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- may peace, truth and justice prevail.

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10 Mile Sponsored Walk for Zimbabwean Victims of Torture, Rape & Violence

Sunday 9th May 2004

Start: Putney Bridge Station Time: 12 onwards!

Route: Follow the Thames along the South Side past the London Eye and over
Tower Bridge and then down the Strand, ending at Zimbabwe House, 429 The

Zimbabwean VIP walking with us, prizes for walkers and party afterwards at
The Springbok Bar, Covent Garden

If you are unable to walk but would like to sponsor an asylum seeker please
contact Graham on the e-mail below.

Walker Registration and information contact : Graham
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ABC Australia

England cricket allows players to boycott Zimbabwe tour

England's cricket board chief says he would not force any individual player
to tour Zimbabwe later this year.

However, after last-ditch talks with the British Government, which again
said it could not order a halt to the tour, the England and Wales Cricket
Board (ECB) appeared to accept that an England team will probably play in

"The... board will not force any individual player to tour if he does not
wish to do so as a matter of personal conscience," ECB chairman David Morgan
told a news conference after talks with Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

The next ECB board meeting, on June 8, would make a final decision about the
October tour, he said.

A sympathetic Mr Straw said Morgan and his team had explained the
potentially "severe damage" to the English game if the tour was cancelled.

Mr Straw repeated that the Government "would prefer the team not to go".

The International Cricket Council (ICC), cricket's governing body, said in
March any country refusing to tour for anything but security reasons or
governmental direction would face a multi-million dollar fine and possible
suspension from the international game.

"The British Government has no such power to instruct people not to leave
the country to play sport," Mr Straw said.

The ECB has been in a prolonged political battle with the Government and the
ICC over the tour, and had refused to play there in the 2003 World Cup
because of security concerns.

Zimbabwe cricket chiefs had consistently argued there was no sound reason to

Mr Straw wrote to the ECB earlier this year, saying the security situation
in Zimbabwe had worsened since then with Robert Mugabe presiding over an
"appalling human rights situation".

"We fully understand the Government's position," Mr Morgan said. "In no way
do we seek state control of cricket."

Mr Morgan said he would seek assurances about the players' safety before
proceeding with the tour.

"They, like the board, are in an invidious position," he said.

Leading England players like Graham Thorpe and Mark Butcher have already
voiced their doubts about playing in Zimbabwe.

Australian bowler Stuart MacGill has made himself unavailable for the world
champions' tour later this month because of moral concerns.

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The Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe

Monday April 26th – Sunday May 2nd 2003

The Weekly Media Update 2004-17










1. Media Freedom Under Siege


AS the democratic world commemorated World Press Freedom Day on Monday, May 3rd, the Zimbabwean authorities were threatening to close down one of the few remaining independent sources of information in the country.

The government appointed Media and Information Commission demonstrated the extensive control the authorities now have over the public dissemination of information by accusing the new owners of the privately owned weekly Tribune newspaper of publishing illegally in violation of the repressive Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (The Herald, 3/5).


But this is only the latest government assault on the democratic ethos of media freedom that the United Nations-sponsored event is intended to promote and safeguard. Only a small group of media workers and human rights defenders gathered to take stock of the damage inflicted on Zimbabweans’ right to free expression by a determined and systematic campaign by government to silence all sources of information critical of its policies and actions.


More than 100 journalists have been arrested under AIPPA and the equally repressive Public Order and Security Act (POSA), many others have been harassed and assaulted by security forces and scores of journalists have been deprived of their jobs following the government’s violent shut-down of the country’s most popular daily paper, The Daily News, and its Sunday sister publication.

In addition, the government has hijacked the national public broadcasting corporation and the traditional daily and weekly regional newspaper stable of publications, Zimpapers, formerly held by a public trust, to disseminate its propaganda and wage an unrelenting war on its critics. Independent broadcasting also remains a figment of repressive legislation.


Instead of operating according to basic international standards of journalistic practice, the government-controlled media continue to be used to disseminate abusive messages vilifying and persecuting individuals, minorities and political opposition and promoting racism and intolerance, often bordering on incitement to hatred.

MMPZ laments this cynical abuse of the media and the legislative process to create and entrench such a hostile, intolerant and authoritarian political environment.


Notably, the latest victim of the government media’s campaign to discredit individuals has been the ZANU PF Member of Parliament, Kindness Paradza, the new publisher of the Tribune, whose maiden speech in Parliament recently critically analyzed the country’s repressive media laws.

Instead of capturing and condemning this sad scenario in the country’s media sector on World Press Freedom Day, ZTV (3/5, 8pm) first made the absurd announcement that “media experts and analysts” believed “Zimbabwe has made commendable strides in creating a conducive environment for freedom of the Press since… 1980”, before stating that Press freedom “should not be misconstrued as an opportunity to demonise the country and destroy the social and political fibre which unites the people”.


MIC chairman Tafataona Mahoso was then quoted endorsing the country’s repressive media laws saying they were promulgated following “hundreds of workshops” debating the issue. “These laws were tested…in terms of parliamentary procedures…signed by the Executive… They were challenged in the courts…and…have withstood the democratic test”, said Mahoso, who was found to be biased against The Daily News by a High Court judge last year, and whose commission was judged to be “improperly constituted”. Mahoso’s comments were allowed to pass without challenge.

ZTV’s Media Watch (3/5, 9pm) went on to echo the authorities’ absurd assertion that Press freedom was a Western concept, whose principles could not be applied universally.



2. Image building


IN an effort to play down the adverse consequences of Zimbabwe’s international isolation, the government-controlled media have relentlessly seized opportunities presented by events of international stature to give the impression that the country still enjoyed international popularity.


The just ended Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) was this week used to buttress this perspective. Despite evidence clearly showing that small indigenous firms dominated the once regionally renowned international trade showcase, the government media claimed the event was a success.

