were Edward Raradza and others.

May  3, 2008

During the afternoon of 3 May 2008, Siraishe Charunda was relaxing at his home when he was awakened by the sound of vehicles approaching. Suddenly he noticed that his homestead had been besieged by an overwhelming crowd of Zanu PF militia and uniformed soldiers.  While the leaders of the group where asking him questions and tossing him around, the militants were pulling down all the building structures at his homestead. They destroyed everything and took away what they wanted and burnt the rest and he lost all what he had, food, clothing, furniture and his home. They heavily assaulted him then left.  Siraishe was injured, confused and desparate. The people he noted as the leaders of the gang were; Edward Raradza, Luke Mushore, Jenia Manyeruke, Chief Kasekete, Chief Chiweshe, Proud Pfotso, Godfrey Katsiru, Chibau and Avozhi Chibedebe.

May 6, 2008

On 6 May 2008 Chief Kasekete, Luke Mushore, Edward Raradza, Handsome Chingwende, Clemence Mukomondera, Robson Chimusingo, Isaac Yobe, Jack Tavengwa and Simba Chingende, in the command of a large contingent of militant Zanu PF youths and other armed men in civilian clothes, surrounded Takaruza Zhanero’s homestead. They hauled him out of his hut and subjected him to a lengthy assault and torture. Satisfied with their work they destroyed his homestead and left. Takaruza Zhanero was accused of voting for the MDC.

May 6, 2008

On 6 May  2008, Emma January got to her home in the evening, coming from where she had attended an MDC meeting in the area. Little did she know that she had committed the worst crime any person would commit in Muzarabani. A Zanu PF youth team from Edward Raradza’s militia was waiting for her at home. As soon as she arrived the youth started assaulting her with sticks, rubber belts, fists and booted feet. She reports that they abused her in every conceivable way and left. She identified the people who attacked her as Kingstone Zisengwe, Alphonce Torevasei, Petros Magwedere, Gift Mushore, Clemence Mukomondera, Isaac Yobe and Handsome Chagwende.

May 6, 2008

On  6 May 2008 Noria Gatsi was taken from her home by Edward Raradza’s militia gang. They never went far away from her home before they started assaulting her with heavy sticks, wire and rubber belts. She sustained serious wounds all over the body and she lost a lot of blood. When she was unconscious they turned their anger on her homestead, tore it to pieces and burnt what ever had remained. She was accused of having voted for the MDC, she reported that the people who assaulted her were; Alphonce Torevasei, Zisengwe, Handsome Chigwende, Clemence Mukomondera, Gift Mushore and Charles Chiringa. All members of Edward Raradza’s close security team.


Fungai Chaderopa: MP Sanyati Constituency

Fungai Chaderopa is the member of the house of assembly for the Sanyati constituency. She gained notoriety in her constituency in the run up to the 27 June 2008 elections, through her heavily militarized systematic perpetration of political violence in Sanyati. Though relative peace prevailed in Sanyati during the campaign period of the 29 March harmonized elections, there was a dramatic turn of events soon after the results were announced.  Fungai Chaderopa, who had previously feigned a motherly love towards all the people of Sanyati, turned around to devour them.

MDC activists who were unfortunate enough to have been captured and hauled before Chaderopa and her gang of torture tacticians have heart rending stories to tell. Fungai Chaderopa’s team of torturers consisted of Inspector Chiremba (ZRP Sanyati), Constable Magwaza (ZRP Sanyati), Captain Mutodi (ZNA ), Councillor Isaac Muchekeni, Don Dube (ZNA), Councillor Muteshe, Hilda Jonasi, Choga, Maskot Mapute and Frank Munjugwe. This team was in command of hordes of local Zanu PF youth gangs of marauders. These youths were used to flash out and capture all known MDC supporters and those who had served as polling agents in March 29, 2008 elections. These groups of Zanu PF militia had their own ways of punishing the enemy (MDC supporters), but the victim’s real ordeal would begin once they had been delivered to the MP and her military experts.

What made Chaderopa’s mode of operation really effective and unique compared to other constituencies was that she actually had a feel of the victims herself. Chaderopa, working in cahoots with the ZRP officer in charge of Sanyati police station, unlawfully detained MDC supporters in 2008, for periods ranging from three days to 2 weeks without charge. These people were tortured daily and sometimes denied food during their detention. A major share of victims of political violence in the Sanyati Constituency have reported the presence of uniformed police officers at scenes of abduction and torture. A joint operation of armed ZRP officers in uniform and Zanu PF youths has not been as widely reported in any other areas as has been the case with Sanyati.

Many of the MDC supporters abducted in Sanyati by the police always found themselves locked up in Ngezi/Kadoma prisons, their cases having been fast tracked through the magistrates courts in Kadoma. The victims invariably facing charges ranging from half truths and whole lies preferred on them by the arresting details who are reportedly Zanu PF activists. It appears starving her prisoners was Chaderopa’s favourite torture technique as would be substantiated by the victims accounts of their terrible moments at the hands of Fungai Chaderopa and gang.

June 2, 2008

Okie Mazhindu was forcibly  taken from his home on 2 June  2008 by a group of Zanu PF youths in the company of Captain Mutodi. They dragged him to Sanyati Council premises where a meeting of Zanu PF supporters was in progress. Mazhindu was forced to confess that he was an MDC activist whilst he is a village head. They also wanted to know why his daughters where not attending Zanu PF meetings. Since his abduction on 2 June 2008 Okie Mazhindu had a torrid time. He was put at the mercy of  the soldiers and the Zanu PF militia, as he was shuffled daily from one Zanu PF rally to the next, confessing his sin of supporting the MDC when he is a village head. He was denied food and water during his trying times and they tortured him from morning till the evening. Mazhindu noted that he was humiliated before the young boys and girls, before all those women and men who respected him. He was so overcome with the pain that he used to openly shed tears at these meetings. He was released on 22 June 2008 after Chaderopa and the army units had completed addressing rallies in Sanyati.

June 7, 2008

Jaison Hlabati Shoko was taken from home on 7 June 2008 by armed soldiers in uniform. They were using a police truck that took him to Arda Estates in Sanyati. At Arda he found MP Chaderopa waiting for them and he was heavily assaulted by members of the army, with Don Dube leading the assault. He was warned against seeking medical help for they would kill anyone who dared treat him. After the soldiers had satisfied themselves that Shoko had been punished enough they surrendered him to ZRP Sanyati, who detained him for four days without food. Shoko notes that the soldiers who were abducting and assaulting people in Sanyati had come into the constituency under the guise of Operation Maguta (an army agricultural inputs supply programme) but their main objective was to hunt down and punish all MDC activists.

June 22, 2008

On 22 June 2008, Zanu PF youths abducted Simon Mupoperi, a known MDC activist  from his home. On arrival at Mupoperi homestead the Zanu PF youths and war veterans accused him of supporting the MDC and changing the political fortunes of Zanu PF in Sanyati in favor of Tsvangirai. He also had another case to answer, that of failing to attend Zanu PF meetings called for by Chaderopa. They then on the spot vented their anger on him. They worked him over with his wife and children watching. While the psychopaths concentrated on the assault, the wife managed to sneak away with the children before they had turned their attention on her. They then dragged him and handed him over to Fungai Chaderopa and her troops. He was bundled into their vehicle and taken to a torture base set up at the ARDA estate in Sanyati.

At the base, Simon was subjected to a severe bout of torture, which included heavy and thorough beatings using wooden hoe handles, open hands, fists, booted feet and baton sticks, punctuated by sessions of cold water boarding. The beatings lasted a whole night of torment from which he sustained serious injuries to the buttocks, back and all over the body and suffered a fractured right wrist. He was released into the hands of ZRP Sanyati who detained him for four days without food, after which they set him free without any charges. Mupoperi has not fully recovered from the injuries and trauma more than a year after the attack.

