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Mail and Guardian

Zimbabwe farmers get $30m from Zambian bank


23 March 2004 08:25

A Zambian bank has given more than $30-million to white Zimbabwean farmers
re-settling in Zambia, state media reported on Monday.

Peter Mclean, managing director of Standard Chartered Bank, said the money
was disbursed between January and December last year. However, he could not
state how many Zimbabwean farmers had received the loans, the Zambia Daily
Mail reported.

"The bank has given loans to farmers who were clients of Stanchart Zimbabwe
and were identified as they moved to Zambia," he said.

This comes at a time when black Zambian farmers are struggling to obtain
agriculture loans and other credit facilities from local banks because of
exceedingly high interest rates and other conditions they fail to meet.

Scores of white farmers from Zimbabwe have been moving into Zambia to set up
commercial tourism and farming blocs in the southern and central parts of
the country after the Zimbabwean government of President Robert Mugabe
seized land belonging to white commercial farmers.

The Zambian government said it has no special policy to re-settle Zimbabwean
farmers despite a major policy shift to turn a copper mining driven economy
to an agriculture-based economy.

Land Minister Judith Kapijipanga said Zimbabwean farmers were welcome to set
up agriculture activities in Zambia, but they would receive no special
preference, the newspaper report said. - Sapa-DPA

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Mugabe orders probe into minister's new home

March 23 2004 at 02:17AM

By Moshoeshoe Monare and Gustav Thiel

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has ordered police to probe how the
country's finance minister, Christopher Kuruneri, acquired property in South

This follows a report that Kuruneri was financing the construction of
a R30-million seaside mansion in the affluent Cape Town suburb of Llandudno.

He has reportedly been paying in United States dollars.

'Our view is that Llandudno should be a quiet and peaceful
Kuruneri has denied that he was exporting money illegally, in
contravention of the country's tough laws on foreign exchange.

He said he was paying for the house with money made doing
international consulting work. He denied having broken his beleaguered
country's strict foreign exchange rules.

On Monday senior Zimbabwean government sources told The Mercury that
Mugabe was not happy with Kuruneri.

"He acknowledged that (Kuruneri) worked in Canada and did consultancy
work for a number of companies. But the question is how the property was
financed and through which channels."

"So the commissioner of police has been tasked with looking into the
matter," a source said.

The decision was taken at a regular presidential meeting on Monday
morning. Wayne Bvudzijena, Zimbabwean police spokesperson, confirmed they
would be looking into the matter.

A subcontractor, a former employee of the developer Chris Hayman, said
he was personally paid R200 000 in US dollars for work on the house.

On Monday, Johan van der Walt, chairman of the Llandudno Civic
Association, said: "I cannot imagine that local residents will leave this
issue to develop to the point where he (Kuruneri) can move into the area."

"Our view is that Llandudno should be a quiet and peaceful
neighbourhood. When people move in who build three-metre-high walls with
spotlights and security guards, I don't think people will be very happy."

South African Foreign Affairs spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa said the
South African Revenue Services should take up the matter if Kuruneri was
suspected of any wrongdoing.
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Sunday Times (SA)

Mercenaries to be tried in top security prison

Tuesday March 23, 2004 07:06 - (SA)

By Ryan Truscott

HARARE - Seventy foreigners detained in Zimbabwe on charges of trying to
topple the president of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea will be tried in a
maximum security prison, a high court judge ruled, dismissing a plea from
the defence lawyer for a public trial.

Judge Tedius Karwi said: "Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison will be the only
compromise venue in this case.
The remand hearing of the applicants will be heard at Chikurubi," he said.

The men are expected to appear at a court set up at the prison today.

Defence lawyer Jonathan Samkange said he wanted his clients to appear at a
public court in Harare, but state lawyers wanted the men tried in prison
because of concerns over public security.

"I believe we have nothing to hide and we must show the world that the
accused persons will receive a fair and transparent trial," Samkange said in
papers brought before the court on Monday.

A second lawyer for the men, South African advocate Francois Joubert, argued
that under Zimbabwe's constitution the detained men had an enshrined right
to a fair trial.