Coupled with this, they used the reception accorded President Mugabe at the inauguration of South African President Thabo Mbeki and pro-Zimbabwe statements made by Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa and Namibian leader Sam Nujoma as proof that the international community, particularly the developing world, supported the country’s leadership and its policies.


But in their efforts to present the fair as a triumph, the government media gave contradictory and confusing information on the number of exhibitors. For example, The Herald (28/4) claimed that “a total of 627 exhibitors including 10 from other countries” exhibited at the fair adding that this was “the best attendance in four years”. A full list of foreign countries exhibiting at the event was omitted, but appeared in the Zimbabwe Independent (30/4) and the Sunday Mirror (2/5). The paper then claimed that participants had said the increase in the number of exhibitors was a show of confidence in government’s economic policies.


The Sunday Mail (02/05) quoted Industry and Trade Minister Samuel Mumbengegwi saying, “ZITF 2004 was a unique fair” as it attracted “631 exhibitors”.

Mumbengegwi made similar comments on ZTV (29/4, 6 & 8pm) saying he was “satisfied with the increase in the number of exhibitors…” But the Sunday News (2/5) contradicted these claims.  It quoted ZITF general manager Daniel Chigaru as saying, “662 companies participated at this year’s exhibition… Last year the Trade Fair attracted 734 participants.  But like its stablemates, the paper still maintained that the fair was a success. As proof, the paper noted that “the space covered by this year’s event increased from last year’s 42 000 square metres to more than 49 000 square metres, giving more room to small and medium-scale enterprises and flea markets”.


There was no analysis on how this might help resuscitate the country’s ailing economy.

Instead, Power FM (29/4, 8pm) quoted businessman and ZANU PF MP Walter Mzembi presenting the upsurge in small-scale industries as indicative of the country’s economic recovery. He was quoted as saying “imported goods and luxuries” that were showcased in previous events “had no bearing to home grown solutions to our economic challenges…”


The private media refuted these claims. For example, the Sunday Mirror pointed out that while the fair was meant to facilitate trade deals that would create wealth for the country, “the atmosphere resembled that of a flea market, where perishables are sold to members on the public”. It further noted that the fair’s business days, which are only open to the business sector were low key and could have been mistaken for “a window shopping affair at one of the capital city’s malls”.

The Zimbabwe Independent revealed that ZITF’s livestock section, one of the fair’s attractions, had few exhibitors. About “three-quarters of the cattle pens (were) empty…”, it reported, adding that “only two donkeys” were notable at the livestock display. 


MDC economic adviser Eddie Cross described the industrial section as “pathetic” and attributed the poor livestock display to the absence of commercial farmers who traditionally supported it. Said Cross: “Until we get back to normal political and economic activities there will not be a change to the situation…and exhibiting at the ZITF is a waste of time as exporters are closing shop”.

The Tribune (30/4) also exposed the fair’s failure to attract livestock exhibitors in its article, Donkeys add flavour to fair.

The Herald and Chronicle (29/4) however, claimed that exhibitors were happy with the deals they had struck. But besides the “$5million worth of confectionery ordered from Biscuitman company” by local retail shops and individuals, no other evidence was given to substantiate the claim that “brisk business” had been recorded at the fair.


The ZITF was not the only event that the government media milked to gloss over the effects of Zimbabwe’s isolation. The rousing welcome Mugabe received at Mbeki’s inauguration provided evidence of his regional popularity and was exploited by the government media to illustrate the credibility of his fight against the Western world.

For example, ZTV (27/4, 8pm) claimed that Mugabe received a standing ovation because he “has endeared himself to many on the African continent and beyond because of his resolute stance against all forms of oppression of the weak and poor by the rich North.”

The Herald (29/4) echoed similar views, adding that the incident, together with his Earth Summit speech and the reception he received at Walter Sisulu’s funeral, “provide some idea of the polarity of this fiery son of the soil”.


However, SW Radio Africa (27/4) quoted political analyst Stanford Mukasa dismissing the significance of Mugabe’s reception saying, “when Idi Amin was chairman of the OAU he also received a standing ovation even during the times when there was disturbing news from Uganda about his cruel rule.”

The Zimbabwe Independent revealed its reluctance to concede the possibility of Mugabe’s popularity by claiming vaguely that it was told by “somebody who was present” that the welcome received by Mugabe emanated from the “VIP stands” adding that “the general public were less enthusiastic”. But it didn’t seek to corroborate this impression, or investigate the possibility of such popularity, a phenomenon that even some in the South African Press found “bewildering”.

The paper however, did reveal that Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon had used his attendance of Mbeki’s inauguration to lobby African leaders to find a resolution to Zimbabwe’s deepening crisis.

His strategy to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis found expression through the French Foreign Minister, Michel Barnier, whom The Herald (29/5) quoted as saying South Africa, as an African country, should be given another chance to resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe.


However, none of the media asked whether African countries would achieve the desired result considering that most have studiously backed Mugabe’s policies in the name of African solidarity. Clear evidence of this unbridled support appeared in the Chronicle and The Herald (30/5). They quoted Namibia’s President Nujoma as saying he would “openly” support Zimbabwe “whether imperialists like it or not”. Said Nujoma: “We want to tell colonialists that we are ready 24 hours if they dare to attack any of our countries, they will meet us here”, adding that Mugabe was a “shining example of resisting imperialism and colonialism”.



3. Human rights violations


WHILE the government and the media it controls have targeted civic society and the opposition MDC in their campaign to suffocate critical voices, it emerged during the week that members of the ruling party who hold different views, are not safe either.

The Herald and the Chronicle (29/4) reported that ZANU PF’s Mashonaland Province had suspended its Makonde MP and publisher of The Tribune, Kindness Paradza, from carrying out party work for allegedly “undermining party and government programmes and policies by serving foreign and enemy interests”. 

His suspension followed unsubstantiated claims by The Sunday Mail (25/4) that Paradza was seeking help from Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ), publishers of the defunct Daily News, to get British funding for the Tribune, which has of late become critical of government policies.


