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Looting of farm equipment by top officials escalates

By Tererai Karimakwenda
14 November, 2007
As the lawlessness continues to rule on commercial farms in the country,
farmers’ organisations report that the looting of farm equipment and other
assets by top officials has intensified. The recent escalation is largely
due to the Supreme Court decision last Monday that allows government to take
farm equipment from white farmers whose properties have been ‘acquired.’ Two
well-known cases represent the situation clearly, one in Karoi and the other
in Masvingo. In both cases, senior army officials are reported to have
ordered the farm owners to leave all their movable assets, and have not
offered any compensation for the materials.

John Worsley Worswick of Justice for Agriculture (JAG), which represents
evicted farmers, confirmed there is no regard for the rule of law. He said:
“Where this equipment should be acquired by way of due process under the
Farm Equipment and Materials Act, on the ground it’s politics that reigns
and certainly we see a massive escalation in interest in that equipment.”

Worswick added: “Farmers are now being instructed not to even consider
taking any equipment off the farms that now belong to the State and to the
chefs who are moving on to those farms.”

The chefs referred to by Worswick include Major General Nicholas Dube in the
Karoi area of Mashonaland West province. Major Dube used soldiers to take
over Grand Parade farm illegally, and is alleged to have seized the owner’s
equipment. The senior army chef ignored a court order that allowed the farm
owner to stay on his property.

In the Masvingo area, Brigadier-General Kalisto Gwanetsa, who is also the
Chiredzi South MP, recently ordered farmer Lyle Engles to leave all his
movable farm equipment when he vacates his property. Engles is reportedly
challenging Gwanetsa on the seizure, but is still said to be leaving his

Having found no justice from the courts in Zimbabwe, some farmers have taken
their cases to tribunals outside the country. Asked whether they are hoping
to get more encouraging results, Worswick said: “We have 7 years of
experience here in Zimbabwe of watching the judiciary being subverted and
the rule of law being circumnavigated by politics. One always has the hope
that in a regional court, that is not going to happen. So our hopes are
running high that we will receive rulings from the law, rather than
political rulings.”

SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Corruption rife at border post as Zimbabwe/Mozambique visas are scrapped

By Henry Makiwa
14 November 2007

The scrapping of visas between Mozambique and Zimbabwe has given rise to
corrupt practices as traders seek to capitalise on the recent relaxation of
immigration regulations.
Many Zimbabweans, hard-hit by the crippling economic crisis at home, have
begun flooding into Mozambique since the visa requirement between the two
countries fell away at the beginning of the month. They are however
restricted by a ruling that only allows them to carry a maximum of Z$5
million – less than 100 Mozambiquean meticals - when crossing over into
Mozambique, which is hardly enough for them to purchase the basic goods
desperately needed at home.

The move has led to many of them making “deals” with Zimbabwe Revenue
Authority (Zimra) officers to enable them to pass through the border with
more money. “Smuggling” of goods is also reportedly still rife, as
Zimbabwean traders with access to scarce commodities ship them over into
Mozambique where they fetch bigger profits. In other instances, items such
as sugar, bread and milk are brought from Zimbabwe in exchange for other
commodities like rice, flour, cooking oil and laundry soap from Mozambique.

Zimbabwean professionals who are battling with threats of job losses and
poor pay have also reportedly been moving into Mozambique, despite the
language barrier. According to construction worker Akim Mufema, the once
sleepy border post of Forbes is now a hive of activity.

He said: “Most Zimbabweans will find it hard to communicate here because
Mozambiqueans predominantly speak Portuguese or other languages that have
very little similarity to Shona and Ndebele. But many are job-hunting here
regardless because the crisis at home is forcing us to do so.”
He added, “Corruption at Forbes is brewing however. People are carrying
millions in cash hidden in pillows and even bibles, across the border. In
Mozambique you can now find people buying Zimbabwean-made goods that have
been smuggled in across the border,” Mufema told us from his Pemba base.
The decision to scrap visas between Zimbabwean and Mozambique was made to
“strengthen ties between the two countries”. Under the new system, nationals
from both countries are permitted a 30-day stay in either country on
presentation of a valid passport at the border.

SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Morgan, Makoni, Mujuru in coalition talks

The Zimbabwean

Wednesday, 14 November 2007 15:56

Formidable alliance to unseat Mugabe in 2008

The idea of a coalition of political forces that would undoubtedly
unseat President Robert Mugabe at the 2008 elections is being mooted. Talks
behind the scenes have already been held, according to impeccable sources,
between the leader of the opposition, Morgan Tsvangirai, and some
disgruntled elements from Zanu (PF) fronted by former cabinet minister Simba
It is believed that Arthur Mutambara, the leader of the MDC breakaway
faction, has also been involved. We have established that a meeting took
place in South Africa recently between Tsvangirai, Makoni and retired army
general Solomon Mujuru.
Political analysts are convinced that such a coalition would put an
end to the Mugabe era. Our sources say the coalition also has the backing of
elements within the government of President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa.
"They believe this will provide an answer to Zimbabwe's political
crisis and it is being pursued parallel to the current talks involving Zanu
(PF) and MDC," said a source.
Makoni, who is widely respected internationally and has a growing
following at home, is reported to be mulling over the various options and
modalities of how to proceed, said a highly-placed source.
"The Zanu (PF) option is out and he has already started weighing the
others, which include forming a new party. However, a coalition with other
existing parties would be stronger and stand better chances of unseating
Mugabe," said the source.
Both Tsvangirai and Makoni refused to discuss the matter when
contacted for comment. But sources insisted the coalition was "very likely"
and could be announced in January, once the necessary structures had been
"The desire is there in all the political formations and individuals.
The major issue to tackle is the actual power sharing. A possible structure,
which has already been considered and debated, is that of having Tsvangirai
as the leader of the coalition backed by Makoni and Mutambara."
Makoni leads a group in Zanu (PF) that has been advocating for
reformation of the ruling party and calling for an end to Mugabe's
stranglehold on power, which has led to unprecedented economic decline.  In
an interview with this paper last month, Makoni said he was prepared to play
a role in the political leadership of the country if called upon to do so.

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Harare's publicity stunts will not work

Zim Online

by Tafirei Shumba Thursday 15 November 2007

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s government may be short on cash after eight years of
economic recession but it certainly has enough to splash on international
artists hired to perform in Harare in publicity stunts aimed at sprucing up
the country’s battered image.

Just last week, Jamaican reggae artist Luciano was in Harare in a one-off
spin pocketing a cool US$30 000 from the state and not to mention that
foreign currency is hard to come by in the crisis-hit country.

Luciano, who enthusiastically endorsed President Robert Mugabe’s chaotic and
often violent farm seizure policy, was offered everything a VIP could ask
for - five-star hotel accommodation, a sleek glass-tinted Hummer vehicle and
bodyguards paid for by the government.

Only last month, Botswana's pop star Vee and South African group Mafikizolo
were in the capital on a similar exercise to promote Zimbabwe as a safe
tourist destination.

Across the country, somewhat dreary regional Miss Tourism beauty pageants,
again sponsored by the state, were taking place ostensibly as a tool to
break Zimbabwe’s isolation by the international community and in the process
help revitalise tourism.

However, business analysts are sceptical the government's spirited stunts
will work.

Harare business consultant Nick Pashai said it was illogical to think that
mere catwalks and music could cure the ills of Zimbabwe brought to its knees
by the controversial policies of Mugabe, in power since 1980 and among the
few remaining of Africa’s old style Big-man rulers.

"It would be foolhardy for the government, and for anyone for that matter,
to think that Zimbabwe's problems such as the demised tourism could be
solved by an evening of merrymaking at a beauty contest or a reggae jam
session," Pashai said.

Pashai said what Zimbabwe required was comprehensive political reforms to
foster economic stability and help turn around the tourism sector and the
economy in general.

He said: "Without political reforms that would give the international
community renewed confidence in Zimbabwe, nothing would work for tourism

“We can bring Naomi Campbell, Michael Jackson or Madonna to Harare and that
won't be the lasting solution to our tourism problems. Tourists will visit a
country that is peaceful and safe, where they can access basic necessities
such as fuel, food and cash."

Zimbabwe has grappled with a severe political and economic crisis since 1999
amid allegations of gross human rights abuses as Mugabe’s government
resorted to repression to keep public discontent in check in the face of
shortages, deepening poverty and the world’s highest inflation rate of
nearly 8 000 percent.

Many in the country, including some of the leading officials in Mugabe’s
government, believe resolving the country’s political crisis is vital to any
effort to stop what was once one of Africa’s most vibrant economies from
further decline.

For example, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) last month
called for urgent “political consensus” that would to lead restoration of
ties with the international community to pave way for economic recovery.

“There is an urgent need for political consensus in Zimbabwe which would
lead to restoration of international relations, for industry and the country
to recover from the current economic crisis,” said the CZI that is
considered the voice of business in the country.

But the Harare administration appears convinced that as far it concerns
tourism  – probably the fastest growing sector before decline set in - the
publicity stunts are just what the doctor ordered.

Tourism Minister Francis Nhema told ZimOnline: "The pageants and music shows
are ongoing. Both are important for image-building and for publicity. It’s a
positive thing to do."

Besides, as Nhema revealed, the performances by the visiting international
artists were also something of a diplomatic coup for isolated Harare.

Said Nhema: "The artists are coming here and spreading the word
internationally that we are a haven for safe tourism."

Rising politically motivated violence and human rights abuses following the
1999 birth of a stronger opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
party to challenge the rule of Mugabe has seen Zimbabwe being classified as
an unsafe destination and tourist arrivals have plummeted in response to the
country’s negative image.

To his credit, Nhema admitted he was not quite able to judge how the music
galas and beauty pageants were helping improve Zimbabwe’s image in the
traditional tourism source markets in Britain, United States and other
Western countries.

"I am not really able to judge on the international scene if the events are
attracting tourists,” he said.

This however is no good enough a reason to stop the government from
sponsoring more music galas with at least one more gala to celebrate a 1987
unity accord between ZANU PF and the then opposition PF ZAPU party expected
in December.

Meanwhile, the government’s "artists for hire" are reportedly busy in the
studios recording a CD that will promote Mugabe and ZANU PF in the run-up to
joint presidential and parliamentary elections penciled in for March next
year. - ZimOnline

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Minister commissions team to hear Daily News case

Zim Online

by Sebastian Nyamhangambiri Thursday 15 November 2007

HARARE - Information Minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu yesterday commissioned the
reconstituted Media and Information Commission (MIC) and said he wanted the
body to "start in earnest" reviewing a ban on Zimbabwe's largest
privately-owned paper imposed four years ago.

Ndlovu said that he wanted the commission to address outstanding issues
regarding the Daily News that was banned in 2003.

"I want them to start working in earnest especially on the ANZ (Associated
Newspapers of Zimbabwe, publishers' of the Daily News) case," Ndlovu told

The Daily News, which was Zimbabwe's best selling daily paper, was banned
after the Supreme Court ruled it was operating outside the law because it
was not registered with the (MIC).

A tough government media law requires journalists and their companies to
register with the commission in order to operate in Zimbabwe.

The case has been at the courts since then with President Robert Mugabe's
government dragging its feet in dealing with the matter.

Lawyers representing the Daily News and media rights groups last month
attacked Ndlovu after he retained controversial government apologist
Tafataona Mahoso as chairman of the MIC.

Ndlovu refused to answer questions over the retaining of Mahoso who was
found by the courts to be biased against the Daily News.

However, unconfirmed reports yesterday suggested that Mahoso had been asked
to recuse himself from adjudicating the paper's application.

Journalists and political observers remain skeptical that the government
would allow the mass circulating paper it often accused of being a voice of
the opposition, months ahead of tricky presidential and parliamentary
elections next year.

The issue of media freedom is part of ongoing talks being mediated by South
Africa between Mugabe's ruling ZANU PF party and the main opposition
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party. - ZimOnline

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Zim to commission first bio-diesel plant

Zim Online

by Thulani Munda  Thursday 15 November 2007

HARARE – Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono is today
expected to commission the country’s first bio-diesel processing plant in
Harare as the southern African nation gropes for a solution to acute fuel

The bio-diesel plant is part of a government-backed project to reduce
Zimbabwe’s dependence on petrol and diesel by shifting to more usage of

The southern African country, which is battling an unprecedented economic
crisis that has manifested itself in the world’s highest inflation rate of
nearly 8 000 percent, requires US$300 million to import fuel per month.

But an acute shortage of foreign currency since 1999 has seen the country
fail to import enough fuel resulting in motorists queuing for hours across
the country in search of fuel.

Gono, who earlier this week extended invitations for people to attend the
commissioning of the bio-diesel plant, did not indicate how much Harare had
spent on the plant.

Fuel shortages highlight Zimbabwe’s unprecedented economic crisis that has
also seen inflation shooting to nearly 8 000 percent, rising poverty,
shortages of food and every basic commodity.

This week international oil prices touched the US$100 per barrel mark,
further throwing landlocked Zimbabwe into a complex situation.

However, local scientists say the development of the bio-diesel project
could in the long run provide a viable solution to fuel shortages.

“It important for Zimbabwe to engage in the development of biotechnology
energy crops such as Jatropha, soyabeans and sugarcane so that the country
can quickly work towards reducing the amount of fuel that it is importing by
systematically replacing it with bio-fuels,” scientist Christopher Chetsanga
told a conference on bio-diesel production in Harare recently.

Chetsanga, who is president of the Zimbabwe Academy of Sciences, said
bio-fuels were not only attracting attention in Zimbabwe, but have recently
attracted serious considerations worldwide due to the rapid increase in
international oil prices. - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwe Electoral Reform Said To Receive Green Light From President Mugabe


By Blessing Zulu
14 November 2007

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has given the green light to broad
electoral reform, according to sources in his ruling ZANU-PF party who say
Mr. Mugabe has recognized that clear progress on this front must be made if
the Southern African region and the West are to come through with an
economic rescue package.

