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- may peace, truth and justice prevail.

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Zim Online

Soldiers burn evicted residents' property, police ransank suburb
Tue 31 May 2005

      MUTARE - Soldiers in Zimbabwe's eastern Mutare city yesterday
prevented homeless residents, whose makeshift dwellings were destroyed by
the government, from taking their household furniture to their rural homes
and instead seized and burnt the property.

      A ZimOnline news crew monitoring the situation in Mutare witnessed
heavily armed soldiers at roadblocks set up on all major roads leading out
of the border city ordering crew on rural-bound public buses to offload
beds, blankets, wardrobes and other furniture the homeless families managed
to salvage when their shacks were destroyed.

      The soldiers burnt all the property offloaded from the buses.

      Forty-one-year old factory worker, Thomas Mangoro, summarised well the
mood of his fellow homeless colleagues who watched while their property was
set on fire. Fighting hard to keep away the tears, he said: "I worked 20
years to buy this furniture and someone just burns it like this because they
are holding a gun - this is unfair."

      It was not clear whether the soldiers were acting on command or it was
mere overzealousness on their part. A certain army corporal Muchongwe, who
was part of a team of soldiers manning a roadblock along the Mutare to
Chimanimani highway, threatened to beat up a ZimOnline reporter for asking
why they were barring people from taking their belongings to their rural

      Defence Minister Sydney Sekeremayi however said he was not aware that
soldiers were burning people's property and the army would investigate the
matter. "No soldier is under instruction to do that. We will investigate if
those reports are credible," said Sekeramayi.

      Meanwhile, as the controversial crackdown that the government says is
meant to clean up cities of filth and crime turned more brutal, the state
commission running Harare city yesterday said it would not lose sleep over
tens of thousands of homeless children and families spending the winter
nights in the open after their dwellings were destroyed by the police.

      Commission spokesman Lesley Gwindi told ZimOnline: "They (homeless
people) have to sort themselves out . but we will not crack our heads to
relocate them."

      Gwindi spoke as the police yesterday turned Harare's oldest and most
populous low-income suburb upside down destroying hundreds of shacks,
tuckshops, flea market stalls and backyard hair salons.

      Burning rubble, goods and household furniture littered Mbare's filthy
streets as residents milled around, several of them with nowhere to go after
their makeshift dwellings were destroyed.

      Fruit and vegetable growers from rural areas who trade their produce
at the famous Mbare Musika market were also hit with many forced to take
their goods back.

      At the Siyaso informal industrial site near the suburb and the
Mupedzanhamo market for second hand goods, traders and workmen could be seen
packing away their wares fearing they could be destroyed once the police

      More than 18 000 people have been arrested and several tens of
thousands of families left homeless after the government unleashed the
police and army against informal traders and homeless people in Harare and
other cities.

      The government blames informal traders for fuelling the illegal
black-market which has thrived in Zimbabwe with nearly every basic commodity
from medical drugs to fuel to foreign currency readily available from the
underworld market.

      But churches and human rights groups have criticised the government's
clean-up campaign for being insensitive to the plight of the majority of the
informal traders most of whom are law-abiding citizens trying to eke out an
honest living.

      That many Zimbabweans have been forced to live in shacks and to engage
in informal and petty trade to survive is an indictment against the
government itself for failing to provide decent housing or to ensure
conditions conducive to job creation are in place, the church leaders and
human rights activists say.

      The main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party accuses
the government of wanting to provoke spontaneous and violent reactions from
city residents to justify the imposition of a State of Emergency so it could
rule by decree.

      The MDC also says the crackdown is punishment against city residents
for backing the opposition party in last March's disputed parliamentary
election. - ZimOnline
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Zim Online

Tsvangirai tours tense Harare suburbs
Tue 31 May 2005
  HARARE - Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday toured
Harare's suburbs, explosive after the government demolished informal
businesses and makeshift homes in a controversial exercise to clean up the

      Tsvangirai, under increasing pressure from urban residents to call for
civil protests against the government exercise, described as "crazy" the
government's destruction of dwelling shacks, flea markets, tuck shops and
backyard hair salons without providing occupants with alternatives.

      "It is crazy what this regime is doing," Tsvangirai said as he viewed
destroyed shacks and informal businesses at Hatcliffe Extension, a squatter
camp just outside Harare's northern boundary.

      But the opposition leader, whose Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
party controls all major cities and towns in Zimbabwe, did not say whether
his party would lead residents in action to force the government to
reconsider the crackdown against informal traders and homeless people.

      From Hatcliffe, Tsvangirai, who was accompanied by several senior
leaders of his party, proceeded to White Cliff Farm, about 20 km south of
the capital.

      Whitecliff Farm was seized by veterans of Zimbabwe's 1970s
independence war and other supporters of the government during the height of
farm invasions five years ago. The invaders built houses and shacks at the
farm with tacit approval from President Robert Mugabe and his government.

      Tsvangirai also toured the suburbs of Budiriro, Glen Norah and Glen
View where police last week fought running battles with residents resisting
destruction of their informal businesses and homes.

      The MDC leader wound up his tour with a visit to Harare's oldest and
most populous suburb of Mbare, where police maintained a strong presence
yesterday after destroying informal businesses there earlier in the day.

      At the weekend, Tsvangirai and his party issued a statement condemning
the government campaign against informal traders and homeless people and
urged residents to mobilise and resist the forced evictions.

      But political analysts say the MDC and its civic society allies should
provide leadership against the government crackdown that has seen more than
18 000 people arrested and teens of thousands of families left without any
shelter after their makeshift homes were destroyed by police. - ZimOnline

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Zim Online

FEATURE: Crackdown will oil more social vices
Tue 31 May 2005
  HARARE - Last week, Glen View, a poor suburb in Harare resembled a war

      Debris was strewn all over after anti-riot police rolled into the
suburb in the ongoing crackdown against illegal settlements in Harare.

      For the anti-riot police, notorious for their brutal methods in
putting down crowd trouble, it was no walkover in Glen View as they met
stiff resistance from a fired up constituency angered by the increasing
hardships in the country.

      The suburb, a bastion of the main opposition Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC) party, was literally on fire as residents fought running
battles with the police.

      But for forty-two year old Furisai Chivasa, last week's events broke
his heart as he saw his only source of livelihood razed to the ground.

      Chivasa is among millions of Zimbabweans who were forced out of formal
employment five years ago at the beginning of the country's economic crisis.
He soon set up shop in Glen View, manufacturing cheaper home made furniture
for sale to the large shops in the city and individuals.

      But last week, his dream was shattered as he helplessly watched
anti-riot police who seemed to enjoy inflicting more misery on him, demolish
his "illegal" business premises.

      Two weeks ago, the government began a crackdown in the city against
illegal settlements and informal traders whom they said were stoking the
foreign currency parallel market.

      The campaign, cynically dubbed "Operation Restore Order" has seen over
18 000 Zimbabweans arrested for various crimes. Thousands more have been
thrown out into the cold, to face the wrath of the elements as their
"houses" were destroyed.

      While in principle the campaign might appear noble, many Zimbabweans
say the exercise is not only ill-conceived but badly timed.

      "I am certain that the government is looking for confrontation with
unarmed civilians. They have destroyed the informal sector where the
majority of those who lost their jobs in the past five years were trying to
earn a living.

      "Now they are destroying all shacks where incidentally most of the
poor live. Government is certainly looking for confrontation," an
exasperated Chivasa says.

      Most urban centres in Zimbabwe overwhelmingly voted for the opposition
rejecting President Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU PF party in last March's
controversial election.

      Urban residents, an increasing majority of whom depend on informal
trade to survive in a country with 70 percent unemployment, complain that
the "clean up" exercise is meant to punish them for rejecting ZANU PF at the

      On the other hand MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has accused Mugabe of
unleashing the police against the people in a bid to provoke conditions to
enable him to declare a State of Emergency and rule by decree.

