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Zimbabweans dismiss senate election as a non-event

Zim Online

Wed 23 November 2005

      HARARE - Zimbabwe has for the first time in five years remained
peaceful ahead of a major election simply because no one - and that probably
includes even contesting politicians themselves - believe next Saturday's
senate poll is worth their while, analysts said on Tuesday.

      They said Zimbabweans were too engrossed in the battle for survival to
worry about a senate project which to many ordinary people was significant
only in so far as it showcased on one hand the inadequacies of the
opposition and on the other the arrogance of President Robert Mugabe's

      University of Zimbabwe (UZ)'s politics scientist Eldred Masunungure,
said for the common man, the battle to keep body and soul together in an
environment where every basic survival commodity is in critical short supply
was far more important than a senate election which will neither change the
way the country is governed nor bring bread on the table.

      "The pre-senate election environment has been uncharacteristically
calm and peaceful primarily because there are far more compelling issues
competing for attention and people find it an unnecessarily expensive
event," said Masunungure, who is head of the UZ's political science

      Masunungure said that the manner in which President Robert Mugabe's
government, which last August controversially amended the constitution to
facilitate creation of a new senate, had pressed ahead with the senate
project was a testimony of how it placed political survival ahead of
resolving Zimbabwe's worsening economic and humanitarian crisis.

      "It shows the extent to which political survival is the basic instinct
in the ruling ZANU PF party and the government," he said.

      Critics of the proposed new senate have said it serves no meaningful
purpose other than to extend Mugabe's patronage network.

      The President will appoint six of the 66 senators, another 10 will be
elected by traditional chiefs while the rest will be directly chosen next
Saturday by Zimbabweans.

      But the situation has remained calm and peaceful in the country, a
pleasant surprise for Zimbabweans who have since the formation of the main
opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in 1999 become accustomed to
murder and violence before any national election.

      Churches and human rights groups have in the past blamed political
violence mostly on militant ZANU PF supporters and government trained youth
militias. Members of Zimbabwe's army and police have also been in the past
accused of harassing and torturing MDC activists.

      Chairman of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) civic alliance
Lovemore Madhuku, said the fact that ZANU PF militants had not stepped up
violence against the MDC was testimony that even the ruling party that is
behind the senate project did not take the Saturday poll as a serious

      "That there is no violence reflects that this is not a (serious)
election because if it were one, ZANU PF would have upped violence to stop
opposition parties from winning," said Madhuku, whose NCA campaigns for a
new and democratic constitution for Zimbabwe.

      He added: "It (absence of violence) does not portray maturity on the
electorate but that this election is a non-event."

      Masunungure added that were it not for bickering in the MDC over
whether to contest the poll it would have passed almost unnoticed by

      The MDC is on the verge of splintering after disagreeing on the senate
vote with President Morgan Tsvangirai insisting the party boycotts the poll
because it would be rigged by ZANU PF.

      Besides, the senate election was a waste of scarce resources for a
country that should be better directing its energies towards fighting
hunger, the opposition leader has said.

      However, secretary general Welshman Ncube supported by other top
leaders of the party openly revolted against Tsvangirai saying the
opposition party had to contest the election after its national council
voted for the party to do so.

      Ncube's group also says it would be unwise for the MDC to surrender
political space to ZANU PF by boycotting the poll.

      But apart from the comical, if sometimes vulgar and dirty,
name-calling between the bickering factions of the MDC, there appears to be
very little able to draw the attention of Zimbabweans from the hunt for

      About three million Zimbabweans or a quarter of the country's 12
million people face starvation after poor harvests last season according to
a United Nations estimate.

      Meanwhile, the southern African country is also battling an alarming
economic meltdown, described by the World Bank as unseen in a country not at

      The economic crisis has spawned acute shortages of fuel, electricity,
essential medical drugs and other basic commodities because there is no hard
cash to pay foreign suppliers. - ZimOnline

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Mugabe's farm seizures squeeze life out of farming town

Zim Online

Wed 23 November 2005

      CHIPINGE - As we drove into Chipinge, a town some 200km south of
Mutare city in Zimbabwe's eastern highlands, we were greeted by an eerie

      What you could only hear were howling winds blowing from the
south-east as the town seemed literally deserted.

      The few shops that were still open appeared devoid of life. The
shelves were empty. Only a few customers were slowly trickling in. The once
busy streets were also empty of people and cars.

      Young children, who are normally full of zest and joy, were also
nowhere near in sight, instead what greeted you was a frightening silence of
the graveyard.

      Chipinge, until recently boasted of vast tea, timber and coffee
plantations that stretched miles towards the horizon. Numerous
agro-businesses and supporting industries were operating at full throttle.

      It was a typical agricultural town whose soul was the land. Everything
seemed to tick.

      Not anymore.

      For 52-year old Mary Jana, who has lived in the town over the past 30
years, the change has been traumatic.

      Jana has seen farms collapse and businesses close, sapped of their
lifeblood as President Robert Mugabe, against all conventional wisdom,
pushed ahead his often violent land reform agenda.

      But five years down the line, Jana says Zimbabweans are paying for
Mugabe's ill-advised experiment.

      "This is a sad story of a town which used to be a centre of
agricultural excellence," Jana said.

      Zimbabwe is going through a severe economic recession blamed on
Mugabe's disruption of the key agricultural sector after he seized large
tracts of farmland from the minority whites for redistribution to landless
blacks five years ago.

      Mugabe says the land seizures were necessary to correct historical
imbalances in land ownership which saw the best farmland in the hands of the
minority whites while blacks were cramped on poor sandy soils.

      The farm seizures slashed food production by 60 percent leaving
Zimbabweans dependent on food handouts from the international community for
survival. The five-year old crisis has also seen severe shortages of fuel,
electricity, essential medical drugs, hard cash and several basic

      Jana said transport businesses which depended on ferrying farm produce
to Mutare and other towns, have also shut down due to lack of business.