The government is expected to table the so-called Electoral Laws Amendment
Bill in parliament when it reconvenes on Nov. 20, political sources said.

Among other provisions, the bill would oblige state-run media to provide
free and fair access to opposition parties, bar soldiers, police and other
state security agents from polling places during elections, remove polling
stations from locations susceptible to pro-government pressure such as army
barracks and traditional chief homesteads, and increase the independence of
the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

Ruling party insiders say some top ZANU-PF officials opposed the reforms
mooted in South African mediated crisis resolution talks, the president
endorsed them late last month with support from Justice Minister Patrick
Chinamasa - lead negotiator in the Pretoria talks - and brought the party's
central committee and politiburo on board.

Some in the ruling party fear that if elections in 2008 are internationally
condemned, Zimbabwe could fall much deeper into a crisis that is already

Other reform items are likely to be added to the amendment bill once talks
between ZANU-PF and the Movement for Democratic Change resume next month.

Sources close to the talks say negotiators have already agreed a number of

Lawmaker Tongai Mathuthu of the opposition faction headed by by MDC founder
Morgan Tsvangirai told reporter Blessing Zulu of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe
that the media reforms in particular will be welcome if they are

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Complaint To Zimbabwe State Paper Leads To Arrests, Beatings - Opposition


By Chris Gande
14 November 2007

Two members of the Zimbabwe opposition who went to the newsroom of the
Bulawayo daily Chronicle newspaper to complain about an article were
arrested by police, held for a week and severely beaten, opposition
officials said on Wednesday.

Dickson Mahommed and Geshom Zimba, members of the faction of the Movement
for Democratic Change led by MDC founder Morgan Tsvangirai, are said to have
tried to speak with editors at the state-controlled newspaper when police
were called.

MDC sources said the newspaper published an article saying the two men had
been paid by Thokozani Khuphe, a deputy vice president of the Tsvangirai
faction, to attack delegates to an MDC women's assembly congress held last
month at a restaurant in Bulawayo that is owned by Khupe. The opposition
sources said the men were held in a wet cell and tortured for seven days
before being hospitalized Tuesday.

Mahommed and Zimba were released on Wednesday without being charged,
according to the opposition sources. Officials at the Chronicle newspaper
refused to comment. National police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena could not be

Faction deputy spokesperson Thabitha Khumalo told reporter Chris Gande of
VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the faction will lodge a complaint against
the police.

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Up Before Dawn in Zimbabwe


Hungry children drawn to the streets in quest for food

Stephen Tsoroti

     Published 2007-11-15 07:18 (KST)

It is 2 a.m. and I am standing uneasily at a shopping complex in
Chitungwiza, east of the capital of Harare, before a stoop where a line has
just formed. At the storefront a uniformed night watchman clutches a torn
blanket inn one hand and a stack of uneven cut brown tags in the other,
which I later learn are line tags to keep the order of the line. Now and
then, he dishes out tags to newcomers and barks sleepy orders for them to
follow the line.

At my count, 24 children as young as 6-7 years old tow the lines in these
pre-dawn hours. In many ways they are confirmed night children -- led to the
streets by hunger. So goes my pre-dawn journey in the townships that border
Harare and the capital itself.

With most shop shelves empty and shortages of all fast moving basic food
items now widespread, women and children have been forced to wake up in the
middle of the night to trudge from one shop to another, following rumors has
that bread, mealie meal, cooking oil, sugar or meat products are in stock.

The children shiver in the night cold as they wait for the shops to open at
7 or 8 a.m., four to six hours later.

"They wake me up early each morning. Most of the time I have no clue what
time it is," says seven-year-old Kudzanai Tomu. "If I refuse, my punishment
is an empty stomach."

"My first days, I was kind of scared and afraid. But when I learnt that
there are other boys here, I am no longer afraid," he adds innocently.

After about half an hour, I exhaust my annoyance. I move to the end of the
queue. A boy who looked about five years old ran to a position that placed
his skinny, oversized jersey between an old lady and me. He smiled broadly.
He gestured grandly at me, at the line, at the other boys seated by a
makeshift fireplace. I learn later that he is an apprentice at the school of
extortion -- when hours before the shops open, he sells his place and
numerable others to latecomers.

Not all of these children wake up in the wee hours for the sake of their
stomachs. For some, it is for purely business reasons. Margaret Samu takes
three children -- Aisha, 6, Manu, 9, and Samuel, 10. Each of these children
gets a chance to buy some of the rare items that later the family will sale
at the black market.

"With my husband out of work, my children need money for school fees, food
and accommodation. This is the only way we can survive," says Margaret.

"The proceeds from our sleepless nights help keep us surviving in these hard
times," says Margaret nonchalantly.

Anna Yona expresses fear: "I often see these children here early in the
morning. I fear some terrible things are going to happen to them one day.
They might get abused or worse raped. Something needs to be done to stop
these children indulging in these activities."

The Girl Child Network a local nongovernmental organization estimates that
an average of 3,500 girls are abused each year nationally. The NGO believes
that since the implementation of Operation Restore Order (ORO), and the
successive operations, child sexual abuse cases increased due to family
members losing their homes and income.

The network reports that during a study of 3 of its 16 administrative areas
in 2006, it tracked a daily average of three child sexual abuse cases.

According to the most recent information, from the 2004 national Child Labor
Survey, approximately 25 percent of children between ages of 5 and 17 were
involved in some form of labor. The unemployment rate continues to grow,
with some estimates putting it as high as 80 percent. Children work in the
agricultural sector, as domestics and as car washers or car attendees. Many
children sell simple wares on the streets.

These children's families were particularly affected by the government's
ill-timed Operation Restore Order, which destroyed homes and informal ways
of employment. Many families who earned their income in the informal economy
or by renting out cottages on their property lost income when the "illegal"
market stalls and cottages were destroyed. Widows faced particular
difficulties when forced to relocate to rural areas.

The government's recent dabbling in price controls on basic goods has
further exacerbated the situation.

These ill-timed government measures have led to children absconding from or
being forced to drop out of school. In most of the regions of the country,
fewer girls than boys attend schools.

The ever-increasing poverty in the country is blamed for the children's

With the growing restlessness among the nation's poor -- almost half the
population -- Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe faces the delicate balance
of assuaging poverty's roots while also addressing its symptoms. Recently he
declared price controls on all essential items like maize meal, bread, fuel
and cooking oil as a measure to cushion the burden of the poor. But the
manufacturing sector, which has been reeling under the adverse economic
conditions, has failed to supply the desired goods due to inadequate
electricity, fuel and other inputs, all of which have become erratic of

Until the table is full again, many children will walk the streets not even
daring to look at the clock.

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Zimbabwean farmer resisting eviction is SADC court's first case

Monsters and Critics

Nov 14, 2007, 17:51 GMT

Windhoek - A white Zimbabwean farmer is set to go to court in Namibia next
week over attempts by the Zimbabwean government to seize his land, the first
ever case to be heard by the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

William Michael Campbell, 75, faces criminal charges in Zimbabwe for failing
to vacate his farm located on the outskirts of Harare after numerous
attempts to seize since it since 2000.

The case, to be heard Tuesday, is a first for the 14-nation SADC, which was
established in 1992 but only opened to cases in April.

Campbell is seeking an urgent interim interdict to halt the 'continued
onslaught of invasions and intimidation' on his farm pending a full hearing
in Zimbabwe on the legality of land seizures. Authoritarian Zimbabwean
President Robert Mugabe is the respondent in the case.

Campbell has turned to the SADC court while waiting for the Supreme Court of
Zimbabwe to hand down judgement on his case following a hearing in March
this year.

He is one of only a few hundred white farmers still working the land in
Zimbabwe after thousands had their farms seized, most without compensation,
in a controversial land reform programme begun in 2000.

The rule of law in Zimbabwe had been replaced by 'rule by law,' Campbell
said in a statement. 'They can now put me in prison for being on land and in
a home that I spent my life's work paying for.'

The SADC tribunal is tasked with ensuring that SADC members respect the SADC
treaty, which calls for respect for the rule of law, among other things.

© 2007 dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur

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CSO blasts pro-democracy groups over donor funds

14th Nov 2007 18:23 GMT

By Trust Matsilele

JOHANNESBURG -  The Zimbabwe Civic Society Organisation Diaspora Forum (Zim
CSO) has made fresh attacks on Zimbabwean organisations based in South
Africa who solicit donor funding to foster poor selfish gains.

“We have seen that there are some Zimbabwean civic societies here in South
Africa that are taking advantage of Zimbabwe and they are abusing them to
source funds which directly benefits those CSOs.”

“Due to this we met the European Union team of 15 person delegation recently
in Pretoria and we told them that we as Zimbabweans no longer recognise fly
by night organisations who milk monies for their benefits," said Norah

Many within Zimbabwe blame the donor community for Zimbabwe’s worsening
political crisis as many pro-democracy organisations are allegedly bent on
prolonging the crisis in the country in an effort to milk more donor funds
for their own benefit.

One political analyst, who did not want to be named told “Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe have become an
industry, anyone wherever who wants to make money abuses the crisis in
Zimbabwe to their benefit whether they are in South Africa, Zimbabwe or the
United States. It is really sad that the donor mentality has destroyed
Zimbabwe more than many in the country actually know.”

The analyst who did not want to be named fearing a backlash from colleagues,
who quickly use the polarisation in the country to level any critic a Zanu
PF spy or sell-out said the donor community was so gullible and continued to
fund fragmented efforts being used to deal with the crisis in Zimbabwe.

The CSO Forum said that some organisations were more concerned in filling
pockets rather than helping poor Zimbabweans squeezing in at the Central
Methodist Church here.

"Never again should anyone take advantage of the Zimbabwean people. Zimbabwe
is more than a geographical location, a piece of land in Southern Africa,"
said the CSO’s Tapiwa.

Tapiwa named some organisations known throughout the donor community who
have failed to meet the needs of those poor Zimbabweans but confirmed they
had managed to buy themselves posh cars from funds from well-known donors.

 Zim CSO Forum said Zimbabweans were now spread all over world due to the
economic mismanagement of their country, poor governance and the abuse of
state power.

"Zimbabwe is a people, a nation that is now all over the globe hence the
formation of the Diaspora Forum and the Global Zimbabwe to meet the demands
of the people of Zimbabwe, "said Tapiwa.

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Youth Vote Blow for MDC

Institute for War & Peace Reporting

Young people show little interest in backing the opposition in next year’s

By Jacob Nhlanhla in Bulawayo (AR No. 143, 14-Nov-07)

Signs of apathy among Zimbabwean youth who make up the majority of voters
have begun to emerge as the country prepares for crucial polls next year,
with many regarding the outcome as a foregone conclusion.

In what were regarded as watershed elections in 2000 - the first national
poll that pit the Movement for Democratic Change, MDC, and Robert Mugabe’s
increasingly unpopular ruling ZANU-PF against each other - Zimbabwean youths
emerged as the largest voting bloc.

They came in huge numbers to cast their vote for the then-newly established
MDC. Bulawayo youths worked hard to mobilise other young voters in the
run-up to the election, even though this risked a backlash from ZANU-PF
activists notorious for meting out violence against their political

But the hopes and enthusiasm of youngsters who took part in the election
were dashed when ZAUN-PF emerged victorious - albeit by a narrow margin
which many observers attributed to vote-rigging.

It was an electoral defeat that not only shook the opposition but also the
young men and women who had queued for hours under the blistering sun to
"vote for change", as the slogan went.

"I was based in Harare then, and I took the long train trip to Bulawayo to
vote in my constituency where I had been registered as a voter," a then
student and now practicing journalist recalled this week. "But along with
others, our disappointment was written all over our faces when the election
results came out."

Although ZANU-PF narrowly took the majority parliamentary seats, and the
opposition quickly alleged electoral fraud, observer missions were divided:
African teams endorsed the results, while their western counterparts
criticised the poll for being held in a climate that was neither free nor

Nonetheless, presidential elections in 2002 pitting Mugabe against the MDC’s
Morgan Tsvangirai saw enthusiasm again rekindled. But this time the youth,
probably still the biggest voting bloc, approached the poll with calculated

"While some thronged the polling stations, others were already complaining
that there was no need to waste their time as Mugabe would win," the
Bulawayo-based journalist told IWPR.

And win Mugabe did. He claimed 56 per cent of the vote. The opposition again
alleged electoral fraud. The electorate’s frustration with the ballot’s
failure to usher in a peaceful political transition led to widespread
disillusionment and apathy.

In 2005, the MDC got its biggest electoral drubbing with ZANU-PF claiming 78
out of 120 elected seats. The MDC lost the seats it had won in 2000.

As the nation prepares for what are seen as potentially bruising polls next
year, the MDC’s prospects have never looked so bleak, as it seems many young
people are more concerned with escaping the country than trying to bring
about change.

"Young people are fed up," said the journalist who asked not to be named.
And the frustration is palpable among the thousands who risk life and limb
crossing illegally into neighbouring Botswana and South Africa in search of

At the same time, the opposition has complained that the authorities have
put in place measures to disenfranchise young people by denying them
national identity documents that will enable them to register and cast their
votes next year. The registrar general, whom critics say has ruling party
links, denies these allegations, however.

"What’s the use," a student at the Bulawayo Polytechnic said of the
elections in March next year. Reflecting the sentiments of many here in this
city of more than two million, he added, “There is so much confusion today
in the MDC, for me, voting is a waste of time. Who do I vote for? The signs
are that Mugabe will win."

Certainly, all the signs are that ZANU-PF and Mugabe will win the combined
parliamentary and presidential elections, despite the plunging popularity of

A journalism and media studies lecturer at the local National University of
Science and Technology put this down to the poor state of opposition
politics in the country.