But the government challenged the application citing security concerns.

Court papers filed by the state charged that the suspected mercenaries were
"sponsored externally", and this posed real security risks.

"These sponsors have the capacity and the capability of launching an air and
ground operation to rescue their cadres," the papers said.

The state also argued Monday that the Zimbabwe Prisons Service (ZPS) had no
suitable transport to get the men to a public court, and that Chikurubi
prison is officially designated as a place to hold court hearings.

Reading his judgement, Karwi said he had taken into consideration the need
for a fair trial, and ordered that the proceedings take place in a large
room at the prison big enough "to accommodate more than 100 people seated at
any given time".

He also ordered that lawyers, friends and relatives of the detained men, as
well as members of the press, be "given easy access to the venue".

"The state must comply with these orders," Karwi added.

The 70 men, from South Africa, Angola, Namibia, the Democratic Republic of
Congo, and only one from Zimbabwe, were arrested two weeks ago at Harare
International Airport and linked to 15 alleged soldiers of fortune detained
in Equatorial Guinea.

Sixty-seven of them were aboard a Boeing 727 that was impounded, while three
others were arrested when they went to meet the plane.

The suspects have been charged with several offences including conspiring to
murder President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, breaching
firearms, security and immigration laws, and conspiring to commit
international terrorism.

They deny the charges and insist they were hired in South Africa to serve as
security guards at a diamond mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Harare has said the men landed in Zimbabwe to pick up an array of weapons
including AK47s, rocket launchers, grenades and ammunition, allegedly for
use in the coup.

Zimbabwe's Foreign Minister Stan Mudenge has said the men could face the
death penalty.

Defence lawyer Samkange meanwhile said that his clients would "definitely"
appear before the prison court, saying their initial appearance on remand
would be brief.

Since their March 7 arrest, the accused have been held under the country's
immigration laws that allow suspects to be held for two weeks before being
brought to court.

Samkange said the authorities "will not have an excuse" for not bringing the
men before a court today as "the immigration warrant of detention expired
last (Sunday) night."

However, the government's top lawyer, Bharat Patel was quoted in Monday's
state-owned Herald as saying that the detention warrant was only issued on
March 10 and would expire on Wednesday.

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The Herald

NRZ re-introduces steam locomotives

THE National Railways of Zimbabwe has re-introduced steam locomotives to
power its commuter trains in an effort to increase its wagons capacity and
as a solution to the shortages of diesel.

National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) corporate affairs manager Mr Misheck
Matanhire said the coal-powered engines would not be utilised on its
inter-city routes, as the exercise would need the resuscitation of expensive
facilities such as watering holes along the main rail routes.

The company has seen its commuter operations grinding to a halt on more than
one occasion because of diesel shortages - steam locomotives would remove
that obstacle.

"The steam locomotives that are currently hauling commuter trains are a
permanent feature that is meant to enhance our locomotive capacity as an
organisation," he said.

The Government introduced the commuter train service in 2001 to cushion
urban commuters from rising transport costs.

In Bulawayo, trains service the Luveve and Emganwini routes while in Harare
they ply the Marimba, Dzivaresekwa and Ruwa routes.

The service has, however, been far from being efficient owing to the acute
shortages of diesel that occasionally bedevil the parastatal.

The National Railways of Zimbabwe also had to grapple with the shortage of
wagons after phasing out the use of coal-powered locomotives and sticking to
the diesel-hauled types.

The introduction of the steam locomotives follows increased calls by
industry for the National Railways of Zimbabwe to re-introduce the facility
as the shortage of diesel was impacting on the viability of their

Mr Matanhire said the steam locomotives were also popular with locals.

"Steam locomotives are a spectacle to watch for most local and overseas
steam enthusiasts," said Mr Matanhire - Bulawayo Bureau.

