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Zimbabweans scramble for South African visas
By Nkepile Mabuse, CNN
December 28, 2010 -- Updated 1400 GMT (2200 HKT)
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Deadline for Zimbabweans in South Africa
  • Zimbabwean immigrants must apply for visas by December 31 deadline
  • Zimbabweans have enjoyed amnesty from deportation since April 2009
  • Many fled country because of lack of jobs, deteriorating economy at home
  • More than 100,000 visa applications already received; many more expected
Johannesburg, South Africa (CNN -- Zimbabwean immigrants living in South Africa have just a few days left to apply for visas that would allow them to stay in the country legally.

"Let there be no illusion, the government will not extend the deadline for the registration of illegal Zimbabweans living in South Africa," said South Africa's Minister of Home Affairs Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma.

"Every resource has been placed at the disposal of illegal Zimbabweans living in South Africa to afford them the opportunity to regularize themselves."

She urged immigrants who have not yet done so to apply as soon as possible and not wait for the December 31 deadline.

"Accordingly, and even at this late hour, we take this opportunity to make the final appeal to those who have not applied for their regularisation or those with fraudulently acquired South African documents to apply or submit such documents now and not wait for the deadline," the minister said.

Zimbabwean immigrants have been seen recently lining up outside the home affairs offices across South Africa. Many have slept on the pavement waiting to legalize their status in South Africa.

"It is very difficult to get a job. So it's easy for us here to get a work permit so that we can also support our families back home," said a Zimbabwean immigrant, who asked to be identified by his first name, Lovejoy, as he waited outside the Johannesburg office.

Since April 2009, Zimbabweans living in South Africa illegally have had amnesty from deportation. But next year, authorities have said immigrants without visas will be deported.

The threat of being forced back to their struggling country has sparked widespread fear.

Once a regional bread basket, Zimbabwe's economy has rapidly deteriorated over the past decade. A unity government formed by President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in February of last year has been tasked with rebuilding the country, but progress has been slow.

Work hours have been extended and staff in South Africa increased to deal with the more than 100,000 visa applications already received. Many more will likely be filed in the coming days.

Deportations are not expected to start until all the applications have been processed, according to the home affairs minister, though it was not immediately clear how long that process would take.

'We are working and doing our best to sort out their issue," said Dlamini Zuma.


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Karoi Hospital Turning Away Patients

28/12/2010 14:06:00

Karoi, December 28, 2010 - Karoi Hospital was during the Christmas period
turning away patients due to lack of doctors.

The nurse in charge, identified only as Sister Kazawo was telling patients
here that she was the highest qualified medical personnel on duty and was
therefore not in a position to attend to everyone.

She was seen by Radio VOP turning away three road accident victims
Portia,Petronella and Rejoice Kanengoni who had been referred to the
hospital by the police.

She said she had no time to talk to journalists because they were disturbing

“You can go to the maternity ward and see the Nurse in Charge if you want. I
do not know her name, go and hunt for her if you are interested. Where do
you want me to get the doctors to attend to those patients you are referring
to, “she said.

Radio VOP approached Maternity Ward sister in charge Sister Gwatidzo who
confirmed they were no doctors available since December 25.

“The problem we are having here is that stand-by doctors are not reachable.
We have been trying their numbers by without success. However this is not a
justification of the returning of patients by nurses," she said. “I can tell
you that we have a seriously head injured patient who has not been attended
to by doctors since last night, “she said.

However, one of the off duty male nurses told sister Gwatidzo in the
presence of Radio VOP that duty nurses were reluctant to call sand-by

“They are lying. They do not want to call the doctors. These nurses are
sabotaging patients, because last night when we were on duty we called
doctors who responded quickly,“ said the male nurse.