      Brendon Scot, a large-scale commercial farmer in the town, is among
hundreds of farmers who had survived the earlier purge of white farmers
which took place five years ago. He was kicked out of his farm a few weeks

      "We are not sure how we will transport our produce to markets because
we have relied on Scot's transport companies over the years," said a black
commercial farmer who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

      Another shop in the town which was owned by a white couple, which
provided telephone and secretarial services to the community, was virtually
pushed out of business after the majority of its customers relocated en

      "They closed because there is no business anymore. I do not know how
the people will conduct their business having lost reliable commercial
banks, transport companies and even clinics. It is not looking good," Jana

      A private clinic, Chipinge Trust Clinic, closed its doors in September
after the sole doctor, Petra Baum Gatner, relocated after his farm was taken
over by government supporters.

      Gatner said: "Chances that the clinic will re-open or be able to lure
another doctor to Chipinge are slim given the events that have happened in
this area." - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwe government seizes six cars from MDC politician

Zim Online

Wed 23 November 2005

      HARARE - Zimbabwe's Agriculture and Rural Development Authority (ARDA)
has seized six cars from white farmer and   prominent opposition politician,
Roy Bennett, as the government ratchets up pressure on the country's few
remaining white farmers by seizing their farm equipment, including household

      The vehicles were seized from Charleswood estate in the eastern
Chimanimani farming district. The government grabbed the farm from Bennett
late last year, disregarding High Court orders barring the state from taking
over the farm which was one of the leading agro-export concerns in the

      A local official of Bennett's Movement for Democratic Change party,
Pardon Maguta, told ZimOnline that while ARDA grabbed the vehicles,
officials of President Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU PF party also stole two
cows from the farm which they slaughtered to feed people who had gathered
for a rally of the party held in the area last Sunday.

      Maguta said: "They (ARDA) took the cars and are using them. They also
slaughtered two cattle to feed their supporters who attended the Chimanimani

      ARDA officials were not immediately available for comment on the
matter yesterday.

      There is a fresh wave of chaos and looting of property on the few
farms still in white hands and on farms deserted by white owners as Mugabe's
government moves to ensure that virtually all farmland is in black hands.

      Marauding gangs of ZANU PF militants have in the past five months
invaded farms in Manicaland, Mashonaland West, Masvingo, Matabeleland North
and South provinces while the government has revived its Loot Committee to
grab equipment from white farms.

      The committee led by one Assistant Police Commissioner Ndanga last
month swooped on Mwenzi district in Masvingo province seizing equipment
worth billions of dollars.

      Already all farmland in Zimbabwe is technically state land after the
government controversially amended the constitution to bar citizens from
contesting in court seizure of their land by the state while courts were
also prohibited from entertaining such appeals.

      State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa, who is in charge of land
reform, has in the past said he wanted to seize more land from whites for
redistribution in order to ensure that every black Zimbabwean had land.

      But Vice-President Joseph Msika and influential Reserve Bank of
Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono, have been quoted by state media as having
said that the government did not want to evict all of the remaining few
white farmers. -  ZimOnline

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Air Zimbabwe official blames forex shortages for grounding fleet

Zim Online

Wed 23 November 2005

HARARE - The vice-chairman of Zimbabwe's troubled national airline on
Tuesday blamed an acute shortage of hard cash to import A1 jet fuel for
grounding the entire fleet earlier this week.

Air Zimbabwe board deputy chair Jonathan Kadzura told ZimOnline that the
country's traditional suppliers Total and British Petroleum (BP) had failed
to supply fuel to the embattled airline because of they had failed to get
foreign currency to import the commodity.

Kadzura said: "We have taken a holistic approach to the challenges the
company is going through, which in itself is a manifestation of what
Zimbabwe is going through. It is difficult for the country to procure fuel
due to foreign currency shortages.

"Traditional suppliers Total and BP (British Petroleum) do not have the
product in the country and we had to get fuel from NOCZIM (National Oil
Company of Zimbabwe)."

Zimbabwe has battled acute foreign currency shortages since the
International Monetary Fund withdrew balance-of-payments support six years
ago after disagreeing with President Robert Mugabe's government over fiscal
policy and other governance issues.

Food, electricity, essential medical drugs and just about every other basic
survival commodity is also in critical short supply because there is no hard
cash to pay foreign suppliers.

But Air Zimbabwe had until Monday managed to scrounge for fuel to keep its
planes flying.
The unprecedented grounding of the fleet has seen the airline's board
suspending chief executive officer Tendai Mahachi and the divisional
director for finance and company secretary Tendai Mujuru to pave way for
investigations. - ZimOnline.

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Poor ignore ban on urban farming as food prices climb

[ This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

HARARE, 22 Nov 2005 (IRIN) - Urban Zimbabweans, facing soaring food prices,
are increasingly defying a government order not to grow crops in cities and
towns ahead of the new agricultural season.

The government early this year banned urban farming in undesignated areas as
part of a clean-up campaign, saying it was contributing to soil erosion,
siltation of dams and providing cover for criminals.

Harare City town clerk, Nomutsa Chideya, said residents would only be
permitted to cultivate on the outskirts of the capital on earmarked farms.

"We will take action against people growing crops in the city because that
is against our by-laws," Harare council spokesperson, Leslie Gwindi, told

But with the arrival of the rains in the last few weeks, many city residents
have ignored the threat and are busy digging and sowing on patches of waste
ground, and will use the harvest - however tiny - to cover part of their
household food bills.

On some plots around Harare, healthy knee-high maize can already be seen.
And it's not just the urban poor who are out wielding their hoes - even in
the affluent northern suburbs, crops are being grown on vacant pieces of

Loshto Chimutalama, whose maize plot is unfortunately next to Mabelereign
police camp, said with food shortages rocking Zimbabwe, it did not make
sense to ban urban agriculture.

"Right now, the economy has been run into the ground, and people in urban
areas can hardly make ends meet. There is a lot of unemployment in the
country and some of us are surviving on the maize and other crops that we
grow. I cannot listen to anybody who tells me not to feed myself and my
family," he explained.

The police so-far have not seemed particularly interested in Chimutalama's
blatant lawbreaking. Part of the reason is that at several police and army
barracks around the city, low-paid constables and soldiers are also defying
the ban.

Mbuya Shava, an elderly woman who lives with her four orphaned
grandchildren, said she had managed to feed them in part through her annual
maize and sweet-potato harvest.

"Maize meal has become so expensive that I cannot afford to buy it from the
shops. I have no option but to grow my own food," she commented.