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March 22 , 2004

~~~ Newsletter 049 ~~~
Face up and sing

Join our mailing list

Mark my words. These condoms will bring down this government.

The indispensable catalyst is the word, the explanatory idea. Uncontrolled words -- circulating freely, underground, rebelliously, uncertified - frighten tyrants.
~ Ryszard Kapuscinski

Thank you to the junior minister moyo, with love from Zvakwana
Zvakwana has been receiving such uncountable requests for our Get Up, Stand Up revolutionary condoms that we are almost failing to cope up. The extra publicity from junior jonathan on his radio and television stations as well as his daily propaganda paper has made Zvakwana popular to many more people. Maybe he has gone soft on his party and he is rising on our side.

More seriously . . . HIV/AIDS, safer sex and sexual health is everyone's responsibility
Stop the spread of AIDSThe regime's broadcasting systems did not tell Zimbabweans that all of Zvakwana's revolutionary condoms went out with instructions about how to use them effectively. While condoms do not offer 100% protection they do reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. So if you treasure your partner rubber up in a revolution of love.

Harare North Constituency - Preparing for 2005
Trudy Stevenson MP with Councillors Dr Mushonga, Bangajena, Badza and Jongwe
Tuesday 23 March : 5.30 for 6.00pm - 8.00 pm : Mount Pleasant Hall

Guest Speakers:
Hon Gibson Sibanda, Leader of the Opposition and MDC Vice President (to confirm)
Hon Renson Gasela, Shadow Minister Lands and Agriculture
Hon Job Sikhala, St Mary's, Chitungwiza
Mr Femai, MDC Chairman Harare Province

By the way it is up to all of us to participate instead of just being armchair critics and wringing our hands. Stay informed and stay in support of all efforts for democratic change in Zimbabwe.

Captured mercenaries - a zanu pf coup
It is quite apparent that zanu pf will do anything to try to distract Zimbabweans from increasing zanu pf incompetence and unpopularity. They are dragging us through continuous propaganda that seeks to establish mugabe as the good guy by halting an "alleged" coup in Equatorial Guinea but this is not taking our minds away from the starving that we're suffering. And it is quite likely that the arrest of the so-called mercenaries at Harare Regional Airport will backfire. Of key interest will become the role of Zimbabwe Defence Industries (ZDI) as arms dealers. In fact this part of the saga will no doubt be very embarrassing to the illegitimate Zimbabwe government. This is why the regime is so desperate to have the trial conducted "in private". As Reuters reports:

The key question will centre on what role President Robert Mugabe's senior aides played in any plans to procure weapons from state-owned Zimbabwe Defence Industries (ZDI), a cash-strapped agency under the firm grip of the government. The analysts told Reuters on Wednesday that proceedings against the 70 men, who were charged on Tuesday, could throw a spotlight on what one called "the murky operations of the ZDI."

Please check out: for some very good and current information. Sokwanele - Zvakwana is a people's force through which democracy will be restored to the country and protected jealously for future generations to ensure that Zimbabweans will never be oppressed again.

All over Zimbabwe activist groups are unifying. Change is coming.

Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it - Bertolt Brecht

Zvakwana has much more in store. Using art, humour and lots of cunning we are catching the regime off-guard at every intersection - watch the streets for more details!

Zvakwana sends a very big pom pom to the Supreme Court as they bar mugabe from e-mail snooping
The Supreme Court, sitting as a full bench, declared last week as unconstitutional legal provisions that gives the president powers to eavesdrop, including the powers to intercept mail, telephone conversations and other such electronic telecommunications devices. The superior court upheld contentions by the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LCZ), a grouping of lawyers who had filed the constitutional application arguing that the presidential powers provided for by the Posts and Telecommunication (PTC) Act violated section 20 of the Constitution. The lawyers were challenging section 98 and 103 of the PTC Act, which gives president powers to intercept mail, telephones, e-mail and any other form of communication. Section 20 of the Constitution provides for freedom of expression, freedom to receive and impart ideas and freedom from interference from one's correspondences. The case was heard before Chief Justice, Godfrey Chidyausiku, Vernanda Ziyambi, Misheck Cheda, Luke Malaba and Elizabeth Gwaunza.
From: Daily Mirror