"Just when the people have hope in opposition politics, something seems to
come up to put a damper on these hopes for a new beginning for the country,"
he said, referring to the current squabbles in the Tsvangirai-MDC faction.

The MDC spilt into two factions in 2005 over the divisions which emerged
within the ranks on whether to take part in the elections then.

As Zimbabwe prepares for next year’s ballots, it seems the only thing
ZANU-PF has to be concerned about is whether a low turnout will discredit
the elections.

Jacob Nhlanhla is the pseudonym of an IWPR journalist.

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Nust SRC on tyranny against students

14th Nov 2007 18:27 GMT

By Zinasu

IT IS with a heavy heart that we note the current spate of victimization of
student leaders in Zimbabwe by the tyranny of Robert Mugabe.

Recently two student leaders from the National University of Science and
Technology, Mehluli Dube and Themba Maphenduka in addition to three other
student leaders Kurai Hoyi, Vivid Gwede, Samson Nxumalo were suspended on
allegation of leading students unrest.

As we speak former President, Clever Bere is also on suspension pending
verdict and this is unacceptable considering that since the opening of the
University there have never been any suspensions or expulsions yet we  have
a total of six in one year.

The government of the day seems to be at unease because the students as the
general populace are fast losing their patience and cannot wait for a change
in governance.

How could a government through the responsible University authorities, that
was expected to play a parental role in taking care of the students and
building a responsible citizen be after the destruction of the student's

The current learning environment is not conducive, there is a chronic
shortage of lecturers, halls of residence are inadequate, and transport woes
are the order of the day at our beloved University, lest l forget the
incomplete buildings that surround our institution.

According to Article 8 of the Declaration on the Rights and Responsibility
of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society, everyone has the right to
criticize governmental bodies so as to improve their functioning.

This human right has been trampled upon as these student leaders were
suspended for criticizing the actions and barbaric policies being
implemented by the government. We would like to remind the government of
Robert Mugabe that we will guard our  rights and education system jealously.
No amount of torture, arrests, abductions, suspensions or expulsions will
deter us from achieving our goal of having a vibrant and robust education
system in Zimbabwe.

To our fellow students who were suspended, we are with you through and
through. We would also like to encourage you to remain focused and resolute
because you are fighting for a justified and legitimate cause. The struggle
for freedom is not for the faint hearted. Lastly, the struggle for
democracy, human rights, and academic freedoms will continue unabated and
victory is certain.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

"Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is
the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 5 verse 10

In Solidarity

Sheunesu Nyoni
Students Union Secretary General

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Fall in HIV Infection Under Scrutiny

Institute for War & Peace Reporting

Zimbabwean health workers sceptical of official figures showing decreasing

By Yamikani Mwando in Bulawayo (AR No. 143, 14-Nov-07)

A South African weekly screamed recently, “At last, good news from
 Zimbabwe!” The headline was for a story on a substantial drop in the rate
of HIV infection throughout the country.

On October 31, the authorities announced that the number of people living
with the virus had fallen from one in four of the adult population to one in
seven over the past four years.

It seemed that at last there was something the authorities were doing right
at a time when President Robert Mugabe’s ruling ZANU-PF is accused of
destroying a once vibrant economy and running down the health sector.

According to a United Nations statement, the Zimbabwe ministry of health and
child welfare, assisted by a group of international experts, based the
figures on HIV infection in pregnant women attending antenatal clinics.
Major agencies, including the World Health Organisation, WHO, and the UN
children’s agency UNICEF, were involved in the study.

But frontline health workers have told IWPR that they’ve seen little
evidence of a downturn in levels of infection, with a number suggesting that
if anything the situation is becoming worse.

In rural Matopo, which lies outside Zimbabwe's second largest city of
Bulawayo, and in areas surrounding Matabeleland South, they say they’ve
actually recorded a rise in the number of young men and women in their 20s
succumbing to HIV-related illnesses.

“It is difficult for many people to understand how the [official] decline is
calculated,” a health worker, attached to a Catholic non-governmental
organisation, told IWPR. The Catholic Church runs clinics and health centres
in two Matabeleland provinces and monitors HIV infection trends across the

“In Matopo, we now have elders postponing funerals because they say [burying
people] has become the only thing they do throughout the week, and they need
to rest,” he said.

“A lot of young people are dying in these areas. You just have to be there
to see the impact this disease has had on rural communities.”

Meanwhile, Bulawayo city council says it is running out of graves, owing to
the high incidence of AIDS-related deaths.

Government officials accuse the Movement for Democratic Change-dominated
council of working hard to discredit the Mugabe presidency by presenting a
picture that the government is losing the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Local health workers who have analysed the latest report documenting the
fall in HIV infection suggest it might be explained by the continued
emigration of millions of Zimbabweans to neighbouring countries, which has
made it difficult to adequately monitor infection trends.

They also point out that deaths from HIV infection are growing because of
the soaring cost of anti-retroviral drugs.

At a communicable diseases centre run by the Bulawayo city council and
funded by USAID, officials say out of around 180,000 people in need of
anti-retroviral therapy in the city, only 70,000 are on the programme.

“It’s really terrible,” a doctor working here told IWPR.

In communities where living with HIV and AIDS were previously well-kept
family secrets, increasing numbers of people are coming out about their

They do so in the hope that somebody knows somebody who may be able procure
drugs for free, and allow them to jump the queue of those waiting for places
on treatment programmes.

The doctor welcomed this new openness, saying that it would help to get a
more accurate picture of infection rates.

“What is encouraging is that there seems to be an interest now among
patients to come out into the open about one’s condition - unlike in the
past, when many remained closet patients and died without being documented.”

Yamikani Mwando is the pseudonym of an IWPR journalist in Zimbabwe.

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Rights Groups Say Political Repression in Rural Zimbabwe Still Rampant


By Carole Gombakomba
14 November 2007

Despite seeming progress in crisis resolution talks taking place under South
African mediation, human rights groups say those living in Zimbabwe’s rural
areas continue to experience political repression which remains rampant and

Reports released by member organizations of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum
say opposition members in rural areas who are seen wearing items of clothing
with the logo of the opposition, reading independent papers, or listening to
independent radio stations such as VOA's Studio 7, are beaten up, or
“severely punished.”

A Zimbabwe Peace Project report says most cases of “political victimization”
happen in Midlands and Mashonaland East provinces, and the main perpetrators
are ZANU-PF militants and state agents, though some are attributed to
opposition members.

In a certain percentage of cases the affiliation of perpetrators is unknown.

The Peace Project, which monitors such occurrences nationally, said
gender-based violence continues with two cases of politically inspired rape
recorded recently.

The group says some villagers have been displaced for backing the
opposition, noting that such evictions often are preceded by gatherings of
local ruling party backers who sing songs of the 1970s liberation struggle
at night at the homes of the victims.

Village headmen and chiefs tell those who do not support the ruling party to
look to Britain or Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, for land
and food.

Zimbabwe Peace Project Director Jestina Mukoko tells reporter Carole
Gombakomba of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that more and more cases of
repression in the rural areas are being reported as the build-up to 2008
elections gathers momentum.

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Talks might be in vain as MDC haggle over negotiating team

By Lance Guma
14 November 2007

It was always going to be a long shot expecting a negotiated settlement
between Zanu PF and the MDC in South Africa. This week that pessimism found
a home in internal developments within the opposition. Newsreel has it on
good authority that the National Executive of the Tsvangirai MDC is almost
certainly going to reject constitutional drafts being worked on by the
negotiating teams. At the centre of controversy is the composition of
delegates attending the meetings in both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The MDC National executive mandated Lucia Matibenga, Tendai Biti, Sam Sipepa
Nkomo, Elias Mudzuri and Professor Elphas Mukonoweshuro to be part of its
negotiating team. For as yet unexplained reasons, only Biti is attending the
meetings alongside Mutambara MDC Secretary General Welshman Ncube. This has
created acrimony within the party as to why Tsvangirai is allowing the
decision of the National Executive to be sidestepped. Critics had previously
warned against the secrecy of the talks saying it did not inspire
confidence, but as it turns out even some of those selected to negotiate for
the MDC are in the dark.

A senior official in the MDC compared developments to the rejected 2000
constitutional draft saying people shunned it ‘not necessarily on content
but on the process itself. The same thing is happening now and I can assure
you the national executive will reject whatever they are doing.’ He queried
the dominant role of lawyers in the negotiating team saying matters of
principle are being sacrificed to satisfy an obsession with constitutional
drafts. ‘Lawyers should come in later in the process to give legal
expression to people’s concerns, not the other way round.’

The talks were postponed earlier this month following the death of Justice
Minister Patrick Chinamasa’s son in the United States. Chinamasa and Labour
Minister Nicholas Goche are part of the Zanu PF team. The deadline for the
talks to conclude has been set for the end of November. Even this is not set
in stone as much of the information borders on speculation. Party officials
were last briefed on developments in July and they are threatening to block
endorsement of any deal. ‘We want a people driven constitution. This is like
an arranged marriage where even the wife is already pregnant. There is
little chance of this being accepted within the MDC let alone by Zimbabweans
in general.’

SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Britain mulled plans to invade Zimbabwe

14th Nov 2007 08:45 GMT

By a Correspondent

LONDON – The former head of the British armed forces, Lord Guthrie has
revealed that he discussed with former Prime Minister Tony Blair the need to
invade Zimbabwe at the height of the political crisis in the country which
started with the March 2000 land invasions.

Lord Guthrie, speaking candidly in an interview with the UK Independent
newspaper, says he was so close to Blair they talked about anything
resulting in them discussing the need to launch a military offensive that
could end Zanu PF rule in Zimbabwe.

But, says the General who is known Blair's favourite, he warned the Prime
Minister against the invasion saying it could worsen the situation in the

"We used to talk about things," says Lord Guthrie. "I could say anything to
him, because he knew I wasn't going to spill the beans." Subjects discussed
included invading Zimbabwe, "which people were always trying to get me to
look at. My advice was, 'Hold hard, you'll make it worse.'

This is the first time that a senior official within the British government
has revealed how far Blair’s government went in trying to remove the Zanu PF
government from power.

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, blamed for the country’s economic and political
crisis by the West and the opposition MDC, says Britain is responsible for
the country’s crumbling economy, engineered after his government decided to
take land from white commercial farmers.

Mugabe says the British hatched a plan to remove him from office by
sponsoring the opposition MDC.

Lord Guthrie does not give much more information about the plan to invade
Zimbabwe but also says that the invasion of Iraq was probably a mistake.

"I felt it was right at the time," the former head of the armed forces says
of the decision to attack Saddam to stop him attacking us. "Now I'm not so
sure. In fact I think it was probably wrong."

The occupation has been a disaster, the General says.

As Chief of the Defence Staff from 1997 to 2001, Charles Guthrie struck up a
close relationship with the then Prime Minister and became known as Blair's
favourite General. Even after retirement he was close to Blair, acting as
his envoy to Pakistan, reports the Independent.

Meanwhile the Voice of America's Studio 7 programme reports that a paper
published by one of the most prestigious foreign policy institutes in the
United States says Washington and its international partners should shift
its Zimbabwe policy to prepare for - and perhaps hasten - the departure of
President Mugabe.

The paper from the Council on Foreign Relations in New York says U.S. policy
should focus on “sound recovery and reconstruction planning” and plan to
avert or minimise chaos in a political transition which, under worst-case
scenarios, could include civil strife, state collapse and destabilisation of
the Southern African region.

U.S. policy towards Zimbabwe has been to pressure the Mugabe government
through travel and financial sanctions targeting senior officials, while
providing food aid and assistance battling the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has
decimated the population.

Author Michelle Gavin, an international affairs fellow at the Council,
suggests Washington and the international community could galvanise key
Zimbabwean players into action by making clear the benefits including major
donor funding that would be released on the institution of reforms,
potentially speeding Mugabe’s exit.

U.S. officials should recognise that they "probably cannot compel President
Mugabe and his loyalists to step aside." But, "engaging with other members
of the international community now to map out a path for Zimbabwe's recovery
is more than an exercise in advance planning," Gavin argues.

"By working multilaterally to build consensus around governance-related
conditions for reengagement, and by marshaling significant reconstruction
resources in an international trust fund for Zimbabwe, the United States can
help establish clear incentives for potential successors to Mugabe to
embrace vital reform."

In doing so, "the United States can encourage and even hasten constructive
forms of potential political change by affecting the calculus of those who
are in a position to trigger a transition," writes Gavin. She adds that
recovery and reconstruction planning can also help avert "worst-case
scenarios of civil conflict, state collapse, and regional destabilisation
from taking hold during any future attempted political transition."

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Cash shortages cripple Zimbabwe

14th Nov 2007 09:04 GMT

By Sebastian Nyamhangambiri

HARARE – Long and winding queues remain a common feature at all banks in
Zimbabwe as there appears to be no solution in site to the cash shortages
that have rocked the country since last month as people continue to keep
their money at home and not in the banks to beat the effects of galloping

Economists interviewed yesterday said as long as the government does not
arrest inflation – the highest in the world at 7 800 percent - cash
shortages would remain in Zimbabwe.

John Robertson, a renowned economic commentator, yesterday ruled out a new
currency as the solution to the prevailing acute cash shortages.

“What we need is resuming production so that goods’ prices do not continue
rising because of scarcity,” said Robertson. “That is the only way we can
get rid of inflation and the cash shortages resulting from that.”

“If we are to have a new currency that means we will have to do it again
pretty soon. We did it just last year. Plus that solution is expensive. The
bottom line is that printing money will not work.”

Cash shortages have even affected the foreign currency parallel market as
the rates are no longer increasing at phenomenal rates. As of yesterday the
US dollar was trading around $1 200 000 up by just $100 000 from last week.

However, foreign currency dealers are now paying up to $2 000 000 for an
electronic transfer.

An economist at ZB Bank (formerly Zimbank) whose majority shareholder is the
government concurred with Robertson on the solution to the cash crisis.

