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The Washington Post, 28 July

Mugabe’s role in raids debated

By Craig Timberg

Johannesburg - A scathing UN report last week condemned the demolition of slums across Zimbabwe and called for criminal prosecutions of those responsible. But the report stayed silent on the next obvious question: Who are they? The demolitions are now in their third month, and the community of Porta Farm in suburban Harare, which was first destroyed in June, was attacked again in recent days. But no senior official has taken responsibility, and President Robert Mugabe, while defending the campaign, has never said publicly that it was his idea. As a result, debate has intensified in Zimbabwe over whether Mugabe, at 81, still wields total control over the national government and whether his once-legendary political savvy has begun to dim after 25 years in power. "We have a president who has lost it," said Mugabe's former information minister, Jonathan Moyo, who was fired in February but has re-emerged as an independent member of parliament and leading critic of the government. "I do not accept that he is really the one who ordered that. It is the powers around him." Moyo's contention was echoed by Pearson Mbalekwa, a former legislator who resigned from the ruling party this month to protest the slum demolitions. "The pace at which he appreciates things, the way he perceives things, has really changed drastically," Mbalekwa said in a recent interview in Harare. "This is not the Robert Mugabe we knew. It's a human inevitability. When you reach that age, you lose touch with what is happening."

Other critics contend that only Mugabe could have orchestrated such a massive, countrywide effort. Since May 19, an estimated 700,000 people have been made homeless or have lost their jobs as police stormed through poor neighborhoods, destroying homes and informal markets. "He is thoroughly in control," said John Makumbe, a political commentator at the University of Zimbabwe. Mugabe has praised the demolition campaign as necessary, saying in the May 28 edition of a government-owned newspaper, "Our cities and towns...had become havens for illicit and criminal practices and activities that just could not be allowed to go on." Officials have periodically asserted that the program was about to end, but reports of demolitions continued after the U.N. report was released Friday. Several thousand residents of Porta Farm who were beginning to rebuild their homes faced new evictions Saturday and Tuesday, according to news reports. On Thursday, police also raided churches that were sheltering victims of the campaign in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second-largest city. Makumbe, speaking from Harare, said that when ruling party members complained about the demolition campaigns, they were told Mugabe had ordered them personally and would tolerate no criticism. But while he reiterated the perception that the president remained in control, Makumbe also acknowledged that the growing international condemnation of Zimbabwe pointed up Mugabe's deterioration. The president is currently in China seeking aid, but Makumbe said aides in the his office described him as often napping at his desk. "He has run out of steam," Makumbe said. "He is old. He is essentially senile. He sleeps most of the time."

The UN report, by Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka of Tanzania, says the demolitions violate international law and might amount to a crime against humanity. It urges prosecution in relation to several deaths attributed to the campaign. Yet it is quiet on what role, if any, Mugabe might have played in conceiving, directing or supporting the effort. "It appears that there was no collective decision-making with respect to both the conception and implementation," the report says. "Evidence suggests it was based on improper advice by a few architects of the operation." Elsewhere, the report mentions "over-zealous officials, each with their own agendas." It notes that two officials, the Reserve Bank governor and the minister for the capital area, gave speeches this spring citing the need to crack down on dirty streets and illegal trading. The report also recalls Mugabe's role as a liberation hero in Zimbabwe in the 1970s and ranks him with South Africa's Nelson Mandela in "an exclusive club" of African leaders renowned for fighting racism and colonialism on the continent. But Mbalekwa, who first met Mugabe in the mid-1980s and soon after joined his feared secret police, said the old Mugabe was long gone. "Maybe he has been there a little too long, maybe he is no longer listening to the wishes of the people," Mbalekwa said. "He is no longer the Robert Mugabe of yesteryear, that energetic man…who was an inspiration to everyone, that man whose traits were admired across the breadth and length of Africa." The president "is too old, and his mortality is beckoning," Moyo said. He "is no longer in total control of things, not even of himself."

