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Centenary - MDC supporters have been in the area and their broken down vehicle was discovered by war vets and reported to the police as it had 'pangas' and clubs in it.  Election Monitors have been visiting farms in the area.
Victory Block - There have been requests for transport over and above that which has been agreed upon for the star rally at Mashumbi Pools tomorrow, which have all been denied.  The owner at Nrowe Farm had to slaughter a beast for the war vets.
Mvurwi - Seven army lorries have passed through the area, heading towards Muzarabani, and it is believed that they are going there for the star rally tomorrow.  Election Observers from the European Union have been around the area.
Glendale -  Kandy Farm was visited by a group from Goromonzi yesterday evening, who advised the owner that they would return today.
Mazowe/Concession - Cartriff Farm was visited by three war vets who demanded half the farm and left peacefully when the owner refused the demand.
Harare West/Nyabira - Mayfield Farm has had persistent visitations, with another visit yesterday.  The area security co-ordinator has been threatened by one group of war vets, and another group and the Police are concerned about his safety.  Gwebi Wood was visited by two groups this morning.  Komani Estate has been subjected to ongoing political activity from both parties and one war vet was hostile this morning.  Demands for transport to a star rally in Shamva were denied.
Nothing to report.
Raffingora - Youth are making many demands, all of which have been denied this week. ZRP sent an armed guard to arrest a youth at Kumire Farm.
Karoi - On Sunday 18, a large group led by Zanu PF and occupiers from Spring arrived outside the homestead and performed for 2 hours.  The leader told the Chief Inspector of Police, who was investigating, that this was a reprisal for the farmer not handing over a trailer load of wood last week and reporting the matter to the Police.
Three workers from Pelele were assaulted at a Zanu PF rally on Mlichi on Sunday. 
On Sunday guards protecting the maize lands on Caversham were assaulted and hospitalised. The war vets refused to cooperate with the ZRP and refused to go to the police station.
25 labour were assaulted on Hesketh Park on Sunday for not carrying Zanu PF cards.
14 labour from Rainford and senior labourers from Chitawafeni were assaulted on Hesketh Park for the same reason and for not attending meetings.
Most farmers sent their labour to a rally on Lucky Crown as they were concerned about possible reprisals.
On Monday cattle dipping was prevented on Renroc and 1 cow was slaughtered for war vets and Zanu PF.
A worker was assaulted on Pelele on Sunday.
The owner of Shambatungwe has had a death threat.
The manager of Sangalalo was followed from Magunje to Chikangwe township, where Zanu PF flattened his tyres, forced him to Zanu PF offices, and accused him of being a MDC supporter. He was released unharmed.
A very militant group of about 20 arrived at the homestead of Makungu asking why labour did not attend the rally on Sunday. They verbally abused the foreman and threatened to kill the farmer's children.
On Saturday 5 armed men approached the gardener on Motimer, forced him into homestead, and assaulted him and the farmer's wife. They tied them both up and locked them in a room, and then ransacked the house and stole some items, including a GX Wagon, which was later recovered.
The owner of Elton has been released from hospital and is back on the farm. There is nothing to report from the rest of the region today.
Marondera South - About 15 shacks have been built on Monroe Farm. On Sunday a work stoppage was called by Macomb, who is a farm laborer and chairman of the Zanu PF youth group. On Meting Zanu PF called for a meeting on Saturday, which the farmer allowed and demanded transport to the next door farm as well as a tractor and trailer, both of which were denied.  The tractor driver was assaulted for being an informant, and the foreman threatened for refusing to allow women to work. This came about because the women do not always come to work and often the farmer has to ask neighboring farms to help. 50 arrived on Tranquility to peg today.
Marondera North - There have been requests in connection with a Zanu PF meeting to be held at the North Club, but it does not look like it will take place. There is a lot of fatigue in the area.
Brambly/Ruwa - Army personnel have been seen in Goromonzi. 
Enterprise - On Sedgemore the owner and his son-in-law met with war vets who were upset that he had not provided transport to a rally. In the heat of the argument son-in-law was slapped. The taskforce has intervened.
Macheke/Virginia - On Paradise labour was assaulted while there was a search for IDs. Police reacted and the situation has been defused.  The Police went to investigate yesterday's report on Mesun but the situation had been defused.  There has been a substantial decrease in the total number of war vets occupying the farms in this area, the reason being unknown.
Wedza - There was poaching on Donaldtown on Sunday night. Two cattle were shot - one wounded and the other killed.  Police have still not reacted. On Markwe 150m of seed bed pollygrow was ripped off the seed beds and burnt; this is currently under investigation. 2 cattle are missing on Emma but the police are unsure where to begin investigations.  
Harare South/Beatrice - On Tavistock there was a labour dispute, which has now been resolved.
There was one new invasion in Somabhula today. 
Pegging is taking place on Wakefield Farm, Headlands. Otherwise the region is quiet.
We have been advised from the Anti-Hijacking Trust that at the moment Opel Astras and Mazda Cronos are being targeted. Should you drive either of these two vehicles, please take extra precautions.
- - - 
Farmers, you are asked to check with your CFU Regional Offices with regard to details concerning polling stations.
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16  Friday , June
Don't turn tail, turn out and cast your vital vote