Despite the fact that Paradza and the ANZ denied the allegations in The Tribune, The Herald’s faceless Nathaniel Manheru (1/5) insisted that he was guilty. Using his typically childish insults, Manheru attacked Paradza, saying he was “bereft of sound education, principles and means”, adding that he “has never been a creature of depth and cause”. To substantiate the claims that he was seeking British funding for his paper Manheru alleged that Paradza had held a “furtive conversation” with British Ambassador Sir Brian Donnelly during Namibia’s National Day.


The government Press merely vilified Paradza and presented his suspension as the right course of action by ZANU PF. The papers did not explore the fact that like any other citizen, he has a constitutional right to associate with any individual including Sir Brian, if ever he did talk to him.

The Zimbabwe Independent and The Tribune condemned Paradza’s persecution and pointed out that he was being punished for criticizing the repressive Broadcasting Services Act and AIPPA during his maiden parliamentary speech and suggesting that government should revisit the laws to encourage investment in the media sector.

The Independent warned: “ZANU PF MPs should beware. Speak out in Parliament and you could find yourself deselected…”

However, The Sunday Mail (2/5) quoted the Department of Information denying reports that Paradza was being persecuted for castigating media laws. It said it was not offended “by ignorant remarks” made by an “ignorant novice parliamentarian.” 


Meanwhile, the violent seizure of Kondozi farm in the name of the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA), which resulted in the former farm workers being denied their basic rights to shelter and sanitation, continued to attract media attention. SW Radio Africa (27/4) reported that, “The farm workers from Kondozi have now spent two weeks in the open.” The station interviewed a former worker, who revealed that they were “…hiding in fear of their lives…” after being evicted.

Subsequently, the station (29/4) reported that the police had shot at and arrested a former farm worker. The police accused him of “stealing a vehicle belonging to Kondozi”, allegations denied by the worker and his former employer.

The Herald (29/4) carried the story and quoted a police spokesman saying they were “investigating the disappearance of assets at the farm” and fired shots after the worker had resisted arrest.

The Zimbabwe Independent reported that ARDA had “confiscated four vehicles that were used by management plus motorbikes”.


In an effort to counter such reports highlighting chaos at Kondozi, ZTV (27/4,8pm) carried footage of people working on the farm.  Transport Minister Christopher Mushowe was then quoted claiming that production at the farm was continuing peacefully adding that, “…what has been written in newspapers, what has been said by our detractors has no substance, has no basis at all.” The Sunday Mail concurred in its vitriolic opinion piece, Sellout papers peddling lies about Kondozi farm, which conveyed a crudely racist message. Instead of explaining the situation at Kondozi, the article accused “British mouthpieces” at the privately owned newspapers of “telling lies” and “selling out under the mentality that what whites can do blacks cannot do”.

Said its faceless author, Lowani Ndlovu, incitefully: “Zimbabweans need to stand up against sellouts in the media, business, politics, law, civil society and the whole works. We must confront the internal enemy once and for all”.


During the week the private media also exposed the force the police continue to use to suppress public protests. The Daily Mirror (29/4) and SW Radio Africa (29/4) both reported that the police had assaulted and arrested members of the National Constitutional Assembly who were demonstrating for constitutional reform. The Mirror carried a front page picture showing police officers beating up one of the protesters, while SW Radio Africa (29/4) reported that, “three people…assaulted by the police…are still in hospital.”

The station also revealed that those arrested were released without charge.

In fact, this has become the norm. As Studio 7 (26/4) revealed, 90 percent of the MDC leadership have been arrested and none of them have been convicted. Most have had charges against them dropped. 



The MEDIA UPDATE was produced and circulated by the Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe, 15 Duthie Avenue, Alexandra Park, Harare, Tel/fax: 263 4 703702, E-mail:


Feel free to write to MMPZ. We may not able to respond to everything but we will look at each message.  For previous MMPZ reports, and more information about the Project, please visit our website at

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What you've said
Find out what you had to say about the topics discussed on
Question Time, broadcast on 6 May from Birmingham.
Cricket and Zimbabwe

Audience question: The England cricket team looks like fulfilling the tour to Zimbabwe to avoid a large fine. Is the survival of cricket worth more than democracy?

You said:

Sport is a result of culture, culture is respondent to ideology and ideology is acquired and controlled through the state. Whether we like it or not sport is interlinked with beliefs of a country. Cricket is therefore an ambassador for our country. The England cricket team should not go to Zimbabwe.
Olly Matthews, Hull

Text: Zimbabwe - Why is our government so spineless?
Andy, Reading

I believe we should isolate Zimbabwe as the president is hurting his own countrymen. However he has been doing this for years - why are we talking this way now? It is the hypocrisy that stinks.
Errol Anderson, Balham, London

Text: Sport and politics should not overlap each other.
Charlie, Notts

Politicians ostracised South Africa with apartheid, preventing rugby tours by the British Lions among other sporting events. Sport is sport, politics are politics. Keep them separate. The sportsmen do not initiate the sanctions and isolation caused by political wrangling.
Ken, Fife

Text: The team should make its own mind up.
Helen, Liverpool

Congratulations to the Bishop on his comments about Zimbabwe. Yvette Cooper's comments on behalf of the government were pathetic, as have been those of the South African Government over the years.
Ian Stewart, Canterbury

Text: The Bishop is completely right about Mugabe. As a believer in British democracy I won't support an English team who is willing to give credibility to a murderous regime.
Paul, Basingstoke

Here are Zimbabwe's main exports according to an online encyclopaedia: Asbestos, Chrome, Cotton, Foodstuffs, Gold, Tobacco. No petrochemicals - no interest.
Jamie Watson, Ayr

Is it only me that thinks it is wrong that we have targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe yet we allow our sportsmen to travel there playing as our national team? Surely sportsmen playing as a national team should be the first action a government takes with regard to showing displeasure. We are not talking about individuals or private companies working, this is our national cricket team. Forget the financial implications and think about the people who are suffering in Zimbabwe, they are the important people in this.
Pete Spencer, Leeds

