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Zimbabweans still need visas for SA, says govt


November 25, 2006, 07:00

The Department of Home Affairs has denied reports that South Africa has
agreed to waive visa requirements for Zimbabwean nationals.

The reports surfaced during a meeting of the Zimbabwe-South Africa Joint
Permanent Commission on Defence and Security.

The department says the two countries will continue to discuss unresolved
issues around visa requirements until an agreement is reached on the matter.
Some analysts say more than three million Zimbabweans have fled harsh
economic conditions in their home country and migrated illegally to South

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Storm Clouds

Saturday 25th November 2006

Dear Family and Friends,
The prolonged effects of trying to survive the highest inflation in the
world are grinding us down. When you ask people how they are, I mean how
they really are, they say they are tired, they can't sleep, the worries just
go round and round and there is no relief in sight.

Almost every day the propaganda machine here cranks out the usual rant and
rave about how private companies and businesses are putting their prices up.
The state media say that these people are "sabotaging the economy" and
"fuelling inflation" and they keenly name names of who has been arrested or
fined that day. No sensible or even rational explanations are given as to
how a businessman can stay afloat when he is ordered by the state to sell
goods for a lower price than he paid for them. Blind adherence to government
stipulated prices is dictated and common sense does not seem to enter into
it. The state media says nothing, however, about the price rises and
complete lack of ethics and fair trading in government organizations and
companies. It seems they are exempt from obeying their own rules

You don't ever post a letter here now without first checking how much
postage rates are. They change - every month! Last month it cost 60 dollars
to post a local letter, this month that same stamp costs 100 dollars and no
one arrests the Postmaster! (And please remember that you have to add three
zeroes onto every price in order to get the real costs - before the
convenient removal of digits a couple of months ago ) Postage rates now go
up so often that it is very rare to buy a local stamp which actually has a
price printed on it. Local stamps these days just bear the words: 'Standard
Postage.' It is not clear what standard is at hand, so we just take it to
mean 'inflation standard.'

Parents all around are already beginning to panic about how they are going
to afford government school fees in January. One friend I spoke to said his
daughters fees at a government school were two and half thousand dollars
this term and were increasing to 15 thousand for the January term - an
increase of six hundred percent.

Then we come to water. In my home town on the same day that the water bills
were hand delivered there was a national news report on the colour and
quality of the water in the area. Actually, to say the bill is "hand
delivered" is a bit silly because in reality the flimsy bit of paper, not
stapled closed or even folded in half, is just thrown through the gate onto
muddy ground! The news report said, yes - it was true that raw sewerage was
flowing into the dam which supplies the town with water and yes, it was true
the pump was also broken. Appropriate film footage of foul brown slush
pouring into our only source of drinking water and a man kicking the broken
pump, illustrated the report. For this disgusting service there are no
apologies or medical assistance, refunds have not been given and the costs
for deteriorating service continues to go up and not down.

Then comes the mess that is called electricity. It is now not unusual to see
factories working at night. They do so, not because they are working double
shifts to keep up with demand, but because at night there is less chance of
machines shutting down in the incessant power cuts. This week a notice
appeared in the state run Herald newspaper advising people to conserve
electricity promising that if they did: "the streets will be safer with
better lighting." Oh Right, you say, what street lights! In a four kilometre
journey in a built up residential area, passing one church, one hospital,
one nursery school, one junior school and scores of private homes, just six
street lights are working. It has been like this for over a year. Knowing
that less than five percent of our street lights presently work, does not
offer much of an incentive to save power. I am sure the fifty or so families
near me who had no electricity for three days this weeks, feel likewise!

There is good news from Zimbabwe this week. It is raining, our vegetable
gardens are growing and so are the sounds of protest. For the next fifteen
days people are being called on to bang pots and make noise for a few
minutes at exactly 8 pm every night. This week there were five minute noise
protests during the lunch hour in Harare and Bulawayo and prayer protest
gatherings too. Storm clouds are gathering.
Until next time, thanks for reading, love cathy.