6/16/00 11:18:28 AM (GMT +2)

Bulawayo Whiteman, Hillside Bulawayo

I AM a Zimbabwean and I love this country.

Both my wife and I are registered to vote in the election although I was registered in the wrong constituency and my wife was omitted from the roll.
We will be in Zimbabwe over the election period and will most definitely vote.
The Mole has questioned the position of those whites who intend to leave the country over this period. I agree 100 percent with him that we need to be here and we need to show that we are also fighting the cause whatever that may be.
I have heard that there are several blacks also high tailing it out of Zimbabwe over the election period and perhaps The Mole should check this out.
Fear is an understandable emotion that easily leads to over-reaction.
I appeal to all those citizens, white and black, who are eligible to vote to turn out on the day and not to sit on the fence.
Our country is on the brink and needs you to be strong now.

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It's time to stand up and be counted
LEADER PAGE 15  Thursday , June
Please, debate the real issues: jobs, corruption

6/15/00 9:34:02 AM (GMT +2)

STAN Mudenge, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, once bored an audience of mostly old rural women in Masvingo into a collective stupor with a long, rambling speech on the origins of the civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Some of the women were shown on television yawning without restraint as the learned diplomat dissected the DRC imbroglio in language fit for a Master's thesis.
It is quite possible that a few people in the audience appreciated why Mudenge found it necessary to torture them with his theories on what, for most, is about death in a foreign land.
It is probable, though, that most of his audience were convinced Mudenge could not speak of the real problems facing them jobs for their children, health, education, the spiralling prices of essential commodities, corruption in high and low places, and the price of their farm produce.
Mudenge is nobody's fool. He knew he would most likely have been booed if he had said something like: "Your party has tackled corruption in the country head-on."
Or: "Your party has created many jobs for young people because it has attracted many foreign investors with its liberal foreign investment policies."
Those would have been such blatant lies even the old women would have collapsed in fits of laughter.
Mudenge was more comfortable haranguing them on the DRC. Most of his audience probably related to that war only in terms of how many of their relatives had died there and how many were still alive for that moment.
Last week, Mudenge was again re-inventing the Cold War. The United States and Britain, he told an election rally, were plotting to remove from power all the leaders of southern Africa, from Mugabe to Sam Nujoma, and including Thabo Mbeki, who returned only a few weeks ago from very successful visits to both countries.
Again, Mudenge was at his eloquent best delivering this lecture on the Cold War to an audience which would most likely have been keen to know when the troops would be back from that stupid war in the DRC, when the fuel crisis would end, or when Hunzvi and his hoods would be removed from the farms.
Many scholars of the Cold War era must have expected to hear him say: "socialism will triumph!"
The issues in this election have more to do with the economic and political development of Zimbabwe than with any plot by the US and the UK to destabilise southern Africa.
Land may be an issue, but not to the extent that it can justify the cold-blooded murder of farmers and their workers, or the rape of women on the farms.
Why don't the Zanu PF leaders, including President Mugabe, address grassroots issues at their rallies? How, after 20 years, are they planning to create more jobs when the likelihood is that more potential investors have given up Zimbabwe as a basket case?
How ironic this is for a country once touted as the bread basket of southern Africa!
Talking of the region as a whole, what must concern most of the other leaders although they dare not say it publicly for fear of provoking the volatile Mr Mugabe are the effects of the killings and beatings of opposition members on the investment climate in the region.
The South Africans are right to be very worried that the effect on foreign direct investment in the region could be crucial. It is doubtful that the leadership in Zimbabwe has paid much attention to that eventuality so wrapped up are they in winning the election.
Yet they too ought to worry about the effects of recent events on the future economic prosperity of this country. It is all very well to retort with "Go to hell!" to all who enquire about the country's future efforts to restore investor confidence, but this is patently unhelpful.
There is life after the elections on 24-25 June. Whoever ends up as the winner will have an enormous job on their hands to repair the economic and political damage wreaked by the farm invasions and the murder of opposition members and the country's tattered international reputation.
Stan Mudenge may not be the man for that job now.