"I believe in compulsory cannibalism. If people were forced to eat what they killed, there would be no more wars."
~ Abbie Hoffman

Violence in Zengeza
Maybe we should rename the Electoral Supervisory Commission to be the Electoral Scared Commission. The photograph below shows ESC staff cowering in the back of their vehicle as they fail to get onto the streets in Zengeza to report on the regime's violence engulfing the community. It is high time that the ESC was disbanded because of their partisan behaviour where they fail to report correctly on zanu pf's intimidatory tactics.

Hear no evil, see no evil - very evil!

Zvakwana street sheets take off
Yes, a traveller moving between gangsta's paradise (Joburg) and Harare last week had his eyes pop when noticing copies of Zvakwana in the seat pouches. It is solidarity like this being displayed by activists within Scare Zimbabwe that we need more of. Keep it up! By the way if you would like to subscribe your workplace to receive some copies please send us your postal address to

Speak Out! Get Up!

zanu pf is the biggest culprit when it comes to financial impropriety
The Zimbabwean finance minister is not welcome in one of Cape Town's most expensive suburbs. This was the verdict of Llandudno residents, who are up in arms over Christopher Kuruneri's apparent plans to move into a R30-million mansion. Llandudno councillor Pieter Venter said on Sunday he was "observing with interest" the construction of Kuruneri's mansion. Llandudno councillor Pieter Venter said on Sunday he was "observing with interest" the construction of Kuruneri's mansion. He said residents "may have objections" to a senior Zimbabwean government official moving into the area. "People are obviously allowed to buy property where they want, but one wonders where a Zimbabwean minister got the money from, considering the value of the Zimbabwean dollar." The Sunday Times reported that Kuruneri, appointed finance minister in a cabinet reshuffle on February 9 to spearhead Zimbabwe's economic recovery, has been financing the property with foreign currency. This was despite the strict limits imposed on exporting foreign exchange in Zimbabwe. Kuruneri is the sole director of a company called Choice Decisions, which bought the property for R2,7-million on April 22 last year. He also bought another property in the area for R2-million. Since Kuruneri was appointed finance minister, the country has cracked down on businessmen for contravening foreign exchange rules, closing down three businesses

Guess what?
What do Innscor Africa Limited, the Zimbabwe Cricket Union, Farm and City Centre and Lobels Bread have in common? They all placed advertisements in the state-controlled press congratulating the small dictator on his birthday. We can send you a list of the other mugabe-loving companies that gave him a pom pom if you like so that you are informed about who you're dealing with.

Shout these messages out with your own paint brush

He's got the right idea.

Tsvangirai threatens mass action
Morgan Tsvangirai has announced that the MDC is organising a national alliance with other "democratic forces" in Zimbabwe to force robert mugabe to come to reason. This grouping of labour, women, activists and others will work out a "programme of rolling mass action designed to push the regime to the long awaited negotiated settlement." It is impressive that, with two treason charges against him, Tsvangirai continues to speak out boldly and forcefully against the regime. But people - we have to transform these words into action! Last year's "Final Push" failed because neither the people nor the leaders were ready for it. We need to get ourselves organised and get ready for what might come. The "broad alliance" should include the MDC, ZCTU and the NCA, among other organisations. You can get involved with any of them, and you can also start agitating and organising your community on your own. When the time comes, we each have to be ready to make sacrifices if we are going to succeed. Find out how you can get more involved!
Contact the MDC on or 04-781 138/9
Contact the NCA on or 04-736 338 / 730 431
Contact the ZCTU on or 04-794 742/02

Get UP! Stand UP! together

Zvakwana's Get Up Stand Up compilation of music that will rock the regime into retirement has been described as "sizzling". Want a copy? Email us at if you live in Zimbabwe.

zanu pf targets teachers