Aid workers estimate that at least four million Zimbabweans - around a third
of the population - will face food shortages between now and the next
harvest, beginning early next year.

Urban Zimbabweans, struggling for several years with triple digit inflation
and the most basic of shortages, have seen food prices continue to climb
while the value of their salaries has plummeted.

The government blames western economic "sanctions" imposed following its
controversial and violent fast-track land reform programme in 2000. The
opposition, whose stronghold are the urban centres, accuses the government
of long-running economic mismanagement.

According to the watchdog Consumer Council of Zimbabwe, an average family
needs Zim $11.6 million (US $483) a month to cover basic household expenses.

Most Zimbabweans earn a salary of around $3 million (US $125), nevertheless
better off than the 70 percent of people who are unemployed.

Mike Davies, the chairman of the Harare Ratepayers Association, told IRIN
that it was outrageous for the government and councils to ban urban
agriculture at a time when the country was grappling with food shortages.

"The authorities are engaging residents in a game of deception when they say
they are allocating plots for urban agriculture," he alleged.

"Residents who want pieces of plots to grow crops have been told to visit
their district offices but officials there profess ignorance about the
existence of such a scheme. Given the food crisis that we are facing, it is
criminal for a government and local authorities to bar people from producing
food," he said.

Davies urged residents to grow food on what open spaces they could find, but
to avoid ecologically damaging stream bank cultivation.

"The people should grow food in order to feed their families and they should
be prepared to defend their crops when the authorities attempt to cut them
down," he added.


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The Church Must Lead the Struggle for Change in Zimbabwe

Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

November 22, 2005
Posted to the web November 22, 2005

Kebapetse Lotshwao

At independence in 1980,Zimbabwe had the second most advanced capitalist
economy in Africa after South Africa. By 1979,a year before
independence,there were 1, 340 manufacturing industries.Commercial
agricuilture was the backbone of the economy,producing rich cash crops like
tobacco and fruits for export. Together with mining,agriculture was the
source of raw materials for industry and industry supported agriculture
through production of fertilizer and pesticides.Education was also developed
because manufacturing and commercial agriculture required skilled labour
force,there were 12 000 graduates at independence in Zimbabwe while other
countries had less than 20 graduates at independence.

The settlers built Zimbabwe on the image of the metropolitan proving Karl
Marx correct that: the country that is more developed industrially only
shows to the less developed the image of its own future.Present Zimbabwe was
the industrial nucleus of the Central African Federation (1953-63) and
further economic developments occurred during those 10 years. Although April
18 is a symbolic day for Zimbabwe marking attainment of independence from
many years of minority rule,this is the same day that Zimbabwe was thrown
into reverse gear as the current predator regime came to power.

Between 1983 and 1987 it carried a bloody campaign against Matebele. It is
believed that between 10 000 and 20 000 Matebele were killed by the Shona
controlled post independence government of Zimbabwe.

This was ethnic cleansing against the country s second largest
ethnolinguistic community and the perpetrators have been let off the hook
and their campaign now continue against sympathisers of the political
opposition. In 1998, the government committed the country's military to a
war in the Great Lakes on the side of Kabila.What was Zimbabwe's national
interest there? Nil,it was the interest of the ruling elite only.No benefit
whatsoever for an ordinary Zimbabwean in the villages,towns and cattle posts
of Botswana.Blood of Zimbabwean soldiers was shed for no good reason in that
war that was financed from public treasury. In 2000, the regime started a
politically motivated and economically suicidal land reform against popular

Well,land is an asset that people should own,but David Blair (2002)recorded
the Zimbabwean president as saying land will not be redistributed to
followers of the opposition. Land became not an asset now but a weapon of
political patronage showing that indeed the land reform was pursued in bad

Commercial agriculture collapsed immediately,leaving thousands unemployed
and hungry for food production was disrupted.The war veterans were the
vanguards here.But Sunday Standard recently carried the story of a young
officer in the Zimbabwean military who escaped to Botswana because he was
forced to masquerade as a war veteran during the suicidal land seizure.Today
the Zimbabwean government blames drought for the food shortages.

This is not true,even the deputy agriculture minister recently said the
problem was that land had been given to people who know nothing about food
production ( God bless him for telling the truth). Despite the serious food
shortages,the ruling elite with enough food for themselves reject food aid
for the odinary people of Zimbabwe. In 2005, they started a clean up
campaign against the poor whom they accused of being squatters. Thousands
were left homeless and some innocent children were killed by government
during the demolitions. In all these,Botswana and South Africa were greatest
losers alongside the poor of Zimbabwe.

Thousands of immigrants (illegal) came to these countries for survival.The
two countries spend millions on repatriations and crime has worsened in the
two countries because of the influx of thousand of immigrants with idle

Convinced that SADC and AU have failed to resolve the Zimbabwean problem and
have become part of the problem themselves , I think it is now time for the
church to lead the struggle for change in Zimbabwe and the ultimate
liberation of the country from despotism.

SADC and AU are blanket organisations,aid mobilisation schemes and trade
unions for African leaders and have betrayed the people of Zimbabwe.The
Catholic church in particular must take the front line.

It has a record of mobilising people against civilian and military
dictatorships in Latin America leadng to the defeat and collapse of such
regimes. Secondly,the despot in Zimbabwe is its member just like Ferdinand
Marcos was in Phillipines. Liberation theologians in the Catholic Church in
Zimbabwe and the region must emerge from their hiding caves and lead the
struggle like their counterparts in Latin America those years.

They must put to practice great theories of liberation theology and liberate
Zimbabwe. One such theory is that of Jurgen Moltmann who said the church
must have a society transforming vision,not personal salvation only.
Johannes Baptist Metz also said there is political dimension to faith and
the church must be an institution of social criticism and political change
in times of need.This is the only way Zimbabwe can be saved.

Elections have failed to bring change because they are never free and
fair,the military is also on his side. But SADC and AU observers will tell
you the elections were free and fair when they arrived in Zimbabwe only a
few days before the elections.

The church must stand against what is inhuman like rejection of food aid
when people are dying,it must side with the oppressed and the poor and lead
the struggle for defeat of despotism.God stands against oppression and those
who follow him must do likewise.