June 23, 2008

On 23 June 2008, Levy Matolela was taken from home by a band of militia, Zanu PF youths and war veterans. They took him to their local torture base at Geja Clinic, where unfortunately for him MP Fungai Chaderopa and her unit had visited on their routine supervisory round.  Levy was immediately taken through paces of political reorientation sessions, which included torture and assaults, with Fungai Chaderopa physically participating in the whipping and punching.  Matolela’s ordeal lasted for twelve hours during which time Chaderopa made him sing Chimurenga songs on his own and dance to the melodies, whilst chanting Zanu PF slogans. Levy described Chaderopa as a much more ruthless master and her beatings too severe than the military men in her company. She issued orders that the prisoners would not be given any food until their release.

June 23, 2008

On 23 June 2008 a physically disadvantaged, wheelchair bound, Augustine Hozheri, was hauled before Fungai Chaderopa. His crime was supporting the MDC and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai, an inexcusable crime (according to Chaderopa) that called for a deterrent punishment to serve as an example to would be offenders. She pushed and shoved Augustine around in his already broken down wheelchair. Though Augustine was lucky in that he was not beaten up as is the Zanu PF militia tradition, he was denied food and water for the whole day until his release the following day. His wheelchair was further damaged during the interrogation.

June 23, 2008

An MDC Councillor candidate, Synthea Hozhele, was abducted from her home in Ndava village by a group of 20 Zanu PF youths on 23 June 2008 . The youths told her that she had to go with them because the elders were waiting for her. They harassed her as they pushed her to Geja Clinic where a large crowd had been gathered. Fungai Chaderopa, Councillor Isaac Muchekeni, Captain Mutodi and some armed ZNA military  personnel in uniform, interrogated her for the whole day. They wanted to extract from her all information about the operations of the MDC in the area. She was denied food and water throughout the day and she was only released later in the evening the same day. They stressed on her that they would come back for her after the 27th of June election results. The soldiers warned her for her continued support of the MDC, stressing that it is Zanu PF only that all people should support and supporting the MDC is not permissible.  Synthea reports that she was highly traumatized by this incident.




Herbert Paul Mazikani- Mbire Constituency

Herbert Paul Mazikani is the MP for Mbire constituency in Mashonaland Central province. He has been described as the chief perpetrator of political violence by many victims of his terror campaign in that part of Guruve north, now Mbire district. He is on record for having invariably vowed to crush all MDC supporters at all the Zanu PF campaign rallies he addressed during the run up to the presidential elections in June 2008. Many MDC supporters from his constituency, who were victims of his extensive and brutal trail of assault and torture, fear him and his well calculated method of instilling fear in his victims was to have his victims  assaulted and tortured at his rallies, as a warning to all those who were supporting or dared to support the MDC. Listed below are some of the recorded incidents of political violence where Herbert Mazikani was personally involved.

31 March 2008

A gang using a truck provided by MP Mazikani attacked Gabriel Mativa for supporting the MDC. They warned him that they could kill him if they wanted to. They smashed his car and stole some parts. They forced him to denounce the MDC in front of a crowd at a meeting called for by Mazikani and they viciously assaulted Gabriel and poured water all over his body.

April 1, 2008

Chrispen Chiutsi, an MDC polling agent in the area, was singled out by Mazikani at a rally that everyone had been forced to attend by uniformed soldiers. Mazikani instructed Zanu PF youths to treat Chiutsi so that everyone would get their lesson never to support MDC again. Chrispen was then heavily assaulted by a group of the youths. He lost consciousness and they poured cold water on him so to revive him, only to be subjected to another ruthless beating. He was assisted to go home by his relatives but died soon after arrival at home.

April 2, 2008

On 2 April 2008 a team of Zanu PF militia and war veterans, riding in a truck displaying Zanu PF campaign posters driven by MP Mazikani, abducted an MDC ward official Gift Ranjisi, They hit him with a brick on the head, bashed his face with fists that he sustained serious injuries, amongst the people who attacked Ranjisi were Reuben Mutangea, Josiah Gomba and Wembudzi.

April 5, 2008

A Zanu PF militia gang, some of them dressed in ZNA uniforms driving in MP Mazikani’s truck, invaded Biggie Zhuwawo homestead. They destroyed the huts and  everything inside and they accused Biggie of leading MDC campaigns in the area. They brutally assaulted him and he died during the assault. Their job done they left the body sprawled amongst the rubble of what was his home.

April 12, 2008

Hobson Muzurura was humiliated when Zanu supporters assaulted and poured water all over his body in front of a large crowd addressed by MP Mazikani. They forced him to surrender but he refused and was subjected to a terrible assault.

April 12, 2008

Eustina Gwanya was assaulted at a meeting addressed by Mazikani, on April 12, 2008. She was assaulted and tortured, watched by quite a huge gathering of several villages who had been forced to attend this meeting. They told her that they were punishing her for supporting the MDC and they wanted her to repent.

April 23, 2008

Stanslius Mupariwa was abducted on April 23 and detained for 8 days. He was brutally assaulted by the Zanu youth at Bvochora base that was set up by Mazikani and war vets. They accused him of supporting the MDC. They would beat him with sticks and knobkerries and pour cold water on him during the night and he was made to sleep in the open without blankets. He was released after eight days of torture and Mazikani had given the order that all prisoners be released.

May 05, 2008

The Mazikani lead gang of Zanu PF party militia surrounded Tinoda Tizora’s homestead in the early hours of the day on 5 May 2008. They accused him of being a polling agent for the MDC in March 2008 elections. They destroyed his entire homestead and they also looted his property including goats and chickens that were taken away for consumption at their torture base.

June 1, 2008

Herbert Mazikani on 01 June 2008 watched his gang of Zanu PF youths descend on the Vito homestead. The whole family was savagely assaulted – mother, father and children. They took away the father to Nyamusere base where he was to be detained for two months. After the other members of the gang had adequately punished the family for supporting the MDC Mudzonga Chisvo was not satisfied he kept on assaulting the mother Anna Vito, until she died on the spot. The husband Vito pleaded with Mazikani to restrain Chisvo, but the MP refused and encouraged Chisvo instead.

July 2, 2008

A gang of Zanu youths, acting under the instructions of MP Mazikani, attacked Munoda Mushayike at his home. He said that he wanted to cleanse the area of all MDC supporters. The youths accused Munoda of having voted for the MDC in the Presidential run off. He sustained serious injuries from the beating and he died soon after the brutal attack.

June 5, 2008

At a rally held at Ruvinga school, Merit Matohwe was told to denounce MDC and surrender to Zanu PF. She was beaten up in the presence of Mazikani and they poured water on her and humiliated her in whatever way. She was later assaulted again after the rally and released.

June 5, 2008

Kudakwashe Manyika was forced to attend a Zanu meeting held at a nearby village that was to be addressed by MP Mazikani. His name was noted at the meeting as one of the wanted MDC organizers in the area and he was summoned to sit as a prisoner before the gathering  and he was then severely assaulted soon after the meeting.

June 12, 2008

Mazikani, leading a  group of Zanu PF supporters, captured Titus Goho on June 12, 2008  from his home and took him to their base. They accused him of supporting the MDC T and  they assaulted him until he died. His body was ferried by Mazikani’s vehicle and dumped close to Goho’s homestead.

June 14, 2008

Erina Nyamurisa was dragged from her home and taken to a rally in Mazikani’s truck. They accused her of being an MDC supporter since her  husband was the MDC Councillor for ward 7 and he also was a polling agent during the March 29 elections, so had ran away from the area after receiving some death threats, Erina was assaulted at the meeting and dirty water poured on her as the beatings continued with the crowd witnessing and cheering the perpetrators.

June 20, 2008

Ireen Katembo was taken to Magwenya base where she was assaulted and threatened with death. She was detained there for two days. On the third day she was bundled into Mazikani’s vehicle and taken to a rally at Ruvinga School where she was assaulted before a crowd of  Zanu PF supporters .

July 3, 2008

Dickson Sibanda was murdered by armed war veterans and youth militia at 2200 hrs at his home. During the day this Zanu PF gang had called him to their base where they accused him of supporting the MDC. They made him pay a goat as a fine for his crime and he was allowed to go home. The MP Mazikani told them that they should have beaten him and they then revisited him and assaulted him till he died.


