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Times of Zambia

British wildlife investor seeks land in Zambia
By Business Reporter
A BRITISH investor who has teamed up with the Lion and Cheetah Park of
Zimbabwe has made an urgent request for land to set up a tourist attraction
in Zambia.

Messrs Patrick and Johnny Gallagher said in a communiqué in Ndola that the
Lion and Cheetah Park, located in Harare, was one of the successful tourist
attractions in the region.

The park was, however, occupied by war veterans making it difficult to
repair and get it running again.

Due to the volatile political nature, the firm now wished to relocate to a
more stable environment.

Interest had been sparked by a recent Press release regarding the promotion
of tourism and conservation of wildlife in Zambia.

The would-be investors further said the nature of the project was labour
intensive and the duo, inclusive of the management team at Lion and Cheetah
Park, would need to employ a local workforce of between 30-80 people.

This figure would be expected to increase to over 100 within 12 months as
the venture stabilises.

The Gallaghers said despite being in contact with the Zambian mission in
London, they would appreciate any help they could receive locally.

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'Mercenary' arrests cause stir across Africa
Tuesday, March 9, 2004 Posted: 7:07 PM EST (0007 GMT)

DAKAR, Senegal (Reuters) -- An aging American cargo plane and its burly
white passengers detained in Zimbabwe became the focus of fresh African
conspiracy theories Tuesday when tiny, oil-rich Equatorial Guinea accused
them of plotting a coup.
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's government, bitterly at odds with the
United States and old European colonial powers, put its army on full alert
after arresting 64 South Africans and others aboard the Boeing 727 and
branding them "suspected mercenaries."
But attention shifted sharply to the west coast Tuesday when Equatorial
Guinea, already in the throes of coup rumors and an army clampdown on
foreigners, said it had arrested another 15, including South Africans. It
said they were the "advance party" for a coup by those seized in Harare,
Zimbabwe late on Sunday.
The plane's operator, based in Britain's Channel Islands, insisted however
that the aircraft, sold by a U.S. firm a week ago, was on a legitimate
business mission.
It was flying security men from South Africa to guard mines in the
Democratic Republic of Congo, the firm told Reuters. It declined to name its
customers, however.
Zimbabwe's alarm for its own security appeared to be easing by late Tuesday,
when the interior ministry said it believed Harare had been a mere stopover
en route for a final destination in or around the mining area of eastern
In Malabo, capital of the sleepy former Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea,
speculation over a possible thwarted coup remained intense, however,
diplomats and officials contacted by telephone said.
"Some 15 mercenaries have been arrested here," Information Minister Agustin
Nse Nfumu said. "It was connected with that plane in Zimbabwe. They were the
advance party of that group."
One senior foreign diplomat in Malabo said: "There was an attempted coup
which was foiled. It was intense yesterday evening but now the tension has
dropped. The town is calm."
Small nation on edge
Equatorial Guinea had been rounding up African foreigners since Saturday
amid tensions within President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo's clan, which
largely controls the nation of just half a million that is one of Africa's
biggest oil producers.
Obiang seized power from his uncle in 1979 and has been wooed by Nigeria and
Western oil firms. Human rights groups accuse Obiang of jailing and
torturing opponents.
Nfuma said the 15 suspects arrested in Equatorial Guinea had arrived in
December, and one had confessed to acting for a Lebanese businessman close
to Severo Moto, president of a self-styled "government-in-exile."
Moto was once arrested in Angola and exiled to Spain for plotting a coup in
his homeland, where Frederick Forsyth wrote a classic 1970s tale of
mercenary skulduggery, "The Dogs of War."
Zimbabwe said the men held in Harare were mainly Angolans, South Africans
and Namibians. The plane carried no firearms but did contain uniforms, tools
and camp equipment.
Charles Burrows, a senior executive of Logo Logistics Ltd, who said his firm
was chartering the plane, said most of those on board had military
experience but were security guards who had stopped in Zimbabwe to pick up
mining equipment.
Asked about the accusation by Equatorial Guinea, he said: "I haven't the
foggiest idea of what they're talking about."
South Africa's government, which is trying to shake the country's reputation
as a source of guns for hire across the continent, reacted with concern and
said if any South Africans were involved in mercenary activities, it would
be a "serious breach" of the law.
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      South Africa battles image as home to 'dogs of war'
      Tuesday, March 9, 2004 Posted: 7:06 PM EST (0006 GMT)


      JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (Reuters) -- The arrest of suspected
mercenaries in Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea has raised accusing fingers in
the direction of South Africa, battling to shed its image as the world's
biggest supplier of dogs of war.