Inaction of the church when things are like they are in Zimbabwe is a sin
before God,liberation theologians must stand up now.The Bishop of Bulawayo
alone cannot succeed and he needs assistance.

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Trade the focus at Commonwealth summit

The Age, Australia

November 23, 2005 - 3:20PM
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Heads of state and government from the 53-nation Commonwealth meet in Malta
this week for talks which will focus largely on finding a consensus ahead of
crucial WTO talks in Hong Kong next month, officials said.

The meeting will provide many small African, Pacific and Caribbean nations
with a last chance to pressurise agricultural giants like the European Union
for concessions ahead of the deadlocked World Trade Organisation talks.

"There are three or four major issues," Commonwealth Secretary General Don
McKinnon told a news conference in Valletta.

"One will definitely be international trade, another key issue is tolerance,
and how to deal with some of the core issues relating to terrorism," he

Foreign ministers will meet today and tomorrow to thrash out lower priority
issues, as part of a new format for the biannual gatherings designed to
allow more "retreat time" for the leaders to facilitate bilateral talks,
said McKinnon.

On trade, he said all the leaders, the majority of them from developing
countries, "want to see a successful conclusion to the Doha Development

"There are 32 small nations represented at the meeting, many of them are
sugar producers and all of them want to see a bit of blue sky on the issue"
of trade, he said.

Malta's Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi told the same news conference
yesterday: "This is a unique opportunity for leaders to come together and
decide what positions they will take."

The Commonwealth is a motley group of former British colonies representing
1.8 billion people bound together by a common language and heritage, which
supporters say strengthens development, governance and democracy goals,
though its critics dismiss it as a toothless post-colonial talking shop.

Many believe that its strength lies in its diversity, in that members range
from the micro-states of Polynesia to giants of the G8, straddling the
north-south divide like no other international association.

In his comments to journalists, McKinnon hinted at difficulties ahead in
forming a consensus before the Hong Kong talks.

"We feel justified in feeling despondent at the lack of ambition of some
members," he said.

Commonwealth giants like Australia and India will seek to pressurise the
European Union, through Britain and Malta, for a bigger offer to reduce its
agricultural support system.

The EU wants India in particular to open up market access for industrial
goods and service, saying it has gone far enough on agriculture.

The summit poses a major security headache for tiny Malta, a former British
colony situated only a few dozen kilometres from the North African coast.

An early test of readiness comes on today with the arrival of Queen
Elizabeth, the head of the Commonwealth who will make a state visit before
formally opening the summit in the capital Valletta on Friday.

African development will be high on the agenda, with 16 African leaders
arriving over the next few days, including South African President Thabo
Mbeki and his Nigerian counterpart Olusegun Obasanjo.

Mbeki, who opposed Zimbabwe's suspension from the Commonwealth in 2002, is
unlikely to raise the issue of re-admitting its neighbour.

"Zimbabwe is not on the agenda," said foreign ministry spokesman Ronnie

Instead, the meeting is likely to be concerned with Uganda, and its arrest
of opposition leader Kiiza Besigye, seen as a main rival to President Yoweri
Museveni in upcoming elections. Besigye has been charged with plotting to
overthrow the government.

"Of course I look forward to meeting Mr Museveni to talk to him about some
of the things we've been seeing in Uganda," said McKinnon.

"As regards the opposition leader, in a case like this the sooner the court
process can take place the better."


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Insult to intelligence

Cape Times

            November 23, 2005

      I wonder which "intelligence" ministry Ronnie Kasrils attends? To
congratulate Zimbabwe on "great achievements during its 25 years of
independence" is an insult to millions of black Zimbabweans who have
suffered under Robert Mugabe and his cronies-murder, torture, political
shenanigans and gross human rights abuses...from Bob Sankey, Somerset West.

      Never mind the destruction of a once-vibrant economy with an adult
literacy rate of more than 80% - all destroyed in the last 10 years.

      Great achievements. I suppose so!

      If I was in the South African Air Force, I would not want some
Zimbabwe Air Force fellow training me - do we not have enough SAAF trainers?

      Mr Kasrils, you owe many millions of good decent Zimbabweans an
apology. I cannot believe you are a minister - unless it is of ignorance.

      Bob Sankey, Somerset West

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JAG Open Letters Forum No. 400


Please send any material for publication in the Open Letter Forum to with "For Open Letter Forum" in the subject line.


Letter 1:

Dear Editor,

A statement of fact. We are witnessing armed ZRP (Police) plundering all
the valuable equipment in Masvingo, Mwenezi and Chiredzi, which belongs to
some of our colleague farmers. Our turn is imminent. Having dispensed since
Monday with the farmers who keep their equipment in town, the confiscation
team is today dragging away our neighbour's farm machinery. You can imagine
what the farmers feel whilst witnessing his sophisticated equipment, the
tools of his trade if you would, being manhandled off his premises. Centre
pivots, piping, tractors, crawlers, you name it.

This is truly the darkest hour we have faced in our association of 44 years
with Zimbabwe.

For the sake of interest, I replicate two articles off DSTV's News 24 14h24
update of today, at the end of this e-mail. They are so diabolically in
contrast to the reality on the ground, the ceremonies and accords described
might as well be happening on Mars. By the time you read this email you
will probably have read the article. Besides, from your position in foreign
affairs, you would obviously have been privy to these formal Zimbabwe/South
Africa co-operation agreements at their inception and in their making.

Anyone with the slightest interest in politics knows that the military arm
of a country is an extremely important political tool for a government to
use to wield influence, if it chooses to.Together with its handmaiden,
Intelligence, it often enjoys a confidentiality with its political masters
which even economics do not come close to.

Therefore, if a military co-operation between two states exists on the
level which Minister Ronnie Kassrils so extravagantly describes as
prevailing between Zim and SA, in a situation of such cosiness, it is the
closest thing to marriage that two governments can get! This existing state
of affairs between the ZG and SAG which everyone has long suspected,
overtly describes a depth of co-operation and width of affection which is a
rare Government to Government event.