Jawet Kazangarare:  Councillor Hurungwe District Council

Jawet Kazangarare is a Zanu PF ward Councillor in the Hurungwe District Council in Mashonaland West Province. He is a war veteran and an ex-member of the Zimbabwe National Army who has been living in the Kazangarare area like any other resident. Soon after the harmonized elections in March 2008 Kazangarare miraculously transformed from being an unnoticeable barefooted villager in the community to become a gun totting ruthless and bloody thirsty Zanu PF looting bandit, feared by all in the whole of Hurungwe district. Kazangarare set up a base at his own home. This was code named base one, where many people where butchered, tortured and women raped.

Jawet Kazangarare, Peter Madamombe (ZNA) and Brighton Madhuveko (DEO) joined hands to form a treacherous threesome murder squad that terrorized everyone, the police included. Kazangarare and his comrades,all armed with AK 47 assault rifles, would go to police stations hunting for victims who would have dared report their cases or seek refuge there. The police could not do anything, it appears their hands were tied, Jawet Kazangarare and his gang were a law unto themselves.

In the period April to June 2008 Jawet Kazangarare personally assaulted a total of 91 MDC supporters.  All Jawet’s victims would be brought to his home by Zanu PF youths and these unfortunate MDC supporters would stand trial before Kazangarare .They were all invariably found guilty and severely punished, the punishment ranged from severe assaults, rape and forced labour in Jawet’s own fields. Witnesses reported that Jawet assaulted his wives and children after they had expressed their concern about his brutal and devilish activities at his home. Kazangarare was involved in heart rending and greasily incidents of political violence. His character is grossly inhuman and many women and children have suffered at his hands and it’s a wonder why Zanu PF and the police are protecting him from prosecution. He currently serves as a Councillor in the Hurungwe District council and his traumatized victims watch him going about his daily business and issuing more threats of attacks and murder if they refuse to obey Zanu PF orders during the constitutional making process.

June 2008

In June 2008 Jawet Kazangarare raped 13 year old Ella Ruvanga at his torture base , inflicting severe injuries to her vagina. The child bled for weeks after the assault but she was not allowed to seek medical attention. This case was reported to the police at Kazangarare police post, but the police refused to arrest him. Ella was raped because her father was suspected of supporting Morgan Tsvangirai. She had been ordered to carry out domestic chores at Kazangarare’s home before she was raped in the hut which was used by Jawet as a torture chamber.

June 2008

Jawet in June 2008, before the 27 run off, proposed love to Oripa Ndyara. When he was turned down he organized for Oripa to be taken to the base where he raped her assisted by six other Zanu PF youths, who also took turns to rape her as well. Oripa reported her case to the police but nothing was done, the police informed her that this was a political issue and the police were not allowed to interfere.

June 2008

In the run up to the June 2008 elections, Jawet Kazangarare accused his niece Sarudzai Kazangarare of sympathizing with MDC supporters. He ordered her to report to his torture base and Jawet raped her as punishment for her crime. She fell pregnant as a result of the rape and a report was made to the police, but nothing was done.

23 June 2008

On 23 June 2008 Keneth Kateyo, one of the commanders of the Zanu PF terror gang in Hurungwe North, ordered Violet Mwayira, wife to an MDC activist, to attend a campaign meeting at Jawet Kazangarare’s homestead. Worried about Violet’s security her sister offered to accompany her to the meeting. Whilst on their way to the torture base Jawet Kazangarare, Kenneth Kateyo and his six other members of the dreaded Zanu militia way laid them in a bush near Kazangarare’s home.

The men suddenly appeared from nowhere and they commended Violet for having been wise in bringing her sister along. They manhandled the terrified middle aged women dragging them into the bush where they took turns to rape them. After the attack Keneth Kateyo told Violet that she had paid for her support of the MDC and her case was now cleared . She had been baptized back into Zanu PF. The victims noted that the men were wearing condoms, an indication that the attack had been planned. The victims reported to the police at Kazangarare police post but the police refused to act.

June 14, 2008

Jawet Kazangarare, in the company of Peter Madamombe (ZNA) and Brighton Madhuveko (DEO), abducted and murdered three MDC activists; Victor Mungazi on 14 June 2008, Elliot Machipisa on 17 June 2008 and Gono Karuru on 18 June 2008. These MDC district officials were all killed in similar circumstances. Kazangarare and his two accomplices would abduct their victims from their homes at night and their bodies were discovered by the roadside the very morning following the night of abduction.

25 April 2008

Wilson Makanyaire vigorously campaigned for the MDC in March 2008. Little did he know that he was committing an inexcusable crime. Peter Shiri and Jawet Kazangarare were assigned by Perence Shiri to deal with him. A gang of youths were dispatched to hunt and abduct Wilson. The group caught up with him at his home and a scuffle ensued and he managed to escape but with a lacerated ear. He sought refuge in Harare where his ear was stitched up at the Avenues clinic.

11 April 2008

Jawet Kazangarare and his group of Zanu PF youths and other Zanu youths stormed Magret Nhende’s homestead. They hauled her out of her hut accusing her of voting for the MDC and they interrogated her about the activities of her party. Jawet Kazangarare told Magret that they would kill her if they wanted. The thugs assured her that they would come back for her later. They then took away 2 goats, 5 chickens and 2 bags of maize for consumption at Base one

12 April 2008

Elizabeth Soko and husband were sleeping when a group of Zanu PF militia invaded their rural homestead at midnight. The cheeky gang destroyed doors and windows and forced their way into the huts in search of Elizabeth and her husband. The husband managed to sneak away during the attack. Unfortunately Elizabeth was not fast enough and they captured her and she was brought before Jawet Kazangarare for trial. They tortured and questioned her about her husband and the MDC. Kazangarare ordered her to pack her things and leave the area without delay if she wanted to survive. The youths looted her property including goats and chicken.

25 April 2008

Though Peter Soko had survived a vicious Zanu PF militia attack on his home before, and had lived in the bush playing hide and seek with the marauding war veterans and youths, luck ran out for him when he was finally mobbed and captured at their local business centre on April 25 2008 by Zanu PF youths assisted by armed soldiers. Since Peter was the MDC district vice chairman they kicked and punched him at the shops for all to see, so as to deter would be MDC sympathizers. He was then taken to Jawet Kazangarare where he was brutally assaulted with logs and baton sticks. They forced him to surrender everything he had that belonged to the MDC.

14 April 2008

The local Zanu PF youths accused Rhoda Mberenga of supporting Morgan Tsvangirai. She was abducted and taken to Jawet Kazangare’s base, where she was made to stand trial before a kangaroo court. She was ordered to fetch water and do all the household chores for the militants at the base for a week. Whilst at the base she was taken through a political reorientation process where she was made to sing chimurenga songs and chant Zanu PF slogans, she paid the local chief a chicken on her release as a fine for supporting the MDC.

23 April 2008

Jonathan Dhlomani was abducted during the night of April 23 2008 by a group of Zanu PF militia led by Jawet Kazangarare. They took him to Nyamahape Primary School where a base had been set up for the area. Jonathan considers himself lucky to be alive. He reported that for the three days he was captive the gang subjected him to a seemingly endless severe bout of torturel; they pulled his genitals, exposed him to cold water boarding, they twisted his body into every conceivable posture, heavily assaulting him in the process.

21 April 2008

Kumbirai Nharara had visited his mother at Goodhope farm. As he had arrived Zanu PF youths surrounded the homestead and accused the family of supporting the MDC. They abducted Kumbirai to their base where they heavily assaulted him he suffered serious injuries, sustained fractures on both hands.

25 April 2008

Carlton Mugariwa was an MDC polling agent in the March 2008 elections. Because of this Kazangarare and gang visited him during the night of April 21 2008. They took him to their base for sessions of intense interrogation, punctuated by terrible beatings. They assaulted him all over the body and fractured his right hand.

10 April 2008

Sophia Kasenga was one of the people who fell victim to Jawet’s war against MDC polling agents. Armed with guns Kazangarare and his militia invaded Kasenga homestead on the night of 10 April 2008. Sophia and her husband outwitted the murder squad and managed to escape from their house. Angered by their failure to apprehend the victims they looted property from the house and destroyed what had remained.  Sophia reported the matter to the police at Kazangarare police post but the police, according to their newly acquired culture, refused to effect any arrest, despite the fact that Sophia knew all the people who had attacked and looted her home.