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Nkomo eyes presidency

Zim Standard

By Nqobani Ndlovu

BULAWAYO - John Landa Nkomo threw a political cat among the Zanu
PF pigeons when he became the first party heavyweight to indicate he would
not hesitate to accept nomination as president of Zanu PF.

Nkomo was responding to a barrage of questions from journalists
at a function of the Bulawayo Press Club on Friday.

Nkomo told a questioner there was no chance of him retiring from
politics, as this was like a "cancer" in him. He said he would need the
equivalent of chemotherapy treatment to cure him of "the political bug" that
has afflicted him since 1954.

Nkomo has been in the government since independence, except for
a brief hiatus when Mugabe fired the entire PF Zapu contingent of the
coalition cabinet after the alleged discovery of a cache of arms on PF Zapu
properties, which presaged the horror of Gukurahundi.

Asked about speculation that he aspired to replace Joseph Msika
as vice-president, Nkomo said: "Why stop at the vice-presidency? Why not the

Nkomo said it was right and healthy for the media to speculate
on the succession in Zanu PF and the country.

Nkomo is the chairman of the party and Speaker of the National

He has always been included among Zanu PF stalwarts aspiring for
the party presidency.

Yesterday, he said he would always be concerned about the future
of the country, as he has always been. Even if he was out of political
office, he said, he would not stop being concerned about the welfare of the

That was why, if he was nominated for the Zanu PF presidency, he
would not hesitate to accept it.

Almost like Mugabe himself, Nkomo has spent most of his adult
life in politics. Others vying to take over Mugabe's mantle have not come
out so openly, largely because they have been uncertain of Mugabe's own

Among the contenders are Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Minister of
Rural Housing and Amenities and Vice- President Joice Mujuru. But the two
Zanu PF heavyweights have not spoken openly of their ambitions.

Mujuru's image was boosted when Mugabe named her as the second
vice-president, after the death of his long-time ally and deputy, Simon
Muzenda, in 2003.

Joice, as the wife of the most influential power-broker in Zanu
PF, the former commander of the army, Solomon Mujuru, rose to that post on
her husband's coat tails - or epaulettes.

Others linked to the race include the ultimate
Johnny-come-lately Gideon Gono, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
and Simba Makoni, the former Finance Minister.

State Security Minister, Didymus Mutasa, has said he would
rather settle for the Vice-Presidency.

At the Bulawayo Press Club, Nkomo virtually announced the
presidency was ultimate political destination.

"My political history dates back to 1954 when I was a trade
unionist. This cancer that I have in politics will not heal. I will die in

Nkomo's chances could be boosted by his relationship to Mugabe.
His mother, MaTshuma was a sister to Mugabe's stepmother and the two (Mugabe
and Nkomo) are said to have spent part of their childhood together.

Mugabe's term expires in 2008 but there could be constitutional
amendments to push it to 2010 to coincide with the parliamentary polls.

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Fertilizer saga: 'Fire me and I'll spill the beans'

Zim Standard


THE top civil servant in the Ministry of Agriculture has
threatened to "spill the beans" on the substandard fertilizer fiasco if he
is fired from his job.

The Secretary for Agriculture, Simon Pazvakavambwa, told The
Standard when asked to comment on his reported dismissal last week:

"You know I am a civil servant. I can't give a comment but if I
am fired you can come to me and I will give you the whole story. At the
moment, as we speak I am sitting in my office."

Pazvakavambwa dodged questions about what a team of experts he
headed saw when they inspected the sub-standard fertilizer in South Africa
amid reports that he would soon be sacked over the botched deal.

Pazvakavambwa headed a team of experts who went to South Africa
to inspect and certify the sub-standard fertilizer before it was cleared for

The secretary, allegedly under extreme pressure from both
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor Gideon Gono and Minister of
Agriculture Joseph Made to quit his job, said he would "spill the beans" if
he was fired.

"You were given a whole dossier on the issue by Gono, so he is
the only person to answer questions regarding the fertilizer issue,"
Pazvakavambwa said.