“Production has to increase and then result in prices stabilizing and that
is the only time we can think of a new currency,” said the economist who
spoke on condition of anonymity. “But to think of increasing production from
our business sector is expecting too much. Unpredictable policies have left
uncertainties in the business sector.”

Last week the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe raised the cheque limit that can be
accepted for clearing by 150 percent to a maximum Z$500 million in its
latest bid to tackle the cash shortages. But that has failed to yield
results. Analysts dismissed such measurements as ‘cosmetic.’

Robertson said suppliers now needed cash so the changes help.

“Unlike in the past, suppliers now need cash since cheques take a week to
clear and in this inflationary environment that will not work,” said
Robertson. “There is need to come up with incentives to make people keep
money in the bank unlike now where there are no incentives for that.”

RBZ Governor Gideon Gono could not be reached for comment yesterday. His
spokesperson Kumbirai Nhongo had not responded to questions sent to him last
week, citing tight business schedules.

Proposals by Gono to introduce higher note denominations or introduce a new
currency in the past months have been scrapped, demonstrating the government’s
indecision at addressing the crisis.

Gono has been printing trillions of dollars and pumping them into the
manufacturing sector in an effort to revive the supply side of the economy.
His intentions, observers have noted, have been to reverse the damage done
by the government since June when it imposed price cuts across every
economic sector, resulting in the shortage of essential goods, and many
company closures.

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Zim - "extreme" security risk to investors

The Zimbabwean

Wednesday, 14 November 2007 09:06
Zimbabwe and South Africa have been rated "extreme" security risks,
according to a British risk consultancy.

The entire country of Zimbabwe is rated an extreme risk while only
areas of South Africa are rated extreme. Zimbabwe also rates "extreme" on
the political risk scale, compared with South Africa which has been rated of
"low" political risk.

At its launch of RiskMap 2008 in Johannesburg on November 13, Chris
Melville, Senior Africa Analyst of the Control Risks Group said: "Arguably
more than any other region, Africa has been subject to the most extreme
lurches of confidence, and Afro-pessimism is so entrenched in the western
mindset that it is almost instinctive to believe that downscaling of
ambitions by increasingly risk-averse investors will first materialise in

Melville explained that the Afro-optimism experienced in 2007 "was
based on more than a simple hunger for commodities and reflected important
changes in the global investment environment as well as significant changes
in Africa itself."

Africa is considered today an important "arena for diversification, as
well as being an important source of strategic resources and the location of
one of the last great untapped markets, according to Control Risks. The
consultancy strongly believes that investor confidence in Africa will become
more resilient while at the same a greater appreciation of "Africa's
complexity and diversity" will become the focus of future risk management.

Melville identified South Africa as the respository of Afro-optimism a
African renaissance, but cautioned this with concerns over the
sustainability and direction of post-apartheid reform.

Control Risks says that although the current political turmoil in
South Africa over the succession to the presidency of the African National
Congress (ANC) is unlikely to affect "overnight" the "fundamental"
conditions for policy and business in the country, "even in the event of a
victory for Jacob Zuma."

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ZINWA bill scandal to be exposed

14 November 2007,

The Minister of Water resources and Infrastructural development Engineer
Munacho Mutezo has directed the ZINWA board to investigate allegations by
residents of inconsistent and inflated bills. The directive comes in the
wake of a country wide out cry that ZINWA is overcharging residents.
Residents in most parts of Harare have for the last two months been
receiving bills ranging from 5 million to 40 million dollars. The minister
stated that it was highly abnormal for a family in a high density or low
density suburb to receive a bill of 40 million dollars for water.  The high
bills are also in violation of the governments' policy on price controls,
said the Minister. Engineer Mutezo warned that all those who have been
benefiting from swindling residents risk being arrested.

It remains to be seen whether anyone will be brought to book. The government
of Zimbabwe is known for neglecting corruption. The entire central
government system is rotten with corruption. CHRA has for the last few years
been campaigning for the reversal of the cabinet decision empowering ZINWA
to takeover sewer and water services from local authorities. CHRA continues
to lobby the cabinet and the parliament of Zimbabwe to stop the madness
created by ZINWA. There is ample evidence that ZINWA cannot manage water
affairs in Zimbabwe and that it is hopelessly incompetent. The Association
continues to reject the takeover of sewer and water services for the
following reasons:

Local authorities are set to loose a monthly revenue base of between 40-70 %
due to the takeover. This will further result in the decline of service
delivery by Local authorities which are already failing to cope with the
hyper inflationary environment. The quality of water services offered in
Harare is a case in point. The Harare municipality lost 40% revenue base,
more than 100 vehicles and office space due to the takeover.

The Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15) provided residents an opportunity to
object rate increases. Residents are given an opportunity to send objections
or comments to the local authorities if they feel the rates are too high.
Under the ZINWA Act (Chapter 20:25) it is up to the Minister to decide
whether the increases are justified of not, for example, in May 2006 the
City of Harare increased water charges and residents managed to have the
decision rescinded after residents sent objections. In the case of the ZINWA
take over there is no framework for consultation. In September 2007
residents received ballooned bills with massive increases but had no
platform to challenge these increases.

Water is a basic human right and thus it should be respected. The ZINWA Act
(Chapter 20:25) states clearly that in the event of non-payment of fees owed
to ZINWA the body is empowered to disconnect water services. The government
must take into cognizance the economic melt down that has reduced over 80%
of the population poor.

The increases in service charges of over 1600% by ZINWA in the City of
Harare since September 2007 are unjustified considering that there is no
visible improvement in water supply and administration. Residents and
business continue to be plagued by water cuts as ZINWA fails to meet the
daily consumption of Harare. CHRA fears that this will translate into a
national crisis further impoverishing the poor people of our country who
form more that 80% of the population.

Raw sewer continues to find itself to water bodies in the City of Harare,
pushing up water treatment costs passed on to the residents. Further, some
chemicals are not being procured, a situation which poses serious health
threat to residents in Harare.

CHRA is concerned over the excessive interference by politicians in the
running of local authorities and making of this decision by the Politburo.
More significantly ZINWA's has a demonstrated pathetic record and lacks
capacity; serve for political manipulation to feed the interests of a few.

Below are some of our recommendations;

The Minister should immediately reverse and halt the continued acquisition
of sewer and water supply and administration from local authorities, as the
case for Harare has shown no improvement for the better. The situation is
actually worsening.

There is need for a clear consultative framework for water increases. The
Urban Council Act (Chapter 29:15) was not even sufficient in this regard.
The Association calls for an urgent reform and constitutionalisation of
local governance in the country.

The Minister of Water Resources and Infrastructural Development should reign
over the insanity created by multi billing.

ZINWA should focus on development of dams and supply of bulky water i.e.
Kunzwi dam project in Harare and the Mutshabezi dam project in Bulawayo.
Major projects which are lying idle.

Local Authorities and Residents Associations should initiate and lodge legal
challenges against the takeover. Local authorities are empowered under Part
X111 of the Urban Councils' Act (Chapter 29:15) (i) "to provide and maintain
a supply of water within or outside the council area".

CHRA encourages Residents Associations countrywide to be vigilant and resist
the takeover of ZINWA. CHRA is committed to resisting the takeover and to
advocate for effective, accountable and local governance. The Association
has coordinated the formation of the National Water Taskforce which seeks to
challenge the takeover. The Association will continue to mobilize residents
and other stakeholders to resist or reverses the takeover.

Farai Barnabas Mangodza
Chief Executive Officer
Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
145 Robert Mugabe Way
Exploration House, Third Floor
 Landline: 00263- 4- 705114

Contacts: Mobile: 0912638401, 011443578, 011862012 or email

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Bread resurfaces, shoots up on parallel market

The Zimbabwean

Wednesday, 14 November 2007 14:31

By Bayethe Zitha

BULAWAYO - Bread, which literally vanished from the Zimbabwean market
about two months ago, on Wednesday made an unexpected re-appearance in the
second biggest city of Bulawayo.
Scores of shoppers scrambled for the basic commodity at the few
outlets in the city, which sold the Lobels-produced bread at a give-away
price of Z$100 000 for a standard loaf.
"I was very surprised to see people carrying bread this morning and
after having been told of a nearby confectionary shop where they had bought
it, I rushed there and I was lucky to get it at Z$100 000," said an
over-joyed Rejoice Nyika, an illegal foreign currency dealer who operates in
the city centre.
By noon, there was no trace of the commodity, as several desperate
shoppers kept queiuing at the shops that had sold it, vainly hoping that
there would be another supply.
However, a shop attendant at one of the outlets told The Zimbabwean
that there would be no supply of the commodity on that same day, as the few
loaves that had been brought were all finished and the bakery workers had
told them that they would not return.
"We were just as much surprised to get a supply of bread because we
had not placed an order. We have told our customers that there will be no
more bread sales today but they have remained here hoping that they will get
something. It shows how desperate they are to have a taste of it. I am not
even sure whether we will get another delivery tomorrow, because the Lobels
workers told us that we would only see by a delivery if there is something,"
said the shop attendant.
However, illegal foreign currency traders, who always get first hand
information on deliveries of any scarce basic commodity, began to sell the
bread at Z$1,2million on the streets after lunch.
"I bought more than one dozen and there is nowhere I can put the
bread. I did not want to sell it but now I have been forced to do so by
people demanding to know where I bought it, while others are asking me to
sell it," said Shelton Sibanda, a vegetable vendor who operates along the
city's Lobengula Street.
Sibanda had sold more than half a dozen and said he would only keep
two loaves for his family to "have a taste" of the commodity.
Bread, which had erratic supplies in the country due to very low wheat
yields last year, disappeared from both the formal and parallel markets at
the beginning of September, due to a combination of factors, which included
a critical shortage of flour and an irrational pricing regime enforced by
the government in July.
Protesting confectionery shops and bakeries stopped producing bread,
which they said was making them incur huge losses, in favour of small but
highly priced buns and other confenctioneries.
A small sugar bun costs Z$100 000 in Zimbabwe, the same price that the
government wants bread, produced by 10 times as much flour, to be sold at.

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Barrage Of Accusations Following Miss Rural Zimbabwe Pageant


By Jonga Kandemiiri
14 November 2007

The Miss Rural Zimbabwe pageant can usually be counted on to generate
scandal or at least controversy - last year one contestant was allegedly
impregnated by a deputy minister - and this year's crop of allegations has
met or exceeded the standard.

Some high-ranking politicians and businessmen are alleged to have sexually
abused the young rural women and some contestants allegedly were prevailed
upon to pose naked for photographers said to be staff at the Chinese Embassy
in Harare.

Women’s Affairs Minister Oppah Muchinguri last month urged an investigation
of organizer and pageant founder Sipho Ncube-Mazibuko. After the Miss Rural
Zimbabwe finals in Masvingo last week, contestants were reported to have
been stranded after the organizer failed to provide them with bus fare home.

Two contestants took shelter with the Chitungwiza-based Girl Child Network,
a non-governmental organization promoting action against sexual child abuse.

Girl Child Network spokesman Kamurai Mudzingwa told reporter Jonga
Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that staff of his organization are
awaiting the results of medical exams before they will decide how to proceed
in the case.

Organizer Sipho Ncube-Mazibuko said she is the victim of a conspiracy to
take control of her pageant. She singled out Zimbabwe Tourism Authority
Chief Executive Officer Karikoga Kaseke, accusing him of orchestrating the
alleged smear campaign.

She charged that he sexually abused contestants and once walked into her
hotel room at 2 a.m. Zimbabwe Tourism chief Kaseke could not be reached for
a response to those allegations due to congestion on the mobile phone
network he uses.

One pageant contestant who did not want to disclose her identity said she
and other contestants were treated properly by Ncube-Mazibuko and other

The former contestant said she believes some of her former competitors are
being manipulated to undermine the pageant.

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ZESA Holdings Reverts to Normal Load-Shedding

The Herald (Harare)  Published by the government of Zimbabwe

14 November 2007
Posted to the web 14 November 2007

Fortious Nhambura

ZESA Holdings yesterday said it was reverting to its normal load-shedding
schedule owing to improved electricity supply after successfully completing
annual maintenance work at Kariba Power Station.

The power station that generates 750 megawatts returned to full capacity on
Monday. Last month, the power utility abandoned its load-shedding schedule
and resorted to switching off supplies to consumers as and when it saw fit
to accommodate the lull in internal power production that had been caused by
corrective maintenance work at Kariba Power Station.

During the maintenance period, production at Kariba was reduced by 250
megawatts to 500 megawatts, affecting the country's power supplies and
resulting in stringent power rationing. Zesa Holdings spokesperson Mr
Fullard Gwasira said work at the hydro-electric power plant had been
successfully completed and consumers should expect the normal load-shedding
programme associated with the summer period.

"We completed the routine maintenance of the electricity generation at
Kariba Power Station over the weekend as targeted and the power utility is
pleased to advise that power output is now back to normal. The station is
now producing its total capacity of 750 megawatts and we expected normal
supplies to all our customers.

"Zesa is happy with the way the exercise and the maintenance programme
progressed and is resorting to our normal load-shedding schedule," he said.
Work at Hwange Thermal Power Station, the spokesman said, was going on as
planned with all equipment required for the refurbishment having been
procured. "All required equipment has been procured for the refurbishment of
Unit 3 of Hwange Power Station and is already on site. The first phase
included the identification of the problems and machinery required in the
first phase of revamping of the Unit 3.