18 April 2008

Kudakwashe Hozo was a teacher at a local primary school. Being a civil servant he was not supposed to support the MDC. Jawet Kazangarare summoned Hozo to appear before him at his home, which he used as a torture base. Zanu PF youths, following the orders of their supreme commander, abducted Hozo and punished him for his crime on the way to base one. At the base he was taken through Zanu PF’s re-education process where Hozo was made to sing songs denouncing the MDC and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai.  Kudakwashe Hozo was ordered to quit his job and leave the area. He complied and is now unemployed.

9 April 2008

Jawet Kazangarare and his Zanu PF comrades dragged Shamiso Muchemwa from her home and accused her of voting for the MDC. She noted that they forced her to roll in wet mud and in that humiliating state was made to appear at a Zanu PF meeting, where she was forced to surrender her party regalia, cards and to rejoin Zanu PF. They threatened to assault and chase her out of the village.

9 April 2008

Solomon Kawocha was taken prisoner by Jawet Kazangarare and his militia on April 9 2008. They force marched him to Dunga business centre where Zanu PF was holding a campaign rally. Kazangarare pummeled Solomon Kawocha before the crowd, making him roll on the dusty ground .They called him a sellout and continued assaulting him until the passed out.

9 April 2008

Zanu PF youths led by Jawet Kazangarare  abducted Samson Mhereyenyoka from his home and dragged him to a Zanu PF meeting, where Kazangarare slapped him several times and he as forced to denounce the MDC. He was released soon after the meeting and he fled from the area.

7 April 2008

Bloodshaw Jarisa was attacked at his home by Jawet Kangarare and his gang of armed youths during the night of 7 April 2008. They brutally assaulted him and destroyed his entire homestead. Jarisa reported the incident to the police who confirmed that they had received information on that case, but they never acted and the perpetrators are still free.

11 April 2008

Zanu PF youths armed with guns, assaulted Mabelreign Puchurenga at around 2am on 11 April 2008. Upon arrival at Puchurenga’s home they wreaked havoc assaulting the whole family and everyone young and old were left sprawled on the ground. This was all because Mabelreign was suspected of voting for the MDC. Satisfied with their work the gang looted what they wanted from the household effects and took away some goats and chickens. Puchurenga reported the assault and the theft to the police but nothing was done to the bandits. Instead Jawet Kazangarare followed him up to the police post and threatened to kill him. That’s when he ran for dear life and left the area.

7 April 2008

Jawet Kazangarare and his youths forced their way into Susan Kajongwe’s hut during the night. They were looking for her husband who fortunately had got wind of the raid before and had long left before their arrival. They tore and burnt all Tsvangirai’s posters that were in the hut,  the militia then left taking with them chickens and maize to use as food at the base but not before warning Susan to leave the area and look for her husband or risk an assault.

18 April 2008

Wilson Bonyongwe, who was a polling agent for the MDC in the March 2008 elections, was abducted at gun point by Jawet Kazangarare on 18 April 2008. They suspended him head down from a tree and assaulted him all over the body and he sustained serious injuries. Youths were sent to collect MDC material from his house but took away maize and chickens. Bonyongwe left the area soon after the assault .

12 April 2008

Alice Mavhudzi was attacked by Zanu PF youths on 12 April 2008. They took her toJawet Kazangarare’s base where she was assaulted by Jawet and the other youths. She managed to escape after the assault and made a report at Kazangarare police station. The police told her that they could not assist. Realizing the futility of her callous efforts and the dangers awaiting her at home she fled from the area and sought refuge with relatives elsewhere.

26 April 2008

Stanley Jaramba was ordered to surrender to Zanu PF and to declare that he had relinquished MDC membership. He refused and this angered Jawet who immediately ordered that Jaramba be brought to his base. Jaramba was dragged to the base where he was interrogated and heavily assaulted.

21 April 2008

Patience Machipisa was found guilty of supporting the MDC and she was taken to Jawet’s base. Youths under the instructions of Jawet Kazangarare assaulted Patience on the buttocks using heavy sticks and wire. She sustained serious injuries around her back and hands.

25 April 2008

Staben Kaunda was severely bashed by Jawet Kazangarare and gang on the night of 25 April 2008. They made him pay a chicken to the Chief E Kaunda as punishment for voting for the MDC. Jawet told Staben to leave the area and never to return again, because he was influencing people to turn against Zanu PF.

25 April 2008

Jawet Kazangarare led Zanu youths who assaulted Pilot Kaunda at his home on April 25 2008. Kaunda sustained serious injuries all over the body. As if that was not enough they placed Pilot under house arrest so that he could not leave the area to access medical assistance.

12 April 2008

Linos Mumbwanda, brother to the slain MDC activist Tapiwa Mumbwanda, was also attacked on 12 April 2008. A group of youths led by Jawet Kazangarare and Peter Madamombe, surrounded his homestead throwing stones at the roof of his house. On hearing the noise Linos went outside the house to investigate and was hit on the head with a stone. He collapsed and they left him for dead.

5 May 2008

About 50 Zanu youths came on different occasions looking for George Mukombwe’s son whom they wanted to kill as he was a prominent MDC activist. He had fled so they turned their anger on the father. He was assaulted on two occasions, then he left the area. On their next visit they failed to get their victim and they destroyed his home to the ground.


Kudakwashe Basikiti – Mwenezi East Constituency

Kudakwashe Basikiti is the Member of the House of Assembly for Mwenezi East Constituency. In March 2010 reports from Mwenezi have noted that Basikiti is now moving around Mwenezi district with a group of Zanu PF militia setting up bases in preparation for the constitution outreach programme as well as elections that are likely to follow immediately after the finalization of the new constitution.

These torture bases have been set up in the resettlement areas, Maranda, Dinhe and Neshuro areas. He has declared Mwenezi a liberated zone for Zanu PF and a no go area for the MDC. Ordinary poor villagers have been warned that they will be killed if they do not support the Kariba draft and that nothing will save them if they are found out that they are supporting the MDC. It appears Basikiti is not aware that his actions are unlawful as he has been quoted in the press openly declaring that “Mwenezi is a Zanu PF stronghold, the opposition has no room and will never have it”. His ill conceived perception of the current situation in Mwenezi district is that there is nothing wrong with what the militia is doing, he says they are urging their people to remain vigilant.

Basikiti secured a landslide victory in the March 29, 2008 elections because he is on record for having threatened that he would ban all people who do not vote for him from receiving GMB and NGO food. He took advantage of the acute poverty so prevalent in the district, which unfortunately lies in ecological zone four. Crop production is very poor and villagers survive on food from the GMB and handouts from humanitarian organizations. Most young people from Mwenezi district have fled to South Africa because of economic and political reasons and MP Basikiti is haunting the submissive ageing population of Mwenezi, riding on the crest of their illiteracy and vulnerability.

It is not the first time that this controversial character has manifested his bizarre reasoning capabilities. On February 3, 2009, either through sheer ignorance or religiously following orders from his handlers in Zanu PF, he caused quite an uproar in parliament that brought business in the house to a standstill when he made utterances that the Prime Minister and his party had invited travelling and financial restrictions imposed by western governments on Zanu PF cronies and businesses with Zanu PF links.

In the period April to June 2008 Kudakwashe Basikiti and his band of Zanu PF militia and armed state agents,  probably incensed by the MDC’ s victory in the March 2008 elections, went on the offensive against MDC supporters in Mwenezi. Their rampage left a trail of  a wanton destruction of property including homes and livestock. Their indiscriminate attacks on MDC supporters and their families left men, women and children maimed and displaced. Several MDC activists lost their lives at the hands of this MP. Most of the reported acts of aggression and brutal attacks in which Basikiti was directly involved resulted in fatalities. Basikiti was however rewarded for his brutality with a coveted seat on the Zanu PF supreme decision making body, the Communist styled Politiburo.