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Hi everyone,

Apparently tourism is down in Zimbabwe. Gee, I wonder why when governments
such as Canada are issuing the following travel bulletins to their citizens:

"Presidential elections will take place on June 24 and 25, 2000. Widespread
violence is occurring. Canadians should avoid political rallies and public

I'm sure nobody will be surprised that the less-than-bright (but very
polite) Canadians don't know the difference between presidential and
parliamentary elections!

The pertinent part of today's US Department of State press briefing is
below. Other reports say that the Zimbabwe government has refused to
accredit about 75% of the people trained to be poll monitors, saying that
they will allow only one monitor per polling station, as opposed to the
internationally accepted standard of four. Tell me, do you think they might
be trying to intimidate the monitors? Put yourself in the shoes of a lone
monitor at a polling station out in the sticks when the local thugs from
ZANU-PF show up to vote.

As I said in my last message, the news reports are suggesting 50 - 80 seats
for the MDC. Either end of that range would be a blow to ZANU-PF and
Mugabe, but let's hope that the momentum continues throughout the week and
they blow through the top end of that estimate. I don't want to see an MDC
dictatorship, but I'd certainly like to see Mugabe go the way of the Dodo
bird. It will also be very difficult for the international community to
ignore any "fixing" of the vote (or worse) if the MDC win by a large majority.


Daily Press Briefing Index
Tuesday June 20, 2000

Briefer: Richard Boucher, Spokesman

1-2 Elections
International Republican Institute Cancels Plans to Send a Delegation

DPB #62
TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2000, 12:05 P.M.

QUESTION: Finishing up on a subject yesterday, the International Republican
Institute has canceled its plans to send a delegation to Zimbabwe. Do you
have a statement on that?

MR. BOUCHER: We've seen that report. I don't think - I don't know that
we've been in touch with them since we've heard the announcement. But I do
think it's important to say that we continue to believe that election
monitoring is important in Zimbabwe. According to the Government of
Zimbabwe, the word we got was that foreign non-governmental organizations
are not going to receive accreditation to be election monitors and that
only foreign government employees will receive accreditation. The reason
for this distinction has not been made clear to us, and we're disappointed
with that decision.

The deadline for observers to be accredited is June 22nd. We have urged -
and we will continue to urge - the Government of Zimbabwe to accredit all
foreign election observers, governmental and nongovernmental, before this
June 22nd deadline.

QUESTION: That's all you're going to say: "We're disappointed"?

MR. BOUCHER: We're pushing. We continue to push.

QUESTION: I mean, if they're not allowed, what does that mean?

MR. BOUCHER: As I said, they've still got a couple more days when they can
do this, and we continue to urge them to do it.

QUESTION: And if they don't?

MR. BOUCHER: Then we'll talk about it then.