"The second phase now includes the implementation of the refurbishment
programme. "Unit 3 will be ready before the end of December and will
basically be a new unit as the refurbishment exercise involves installation
of new equipment," he said. HPS has two stages, Stage One consists of four
units producing 120 megawatts each and Stage Two has two units producing 220
megawatts, each. Unit three has not been operational for more than a year.
Currently, HPS is producing less than 300 megawatts out of a possible 920
megawatts owing to erratic coal supplies and continual breakdowns at the

Lack of serious investment over the past decade, both for upgrading,
reinforcement and in some cases requiring replacement, has hampered
development in the country's energy sector leading to heavy reliance on

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Freedom Train, Community on Wheels

The Herald (Harare)  Published by the government of Zimbabwe

14 November 2007
Posted to the web 14 November 2007

Tendai Hildegarde Manzvanzvike

The Marimba Freedom Train of the National Railways of Zimbabwe's morning
second run was once again delayed, and when it finally came, it had to go
through the normal, but not so normal procedure of changing the locomotive,
which is a time consuming process.

As the changes go on, commuters are already on board, waiting patiently,
talking and laughing. Some cocooned in their little worlds. As you look
through the window, you see people running from different directions, some
visibly out of breath.

Then the train starts moving, and as usual, the daredevils jump on. I am
told there have been many fatalities especially during the early years when
the service was introduced in 2001. On October 3, one such fatality delayed
the 7:00am run for more than three hours, and commuters got into town after

Church on wheels

On November 1, I was in the popular number three coach, popularly known as
the Gospel Train, and the moment the train started moving, the service
began. In fact coaches number two, three and four have become de facto
interdenominational 'churches on wheels'.

Amen, Amen, Chechi inopisa! (Amen, Amen, the fire powered church)


Amen, Amen gospel train!


Amen, Amen kuti zvonzi mutrain munzi mumba maMwari! (Amen, Amen for the
train is now the house of Lord)


Vadikani musakanganwe kuti nhasi tiri kupanana maChristmas presents
sokutaura kwatakaita. (Beloved, don't forget that today, we are exchanging
Christmas gifts as per our agreement.)


It was Christmas galore that day. By the time the train got to the first
station in Budiriro, the coach was packed to capacity. There was song,
dance, clapping, ululating and laughter. The stamping of dancing feet
created a sensation that was felt in nearby coaches. A first time rider
would have been forgiven for feeling as if they were not travelling on a
train, and for thinking that the people were actually not going to work. The
Christmas bonanza, which ended on November 9, was just but one of the many
activities in the gospel train.

Before the presentation of the gifts, there was an announcement from the
Master of Ceremonies. A fellow commuter had passed away, and they took a
collection for the funeral, and those who could manage could go and pay
their condolences to the bereaved family. The Mufakose address was given.

There were also a number of announcements -- housekeeping issues mostly. New
members were welcomed and encouraged to come again. Apparently the Gospel
Train's compassionate ministry has seen many people benefiting, including
Chinyaradzo Children's Home.

After the exchange of gifts, there were more activities, preaching, prayers,
testimonies and song and dance, and sweets. The sick are prayed for.

Yes employers, you are never forgotten in those prayers. There is always
that call to pray for some commuters whose jobs would be hanging in the
balance because they are always late. The Lord should make their bosses
understand that the current transport problems are not of their making, and
that the Freedom Train is the cheapest mode of available transport that
their meagre earnings can afford.

People with problems take them up with the duty evangelists, for the
programmes are so well structured that they have preachers, masters of
ceremony for each service, during the four peak hour runs from Monday to
Friday, Saturday included. Programmes for each week are announced one week
in advance.


The train's original timetables have been rendered useless due to known and
unknown circumstances. Sometimes, the train has to make way for the goods
train coming from either Bulawayo or Harare, which can be a long wait.
Further delays are sometimes experienced at the Lochnivar control room when
the train has to give first preference to the Dzivaresekwa train.

Seasoned patrons are always quick to proffer explanations about every
conceivable aspect of the train's movements. Some engine men have been
blamed for sloppiness and malice towards commuters. This is despite the fact
that commuters can hardly see their faces when they are in the locomotive.

When delayed, commuters usually resign themselves to "ndiwo mubairo wokuda
zvakachipa. Taimu, taimu hapana bhajeti yawarova". (This is the price you
pay for opting for cheaper things. However, in the end your savings are
rendered useless.)

The delays are always a boon for vendors who move up and down the more than
ten coaches selling their different products: sweets, maputi (popcorn),
roasted peanuts, freezits, snacks and other paraphernalia. Some of the
vendors' lingo makes their prospective customers think of Patrick Mukwamba's
eighties hit song Usambonyara kusekwa (Don't dread derision). For you hear
the hisses, 'Sviits!, Masviits apo vachada. (Sweets for those who want them)
Ane two bhobho yake masviits.' ($20 000 each for a sweet). One commuter
whispered to me, "These people are doing roaring business. Vanotodarika
munhu anoenda kubasa". (They make more than those who are formally employed

Reflections and Perceptions

For close to three months I have been a regular commuter on the Marimba
Freedom Train. It is a world of its own, governed by its own self-made rules
and regulations. So much goes on. It is a life that one loves to hate, but
it is not possible. As my colleague says, the freedom train can equally be
called 'a community on wheels'. It is just like the Internet, which now has
a whole global cyber community that is not governed by time, space and
distance, but people still engage and relate to each other in all manner of

The community on wheels should be captured by camera for purposes of
educating, entertaining and informing, for the written word cannot fully
portray all the activities. I tell myself that a 13-week series on ZBC/TV
can capture this life and issues highlighted could help in policy
formulation and also help in addressing some of the challenges the nation

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority could also consider this as an attraction,
for a journey on the Freedom Train is a memorable one, and it is a journey
that shows the rich and diverse lifestyle among Zimbabwe's urban working
class people. Freedom Trains offer a good history lesson on the state of
Zimbabwe's transportation system, while the beautiful scenery gives the
commuter a perspective on urban planning.

The other day commuters talked about the history of the railway services
from the days of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland to present day

They analysed the interlocked "RR" (Rhodesia Railways) and the different
coats of arms imprinted on the windows, the railway line, the signals,
Rugare suburb, the list is endless.

Suddenly the whole coach was alive with the older generation going down
memory lane about railway services in colonial Rhodesia to the present day
freedom trains. They spoke about the construction of the railway line when
the colonial administration unleashed chibharo (forced labour) on the
indigenous people.

They also travelled down memory lane as they talked about train journeys in
the sixties and seventies: Umtali (Mutare) to Salisbury (Harare), Salisbury
to Bulawayo and Salisbury to Fort Victoria (Masvingo). People recalled the
booming voices of the ticket checkers who were white then: 'Ticket, ticket,
ticket!' Blacks did not travel first class, and neither did whites travel
economy class.

Some poignant observations were made: "It is actually a miracle that these
trains are still moving, 27 years after independence, and more than seven
decades since their construction, for you can see that some of the
locomotives are dated 1932, 1940.

"You can be sure that there are no manufacturers who still make these
locomotives, engines, coaches and spare parts. NRZ and Government must be
commended for keeping the trains up and running. They must have a very good
maintenance department, despite the alleged brain drain to neighbouring
countries to search for greener pastures.

"If it were not so, NRZ would have ceased operating years ago, especially
now when the economic crunch is being felt at every level of life. Despite
the problems, they have also increased the number of runs for all the
routes. Dai zvisiizvo, kuma 300 uko taikugona here?" (If it were not the
case, would we manage the $300 000 fares charged by commuter omnibuses?)

Another commuter suggested, "NRZ should do some awareness campaigns, which
will conscientise people on the importance of the service they are getting
at such heavily subsidised rates. Tell me, where in Zimbabwe can you get a
ride for $40 000 when a freezit now costs $100 000?

"The awareness campaign should also address the kwachu kwachu (destructive)
mentality that Hosiah Chipanga sings about, for it seems to be so much a
part of us. People have to learn to appreciate and respect our public
facilities. If we do not do that, then we are a people without a conscience.
Look at what they are doing to ZESA transformers!

"Look also at some seats in some of the coaches, the vandalised baggage
racks, the graffiti, and the vandalised ticket booths!"

Soccer on wheels

The short, but very lengthy journey ends when the train gets to the station.
I tell myself that I have been in coaches two, three and four during peak
hour runs, but I have not yet been in coach number one during the '5:00am'
run. I understand that it is also show time there. It is the coach for
soccer lovers, where commuters outdo each other in analysing the beautiful
game of football.

The armchair critics I understand are so good that they will make many a
sports reporter green with envy. There are sports writers, commentators,
referees, linesmen and even players. Players such as Benjani Mwaruwaru,
Obadiah Tarumbwa, Richard Muteki, Esrom Nyandoro, and Evans Gwekwerere, to
mention few, rule the roost. Coaches are "fired, transferred" while some
teams are "promoted" or "relegated" in coach number one. The post mortem of
the highly charged DeMbare/Bosso clash last Sunday occupied the entire

Lighter moments

There are also lighter moments in all this milieu. The other day for
example, the evening second run got to Marimba before 7:30pm, and one guy
said, "This driver must be given a ticket. We are not used to getting home
before 9:00pm. My children have actually forgotten what I look like".


The evening runs are very different from the morning peak hour runs. Of
course, timetables continue to be a major problem, but as the economy
continues to face more challenges, with commuter omnibuses charging fares
way beyond what thousands of commuters can afford, more people are opting
for the freedom trains. Depending on the service for each particular day,
there is usually a sea of faces at the station between 4pm and 7pm, which
can be very intimidating for the uninitiated traveller. However, the people
seem to know each other so well. You see them standing in little groups,
talking, laughing, smoking, sharing maputi, or groundnuts bought from the
vendors at the station.

However, the familial feeling is lost the moment the train arrives and
people start boarding. The pushing and shoving that goes on when people
embark is nerve wrecking, for it is survival of the fittest. Pickpockets
always have a field day. The evening runs are usually so overloaded, and it
is a miracle that the trains have not registered many fatalities in their
six-year history, and it is hoped that the trend remains. Many times, the
media have highlighted the dangers that commuters are exposed to, and have
warned that the nation is sitting on a time bomb where national disasters of
unimaginable proportion are likely to occur.

It takes quite a while to adjust oneself to travelling in a vehicle without
lights inside. Modern technology has been a saviour, for some commuters
provide lighting from their mobile phones.

Disembarking is also a challenge. You feel like there are slave drivers
behind you shouting, "Imi burukai mhani! Burukai toda kuburukawo. Imi
mother, burukai nokukurumidza mhani!" (Come on disembark. We also want to
alight. Hey lady, please disembark quickly.) Those who have taken cattle to
the dip tank know exactly what I am talking about.

The language is coarse and rough with lots of pushing and shoving. This is
notwithstanding that the doors are not wide enough to accommodate more than
one person to alight at the same time. There are also no ramps at the
various stations, including Marimba, which has always been a train station
since time immemorial. I am told that the speed for disembarking is
determined by the time the train stops at each station -- which is a maximum
of two minutes.

Reflections and Perceptions

This is a microcosm of the diversified life on the freedom trains that ply
the Marimba, Dzivaresekwa and Ruwa railway lines every weekday.

As I sit on the train, reflecting on the goings on that I witness each time
I take a ride, I tell myself that there seems to be many trains: the freedom
train, gospel train and the gravy train. Each train is symbolic of the life
of its commuters and the ethos of the Zimbabwean urban dweller's lifestyle.

Apparently, each ride makes one go down memory lane, when the road to
freedom looked so long and arduous, but still reachable if one had the gifts
of patience, resilience and positive thinking. The freedom train ignites all
these for it is possible that a peak hour journey from Mufakose to the
central business district that takes an average 30 minutes by car can
sometimes take more than five hours.

Twice, I experienced the ordeal. One Budiriro commuter wrote to The Sunday
Mailbag on August 30, 2005 about some of the absurdities and trying moments.
The train left the railway station at around 6:00pm. He alleges that he only
managed to get to his Budiriro A home at 3:30am the following day. Sounds
unrealistic and stretching it a bit, but it is true. According to the
commuter, a 30-minute journey took some nine hours.

Some of the nightmares that commuters encounter when the train gets to the
Lochnivar Control room have to be addressed by the NRZ. Commuters wonder why
sometimes the train stops at the control room for hours, with people sitting
in the dark, babies crying and there is no communication from the relevant
authorities. Speculations are usually rife.

In terms of finding alternative transport, the Lochnivar control room is
located in a very difficult area. Although some commuters usually disembark,
and walk in the dark of night all the way to Budiriro, Mufakose, Crowborough
North, Glen View and Glenara, this is very dangerous. These are people who
would have spent the whole day at work, after waking up at 3:30am in order
to catch the 5:00am train. It is also very dangerous because people can
easily be mugged, or even murdered. With the festive season around the
corner, NRZ needs to address these issues. Such incidents are very
frustrating and cause unnecessary discontent.

Delays always make one hate the negative perceptions that "time in Africa is
elastic". However, what has amazed me is the level of patience exercised by
commuters for the delays are now a daily occurrence as all trains no longer
run on the originally set timetables of 5:00am, 7:00am, 9:00am, 3:00pm,
4:30pm and 6:30pm.

The freedom train journey exemplifies a life full of ups and downs, a life
where people despite the difficulties still manage a good laugh, to share
and to be one big community on wheels. That the train unifies commuters from
Mufakose, Glenara, Budiriro, Glen View, Crowborough North, Kambuzuma and
Rugare suburbs is one big miracle. Unlike the commuter omnibuses, which are
notorious for verbal abuse by the touts and conductors, the atmosphere and
mood on the freedom train is different. It is homely in most cases.

So it seems, the freedom train conjures up feelings of unprecedented and
unfettered freedom in a sovereign and independent Zimbabwe. I read and write
on the train when I do not feel like chitchatting. The mood and feeling
invoked is so different from that on the bullet trains in western countries
where people hardly talk to each other, let alone laugh. The commuters look
so serious that first time riders would be forgiven for thinking that they
are maintaining a vigil of some sort. These are times when one appreciates
one's traditions, for the freedom trains are an embodiment of Zimbabwe's
cultural norms and values -- economically, socially, politically,
technologically and religiously.