      But whatever inspired the state crackdown, for Chivasa here and many
other ordinary residents of Harare their beef with the authorities lies in
the impromptu and ad hoc manner in which the clean-up exercise was

      "They should have given us enough time to move out. Three months is
too short. Even then, this is May and they are already evicting us. We have
children going to school whose education is going to suffer. I feel we in
Glen View are being punished for supporting MDC."

      But Housing and Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo thinks

      "Even if we give people until October to remove their shacks, when
that time comes they will ask for another extension saying they will only be
able to move in April when the rainy season ends. People will always have
excuses. We cannot sit and watch the capital, the nation's hub deteriorate".

      Sheunesu Chirume of Chitungwiza says social vices will multiply.
"There is a lot of suffering going on here already my brother," he says with
a shake of the head.

      "Now that they have destroyed the informal sector, there is going to
be a lot of prostitution and theft here. How else do you expect people to
survive?" - ZimOnline

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Zim Online

US national arrested for filming crackdown
Tue 31 May 2005
  MUTARE - A United States national was yesterday arrested for filming a
police crackdown against illegal structures in the eastern border city of

      State radio yesterday said the American citizen, Howard Smith Gillman,
was arrested after he was caught filming the police's "clean up campaign".

      He faces charges of violating Zimbabwe's tough Access to Information
and Protection of Privacy Act which bars people from practising as
journalists without accreditation from the state Media and Information

      He faces a maximum two-year jail sentence if convicted. According to
the radio broadcast, Gillman could also be charged for allegedly possessing
pornographic material and overstaying in the country.

      Over 18 000 Zimbabweans have been arrested in the last two weeks as
the government cracked down on informal traders blamed for fuelling the
illegal foreign currency black market. The government has also destroyed
illegal structures in urban areas in what it says is a "clean up"
exercise. - ZimOnline

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Zim Online

Ex-minister's trial held in camera
Tue 31 May 2005
  HARARE - The trial of former finance minister Chris Kuruneri on charges of
externalising huge amounts of foreign currency was yesterday held in camera
after the State said the evidence to be presented in court was of a security

      An employee of the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe in charge of
the security at the airport, Norman Sanyanga, was to testify in the trial on
how the security metal detector at the airport works.

      High Court judge Susan Mavangira ruled in favour of the State appeal
after agreeing that the evidence to be presented was of a security nature.

      "In terms of Section 3 of the Courts and Adjudicating Act, the court
orders that the proceedings shall be held in camera on the exclusion of the
Public and members of the press," Mavingira said.

      "Any publication on evidence from court proceedings or State outline
documents is also restricted."

      Kuruneri was arrested in April last year for allegedly siphoning huge
quantities of foreign currency outside the country in violation of Zimbabwe's
tight exchange control Act. He denies the charge. - ZimOnline

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Mail and Guardian

      Zimbabwe: The burning continues

      Michael Hartnack | Harare, Zimbabwe

      30 May 2005 05:27

            Police in Zimbabwe continued demolishing thousands of shacks and
vendors' kiosks in opposition strongholds on Monday, burning a 10km-long
line of curio stalls along the road near Victoria Falls.

            A spokesperson for the main opposition Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC) called the crackdown a "tyranny" and urged people to resist.

            Lawyers for the party sought a court order on Monday that banned
police from demolishing shacks and kiosks, and demanding compensation for
the owners of buildings already destroyed in what the government calls a
campaign to clean up the cities.

            Thousands of street traders have been arrested and their wares
seized or destroyed since the May 19 start of the crackdown, which the
government has described as an urban renewal campaign. Police using torches,
sledgehammers and bulldozers have also burned and demolished the homes of
the urban poor in informal settlements around the country.

            "A government that destroys the property of people who are
trying to make an honest living is evil," MDC spokesperson Paul
Themba-Nyathi said on Monday after a session of the main opposition party's
national council.

            "We call on all Zimbabweans to mobilise against this assault on
their dignity, livelihoods and well-being," said Themba-Nyathi, defying
tough new security laws that provide a 20-year prison term for anyone trying
to "coerce" President Robert Mugabe's government.

            "We shall overcome this tyranny," he said.

            Over the weekend, residents in some informal settlements put
boulders across a maze of side roads in a futile attempt to keep police and
security forces out. However, there were no reports of rioting in any of the
townships where police demolished and burned shacks.

            In the resort town of Victoria Falls, police burned a 10km-long
line of curio stalls and claimed to have confiscated a large amount of
stolen or illegally imported goods.

            In the eastern city of Mutare, police said they arrested an
American, identified as Howard Smith Gilman, under media laws for allegedly
covering the destruction of 9 000 illegal structures there. Zimbabwe's media
laws make it illegal to operate without a licence.

            MDC legislator Trudi Stevenson said in the preceding 24 hours,
police had "at gunpoint" forced 2 000 more people in Hatcliffe township in
northern Harare to destroy their houses and leave. On Friday and Saturday, 7
000 were evicted, although they had lease agreements issued by Mugabe's

            "The people are homeless and sleeping in the open," she said.

            Many were trying to salvage building materials in the hope they
would be allocated other plots.

            Harare's government-appointed mayor Sekesai Makwavarara last
week gave dwellers in the city's myriad backyard shacks until July to
vacate, citing health grounds. About half the city's poor live in such
shacks. The government has not explained why it began demolitions before the
July deadline. -- Sapa-AP

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Time Magazine
Great Leap Backwards
As times get tougher in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe gets tougher still, the biggest winner may be China

CRACK DOWN: A whip-wielding guard controls a crowd outside a grocery store in Harare last month

Sunday, May. 29, 2005
Is Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe trying to set an African record for mass arrests? It certainly looks that way.

Two weeks ago, police launched a violent crackdown on illegal traders in Zimbabwe's biggest cities — the government blames them for fueling inflation, now at 129%. Operation Restore Order has so far netted more than 15,000 people for hoarding maize and dealing in foreign currency. Many Zimbabweans believe there are darker reasons for the sweeps, which have included incidents of police brutality and destruction of property. Most of those targeted live in urban areas that overwhelmingly backed the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in parliamentary elections last March. Many believe the arrests are payback for perceived disloyalty and a warning that antigovernment unrest will be met with force.

But the arrests may also be a way for Mugabe to make nice with his new patrons in China. As he tries to cope with the world's fastest-shrinking economy, he has developed a Look East policy designed to curry favor with Asian powers, especially Beijing. China has begun to give arms and planes to Zimbabwe; in return, the MDC charges, Zimbabwe is giving China land. The Chinese government is helping to build Mugabe a new mansion on the outskirts of Harare, the capital. And Chinese traders are flooding the country with cheap shoes and clothes — and immigrants to sell them, too.

The crackdown on Zimbabwean sellers will remove competition in this sector, alleges MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. "The Chinese are not so interested in short-term material gain; they're after long-term influence and power in the region," says Isaac Maposa, director of Zimbabwe Institute, an opposition-aligned think tank. "But Mugabe has to look like he's thinking of them after all the help China's given him."
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Ailing Air Zim flies with lone passenger
          May 30 2005 at 12:48PM

      Harare - Zimbabwe's struggling national airline has been criticised by
the government for launching a new route from Harare to Dubai which saw the
national carrier recently flying home with one passenger, the
state-controlled Herald newspaper reported on Monday.

      It is the first official confirmation of the incident involving an Air
Zimbabwe Boeing 737 flight from Dubai to Harare. Private media, which
initially reported the story, suggested the flight of a single passenger 6
000 kilometres might set a new record in commercial aviation history.

      "Its maiden trip to Dubai about two weeks ago took off with 49
passengers on board... before cruising back more than 6 000km with a lone
passenger," the Herald said. The paper said the 205-seater plane needed 120
passengers to break even.