Surely then, with so much goodwill, prosperity and security in mind, the
existence of such a close and important inter-state relationship begs the
question, why can SA not insist on basic decency from Zimbabwe in its
so-called Land Reform Policy? Specifically I ask why the SAG, with its
immense power and political clout will not at least see to the safety of
the livelihood of its Nationals in Zimbabwe? Has it some how become
impossible to tell the neighbour it is wrong to beat his wife and abuse the

Aggrieved farmer Masvingo Zimbabwe

Cape Town: Nov 17.1005 14.24 Update

SA and Zim have signed an agreement to strengthen defence and intelligence

The agreement was signed at a ceremony on Thursday, and emphasises
solidarity between the two neighbours in the face of growing condemnation
of Zim.

South African intelligence Min. Ronnie Kassrils praised Zims "advances and
successes" in the 25 years since its Independence from Britain. He said
"the two countries shared a common world view" and would "march forward
shoulder to shoulder".

The comments are in stark contrast to the criticism heaped on Zim by most
western governments which accuse the Zim president Robert Mugabe of
bringing his country to the brink of economic and social collapse, and
trampling on human rights.

Zim says greatest threat is from outside influences. Zim National Security
Min. Didymus Mutasa said the greatest threat to the Southern African
regions security came from "outside influences" whose aim is to effect
regime change specially with regard to countries led by liberation

Zim has repeatedly accused its western critics, the US and Britain in
particular of plotting against Mugabe's regime.

Mugabe has found allies among movements in the region such as SA's ruling
ANC, movements that fought colonialism and white rule, Mugabe supported the
ANC in the fight against apartheid.

Kassrils said that SA enjoyed multiracial democracy thanks to "the heroic
people of Zim" this will never ever be forgotten by the people of SA"

SA the heavyweight in Southern Africa, is the most important ally of an
increasingly isolated Zim. SA Pres. Thabo Mbeki maintains his policy of
quiet diplomacy is the only way to bringing about economic and political

ZIm inflation is at more than 400 %.

The agreement provides for a joint permanent commission on Defence and
security, boosting military, police and intelligence co-operation. It will
also tackle specific areas of concern such as cross border crime and
illegal immigration.

There are about 3 mil Zims living in SA many of them without papers,
seeking refuge from political repression and economic collapse.

Under a separate agreement, Zim has also promised to send flying
instructors to train SA Airforce Pilots and technicians.

Zim was one of Africa's most advanced countries with a highly educated and
trained workforce. It now has an inflation of more than 400%, mass
unemployment and shortages of most staples.

Analysts blame the meltdown in the agriculture based economy. On the
chaotic and often violent seizures of more than 5000 white owned Commercial
farms since 2000.

The UN estimates that at least 4 mil of the countries more than 5 mil
people are suffering severe food shortages.



ZIM Airforce instructors are to be dispatched to SA to train local airforce
pilots under a memorandum of understanding signed between the two
governments on Thursday.

Intelligence. Min. Ronnie Kassrils said "this initiative, involving
seconding Zims flying instructors to train SA Airforce pilots , aircraft
technicians and support staff, follows a long tradition of training
exchanges between our countries.

These include joint military exercises, peace keeping training, defence
management training, staff course visits communication training,sporting
activities and aviation safety.

Defence Security

Kassrils was addressing cabinet ministers from Zim and SA during the first
meeting of a joint permanent commission on defence and security between the
two countries.

In his welcoming address, he congratulated Zim on "great achievements"
during its 25 years of independence.

He said "very heavy congratulations to those notable achievements at a time
when Zim is facing challenges".

Zim's national security Min. Didymus Mutasa said good relations between SA
and Zim were vital for the stability of the region.

He said" the future of the region depends on the good relationship of our
two countries. If there is conflict between our two countries, there will
be no stable future in this region".


Letter 2:

Dear JAG,

There have been reports of some very poor wheat yields around the country.
It would be useful to collect credible data, perhaps from harvesting
contractors, on the scale of the disaster.

For instance some thousands of hectares planted in the Mazowe Valley had
insufficient water to see the crop through. What are the facts here?

What happened in other major wheat producing areas?

My main interest is in the management of water resources.

However the further question is: how much cheap public money was lent out
for how many hectares and how many tonnes of wheat did this yield for the

Perhaps JAG could facilitate the collection of some facts. Be aware that it
does not help to exaggerate.



Letter 3:

Dear JAG,

VEHICLE STOLEN at 4:30am this morning from Glen Lorne area.

Beige Toyota Landcruiser pickup in very good condition.  Full house (2
spare wheels, worn winch on the front, double rollbar on the back, 8 inch
wide tyres).

Registration number 674-141L.

Reward of $50 million offered.

Please contact 011 208848


Letter 4:

Dear JAG,

Please could you or your readers assist me in finding the whereabouts of
Hazel Forrest from Harare.  I have heard that she's moved to the north
coast of Natal.  Please contact JAG office with any information.

All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions
of the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice
for Agriculture

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JAG Classifieds dated 22 November 2005

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified adverts
for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:;


1.  Offered for Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items
3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation
5.  Specialist Services




1.1 Motor car for sale (Ad inserted 01/11/05

BMW 2800 for sale; rebuild including new tyres and respray.
For details contact Paul: 09-64727

1.2 For Sale (Ad inserted 16/11/05)


Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.

WASH AND SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Christmas is on it's way again!!


Small crocheted bags--$185,000 each.
Small woven bags--$200,000 each.
Large crocheted bags.--$305,000 each.
Large woven bags.--$400,000 each.

Table Runners.--$290,000.

Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--$875,000.
Fringed mats only(4)---$590,000.
Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$1,310,000.

Set of 4 Bordered table mats+ serviettes---$1,050,000.
Bordered mats only(4)--$770,000.
Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$1,580,000.
Set of 8 Bordered mats + serviettes---$2,100,000.

2m Throws--$980,000.each.

Jug covers--$105,000.
Tea cosy(L)--$170,000.
Tea cosy(m)--$160,000
Tea cosy(s)--$150,000.
Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$400,000.
Oven gloves(pair)--$220,000.
Oven gloves(single)--$110,000.

Decorated cushion covers--$395,000.
Plain cushion covers---$280,000.
Round crocheted cushions--$380,000.

Scarves--$400,000. each.
Hats--$210,000 each.
Ladies jerseys(med.)--$1,730,000 each.
Woven waistcoats--$1,050,000.