Text: Why cricket? Why not British businesses which continue to make money there.
Tendai Magadu

If Zimbabwe had oil like Iraq and not tobacco as its main crop, the government (along with the US) would have sent the troops in long ago. One rule for one and one for another. We should not go and play cricket and the government should say so.
Terry Hill, Essex

The government should order the ECB to cancel the tour to Zimbabwe. The ICB and the member countries would lose huge amounts of revenue if England did not tour, or if they were not able to tour England if England were excluded from the ICC. They could not survive without England.
David Cooper, Kirkby-in-Ashfield

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From The Telegraph (UK), 7 May, 2004

Heads arrested as Mugabe shuts schools

Harare - Zimbabwe renewed its offensive against "racist" private schools
yesterday by arresting headmasters and members of governing bodies, who are
accused of raising fees without permission. Teachers and others in the
private sector went into hiding as the government warned a delegation of
concerned parents: "We will do to you what we did to the white farmers, and
we will take over your schools." Lawyers acting for the private schools said
yesterday they were still not sure how many people had been arrested. "They
will destroy the schools, but we will not go down without a fight," said
Richard Moyo-Majwabu, representing the Association of Trust Schools. The
campaign began on Tuesday when police barred entry to most private schools
when they tried to re-open after Easter holidays. The schools then went to
the high court in Bulawayo with an urgent application. Mr Moyo-Majwabu said
the case was postponed until this afternoon "presumably so the papers can be
served on the minister of education and the police. We will show the court
that there is nothing in the education act allowing schools to be closed for
raising fees. What they have done is illegal."

Late yesterday, in the Harare high court, lawyers acting for Hartmann House,
primary school for St George's College, won a concession from the minister
that it could reopen immediately. Yesterday police around the country were
hunting headmasters and members of governing bodies involved in deciding
fees. The first to be arrested was Jon Calderwood, rector of Zimbabwe's best
known private boarding school, Peterhouse, about 50 miles south east of
Harare. According to colleagues, shortly after police took him from his home
in the school grounds on Wednesday night, two board members - Simon Hammond
and Chris Seager - went to the local police station in Marondera to look for
him and were also arrested. Jill Martin, 60, head of Lendy Park, a small
private primary school also in Marondera, was arrested with her husband, Dr
Kevin Martin, chairman of her board. He was later released, as he is the
town's only anaesthetist and was due at an operation. He had to report to
police later yesterday and was expecting to be detained.
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From SW Radio Africa, 6 May

Violence in Makoni North

Several people were abducted and beaten, by Zany PF supporters for attending
a rally addressed by MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai at Chendambuya Growth
Point in Makoni North constituency this past Sunday. The thugs went door to
door hunting down people believed to be opponents. Five were abducted and
severely assaulted whilst another woman was indecently assaulted. MDC
Manicaland spokesman, Pishai Muchauraya says a report was made to Headlands
Police and they refused to act, saying they had instructions not to
investigate complaints made by MDC supporters.
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From Business Day (SA), 7 May, 2004

Farm eviction order ignored

No action from Zimbabwean officials against occupiers of opposition MP's

Business Day Correspondent

Zanu PF activists and Zimbabwe Defence Force members have defied with
impunity a high court ruling to vacate the farm of opposition Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC) MP Roy Bennett's estate in Chimanimani. Justice
Antonio Guvava ruled in favour of Bennett's bid to evict the military group
that took over his land, and to stop interfering with operations on the
property. But no action has been taken against them. The order was granted
"with consent", meaning the government agreed with it. The ruling was the
sixth granting ownership of Charleswood Estate to Bennett. This time round,
retired soldier and newly appointed Manicaland provincial governor Michael
Nyambuya, Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi, Commissioner of Police
Augustine Chihuri, Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi, as well as the
commander of the Zimbabwe National Army, Constantine Chigwenya, were cited
as co-respondents in the case. The head of Zimbabwe Defence Industries
(ZDI), Col Tshinga Dube, whose company is running Charlesworth, said
yesterday his organisation had not been instructed to cease farming
operations on the land by the defence force.

ZDI manages farms "acquired" by the defence force, with an agreement on some
tobacco-producing farms to use the revenue generated from tobacco production
to establish lines of credit with which to purchase military equipment for
the force. Dube said: "We are just managing the farm for our client, the
defence force. When we take over a farm to manage, we approach the existing
workers on the farm and offer them continued employment at the same wages as
the farmer was paying them. Some agreed to stay on and we continue with
these workers on this basis. We have not been instructed to leave the
property. You should speak to the defence ministry." However, according to a
report filed by SW Radio based in London, soldiers were continuing to force
farm workers to engage in political activities for Zanu PF. The workers were
being used to attend political rallies and were being paid less than a third
of their original salaries under Bennett. Workers suspected of supporting
the opposition have been victimised Dube was recently involved with the
"sting" operation in Harare that resulted in the arrest of 70 suspected
mercenaries, some of whom are South African, accused of plotting to
overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea. The group faces extradition
to Equatorial Guinea and possible execution.
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Comment from The Cape Times (SA), 7 May, 2004

Reports of unnatural practices could help to sell Mugabe's paper

By John Scott

Quite by accident, I was lucky enough to be shown a mock-up of the New
Sunday Times (NST), the regional paper to be published jointly by Robert
Mugabe and Sam Nujoma from July 1. It is to show these two southern African
presidents in their true light to counter colonial propaganda in South
African newspapers. There will be at least one picture of Mugabe and Nujoma
on every page, including the death notices page to console the bereaved in
their loss and to ask for their vote in the next election. But there's
absolutely no truth in the rumour that Mugabe wanted to suggest they might
be next in the grave if they didn't vote for him. The front-page lead will
always feature the presidents' latest achievements, such as Mugabe's beating
up the unpatriotic opposition and Nujoma's terrifying foreign investors.
International news will form a double spread with a weekly gay-bashing page,
whose reports and pictures from all over the world will give details of
unnatural practices. It is expected that this page will be a major selling
point. Unfortunately the paper will contain no economic section, because
Zimbabwe no longer has an economy. There will, however, be arts pages,
though ballet is banned. As a joint editorial spokesperson for both Mugabe
and Nujoma explained, it is one of the main causes of unnatural practices.