June 14, 2008

On 14 June 2008 ,Kennedy Dube was abducted from his home during the night and taken to a base in Maranda village. Members of his family who witnessed the abduction reported that the Zanu PF youths tied his hands behind his back and beat him up whilst his family watched. They then said they were taking him to stand before their party officials to answer questions on why he supports the MDC. They took him to the base where he was detained for the whole night. His family reported to the police that their relative had been taken to the base and they went to the base in the morning of 14 June to check, but could not rescue them. They just asked some questions and were told that the two men were Basikiti’s prisoners and were to be released that day. The police just left and never reported back to the family. Some community members who had been coerced into staying at the base noted that Kudakwashe Basikiti visited the base the following morning and two prisoners were subjected to some intensive questioning, followed by severe beatings. The two prisoners, who were also friends Kenedy Dube and Kennedy Mapuranga, succumbed to the torture and died at the base at June 14, 2008. The base was hastily abandoned and the corpses were collected by the police, but no arrests were made.

June 17, 2008

A teacher reported as Mr Muguni was approached at Neshuro Business centre by youths dressed in the National Service youths green uniform, and in the company of two armed people in plain clothes. They asked him why he had campaigned and voted for the MDC. Witnesses say when he expressed ignorance of what they were talking about they started to beat him up. The group pounded Muguni with booted feet, fists and baton sticks. The assault continued for quite some time and they only stopped when Muguni had stopped screaming and was motionless. People who had seen it happening rushed to assist Muguni but discovered that he was dead. MP Basikiti picked up the murder squad in his party truck and drove off at high speed from the centre.

June 23 2008

On 23 June 2008 Stanley Mapuranga was attacked by a mob of Zanu PF supporters, youths and armed agents who were travelling in a convoy with their MP Kudakwashe Basikiti. Witnesses reported that these people were actually celebrating Morgan Tsvangirai’s withdrawal from the Presidential run off elections when lucky ran out for the MDC ward official Stanley Mapuranga  and they caught up with him at Maranda village. They viciously assaulted him using every type of weapon they could lay their hands on, and in a very few moments Stanley was left deformed and sprawled in a pool of blood. When his relatives tried to rescue him after the marauding thugs had left  he was already dead. Those who were present when he was buried noted that his body was so badly damaged that it was difficult to handle. Reportedly all the bones in his body had been broken.

June 23, 2008

On the fateful day 23 June 2008 John Dube, a known MDC activist in Mwenezi district, was proudly donning his MDC  t-shirt when Basikiti’s convoy of people, who were celebrating Tsvangirai’s withdrawal from the Presidential run off, descended on Neshuro Business Centre. They grabbed John Dube and bundled him into one of the trucks. They never drove away from the shops but stood in a circle around the truck and it appeared Basikiti was issuing some instructions when suddenly the gang threw John out of the truck and started pelting him with stones iron bars and an assortment of other weapons. He died during the assault with the MP closely watching the assault. Basikiti and his troops drove off, leaving what had been John Dube lying stiff under the pile of stones, sticks and bricks.


Luke Mushore: Muzarabani North Constituency

Luke Mushore is the Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Muzarabani North Constituency. He is the only senior politician who has never cared to conceal his involvement in political violence. Mushore has, since the formation of the MDC, openly declared his intention to exterminate MDC supporters in Muzarabani. Living up to his word on 3 May 2008, Luke Mushore, assisted by Chief Kasekete, addressed a rally at Hoya Primary School where hordes of people willing or unwilling had been force marched by the Zanu PF militia.

At this rally MP Mushore was never economic with the truth and he warned MDC supporters in Muzarabani that they all faced death and indeed nine members of the then opposition MDC were brutally murdered in the run up to the June 27 elections. Reports from communities note that these people were callously butchered in cold blood and Luke Mushore and Edward Raradza presided over the killings. Not to be out done at the Hoya rally was Chief Kasekete, who told the Zanu PF militia and military personnel present at the gathering that he wanted to see the skies above Muzarabani glow with light radiating from fires burning the homes of MDC supporters that Saturday night. In order to demonstrate that Zanu PF meant business, Derick Musona, Israel Kuimba and Kudakwashe Charonda were ruthlessly lashed and punched with the crowd watching the punishment, probably well calculated to instill fear into the people.  Witnesses reported that these three MDC ward officials sustained serious injuries and were instructed never to seek any medical help.

It appears violence is Luke Mushore’s way of life. On 23 March 2010 Luke Mushore ordered villagers to attend another meeting at Hoya Primary School. He told the people that he did not recognize Morgan Tsvangirai as an authority in government and he likened him to a fly seating on the steering wheel of a car being driven by Zanu PF. He added that in Muzarabani Zanu PF does not know what the GNU is and do not even want to know. Also officiating at this meeting were Yahwe (CIO), Kamusengezi (ZNA), Chief Kasekete, Godfrey Katsiru (Zanu PF youths), Proud Photso ( ZRP) and Avozhi Chibedebede (war vet).

Kamusengezi informed the meeting that all those people who were MDC election candidates in March 2008 would be taken away before the Constitution outreach teams arrive in Muzarabani and that only certain selected individuals will be allowed to say anything at these meetings. Luke Mushore also warned churches that allowed MDC supporters to attend their prayers, that they risked their lives. A few days later several families of MDC supporters were terrorized out of their villages and sought refuge at St Alberts Mission. A local AFM church structure was subsequently burnt to the ground a week after the meeting at Hoya.

MDC supporters in Muzarabani North are now living in fear for they know that Luke Mushore is a dedicated Zanu PF militant who carries out his threats without failure. Reports have been recently made to the police and some victims have even camped outside the police station but nothing has been done to rein in the vicious honorable Member of Parliament Luke Mushore.

In 2008 Luke Mushore, on a mission to eliminate MDC supporters from Muzarabani, moved around the district in charge of large groups of Zanu PF youths. He was assisted by middle level commanders who included Godfrey Katsiru, Avozhi Chibedebede, Clever Goromondo, Mugariri, Washington Mbizvo, N. Muvhiyiwa, James Kangara, M.Maguta, O.Karuru, Gagiya, Clemence Mukumondera, Worse Chihowa, Enock Chipendo and Nyanyiwa Mbofana. This group created havoc for MDC supporters in Muzarabani and some of the people who fell victim to Luke Mushore’s gang gave accounts of their experiences below:

May 1, 2008

On 1 May 2008 MP Luke Mushore and Jenia Manyeruke (Senator) addressed a rally at Machaya School where they urged their supporters to deal with all MDC supporters. Alexander Mazarire was attacked by Zanu PF youths coming from this rally and he was lucky that he managed to escape. But the angry mob destroyed his property and set his home on fire. Alexander now wallows in poverty and he lost everything in the attack.

April 28, 2008

Luke Mushore, in the company of Jenia Manyeruke, Goromondo, Mugariri, Washington Mbizvo, W Muvhiyiwa, James Kangara, M.Maguta, O.Karuru and Gagiya mobbed Farirai Hwata at Gumbochuma Primary School on 28 April 2008.

The CIO, war vets and the youths dragged Farirai from his house to a bush nearby, where they assaulted him and threatened him with death if he continued to support the MDC .

May 10, 2008

On 10 May 2008 the group of Zanu PF militia searching for Andy Samvuu caught up with him at his home .They accused him of supporting Morgan Tsvangirai and that he wanted to sell the land to the whites, so they heavily assaulted him, looted his property, destroyed his entire homestead and set everything on fire. He identified amongst the group; Luke Mushore, Chamunorwa Chizengeya and Chimusingo.

May 5, 2008

Klefas Hokonya sustained serious injuries after he was abducted by Luke Mushore’s gang of militia who beat him up using an assortment of weapons at Machaya School. After Klefas had lost consciousness, the Zanu PF thugs destroyed his home to the ground. He reported that the people who attacked him were; Worse Chihowa, Enock Chipendo, Nyanyiwa Mbofana, Luke Mushore and others.

May 6, 2008

On 6 May 2008, Godfrey Sosa, Gift Mushore, Evans Mahachi, Sunwick Bananga, Skipper Chitengu, Monde Phiri and Tasiwa Gatsi were among the group of militia that tortured Tafadzwa Mudyirapo at Machaya School. They indecently assaulted Tafadzwa, attempting to rape her but she bravely resisted. They struck her all over the body and the gang destroyed her homestead leaving her homeless in the process.