X Large patterned cotton rug--$2,750,000.
Large plain cotton rug--$880,000.
Med. plain cotton rug---$560,000.
Small plain cotton rug.---$360,000.
Cotton Rag Rug--$360,000.
Med. plain mohair rug--$630,000.
Med.patterned mohair rug.--$790,000.
Small patterned mohair rug--$610,000.
X Large patterned mohair rug.--$3,110,000.
and lots more.
Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article) or large

1.3 Motorbikes for Sale (Ad inserted 26/10/05)

BEAT THE FUEL CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Averages 50KM/LT)

PHONE: 790266/ 011 414050


1.4 For Sale (Ad inserted 01/11/05)
Digital Gram Scale measures up to 200grams used for gold etc - brand new -
$5 million

English made 17" Fan - $4 million

Plastic Sealing machine (foot operated ) hardly used - $5m

White wooden baby cot - $4 million

Please phone 744397 for further details


1.5 Goods for Sale (Ad inserted 18/11/05)

GEC 2 door fridge freezer.  Recently overhauled and in very good
condition - 25 million

Golf umbrella 250,000

String tennis net - 2 million

Old tent sleeps 4 - l million

9 Illustrated children's Encyclopaedia edited by Arthur Mee - 2 million

4 blazers, size 34, 2 beige, l navy, royal - all in excellent condition - l
million each.

Tel 04 333852, or 073 3399, or 0ll 4236l4


1.6 Household Goods for Sale (Ad inserted 01/11/05

1 x Hostess Trolley
1 x Double Bed (Mattress and Base)
1 x 2 drawer Dressing Table with Mirror (Saligna)
1 x medium fridge (Ocean)
1 x Monarch 390 3 plate stove
1 x Belling Mini Stove (oven/warming drawer/Hot plate and Grill)

If interested please contact with realistic offers.


1.7 GOODS FOR SALE (Ad inserted 01/11/05)

Various Burma Teak furniture (this wood is now extinct I am told).

Chest of drawers
Breakfast table
Side Table

Many beautiful solid wood bookshelves -
(The new year is coming and then everyone will be looking for a bookshelf
which will be out of stock in Jan 2006).
Several solid wood good bedroom chairs.
2 x OLD OAK Bookshelves.
2 x Dark Oak Dining Room Chairs.
1 x OAK drop leaf table.
1 x Oak Chest of Drawers (4 x drawers).
1 x Oval oak table - medium size.
2 x Panga Panga Dining Room Chairs.
1 x Nursing Chair.
2 x Office chairs Mid - condition - but also a fair price - bit of
1 x Mahogany drop leaf table (square - perfect for cards or a sewing
Various strong large tables (dining and kitchen)
One veneer table large for a Site office/back verandah -old and reasonably
1 x round Mahogany (1.25) - dining table.
1 x Humungous Heavy Dining Room table (Cottage style - very heavy).
In fact - tables for Africa!!  (these tables do not have chairs.

Tables with chairs :
1 x Old shaped Table (very good wood - not sure of type) - with 6 Oak
chairs (colours matching fine).
1 x Antique round dining room table with 5 chairs (large).
1 x Burmese teak table with 4 chairs - a beauty and very beautifully
1 x Petrol lawnmower FROM GERMANY.
1 x electric lawnmower (field flight).
Set of (metal) garden table with 4 chairs.
2 x garden chairs metal with 2x small side tables.
9 Plastic garden chairs excellent condition.
3 Garden benches (rustic type).
1 x Garden Bench PICNIC STYLE.
Steel Lounger - A true beauty ! (No cushions).
1 x Single Bed - base and mattress (mint condition) plus headboard covered
in draylon.
1 x double mattress.
2 x 3/4 beds in really good condition.
Bunk beds with mattresses.  Can be used as a unit or the 2 beds

Some computer desks without drawers - great size enough space for
printer, scanner etc.
Computer trolley for top of desk or to be used on the side.
Various smalls: too many to list.
Lots of Kenwood parts - come and scrounge.
2 x watercolour paintings.
Cups and saucers 2/3 sets.
2 x sets coffee cups small and beautiful.
Glasses galore.
Oldish Dinner service - not the full set.

(Just down the road from Reps Theatre, and the same road as the Trauma

Wilma 091 237 216


1.8 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/11/05)

2 Man tent with stretcher
Satellite dish

2 work benches
1 metal shelve (+ 3m long, 2 m high, 1/4 m wide)
1 metal folding table

2nd Hand domestic sewing machines + spares
1 boot sewing machine


1 Dining room suite wrought iron with formica top
2 Sets of draws (4 or 5)
1 Linen cupboard
2 Wardrobes different sizes
1 Single bed
1 small office desk with 3 draws
1 Kudu horn lamp and shade
Various sets of shelves, wood covered with formica
1 Tea set
+15 years of readers digests approx 180 copies in good condition

Please call Grace or Steve, Ruwa 073 2847/2850 or 023 516 290


1.9 For Sale (Ad inserted 01/11/05)

14KGS AND 1 X 4.5KGS.

$25 000 000.00 O.N.C.O.

 Please call Shelley on 490684 or 091 264361


1.10 (Ad inserted 01/11/05)

Located at Haddow House 10 east Road Belgravia are the following shops.
· Gallop Gear, has clothes and accessories for all ages.
· Stable Mates, is stocked with Crazy Cutlery and Laura's Linen.
Haddow House is a wonderful place for Christmas Shopping.


1.11 For Sale (Ad inserted 01/11/05)

1) Full sized pin pong tables and trestles.  Z$ 12, 000,000 delivered
2) Children's coloured chairs.  Z$ 250,000 each


1.12 Plants for Sale (Ad inserted 01/11/05)

Now that the weather has warmed up and the rains are almost here, it's time
to garden again! For a variety of FERNS, PINK ARUMS & various other plants
visit FERNATIC Nursery on Crowhill Road. (1,8km past the Brooke on the left
just before Hoggerty Hill Drive.)
8-12noon, 3-6pm. Closed Sundays


1.13 PIANO FOR SALE (Ad inserted 02/11/05)

J & J HOPKINSON walnut upright piano for sale.  $50 million.  Just been
tuned and serviced.  Anyone interested please phone Mandy Gilmour 011
204680 or 069 3878.