QUESTION: Well, it doesn't seem very likely that they will. You still have
some - do you have reason to believe that they're going to change their minds?

MR. BOUCHER: We are urging them to change their minds and to accredit these

QUESTION: Do you have any reason to believe -- (inaudible) -- ?

MR. BOUCHER: We continue to push for it. I'll tell you when it happens, or
if it doesn't happen.

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Hi everyone,

 From the way the news has been reported the last few days things are
looking good, assuming that you would like to see ZANU-PF run out of town.


MDC president, Morgan Tsvangirai, answers some commonly asked questions.


"The MDC will not provoke a constitutional crisis after an electoral
victory. A constitutional crisis has already been set by Robert Mugabe by
not having concurrent presidential and parliamentary elections. It is up to
him whether or not he will preside over a government in which he has lost
the confidence of the people.

"I don't know how he could function with a parliament that is in the hands
of the opposition. The logical thing to anticipate is that he will accept
the verdict of the people and find an honourable exit. If he refuses he
will be ruling by decree in which case he is calling on the international
community to impose sanctions. Ruling by decree would be against the will
of the people.

"Consequently the international community will have no option but to say,
he has lost the election and the winning party must be allowed to rule, or
he must negotiate power sharing with the winning party in the two years
remaining to presidential elections; or presidential elections must be
brought forward."


"How many alleged war vets are we talking about? An estimated 2 000
so-called war vets against a population of 12 million?A victory for the MDC
is a victory for the people. The war vets attempting to fight the people is
not an endeavour they will be able to sustain. A professional army and
police force will implement the rule of law as ordered by their parliament.
Mugabe is using control of a small band of war vets to cause havoc.

"The first thing the MDC will implement is the rule of law. What that means
is that anyone who violates the law will be punished. Lawlessness is not a
justification for land reform. And too, land reform is not just for
so-called war veterans - remember they were not the only people who fought
for the liberation of Zimbabwe from colonial rule, all the people took part
in that process. We cannot allow so-called war vets to dictate the pace of
governance or land reform, government will do that to benefit all Zimbabweans."


"No, but in some instances my security advisers have suggested that for my
safety and those of the people in the areas to which I propose to travel,
that some rallies have had to be postponed or cancelled."


"There will be no basis for retribution if we win. The people's trump card
is to vote MDC and be safe."


"Martial law is unconstitutional, and if President Mugabe resorted to this
he would have forfeited his right to be a constitutional head, and in that
case, like Nigeria, international isolation would occur."


"Amnesty will be granted to those who give full disclosure about
pre-election violence and intimidation to a commission that will be set up
after the elections to get to the root of who was behind the violence.
Should we look at the past? Yes, because it is impossible to forget. We may
forgive but we cannot forget."


Stadium at noon

MDC leader, MORGAN TSVANGIRAI will vote in his home constituency Buhera at
10am on June 24.He will begin three days of intensive campaigning in Buhera
from Monday, 19 June

FINAL PRE-ELECTION PRESS CONFERENCE Quality Hotel, Leopold Takawira St.,
Harare on Thursday, June 22 at 1pm Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC leadership

Morgan Tsvangirai, MDC President... rallies and functions to be led by
Tsvangirai and/or other key MDC leaders:

15/16 June: Rusape, Vengere Stadium 17 June: Guruve North and South, Ciheve
Centre Growth Point 19/20: Midlands

RURAL AREAS: Considerable intimidation is being reported:

Bubi Umguza, 14 June at 2pm Igusi Sawmills (Matabeleland North) - Jacob
Thabane 011.631.229

Zimbabwe Crisis Mailing List

This is currently a manually administered mailing list. To subscribe or
unsubscribe, send your request to Personal requests
for removal will be carried out immediately. Requests from governmental,
political or press organisations will be treated less favourably. The
purpose of this list is not necessarily to redistribute published news
reports. Rather, it is intended to distribute reports from or directly
affecting people in Zimbabwe. If you have seen something before, I
apologise. Hopefully that will not be a regular occurrence.

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