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A follow up to Cathy Buckle's letter which I posted to The Zimbabwe Situation yesterday :
The farmer she referred to is Iain Kay .......... and I have received this update :
Ian has now been released (by the police) from the workshop/office where
he's been held all night, and is reunited with his 22 year old son David,
and neighbour Trevor who have been held separately in the house all night.
They are still being held hostage, and the demand is that Ian should be
handed over to them (Cathy's got it slightly wrong in her letter, it's Ian
they want not a worker) as they wish to deal with him for his political
beliefs - which is what they did last year when he was beaten to within an
inch of his life, and only escaped by diving into a farm reservoir, and
there were no keen swimmers amongst his attackers! (David rescued him) He spent a few days in hospital, where I visited him, and a few months first
out of the country, and then off his farm. But his spirit and courage are
enormous, and a book will surely be written about that family one day.
Right now the Provincial police, the ruling party chiefs, the Governor, and all who should know what is happening, know, and about 20 farmers are on the farm next door, ready and prepared to react in whatever way is necessary, if the situation gets out of control. I sit at the end of a phone - and we wait. Three workers have been badly assaulted overnight, and the police have evidently taken them off to hospital.
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