      The Herald quoted a senior official in the transport ministry as
saying many problems at the airline stem from inept management. He
criticised managers for launching the Harare-Dubai route without assessing
its viability.

      Zimbabwe has been pursuing alternative markets to substitute for
traditional Western ones after President Robert Mugabe's government has been
criticised by Britain, the European Union and the United States. - Sapa-dpa
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Livelihoods and shelter go up in flames

[ This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

HARARE, 30 May 2005 (IRIN) - Thousands of Harare residents are still fleeing
the capital after armed police continued demolishing illegal dwellings and
stalls belonging to informal traders on Monday.

Clouds of tear gas mixed with smoke from burning shacks in Mbare, Harare's
oldest township, as men, women and children watched their flimsy homes go up
in flames. Some risked the fires to save what belongings they could, while
others, overcome by emotion, simply stood and cried.

The Mbare residents initially retaliated by setting a shop belonging to a
government minister alight, but the combined effects of teargas, a large
number of troops patrolling the area and the threat of live ammunition were
enough to calm tempers.

As trucks and other vehicles loaded with pocessions streamed out of the city
heading for rural areas, thousands of people made their way to the Mbare
Musika Bus Terminus, in the south of Harare.

But Zimbabwe's crippling fuel shortages ensured that not a single bus was
available. Most of the buses were in queues, awaiting fuel deliveries at
petrol stations, and the bus terminus began to resemble a refugee camp as
more and more families arrived.

Wellington Murerwa, who had lived in Mbare for most of his life, told IRIN
his spirit had been broken. "I have lost the only source of income that I
had after my vegetable stall was destroyed. Since 1981 the only place that I
have known as a home together with my family was [an illegal] backyard
shack, and I cannot start all over again," he said as he broke down in

Manjengwa Tawanda, who has a wife and four children, told IRIN that his
grandparents had come from Malawi and he had no rural home in Zimbabwe. "I
now leave everything to fate. I have nowhere to go. I have no money to rent
the expensive houses."

A housing shortage mixed with grinding poverty has led to the common
practice of home owners renting out overcrowded illegal shacks, built
literally in their backyards, to families scrabbling to make a living in the

Around 20,000 people have been arrested in an operation that initially
started as an attempt to rid Harare of illegal foreign currency dealers and
informal traders, but then expanded to target illegal street vendors, whose
wares were confiscated.

Subsequently the campaign moved into working class areas in urban centres,
where illegal structures were demolished. Informal settlements, which had
mushroomed around Harare as the country's economic crisis worsened, were not
spared either.

The Zimbabwe National Pastors Conference condemned the crackdown in a
statement and urged the government to make war on poverty, not the poor.

"Our members, who are doing pastoral work in areas targeted by this
operation, have reported that the action of the police was very provocative,
offensive and unsympathetic to the feelings of the people. The police were
heard singing songs like 'the destroyers have arrived' while they were
randomly destroying sources of livelihood for the urban poor," the pastors

"This display of a lack of compassion in the face of human suffering and
misery gives us every reason to intervene as a pastoral obligation, both to
the police and the victims of this operation," they added.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) also criticised the operation. The
organisation said there was a strong case for affected people to sue the
state, and promised to help those who came forward for assistance.

Morgan Tsvangirai, president of the main opposition party, Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC), toured the affected areas and told IRIN that the
destruction "defies all logic". He said the operation appeared to be
politically motivated because it targeted urban centres, the main support
base of the MDC.

National commissar of the ruling ZANU-PF party, Elliot Manyika, said there
was nothing political about the crackdown and police would continue to
target slum dwellings, regardless of whether those affected were members of
his party.

"This is a national operation to restore order - police do not ask whether
one supports ZANU-PF, or any party at all. There are bylaws governing
trading in every local authority, and the state has the mandate to intervene
and restore order where laws are being flouted," said Manyika.

President Robert Mugabe has praised the police crackdown, saying it would
restore the beauty of the capital. He promised compensation for those who
lost their goods during the operation.

Although the state insists that the purpose of the campaign was to restore
order in towns and cities, Daniel Molokela, a political analyst based in
Johannesburg, South Africa, told IRIN the operation was calculated to create
an atmosphere of fear ahead of new food price hikes.

Price rises of between 29 percent and 51 percent were announced on Friday.
"The government has not forgotten that the worst riots in 1998 were over
food price increases," Molokela said.

Basic food prices rocketed last week and the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe
said the cost of a monthly basic needs basket for a family of six had gone
from Zim $2.3 million ($268) in April to Zim $4 million (US $467) at the end
of May - well beyond the minimum wage.

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I have read Sekuru Venyu Mese’s letter, entitled “Why spare the Chinese?” and published in THE INDEPENDENT of Zimbabwe on 27 May 2005. As someone who has lived and worked in Zimbabwe not all that long ago, I am attaching my reply to this letter.


Gisela Sonne (Dr.)

3420 Papineau-Couture


Canada, QC J1N 2X1.


Dear Editor,

I read with regret the letter by Sekuru Venyu Mese, as published in THE INDEPENDENT of 27 May 2005.


I sympathize with Sekuru Venyu Mese’s complaints about the rough handling of Zimbabwean sellers at various flea-markets and Zimbabwean operators of private commuter omnibuses in recent weeks. I do not however accept the view that the same rough treatment should be meted out by Zimbabwean police and security forces to Chinese shopkeepers in Zimbabwe.


First of all, how many Chinese businessmen are presently in Zimbabwe to fear their competition? Could some of them by any chance be of overseas Chinese descent, the leftovers of exploitative indentured labour schemes by white colonialist masters in the early 20th century or the weakening apartheid system in southern Africa since the 1980s? 


Secondly, regardless who these Chinese traders are, most likely they all have bought legal licenses and paid the various import duties on their goods imposed by the national revenue authorities of Zimbabwe. Thus these shopkeepers perform within a legal structure and should receive protection from the local security forces. In these days of a fast disintegrating Zimbabwean economy hard work and high risk taking are needed by these traders to make a living. In contrast, many Zimbabweans of all educational levels and means have left the country for greener pastures!


Thirdly, Sekuru Venyu Mese’s comments about the possible repatriation of the savings of these Chinese businessmen in various currencies shows the ignorance of this particular writer about the economic development of mainland China as well as of the ongoing restructuring of the global economy. China’s economy is booming, self-sustaining and has the world’s largest currency reserves. It does not have to rely any longer on repatriated personal savings. Rather the Chinese government is heavily re-investing in joint research ventures with the European Union, developing projects in South-America, and Africa, including Zimbabwe.   


Fourthly, I do not think that Sekuru Venyu Mese needs “to go for plastic surgery or even change [his] name to be acceptable” but should abstain from these childish racist remarks. Do not repeat the same mistakes of the white colonial masters in the 21st century. In THE CHRONICLE of the period 1900-1904 the same uncritical and racist comments on possible money repatriation, skin colour and unfair competition were made by Bulawayo’s white traders when the importation of indentured cheap Chinese labour to BSA mines was discussed.


The propagation of this cheap RACISM was a “divide and rule” tactic used by the colonial masters then and should have no place in now free, independent Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans of all shades of colour and creed urgently need to analyse the real causes of their political , economic and social plight. Do not become prisoners of the country’s racist past.




Gisela Sonne (Dr.)

3420 Papineau-Couture


QC J1N 2X1, Canada


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Section 5

Notice is hearby given,in terms of subdivision 1 of section 5 of the Land
Acquisition Act Chapter 20.10 that the President intends to acquire
compulsorily the land described in the schedule for resettlement purpose.

A plan of the land is available for inspection at the following offices of
the Ministry of the stateresponsible for Land, Land reform and resettlement
beween 8 am and 4pm from Monday to Friday June 2005.