It is a real community on wheels. I also tell myself how negative mindsets
can easily erode value systems. The Harare urban commuter rail service
trials were first conducted on July 27 2001, and Bulawayo followed a month
later. Doomsayers were quick to point out that it was a vote-buying gimmick
by Zanu-PF. Six years on, the freedom trains are still running and trying
against odds to oil the wheels of an economy that has been under siege for
the past seven years.

There have also been a number of parliamentary, presidential, and urban
council elections in the process. And, for the first time in years, the
heavily subsidised NRZ posted a profit in 2007.

The coming of the rainy season makes me and other commuters wonder how
people manage to go through the journey in the rain for at least five
months. There are no shelters at the stations including the main station in
the city. The footpaths used are dusty and muddy. But I tell myself that if
they have travelled on the trains for the past six years in pitch darkness
on the evening runs, then the journey will not stop, as the popular ZTV
drama series Tiriparwendo implies. It will hit snags, but stopping is beyond
the question.

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technology, the WATERMAKER provides high quality drinking water for your
household, office, hotel, lodge etc.

Requiring only electricity, WATERMAKERS use optimized refrigeration
techniques to exploit the natural process of  condensation to produce water
from the humidity in the air.   Following condensation, water is passed
through a series of advanced filters which remove any pollutants and
microbes that may be in the air, making WATERMAKER water the highest quality
drinking water product available.

WATERMAKERS are used to provide  pure water where you need it when you need
it.  The wide range of WATERMAKER units available ensures that we can meet
al most any water need.  They produce a chemic al free water solution that
produces no waste products that are harmful to the environment.  In
addition, the filtration system ensures that the water produced is of the
highest quality possible.  Environmentally safe ~ NO chemicals ~ Low
operating cost.  For use on residential drinking water systems to large
industrial applications.  If you are a health conscious person DON'T delay,
order your WATERMAKER now !

Contact Debbie on 091 2 603 847 or 492519 for more information


1.16  ITEMS FOR SALE 15 10 07  -some festive season gift solutions!

Item, Description/Condition, Price in usd

Upright Piano , Excellent Otto Bach.. 1800

Floor polisher/vacuum cleaner combo, Good working  Columbus...50

Bridge table (folding legs), Nearly new, excellent baize.. 30

Tennis balls, 2 boxes of 3 balls.20

Ladies golf clubs/bag/trolley , Suitable beginners..35

Tea Trolley, Needs puppy bites to be sanded out...15

6 Tea cups/saucers/side plates & large plate, Excellent condition;  china
white with blue pattern...35

Tea set - early morning, Teapot/cups/saucers/side plates for 2..15

Towel rack wooden ...15

Warming cabinet, 4 pyrex dishes with lids excellent...25

Warming tray, Good condition... 10

Artist Easels, Very strong...15 each

Artist's work table - wood , two drawers, shelf on castors. .. 20

Punch Set, 1 large glass bowl, 12 glass punch cups, 1 serving ladle .. 35

Low chair/ladder combo, Good,

Casserole Serving Large, lidless... 20

Casserole Large, With lid..15

Casserole Medium, With lid...12

Casserole Small, With lid..10

Ceramic Casserole, Large & Medium pair, with lids.. 25

Curry Set, 6 bowls, 2 serving dishes.. 25

French Casserole Set, Luminarc 3 with lids,..35

Coffee/Tea Glass pot, ..10

Vacuum Flask,.. 5

Coffee Filter Set, Electric C/w filter papers working..15

Automatic Jug kettle, working..15

Wok, Electric..30

Ceramic Chicken Roaster...10

Assorted Mugs & small Jugs..1 each

Ceramic cups & saucers set, 4 each..10

Ceramic Serving Bowl, Medium..10

Ceramic Bowls Small, Lidless.. 4 each

Wooden Rolling Pin..5

Enamel Pie Dishes, Set 4 ..20

Tin Trays, Set 3 round..15

Double Boiler..15

Glass Fruit Bowl..10

Place Mats.. 7 each

Kenwood Whisk, Battery operated..10

RNADO Whisk, Battery Operated..10

Seikosha Printer SP-2000, Dot Matrix - working order..20

Punch Set, Large Glass Bowl, 12 glass cups, 1 serving ladle ..35

Kitchen stool/steps..15

Wing Back Chairs, Pink Dralon, sprung, high back..25 each

Carpet , Golden brown shaggy 3.6 m x 2.7 m..30

Carpet, 3.4 m x 2.7 m Red patterned ..30

The above prices are payable in Zimbabwe dollars at the prevailing exchange
rate on the day that payment by RTGS or cheques (s) is made.

Phone Denise or Tim 339592 or 011 201 231 or for more details e-mail the
above address.


1.17  FOR SALE:

Christmas is almost here. Buy the Wiztech 223 Super Satellite TV Receiver as
a family Christmas present and watch satellite TV for FREE by using your
existing DSTV dish! This is a one-of payment. NO SUBS to pay. No hidden
costs. Watch SABC 1,2, 3, Botswana, e-TV, SA News International, CNBC,, Press TV, Trade and Tourisim, several religious channels etc,
Radio stations like RSG, Radio Pretoria, SAFM, 5 FM, 2000 Fm, Good Hope FM
and many more. You can have extra dishes installed to receive other
satellites too. Phone Joe Esterhuizen for details on Harare 339378 (anytime)
or 0912- 338414 or e-mail


1.18      FOR   SALE











754301/2091 2 754301   EMAIL:



"Rare book,The Great Betrayal by Ian Smith,1st edition,1st
printing,Blake,London,1997,near mint,with inscription by the author,this
book is not only an important bit of history it is an investment which will
appreciate dramatically in the next few years,US$400.00 equivalent,ONO,call
Mr Wallis 496829 or email "



We have beds, side tables, dining tables, coffee tables (with or without

Please phone Simon Silcock  0912-233103 /  04-668843


1.21  FOR SALE:




1.22  Generator for sale..

15  Kva kipor silent geny, only  done 150 Hours. $ 5000  ( about $ 7000
New )

Phone Alex, 091 2 261085


1.23  For sale square wheat bales

Contact : Email :,zw

        Cell    : 011633190 & 0912498636


1.24  Pork products

Desperately needing grazing for 50 cows in calf.

Wanted cold boxes,  Please contact Mrs Claassen on cell number 011 221088 or




ME, JO COCHRANE, ON 0912247001.




For a unique and diverse look in Security and Furniture why not try us TADA

We have a wide range of Burglar Bars,  Pool Fences and Security Gates both
external and internal.

Our beds will have you sleeping in style.

Be dazzled by our lighting with a variety of table lamps, chandeliers and

Accessorize your kitchens with our stylish hot plate stands, cheese and
chopping boards.

For all this and more come and see us at our shop at  63 Coventry Rd,
Workington,  or contact us on 775906, alternatively email us at or



Dining room table with 6 chairs

Hall table

Square table

Other wooden Furniture

Wine cabinet

Baby cot

Other small items of furniture

Price negotiable


Tel: 04 481224  Cell: 011 781108


1.31  Hunting trophys for sale

Large collection including huge buffallo, bull and
female kudu, 2 impala ,warthog ,various skins ,ashtrays etc, call Mr Wallis
496829 or 023894597 or email "


1.33  Items for Sale:

4 piece blue lounge suite                       $ 300 000 000.00

8 piece dining room suite                      $ 300 000 000.00

1 Royal Velvet 9 x 12 Pink Carpet        $ 50 000 000.00

1 Single bed                                            $ 30 000

1 Bar counter with 3 bar stools              $ 80 000 000.00

1 Old Twin Tub washing machine         $ 30 000 000.00

1 Warfdale MP3 front loader,

2 pioneer 6 x 9,

1 XTC 2400 watt amp,

1 Jenson 525 watt 12" sub                     $ 200 000 000.00

Contact 011777668 or 882146




ABAC Compressor for sale.  3 Horsepower, 150 Litre capacity.  Contact Jimmy
on 091-2-351-260 for more information.




60 bags Triple Supers. 120 bags MOP. and 150 bags Single Supers.


51ltr Gramoxone. 31 ltr Atrozine. 28 ltr Harness. 16 ltr Roundup. 7 ltr
Gardimol. 5 ltr Dual. 5 ltr Dursban. 4 ltr Basagran.


52 ha + 72 ha Zimatic/Lindsay


 2001 Landini 8860 4wd. 1988 Landini 8820 2wd. 1998 Landini 7860 2wd. 1986
Landini 7860 2wd 1994 Ford 5640


Imco 2x8gang TCW harrow. Imco Rev. Plough. Imco big Ox ripper. Duly ripper x
2. Duly Ridger. Duly Dam scoop.

3pt grader. Galion 4000 grader. Land plane.

Contact  Harare 788022 or email


1.38  ITEMS FOR SALE 15 10 07  -some festive season gift solutions


Christmas decorative lights  new 140                              15

Christmas decorations

Bridge table (folding legs) Nearly new, excellent baize    30

Sideboard oak 150 x 100 cm very good condition           90

Tennis Raquets Used Wilson in cases (each)                 10

2 cans of 3 balls Tennis balls

Ladies golf clubs/bag/trolley

Coffee cups/saucers for  8

 Tea cups/saucers/side plates & large plate for 6             35

Tea set  early morning

TV Cabinet

Tea Trolley

Towel rack wooden

Man's traveling cases

Cupboard small solid mahogany  brass detail (antique)   40

Warming cabinet 4 lidded pyrex dishes                            25

Warming tray

Artist Easels

Artist's work table wood two drawers, shelf on castors      20

Punch Set:

large glass bowl, 12 glass punch cups, 1 serving ladle

Decanters pair - crystal  modern Dartington Hall               30

 Beer glasses Plain


Benedectine 700ml

Dimple Haiglitre

Glenfiddich   litre

The above prices are payable in Zimbabwe dollars at the imara exchange rate
one day before purchase or the day that payment by RTGS or cheques (s) is

Phone Denise or Tim 339592 or 011 201 231 or e-mail the above address



1997 Year - 19-372 Model MAN Single Axle Horse

58 000 km's on the clock

with a More Steel tri Axle Trailer 2001 Model

Price : USD 40 000 equivalent


Thys and / or Merilyn de Vries 011 216674, 09 245109, 09 240909




20 kg Super freezer pack available.  Contact 664747  664801 or 0912 610 106
or 0912 262 491




1998 Renault Mezane Scenic 120 000km on the clock offers around 14 500 US

1996 Merc E230 Elegance 200 000km   on the clock offers around 15 500 US

Please email  Debbie


2.1 Wanted

By way of loan or donation to the JAG Trust.  The Trust is Capacity Building
a New Project which necessitates the furnishing of an office with desks,
chairs, cupboards and shelving. Any surplus office furniture or trimmings
will be welcomed.  Phone 799410.



Green Vegetable pockets.  Please phone Malcolm  883938 / 0912320143


2.3  WANTED:

Satellite Dish, 1,8 metre or larger, preferably with pedestal mounting and

Phone Joe Esterhuizen for details on Harare 339378 (anytime) or 0912- 338414
or e-mail


2.4  WANTED:

Large lawnmower suitable for bowling greens or golf course.

Phone Joe Esterhuizen for details on Harare 339378 (anytime) or 0912- 338414
or e-mail

2.5  Wanted (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

We are looking for deep freezers and cold room units.

Please contact David and Janet Cunningham 09 251555/ 234879/232136 or

You can also contact   Khosi Bhebhe - 09 251555/234879/232136 -


2.6 WANTED -

Wall corner kitchen unit, condition not important, I will fit new
wooden or metal, need to complete my sewing room.

Phone 09l 2 305 313



Second hand/good condition lawn mower is sought by a conservation
organisation, Wilderness Africa Trust,If you have anything equivalent Please
contact Elsie on 747929 or email "Striving to
protect our countries wildlife "


2.12  Alternator for generator:

Make: Brush (england) UK

K.V.A: 6

K.W: 6

Phase: 1

Amps: 45

Temp rise: 50

Price; 250m neg.Contact Elsie on (04) 747929 / (04) 747961 after hours


2.13   WANTED

Aston Martins

Jaguar sports XK 120 - 150

MGs 1930 - 1960

Austin Healys 3000s

Contact Email :

      Cell    : 011-633190 & 0912-498636



I require 500 tonnes of Gypsum ( Calcium sulphate ) Delivered to Chisamba ,
50 km North of Lusaka . Please state delivered price & chemical composition
. The requirement is immediate .

Please contact:

Graham Rae

Zambezi Ranching & Cropping Limited

Tele/fax - 260 211 213731

Mobile - 260 966 860531

Email -



House sitter needed from 24 Dec or as soon after... until end March. In
Highlands area off Arcturus road. Have 2 dogs and cats to look after.

Wooden or c/iron huts suitable for temp..servants accommodation.

Phone 0912 631 556 or email



Single professional gentleman looking for cottage/house to rent with at
least 2 bedrooms.  Reasonable rent.  Good references available on request.
Pse sms 091 2 258159.


3.2 FOR SALE (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Blue skies and warm seas

Situated in the village of PENNINGTON in Kwa Zulu Natal Mid South
Coast,close to the sea ,surrounded by up market homes and simplexes , three
golf courses in the town area ,an ideal investment for the future with real
possibilities for a simplex development.The two beautiful acres are side by
side with two road fronts together are 100 x 80 meters...,secluded open
natural forest park land. ,almost level , 5 minutes from the beach and the
very smart brand new  Village Mall shopping centre.  Price on request.

Please look up our website to see all or
properties for sale in the village of PENNINGTON.Our mission statement is
"Making homes more affordable" by reducing our commission tariffs.


3.3 PROPERTIES FOR SALE (Ad inserted 06/11/07)


A Country Home in Town. Investment potential.

Lovely hilltop property on 6 1/2 acres with views and beautiful garden with
msasa trees and abundant bird life.