      The toppling of apartheid white rule in 1994 ended South Africa's
years of military confrontation with its black neighbours but left a large
pool of trained soldiers available as hired guns in trouble spots from
Sierra Leone to Iraq.

      South Africans have for years rivalled the band of hardened war dogs
led by veteran French mercenary chief Bob Denard, whose exploits in trouble
spots across Africa since the 1960s have become part of the continent's

      These days Private Military Companies, as the guns for hire groups
prefer to be known, can be found operating out of countries around the
world, recruiting former special forces soldiers and increasingly opening
offices in Eastern Europe.

      "The Ukrainians are the cheap hired muscle at the moment. But the
quality is low," one English-based PMC operative told Reuters on condition
of anonymity.

      The Zimbabwe government said on Monday it had impounded a
U.S.-registered Boeing 727-100 aircraft at Harare airport on Sunday which it
said was carrying 64 suspected mercenaries and a cargo of military gear.

      On Tuesday Equatorial Guinea, an impoverished and unstable state
wedged between Nigeria and Cameroon, said it had arrested 15 mercenaries and
linked them to the Zimbabwe plane.

      The plane's operators, Logo Logistics Ltd, said the group in Harare
were in transit to the Democratic Republic of Congo for mine security and
logistical work.

      Its spokesman Charles Burrows told Reuters most of the group were
South Africans and had military experience.

      "We're prone to use people with some military training to work in
difficult places because they cope better and they know what they are
doing," Burrows said.

      South Africa reacts
      Even before the nationalities of the passengers on the plane was made
public, South Africa said it had unconfirmed reports that they included its
own nationals.

      "Should the allegations that those South Africans on board are
involved in mercenary activities prove true, this would amount to a serious
breach of the Foreign Military Assistance Act," Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz
Pahad said in a statement.

      South Africa has passed a number of laws to stem the flow of
mercenaries overseas, and last year prosecuted the first defendant -- a
French-born naturalised South African -- for recruiting other mercenaries in
the country.

      Intelligence and security sources in Johannesburg say well over 1,000
armed South African former military personnel are currently employed in all
manner of security duties in Iraq, some working for the United Nations. High
pay, which contrasts with South Africa's own low pay levels for police and
security work, is part of the attraction.

      Arms expert Garth Shelton at Johannesburg's Witwatersrand University
said it was hardly surprising that South Africa was awash with hired guns
after years of active military involvement in Angola and Namibia.

      "Their only skills are military. They are not computer operators, so
they are looking for jobs where they can use their military skills," Shelton
told Reuters.

      Shelton said he had been approached by owners of South African
"security" companies seeking work for their men abroad.

      "One told me he had quite a number of people who were well trained,
former South African Defence Forces (personnel) and he was looking to send
them anywhere in the world," he said.

      "He could provide them at short notice and he asked me if I knew any
country in need of such people."

      Security consultant Herman van der Linde said people were too focused
on South Africa's image as a mercenary exporter.

      "The government is saying they don't want these guys in the military
anymore. They are working as security guards everywhere and everybody is
screaming 'mercenary,"" said van der Linde of Pretoria-based private
think-tank Executive Research Associates.

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ABC Australia

Zimbabwe journalists accused of joining US-UK plot
Zimbabwe's Government has accused some Zimbabwean journalists of working as
"mercenaries" for what it called an American and British-backed plot to
destroy the country, and warned it would deal with them.

President Robert Mugabe's Government has maintained severe pressure on the
media in the last two years with a set of tough media laws in the face of a
political and economic crisis.

In a strongly-worded statement, Information Minister Jonathan Moyo said a
number of Zimbabwean journalists had found "the promise of dirty American
money" too tempting and were destroying Zimbabwe from within.

Mr Moyo did not give details of his allegations but said the government had
"concrete evidence" some journalists were undermining national security as
part of a US and British quest for regime change in Zimbabwe.

He praised Zimbabwe's state-owned newspaper group Zimpapers, which recently
fired three journalists for working without permission for Voice of America

"Mercenaries of any kind, whether carrying the sword or the pen, must and
will be exposed, and will suffer the full consequences of the law," Mr Moyo

"No media organisation, certainly not Zimpapers, will be forced to employ's
Bush's and Blair's media mercenaries, whose mission is to destroy Zimbabwe
from within - that will just not happen," he said.

In the same statement, Mr Moyo said the Government, which has launched an
anti-corruption drive that has seen the arrest of prominent ruling party
officials, would launch a probe into the foreign currency dealings of

"As nobody is above the law ... legal action will be taken," he said.

Mr Mugabe's Government insists the 2002 media laws are necessary to restore
professionalism in journalism.