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Soldiers man roadblocks

Written by Fungi Kwaramba
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 12:08

HARARE - The dreaded military police brandishing AK47 rifles have been roped
into manning roadblocks alongside the Zimbabwe Republic Police force across
the country raising fears among travellers who are often subjected to body
The presence of the army on the roads has raised concern among travellers as
many do not see the need for the army to be involved in civilian daily life
especially this festive season when many people are travelling for holidays.
Along roads in the country there are at least two military police officers
at the endless road blocks.
A passage travelling from Harare said that there is no need for the army to
be at road blocks as that often causes unnecessary concern among passengers.
“I do not even see the need to have the army on our roads. Policemen are
better as that is there duty to man roadblocks,” said the passenger.
Over the past years President Robert Mugabe has been gradually militarising
the country by placing soldiers who often have a dog-like-devotion to him in
all facets of civilian life.

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We Are Trained To Kill – Soldiers

28/12/2010 14:09:00

Buhera, December 28, 2010 – Soldiers deployed here at the beginning of the
festive season, stunned villagers when they told them that they were trained
to kill.

Villagers near Sungura shopping centre who confirmed living in fear said
they were frightened by the message.

“What surprises us is that we are not in a war and yet we see soldiers here
promising to kill us for no apparent reason. For almost a week now, about 15
soldiers led by retired colonel Magirazi were camping near Chadzire Bridge
in ward 20," said a villager.

“They (soldiers) call for rallies from time to time,” said a villager.

“We are not sure of what tomorrow will bring us. We live in fear that we may
be beaten or even killed. We do not know the meaning of these threats,” said
another villager.

Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Brian Makomeke said anyone who
feels that he or her life was put under threat by the ‘suspected soldiers’
should make a police report.

“We normally encourage villagers to make police reports whenever they think
that their lives are in danger,” said Insp Makomeke.

Retired Colonel Magirazi could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, Zanu (PF) has since started campaigning for Custon Mukurunge to
be their next member of parliament for the area.

“This time we are ready for anything. Come thunder ofr rain- we will make
sure that victory for Zanu (PF) is certain,” Mukurunge told villagers.

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Moyo use security forces for no-go areas in Tsholotsho

28 December, 2010 03:48:00

FORMER Information and Publicity Minister and MP for Tsolotsho North
Professor Jonathan Moyo has declared areas in and around his contituency in
Tosolotsho as no go areas for ZAPU and other political parties, sources in
the Zimbabwean security forces revealed.

In a statement reaised to the media ZAPU said it regrets to announce that
police have barred our party from holding a public meeting at Tsholotsho
Business Centre.

The meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 29 December. Zapu president Dr
Dumiso Dabengwa was billed to address the meeting.

Police in Tsholotsho refused to sanction the meeting claiming that they did
not have sufficient manpower to cover the event. Zapu believes the police
are under pressure from certain quarters to thwart the Zapu crusade in

However, The Zimbabwe Mail can reveal that former Information and Publicity
Minister Jonathan Moyo and MP for Tsholotsho North has declared the rest of
Tsholotsho a no-go area for ZAPU and any political other groups ahead of
2011 elections.

Moyo, who is defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa's chief strategist in Zanu
PF succession battle is said to be planning a full deployment of the army to
secure his sit in Parliament.

We wonder if the police have ever refused to sanction a Zanu-PF rally
anywhere in Zimbabwe. We even doubt if Zanu-PF even applies for police
clearance to hold meetings in most cases.

The cancellation of the meeting disappointed residents of Tsholotsho centre
and surrounding villages who did not hide their excitement and anxiety to
attend their first Zapu meeting since 1987.

We suspect  the excitement may have caused the powers-that-be to influence
the police not to sanction the meeting.

However, that will not stop the inevitable; Tsholotsho will come back home
to Zapu at the next polls. Our party has the requisite political experience
and structures to counter dirty tactics by our opponents. -Plus

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Police bar Zapu meeting in Tsholotsho

Written by Methuseli Moyo, Zapu spokesperson.
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 12:42