3 bedroomed home with wooden strip floors, 2 1/2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining
room area, big lounge with fireplace, bar, covered veranda.

Charming cottage with 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, open plan lounge and
kitchen. Modern fittings. Single lock-up garage attached. Independent to
main house - own ZESA and Water meters.

GOOD BOREHOLE plumbed in to both houses

Double garage / Swimming pool / Staff quarters for 4 / 2 x Mushroom Houses /
Chickens runs / Electric fenced all round / Woodrow Art Studio



Newly built with modern fittings. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, lounge,
dining room, kitchen with scullery, double garage and staff quarters
attached. The Complex is secure with boreholes and storage tanks




5 bedrooms (or 3 bedrooms with 2 bedroomed guest wing), lovely open-plan
split level lounge and dining room with pine cathedral ceilings. Kitchen
with utility room / scullery. Beautiful garden with prolific borehole and
good well. Sparkling salt pool and lovely feature ponds with fountains. Rose
garden and productive orchard. Lovingly designed and maintained garden.
Outside art studio with potential to renovate into cottage. 2 storerooms /
workrooms. 3 carports. 1+ acres.



334991 or4


3.4 Accommodation :

Private Sale,  Large double story house comprising 5 beds, 1 1/2 Baths,
fitted kitchen, lounge, dining room, double lock up garage, all situated on
1 1/3 acres with good parking space in Mt Pleasant. Property has perfect
potential for upmarket offices.
For more information and viewing arrangements, please contact Doug on



Visiting Harare?  Two beautiful fully equipped and serviced garden
apartments near Avondale shops.  Available on short or longer term basis.

Contact John Dennis  04-252984   Cell:  0912-337773


3.6  Wanted:

I am looking for a house to Rent in Ballantyne Park, Chisipite, Greystone
Park, Borrowdale village, or  just outside Borrowdale Brooke.

At least 4 bedrooms, 2 lounges, staff quarters.

Immediate occupation: Call Monica on 0912 240 658 or 860793.



83 Bishop Gaul Avenue, Milton Park, Harare

Ph: 741639/258


If it is land that you are after - this may be it!!!

2 acres fully walled.  Plus charming thatched cottage at rear of property -
so plenty room for your dream house to be built.  Thatch cottage contains
lounge, dining-room, 2 bedrooms (m.e.s.) plus upstairs loft room/third
bedroom.  Carports and old stables.

Vanessa Vos 0912-333-548 or Alison Taylor 0912-400-637 for appointment to


Your chance to buy a comfortable family home on this prestigious estate.
The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, spacious lounge and dining room
leading on to north facing verandah.  Well fitted modern kitchen, scullery
with door to double lock up garage.  Generator and borehole.  Fenced and
gated on third of acre.

 To view phone Gail 862677/0912-354079


Neat home comprising 3 bedrooms, lounge with fireplace, dining room, fitted
kitchen, large enclosed verandah, outside office/room. Double lock/up
garage, single carport, workshop, double domestic quarters. Lovely garden
with swimming pool. Fully walled with electric gate.

Alison 0912-400-637 or Vanessa 0912-333-548


4 bed family home

Hilda on 0912 229 790 or 0912 430 756


Company registered! Solid 3 beds hse, qtrs, partly walled, ½ acre.

Vanessa 0912-333-548


Spanish style home on 3/4 acre in prime location.

3 bed (m.e.s), lounge and separate dining room, fitted kitchen with
scullery. Double staff quarters (can be converted into self contained

Erika 0912 370 651



A charming townhouse featuring spacious lounge, separate dining-room,
kitchen and four bedrooms (2 en suite).  Plus double lock-up garage and
laundry.  Excellent block.  Share transfer.

Ph:  Vanessa Vos 0912-333-548


2 bedroomed flat

Hilda on 0912 229 790 or 0912 430 756


2 bedroomed flat

Hilda on 0912 229 790 or 0912 430 756



This is a huge house on almost an acre with an excellent borehole and walled
on all sides.  The main dwelling is currently used as a business (in fact
because of the additions and alterations to the dwelling, this particular
house is only suitable for business purposes).  The size of the floor space
in the main dwelling is in the region of 350 square metres.  There are
altogether about 9 offices two of which are huge and another which could fit
at least another 6 employees.  One could easily accommodate 30 employees.

Vanessa 0912-333-548 or Alison 0912-400-637



We have the following for rent

 Borrowdale Brooke - two very upmarket homes

Helensvale - furnished townhouse - St James Park

Greendale - beautiful townhouse

Phone Nola 091 2 401 134 or Junelee 091 2 248 468

 Wanted asap:-

We are looking to rent a house in Harare.   4 bedrooms, with borehole.

Please phone 011-411000 or 776205



1 or 2 bedroomed flat required in/near town for immediate occupation.
Single person,  excellent tenancy references. Phone 023-777-777 or
0912-370-984 or work landline 621821-9 Ext. 290 or



Properties for Sale


Ref. 20399 ALEXANDRA PARK P.G. $ 180 B

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, m.e.s. Lovely fitted kitchen, lounge, separate
dining room, entrance hall, laundry room, double lock up garage, store room,
double staff quarters, property is walled and electric gated.

Ref. 19104 MOUNT PLEASANT P.G. $ 270 B

Lovely home for relaxed living, so central to everything. Nestled in a
tranquil garden, offering 4 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, m.e.s., study,
lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, sparkling pool, borehole, lock-up
garage, double domestic accomm. The property is fully alarmed, walled and
electric gated, and is on one manicured acre. Invest in a lifestyle today!

Ref. 18250 GUNHILL P.G. $ 120 B

Cozy Spanish Style house with charm and character, 3 beds, 2 baths m.e.s.,
study, lounge, sep. d/room, fitted kitchen, established garden, walled and

A bargain. Needs some attention.

Ref. 20791 OLD MARLBOROUGH P.G. $ 55 B

This affordable home can be yours today. Excellent value, excellent

Well maintained property in a quiet avenue offering 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom,
sep. toilet, lounge, d/room, fitted kitchen. Pool, lock-up garage, lockable
carport for 4 cars, workshop, guest flat let, single domestic accommodation
and prolific borehole. The property is alarmed and well secured, walled on 3
sides and gated.

Ref. 20916 HIGHLANDS P.G. $ 205 B

Here is the home you've been looking for. Situated in a secluded close, this
solidly built and well maintained property offeres three bedrooms, 2
bathrooms, m.e.s., study, lounge and separate dining room, well fitted
kitchen with scullery and walk-in cold room, ideal for stocking up on
essential perishables! Separate self contained cottage, borehole, pool,
double carport, and double lock-up garae. Neat garden, walled three sides
and gated. Excellent condition.

Ref. 21003 MOUNT PLEASANT  P.G. $ 100 B

We offer you a home in a sought after suburb at an excellent price. Why pay
rent if you can own your home? This bargain buy offers 3 bedrooms, bathroom,
lounge, sep. dining room, fitted kitchen, study, self contained cottage,
prolific borehole, lovely park like garden, walled 3 sides, hedged and
gated. Don't hesitate, make a date, to view call:


Cosy and comfortable. This neat well maintained home is conveniently located
10 minutes from the city and ideal as a starter home or for down sizing.
Situated on ¼ acre, it has 4 bedrooms, bathroom and guest toilet, walk in
closet in master bedroom, sunken lounge, separate dining room, kitchen, walk
in pantry, scullery, very well secured, single lock up garage and carport,
double staff quarters, walled one side, hedged and gated.


Built to last in 60's style with pleasingly large rooms, this home is
situated on a 2 acre stand with a tennis court, pool and a self contained
guest cottage, double garage. Single carport, garden shed, workshop and
double staff quarters. The main dwelling offers  4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
m.e.s., guest toilet, study, lounge, sun lounge, dining room, large fitted
kitchen with hob and oven and adjoining scullery. A wide covered front
verandah runs the length of the house and is ideal for entertaining. Walled
3 sides with electric gate.  Don't hesitate, before it's too late.

GUNHILL P.G. $ 160 B

If you are looking for something different, you don't want to miss this one.
Say Ole! Ole! for this double storey Spanish design home in a quiet and
secure close of this sought after neighbourhood. Featuring 2 lounges,
separate dining room, bar, 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, m.e.s., guest toilet,
fitted kitchen, laundry, glitterstone pool, double carport, walled with
electric fence, burglar barred and alarmed.



FACTORY UNIT of approx. 700 Sq.M. in this sought after complex.

Lots of office space and store rooms. Neat and secure.

Call or Text Eleanor Bunting-Gray

011-420209, 0912-315399, 04-303328/9

Property Wanted

Houses, Garden Flats, Town Houses and Cluster Homes wanted by Cash buyers,
all suburbs.

Call or Text Eleanor Bunting-Gray

011-420209, 0912-315399, 04-303328/9


3.14  For Rent

Charming, old, fully restored, double storey house in the Avenues. Double
plot. Ample undercover parking. Swimming pool. Beautiful established garden
with Msasa trees. Gated & walled. Ideal for residence or offices. (No power
or water failures due to location). Would suit Embassies, NGO's etc.

Please contact Martyn on e-mail or landline 721710
or cell 011 215 197



Looking for Office premises, an office suite in town or big house ideally in
the following areas:

Milton Park


Alex Park

Will consider other Northern Suburbs.

Contact Tarryn Hall on 705475/6 or 0912 237 509 email



Avondale - Lovely 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom flat on a quiet road.  Front and
back gardens, veranda and double lock up carport.

Piersdale Mews, Borrowdale -  Well appointed 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom
townhouse with combined lounge and diningroom, fitted kitchen, veranda,
water tank and double lockup garage.  Share Transfer

Dandara Studio Apartment - This lovely little studio has one large room,
bathroom, kitchenette and veranda.

Marlborough - 3 bedroom home and two bedroom, 2 bathroom cottage on 2
acres with PROLIFIC borehole and good soil.

Hatfield and Parktown - These 2 homes have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
and are both on an acre.  The Hatfield one would be ideal for offices
for a business that uses the airport alot.

For details on these and other properties - please contact Jenny Taylor
011 409 353 or 251643.



Art Teacher from St John's College looking for townhouse / flat / cottage to
rent A.S.A.P.

Please contact  Amanda 023-406453

                    Sally  0912-607879


3.18  Wanted

Warehouse or Retail Shop Floor in Harare needed between 1000 - 1500 square
metres .

Phone John Van Eden (04) 661111 or Cell 0912 385 382 or email



These properties form a small community on a 5 acre stand, electric fenced
with alarm, each with its own privacy, sharing common automatic entance gate
, security guards and neighbourhood watch expenses. Excellent security

Each look over big gardens with beautiful trees; Good borehole water, with
Msasa woodland surrounds; tel one lines connected 5 mins walk to Green Park
vegie shop and the Glass house coffee shop, the Glenlorne Town and Country
supermarket, and Highlands Park Hotel .5 mins drive to Chisipite ,15 mins on
Enterprise rd to town.

Charming Thatched House , available Immediate;
large upstairs bedroom , ensuite, with space for lounge and office, roomy
balcony with lovely view;
2 bedrooms downstairs, with dorma windows, 2 bathrooms;
Large sunken open plan sitting room, with dining room and kitchen adjoined,
looking up into high pitched thatch

The old Glenlorne Farm House, available immediate;
Master bedroom ensuite, with lounge/ office/ workroom adjoined ;
3 bedrooms other end of house, sharing bathroom;
Ideally suited for family with kids, as a mess, or family with live in old
folk; the Master bedroom may easily be utilised as a semi - detached flat,
guest wing, office, etc; lounge, with big fire place and dining room
adjoining, leading onto lovely sun room,

Flat, available January;
one bedroom, with bathroom;
lounge with mini workroom or bedroom leading off, and kitchen. Small private
contact Rob on 499776 or 0912 887 864



Small family with dogs looking for a secure house to rent in Bulawayo,
prefer Khumalo or surrounds, needed before the end of January 2008.

Please contact me on 011207583, 09 - 69881-4 (we), 09 - 230526 (h), or email
me on



Looking for the following property:

Rural environment with five to twenty acres to run stock feed business.

Condition of buildings not critical

Reasonable water required

Property not in built up area where business would offend neighbours.

Price guide around US$200,000.


Peter and Vicky Bowen






Emerald Hill, Harare.

Beautiful 3 bedroomed home set on half an acre with a separate cottage and
swimming pool.  Double servants quarters and laundry.  The property is
walled, electric gate, security lights and electric fence.

For viewing, please telephone Kate : 332078 or 0912-211-827.



4.1 Need a break

Getaway and enjoy peace and fresh air at GUINEA FOWLS REST
Only 80kms from Harare, Self-catering guest-house
Sleeps 10 people, Bird-watching, Canoeing, Fishing, DSTV

REGRET: No day visitors.  No boats or dogs allowed.
Contact Dave: 011 600 770 or Annette 011 600 769
or 091 22 55 653 or email


4.2 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 31/07/07)

Self catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp fully kitted
including cook and fridges. Just bring your food,  drinks and relax.    Best
value for money. U12 are 1/2  price

Contact John : or Phone 091 2631 556


4.3 GACHE GACHE LODGE - KARIBA (Across the lake.)

The weather has warmed up and the fish are biting! Come and enjoy -

Those of you going to the TIGER TOURNAMENT plse note that you can book for
lunches or just pop in for a drink with us then go back to fishing for that
BIG one!

Bookings now open for DECEMBER HOLIDAYS!  Boat tansfers arranged or you can
drive around in a 4x4.

Contact: Fatima - or phone 301889.


4.5  NATUREWAYS SAFARIS (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

Urges you to take a step back in time to the untouched, unchanged wilderness
of MANA POOLS. Away from the rush and stress of the modern cities to an
exclusive paradise where you can be at one with nature and interact with a
variety of interesting neighbours such as elephant, hippo, waterbuck to name
just a few.