May 6, 2008

Noria Gatsi’s home near Machaya school was demolished by members from Mushore’s gang of Zanu PF militia. They set whatever was there on fire, they attacked her with various weapons and left her bleeding profusely in the wake of their destruction. Noria noticed Zanu PF supporters who had accused her earlier on of voting for the MDC – Alphonce Torevasei, Columbus Zisengwe, Handsome Chigwende, Clemence Mukomondera and Gift Mushore.

May 6, 2008

Loraine Kanhukamwe, another victim of Luke Mushore’s machinery of political violence in Muzarabani, gave a heart rending narration of her torrid time at the hands of the terror gang. The Zanu PF youth assaulted her then destroyed her home to the ground, burning everything else to ashes. Among the multitude of perpetrators was Gift Mushore, Chamunorwa Chizengeya and Chimusingo. Loraine now leads a paupers life and no one is willing to help her. Relatives have been advised by Zanu PF youths to desist from rendering her any form of assistance because she is MDC.



Nicholas Tasunungurwa Goche : MP Shamva North Constituency

Nicholas Goche is the Member of the House of Assembly for Shamva North Constituency. He is currently the Minister of Transport and Communication in the inclusive government. In the run up to the Presidential run off elections, Nicholas Goche wreaked havoc with his terror campaign in the whole of Shamva District. Goche’s legend of brutality stretches as far back as the 2000 elections when scores of people where butchered in and around the Shamva Gold mine areas. In what Goche and his band of psychopaths called re-education all night (pungwe) sessions.

Soon after the 2005 general elections Goche was appointed the Minister of State Security thus placing the control of the CIO directly under his administration. It appears his bond with the dreaded spy agency has not been severed since. In 2008 towards the June run off elections Goche, as the serving minister of Labour and Social Welfare, issued an order barring all humanitarian organizations from distributing food aid in all the country’s districts. Observers noted that his action had been prompted by the fact that the MDC was gaining inroads in the previously Zanu PF dominated areas and he thought that NGOs were taking advantage of food shortages and campaigning for the MDC.

This infamous decree resulted in many people starving and there was much confusion in the local and international NGO and civic society circles and any amount of lobbying efforts were in vain. His blood stained campaign trail in the 2008 June elections was marked by terrible reports of the victims experiences at the hands of Goche himself, or his militia, assisted by his faithful CIO agents. Some of the reported heart rending events are chronicled below.

11 May 2008

In a small village in the resettlement areas of Shamva a gang of youth militia, who had been brought into the area by Nicholas Goche, descended on Elias Kahari Madzivanzira’s homestead. They accused the family of being MDC supporters and they started randomly beating up everyone in sight and destroying whatever they could lay their hands on.  Elias was struck on the head with an axe, his wife Erica was butchered in the same manner but fortunately the wife survived. But Elias was not so lucky. His head was reported to have split into two and he died on the spot. Witnesses noted that the people who murdered Elias were from the local resettlement areas and had been seen in the company of Nicholas Goche during the day, drinking beer and singing praises for Mugabe and Goche.

16 May 2008

Goche addressed a campaign meeting at Chidembo School in the morning of May16, 2008. He instructed all youths in the area to guard their land jealously against what he called the whites re-invasion. They then were supposed to wipe out all MDC supporters . He specifically mentioned  Edson Zaya as a known sell out in the area and consequently Edson Zaya was captured  by Zanu pf youths and war vets, on May 16 at Chidembo Shopping centre in Shamva. He was heavily assaulted for more than an hour and was badly injured and died shortly after the assault on the same day.

27 May 2008

Kidwell Zvavamwe was dragged from his bed during the night of 27 May 2008. Reports note that the same group of Zanu PF youths which was roaming and accompanying Goche in his rounds in the constituency, captured and assaulted Kidwell. Kidwell died a week later from the injuries he had sustained during the brutal attack. His wife Lucia Mukaru said that the youths barred Kidwell from seeking medical help.

11 May 2008

The Zanu youths from Goche’s campaign team dragged Roy Barwa from his hut with a wire tied around his neck like a leash and his face covered with a red cloth, which they said represented death. They destroyed his homestead  burning all what was inside the huts. His entire family was assaulted including the children and the mother, who left the home and started living in the bush.

14 May 2008

On the night of May 14 2008 a gang of Zanu PF youths, accompanied by armed people in civilian clothes, abducted Florence Muponya from her home  and beat up her husband who sustained injuries on hands, eyes and his back. They burnt all the huts, kraals and a car.  This incident was reported to the police but Goche ordered the police to arrest Muponya and her family instead and they faced political violence charges before the court in Bindura. The charges were subsequently thrown out and the victims discharged.

10 May 2008

On May 10, 2008 Elton Mutero was abducted by Moses Tore and other Zanu PF youths who were being driven in a truck belonging to MP Goche. They threw him in a pick up truck and severely beat him before taking him to Shamva Police Station. He was detained at the police station and was interrogated by Goche’s campaign manager whilst in the police station.

14 May 2008

Brian Mupeme, Gorezvarimwa Chiyanike and his crew got Washington Muza arrested, accusing him of burning homes belonging to Zanu-PF people. He was assaulted by the police who forced him to agree on the charges of the case he was being accused of and that he was the local chairman of the MDC. About 19 other MDC supporters were arrested and assaulted with baton sticks.

21 June 2008

Innocent Kadzire and other MDC supporters were accused of supporting the MDC. They were assaulted by the Goche linked gang of militia and they were later hauled to Madziwa police station where the militia lied that the MDC supporters were causing political violence. They were further assaulted by the police and released.


Olivia Muchena: Mutoko South Constituency

Olivia Muchena

Olivia  Nyembesi Muchena is the Zanu PF MP for Mutoko South Constituency and she is the current Women’s Affairs and Gender Development Minister.

Olivia Muchena, who is a lay preacher in the United Methodist Church, is reliably reported to have suspended all her church activities in 2008 to concentrate on the Zanu PF campaign  for the presidential run off elections. Despite her advanced age (63 years) and religious prominence she amazed many of her victims and supporters included, with the terrible vigour and brutality she manifested in executing her missions in the terror campaign against MDC supporters in the whole of Mutoko district. She worked in cahoots with the notorious killer gangs of Bramwell Katsvairo and others.

Locals noted of frequent nocturnal meetings of these teams at Mutoko centre reportedly held at Olivia Muchena’s house. She never fails to declare her profound support and utmost admiration of the Zanu PF leader Robert Mugabe’s stance against whites whenever she gets the chance to address any gathering, irrespective of whether its a funeral or political rally.

Some of the recorded incidents of political violence directly linked to Olivia Nyembesi Muchena are listed below. Olivia’s reported trail of systematic violations date as far back as 2000 and she has consistently maintained her bloody campaigns throughout subsequent elections.

April 1, 2008 

On 1 April 2008 Olivia Muchena sent one of the leaders of her campaign team, known as Richard Makoni, to accompany Bramwell Katsvairo on a mission to eliminate some targets in the districts. Makoni’s task was to identify the wanted MDC activists for Katsvairo. In the afternoon of that fateful Tuesday the killer squad caught up with Tatenda Chibika at Chibeta Business Centre, who was positively identified by Makoni. Tatenda was shot at close range by Katsvairo and died on the spot. Olivia Muchena is said to have issued an order that Tatenda be buried immediately and that there was no need for a postmortem.

April 14, 2008

Olivia Muchena instructed her gang of Zanu PF youths to go and force a known MDC district official Tendai Mafuta to attend a rally she was addressing at Chidye Centre. Tendai set off for the rally in the company of three other MDC supporters, including his sister. Little did they know that Bramwell Katsvairo was waylaying them along the road to the rally, ostensibly at the behest of Olivia Muchena. They never got to the Centre as Katsvairo approached them from nowhere and shot Tendai twice in the stomach. He dropped to the ground instantly. The other three people in his company report that they were so terrified that it took them some time to come to terms with what had happened. Though they tried to help Tendai it was too late. Tendai Chibika was dead.