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The Zimbabwean

Govt gives free transport 'home'
Dear Family and Friends,

Shocking reports this week told of how 300 homeless men, women and children
sheltering in Bulawayo churches were forcibly turned out in the middle of
the night by government officials and trucked off to a holding camp. One
Church leader described the midnight raid as brutal and horrific and said:
"They had elderly folk, and they were piling them onto vehicles; they were
frog-marching children ...who had been asleep."

I know that any parent who has woken their child from a deep sleep will feel
the same horror as I do at this description. I am appalled to think that our
government officials have become so cruel as to be able to carry out these
acts in the middle of the night, in mid winter, to defenceless women,
children and babies. Are they not also parents, fathers, grandfathers?

Also this week priests who had been helping displaced people in Mutare and
Bulawayo were called in for questioning by government officials. In Bulawayo
church leaders from various denominations were forbidden from going into
holding camps where hundreds of homeless people have been taken. The
churches were told that they have to have permission from the political
governor of the area before they may visit the poor and
destitute in the holding camp.

Meanwhile in an absolutely absurd Alice in Wonderland development in Harare,
the government started moving homeless people back to exactly the same sites
on which their homes had been demolished a few weeks ago. ZBC television on
Friday showed Minister Chombo preparing to address a crowd of people whose
homes had been demolished by government bulldozers.

The people clenched their fists, raised their arms and chanted slogans in
praise of Zanu (PF) and then listened as the Minister told them that those
who had lease agreements were to be taken "home" to their piles of rubble.
Minister Chombo told these people who have lost everything that not only can
they go back, but that they will be given free transport to get there.

He went on to announce that the people would be given sheets of asbestos and
treated timber poles which they could use to erect "temporary structures"
which they would be allowed to live in for one year while they built their
permanent homes.

As things get worse and worse in Zimbabwe, more and more people are seeing
the truth about what has really been going on here and are speaking out, and
for this we give thanks. We thank the South African Council of Churches who
have launched Operation Hope for Zimbabwe to assist the 700 000 people made
homeless by Operation Murambatsvina.

We thank Nigerian poet and Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka who this week
said that: "A great revolutionary...a liberation fighter has become a
monster." And we thank the UN special envoy Anna Tibaijuka for her report,
her voice and her courageous words which speak for millions here who are
voiceless. We thank the people of New Zealand for their protests on our
behalf and we thank Zimbabweans in exile in countries all over the world for
not having forgotten us. Until next week, Ndini shamwari yenyu.
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The Zimbabwean

Battling great evil
LONDON - In Britain, most people are hooked to the rolling news coverage of
the unfolding terror attacks. One day last week, we seemed to have a
different incident happening every 30 minutes. The Metropolitan Police
Commissioner has urged Londoners not to listen to rumours and to keep calm.
The authorities have been very careful not to make any announcements until
they can give the facts and back them up absolutely. Even so, speculation is
rife here, and panic appears to be sweeping the nation.
How much worse must it be in Zimbabwe, where at least 700 000 people,
according to the United Nations report, have been affected by the latest act
of state terror. There is very little information, and virtually no local
media coverage of what is really going on. For those living through
Operation Murambatsvina, the facts are all too obvious, the rest of us must
rely on second-hand stories and clandestine reporting.

In an age when the world is battling great evil, to visit evil voluntarily
upon your own people is the worst, and it seems that finally the west has
woken up to what is happening in Zimbabwe.

But with hundreds of thousands dying of starvation in Niger, and bombs
detonating not only in London but Egypt too, as well as the ongoing violence
in Iraq, Zimbabwe comes pretty low down on the list of priorities for the
West. With no moving pictures of starving children and homeless people to
prick the consciousness of the public over here, we can expect, as ever,
very little outside help.

Many of those within Zimbabwe who trying to help are being frustrated -
churches are prevented from helping the homeless and human rights
organisations are severely restricted in what they can achieve.

South Africa's apparent promise of a loan if the demolitions stop is a ray
of hope - but we have turned to South Africa before, to little avail. And if
our neighbours believe that Mugabe will keep to his word, I fear they will
be disappointed.