Friday 27 May 2005 Lot 169 Section 5 - 3 pages of 10 in Herald.pages
11,12,13 Part 3 Deed of transfer Line No Herald Section No. Lot No. Paper
No Title No Owner District Farm HA/morgen

1 27-May-05 5 0 1 357/66 Alabama Farms PL Gatooma Alabama 2 863,09 ha
2 27-May-05 5 2 5794/93 Plimsol Investments PL Gatooma Conway 820,2200 ha
3 27-May-05 5 3 2064/76 C J Campher Gatooma Brunlea of Estanciacorea
101,1717 ha
4 27-May-05 5 4 7010/74 Flyde Enterprises PL Gatooma Elephant Hill Ranch 6
152,32 ha
5 27-May-05 5 5 3050/78 J W Britz PL Gatooma Farm Hope 1 131,60 ha
6 27-May-05 5 6 5533/92 J K Kanyumbu Gatooma Kinver 683,50 ha
7 27-May-05 5 7 5098/88 J L Ncube Gatooma Hillington 516,82 ha
8 27-May-05 5 8 10263/98 G C Wessels Gatooma Humewood 853,50 ha
9 27-May-05 5 9 3119/87 Patrick Hector Umali Gatooma Lily Farm 498,4900 ha
10 27-May-05 5 10 5676/80 Thomas Frederick Thompson Gatooma Lincoln 1
220,8653 ha
11 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Railway 10A 11 1379/98 A R Katsande Gatooma 503,18
12 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Railway Farm No 5 12 4616/93 Shiloh Hunting PL
Gatooma 224,8543 ha
13 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 Sub A of Sub X of Railway 8 13 3095/82 M J C Hoffman
Gatooma 113,93 ha
14 27-May-05 5 Lot 2 of Railway 10A 14 1553/88 Mbizi Estates Gatooma
698,12 ha
15 27-May-05 5 15 6760/72 A J Read Gatooma Pamene 1 253,94 ha
16 27-May-05 5 16 813/70 B O Terblanche Gatooma Python of SDA of Bude
251,00 ha
17 27-May-05 5 17 7646/97 V D Hoffman, M J P Hoffman, C J Van Rensburg and
A E Beutes Gatooma Riverside 804,44 ha
18 27-May-05 5 18 9493/90 Chigumba Properties PL Gatooma Roon Estate
3475,32 ha
19 27-May-05 5 19 3079/88 S Gadzikwanzira Gatooma Sonop of Sussex 402,66
20 27-May-05 5 20 4884/82 J A A Mathonsi Gatooma Sub A of Lion 448,52 ha
21 27-May-05 5 21 4209/78 Michael Wrench Gatooma Twinlands 1 504,02 ha
22 27-May-05 5 Arbor of Goodwill of Railway 20 22 6214/89 Wicklon Estate PL
Hartley Arbor of Goodwill of Railway 20 404,6800 ha
23 27-May-05 5 Goodwill of Railway 20 23 6214/89 Wicklon Estate PL Hartley
Goodwill of Railway 20 404,6800 ha
24 27-May-05 5 24 15755/56 T H Fym Hartley Chikanga 1 401,18 ha
25 27-May-05 5 25 2209/84 Curlewood Farm PL Hartley Curelwood 1397,8374 ha
26 27-May-05 5 26 3156/57 Endeavour Investments PL Hartley Endeavour
Extension 578,0500 ha
27 27-May-05 5 27 3242/2000 Worlaby Enterprises PL Hartley Garvillan 1
255,4413 ha
28 27-May-05 5 28 2917/65 G M Swan PL Hartley Farm Georgina 1 327,6849 ha
29 27-May-05 5 29 3081/88 Mucheche Investments PL Hartley Gowerlands
770,0300 ha
30 27-May-05 5 30 2520/87 Tozivepi Enterprises PL Hartley Hopeful 599,5600
31 27-May-05 5 31 2364/65 Claremont Estates PL Hartley Hopewell 2 926,1900
32 27-May-05 5 32 4569/77 Anne Green Hartley Ijapo 4 971,0004 ha
33 27-May-05 5 33 4165/91 Impophoe Farm PL Hartley Impophoe 705,8400 ha
34 27-May-05 5 34 5902/68 Donnington Farms PL Hartley Jenkinstown 3
953,6400 acres
35 27-May-05 5 35 3901/96 Afford Enterprises PL Hartley John O'Groat
669,5100 ha
36 27-May-05 5 36 2487/89 Nyabango-Kuwirirana Zunde Co-operative Ltd.
Hartley Kirriemuir 740,0500 ha
37 27-May-05 5 37 6151/92 Hunyani Agri-Forestry Ltd. Hartley Knockmalloch
Estate A 2 660,8313 ha
38 27-May-05 5 38 5995/74 Serui Source PL Hartley Knockmaroon 1 151,0489
39 27-May-05 5 39 3767/87 Lancaster Park PL Hartley Lancaster Park 622,22
40 27-May-05 5 40 2885/88 Muschit Farms PL Hartley Lawrence's Kopje
513,9200 ha
41 27-May-05 5 41 4429/75 D R Sheppard Hartley Lazy River 432,50 ha
42 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Ardlui of Oldham 42 5251/72 E S Thindle Hartley
405,0706 ha
43 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Nyamuli 43 2684/65 The Trustees for the time being
of Cloven Hall Club Hartley 37,2866 morgen
44 27-May-05 5 Lot 2 of Burnbank 44 460/67 Petrus Jacobus Botha Hartley
42,5700 acres
45 27-May-05 5 Lot 2 of Swandale 45 3129/73 President of Rhodesia Hartley
101,8400 ha
46 27-May-05 5 Lot 4 of Railway Farm No 26 46 8082/2002 Romshade
Investments PL Hartley 334,1619 ha
47 27-May-05 5 47 4739/90 Marshlands Estates PL Hartley Marshlands
440,9700 ha
48 27-May-05 5 48 1352/59 Maynard Estates Hartley Maynard Estates 482,66
49 27-May-05 5 49 2572/93 Robert James Van Der Westhuizen Hartley Mkute 2
108,2660 ha
50 27-May-05 5 50 3950/91 M Hakunandava & sons PL Hartley Orange Grove
875,64 ha
51 27-May-05 5 51 5687/74 Roy Beverley Latimer Fuller Hartley Pilimuir 1
169,0001 ha
52 27-May-05 5 52 960/63 Bryn Farms PL Hartley Pulham of Railway 28 2
446,85 ha
53 27-May-05 5 53 961/63 Bryn Farms PL Hartley Railway No 28 2 349,172 ha
54 27-May-05 5 54 1595/81 Pieter Frederick Henserson (1/2 share) Hartley
Ranwick 890,7800 ha
55 27-May-05 5 Remaining Extent of Donnington 55 745/71 Donnington Farms PL
Hartley 482,2808 ha
56 27-May-05 5 56 10898/97 D Reoch Dairies PL Hartley Garamwe 428,5000 ha
57 27-May-05 5 57 2014/67 George Desmond Howarth Hartley R/E of Teith 5
595,6511 acres
58 27-May-05 5 R/E of Thistle of Changafuma 58 3182.77 J A Young Hartley
803,4560 ha
59 27-May-05 5 59 1145/90 Wicklow Investments PL Hartley Wicklow 8
043,4912 morgen
60 27-May-05 5 60 5224/86 Algehide Farm PL Hartley R E of Woodlands 368,64
61 27-May-05 5 Remaining Extent of Woodlands Railway 20 61 1145/90 Wicklow
Investments PL Hartley 1 258,6628 ha
62 27-May-05 5 62 532/95 Leadley & Son PL Hartley Renigal 511,3700 ha
63 27-May-05 5 63 3070/60 Reydon Estates PL Hartley Reydon 1 366,2430
64 27-May-05 5 Rosedale of Lot 1 of Zimbo Junction 64 303/82 Zimbo
Junction Farm PL Hartley 4,856,257
65 27-May-05 5 65 2902/71 A Gabells Hartley Rothwell Farm 1 719 ha
66 27-May-05 5 66 4073/88 R D Watkins Hartley Scotbank of Renombo 405,13
67 27-May-05 5 Selous Tobacco Estate A of comprising Selous Tobacco Estate,
Lot 1 of Spencer 67 Certificate of Consolidated Title 1685/76 Robin John
Kilburn Hartley 1 211,6862 ha
68 27-May-05 5 68 51/52 Selous Estates Ltd. Hartley Selous Tobacco Estate
1 104,536 ha
69 27-May-05 5 69 4184/77 W V Brymer & Sons PL Hartley Serui Drift 1
40,3900 ha
70 27-May-05 5 70 2431/46 K Dalzier Hartley Shumavale B 1 031,60 ha