Partake in a luxury Odyssey safari (and spend your days walking, canoeing or
on safari drives) or climb into your canoe and set off on an exciting
semi-participatory Explorer canoe safari down the mighty Zambezi River. We
look forward to welcoming you to our magic world!

Email :, Phone: 333 414 / 339 001, Fax:   333414 /
Skype: natureways_reservations2 or



Accommodation available over the Christmas period in 3 bedroomed (max 6 pax)
beach house at Pomene, Mozambique (150km south of Vilancoulos). Idyllic
setting with km's of unspoilt, exclusive beach. Dolphins, flamingos and
crystal, clear tropical seas. Situated on a lagoon with excellent snorkeling
and swimming for kids, world class fishing.

Self catering. House fully equipped with minus 40 fridge and freezer, gas
stove, linen, cutlery, crockery etc. Staff available to clean and do

Contact - Janna Pole, 19 Rolf Avenue, Ballantyne Park, Harare

091 2 432523 / 870019 /


4.11  " Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp -

Need a breakaway for a relaxing weekend, where there is untouched natural
beauty and no outside interference? Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp is the place
you want to be. On the bank of the Mazowe River In the Umfurudzi Safari
Area. For Details phone Elsie on 747929 or email



Self catering lodge, situated in Honde Valley.  Offers something for
everyone - golf, tennis, squash, snooker, lovely walks in idyllic
surroundings  & excellent birding. There is a bird guide should you require.
Gather your friends, share transport for fun-filled few days.

For further information contact Sue  :   E-mail  or
phone 028-2493 /  028-2251-7.


 4.13  Accommodation to rent - Nyanga

Large, well equipped house in Nyanga with lovely views and amazing bird
life. Close to hotel, golf course and shop.

Sleeps 12.

Just bring your own food and drink. Cook included in the rate.

For more information, please contact Rose Worthington on email: or

Tel: cell: 0912 339414

Landline: 0298 873 or: 0298 304






5.1 Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle repairs carried out personally by qualified mechanic with 30 years
experience. Very reasonable rates.

Phone Johnny Rodrigues:  011 603213 or 011 404797, email:



Filming & Editing of Weddings & Special Events. DVD Production, Broadcast

DVD & VHS transfers. Call Greer Wynn Video on 307505 / 0912 353 047


5.4   HUNTING TROPHY EXPORTS (Ad inserted 31/07/07)


   Fast and efficient dipping and shipping

    Professional administration and storage of trophies

  Taxidermy in the USA

  Convenient drop-off

Contact me, Joe Wells on Tel/fax (263) 04 490677, Cell: (263) 0912 239305















852658   /   011 601 885   /



Specializing in all Defy electrical products at a very competitive price.

Will also source other brands of electrical goods for you. Please look at
the Defy website for more details and models etc. you may want to order.

Delivery time is usually within a week after payment - payment to be made by

RTGS,cash or transfer - details will be provided once an order is made.

Contact - Janna Pole, 19 Rolf Avenue, Ballantyne Park, Harare

091 2 432523 / 870019 /


Specialising in residential and lodge interiors - let us help you create
your dream home.

Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration - Rhodec International UK

Contact - Janna Pole, 19 Rolf Avenue, Ballantyne Park, Harare

091 2 432523 / 870019 /

THE PACKING CO. - Professional packing and crating of trophies

Secure storage of trophies with treatment to prevent any contamination

Thorough inspection of trophies

Trophies individually wrapped and packed in industrial boxes and strong
wooden crates

Fast and efficient processing of documentation

Delivery of packed crate and paperwork to shipping company

Weekly update on progress of shipment

Contact - Janna Pole, 19 Rolf Avenue, Ballantyne Park, Harare

091 2 432523 / 870019 /



For all your catering needs, please contact  Glynis 0912-343198  or

Tarryn 0912-413323



to Break Free - By Pamina Mullins, published by Kima Global Publishers, Cape
Town can be ordered now from or at Avondale Bookshop.

"Pamina Mullins trained as a corporate and personal stress management
consultant in the United Kingdom and practices in Harare, Zimbabwe where
stress management is an essential survival tool; the moment by moment
challenges being akin to climbing Everest on a daily basis! She has walked
every step of her talk - work stress, relationship stress, family stress,
single parenthood, divorce, bereavement and financial stress. She works with
CEOs and secretaries, human resources trainers and housewives, board members
and bankers, messengers and marketing executives.

Stress Slaves explores with irrepressible humour the countless ways in which
we abuse our psychophysiology buying into stress slavery and explains with
logic and compassion how to stop pawning your personal power, plug the
energy leaks, divorce extreme expectations , shed historical baggage and
reclaim your birthright of healthy, happy self centred living - in any

If you would like to order a copy from Avondale Bookshop please contact Mrs.
Newton and give her your name and contact details and she will contact you
when she has copies in stock.

If you wish to book a Stress Management Seminar for your company or a
private consultation please call 04 336769 or 0912 973232 or email

It's the best insurance policy you will ever have!


5.14  Specialised Business Strategies

. . . . now into our 14th year . . . . . . .

 and still assisting people with much needed valuable Advisory Services. . .
. . .

A.    PLC - Private Limited Companies

 - New Company Registrations

 - Shelf Companies

 - Statutory forms, ie Annual Returns, amendments to CR14, CR6,

    of & submission to Registrar of Companies

B.    PBC - Private Business Corporations

  - convert from PLC to PBC - distinct advantages

 - amendments to PBC Founding Statement

C.   Nominee Shareholders

 - caretaker shares in your company in light of the new  Indiginisation and
Empowerment Bill,

   expected to soon become law

D.   Investor Care Services

 - DFI -Direct Foreign Investment projects

 - New Investor procedures and formalities

 - Immigration formalities into Zimbabwe

    ie. residence and employment permits

E.   Resolving disputes through Arbitration/Mediation

 - labour matters - domestic and corporate employees

 - rental matters - landlord/tenant disputes

F.   Rent Board matters

 - Problems with undesirable tenants. . .?.?

 - Problems with unfair/unprincipled landlords

G.   Labour related matters

 - Workplace disputes

 - 'retrenchment' of staff

 - 'Collective Bargaining' negotiations

For further information and enquiries

Contact us:

Thomas Vallance ACIArb

Commissioner of Oaths

PARADiGM Management Services (Pvt) Ltd

Business Management Practitioners

Tels: (B) 304 482  (M) 011-617 161 / 0912-227 473


........doing it right the first time....................


5.16  NewConnections PayMate Event for Young Adults


Don't miss the next PayMate. It's a relaxed but upbeat event for young
adults. It's about Finance, Food, and Friends and now...Networking too!
That's why it's your chance to make NewConnections for a host of good


Learn how to handle your money well and maintain a sense of control in an
environment that may seem out of control.

Our speaker, Agnes Ngandu, will bring us solid guidelines and practical tips
on our topic: "Control your Cash in Crisis Circumstances."

Agnes is Treasury Manager of the Money Market Desk at African Banking
Corporation Zimbabwe Limited.


Indulge in Cee Cee's Coffee Bar's luxury drinks and delicious snacks, plus
plenty of refreshing cold drinks.


Bring plenty of your own and still be ready to make new mates.



Make the most of solid networking opportunities and bring a stash of
business cards or just your own good self. Whether you're keen to meet
others for social or work-related purposes, you'll get to speak briefly,
one-on-one, with several new people.


Just $4,800,000 for a great event that's designed to make an undeniably
positive impact on your world in many ways.


Date:  Saturday 3rd November 2007

Time:  2.00 to 5.00pm

Venue:Triumph Hall 2, Celebration Centre, Borrowdale

Book before Thursday 1st November to be there. Contact Lorin on 794492 or
0912 437 656 or Advance booking with payment is
essential. We'll meet you halfway to deliver your ticket if we can, so call
to discuss arrangements!

Skills4LIFE! follow your Hope, pursue your Future

Career Guidance, Study Skills & other LIFE!skills

1 Walmer Court,
Paling Close,
Kensington,  Harare




ZNSPCA are appealing to all members of the public to act responsibly with
regards to their companion animals.  All animals (including fish, reptiles
and birds) require responsible owners that can provide for all the animal's
requirements, both physical and psychological.  In the unfortunate event of
a member of public being in the situation of not being able to take care of
their animal correctly, due to financial constraints or leaving the country,
please take the animal to your nearest SPCA Centre.  Giving animals away to
well-wishers may well result in unpremeditated cruelty in the future. Your
pets rely on you to make the right choice to secure their future well-being.
Please do not hesitate to contact ZNSPCA for information regarding an SPCA
Centre near you.  Areas not covered by a Centre are serviced by the National


156 Enterprise Road,



Phone : 04 497574 / 497885

011 630 402




PHONE 0912-333601 OR 011-404808



Wanted urgently a male or female jack russel pup (preferably docked tail).
We lost both ours in one month, one in dog fight, one killed by mamba!

email :




7.1 Country Juke Box (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Come and party with Country Juke Box. Bring the family. Children allowed.
Reasonable bar prices, club menu and a great atmosphere. A wide selection of
dance music from the 60's to 90's, Country, Tiekkie Draai, Rock and Roll
etc. For details contact Joe Esterhuizen on 339378 or 0912 338414 or e-mail


JAG Hotlines: +263 (011) 610 073, +263 (04) 799 410.  If you are in trouble
or need advice, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!

To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to:
with subject "Classifieds".

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‘Zimbabwe safer than SA – on a bicycle’

Cycling News, SA

Own Correspondent

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
For the past decade Zimbabwe has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.
The majority of the population are without jobs and starving, while hospital
care is in total disarray. But from a cycling point of view, Zimbabwe is not
a bad place to be.

Cyclists in Zimbabwe don’t have to fear for their lives. There are no
motorists whose intent it is to see how close they can pass cyclists at high
speeds, and cyclists don’t get hijacked.

Gary Good, a trustee of the Miracle Missions Trust that is bringing out a
group of 18 riders from Zimbabwe to compete in the Pick ‘n Pay 94.7 Cycle
Challenge this Sunday, said that in his 16 years as cyclist in Zimbabwe, he
has never had a bad experience.

“My last incident was when I was knocked off my bike riding to work in
Durban, when I still lived and worked there. We don’t carry any defence
weapons while cycling in Harare. That said, we aren’t complacent. The
citizens in Harare are desperate and there is a probability that someone may
want your bike. So we always think safety,” he explained.

“The first non-accident related incident that I’ve heard of was two weeks
ago when someone tried to steal a bicycle by assaulting the rider - not a
racer but a commuter.

“There is very little traffic on our roads, especially in the morning. In
fact, within 25 minutes of leaving any base destination we are already in
the countryside. It is awesome and one of our real escapes from the hassles
of no power, no water etc....”

Despite the desperate economic situation in Zimbabwe, cycling is still very
popular, according to Good. “Amazingly, cycling is still a growing sport.
There is a strong development drive in cycling with Price Waterhouse Coopers
at the forefront.

“Mountain-biking is probably the fastest growing sector. Triathlon is
holding its own and many of our younger riders are competing in this
multi-discipline sport. All told, the sport is doing well. A key barrier to
real growth, of course, is the cost of equipment and tyres, especially with
the economic situation being so tough at present,” he said.

Good and his Miracle Mission squad raised over ZW$18 million (about R75 000)
through their participation in the Pick ‘n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge last

“This made a huge difference in the lives of those supported by the nine
beneficiaries,” he added.

According to Good their participation in the Cycle Challenge came about when
the group of riders that he cycles with regularly on Saturday mornings sat
down and asked themselves why they are cycling.

“Answers received included to keep fit and to improve our times in races.
One rider asked what if the purpose was more meaningful?

“Our country is in turmoil and there are so many orphans, destitute citizens
and pensioners whose meagre pensions cannot meet the costs of food due to
rampant inflation. In truth, pay cannot keep up with living costs for most

“The higher goal became that of raising funds to assist the orphans, widows
and the elderly in our country. The physical benefits of pursuing this
higher goal will still be felt as we will strive to do our best, to better
our times in last year’s Cycle Challenge and to stay fit and healthy,” he

Miracle Missions Trust was formed in 2005 and with Good being a rider and a
trustee the link between the two developed. In 2005 the trust was helping
five charitable organisations. This has now increased to nine.

And why did they specifically choose the Pick ‘n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge to
convey their message? “It’s the fastest growing and second largest timed
bicycle race in the world. It is close to Harare and therefore within reach
for most of us either by road or air. It is a chance for us to get out of
Zimbabwe and to see how the ‘other half’ lives.

“In Zimbabwe we ride in relatively small bunches: 85-100 is a good race
bunch. The experience of riding in big bunches like in the Cycle Challenge
is exhilarating and also a little daunting for some.

“The fact that the Cycle Challenge takes place on wider roads than the Cape
Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour, means less congestion which makes it a little
less daunting – this is a big selling point for us country bumpkins,” he

* The 11th annual Pick ‘n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge takes place on Sunday, 18
November 2007, starting on Woodmead Drive, between Maxwell Drive and
Steenberg Avenue in Woodmead, and finishing just outside the Waterfall
Equestrian Estate, on Maxwell Drive.

As always, to ensure the safety of the thousands of riders participating, as
well as the safety of spectators, motorists and residents, total road
closure has been secured along the route for race day.
This is being undertaken by the City of Joburg, the Joburg Metropolitan
Police Department, the Joburg Roads Agency and the Gauteng Department of
Public Transport, Roads and Works.

This list of road closures, a detailed Cycle Challenge route map and the
fully-interactive route finder (which will automatically map the route you
need to take to reach your destination on Cycle Challenge Sunday), is
available on the 94.7 Highveld Stereo website at

All queries relating to the Pick ‘n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge and the
associated road closures either before the event or on the day can be
directed to the call center on 0862 947 947.

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