The leader page is the NST's showpiece. The leading article will always
pinpoint the brilliance of whatever action Mugabe or Nujoma takes, and
highlight the profundity of their every statement. The lives of each
president will be serialised in the first 1 035 editions of the paper. This
will take readers well into 2007. The one constant will be the same person
featured for an indefinite period as the Mampara of the Week - the editor of
the Sunday Times, for not recognising Mugabe's greatness. All weather
reports in the NST will have to be officially authorised by the respective
presidents, with jail for forecasters who get it wrong. And the answers in
the crosswords must all be anagrams of Mugabe and Nujoma. For instance: Is
Mugabe a Lancashire lad? Answer: "E' ba gum." And: Sam Nujoma may be your
father, in Afrikaans. Answer: "Jou ma s' man." The property pages will be
full of pictures of Mugabe and Nujoma standing on the construction sites of
their suburban palaces, to raise the aspirations of their people who might
not otherwise have thought of buying upmarket. An innovation is the
classification of ministerial shopping in South Africa as a back-page sport.
I still think, though, that they should engage the services of my old friend
Hannes Smith, editor of the Windhoek Observer. Let him scatter a few of his
naked beauties throughout the pages of the NST, and even people not prepared
to spend their money on propaganda might buy it.
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From The Times (UK), 7 May, 2004

Government and ECB happy to pass buck on Zimbabwe

By Owen Slot, Chief Sports Reporter

Over the course of a 47-minute meeting in Whitehall yesterday, the
Government and the ECB agreed that neither one nor the other was remotely to
blame for the mess that they are in over the England team's proposed tour to
Zimbabwe this winter. If the finger is to be pointed in all this, they
appeared to decide that the villain of the piece should best be Robert
Mugabe. The President of Zimbabwe does, of course, serve pretty well as a
catch-all get-out clause. However, the Zimbabwean flag of convenience serves
only as a thin veil to disguise the fact that all parties, 15 months after
the cricket World Cup fiasco, are once again in a cavernous hole they
unearthed for themselves. Both the UK Government and the ECB made it mighty
clear that they had no idea of how to find a way out. However, a remaining
hope that is sustaining the 15 white rebel cricketers who are being frozen
out of the game in Zimbabwe is that Fica, the international players'
association, may find a way of engineering a satisfactory solution. The
England players have so far kept their powder dry, yet, by way of their own
association, the Professional Cricketers' Association (PCA), they are to
fire off their own severe disapproval of the handling of the issue in a
statement next month. Fica itself may also deliver a similar statement,
which is likely to be aimed largely at the ICC.

More immediately, Richard Bevan, the PCA chief executive, is to fly to Dubai
next week for a meeting with Tim May, the Fica head, and other Fica
representatives and Zimbabwe is top of the agenda. "Fica has massive
concerns on this and we have a role to play," Bevan said yesterday. "We see
the ICC being extremely conscientious about the spirit of cricket on the
field; off the field, we have yet to see that. The associations of Fica do
not want to see Zimbabwean cricket dissolve." There is, however, a limit to
Fica's powers. It holds no legal sway over the ICC. Its ambition instead
will be to manoeuvre the ICC from its position of comfort on the fence. As
Fica attempts to engineer a solution to this problem, the domestic powers in
England continue to fester in it. The news from Whitehall yesterday was
minimal. Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, and Tessa Jowell, the Secretary
of State for Culture, Media and Sport, found themselves standing by the
exact position taken by Tony Blair in the House of Commons the previous day.
The ECB, Jowell said, is caught "between a rock and a hard place". The hard
place is Zimbabwe, the rock is the savage penalties that are being
threatened by the ICC if they do not go there. But while the Government
expressed extreme sympathy for this position, as Blair had declared, it was
not about to come to the rescue. "Sport in this country is not run by
politicians," Jowell said, "nor should it be."

It was the ECB's far-fetched hope that the Government would strengthen its
stance on the tour, from a position of disapproval to one where it
outrightly banned it. Straw, however, firmly ruled that out. "Parliament
would have to make it a criminal offence for morally upright cricketers to
leave these shores to play cricket abroad," he said. "I'm not going to make
criminals out of decent cricketers." All of which leaves the England cricket
team where they started, caught in mid-air between Heathrow and Harare. The
ECB, Jowell said, "now has a tough decision to make. Whatever the decision,
they are not the architects of this dilemma. Robert Mugabe is." However,
while Mugabe can be held responsible for much, it should be remembered it
was not he who signed an agreement in Harare, less than a month after the
end of the cricket World Cup, agreeing to a reciprocal touring arrangement
between Zimbabwe and England. This was a point put to David Morgan, the ECB
chairman, the very man who did put his name to it. Morgan's explanation
yesterday was that "the tour was already in existence in the schedule long
before March last year". He did not explain, however, why he did nothing to
rewrite the schedule before money, lawyers and politics once again came into
the picture. Morgan also indicated a complete ethical turnaround by the ECB
on Zimbabwe. "We do not believe it is incumbent on us to take a moral
stand," he said. Which is some distance from the ECB's position earlier in
the year when it produced a paper announcing that the opposite was the case.
The ECB is, as Straw said yesterday, "in an unenviable position". Having
gone there willingly, however, it is looking hard but cannot see the way
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Rebels agree middle-man to liaise with board

Wisden Cricinfo staff

May 7, 2004

A ray of hope has emerged in the ongoing dispute between the Zimbabwe
Cricket Union and the 15 disaffected players.