71 27-May-05 5 71 5043/72 Stanley Farms PL Hartley Stanley 563,100 ha
72 27-May-05 5 SD A of Bosbury 72 1602/95 Airfield Investments PL Hartley
2,0100 ha
73 27-May-05 5 S/D pf Eastborne of Lambourne of Railway Farm 16 73 1350/88
F W Buitendag Hartley 59,9560 ha
74 27-May-05 5 S/D B Portion of Eland Fountain 74 1406/82 Zabron Mushore
Hartley 109,2600 ha
75 27-May-05 5 Remainder of Railway Farm No 26 75 8083/2002 Maxwell
Kufakunisu Chisvo Hartley 253,5771 ha
76 27-May-05 5 76 4977/83 Moortert Farming PL Hartley Cigaro 792,9200 ha
77 27-May-05 5 77 1351/60 John Whitton Eastwood Hartley Thorndyke 2 903,85
78 27-May-05 5 78 505/72 Willem Johannes Steyn Hartley Tordaff 639,9503 ha
79 27-May-05 5 79 5610/94 K H B Estate PL Hartley Wakefield 688,64 ha
80 27-May-05 5 80 3237/67 Anfield & Farming PL Hartley Anfield 2 660,45 ha
81 27-May-05 5 81 6528/70 Frederick Ward Adams Hartley Bannerlands 1
510,7251 ha
82 27-May-05 5 82 6852/71 W R Niehams Hartley Barcombe 573,77 ha
83 27-May-05 5 Bentley of Kanyemba Estate 83 4015/91 Mombe Yakayora PL
Hartley 553,23 ha
84 27-May-05 5 84 4320/74 Thomas Irving Beattle Hartley Champagne 1
378,0076 ha
85 27-May-05 5 85 11256/98 W M Thomas Hartley Clyde 828,25 ha
86 27-May-05 5 86 8947/99 Trapforce Farming PL Hartley Coronation 392,21
87 27-May-05 5 87 1463/67 Hyer Pogrund Hartley Delamere 1 492,43 ha
88 27-May-05 5 88 5870/97 Harvestrite PL Hartley Dewaras Extension
448,1900 ha
89 27-May-05 5 89 2275/86 H T Chikowore Hartley Fernhurst 315,09 ha
90 27-May-05 5 90 11103/98 Milawood Enterprises PL Hartley Florence
379,2200 ha
91 27-May-05 5 Inezdale Portion of Sokis 91 3150/98 Silverton Engineering
PL Hartley 4 428,92 ha
92 27-May-05 5 92 10263/93 Ratray Farming PL Hartley Kirkwood 517,0900 ha
93 27-May-05 5 Lot 4 of Bentley of Kanyemba Estate 93 8665/97 S Mccullagh
Hartley 105,37 ha
94 27-May-05 5 94 2754/95 Sarah Johanna Du Toit Hartley Normandy 593,7600
95 27-May-05 5 95 4611/97 L Bandason Hartley Ordoff 406,87 ha
96 27-May-05 5 Parma of Deweras Extension 96 3116/87 Plumway Properties PL
Hartley 788,24 ha
97 27-May-05 5 Rem of Acton Farm 97 1168/62 Acton Farm PL Hartley 2 668,00
98 27-May-05 5 Rem of Chevy Chase Farm 98 5787/84 Administrators of the
late Remigius Takayendesa Nyamupingindza Hartley 442,6744 ha
99 27-May-05 5 99 960/48 Charter Estate PL Hartley Roan 1 741,33 ha
100 27-May-05 5 Allanvale of Railway Number 13 100 7742/2000 Emmanuel Gwafa
and Paul Gwafa Hartley 566,4300 ha
101 27-May-05 5 101 3899/95 K S Sherrifs PL Hartley Farm Farnley 1251,8639
102 27-May-05 5 102 1648/76 Johann De Plessis De Toit Hartley Rooibuilt
Estate A 2 356,5172 ha
103 27-May-05 5 103 1537/71 J W Jochems Swart Hartley Saaiplaas Estate
809,1659 ha
104 27-May-05 5 104 5017/200 Shepherd Gwasira Hartley Sable 1 899,3700 ha
105 27-May-05 5 105 3090/93 Jennifer Naomi Van De Westhuizen Hartley San
Fernando 3 571,1243 acres
106 27-May-05 5 106 11256/98 W M Thomas Hartley Savoy 833,39 ha
107 27-May-05 5 Sub A of Cherry Bank 107 6090/82 M C Carrock Hartley
606,24 ha
108 27-May-05 5 Sub T Portion of Homefield 108 6002/87 A S F Fengo Hartley
40,98 ha
109 27-May-05 5 Sub X of Railway 8 109 222/82 M J C Hoffman Hartley 259,58
110 27-May-05 5 Subdivision A Portion of Alabam 110 4614/52 Donald Wildred
Haywood Hartley 605,0900 ha
111 27-May-05 5 Subdivision A Portion of Massachusettes 111 2476/49
Cornelius Johannes Peetrus Hoffman Hartley 408,2128 morgen
112 27-May-05 5 112 4960/82 C Edward & Son Hartley Weston 218/73 ha
113 27-May-05 5 113 5032/90 Gantully PL Hartley Wortley 1 041,53 ha
114 27-May-05 5 114 9273/71 Blaauwvlei PL Lomagundi Ellaauwvlei 1 408,96
115 27-May-05 5 115 5396/86 Estelle B Mclaren Lomagundi Chirombodzi 1
481,20 ha
116 27-May-05 5 116 5261/85 E R York & Company PL Lomagundi Cotswold
Estate A 8 778,9179 ha
117 27-May-05 5 117 10468/89 Roy Michael Ervine Lomagundi Eben 3 068,80 ha
118 27-May-05 5 118 3132/82 Machipisa FarmingEstate PL Lomagundi Gambuli
Estate A 6 587,6753 ha
119 27-May-05 5 Glenewe Portion of Songalala 119 447/98 Paul Brown
Lomagundi 81,3200 ha
120 27-May-05 5 120 4842/80 W P Aichison Lomagundi Impala Downs Estate 2
499,48 ha
121 27-May-05 5 121 6861/90 Ingonua Farms PL Lomagundi Ingonya 1 091,67 ha
122 27-May-05 5 122 4578/81 Kingspeak Farm PL Lomagundi Kingspeak of
Hilltop 647,48 ha
123 27-May-05 5 123 4832/89 K I H Enterprises PL Lomagundi Laramie 919,17
124 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Broadlands 124 452/92 R C H Smith PL Lomagundi 1
068,3700 ha
125 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Rodsdale 125 55/60 Government of Southern Rhodesia
Lomagundi 2,36 morgen
126 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Two Tree Estates 126 1450/95 Feerers Farming
Lomagundi 1 040,00 ha
127 27-May-05 5 127 1425/63 Venmara PL Lomagundi Venmara of Stratford 1
426,1544 acres
128 27-May-05 5 Lot 3 of Plateau 128 131/60 Mhangura Copper Mines Ltd.
Lomagundi 120,1917 ha
129 27-May-05 5 129 2113/83 Machipisa Farming Estate Lomagundi Mkamba 1
044,6665 ha
130 27-May-05 5 130 2114/83 Machipisa Farming Estate Lomagundi Moendu 1
183,2060 morgen
131 27-May-05 5 131 2113/83 Machipisa Farming Lomagundi Moendu Extension
638,2301 ha
132 27-May-05 5 132 1314/86 S & K Investments Lomagundi Muwanga 1 209.93
133 27-May-05 5 133 6109/74 Alaska Enterprises PL Lomagundi Mvaami 1 338
134 27-May-05 5 Pamene Estate comprising Lot 1 of Kenilworth Estate 134
7913/94 H L Thomas Lomagundi Northend Estate 3 075,861 ha
135 27-May-05 5 135 1789/69 Dilmitis Holding PL Lomagundi Olympus Estate 2
812,86 ha
136 27-May-05 5 136 Certificate of Consolidated Title 4493/70 Gert
Johannes Nel Lomagundi 2805,5958 acres
137 27-May-05 5 137 3574/00 J Olaf Fritze Lomagundi Puri 1 109,95 ha
138 27-May-05 5 Remainder of Kachesi 138 6130/84 Milah Nedi Duro Lomagundi
1 124,4838 ha
139 27-May-05 5 139 151/82 Alaska Enterprises PL Lomagundi Shambi Ranch
Extension 869,1955 ha
140 27-May-05 5 Sub A Ptn of Sinoia Drift Estate 140 1991/72 Lomagundi
Smelting & Mining PL Lomagundi 222,26 ha
141 27-May-05 5 141 2056/95 L G Thomas PL Lomagundi Tramore Estate
744,2800 ha
142 27-May-05 5 S/D A of Glen Clova 142 434/89 P A Bromhorst PL Lomagundi