1.14 BOOKS FOR SALE (Ad inserted 16/11/05)


FIRST EDITION .............FIRST EDITION.........................FIRST
EDITION hard cover

Pensioner wanting to sell the above.

Would like to get as close to shop price (which is $2.500,000) as you are
willing to offer. Highest offer will secure. Pse contact Wilma/Hirell on
302081 or Wilma on 091 237216.

We are not taking commission on this - it is sale is for a retired


Perhaps a good idea for an Xmas present for a special person?


1.15 For Sale (Ad inserted 17/11/05)

Farm Chemicals FOR SALE -
ROUND - UP - 2 x 20 ltrs & 1 x 25ltrs (NEW)

Please phone 499790 or 091 308903
or email


1.16 For Sale (Ad inserted 17/11/05)

Submersible Pumps (0.25KW - 4KW) $13 million upwards
Booster Pumps (0.37KW - 1.1KW) $6 million upwards
Water Pumps (Petrol) $30 million upwards
Generators(KIPOR 5.5KVA petrol or diesel) $140 million, $150 million
Lawn Mower (Petrol) $45 million
Knapsacks $3.5 million

Phone Carrie
Email -
Mobile + 263 91 206558
Tel/Fax + 263 4 495 433


1.17 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/11/05)

1) 40 ha Valley Centre Pivot, c/w Fertigation Unit.

2) 1 x Electric Baling Press, c/w Baling Box

3) 1 x Scrap cleaner / Shaker / Grader - suitable Grass seed, Soyas, Maize,
Wheat etc.

4) MacAdams Bakery equipment including:-
Model 120 Dough Mixer
Dough piece Moulder
Bread Slicer
Pan trollies c/w pans (Falcon 3)
Confectionery Trollies and Trays

5) 600 Plastic Bread trays - suitable Bread or Vegetable display and

Contact:- - phone 091-231393


1.18 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/11/05)

Vagabond for sale. Only 500 hours. In sheds at LLA. 190 OMC Inboard. Only
$200,000,000 ONO

Ph: (07) 4957 2381
Fax: (07) 4951 1167


1.19 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/11/05)




2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/11/05)

Unattached male companion (not for marriage).  He must be decent, patient,
healthy and good humoured.  Someone who loves Zimbabwe, wildlife and wild
places.  I am a 60 something, healthy, energetic female who enjoys life and
adventures and wants someone to share this with me occasionally.
Alcoholics, pot-bellied grumpy old skabangas need not apply.  Please
contact JAG office.


2.2 Pets (Ad inserted 02/11/05)

Wanted - one dachshund puppy for a young boy. Please quote for both male
and female.  Phone evenings Pam Shaw 04-301031.


2.3 Pets (Ad inserted 11/11/05)

Wanted: a large breed bitch puppy or possibly a mature bitch, but
preferably not Rottweiler.
Contact Jocelyn Ricquebourg 04-344009 or Cell 011-406611


2.4 Pets - Home Wanted - (Ad inserted 22/11/05)

We are looking for a home for our 9 month old dog.  He is a blue-heeler
cross staffie and has been neutered.  He is good with children and loves
life to the full but, being an Australian sheep dog type, he needs a
companion & space (preferably a farm) to run & be active.  If you are
interested in meeting "Blue" please contact Peta Beattie on 882707 or
091226191 or


2.5 Pets - Home Wanted - (Ad inserted 04/11/05)

Two Jack Russells looking for kind and loving home. Tiger and Tina both 6
years. House trained, good little watchdogs. Owner can't keep them as he
has moved into a flat. Tel Michelle on 884294 or e-mail


2.6 Pets - Home Wanted - (Ad inserted 04/11/05)

Home wanted for young dog with super nature. He is about 18 months and is a
boerbull/Labrador, cream in colour. Found abandoned, longing to be loved.
Tel Michelle on 884294 or e-mail


2.7 Pets - Home Wanted - (Ad inserted 21/11/05)

Fox Terrier Lovers. Super little bitch 'Heidi' looking for good home,
lovely nature. 5 years. Tel Michelle on 884294 or e-mail leaving end November so URGENT.


2.8 Houseboat Wanted to Hire (Ad inserted 26/10/05)

HOUSEBOAT WANTED TO HIRE for period December 27th - 3rd January for 11 pax.
Contact Pat Townsend 011 208836 I can supply fuel if


2.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 14/11/05)

Piranha Fisherman or similar with 85hp Yamaha.  Also looking for a separate

250mm VJ couplings for ac pipe


TESS KAGELER 011 607466 ; 302909; or


2.10 Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/05)


Greenhouse plastic, any size, used, less than 2 years old


cell; 011 717975


2.11 (Ad inserted 01/11/05)

WANTED.  Cattle salt.


2.12 (Ad inserted 17/11/05)

Second hand Fax Machine.
Please phone Richard on 091-239966 / 04 481072 or email




3.1 House Offered (Ad inserted 26/10/05)

Available from 1st November for rent .......
Buddlia free standing house in Dandaro Village Borrowdale... Phase 5.
Please phone 091602033 or 497095 evenings. Failing that 011608715 email


3.2 House Sit (Ad inserted 26/10/05)

We are looking for a farming couple to house sit and look after our
seedling nursery in Marondera for a period of six months.  Please contact
Andy - email


3.3 FOR RENT (Ad inserted 26/10/05)



3.4 For Rent (Ad inserted 26/10/05)

Bromley (55km outside Harare)
Large airy two bedroomed self contained flat furnished or unfurnished,
attached to farmhouse. Animal lover essential. Handyman a huge asset.
Available now.

200 Acres grazing partly burnt with green grass. Fences need attention
after fire.  6 stables in paddock. Rent neg.

Tel 073-3399
011-423 614


3.5 For Rent (Ad inserted 26/10/05)

Lovely furnished and equipped house to rent in Ballantyne Park area of

A must-see fully furnished and equipped house comprising three large double
bedrooms all with build-in cupboards and en suite bathrooms, a fully
equipped kitchen, pantry, dining room, living room with fire place, large
terrace, garage, swimming pool, satellite dish and borehole. The house is
situated in a quiet close, well secured and fully alarmed, fully walled and
it has an electric gate. All furniture and furnishings are provided,
washing machine and tumble dryer, crockery and cutlery * down to towels and
bed sheets.