April 14,  2008

A gang of Zanu PF militia led by Kwirira, a war veteran, abducted Masukuta Makuyana from Dumaira Centre in Mutoko South accusing him of campaigning for the MDC. They bundled him into Olivia Muchena’s pick up truck and assaulted him to death not far away from Dumaira Bussiness centre. Makuyana was buried near Ushamba School with just his relatives in attendance.

April 16, 2008

Order Nyakudanga and Chatambudza Makoni, all high ranking Zanu PF district officials, called for an all must attend rally at Rukawo Business centre where several MDC supporters were flushed out of the crowd and subjected to brutal and thorough beatings. Givemore Masarirevhu, one of the MDC activists in the area who was unfortunate enough to have been identified at the rally, went through a torrid time as the Zanu PF senior officials worked him over, displaying their war time torture skills before a terrified and spell bound crowd. Givemore and quite a number of other MDC supporters had been bashed and reduced to a sprawled mass of humanity when Olivia Muchena arrived at the meeting around 1600 hrs. Nyakudanga gave an account of what had transpired at the meeting and how the traitors had been adequately punished, but Olivia Muchena told the victims that they had not been beaten enough and she invited the youths in her entourage and a bunch of other blood thirsty hounds  to subject Givemore and his comrades to yet another severe round of assault that lasted quite a long time. Eyewitnesses say they saw one of the victims die and was taken away in one of the trucks in Muchena’s convoy.

May 1, 2008

Olivia Muchena, leading a group of Zanu PF youths, descended on Revai Kativhu’s homestead in the afternoon of 1 May 2008 and destroyed it to the ground. They assaulted Kativhu and left her for dead and they took away two goats for food at their base.

May 5, 2008

A group of Zanu PF youths who had been seen in the afternoon of that day driving around Hoyuyu resettlement areas in the company of the Zanu PF MP Olivia Muchena, raided and abducted Siraju Musa in the evening. The group assaulted Musa in the bush close to his homestead and he died during the assault. This militia gang linked to Olivia Muchena included; Washington Tikude, Enerst Masenda, Dickson Chibika, Tauya Mukanga, Samuel Kambanje and others. Witnesses reported that the group drove away in Olivia Muchena’s truck soon after the murder.

May 31, 2008

During the night of Saturday 31 May 2008 Nancy Chidzidzi and Taurai Chihuri (a Headman) were shot to death at their homes by people who were reported to be CIO agents. The dead were described as Zanu PF local officials who had fallen out with Olivia Muchena and had defied her order to identify local MDC supporters who were supposed to be eliminated. Olivia Muchena is reported to have arrived at the scene of the murder the same night and ordered a quick burial of the two without any postmortem, her reason being that the party was to continue with the presidential campaign without delay. Relatives of the deceased defied Muchena. They took the dead to the district hospital for a postmortem and have long held strong suspicions that Muchena’s unusual behavior betrayed her involvement in the murder of their relatives.


Paddy Tendai Zhanda – MP Goromonzi North Constituency

Paddy Zhanda

Paddy Zhanda has always been involved in political violence since 1999, but has proved to be shrewd enough to cover his tracks after the act and has cunningly operated behind the scenes. He has provided funding to those people leading the perpetration of violence in his constituency, thus working with the devil under the cover of darkness and presenting himself as holier than thou to the world during the day. The teams of militia in the Goromonzi North appeared well resourced compared to other areas as they usually availed themselves for use by other neighboring constituencies. Reports from victims of political violence note that Paddy Zhanda unleashed groups of youths to terrorise known MDC supporters in Goromonzi North. These militia gangs are reportedly recruited from Zhanda’s farm workers but it’s not clear whether these workers willingly offer their services or are coerced into joining other Zanu PF youths in forming the terror gangs.

In February 2000 the then MDC candidate for the Bindura constituency, Elliot Pfebve, organized to hold a campaign rally at Musiiwa business centre in Mashonaland Central. A group of MDC youths who had camped at the venue of the rally to put up posters and other campaign materials were rounded up by a group of 150 violent Zanu PF supporters who heavily assaulted them. The six MDC youths sustained serious injuries.These Zanu PF supporters were identified by locals as workers from Paddy Zhanda’s farms. They were armed with axes, iron bars and various other weapons and one of them was holding a rifle. When Pfebve arrived at the venue he was confronted by this group of militia baying for his blood and he noted that they were using a lorry and a small truck provided by Paddy Zhanda. Fortunately for Elliot the police from Shamva swiftly responded to his call for assistance and the two vehicles were escorted to Shamva Police station where a subsequent police investigation screened twelve ring leaders of the group who were immediately detained. In the afternoon of that same day Border Gezi (now deceased) and Paddy Zhanda descended on the police station and ordered the unfortunate officer in charge to release the Zanu PF militia leaders without charge.

It appears that in 2008 during the Zanu PF bloody campaign for Robert Mugabe, reported events in Goromonzi North signified a drastic transformation in Zhanda’s political violence modus operandi. He moved around the constituency  in the company of an armed gang led by Comrade Pasi who owns Masara Farm in Shamva and was reported present when several victims were assaulted. Ironically most of the MDC local officials who were abducted and assaulted in the presence of Zhanda were all small business people. Whether this was mere coincidence or a deliberate ambition to personally settle scores with business rivals nobody knows. Reports from the constituency note that the armed thugs led by Comrade Pasi, with their blue Mitsubishi truck and another white Isuzu twin cab truck (provided by Paddy Zhanda and driven by Artwell Zhanda) formed part of the contingent that abducted Shepherd Jani, a Murehwa businessman in 2008.  Shepherd Jani’s mutilated body was later discovered in Zhanda’s constituency. One frightening observation is that most of the remains of MDC officials who were abducted and murdered were all dumped in the Goromonzi area.  Paddy Zhanda owns several retail outlets in the constituency. What really distinguished the pattern of violence in Zhanda’s area from others was that though so many people were tortured and butchered no homesteads nor properties were destroyed. The burning and looting that was the order of the day in other constituencies was not universally reported from Goromonzi north. Following are some of the details of horrible incidents in which Paddy Zhanda and his gang of murderers were involved.

June 18, 2008

Kingsley T Jaure, who owns a general dealers shop at Bosha business Centre, was abducted from Bosha Secondary School by armed militia and taken to the Business Centre where there was a Zanu PF gathering. Jaure recognized some of his abductors as war veterans from Mwanza, an area south of the constituency. They were driving in a white truck without registration plates. On arrival at the Zanu PF meeting Jaure, now a prisoner, was presented before Paddy Zhanda who was addressing the Zanu PF supporters.  Zhanda asked him why he was supporting the MDC and why he wanted to sell the land to the whites. The MP Zhanda then instructed his gang to assault Jaure. They attacked him with sticks, fists and booted feet. Jaure sustained serious injuries at the meeting and was taken to the militia base at the same centre for further torment. At the base he reports that they used hot wire to torture him on his private parts and buttocks.  Though Kingsley was released the same day he was so badly damaged that he could neither talk nor walk. This brutal assault rendered Jaure an invalid for the whole month and he could not access medication because Zhanda’s militia set up roadblocks on all roads leading into the area. No one was allowed to leave the area for medical treatment. There was no entry for those coming from outside as well and chances of ever rescuing the injured where non existent.

June 14, 2008

On 14 June 2008 Paddy Zhanda dispatched a group of armed rowdy Zanu PF militia, led by Ranganai Bepete, Artwell Zhanda and Pasi, to abduct Claudious Munemo and shut down his store near St Francis School in the Chikwaka area. The gang was travelling in a blue Mitsubishi truck without registration plates. The militia looted goods from the store saying this was all MDC money. Munemo was then hauled to a Zanu PF meeting at Bosha Business Centre and his abductors informed him that they wanted to set an example for the people. At the meeting Claudious Munemo was extremely humiliated when they bared his buttocks and heavily assaulted him. Mrs Mudhara, a Zanu PF district official who had come from Rusike in the same district, was given the honor to beat Munemo first before the other thugs took turns to kick and bash him. Paddy Zhanda instructed the militia that they must make sure that Munemo would not be allowed to leave the area. Pasi, who owns Masara Farm in Shamva, was the commander of the four men armed gang that moved around in the blue Mitsubishi truck. After the assault at the meeting Munemo was taken to a Zanu PF militia base at Bosha School for further beatings and torture. Though he was released the same day the youths visited him at his home a further five times on different days, heavily assaulting him each time and his wounds were never given the chance  to heal. Finally one night Pasi and his gang of armed men took Munemo away from his home. They told him that he had refused to leave the MDC after all the beatings and they were therefore going to end it all. They bundled him into their truck and drove off towards the cattle dip tank in the area. On the way Munemo reports that Paddy Zhanda phoned Pasi ordering him to leave whatever he was doing and report to base as soon as possible for there was an urgent mission to be attended to. That is when Munemo was thrown out of the truck and it sped off into the night. Munemo reported that some of the utensils looted from his shop were used at Zhanda’s farm to prepare food for delegates to a Zanu PF meeting and these drums and pots are still there.