647,5986 ha
143 27-May-05 5 Tendele Estate comprising R/E of Tendele; Lot 1 of Fairplay
143 Certificate of Consolidated Title 9307/71 Tendele Estates PL Lomagundi
936,9515 ha
144 27-May-05 5 144 5873/68 The Range PL Lomagundi The Range Estate 5
931,0632 acres
145 27-May-05 5 145 749/95 Lion Kop Farm PL Lomagundi Lion Kop 624,4016 ha
146 27-May-05 5 146 3915/98 R R Estates PL Lomagundi Robsdale 1 074,82 ha
147 27-May-05 5 147 5532/94 Neil Farming PL Lomagundi Journeys Ends 3
934,86 ha
148 27-May-05 5 The Remaining Extent of Pioneer's Rust 148 4537/2000 Biri
Farm PL Lomagundi 355,2993 ha
149 27-May-05 5 149 3262/94 Redwing Farm PL Lomagundi Redwing 622,94 ha
150 27-May-05 5 150 7395/95 Nyahondo Farm PL Lomagundi Nyahondu 448,0874
151 27-May-05 5 Remainder of North Banket Farm 151 3139/66 William Hugh
Bruce Lomagundi 1 410,6249 ha
152 27-May-05 5 152 5935/72 Roy William Jack Ashburner Lomagundi R/E of
Gomo 593,3292 ha
153 27-May-05 5 Remaining Extent of Carrick 153 3649/67 L L Mitchell PL
Lomagundi 759,7601 ha
154 27-May-05 5 154 6009/85 Inyati Investments PL Lomagundi RE of Chiwe
Estate 2874,7569 ha
155 27-May-05 5 155 2113/83 Machipisa Farming Estate PL Lomagundi Tsunumu
1 000,5273 ha
156 27-May-05 5 156 470/76 R S Van Rensburg & Son PL Lomagundi West Ranch
1 458,385 morgen
157 27-May-05 5 Niestina & Seedbeds Portion of Donnington 157 4219/67
Nicotina Farm PL Lomagundi 486 morgen
158 27-May-05 5 Nidderdale Estate comprising: Riverside on Nidderdale, S/D
K2 of Nidderdale 158 Certificate of Consolidated Title No 5482/74 William
James Claxton Lomagundi 982,4718 ha
159 27-May-05 5 159 167/71 John Hector Duffield Lomagundi Nkodzwi 592,8234
160 27-May-05 5 160 4233/98 Grant Harris PL Lomagundi Nyabonda 867,7100 ha
161 27-May-05 5 Nyarupinda Estate A Comprising: Lot 2 of Hovere; Nyarupinda
161 Certificate of Consolidated Title No1341/85 Paul Alexander Laurence
Davey Lomagundi 574,2816 ha
162 27-May-05 5 RE of Western Park 162 56/50 Western Park Estate Ltd.
Lomagundi 605,487 ha
163 27-May-05 5 163 832/50 Woodrow Farm PL Lomagundi Woodrow 936,5758 ha
164 27-May-05 5 164 495/89 Wychwood PL Lomagundi Wychwood of Barick Estate
809,36 ha
165 27-May-05 5 165 511/65 Raffingora Estates Ltd. Lomagundi Manga 3
263,0100 acres
166 27-May-05 5 166 87/64 Crawford Chimwemwe Properties Lomagundi
Marshlands 874,38 ha
167 27-May-05 5 167 6268/83 Straud Tobacco PL Lomagundi Stroud 489,2700 ha
168 27-May-05 5 168 6699/85 David Stephanus Malan Lomagundi Mete 112,2000
169 27-May-05 5 169 7875/88 Growfair PL Lomagundi Minnehaha 1 784,5700 ha
170 27-May-05 5 R/E of Mowe Flats 170 696/88 R & D Farming PL Lomagundi
357,4835 ha
171 27-May-05 5 171 3589/91 Mtemwa Farm PL Lomagundi Mtemwa Portion of
Nidderdale 701,1200 ha
172 27-May-05 5 172 3790/88 Riverside Farm PL Lomagundi Riverside 1
029,5346 ha
173 27-May-05 5 173 5655/82 H Brameld PL Lomagundi Riverside Portion of
Weston Park 351,1700 ha
174 27-May-05 5 Roenampton Portion of Hunyani Estate 174 2730/57 The Cold
Storage Commission of Southern Rhodesia Lomagundi 4 479,61 ha
175 27-May-05 5 175 1576/96 Roxburgh Farm (1994) PL Lomagundi Roxburgh of
Nidderdale 695,0700 ha
176 27-May-05 5 176 7301/72 R P Crees PL Lomagundi Rufaro 3 229,1713 acres
177 27-May-05 5 Remaining Extent of Sutton Estate 177 4634/79 Duncan
Campbell PL Lomagundi 797,0475 ha
178 27-May-05 5 178 477/93 S J Brown PL Lomagundi Mupanda of Donnington
137,4200 ha
179 27-May-05 5 Subdivision A of Subdivision A of Kashao 179 7556/73 Munaka
PL Lomagundi 1 915,5498 ha
180 27-May-05 5 180 6757/59 Jan Jacobus Bates Lomagundi Zawi 685,6900 ha
181 27-May-05 5 181 354/79 Cyril John Eggersglutz & Roy Henry Eggersglutz
T/A Mutala Farm Lomagundi Zintafuli 1 399,529 morgen
182 27-May-05 5 182 1168/62 Acton Farm PL Lomagundi Acton 2 668,9185 acres
183 27-May-05 5 183 8944/96 Kashwao PL Lomagundi Kashwao 1 562,0493 morgen
184 27-May-05 5 184 27/34 Elden Estates PL Lomagundi Kenidia 7640000 ha
185 27-May-05 5 185 2318/55 Kachuzi PL Lomagundi Cleeve 760,4500 morgen
186 27-May-05 5 186 452/61 St Lucia Estates PL Lomagundi St Lucia of Mowe
Flats 1 279,9988 acres
187 27-May-05 5 187 7216/89 Daison Estate Lomagundi R/E of Dalston 1
223,3036 HA
188 27-May-05 5 Harefield Estate comprising: Farm Gagga of Donington and
Bowden; R/E of Harefield of Donington & Bowden 188 8897/71 George Alfred
Pio Lomagundi 858,8648 HA
189 27-May-05 5 189 2852/87 Robert Duncan Millor Lomagundi Clovelly Estate
1 046,0200 HA
190 27-May-05 5 190 4583/82 Peter Wentworth Brown Lomagundi Atholl Place
402,5635 ha
191 27-May-05 5 191 1495/76 Chisanga PL Lomagundi Chininga Estates 560,53
192 27-May-05 5 192 7215/89 Dalston Estates PL Lomagundi Chaosina 577,7828
193 27-May-05 5 193 4669/75 Lewis Farms PL Salisbury Aberdeen Estate
799,3400 ha
194 27-May-05 5 Adylinn Lots A & B of Bluff Hill 194 5202/92 Old Mutual
Properties PL Salisbury 101,24 ha
195 27-May-05 5 195 5988/83 Amalinda Estates PL Salisbury Amalinda Estates
1 101,8238 ha
196 27-May-05 5 196 2882/000 Zifa PL Salisbury Arboretum of Mt Hampden
4,8500 ha
197 27-May-05 5 Clearwater of SD A of Riverside 197 5528/55 George Walter
Hayton Salisbury 320,8656 morgen
198 27-May-05 5 198 936/50 Govrnment of Southern Rhodesia Salisbury Cobre
of Porta 41,5900 ha
199 27-May-05 5 199 2654/46 K & L Farms Ltd. Salisbury Ingwe 1 820 morgen
200 27-May-05 5 200 6600/87 Berea Beeflot PL Salisbury Landscape Estates 1
268,84 ha
201 27-May-05 5 201 4001/96 Vachery Enterprises PL Salisbury Lembwe Estate
487,5500 ha
202 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Little England 202 1315/93 Burney Investments PL
Salisbury 40,8732 ha
203 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Sumerby 203 3858/95 Cregg Conell PL Salisbury
101,6557 ha
204 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Stableford 204 1034/66 Bell-In PL Salisbury
96,9028 acres
205 27-May-05 5 205 11176/99 Augustish Enterprises Salisbury Mziti 757,47
206 27-May-05 5 206 5773/99 Octoleaf Investments PL Salisbury Napenoeg of
Lilfordia 283,16 ha
207 27-May-05 5 207 3575/80 Hendrick C Bezuidenhout Salisbury Jonker
134,05 ha