ZAPU regrets to announce that police have barred our party from holding a
public meeting at Tsholotsho Business Centre. The meeting was scheduled for
Wednesday 29 December. Zapu president Dr Dumiso Dabengwa (pictured) was
billed to address the meeting.
Police in Tsholotsho refused to sanction the meeting claiming that they did
not have sufficient manpower to cover the event. Zapu believes the police
are under pressure from certain quarters to thwart the Zapu crusade in
Tsholotsho. We wonder if the police have ever refused to sanction a Zanu-PF
rally anywhere in Zimbabwe. We even doubt if Zanu-PF even applies for police
clearance to hold meetings in most cases.
The cancellation of the meeting disappointed residents of Tsholotsho centre
and surrounding villages who did not hide their excitement and anxiety to
attend their first Zapu meeting since 1987. We suspect  the excitement may
have caused the powers-that-be to influence the police not to sanction the
meeting. However, that will not stop the inevitable; Tsholotsho will come
back home to Zapu at the next polls. Our party has the requisite political
experience and structures to counter dirty tactics by our opponents.

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War Vets Grab Farming Inputs

28/12/2010 13:49:00

Mberengwa, December 27, 2010 - War veterans and Zanu (PF) youths in
Mudavanhu area of Mberengwa in the Midlands province have grabbed farming
inputs meant for distribution to farmers in the area.

The inclusive government has embarked on a programme to distribute farming
inputs such as maize seeds, and fertilizer to poor communal farmers in the
district. The programme is being run by officials from the Agrcultural
extension department (Agritex).

A group of war veterans and Zanu (PF) youths led by Tavona Chigwengwenene
and Obey Moyo have taken over the project and are distributing the farming
inputs to Zanu (PF) supporters and to their relatives only.

“We have these guys led by one war veteran Chigwengwenene who have grabbed
the programme. They are now distributing the farming inputs to Zanu (PF)
supporters and to their relatives only,” said an Agritex official.

Edius Moyo of the Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement Democratic Change (MDC-T)
Mberengwa district chairman, called the government to intervene and stop the
corruption by these war veterans.

“These war veterans now act as if they own Mberengwa district. They have to
be stopped, we can’t let them continue harassing people in this district.
The inclusive government especially the Ministry of National Healing should
do something about this,” said Moyo.

Moyo said last week Chigwengwenene and his group stopped the distribution of
these farming inputs at Zibanga business Centre in Mudavanhu area and told
everybody who had gathered there to produce Zanu (PF) cards.

Farisai Zhou an MDC supporter who was also barred by war veterans said “she
was advised that if she wants to get the farming inputs she should join Zanu
(PF) and buy the party card first”.

Chigwengwene and his group of about 30 Zanu (PF) youths have been causing
terror in Mberengwa in the past recent years especially towards elections.

Early this year there were arrested after disrupting a constitutional
parliamentary committee consultative meeting on the new constitution held at
Vutsanana Secondary School in the same district.

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No electricity nor water at Christmas

Written by Fungi Kwaramba
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 12:21

CHITUNGWIZA - Traditionally Christmas is a period of merry and partying. Its
that time of the year when people forget about the troubles that
characterised the ending year. However, for many people in Harare  the day
was no different to other days as there was neither water no electricity on
the day that comes but once in a year.
Residents of Chitungwiza who have been experiencing water woes and
electricity blackouts were shocked when ZESA the power utility denied them
the chance to dance to music and the council prevented them from bathing
since the tapes where dry.
While no official comment could be given by the two service providers who
are also enjoying the festive season residents of the sprawling town
expressed shock and dismay and urged the service providers to take them
“We have paid for electricity and water yet we spend Christmas without
water. As for power it was erratic and I even failed to bake because of the
outages. We hope that next time they will take us seriously,” said Nomsa
Culture dynamic as ever has not spared the residents of the town that is
third to Harare and Bulawayo in terms of population. In the past residents
used to go to their rural homes and spend the Christmas with relatives and
friends but that is no longer the case.
Lack of money to travel to the countryside has seen the rural areas coming
back to the urban centres that do not have tape water nor electricity.
“Imagine I had to cook using firewood and for water I had to go to draw from
a well. There is no difference between my rural home and the town where I am
made to pay for water that is not evn available,” said Tendai Chikanya from
the same time.
What is shocking to many people is that most industries in the country are
closed and yet power supply remains erratic.

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Top Prison Officer Transferred For Keeping Goats In Cells

28/12/2010 14:08:00

Harare, December 28, 2010 - A top prison official has been transferred for
making prison inmates share cells with goats.