All respect to Anna Tibaijuka of the UN for her hard-hitting report.
However, she falls short of blaming Mugabe. But then she spoke to the man.
Her report found the government "collectively responsible" but suggested the
policy was based on "improper advice by a few architects". Tibaijuka said
that the help Mugabe gave her mission made it "clear that here was a leader
who wanted to leave this behind him".

Could it be possible that the mass demolitions took place without his
authority? Has he perhaps lost power without us becoming aware that actually
someone else is running the country? This seems highly unlikely, and if it
is not the case, then where else could blame possibly lie than with the head
of state?

Mugabe gives a face to the destruction of the land. We can widen that to
Zanu (PF) and The Government, but all three are synonymous with almost every
bad thing that happened in our country. For Tibaijuka to stop short of
making it clear that Mugabe is culpable is ridiculous.

Human nature is such that we need an enemy - we must have someone to blame.
In Britain and the west, Al Queda are the bad boys right now, despite the
fact that there is yet no conclusive evidence that they are behind the
latest wave of attacks.

In Zimbabwe there appears to be little doubt as to who is responsible. In
Britain the biggest police operation ever is now underway to find and stop
the killers of less than 60 people. In Zimbabwe, our body count is higher,
but when the law enforcement services are also complicit in the crime, and
even the United Nations won't condemn those ultimately responsible, the
night is dark indeed.
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      Zimbabwe 'halts urban slum blitz'
      Zimbabwe's vice-president has said the country has ended its policy of
demolishing homes in urban slum areas.
      The government has made such announcements in the past but the
clearances have continued.

      The statement comes a day after a damning UN report on the programme
was discussed at the UN Security Council.

      The report condemned the operation, known as Drive out Trash, as
inhumane, saying it was causing "immense suffering".

      Some 700,000 people were left homeless and a total of 2.4 million had
been affected, it said.

      Zimbabwe's government maintained the operation was aimed at fighting
crime and cleaning up slums and shanty towns.

      International pressure

      "Operation Murambatsvina [Drive out Trash] is now complete," Vice
President Joyce Mujuru said on a state radio broadcast.

      "I appeal to the international community to stop stone-throwing," she

      UN Secretary General Kofi Annan last week said he would accept
President Robert Mugabe's invitation to visit the country, though his
spokesman said this would not be until the clearances are halted.

      Zimbabwe's foreign minister has condemned the UN report, saying its
allegations are "definitely false" and its language is "judgemental".

      The country has come under increasing international pressure to halt
the demolitions.

      Donor countries have withdrawn foreign aid over policy differences,
forcing Mr Mugabe to seek the support of China and neighbouring South

      The Zimbabwean opposition says the evictions are meant to punish urban
residents, who have rejected Mr Mugabe in favour of the opposition in recent
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Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2005 9:55 PM
Subject: BTH: The welfare of victims of political violence and torture

SW Radio Africa     Presents      Behind the Headlines with    Lance Guma


Available Thursday evening on the internet and Friday morning on Medium Wave 1197khz 5:10-5:30am

Also availbale on the internet archives for 2 weeks.


This week on the programme we begin a two part series that looks at the welfare of victims of political violence and torture in Zimbabwe. Scores of activists have been scarred for life, lost loved ones and in most cases the bread winners have either been killed, tortured or rendered 'unemployable'. How many of us remember them and even care to find out how they are doing? Those who have left the country. What has become of them? Should the opposition they supported, leading to their victimization, be actively following up on their welfare and also try to assist. Is it fair in any case, to criticize the MDC for a state of affairs created by Robert Mugabe's regime?


The programme contains interviews with Khetani Sibanda (bitter victim), youth leader Mathula Lusingo (grateful), MDC spokesman, Paul Themba Nyathi and the human rights lawyer who raised the issue, Daniel Molokela based in South Africa.