But he added ominously: "You know I am a civil servant. I can't
give a comment but if I am fired you can come to me and I will give you the
whole story. At the moment, as we speak I am sitting in my office."

But a source privy to details of the fertilizer deal said when
the team went to Tzaneen in South Africa they found "a rail siding where the
fertilizer was being mixed on the concrete deck".

"It is surprising they went ahead and sanctioned the importation
of the fertilizer, knowing well that it was inferior," said the source.

Pazvakavambwa, who authorised the importation of the fertilizer,
shattering Zimbabwe's hopes of a good harvest, however, said central bank
governor, Gideon Gono, should answer all questions regarding the botched

Gono initiated the importation of the sub-standard fertilizer
but is now shifting the blame to officials in the Ministry of Agriculture,
including Pazvakavambwa,

Sources said Gono and Made -- who are set to appear before a
Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Agriculture this week to answer
questions on how inferior fertiliser was imported -- are determined to
sacrifice Pazvakavambwa over the embarrassing deal.

Sources said the two are piling on the pressure for
Pazvakavambwa to resign so the scandal can die a natural death.

Reports say President Robert Mugabe has already approved
Pazvakavamba's dismissal.

But deputy secretary in the office of the President and Cabinet,
Ray Ndhlukula, yesterday said he was not aware of any moves to fire
Pazvakavambwa. Misheck Sibanda, the Chief Secretary to the President and
Cabinet could not be reached for comment.

Made and Pazvakavambwa have had a stormy relationship.

When Pazvakavambwa suspended GMB acting chief executive officer,
Samuel Muvuti, a few months ago over allegations of using GMB workers on his
farm, Made reinstated him.

Both Made and Gono could not be reached for comment this week.

The other members of the team were Grain Marketing Board (GMB)
operations manager John Madzinga, Sam Muchena from the African Centre for
Fertiliser Development.

Contacted for comment, Madzinga referred all questions to

A senior official with the Ministry of Agriculture's crop
nutrition section, Chemistry and Soil Research Institute (CSRI), L T
Mupondi, could not be reached for comment as he was said to be in South
Africa to further his studies.

Zimbabwe imported about 70 000 tonnes of Compound D fertilizer
from South Africa but a huge quantity of it was sub-standard. Most of it has
already been distributed to farmers in the communal areas.

The fertilizer was imported from Sasol and Farmers' World in
South Africa

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Zanu PF attacked over school

Zim Standard

By Foster Dongozi

ZANU PF has been heavily criticised for shutting down Goromonzi
High School for their annual conference in December.

The school was closed last week as the party stepped up
preparations for the conference. Hundreds of children had their studies cut
short as a result.

Construction gangs and ruling party workers are camped at the
school to "assess progress".

Yesterday, The Standard found workers racing against time to
complete work on roads leading to and pathways within the 61-year-old

Classroom blocks and the Beit Hall were being renovates and

The workers said they had been at the school for over a month,
having been seconded from various government ministries.

Goromonzi residents who spoke to The Standard criticised Zanu PF
for putting party interests ahead of the welfare of students.

"We are aware that, as the ruling party, Zanu PF can trample on
ordinary citizens' rights," said one resident. "My question is: how would
President Robert Mugabe have reacted if he was told his children would not
attend school because school facilities were being used by a private
organisation like Zanu PF?"

Some students said they had not been able to supply end-of-year
reports because of the conference.

"The teachers had not finished writing our end-of-year reports
when we were ordered to go home," one student said.

The Standard's efforts to get a comment from the headmaster,
Abisha Mujeni, were fruitless as he was not at his house when the news crew

With schools set to close around 5 December, the students will
lose two weeks of valuable learning time.

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF secretary for administration,
Didymus Mutasa, said he could not comment as he was attending a wedding.