Wisden Cricinfo understands that some of the rebels met with Much Masunda, a
prominent businessman, earlier today and agreed that they will allow him to
meet with the board, in the hope that the move will lead to mediation. No
dates have been set, but everyone involved knows that there is a need to
resolve the standoff as soon as possible. Masunda should be acceptable to
the ZCU, as he was its original choice as a possible mediator.

The deadline imposed by the ZCU - return to work or be fired - expired
today, and although both sides have publicly been quiet, there is little
doubt that behind-the-scenes attempts to find a resolution have continued.

Other details have emerged regarding the well-publicised confrontation
between Stephen Mangongo and Ozais Bvute during the final one-dayer at the
Harare Sports Club last week. What is not in doubt was that the two men had
a heated exchange - most sources agree that it got physical - over the
number of black players in the Test side.

But Wisden Cricinfo has been told that during the row Mangongo, the chief of
the selection panel, turned on Bvute and asked why he appointed him as a
selector if he was not allowed to select. Bvute replied that he was there to
support black interests, and Mangongo apparently snapped: "I am here to
serve the interests of cricket."

Although Mangongo is not overly popular with the rebel players, this
exchange underlines the rift within the ZCU between those with cricket's
interests at heart, and those who appear determined to purge the sport of
anyone they perceive as opposing the Zanu-PF government, whatever the cost.

Mangongo is thought to be one of the selectors the rebels want removed on
account of his lack of a cricket-playing background. There can be little
doubt that Bvute is another whose behaviour has alienated many, as has Max
Ebrahim, another hard-liner.

© Wisden Cricinfo Ltd
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Zimbabwean Judge: No Legal Basis for Closing Some Private Schools
Tendai Maphosa
07 May 2004, 17:23 UTC

A Zimbabwean High Court judge has ruled that there is no legal basis for the
country's Ministry of Education to close private schools for increasing
their fees.
Judge George Chiweshe made the ruling in Bulawayo, Friday afternoon. From
that area, 16 Schools had made an urgent application to the High Court to
stop the government from interfering in their operations.

The government ordered the schools closed earlier this week and police
enforced the order.

The lawyer for the schools, Richard Majwabu-Moyo, said Judge Chiweshe told
the government there was no legal basis for closing the schools.

The ruling is the second this week ordering government to allow schools to
operate without interference. On Thursday, High Court judge Susan Mavhangira
declared the closure of a school in Harare null and void and directed the
authorities not to disrupt the running of the school.

The developments are the latest in a saga that started when Minister of
Education Aneas Chigwedere ordered 46 private schools not to reopen at the
beginning of the second term this week. Mr. Chigwedere charged that the
schools had unlawfully increased fees.

Schools in Zimbabwe are not allowed to increase fees without the permission
of the ministry, but the schools said that their applications to increase
fees almost never receive responses. Inflation in Zimbabwe is about 600
percent a year and school fees go up frequently.

Mr. Chigwedere accused the schools, most of which were all-white before
independence, of hiking fees in an effort to exclude black children, but
most of the students in the private schools are black, the children of
Zimbabwe's professionals. The schools attended by President Robert Mugabe's
children were among those closed.

In addition, among the more than 40 schools Mr. Chigwedere declared closed
are a junior and a high school owned by former commander of the Zimbabwe
Defense Forces, General Vitalis Zvinavashe.

The State-owned daily newspaper the Herald reported Friday that 25 of the
schools had been permitted to reopen after reaching an agreement with the
ministry over the fees issue. The paper also said the heads of some schools
were arrested and fined for raising fees without the Education Ministry's

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      Zimbabwe unshackles 'mercenaries'

      A Zimbabwean court has ordered leg irons and handcuffs to be removed
from 70 alleged mercenaries being held in the country.
      The men have been kept in shackles for the past week after the
Zimbabwe government said it had uncovered a plot by the men to break out of

      They are accused of plotting to stage a coup in Equatorial Guinea.

      But the men say they were travelling to the Democratic Republic of
Congo to work as security guards.

      A lawyer for the men told AFP news agency that the handcuffs and leg
irons will be removed immediately.

      Torture claims

      The group have been held since their aircraft was detained at Harare
International Airport in March, when it stopped to refuel and pick up
military equipment.

      They are mostly former fighters during South Africa's apartheid era.

      They are accused of being contracted by Equatorial Guinea opposition
leader Severo Moto to stage a coup against President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

      The Zimbabwean authorities have begun legal moves to have them
extradited to Equatorial Guinea, where another group is being held on
suspicion of being involved in the same plot.

      Human rights groups say they believe at least one of the suspects held
in custody in Equatorial Guinea has been tortured to death.

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Some private schools permitted to re-open in Zimbabwe

May 07, 2004, 16:15

Twenty-five private schools have been permitted to re-open in Zimbabwe after
agreeing to revert to their old fees. However, five private school
headmasters arrested this week, are still in custody.

President Robert Mugabe's government has vowed to "nationalise" private
schools, which had raised fees above state-stipulated levels. Pupils have
been told to return to school on Monday.

Forty-six private schools were closed by the government in the past few
days, because they had increased their fees above the official limit. Legal
battles between the government and school authorities are likely to continue
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SA officials say they have not seen 'mercenaries'

May 07, 2004, 16:33

There seems to be confusion regarding previously announced visits by a South
African High Commission delegation in Zimbabwe to 70 suspected mercenaries
being held in a Harare prison.

Ronnie Mamoepa, the foreign affairs spokesperson, earlier said the
delegation had been at the prison since this morning and were seeing the men

However, South African Embassy officials in Harare say they have not been
able to see the South African prisoners in Chikurubi prison due to technical

Mamoepa says in a later statement it is anticipated that the officials will
be allowed to visit the prisoners next Tuesday.
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Moz journos shun Moyo
07/05/2004 22:29  - (SA)

Maputo - Mozambican journalists on Friday aborted a news conference by
Zimbabwe's Information Minister Jonathan Moyo to show their solidarity with
their Zimbabwean colleagues, who they said were being hounded by the state.