It accuses the private media of leading a propaganda campaign by opponents
of its policy of seizing white-owned farms for landless blacks.

-- Reuters
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                  South Africans on board impounded plane

                  March 09, 2004, 22:00

                  The foreign affairs department confirmed today that there
were 20 South Africans in the group of people detained in Zimbabwe as
suspected mercenaries.

                  Ambassador Jerry Ndou met Zimbabwean authorities today, to
find out details on the detention and impounding of a Boeing 707-100 that
landed at Harare International Airport on Sunday evening, said Ronnie
Mamoepa, the foreign affairs spokesperson. He said: "All detainees are being
held in a local prison. Apart from the South Africans there are 18
Namibians, 23 Angolans, three Congolese and one Zimbabwean national."

                  If the South Africans were indeed implicated in mercenary
activities, this would be in breach of the Foreign Military Assistance Act,
Mamoepa reiterated. Yesterday Kembo Mohadi, Zimbabwe's home affairs
minister, announced the impounding of a US-registered aeroplane which he
said contained military equipment and 64 suspected mercenaries. Rumours have
since abounded about the occupants, destination, and ownership of the

                  Latest reports state it was indeed carrying mercenaries,
employed to assassinate the president of Equatorial Guinea. Agustin Nse
Nfumu, the information minister of Equatorial Guinea, said his government
had detained 15 suspected mercenaries, and declared they were an "advance
party" for the group of 64 on board the impounded aircraft. He said the
leader of the group, a white South African called "Mick", had confessed to a
plot to kill the president.

                  However, the firm Logo Logistics Ltd claimed to have
contracted the mysterious aircraft to carry mining contractors to the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In a statement, Logo Logistics said that
"contrary to some reports they (the people on board the aeroplane) are
contracted to provide a range of services to mining clients, including logis
tics, support services, asset and human security, and communications".

                  What had been described as "military" items on board were
in fact equipment such as boots, pipe-bending and wire-cutting tools, the
firm declared. It confirmed that some of the contractors on board were South
African citizens and denied they had broken any South African laws. "We
appreciate that the South African government may wish to debrief its
citizens on their return from their ordeal, but that is a different matter."

                  The statement was not sourced to an individual, giving
merely an e-mail address and a telephone contact number in the United
Kingdom. This is answered by an electronic message.

                  Plane not registered in SA
                  Today South Africa's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said
the cargo plane was not registered in South Africa. The CAA also confirmed
that the Boeing 727-100 departed from Polokwane International Airport on
Sunday. Whether it flew directly to Zimbabwe was not known, the agency said.

                  Logo says its equipment is normally acquired in South
Africa. It did not give details on the flight path of the aircraft before it
entered Zimbabwean air space.

                  He said: "We can make it clear that we have no current or
intended business in Zimbabwe and certainly no illegal intentions against
its government and people."

                  The company says it was aware of the political
sensitivities of the Zimbabwean government.

                  Logo Logistics says their first concern was the welfare of
the contractors. "They and their families have had an extremely distressing
time. It is our intention that they return to their homes for a few days to
recuperate before recommencing work."

                  The company's website states that it has so far operated
in African countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, Congo, Angola, Zambia
and Mozambique. "Common key attributes" found in staff in its service
include "discretion, political sensitivity, (and) military experience".
Services offered by Logo Logistics include "risk intelligence and
assessment, support helicopter operations, service support in harsh
environments, (and) rough field and parachute air re-supply".

                  Mamoepa says the South African embassy would continue to
liaise with the Zimbabwean authorities as they investigate the incident. -
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ABC Australia

South Africa urged to increase pressure on Zimbabwe
Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer is urging South Africa to put more
pressure on Zimbabwe to end human rights abuses.

Mr Downer says there are reports of youth camps in Zimbabwe, where people
are trained to attack President Robert Mugabe's political opponents.

He says more than half the population there is suffering from food
shortages, largely because of the Zimbabwean Government's economic

Mr Downer says it is time for the international community to take action.

"The African countries ... particularly South Africa if I may say so, has an
enormous responsibility to place pressure on President Mugabe," Mr Downer

"To be frank, I don't think South Africa has put enough pressure on the
regime up until now and we would urge the South African Government to
strengthen the measures it takes to try to get the Mugabe regime to see
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Clearing of Land At Ranch Slow - Mudenge

The Herald (Harare)

March 10, 2004
Posted to the web March 9, 2004


Masvingo North MP, Cde Stan Mudenge, has expressed concern at the slow pace
at which the 150 000 hectares of irrigable land at Nuanetsi Ranch in the
Lowveld is being cleared amid reports that progress is being slowed by
obsolete machinery.