zanu pf youths in Chivi are forcing primary and secondary teachers in rural Masvingo to form political branches at their schools to show their allegiance to the ruling party. The youths, under instruction from local zanu pf leaders, say they do this with the aim of "reorientating teachers" back into the ruling party fold. Teachers are generally perceived to be opposition party sympathisers. The strategy is meant to outmanoeuvre the MDC ahead of next year's parliamentary elections. "At our school the zanu pf youths came on February 26 and abruptly stopped lessons saying they had an urgent and very important meeting," said a teacher in Chivi. "Most of the schools here in Chivi district have received these surprise visits from local zanu pf youths during the last month. They come in the company of a rural councillor who stresses the need for teachers to set up branches, especially if we are to be safe next year," said the teacher. "We have also been told to contribute some money to the party's campaign," he said. zanu pf teachers' branches have already been set up in Berejena High School, Daramombe and Chiwanza Secondary schools, as well as primary schools at Run'ai and Mandiva. Chivi is Masvingo governor josiah hungwe's home area. "hungwe himself is harbouring ambitions for next year's elections. Hence all this premature campaigning," said another teacher. "They believe that teachers have so much influence in the rural communities and may sway the electorate's perceptions. That's why they want to be so hard on us," she said.

We must support our teachers and drive back those who want to intimidate them. Give courage to the teachers at your local school to stay professional and to teach the truth. Contact the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) to find out how you can do more: or 777418.


Thanks to Zvakwana subscribers who continue to keep us informed of the murky dealings of the regime. We are currently investigating information received about the zrp and the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe. We will keep you posted!

International Women's Day - nothing to celebrate
Leaders of this regime must be challenged to account for the violations of women's rights that are taking place under their watch. They must be asked the hard questions about the roles they have played overtly and covertly in both public and private spheres. I quite like the private aspect because it is here that many of us who pontificate in public about "gender is a priority of government blah blah", must be challenged. How many of you beat your wives last week? Yes, you my friend, the senior government official raise your hand please! Who among you has ever sexually harassed a woman - including the ones you promised land and never gave them? (Oh, and marrying the product of your harassment later doesn't excuse the fact please note). Who has used Green Bombers to campaign for them? Can you account for their activities? Can you honestly say you have never sexually abused a minor girl? Of course comrade senior army and police officer, we know how you treat "suspects" don't we? I am still waiting for a reason to celebrate women's day. May it come soon.
Read the article by Everjoice J. Win, a Zimbabwean feminist activist

Waiting for the Bus

All along the road from Bulawayo
to Gwanda or Matopos or Vic Falls;
at bus-stops, lay-bys, under shadeless trees,
the people wait beside their bundled things.
All day long they wait, and sometimes all night
too, and the next day - anxiously waiting.

Waiting for the public transport to stop
and let them in and take them home. Waiting
with babies to nurse, children to comfort
and feed, chickens, the occasional goat.
They have learned to come prepared, with blankets,
izinduku, pots for cooking sadza.

Waiting for ZUPCO or SHU-SHINE, AJAY,
to get them to their Uncle's funeral,
their cousin's wedding, their baby brother's
baptism. Waiting with the new Camper Vans
cruising by. Anxious to be at work on
time. Anxious not to lose their jobs. Waiting.

They take their time now not by wrist-watches
but by the sun and the stars and the moon;
by the appearance of the mopani worms;
by the ripening of marula fruit;
by the coming of the rains. Not by bus
timetables but by birth, marriage and death.

And while they wait they count the jets that fly
to Harare and Johannesburg.
Liverish businessmen sucking whiskies
are in these jets. And Chefs with mistresses
wearing the latest digital watches,
Digital dolly-birds. All carry brief-
cases with combination locks, and next
to nothing inside: dark glasses perhaps;
and a newspaper to study the Stock
Exchange; something digital, perhaps, for
calculating profit . . . and more profit.
It's something for people to do while

they wait - counting the jets high overhead.
Often the vapour trails are the only
clouds in the sky. No Forex for buses,
They tell us, but the five-star hotels go
up, and another Boeing is purchased.
All day they wait; all night; long suffering.

And when, at last, a bus does stop, its tyres
are likely to be bald, its brakes likely
to be held together with wire, its body
battered, belching clouds of brain-tightening,
lung-collapsing smoke. Who's responsible?
"Not me," says the Chef dipping his fingers

in his girl-friend's cocktail, shifting his vast