Lance Guma

SW Radio Africa
SW Radio Africa is Zimbabwe's only independent radio station broadcasting from the United Kingdom. The station is staffed by exiled Zimbabwean journalists who because of harsh media laws cannot broadcast from home. Access broadcasts on Medium Wave -1197KHZ between 5-7am (Zimbabwean time) and 24 hours on the internet at Broadcast archives are also available on our site.
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July 28, 2005

The Justice for Agriculture Trust (JAG) and Justice for Agriculture
Membership Association (JAGMA) join in solidarity with the Zimbabwe Human
Rights NGO forum and fully endorses and supports the position taken by the
Forum in its statement on the report on "Operation Murambatsvina" by the UN
Special Envoy on Human Settlement Issues in Zimbabwe.

(electronic copies of the UN Report are available from JAG on request.)

Statement by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum on the Report on
"Operation Murambatsvina" by the UN special Envoy on Human Settlement
Issues in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum welcomes the timeous publication of the
report on the recent "Operation Murambatsvina" (Restore Order) by the UN
Special Envoy and her team.  The Report records the effects of the
humanitarian disaster inflicted on the poorest and most vulnerable sections
of the population in the height of winter and purportedly in the interests
of arresting disorderly or chaotic urbanization, reversing inappropriate
urban agricultural practices and stopping illegal foreign currency

The Secretary General of the United Nations himself describes "Operation
Murambatsvina" as a "catastrophic injustice carried out indiscriminately
and with disquieting indifference to human suffering".  In her "profoundly
distressing report", the Envoy records that the Operation "render (ed)
people homeless and economically destitute on an unprecedented scale" and
that "in addition to the already significant pre-existing humanitarian
needs, additional needs have been generated on a large scale particularly
in the shelter, water, sanitation and health sectors"

The Operation was carried out in a military fashion by armed police and the
Army with minimal notification from the authorities and in contravention of
the Constitution of Zimbabwe and the International Covenant on Economic,
Social and Cultural Rights, to which Zimbabwe is a signatory.  Credible
reports indicate that evictions are continuing in certain areas and that
displaced persons are being harassed by the police and Army.

An "estimated 700 000 people in cities across the country lost either their
homes, their source of livelihood or both", which has indirectly "affected
2.4 million people in varying degrees"

While the Zimbabwe Government is said to have permitted unfettered access
by the Mission to all areas, its response to the report has been
characteristically critical, dismissive and accusatorial.

The Human Rights Forum would like to congratulate the Mission on the speed
with which the exhaustive report was prepared and the sincerity and
professionalism with which the Envoy and her team conducted their wide and
energetic consultations with all stakeholders in Zimbabwe.

The Human Rights Forum calls on the Government to implement the
recommendations of the Report with the utmost urgency in order to address
the humanitarian crisis "Operation Murambatsvina" has left in its wake.

Date: 26 July 2005




JAG Hotlines:
(011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice
(011) 603 296 please don't hesitate to contact us -
we're here to help! (04) 799410
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Letter Number 1

Dear Jag,

Many thanks to Eddie Cross for some interesting letters. In his last one
however, "A Coordinated Strategy", he refers to "Retired General Mujuru who
has never run for public office and has a very small regional base and is
now getting on in years."

I don't believe the General has yet turned 60. That is not "getting on in
years" in politics, least of all in Africa.

Guy Watson-Smith.


 Thought for the Day - On The Lighter Side

 Adam & Eve.....

An Englishman, a Frenchman and a World Bank Economist are viewing a
painting of Adam and Eve frolicking in the Garden of Eden. "Look at their
reserve, their calm," muses the Englishman. "They must be English!"

"Nonsense," says the Frenchman. "They are both naked and beautiful. They
must be French!"

"You are both wrong," says the World Bank economist. "They have no clothes
and no shelter. They have only an apple to eat and they're being told
they're in Paradise. Clearly, they are Zimbabweans!"


All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions
of the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice
for Agriculture.