So far only about 800ha of land have been cleared according to figures made
available by the Agricultural Rural Development Authority which has so far
planted about 100ha of sorghum.

Clearing of land is being done by a Chinese company, China International
Water and Electric Corporation, together with the Central Mechanical
Equipment Department, which is a sub-contractor.

Speaking at a Masvingo provincial development council meeting in Masvingo
last week, Cde Mudenge, who is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs,
lamented the slow pace in clearing land at the ranch.

"There has not been much that has been done in clearing land at Nuanetsi
Ranch and Arda and the Chinese company have not done enough. At least much
more land should have been cleared to grow some winter maize and some wheat.

"There is enough water for irrigation at Mutirikwi Dam and there must be no
excuse that the Tokwe-Murkosi dam has not been built. There must be progress
by June this year," said Cde Mudenge.

He said there was a lot of international interest in the Nuanetsi project
and that there were possibilities of enticing Botswana into a joint
partnership in the project since the country imports most of its food.

"Nuanetsi is a star project that has excited the interest of the
international community and there is keen interest by many people on its
progress," he said.

Masvingo governor Cde Josaya Hungwe said clearing and planting were
simultaneously going on at the ranch but conceded that there was a problem
with most of the bulldozers, which were obsolete.

"What also contributed to the delay in clearing the land was the method used
whereby trees were felled and then harvested later.

"Now they are removing the fallen trees as they fell them, which is faster,"
Cde Hungwe said.

He said plans were underway to deploy about 10 000 youths to the area to
assist in the clearing and preparing of the land for planting.

Clearing of land at Nuanetsi, which had been slow, received a major boost
when the Government availed $5 billion for the project in a supplementary
budget in August last year resulting in work starting at the site.

This year the Government has allocated $7 billion for the project which if
fully completed has the capacity to produce over 2 million tonnes of
irrigated maize a year.

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'Known SA mercenary' on seized plane
Posted Wed, 10 Mar 2004

An aircraft seized by the Zimbabwe government on Sunday was carrying men
believed to be linked to a South African mercenary company and to the elite
British Special Air Services regiment, the Zimbabwe government said on
Tuesday night.

It indicated the group had come to collect weapons bought in Zimbabwe.

Home affairs minister Kembo Mohadi said on state television that on board
the flight were 20 South Africans, 32 Angolans, 18 Namibians, two from the
Democratic Republic of Congo and a Zimbabwean with a South African passport.

The spokesperson for the group appeared to be Simon Witherspoon, "a known
South African mercenary who has operated in various countries in Africa,
including Cote d'Ivoire," he said.

Witherspoon had served in the South African defence forces until 1989 and
then joined alleged mercenary company Executive Outcomes, he said. He did
not elaborate on their alleged connection to the British special forces

Captain gave wrong information

When the aircraft landed at Harare international airport, its captain had
said the plane contained no cargo and only seven passengers, he said.

"Contrary to the information... 64 male adults were found on the plane," he

The aircraft was met by an "advance party" of three men. Mohadi named one of
them as Simon Mann. He said Mann and another he named as Nicholas du Toit
had arrived in Zimbabwe earlier and stated they wanted to buy arms there to
sponsor an armed rebel group in Angola.

"But they later changed their story (to) that they wanted to protect a
mining concern in the DRC."

A spokesperson for the British-based company, Logo Logistics, that owns the
aircraft said earlier in London on Tuesday that the group was on its way to
do demining work in the DRC.

Mohadi said that Zimbabwe did not appear to be the group's final


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The Vanguard, Nigeria

      VANGUARD COMMENT:- Agriculture: Hopes rekindled - 3

      Wednesday, March 10, 2004

      THOSE who express anxieties concerning the place of the peasant
farmers in a large- scale farming economy may have a point. They are a dying
breed anyway.

      Because of the archaic methods they employ they cannot produce on the
scale necessary to feed the population at competitive prices. The truth is
that in advanced economies a very small number of farmers provide for entire

      Large-scale mechanised farming is the only method that can cope with
the demand of today and the future. Then the unviable hands go into down
stream industries created by large scale farming.

      Areas like canning, bottling, plastic manufacturing, crown corks and
so on are usually beneficiaries.

      What the organisers and the government should design into their
programmes is the transition of those who will eventually be displaced.

      What we stand to gain from improved agriculture is infinitely much
more than what we stand to lose. And we do not know what we gain as it is.

      We have highlighted in our leaders on this page a number of times that
we are not taking advantage of the great agricultural potentials of this
great country.