Waving banners and chanting slogans against Moyo and President Robert
Mugabe, the journalists told Moyo "What have you come to do here?" and "Stop
harassing our colleagues in your country and you will talk to us."

Several attempts to calm the angry reporters were fruitless and Moyo in the
end could not address the news conference at the end of a three-day visit.

A banner held up by a journalist read: "A snake can bite everywhere."

Salomao Moiane, editor of the independent newspaper Zambeze, told AFP "the
protests are legitimate."

The editor, who did not take part in protests, said however "It makes no
sense for Moyo to pretend he is friendly to the press after all they have
done in Zimbabwe."

Under Zimbabwe's tough media laws journalists and their employers need to be
licensed by a state-appointed commission, while the communication of false
information carries a fine or maximum five-year prison term under security

Zimbabwe had the worst record in terms of media freedom among 10 southern
African nations last year, according to a recent report by the
Windhoek-based Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA).

It has already kicked out foreign reporters working for international news
media organisations and has forcibly closed the Daily News, a popular
private newspaper that was highly critical of Mugabe.
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UN Team Ordered Out Of Zimbabwe
Peta Thornycroft
07 May 2004, 15:11 UTC

The Zimbabwe government has ordered a United Nations crop assessment team to
leave the country three days after it went into the fields to calculate the
annual food harvest. The government gave the U-N no specific reason for its
Neither U-N nor Zimbabwe government officials qualified to speak on food
supply would say why. But, President Robert Mugabe's government this week
asked the U-N team conducting an annual crop assessment to stop and leave
the country. The team of assessors, made up of three experts from the World
Food Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization, had been invited to

Brian Kagoro, co-chairman of pressure group, the Crisis Coalition, said
Friday the likely reason is that the government appears to want to, in his
words, "perpetuate the myth" that Zimbabwe had enough grain for next year,
and that its land reform program is working.

But he warned a potential humanitarian catastrophe lay ahead, as most of the
arable land seized from white commercial farmers over the last four years is
now fallow.

For more than two years, Zimbabwe, once a food exporter, has been unable to
produce enough food and relied on Western donors to feed as many as five
million people.

The Zimbabwe government told a regional food security organization last
month it will not ask for food aid this year because it has enough
domestically produced grain on hand and will import any deficit. The
government has made no such statement directly to the United Nations or
donor governments.

Sources within the donor community said the U-N crop assessment team had not
seen enough to be able to make any accurate predictions about food
availability before the next harvest in 2005.

But private sector food experts and Western donors estimate the government,
in the worst-case scenario, will have to import up to 900-thousand tons of
grain before the next harvest.

The Zimbabwe government's food aid distribution system has been widely
criticized as being politicized. Human rights organizations and opposition
supporters have accused the government of providing food only to supporters
of the ruling Zanu-P-F party.

Meanwhile, the World Food Program is scaling down its operations in
Zimbabwe, and its officials say they are not certain whether they will be
back in the fall, when the country is expected to experience food shortages,
or whether they are leaving for good.

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For ANY occasion this gift will do, so why not treat Dad, Gran and YOURSELF
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1.  Repeat Advert Advert Received 20th April 2004

2777 073 22595
CELL 011 615367
2.  Advert Received 29th April 2004
Executive lady in early 50's looking for a well paid position. Bookkeeper
to Trial balance, P/A, Manager, with other vast experience, owned own
business previously. Contact Linda 091321640 or evenings 251377


3.  Advert Received 30th April 2004

AVAILABLE switched on lady ready to tackle anything. Has 25 years
experience in bookkeeping, personal assistant, general office routine,
management and dealing with the not so nice (sometimes) public.  Ex farmers
wife, hard working and able to work without supervision. email Bell or tel 091321640

4.  Advert Received 1st May 2004




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This passage from Richard Haw's "No Other Home" was written in the early
60's, but the truth of its statement still stands.

Justice, without which democracy, freedom, honour and peace are hollow
words, will entail sacrifices from both sides of the colour line in Africa.
Unless justice is ensured for all, it will be available for none.  Unless
principles are universally applicable, they can have no permanent force nor
real meaning.  If freedom, peace, justice, honour, opportunity are to be
guaranteed for one race, they must be guaranteed for all - if they are to
be permanent.  Moral power is such that it can not be divided.  it has its
source in the Creator, and will bring its own fulfilment in the end.
Opposition (to Justice) can only increase the friction of its passage and
sow tribulation on the way...



Letter 1.  SUBJECT: Open Letter Forum

 Dear Minister of Education

One of our basic human rights is the right to educate our children.

We need to pay the teachers a livable wage so that we get the best teachers
have sufficient books for each child to have a book for his lessons have an
up to date library so our children can study further have sufficient desks,
chairs, class rooms and other school facilities to enable the children to
study in an environment which is study enabling have sufficient and good
sports facilities so we train not only their minds but their bodies have
school busses to enable our children to travel on study, cultural and
sporting tours so they broaden their minds .......and so the list goes on.

It is the duty of our government to use the money they collect in income
taxes, value added taxes and customs duties, to meet the costs of education
our young people.

However, when the government does not meet the responsibility of education
our younger generation, it is the right of every parent to source the funds
to meet the costs of educating their children. Government does not have the
right morally to prevent our children from going to school because we, the
parents, are meeting the costs of educating our children.

Our children have been forcibly prevented from attending school since
Tuesday by police who are surrounding all the private schools who have been
closed down by government.

This is a serious infringement on our human rights and should not be
allowed to continue.