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Fees fight rages on

Zim Standard


THE Association of Trust Schools (ATS) has appealed to the
Supreme Court against High Court Judge Justice Antonia Guvava's decision to
dismiss an urgent chamber application to have the Secretary for Education,
Sport and Culture approve school fees for the third term within a specified

Justice Guvava ruled recently the relief sought by the ATS and
its fellow applicants required the court to usurp the powers of the
minister. The judge also ruled that the applicants had not exhausted all the
possible channels that could be used to appeal against the minister, Aeneas
Chigwedere's decision.

ATS made the application after Secretary for Education, Stephen
Mahere, failed to approve third term fees on time as requested by Arundel
School Trust, Chisipite Junior and 27 other applicants.

The respondents argued that where an authority is aggrieved by a
decision of the secretary, according to Section 21 of the Education Act, the
proper recourse would be to appeal to the minister. In their grounds of
appeal, the ATS argues that Justice Guvava erred in finding that the
application was "not brought properly before the courts".

"The learned judge erred in exercising this discretion against
the appellants by not recognising, with the facts largely common cause, that
the dispute between the parties herein is a dispute of law, and thus
properly one to be determined by the courts, particularly as resolution of
their dispute is acknowledged to be urgent," reads part of the appeal.

The ATS further argued that the judge also erred by not taking
into account that the Minister (Aeneas Chigwedere who is cited as the second
respondent) "had already taken a stand" on this matter.

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Catholics evict pioneers from Gwayi mission farm

Zim Standard

By Foster Dongozi

THE Roman Catholic Church has resolved to evict about eight
families who pioneered the formation of Regina Mundi Mission in Gwayi, in
Lupane, according to The Standard's investigations.

A majority of the families are elderly, some in their 80s.

According to a teacher working at the mission, there were
tearful scenes two weeks ago when the "pioneers" were told by Father Marko
Mnkandla they would have to vacate the church farm immediately.

"It was a sad sight to see old men and women being browbeaten by
a church representative, being told they should move out and seek
accommodation elsewhere," said the teacher. "They started living at the
church farm in the early 1940s when they built the church and school
buildings. One of the old men fashioned and hoisted the first church Cross
in the 1940s. "

The church confirmed the impending evictions, but explained
there were plans to expand commercial agricultural activity on the mission
farm, hence the need for more land.

Archbishop Pius Ncube, the head of the Bulawayo Archdiocese,
which includes the mission confirmed there was tension with the pioneers
over the impending evictions.

"The settlers can go and find homes in nearby communal areas,"
he said. "But they are also in the habit of poaching wildlife on the farm."

The settlers though deny this.

Archbishop Ncube said he had assigned Mnkandla to deal with the

"Father Mnkandla is a God-fearing pastor and he is handling the

He said it was up to the pioneers to negotiate with the local
priest to allow them to spend their last days on earth at the mission on
condition their offspring did not join them on the farm.

A Harare resident said he visited his ageing grandmother at
Regina Mundi mission last week and found all those affected by the eviction
in low spirits.

"When my grandmother was told that she was being evicted from
the only place she has known as home, her high blood pressure shot up and
she was rushed to hospital."

The Harare resident, who preferred anonymity for fear his
grandparents would face reprisals, said the families had been told not to
prepare their fields for the new agricultural season as they would not be
allowed to harvest the crops.

"The elderly people were told by church authorities that if they
grew any maize, mission livestock would be made to graze in the fields. They
have also been barred from getting safe drinking water from the mission
boreholes but to source it elsewhere. Many have resorted to unprotected
shallow wells."

The elderly pioneers were the first employees at the mission and
worked as plumbers, builders, cooks and farm workers over the years.

During the liberation war, while some mission workers fled to
the safety of the urban areas, the pioneers remained at the mission and
protected its property from vandals.

When the government unleashed Gukurahundi in the early 1980s,
the pioneers did not budge and jealously guarded the mission.

The pioneers say they want to be buried at the mission, where
they have spent most of their lives.

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Msindo's Destiny in more trouble

Zim Standard

By Nqobani Ndlovu

BULAWAYO - Obadiah Msindo, the controversial leader of the
Destiny for Africa Network, has been accused of swindling desperate
house-seekers in Bulawayo.