Chief Superintendent Norbert Chomurenga who was the officer in charge of
Harare central prison has been transferred to Hurungwe farm prison following
a commission of enquiry which visited the prison to find out why goats were
being kept at the prison.

According to one of the senior officers who were part of the commission of
enquiry, Chomurenga failed to explain why the goats were being kept at the
prison. He has since been replaced with Chief Superintendent Christmas

Prisoners at Harare Central prison were last week removed from their cells
to create room for five goats. This resulted in prisoners sharing a few tiny
cells available in an already over congested prison.

In August, Harare Remand Officer in Charge Chief Superintendent Chibaya was
interrogated by senior service officials for keeping 200 chickens in a
prison cell meant for juveniles. He is alleged to have quickly removed the
chickens from the cell before the investigation team arrived.

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Zanu PF breaks the law

Written by Fungi Kwaramba
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 12:15

MUTOKO SOUTH - Despite the ban that was imposed by the Ministry of Education
Sports and Culture barring political parties from conducting rallies at
schools former Police Assistant Commissioner  commanding Mashonaland East
Province, Everisto Pfuvhuti has been using schools  in Mutoko South to hold
political rallies.
Pfuvhuti the man who destroyed dockets that highlighted the atrocities that
were committed by Zanu PF hoodlums during the 2008 bloody Presidential
run-off campaign is honing himself to square up against Zanu PF heavyweight
Olivia Muchena in the former ruling party primary elections.
“Pfuvhuti has been using Zanu PF structures here to drum up support for
himself ahead of the elections in 2011. He is angry that he was not duly
rewarded for his work in 2011 and also feels that Mai Muchena is not doing
anything for her constituency,” said a Zanu PF insider.
However, Pfuvhuti’s campaign has been far from clean as he has already
breached the laws of the country that imposed a ban on political parties
from contacting rallies at schools.
MDC-T Spokesperson for Mashonaland East Silas Gweshe said that Pfuvhuti has
so far held political rallies at Chidara Primary and Secondary Schools.
“Our supporters have been forced to attend the rallies that have been held
at schools and the police cannot do anything against their former boss,”
said Gweshe.
While the leader of MDC Morgan Tsvangirai is calling only for a presidential
poll President Robert Mugabe of Zanu PF is insisting on yet another
synchronised poll despite the fact that the fiscus cannot bankroll the
plebiscite and that most of his MPs are against elections.
With Mugabe maintaining that there is going to be elections, jostling for
positions in the former ruling party is gathering momentum thick and fast.

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Mugabe withdraws fleet from Billy Rautenbach

By A Correspondent

Published: December 28, 2010

Harare  -  President Robert Mugabe has without explanation and under unclear
circumstances withdrawn 15 of his trucks from businessman Billy Rautenbach’s
SABOT Transport company which are now running under the name Earth core.

A senior driver within SABOT transport (who declined to be named) which is
co-owned by President Robert Mugabe, and ZANU-PF sponsor Billy Rautenbach
said Mugabe was no longer interested in his fleet crossing the borders.

“I do not know much about how much share the President has in the company
but what I can confirm is his recent withdrawal of 15 trucks from the fleet
which are now running under the trade name Earth Core. These vehicles are
now operating locally and we are told that he does not want his vehicles to
cross the country’s borders. President Mugabe still has some trucks which
are trading under SABOT”, he claimed.

billy_rautenbach_Rautenbach(nicknamed ‘The Napoleon of Africa’)’s businesses
are protected from any form of seizure by ZANU-PF because of his partnership
with President Mugabe. The controversial businessman has vast businesses
ranging from farming, transport and bio-fuel production which he is believed
to be co-owning with senior ZANU-PF officials. In a recent TV documentary
titled “Bankrolling Mugabe” on Britain’s Channel 4, he was described as
corrupt by opposition politicians and was shown to have interests in the
mining industry of Zimbabwe and linked to moves to remove black farmers from
their grazing land.

His patronage to ZANU-PF has reportedly protected him from racial
discrimination and harassment by Mugabe over the past decade during which
eviction of whites has been the order of the day.