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 TEL (04) 302081 or Cell 091 237 216
2.8 Wanted (Advert 23/6/2005)

· 1300m - 25mm arm. cable
· 600 m - 16mm arm. cable
· 3 x 30 Ha pivot
· 3 x 20 Ha pivot
Call Callum Fraser 062-3152/0 or 011 211 489.
2.9 Wanted (Advert 6/7/2005)

WANTED - second hand roofing sheets. mail
2.10 Wanted (Advert 5/7/2005)

Wanted urgently 120 Sprinklers with 1m standpipes
Contact 011 415 450 Vince
2.11Wanted a good home (Advert 19/7/2005)
Staffy lovers,

magnificent pair of 2 years old jet black staffies "jack & jackie" needing
a very good home. Abandoned to starve by owner who left the country.  They
need a kind stable environment where this will never happen to them again.
Wonderful nature.
Tele Michelle(Terrier Rescue on 884294 URGENT
LOST. Elderly Ginger Tom Cat went missing from Borrowdale racecourse area
last week.Blind in one eye, short hair, long tail and large nose. If you
have seen him, alive or dead please contact Robyn at Chisi Vet on 494862/3
or 883206 or 091-212-735.

2.12 WANTED (Advert 21/7/2005)

I am looking for a net one contract line so urgently.  Please contact Gift
at 0698 - 391/2
2.13 Wanted (Advert 27/7/2005)

White female Muscovy ducks required for breeding purposes.
Contact: 011 731 922 (cell) or Rob Walmisley at 073-2799
2.14 WANTED (Advert 27/7/2005)

Terrier Rescue are looking for good homes for 'Jack and Jessie', a pair of
magnificent 2 year old black staffies, abandoned by owner who has left the
.English Bull Terrier Lovers! I have a super white bitch, 4 years old
called 'Snowy', she is small, absolutely gorgeous and has always been an
only dog.Suit any Bull Terrier lover as she is not boisterous.

Finally 'Jessie' an 18 month superb staffy bitch, black brindle also
needing good home. Good with other dogs and used to cats

These dogs are in great need of someone to love them as they have all been
abandoned. If you can help please phone Michelle on 884294 or e-mail me at

2.15 DOGS WANTED URGENTLY(Advert 27/7/2005)

Husky female
Bouvier female
German Shepherd male/female
Pups would be preferable, otherwise very young dogs.
Phone: cell - 011 601581
2.16 Wanted (Advert 27/7/2005)

 I am urgently looking for a good second hand babies "high chair". Please
contact me with details and price on
2.17 Washing machine (Advert 27/7/2005)

Speed Queen Washing Machine for Sale.
In excellent condition - $9 000 000.00.
Contact 04-331278 or 011406909.

Personalized repairs and servicing undertaken by a qualified mechanic with
over 30 years experience.
PHONE Johnny Rodrigues
(04)336710 or 339065
3.2 SPECIALIST SERVICES(Advert 30/6/2005)

Are you looking for Day Care for children from 3 months to 4 years old,with
experienced care givers in a secure yet spacious and stimulating

 Our low teacher : pupil ratio ensures children receive
individual attention therefore encouraging creativity and independent

Located in Chisipite
open Monday to Friday 7am to 2pm.
Limited places available - please call 482067 for an appointment

3.3 SPECIALIST (advert 28/7/2005)

Electrical Contracting and Consultancy

Electronic Design Engineer

Security & Alarms

Very High Professional Service

Contact 091320090 Evenings (04)339582

3.4 Hairdresser (Advert 14/7/2005)

 Shayne Hull qualified fully in the top hairdressing salon in London.  She
is now in Zimbabwe with new ideas, and the latest styles.  She charges
$220,000 for a cut and blow wave and this includes a free treatment.
Call her on 498768.
She is at Chris hair salon in Chisipite.


3.5 ZEB Water Back-up Systems(Advert 14/7/2005)

Tired of erratic, unreliable water supplies or low water pressure?
Invest in a reliable water back-up system.  We supply, install and maintain
water back-up systems to all areas in and around Harare.

to fill your tank if you have been off municipal for some time!

