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Supply Situation
The lack of clarity about the expected fuel stocks, which was noted in our
previous fuel update of 23rd May, is still evident.

Noczim was not present at the meeting on 6th June and the details we have
provided are based on what the oil company representatives could obtain from
a meeting with Noczim and the fuel task force.  We understand that the
relationship between the trade and the task force is not as easy as it had
been and that the task force appears to be growing increasingly closed and
nervous.  The National Railways of Zimbabwe were not present at the meeting
either and hence we were unable to learn whether there were any constraints
in their field of distribution.

The present erratic supply is set to continue and while foreign funds are
limited it will remain a problem.  The international price of fuels is
escalating and if we continue to disregard market forces we will exacerbate
the problem in the future.

Noczim Depots
Feruka & Msasa - we were not given individual breakdowns for each depot as
in the past.  These figures relate to combined stocks at both stations:
            7.2 million litres diesel
            8.2 million litres petrol
            2.1 million litres paraffin
            0.5 million litres Jet

Beira/Feruka  6.8 million litres petrol
                         8.6 million litres diesel

Feruka/Msasa 2.7 million litres petrol
                           2.9 million litres diesel
                           3.8 million litres Jet

Beira Tanks      No figures were given

Beira Ships
The "British Admiral" which was rerouted to Maputo has returned to Beira to
unload.  All we could gleam was that she carried 5 million litres of petrol.
The next vessel is due to berth on 8th June and her cargo was not disclosed.

Overland Supplies
Beit Bridge received 10 road tankers of diesel and 2 of petrol (Road tank =
± 30 thousand litres)

18 Rail tankers are due in Bulawayo consisting of 6 tanks each of jet,
diesel and petrol. (Rail tankers = ± 50 thousand litres).

It is hoped that Engen and Zimalzam will be able to supply one train of fuel
a day to Zimbabwe in the near future. (1 train = 20 wagons x 50 k litres = 1
million litres)

In our last report we encouraged farmers to secure their fuel needs via the
FCA fuel procurement system as the "regular" route was far too unreliable,
this advise still stands.

ZTA will be initiating fuel imports for tobacco growers' via the 20% forex
facility they have in place based on tobacco exports.  The implementation
will be closely monitored by RBZ.

Other Comments
All industries represented at the meeting are suffering directly as a result
of the fuel shortage crisis.  It is apparent that we will have to expect
more uncertainty regarding fuel supplies in the immediate future.  Reports
in the daily press are not always reliable and often contradictory.



                                                .....information for thenation

The Latest Fuel Update as at 6th June, 2000

The overall fuel supply situation remains tight and will continue to be for
the foreseeable future.

§ While fuel continues to be imported, frequent stock outs will continue at
service stations and elsewhere countrywide. The service station staff are
managing a very difficult situation.

Please be patient and courteous when in a fuel queue.

§ The supply of fuel to service stations is expected to improve slightly
over the next few days following the receipt of fuel at NOCZIM's Feruka and
Msasa terminals over the past weekend.

You can help to play your part - conserve fuel now:

§ Reduce speed
§ Avoid unnecessary travel
§ Join or form a lift club


Fuel Facts will continue to carry regular updates

For more information, write to The Editor c/o P O Box 791, Harare or
Fax 04 703829 Email:

Visit the CFU Website:-

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Our apologies for the delay in sending out the report. There was a power cut at the CFU building yesterday afternoon, so we were unable to complete it and send it. 
We ask farming members to continue working with their community plans.
All areas have been reasonably quiet and most areas had nothing to report as at midday.  Presence on farms remains more or less the same.
 Horseshoe - Penrose Farm was re-occupied and labourers have been requested to pay $10 each to occupiers.
 Victory Block - Maize theft and poaching is escalating.
 Shamva - The owner of Woodlands Farm was made to pay a compensation claim of about $40 000 yesterday.
 Harare West/Nyabira - Mayfield was revisited today. 
 Save Conservancy - The game scouts on Angus have been told to move out of the safari camp with all their kit. They have been given until the end of today.  On Mukasi the game scouts have been told to move out of the camps and are now staying around the homestead. Occupiers say they will be "taking over or moving into" the homestead tomorrow.
Masapas Ranch - the game scouts have been given one paddock to patrol and the occupiers have set up their own "anti-poaching" unit.  Masapas have provided them with six pairs of overalls and six pairs of veldskoens. As a result there iwll be no work on the fences.
Impala - There are two base camps still here. The owner is expecting clients this weekend and they are worried about the image it will protray to their clients.
Nothing to report. 
Nothing to report. 
 Banket - A new occupation reported on Dondo Farm. Structures are being built.
 Chinhoyi - A new, peaceful occupation on The Range. At Golden Kopje Mine threats were made to both black and white senior officials, who moved off for 24 hours. Police have been informed. This appears to be a dispute between workers and management about a wage increase.
 Nothing to report from the rest of the region.
 Norton - Yesterday Glenside, Exe, Elston and Marsdon farms were visited. There appears to be a lot of political activity as nobody seems to know the boundaries between the new constituencies. Marsden has been visited 11 times over the past few days. There has been one new death threat in the area.
 Chakari - Indiscrimate tree-cutting continues to take place on Blackmorevale, where the occupiers are clearing lands.
 There has been as much as 4 inches of rain in one area of South West Mashonaland between Chegutu and Kadoma.
 Marondera West - On Larkhill Zanu PF card registration took longer and only finished at about 4 pm yesterday. A group of about 100 people were seen leaving the occupiers' base camp and going to the sub-office for a meeting. The Marondera Police have been out to investigate the cutting down of trees.
 Wedza - The owner of Ruware has been told that if he does not hand his farm over by the end of the week, three quarters of it will be taken.
 Featherstone - Two vehicles arrived at Nyamazun and told the labourers to leave the farm immediately.  Police are handling the situation.
 Beatrice - The occupiers all returned back into the houses on Twa Glens yesterday.
 The rest of the region was quiet - the weather seems to be keeping people at bay!
Quiet - cold and wet with approximately 25 mm rain received in Bulawayo.
Peaceful and quiet.
You and your farmer friends are invited to a Day of Inspiration and Encouragement to be held in the CFU Dining Room on Friday 16th June, 2000 at 0900 to 1600. Please pass this invitation on via your radio network.
We have three wonderful speakers in - Rev. Gary Strong, Rev. Ndise Mkandhla and Rev. Sam Doma, who we know will give us all the strength and encouragement we need to see us through the weeks pre- and post-election.
The day is being organised by Pastor Dutch of the EFZ and Kerry Kay.
Tea and a finger lunch will by provided for a small donation.
If you are able to come please let your Regional Office know, and they in turn will give us numbers to facilitate seating and catering, or e.mail
We look forward to seeing you!
- - - 
Should you require to check the voters roll, you may telephone the following numbers with your name and identity number between now and 13th June:
Tel: 704343 / 707911-4 
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Please note that the gazetted list of farms to be acquired will be up on the CFU website today or tomorrow -
Summary of some details of the gazetted list: 
National Region Totals
                     Farms            % of Area
Region 1           24                1.1%
Region 2         364               19.4%
Region 3         191               17.7%
Region 4         144               25.5%
Region 5           72               36.2%
TOTAL            795              100%
Ownership Totals
                   Farms            % of Area
Foreign             5                 0.5%
No details        18                 1.4%
Single           173                18.0%
Multiple         599                80.1%
Total             795               100%
No report today.
 Mwenezi -  There are 10 occupiers on Morla Ranch, and 8 on Umbono Holdings.
 Chiredzi - A war veterans meeting was held at Jerera Growth Point and they were told not to peg out any more plots or cut trees but just to sit on the properties. Demands were made for food on Bangala and Eaglemond Ranches, but none was given.
 Nothing to report from the rest of the region.
Nothing to report. 
No report at the time of writing. 
 Norton - Last night Saffron Waldon Farm had sprinklers to the value of $40 000 stolen. Don Carlos is intimidating farmers in the Norton area to attend a rally on Sunday. 
 Marondera North - a 7 tonne lorry full of chanters and accompanied by two police men arrived at Loquat Farm while the owners were out. The group were looking for donation of one beast, either for the rally on Saturday or for themselves. They left once they realised the farmer was away.
 Wedza - Labour from Lushington, Teviot and Rally Farms were told by war vets to stop work to go and peg on Ballydavid.  The labour from Corby and Leeds were told to stop work and go to check for themselves if they were registered to vote.
 Enterprise - The war vet base commander had a meeting with Minister Murchwa at Juru Growth Point. Small problems such as demands for food, transport, work stoppages were addressed successfully by the task force.  With regard to the Marondera Zanu PF star rally being held this Saturday, farmers have been asked for transport but it appears that public transport will be arranged by the Mashonaland East war vets office in DDF trucks.
 Bromley/Ruwa - The war vets have advised the farmers that public tranpsort has been arranged and  the farmers are requested to get their labour force to certain pick up points.  A false report was received that a white South African was arrested by the war vets but in fact it was a black South African arrested on Poltimore for poaching.
 Macheke/Virginia - War vet Garwe operating in the Marondera area and threatening old couples was spoken to by the police and has now moved into Macheke where he has threatened 2 farmers.
 Nothing to report from the rest of the region.
Ongoing meetings and dialogue continue with war veteran leaders in the area. 
Quiet. A Zanu PF rally is expected in Mutare tomorrow.
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