208 27-May-05 5 RE of Shamwari of Kinvarra 208 2221/73 June Margot Garnett
Salisbury 36,5888 ha
209 27-May-05 5 209 911/93 Rainton Estats Salisbury Rockridge 345,72 ha
210 27-May-05 5 RE of Sigaro0 210 8170/2000 Eastwood & Coker Salisbury
873,3686 ha
211 27-May-05 5 211 740/85 Michael Charles Collin Salisbury Rusper of
Kilworth Estate 389,6700 ha
212 27-May-05 5 212 8170/00 Sigaro Farm PL Salisbury Sigaro South 58,24 ha
213 27-May-05 5 213 957/81 Samual Rahamin Levy Salisbury Spithead Estate
68,6700 ha
214 27-May-05 5 214 3781/80 Machipisa Stores Salisbury Stamford 761/65 ha
215 27-May-05 5 215 3003/55 Happy Valley Farms PL Salisbury Stonehurst of
Somerby 339,8179 morgen
216 27-May-05 5 SD A of Herren Hausen 216 5129/59 Windsor Estates PL
Salisbury 973,4723 morgen
217 27-May-05 5 SD C of Portion of Wellesley 217 5045/74 John Spencer Jones
Salisbury 303,1706 ha
218 27-May-05 5 218 2240/54 Lilfordia Estate Salisbury Sunnyside 6 164 ha
219 27-May-05 5 219 10465/97 Kevanna Investments PL Salisbury Sunnyside
North 830,6300 ha
220 27-May-05 5 220 3942/83 Hilbre Farm PL Salisbury The Lea 473,65 ha
221 27-May-05 5 The Remainder of the Lily 221 1366/88 Ballineety PL
Salisbury 1 270,6272 ha
222 27-May-05 5 The Remaining Extent of Herren Hausen 222 1802/65 Windsor
Estates PL Salisbury 999,9853 acres
223 27-May-05 5 223 1535/45 Glenara Estates Salisbury Tsikwe 494,2000
224 27-May-05 5 Umzururu Portion of Lilfordia 224 4442/56 J M Smith & Sons
PL Salisbury 1 417 morgen
225 27-May-05 5 225 2050/94 Gordonsbury PL Salisbury Voorspord 663,9100 ha
226 27-May-05 5 226 3919/86 Warwickshire PL Salisbury Warwick 829,7000 ha
227 27-May-05 5 227 4181/78 J N Sandy-Thomas PL Sipolilo Chininga
Extention 1 629,0973 ha
228 27-May-05 5 228 1142/63 Kumiri Farm PL Sipolilo Kumiri 988,5276 ha
229 27-May-05 5 229 8340/96 N D Carter Farming PL Sipolilo Nyabonda
393,4340 ha
230 27-May-05 5 230 Certificate of Consolidated Title 2244/71 James
Melville Barker Urungwe Nyahoa Estate 1 328,2998 ha
231 27-May-05 5 231 6666/90 Robin Collin Zietsman Urungwe Aranbira A
951,2200 ha
232 27-May-05 5 232 1687/65 Herbst Estate PL Urungwe Chiltington Estate
996,36 ha
233 27-May-05 5 233 8146/99 Wilcor Farm PL Urungwe Datenda 336,24 ha
234 27-May-05 5 234 1351/73 Disi PL Urungwe Disist Estate 2 624,75 ha
235 27-May-05 5 235 4853/70 Amore Estates PL Urungwe Garahanga 3 613,3863
236 27-May-05 5 236 6128/89 Kankombe PL Urungwe Kankombe 1 006,5398 ha
237 27-May-05 5 237 4085/86 Kiplingcotes Farm PL Urungwe Kiplingcotes 1
055,7697 ha
238 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Brockelay of Nassau Estate 238 5226/93 Josh
Farming PL Urungwe 457,61 ha
239 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Caversham 239 8751/89 Daniel Jahannes Hendrick
Vanden Berg and Jacqueline Ann Van Den Berg Urungwe 4,11 ha
240 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Chiuwa of Rekomitje 240 662/90 A D J Creighton
Urungwe 533,37 ha
241 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Dundazi 241 7254/86 Herdrick Pieter Terblanche
Urungwe 362,5971 ha
242 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of Hunter's Lodge 242 10739/89 Tregorian PL Urungwe
640,1310 ha
243 27-May-05 5 Lot 1 of S/D A Coldomo of Nassau 243 512/61 T E Harvey
Urungwe 463,8904 ha
244 27-May-05 5 Lot 2 of Nassau Estate 244 91/82 Hugh Bernard Royston
Urungwe 744,2143 ha
245 27-May-05 5 Lot 2 of Nassau Estate 245 91/82 Hugh Bernard Royston
Urungwe 744,2143 ha
246 27-May-05 5 246 14034 Zacharias Willem Lowrens Olivier Urungwe Mahuti
1 625,7600 morgen
247 27-May-05 5 247 2203/1903 Mortesuma Farm Urungwe Mortesuma 1 327,71 ha
248 27-May-05 5 248 4051/86 Moy Enterprises Urungwe Moy 1 190,3627 ha
249 27-May-05 5 249 2971/62 Stanley Ernest Urungwe Muchbinding 2 737 ha
250 27-May-05 5 250 144/48 Tarquinia Farms PL Urungwe Nicotiana 961,9329
251 27-May-05 5 251 1143/90 Buffalo Downs Urungwe Nyamahamba 1 007,68 ha
252 27-May-05 5 252 6128/89 Kankombe PL Urungwe Nyampipi 1 449,0691 ha
253 27-May-05 5 253 121/78 James Right Urungwe Penstock 491,78 ha
254 27-May-05 5 254 8690/90 J C Holdings PL Urungwe Rekomitje 801,0800 ha
255 27-May-05 5 RE of Blockley of Nassau Estate 255 4089/85 H A Blignaut PL
Urungwe 866,9527 ha
256 27-May-05 5 256 6146/97 Fulfield Farms PL Urungwe Chisapi 722,3605 ha
257 27-May-05 5 257 3634/81 Petrus Johannes Groot Urungwe Demavend 658,43
258 27-May-05 5 258 180/85 Tesson PL Urungwe Kyogle 811,0300 ha
259 27-May-05 5 259 8635/88 Strydom Farming Enterprises PL Urungwe
Remainder of Msuku 560,1198 ha
260 27-May-05 5 260 4131/90 Algehide Farm PL Urungwe Talbagh 660,56 ha
261 27-May-05 5 261 236/88 K Saywood PL Urungwe R/E of Pompey 1 040,1569
262 27-May-05 5 262 287/71 J J Bezuidenhout Urungwe Rigel 999,85 ha
263 27-May-05 5 263 854/54 Thomas T Huselman Urungwe Shamgris LA of Amore
292,2827 morgen
264 27-May-05 5 264 6461/81 W K Oostendien Urungwe Spring 69,18 ha
265 27-May-05 5 265 3559/74 H S Pretorius Urungwe Spring bok Heights 1
196,05 ha
266 27-May-05 5 266 2971/76 Nicholas Philip Wiggins Urungwe Tengwe 117
298,1460 ha
267 27-May-05 5 267 812/89 D A Duvenage PL Urungwe Tengwe 56 300,9224 ha
268 27-May-05 5 268 812/89 D A Duvenage PL Urungwe Tengwe 57 304,2572 ha
269 27-May-05 5 269 8631/88 M Liebenberg PL Urungwe Tengwe 62 416,7007 ha
270 27-May-05 5 270 5649/73 Charles Arthur Parker Urungwe Tengwe 81
273,2859 ha
271 27-May-05 5 271 1217/96 Disisit Farm PL Urungwe Tengwe 84 471,79 ha
272 27-May-05 5 272 3474/78 Keith Stephen Philip Urungwe Tengwe 85A
467,2339 ha
273 27-May-05 5 273 8214/96 R K Farm PL Urungwe Tengwe 89 1 472,2473 ha
274 27-May-05 5 274 7540/88 R H W Howes PL Urungwe Tengwe 90 346,7157 ha
275 27-May-05 5 275 6404/70 Nyamishi PL Urungwe Tengwe 92 634,8335 ha
276 27-May-05 5 276 6228/88 David Forester Smythe Urungwe Tengwe 94 2
024,1167 ha
277 27-May-05 5 277 7350/97 Swingfield PL Urungwe Tengwe 95 1 010,6551 ha
278 27-May-05 5 278 4107/98 Agroyfield Farming PL Urungwe Tengwe 96A
465,1559 ha
279 27-May-05 5 279 1831/88 M A Carpenter PL Urungwe Thurlaston 890,1800
280 27-May-05 5 280 5 of 1963 J P Impey Urungwe Toro 2 750,06 acres
281 27-May-05 5 281 40/88 Eric Jonsen PL Urungwe Welcome Estate 687,95 ha