For more information please contact us on 011-424712 or 011-806525

3.6 (Advert 21/7/20050

 Do you have to move or do you have a problem finding a home for your

We are not buying horses, but are offering excellent care, attention,
managers and very experienced grooms for your horses.
There will be no charge to you, but we will use the horses for horse rides
to help pay for their upkeep.

All horses will remain your property - you may want them back one day!
For details please contact

4.1 LAND TO RENT (Advert 5/7/2005)

We have a large backyard to rent if you need a place to store your
we do have a security guard at night and we are there during the day but
need to insure your own goods Rent is ZWD 20 Million per month please
04 302081 if you are interested or cell 091 237 216

4.2 WANTED TO RENT (Advert 14/7/2005)
A Casia semi detached house in Dandaro available to rent on 1 August 2005,
furnished or unfurnished.
Two bedrooms with bathrooms, office, open plan lounge, dining kitchen,
lockup garage.

Please contact Jean on 091229144 or 307651
4.3 House to Rent (Advert 17/6/2005)

Glenlorne - lovely thatch House - 3 bedrooms , one upstairs ensuite , 2
bathrooms, open plan kitchen / dining room / lounge, beautiful msasa
, Z$12m, ph Janet 011 614197
4.4 House in Mutare - Morningside (Advert 21/6/2005)

Lovely property. 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. Lock-up garage. Well - free
water! Secure.
Phone Di Heselton 020-67034 (w) or 020-61874 (h)
4.5 Urgent Room Required (Date 28/6/2005)

Single man wanting a room with Full Board,
Avondale,Stratchaven,and Emerhill Hill,Mount Pleasant,Northwood, and
surrounding areas

Preferred an annex from main house
Please Contact 335499
4.6 HOUSE TO LET (Advert 30/6/2005)



 PHONE TONY 443236 OR 023402776.

4.7 URGENT (Advert 14/7/2005)


Please could you once again advertise for accomodation for Shirley Turpin,
a widow who was kicked off her farm at the end of last year, and her semi
retarded daughter Cindy.
Shirley has been house sitting in Harare but needs to find new accomodation
as from 1st August.
Shirley can be contacted on 04 498234.
Thank you.
4.8 COTTAGE FOR RENT (Advert 14/7/2005)

Suit Single Business Person
Rent inclusive of Water/Zesa/Cleaning & Laundry

Greendale North (Near Itailian Embassy)
Rent Neg

Contact Sally 023316739
4.9 To Rent (Advert 19/7/2005)

Large 2 bedroom flat attached to farmhouse,available 1st August.
Suit bachelor,retired couple of commuter.

Handyman & animal lover essential.

One Million dollars per month, zesa extra

Attractive thatched cottage in farm,2 bedrooms, own garden, and lots of
space.  Handyman an asset.

One Million dollars per month plus Zesa

My home is 55 kms from Harare, there is a big garden and use of pool.
Tele 073 3399 / 011 423 614
04 333852

4.10 Lodger (Advert 21/7/2005)

Semi-retired lady needing lodger to share her home in Mount Pleasant.
Prefer man. Own bedroom bathroom and use of all facilities including DSTV,
kitchen and large garden. Very central to town.
Tel Michelle on 884294 or Auriel on 335703.
4.11 FOR lease (Advert 21/7/2005)

7 acres of open industrial land situated at Mt Hampden available for lease.
This land is on the left hand side of the Lomagundi Road at Mount Hampden
and is suitable for numerous uses, there are 2 boreholes on the property.

 I am open to any reasonable suggestions or
Please phone 744397 or 011 719 302 ,
4.12 For Lease (Advert 27/7/2005)


CONTACT JENNY 011 423 614 OR 073 3399
TOWN 333852
4.13 Home for Sale (Advert 27/7/2005)


 Home for Sale By owner

 Contact: 011-204-642, 883236=20

 Property is well secured within close distance to all amenities, schools
and shopping centers. Situated 2 minutes from St. John's College and 4
from Borrowdale Shops.
 Land cascades gently down to a dam that never
 dries, six metres deep and includes two ponds. Landscaping and rockery
is complete with possibility for waterfall feature. Pumps for irrigation
are available.