The house is a well-maintained golden oldie with wooden floors and wooden
beams on the ceiling, lots of original fittings and furnishings, just
breathing old English style. The garden is huge with sprawling lawns, a
large variety of trees and lots of flowering plants.  Presently, the old
jacaranda trees are in full bloom and by April the entire garden will smell
of roses.

A reliable gardener will remain to look after the garden and swimming pool.
There are three domestic quarters, several storerooms and there is a
vegetable garden. For the bird lovers, there are plenty of indigenous birds
that live on or visit the garden.

Sounds enticing? Well, it is. The house is available for a fixed period
only, short or long term, so ideal for expatriates. Rental is negotiable.
Ballantyne Park is an upmarket leafy neighbourhood of Harare, about 20"
drive from the city centre, near to schools and shopping centres.

For more information or viewing, call + 263 4 882170


3.6 Accommodation offered (Ad inserted 01/11/05)

Cute house in Imbeza Valley, Mutare for rent.  Would suit a person who
wants to grow stuff and chill. Please make contact through this email


3.7 Accommodation offered (Ad inserted 04/11/05)

Free Accommodation offered to displaced farmers - 16km from Mutare on main
Vumba Rd.

Contact: Colleen Taylor
c/o Leopard Rock Hotel 020-60115
Home 020-81061


3.8 Accommodation offered (Ad inserted 11/11/05)

Two bedroom garden flat, Greendale, easy walking to shops, with carport,
available end of November.  Please phone Mr Wallis 023894597.


3.9 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 21/11/05)

Ex-farming family desperately seeking a house to rent - preferably in the
Chisipite/Ballantyne Park/Mandara side (near Chisipite Senior School).  We
need a 4 bedroomed house, with an additional office/studio, and preferably
a pool. We have 3 girls, aged 13, 10 and 8 years.We don't have dogs. We are
hoping to lease for at least a year.

Tel : Home +263-4-498292, Work (Jo) +263-4-490718
Cells : +263(0)23411377, +263(0)23401822
Fax : +263-4-494375
Email :


3.10 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 26/10/05)





3.11 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 26/10/05)

Looking for affordable accommodation from the end of December. A cottage,
small house or garden flat (in good condition, child friendly environment).
To be occupied by a couple with a child and four kittens/cats. Please
contact Carmen Van Wyk on 091 615 656 or (work) 575 431-3.


3.12 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 01/11/05)


3.13 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 11/1/05)

Small house or cottage.  Preferably with own entrance and garden & good
security. Suitable for young married couple with dogs. Areas:
Borrowdale/Greystone park/Glen Lorne/Helensvale or close. Unfurnished.
Needed from beginning of January.
CONTACT or phone 091208836 or 091289345.




4.1 HOLIDAYS (Ad inserted 01/11/05)

Savuli Safari, self catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley
Conservancy. Game watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails
and 4x4 hire.  Camp fully kitted including cook and fridges.  Just bring
your food, drinks and relax.  $500 000 pppn, 1/2 U/12.

Booking at Off2Africa, phone 498480, or 091-943195 email:
or direct 091 631 556 or
John Tayler
Singisi Farm
Pvt. Bag 7011

4.2 Ad inserted 01/11/05

With the weather now nice and hot, it is time to go up to Kariba! Book for
this ideal family holiday now, especially if you like to catch a fish!
(Xmas & New Year full, sorry)
Contact for more info today!




5.1 (Ad inserted 14/11/05) Care Management Services.  Formerly called
"Substitute Daughter."

Have you left Zim? Are worried about a remaining relative? For a modest fee
our service will monitor the well being - physical, mental and emotional -
of those
who might be in need. The service is run by qualified, experienced,
registered nurses of "the old school". We ensure that health needs are
being met and that if your relative needs any other sort of care -
nursing, financial services, transport, domestic aid, medical visits
etc... - we will arrange for these needs to be met. We visit regularly and
keep you informed with reliable, accurate reports of all developments. 24
hour call available.

Want to know more? e-mail:
Ph.: 00-263-4- 302518 (after hours) or 00-263-91-603621.

References will be supplied on request.
Margaret Low. SRN. SCM.


5.2 (Ad inserted 11/11/05)

Harare SPCA Boarding Kennels

Harare SPCA is under new management.  Mrs Mary Toet is the Administrator
and Mrs Yvonne Rose (ex Mutare SPCA) is the Animal Welfare Officer.

We have recently consolidated our operations, and constructed some new
kennels at the Boarding Kennels Site.  With these now complete, we can now
reoffer a boarding service for dogs, and will be open for business on 1
December, in time for the Christmas holidays.

Please phone 576356/7 for details and bookings.


5.3 (Ad inserted 11/11/05)

Harare SPCA Charity Shop

The Charity Shop is still operative, but needs stock urgently.  As I live
just off Ridgeway North I am in a position to be able to collect to take
delivery of goods which can include virtually anything and everything.

Harare SPCA is under new management and as a result it has undergone a
considerable change for the better, and we feel that our service to animal
welfare is now worthy of the aims of the SPCA.

We would be grateful for any donations of any kind to help us keep going.
Funding is an eternal problem, as sadly we are all too aware.

Vicki Campbell (Treasurer)
Phone: 851115 Cell 091 256554


5.4 (Ad inserted 26/10/05)

ZEB Water Back-up Systems

Tired of erratic, unreliable water supplies or low water pressure? Invest
in a reliable water back-up system.  We supply, install and maintain water
back-up systems to all areas in and around Harare.

if you have been off municipal for some time!

For more information please contact us on 011-424712 or 011-806525 e-mail


5.5 Ad inserted 26/10/05

Oxford IT
A leading IT professional recruitment firm, with specialized staff, are
ready to meet your recruitment needs.  Give us a call today to secure top
calibre personnel for all your IT requirements.

Don't Hesitate - IniTiate!

Call : Monique Fachet or Melissa Ricardo on 309274 (Direct) or via
Switchboard on 309800 - 17 (Ext 270 or 272)

Oxford IT
Agriculture House
South East Wing
Cnr Adylinn Road/Marlborough Drive

5.6 (Ad inserted 15/11/05)





CONTACT: 882511, 091 261 741 or 011 420 003


JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines
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