belly, vast enough to accommodate
at least seven baby goats. "Don't look at
me," says the Managing Director, "my
bottom line is profit. I owe it to
the shareholders. Another whisky please."

And I don't think it is going to be any
different tomorrow or the next day
or the next. The time of sweet-becoming
is over. For those millions who depend
on buses, nothing has changed; only their
expectations have once again been dashed.

The time of bitter arrival is here:
not safe new buses, but the amassing
of personal wealth, the cultivation
of another crop of heroes. Street
names change, statues change; hotels go up, jets
go up, and the people go on waiting.

1995, John Eppel
From: Sonata for Matabeleland

Watch out for Zvakwana papers on the streets!

Zvakwana, Sokwanele, Enough!!

Make sure you SPEAK OUT - keep discussion alive, keep information flowing.

Please remember Zvakwana welcomes feedback, ideas and support for actions.

Please help us to grow this mailing list by recommending it to your friends and colleagues.

Join our mailing list

Visit our website at

Enough is enough, Zvakwana, Sokwanele.

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Sky News
A former British SAS soldier has appeared in a court in Zimbabwe accused of recruiting 69 mercenaries to overthrow the government of an African country.

Simon Mann looked grim as he appeared in leg irons and handcuffs along with the group he is accused of putting together.

He faces life in jail and a $200,000 fine if found guilty.

The group, consisting mainly of South Africans, Angolans and Namibians, was arrested in Harare on March 7 after their plane was detained.

They were charged with conspiracy against the government of Equatorial Guinea, along with immigration, firearms, and aviation offences.

Chief prosecutor Mary Zimba-Dube said Mann was the ringleader and acted on instructions from exiled Equatorial Guinea opposition leader Severo Moto.

"The accused Simon Mann was contracted by Severo assist him in toppling the president of Equatorial Guinea by a violent coup d'etat," Zimba-Dube said.

"Simon Mann...recruited 69 men with military background to carry out the task.

"The 70 accused persons conspired and agreed to possess dangerous weapons which were to be used in carrying out the task."

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Fuel Queues Resurface in Harare


FUEL queues have resurfaced in Harare as a result of the failure by some companies to get foreign currency on the foreign currency auction floor, the Petroleum Marketers' Association of Zimbabwe spokesperson, Mr Masimba Kambarami, said yesterday.

He said some of the fuel importing companies have had their bids turned down at the auction floor, thereby leaving them without the means to import fuel.

"The majority of bids by fuel suppliers to get foreign currency from the auction have been turned down and those that are selling fuel are some of the companies that got foreign currency.

"Another reason is that filling stations are charging different pump prices and obviously motorists buy from those filling stations that sell the fuel at a cheaper pump price," Mr Kambarami said.

He said the queues at some filling stations would disappear as soon as more fuel importers get foreign currency.

Mr Kambarami said his association was looking at establishing a "Special Purpose Vehicle Company" that would access foreign currency on behalf of all the other fuel importing companies.

"Currently each fuel company gets its foreign currency directly from the auction and some are failing to get the required foreign currency to import fuel.

"The Special Purpose Vehicle Company will aggregate the requirement of foreign currency for all the fuel-importing companies and place orders for the different companies each week or every month," Mr Kambarami said.

He said plans to implement the Special Purpose Vehicle Company were at an advanced stage and it is hoped that the company would get preferential treatment at the auction floors.

He said there were different pump prices at the filling stations because of the variables in landing costs.

"Those companies that import via the pipeline would sell their fuel at a cheaper price than those who import through the road vehicles. However with the new system fuel would be obtained in bulk and at a cheaper price," Mr Kambarami said.

Bids are turned down for a variety of reasons at the auction floors, one of them being that a bidder may offer a price lower than the accepted levels.

The introduction of the foreign currency auction system at the beginning of the year was envisaged to benefit the critical fuel importation sector.

A survey by The Herald revealed that there were few filling stations selling petrol at between $2 750 and $3 000 a litre.

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