The house is thatched with asbestos roofing under for fire protection.  The
interior is finished off with ceilings, skylights and some timber beams
exposed. Includes beautiful woodblock flooring, unique and modern
features throughout.

 The house comprises:
 Large Lounge Main Bedroom
 Double-volume entrance En suite Bath
 Library, loft overlooks Lounge Dressing Area

 Dinning Room 3 Bedrooms
 Cloak Room Family Bath
 Study Herb Garden

 TV Room 2 Storerooms=20

 Kitchen: Defy Gemini hop & oven Garden Room=20

 Scullery 4 Quarters
 Pantry Play Area

 Entertainment Area: Veranda is fitted with ceramic tile flooring, granite
topped and fitted shelves, and 2 BRAAI.
4.14 RETIRED COUPLE (Advert 27/7/2005)

Looking for a retired couple who would be able to look after a furnished
house and animals in Bulawayo rent free, while the owners are working in

This would be a long term arrangement but the owners are unfortunately
unable to take their animals with them so will need the couple to look
after them.

If you are interested please can you contact Moira Kaschula on 023 225 885
or 011 60 9049 and 09 280802.
4.15 Flat to Rent (Advert 27/7/2005)

 Two bedroom garden flat ,lock up garage, within walking distance of
kamfinsa shops,available 1st August,
 contact Mr Wallis 023 894587
4.16 Property (Advert 5/7/2005)

Daryl Hartman Property Management
2 Aberdeen Road
Tel 333192
Cell 091 251 752

Please contact me for my latest list of properties ranging from Up market
Townhouses, Cluster homes, Nice neat three/two bedroom garden flats to
Secure family homes.
 5.1 Art Exhibition(Advert 9/7/2005)

St George's College will be hosting their annual Art Exhibition on 29th
30th and 31st July, 2005.
Artists are cordially invited to participate in this event.

For information and entry details please contact:

    Sally Pascall 091 237 772 or
    Gaye Prior 745314 or
    Helen White 091 219 968

Entry forms also available from St George's College Reception.
5.2 THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE(Advert 6/7/2005)

The Southern Belle, a taste of luxury,
Kariba's finest luxury cruise ship, offer's corporate cruises, business
conference's, wedding's, special anniversary's / birthday's and group
25 to 44 passengers, tender boats, game viewing barges, game drive's /
walks with experienced professional guides.
See Africa's finest best kept secret Lake Kariba.
Phone or fax - 061 - 3716 / 2680 or email
(Advert 21/7/2005)

Caribbea Bay
Timeshare chalet available from Friday 26th August to Friday 2nd September.
Sleeps 8, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms .
Self catering, fully equipped kitchen.
If interested please phone Jill on 091236638.

Looking to take that special family holiday trip? Come to Gache Gache Lodge
across Kariba Lake. August almost full so hurry!

December still some available space. Book today! Activities offered -
Fishing, game viewing, sunset cruises and more.

CONTACT: or phone: 091 208 836



JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
                                  please don't hesitate to contact us
                                  we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines

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JAG :" IN MEMORIUM'' Dated 28/7/2005



Joey Edwards. An ode to my mate who went to the Lord July 28 1998

It is said that Time devours all things
But can it quench true love?
Can abysmal love be obscured
By the mists of Time?

A long time ago
When we were very young
We set out on a journey together
A journey that would never end
For spiritually it will transcend
The boundries of Time
Can it be truely said then
That Time is the devourer of all things?

I look up to the starry heavens
And I see you in the silvery mists
Of the milky way
'neath the trees you loved so much
I hear you in the soft murmer
Of their rustling leaves
I turn to the breeze -
And I feel you lightly brush my face...

You are ever gentle on my mind
This love goes on forever
It will never succumb
To the march of Time


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