      We had emphasised that if we did, the oil earnings, however much,
would be just the icing on the cake. We have been categorical that we could
earn income from rice that would pay for most of our imports; that we could
do the same from our maize production. Ditto for some of our other grains.

      To earn more from these crops from which we have natural advantage
would de-emphasise our reliance on oil income and diffuse the perennial
tension on revenue allocation. The polity can only gain from ensuing
stability and equanimity.

      We must explain that the situation of Zimbabwe is different from the
situation in Nigeria. For Zimbabwe it is political and cultural. The
dismissed farmers were settlers and once privileged political masters. Here
in Nigeria the Zimbabwe farmers will be merely investors with no more status
than that. They will be subject to our laws, subject to some qualifications,
as individuals and as corporate bodies. They will be coming into our lands
with no special rights.

      Nothing has gladdened our hearts in recent years as these expressions
of interest. We hope the government will do nothing to dampen this hope.

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The Telegraph

Harare accuses ex-SAS man of links to detained 'mercenaries'

By Tim Butcher in Johannesburg and Peta Thornycroft in Harare
(Filed: 10/03/2004)

Zimbabwe yesterday accused a former SAS officer from Britain of being
involved with an aircraft detained at Harare airport allegedly carrying
military equipment and 64 "suspected mercenaries".

Kembo Mohadi, Zimbabwe's home affairs minister, alleged that Simon Mann, a
former SAS officer living in Cape Town, where he is in the security
business, had travelled earlier to Zimbabwe and went to Harare airport to
meet the aircraft.

But when the authorities searched the aircraft it was found to have filed an
incorrect passenger list and to be carrying what Mr Mohadi described as
"military materiel".

While there is no suggestion of any attempt to destabilise Robert Mugabe's
regime the incident will be treated as a PR coup by his government and an
acute embarrassment for Britain. Mr Mugabe has repeatedly said MI6 and
British security services are operating in Zimbabwe.

Although Mr Mann has long been retired from the British Army he remains
connected with the world of security consultants.

It is not known whether he was detained, although Mr Mohadi said the 64
"suspected mercenaries" were led by a "known mercenary", Simon Witherspoon,
a white South African.

Mr Mohadi claimed that of the 64 men from the seized aircraft 20 were South
Africans, 18 Namibians, 23 Angolans, two Congolese and one a Zimbabwean
using a South African passport.

The ultimate destination of the aircraft remained unclear last night,
although the tiny oil-rich African country of Equatorial Guinea yesterday
said it had arrested 15 suspected mercenaries which it claimed were
connected with the 64-strong group.

But another version was that the men were part of a security company
contracted to provide perimeter security for mining operations in the
Democratic Republic of Congo and had stopped in Zimbabwe for supplies.

Agustin Nse Nfumu, information minister in Equatorial Guinea, said the 15
were an advance party for the group arrested on Sunday night when a
US-registered charter plane was impounded at Harare International Airport.

Rumours have been circulating in Malabo, capital of the former Spanish
colony, about an imminent coup and Mr Nfumu alleged that the men were part
of a plot to remove President Teodoro Obiang. He has been in power since a
bloody coup in 1979.

Control of Equatorial Guinea has become more important in the last decade
since vast oil reserves were found in its off-shore waters. It is the third
largest producer of oil in sub-Saharan Africa after Nigeria and Angola,
producing 350,000 barrels a day.

While there was no independent confirmation of the claims, a diplomatic
source in America gave them some credence, saying the aircraft landed in
Zimbabwe to collect weapons produced by Zimbabwe Defence Industries.

ZDI is run by Tshinga Dube, a close associate of President Mugabe, and is
one of several Zimbabwean companies which are the subject of strict economic
sanctions by the United States.

The source said an apparent breakdown in communication among the elite who
run Harare airport led to the aircraft being impounded once an irregularity
was found in its manifest.

Mr Nfumu said the 15 detainees included white South Africans, black South
Africans of Angolan origin, a German and others from Kazakhstan and Armenia
who had been in Equatorial Guinea since December.

"Some 15 mercenaries have been arrested here . . . and it was connected with
that plane in Zimbabwe," he said.

"They were the advance party of that group."

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          The Spirit of Wedza
            A collection of biographies, articles, recollections and
memories (by and about the people of Wedza) compiled by Sheila

Limited number of copies available at the JAG Office.

Hardback $140 000
Softback $120 000

11 Advert Received 9th March 2004


Please may you place the following equipment in your classifieds.

JCB 4WD 3 CXT SSE 1997
4103 Hours
Contact: 011 608 474 or email

8498 Hours
Contact: 011 608 474 or email

Many thanks and could you email me the charge and your AC Details.

Yours faithfully
Heidi Faydherbe
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