Yours sincerely
Simply Simon


Letter 2.  SUBJECT: Open Letters Forum 4th May - 263

Good Morning,

I sincerely hope that my suggestion will be taken up and vigorously used.
Daily, we are sickened by the distortions and lies propagated by the
Zimbabwe government, but how do we counter these lies? In truth, other than
complaining to one another, we do absolutely nothing to set the record

We should be aware that the government devotes a huge amount of money, time
and energy to achieve their objective. They are also extremely clever and
should never be under estimated. These "chocolate coated lies" are designed
to trigger emotional responses rather than reasoned analyses. The latest
example is that of the closure of the private schools. Chigwedere came out
fighting, accusing them of being racist. This strikes a chord because
racism is totally unacceptable in the civilised world. We know that these
schools are not racist, and that the reasons for closure are very far from
that stated.

But how can the SABC, the BBC or any of the other news media know? They
cannot, because journalists are barred and the story is too minor to
warrant further investigation. And after all, a MINISTER made the
statement! These stories pile one upon another in an attempt to create a
certain desired mindset in the audience. Also, those of doubtful intentions
(such as SABC) can always claim they quoted "official sources".

It may seem impossible to those of us who live with the problem, but in
reality the wider world is blissfully ignorant of the real situation in

I do believe that a constant stream of factual letters to world leaders and
to the media will have more impact on the situation in Zimbabwe than
anything other than an outright violent uprising - which is something none
of us want to see or to experience. Zimbabwe is on people's minds the world
over, and every little bit of information planted in the minds of
politicians and opinion makers adds to their perception of the situation.
The Zimbabwe government works tirelessly to promote one perception. We will
need to work even harder in order to erase that perception and promulgate
the truth.

Who has the energy and resources to co-ordinate the effort required? I
cannot, as I am trying to earn a living in a foreign country. I believe
that we need a team to tackle this. Make no mistake; there will be
harassment in direct proportion to the perceived effectiveness of the
information drive. The Daily News was harassed to death, and the New
Zimbabwe Internet site is subject to unceasing efforts at disruption. These
examples show how much the government fears the truth, because of the
enormous damage an exposed lie does to its very tenuous credibility.

As a final reward, there is the wonderful warm feeling one gets when one
has been able to shoot down some of the outrageous lies told, using only
reasoned facts. And if enough of us send enough letters to enough people,
we can change the course of Zimbabwe's history.

Charles Frizell

Letter 3.  SUBJECT: Collaborators & Title
Dear Jag,

I have unconfirmed information that a group of mainly ex commercial farmers
(who would obviously regard themselves as do gooders) have been approached
by the World bank to gather data on agriculture which the World Bank will
collate and use, I assume.

I have further information that the World bank is now in fact working with
the Government.

I believe that persons and institutions that "work with the Government"
must be monitored closely because sometimes the hidden agenda does not
remain that hidden for that long. The CFU started out on that line -
"working with Government on land reform..." - C. Cloete. Now we can just
wait and see exactly what the World Bank and any other "experts" are
planning to do about Title.

One group of "experts" - Agri Africa - is trying to get farmers to give
them a "mandate" - but they appear to have conveniently overlooked the fact
that the Quinnel Case is about Title which automatically encompasses human
rights, property rights and the rule of law. Ironically, the Quinnel Case
is actually trying to protect Mr. Gideon Gono's property rights regardless
of his political, tribal, religious, gender, social or racial class - and
so it should.

The World Bank or indeed any persons, Institutions or "experts" that choose
to undermine the very essence of the Quinnel Case will most probably find
themselves brought to Court by the very same Christian gentleman that has
brought The Honourables - Patrick Anthony Chinamasa and Joseph Made, along
with the Attorney General, to Court in the Quinnel Case. My support for
that Christian gentleman and that case would be unconditional.

Biographer Abroad.


Letter 4.  SUBJECT: Useful Addresses
In response to the letter asking for addresses to whom one can write,
there is a list of these on

They include
United Nations :
Don McKinnon -

President George W. Bush:

Vice President Dick Cheney:

First Lady Laura Bush:

Mrs. Lynne Cheney:

Australian Foreign Minister: - email addresses
for British politicians - email addresses for Australian
politicians - UK members of the European
Parliament - US Congressmen

Letter 5.  SUBJECT: Unity of Purpose When Chasing a Bunny


I have information that Jag is having a meeting this month.

I have information that SACFA is holding its first AGM on 4th June, 2004.

I have information that MFA is holding its first AGM on 4th June, 2004.

I have information that the Vision Committee is very busy collecting data
on agriculture for an International Organisation - somewhat surprisingly
considering agriculture's now dimunitive nature.

I have information that AgriAfrica is very busy sourcing a mandate for
something or other including profits from displaced farmers.

I have information that the CFU is very busy thinking about restructuring,
dialogue, membership, the Freeth debacle and rediscovering itself.

I have information that the Honourable J. Nkomo is very busy being the new
Acquiring Authority.

I have information that Zanu is very busy dividing the people of Zimbabwe
over agriculture, education and foreign currency amongst other things.

I have information that some organisations are so busy that they have lost
the plot and are now "doing their own thing."

I have information that the ZCU CEO is now blaming the cricketers for the
cricket fiasco in the country (not the Holy Than Thou ZCU of course.)

At the risk of asking the obvious:
*Has anybody heard about the Quinnel Case?
*Has anybody heard about unity of purpose?
*Is their one bunny to chase or are there ten - nine of which are purely
imaginary bunnies to chase - to achieve some selfserving fulfillment?

I see one smart bunny laughing all the way to the bank, the Commonwealth,
the UN, the UK, the USA, the AU and now to Borrowdale to a multi million
US$ mansion whilst a 'Kuruneribunni' gets tarred and feathered.

What do you see?

Idle Bunny Watcher.


Letter 6.  SUBJECT: Linda Bell
To all at Justice,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU TO YOU ALL for doing such a splendid job.
The time, trouble and hours you put in and with so little thanks in return.
We so often tend to take so much for granted these days.
Linda Bell

All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions
of the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice
for Agriculture.


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