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      Opposition urges resistance to Zimbabwe crackdown

      Mon May 30, 2005 1:15 PM GMT+02:00
      By Andrew Quinn

      HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's main opposition party has urged citizens
to resist a police crackdown on hawkers and shantytowns, saying President
Robert Mugabe's government is punishing people for suspected opposition

      Religious leaders also condemned the action and accused Mugabe's
government on Monday of waging "war against the poor".

      Police have arrested more than 17,000 people and destroyed hundreds of
roadside stalls in the last week in what the government says is a clampdown
on the black market.

      The sweep triggered violent clashes on the outskirts of the capital
Harare on Wednesday.

      The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which has accused
Mugabe's ZANU-PF of rigging March parliamentary elections, said the
crackdown showed the government's "brutality and cruelty".

      "The people whose homes and property have been destroyed are the
victims and are now being punished for trying to feed their families and for
being suspected of having voted for the MDC," the party said in a statement
late on Sunday after a meeting of its National Council.

      "We call on all Zimbabweans to mobilise against the assault on their
dignity, livelihoods and well-being."

      The MDC, which has organised street demonstrations in the past, did
not say how it wanted people to respond, but said it planned "appropriate

      It also said it would launch a legal drive to protect the rights of
those targeted in the crackdown and seek compensation for their losses.

      Many of the slums around Harare where riot police have been ripping
down stalls are known as centres of MDC support.

      Government officials have said the operation, dubbed "Restore Order",
is aimed at getting rid of illegal settlements and reducing crime in the
black market, which has boomed over the last five years amid a deepening
economic crisis.

      Shortages of foreign exchange, fuel and other commodities have
worsened since the elections, which Mugabe says his party won fairly but
which Western governments called a sham.


      On Monday, the Zimbabwe National Pastors Council published a statement
in a local newspaper criticising the crackdown.

      "We call upon this government to engage in a war against poverty and
not a war against the poor," the group said in the Daily Mirror.

      "This display of a lack of compassion in the face of human suffering
and misery gives us every reason to intervene as a pastoral obligation both
to the police and to victims of their operation."

      Stunned residents of Mbare township on the outskirts of Harare watched
as truckloads of police trundled through narrow streets on Sunday, warning
people that structures would have to be dismantled or destroyed.

      Piles of rubble and smoking wreckage attested to official
determination to push on with the campaign.

      Mugabe's government, widely blamed for Zimbabwe's deepening economic
crisis, says the country has fallen prey to profiteers who buy foreign
currency, fuel, maize meal, sugar and cooking oil for resale at much higher
prices on the black market.

      Some traders complained they were given little time to pull down their
shacks or relocate, and that they had valid permits issued by city

      Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain in 1980, blames the
economic collapse on sabotage by Western nations and domestic opponents of
his controversial policy of seizing white-owned farms to give to landless

      The seizures have crushed the commercial farming sector and led to
sharp drops in foreign investment and tourism.

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From The Star (SA), 30 May

Zimbabwe set to launch a total state land seizure

By Basildon Peta

Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu PF party has announced that it would soon amend the
constitution to abolish all private ownership rights to land and nationalise
all productive farmland. This is the first major confirmation of the feared
measure, announced by a senior confidant of President Robert Mugabe's. Zanu
PF spokesperson Nathan Shamuyarira said the amendment to Zimbabwe's land
tenure system would end the "ceaseless litigation" by white farmers who are
fighting to reverse the confiscation of their properties. Shamuyarira's
announcement was published in the state-owned Sunday Mail. On Friday, the
Internet site ZimOnline had published an interview with an unnamed cabinet
minister who said the planned measure would virtually liquidate the rights
of private landowners. Shamuyarira was also quoted as saying the proposal
had sparked a bitter rift within the cabinet, with several senior members
saying it would have serious negative economic and political implications.
The Independent Foreign Service's own sources said the constitutional
amendment, aimed at dealing with white farmers "once and for all", was
Mugabe's own initiative. Shamuyarira said that of the 6 320 farms targeted
for acquisition since the eviction of their white owners, only 1 126 had
been cleared of the "seemingly ceaseless litigation from the former
farmers". Some of the farmers, in fact, have been winning their cases
against the state in the Administrative Court, frustrating the government's
attempts to acquire their land permanently.
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