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Zim Child Abuse On The Rise

28/12/2010 14:12:00

Harare, December 28, 2010 - There have been at least 800 000 cases of
various child abuses in Zimbabwe since 1999, Tara Miller, Director of Child
line Zimbabwe has confirmed.

In an exclusive interview Miller said 801 788 cases of child abuse had been
reported from November 1999 to December 2010.

"The cases were mainly sexual abuse in nature closely followed by physical
abuse," she said. "They were followed by cases of children being abused
because of their family relationships. Some were suicide cases."

She said in December 1999 only 12 991 cases of child abuse had been reported
to Childline which had, however, shot up to 245 744 in December, 2010.

"The cases seem to be on the increase mainly because children now access to
cell phones and they can thus phone us with anonymous names," Millers said.

"In December, 2009, 116 397 cases had been reported which was up from the 50
713 cases reported in December 2008.

Chid line helps children who have been sexually abused either by their
parents or even friends.

"The cases are up in Zimbabwe," Miller said. "This is very worrying indeed."

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Commercial Banks Resume Consumer Lending - At a Price

Bankers said consumer loans repayable over six or 12 months, help cushion
low-paid workers from the harsh economic environment

Gibbs Dube | Washington 27 December 2010

Some Zimbabwean commercial banks are resuming consumer lending, making loans
for school fees, settling power and water bills, and for 7other purposes, in
general lending the equivalent of one month’s salary at 28 percent annual

Bankers said such loans, repayable over six or 12 months, provide low-paid
workers with a cushion against the current harsh economic environment.

Financial sources said banks offering such loans included Zimbabwe Banking
Corporation, the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe, Metropolitan Bank and Standard
Chartered Bank.

Harare banker Charles Moyo said that customers who applied for loans should
get their money in the next few days.

Economic commentator Bekithemba Mhlanga said such loan schemes signal a
return of confidence between bankers and their

For those who do not qualify for bank loans or are reluctant to pay high
rates of interest, savings clubs are springing up again as Zimbabweans with
little disposable income pool their financial resources, correspondent
Taurai Shava reports from Gweru.

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Mutambara safe in govt - Madhuku

By Guthrie Munyuki
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 16:13

HARARE - Arthur Mutambara is in no danger of losing his cushy Deputy Prime
Ministerial post – and all the trappings that go along with it – even if he
loses his party president role.

Constitutional law expert, Lovemore Madhuku, says Mutambara can complete his
term in office as long as President Robert Mugabe is happy with his
performance, even if he loses his party’s backing in the Global Political
Agreement (GPA).

Madhuku said recent suggestions by the smaller faction of the MDC leadership
that Mutambara could be recalled from government were “nonsensical and have
no legal force”.

“There are two things here; the law and political morality,” said Madhuku.
“At law, a person in government can either resign or be dismissed. However,
in political morality, DPM Mutambara, by virtue of being the leader of his
political party, can be asked to resign voluntarily, but he can refuse to

“There is no legal requirement.”

Madhuku said the fact that Mutambara had not offered himself for re-election
at his party’s congress in January did not mean he was out of government.

“There is no such language as recalling in this country. It’s the ANC
(African National Congress) language and it’s nonsensical.  Mutambara was
sworn in by the President in terms of Amendment number 19 Act and that is
the Constitution,” Madhuku told the Daily News.

“It is only Mugabe who can either force him to resign or dismiss him, if he
is not happy with his performance.  The GPA is not the Constitution and is a
separate arrangement.  So, Mutambara is likely to complete his term in the
inclusive government,”

The University of Zimbabwe Public Law lecturer made comparisons with Mugabe’s
refusal to swear in Roy Bennett as deputy agriculture minister, despite
being seconded by his party to the inclusive government in line with the

“The President has the formal power to refuse.  It is the same with
Mutambara. His party can say it wants him replaced but it is of no legal
effect, the GPA is not the Constitution,” said Madhuku.

Mutambara, who has had to endure months of speculation regarding his future
at the helm of  the smaller faction of the MDC, has opted not to contest in
the forthcoming elections – leaving secretary general Welshman Ncube in pole
position to take over the reins.