Saviour Kasukuwere – MP Mount Darwin South Constituency

Saviour Kasukuwere

Saviour Kasukuwere is the Member of Parliament for the Mount Darwin South constituency. He has been reported by victims of political violence from his constituency as a ruthless political gangster who has instilled fear in many members of the MDC party in the whole of Mashonaland Central province.

Though he describes himself as an ex-CIO agent reports have claimed that he actually occupies a very high post in the agency and has maintained an office at the CIO headquarters at Chaminuka Building. Those MDC supporters who have been unfortunate enough to have fallen prey to his campaign of terror have chilling stories to tell.

He has a history of personally attacking his victims with an iron bar and using very large groups of militia to haunt his would be victims. He is currently leading the campaign to expropriate white owned businesses in Zimbabwe. To accomplish his selfish enrichment ambitions, and with the support of his party Zanu PF, Kasukuwere is now wielding what he calls the indigenization regulations which will force foreign and white owned enterprises to surrender more than half of their equity to the chosen few. Listed below are some of the accounts of incidents of political violence in which Saviour Kasukuwere was personally involved.


In the run up to the presidential run off elections in 2008, Saviour Kasukuwere funded and spearheaded most of the terror gangs in Mashonaland Central. On May 5, 2008 he organised one of the most brutal attacks ever. He used his lorries to ferry a group of over 300 youths to Chaona in Mazowe district where a lot of MDC supporters were maimed and 6 activist were beaten to death. The people murdered on this day included; Tapiwa Meda, Alex Chiriseri, Joseph Madzuramhende, David Tachiwa Mapuranga, Patson Madzuramhende and Joseph Jemedze. These killer youths were wearing Kasukuwere’s campaign t-shirts and were assisted by uniformed soldiers under the command of Major Kairo Mhandu.

On May 13, 2008 the same large group of Zanu PF militia led by Kasukuwere killed Fischer Chitese, Bright Mafuriro, Sairiro Kamufuto in Mount Darwin and on May 19, 2009 the Kasukuwere led gang abducted and killed Phanuel Mubaira .


On March 18, 2007 Saviour Kasukuwere, accompanied by a gang of CIO agents, followed the MDC MP for Kuwadzana, Nelson Chamisa, to the Harare Airport and savagely attacked him with an iron bar.  Nelson Chamisa was bashed in a high security area at the terminal with all airport security personnel watching, but none of them dared interfere with the gang.


On March 25, 2000 Saviour Kasukuwere, then a Zanu PF candidate for the Mount Darwin constituency, organised a 200 strong gang of Zanu PF youths and war veterans at Madondo Hotel, Mount Darwin Centre. This group had a list of addresses of known MDC supporters which they used to follow up and assault all the people who were found staying at these houses. Many victims showed lacerated wounds, bruises on the face and all over the body after this raid. Kasukuwere was assisted by Jacob Juma a war veteran, to command this attack on the residents of Mount Darwin .

On April 8, 2000 Saviour Kasukuwere hatched a plan to eliminate an MDC chairman (Taurai) of the Nembire ward in Mount Darwin. A group of Zanu PF youths was then dispatched by Kasukuwere under the cover of darkness to the MDC chairman’s homestead. They surrounded his homestead and set the homestead on fire. On trying to escape from the fire Taurai fell into the hands of the arsonists who used an axe to hack him all over the body. They left him for dead but he was saved by his neighbour who took him to hospital.

On the same day April 8, 2000 Saviour Kasukuwere, leading a large group of youths he had ferried into Mount Darwin from Chitungwiza, attacked another MDC chairman only known as Tawanda,so  severely lashing him that he had to be rushed to hospital. The following day on the 9th April the same gang destroyed Tawanda’s home, burning his car to ashes. The case was reported but the police noted that they could not do anything since Kasukuwere was involved.

On 13 April 2000 a convoy of MDC supporters coming from Bindura to Mount Darwin to attend a rally, were ambushed by Kasukuwere just after “ Shashe pass “ along the road to Mount Darwin. The MDC supporters were first attacked by a large group of stone throwing Zanu PF supporters. Running battles between the two groups erupted and the police moved in to quell the violence.The MDC convoy proceeded, only to fall into another ambush mounted by Saviour Kasukuwere himself and a band of gun totting CIO operatives. This armed gang used vehicles to block the road and moved on to the MDC supporters using iron bars to smash vehicle windscreens and pounding people in the process.  Kasukuwere, armed with an iron ba,r pounced on Albert a well known MDC activist in Bindura, and with a single blow took out Albert’s left eye, it could not be saved and now he has one eye. Many MDC supporters were injured though there were no deaths reported. Many came out of the melee with broken bones and lacerated faces.

Saviour has been credited as the first person to craft the idea of setting up torture bases   in Mashonaland Central in the run up to the 2000 parliamentary elections. He funded 27 male war veterans and Zanu PF youths and one female youth to set up a torture base at a building owned by Kasukuwere’s campaign manager. Many victims suffered at the hands of this gang which was also sponsored by Sarah Kasukuwere, sister to Saviour.


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The JAG Trust Christmas Communique

Dated 20 DECEMBER 2011

To all our valued JAG farmer members, subscribers and friends, as another
extremely difficult year for all of us draws to a close, it is more
appropriate to only look forward.

But the price we continue to pay, especially in lost lives and assets must
never be forgotten.  So it is only right that at this special time of
spiritual contemplation and renewal that we remember our fallen and mostly
unsung heroes of the battle between good and evil and bring them to the
forefront of our thoughts and prayers at this special time.  We have to
ensure that the significant losses in this battle against evil are never
forgotten and have not been for nothing.

It is in this vein that we must look forward, remembering well that the
status quo here is not sustainable and that at some time things will have to
turn around.

The JAG Trust continues, 24/7, albeit under very challenging constraints to
successfully fulfill its mandate to the displaced and dispossessed farming
community - to document - to publicize and to litigate in promotion,
preservation and protection of farmers' and farm workers' rights.  Much of
JAG's work will only be of real value once true and meaningful political
legitimacy is restored in Zimbabwe.

In the interim, much of which is a waiting game, we cannot emphasize enough
how essential it is for all farmers to keep updating their farm claims
documentation and especially ensuring that their farm valuations are being
professionally concluded using the appropriate methodology as prescribed
under International Law.

Over the past two years JAG has, of necessity, had an increasing involvement
with the tried, tested and very professional team of SA Valuers -
MillsFitchet (Natal).  Every Zimbabwean farmer in the frontline of the
various legal battles have all, without exception, followed JAG's advise and
contracted second opinion valuations with MillsFitchet SA.  Without
exception all have opted to utilize the MillsFitchett valuation reports.
The MillsFitchet's valuation methodology, comparative property market
research in the region and their reporting are second to none.  These very
professional valuation reports come at a very much more affordable and cost
effective rate to Zimbabwe farmers.  Interested farmers should contact JAG
for more information on this front in the new year.

The JAG office will be closed from Monday 19th December 2011 and open again
on Monday 9th January 2012.  However, the JAG hotlines will continue to be
operative and manned on a 24 hour basis for those farmers in crisis and
needing assistance.

The JAG team would like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a very
Happy, Festive and Peaceful Christmas and we wish you all the very best in
the coming New Year.


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