The former UZ student leader has said he will remain a card-carrying and
ordinary member of the party he joined as leader in 2005 after its
spectacular split from the original Morgan led-Tsvangirai MDC.

Mutambara, the robotics professor once with the US space agency, NASA, was
head-hunted by Ncube to lead the party after he successfully persuaded his
allies, mainly from Matabeleland, to form a break-away party.

Ncube was angered by Tsvangirai’s decision to veto a national council vote
to participate in the senatorial elections.

The national council had voted in favour of participation despite Tsvangirai’s
refusal and Ncube felt his decision to reverse the vote was unconstitutional
and undemocratic.

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Mugabe - Asleep At the Wheel

The situation in Zimbabwe is bad enough without another African leader praising Mugabe for his stand in retaining power in the country, despite losing the 2008 election. And I am a little bit surprised that there doesn’t seem to be the support from other African leaders for the MDC to be allowed to assume the mantle of power as handed to them by the popular mandate.


Why bother to have elections if the results are to be ignored?


“Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo warned West African leader Sunday that any attempt to oust him by force could ruin the regional economy and trigger a bloody war.


On Tuesday, three West African presidents will visit Abijan int a bid to convince the defiant 65-year-old leader to step down, a last-ditch plea that comes backed by a threat of regional military intervention.


Gbagbo said he took the threat ’seriously’ but would never back down, and his lieutenants warned that any intervention could put the millions of West African migrants living in Ivory Coast in danger.”


Gbagbo has a perfect template to follow - that of the ‘revered’ Zimbabwean leader, Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The Southern African regional is unable and reluctant to take any action against Mugabe who has effectively conducted a coup by remaining in office and having the entire democracy of the country turned on its head, leaving the party that won the election out in the cold.


“Several international leaders, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, have warned Gbagbo’s stubbornness could plunge Ivory Coast into civil war.


But Gbagbo’s supporters turned the warning around, claiming instead that the threat of military action by the West African bloc ECOWAS poses a greater risk of mass civilian casualties and a regional conflagration.


Gbagbo said the West African move was the result of a Western plot directed by France and the United States, whose ambassadors he accuses of undermining Ivorian electoral procedures in order to propel Quttara into power.


“When you go through what I’ve been through, you tell yourself, ‘Perhaps Mugabe wasn’t completely wring after all,’” he said, referring to Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, who clung to power after losing the election.”


Using Mugabe’s actions as a benchmark is entirely wrong. He has refused dialogue, embarked upon a bloody campaign to remain in office now and after the next election - and now his ego will be stoked by Gbagbo’s comments and his intentions.


But why do African leaders insist on showing how spineless they are by quietly acquiescing Mugabe’s moves to remain in power? The threat of civil war in Africa has now taken root in the South and West of the continent, and cannot be more than a single rifle shot away.


Mugabe’s apparent conception of power being infectious in another part of Africa aside, it is apparent that the old man of Zimbabwe is tired and in need of a rest. He insists on making long, rambling speeches which make the most absurd allegations against the West and Morgan Tsvangirai, and yet in meetings, he has developed a habit of nodding off.


This backs my theory that he is nothing more than a figurehead for the military leaders in Zimbabwe, who are busy priming their forces to take power in any new election by force.


This is further backed up by the public utterances of Mugabe’s senior henchmen who have stated that nothing less than a Mugabe win will be acceptable to ZANU PF...




“President Robert Mugabe is tired and must go now, says firebrand Finance Minister, Tendai Biti.


Biti, a lawyer, said he had a two hour meeting with President Mugabe and he had slept during most of it.


“I met with President Mugabe two weeks ago and he slept most of the time during the two and a half hour meeting,” Biti told a rally in Kuwudzana.”


More information that backs up the idea that Mugabe is little more than a figurehead for the Joint Operations Command (JOC) consisting of the military chiefs and intelligence network leaders.


Mugabe will be 87 in less than two months - yet seems to be propped up in the zeal for ZANU PF to maintain control over anything remotely governmental or security related in the country.


Robb WJ Ellis

The Bearded Man



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