Msindo, through his network's housing co-operative, promised to
build houses for more than 800 desperate house-seekers in the Operation
Hlalani Kuhle/Garikai programme at Cowdray Park over a year ago.

The house-seekers have been paying monthly installments to the
network's co-operative. They claim they are yet to benefit from the housing

The co-operative is also not forthcoming with council-approved
housing plans. It had promised to facilitate the approval of the housing
plans of members of the scheme who were prepared to pay $11 million.

Contacted for comment, Msindo confirmed his network was
struggling to provide houses for its members but denied they had
misappropriated funds.

"Destiny is a big institution and though I am at the helm, I am
not responsible for the day-to-day running of the housing co-operatives, as
they run their own affairs," Msindo said.

"The reason they have not obtained the houses is that the money
they have been paying is so little most of it must have gone into land
development, as the stands were not serviced."

Msindo, a staunch Zanu-PF supporter, pleaded with the members to
be patient, as Destiny would look for financial resources to build their

But a member of the housing co-operative told The Standard he
was tired of Msindo's promises.

"Most of us have been paying the subscriptions from January last
year but nothing seems to have changed," said a disgruntled member of the
housing co-operative. "We have been promised several times that things would
improve, but we haven't got our houses yet."

The Resident Minister and Metropolitan governor of Bulawayo Cain
Mathema has recently said a number of residents have lost millions of
dollars to housing co-operatives who promised to help them get stands at
Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle.

The governor said residents could be allocated stands only
through the government and not with the assistance of housing cooperatives.

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'Snooping law bad for business'

Zim Standard

By Nqobani Ndlovu

BULAWAYO - The proposed Interception of the Communications Bill,
if passed into law, might see one of the country's leading internet service
providers, MWEB, winding up operations, officials have said.

Kirstie Exton, the Mweb marketing manager, said the proposed
bill which calls on internet service providers to install equipment to help
the State intercept private communications is too costly.

The proposed Bill says operators of telecommunication services
will be compelled to install software and hardware to enable them to store
information as directed by the State.

Failure by the service providers to, among other functions,
install the required spying software and hardware to transmit to the
government would attract a fine and or imprisonment of up to three years.

"It is quite difficult for us to install the equipment due to
the current economic environment as at present, for example, it might cost
us something in excess of R5 million," said Exton.

The proposed Bill, according to reports, has since been
withdrawn for a possible re-writing of some of its controversial sections.

The Bill proposes to authorise the Ministry of Transport and
Communications to issue a warrant to State agents to order the interception
of information if "there are reasonable grounds for the Minister to think
that an offence has been committed or that there is a threat to safety or
national security".

The government would also use the proposed law to set up a
telecommunications agency, called the Monitoring and Interception of
Communications Centre, where spy units would operate facilities to pry into
messages from both mobile and fixed phones.

The service providers would be compelled to link their message
monitoring equipment to the government agency.

According to the Bill, such equipment should be able to render
full-time monitoring facilities for the interception of communications.

The Bill says the service providers, compelled to keep personal
information on clients and provide it to the State if asked, would be
compensated for information rendered to the agency monitoring communication.

The Bill proposes the process of interception should be such
that neither the interception target nor any other unauthorised person would
be aware of any changes made to fulfill the interception order.

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Moyo's $200m lawsuit resumes

Zim Standard

By our staff

BULAWAYO - Former Information Minister and now independent
Tsholotsho Member of Parliament, Professor Jonathan Moyo's $200 million
defamation case against two senior Zanu PF officials resumes on Tuesday at
the Bulawayo High Court.

Moyo is suing Zanu PF national chairman and Speaker of the House
of Assembly, John Landa Nkomo, and politburo member, Dumiso Dabengwa.

Job Sibanda of Job Sibanda and Associates, who represents Moyo
in one of the biggest lawsuits in the country in terms of the amounts
demanded, confirmed the case resumes on Tuesday.

Dabengwa and Nkomo are represented by Francis Chirimuuta of
Gula-Ndebele and Partners.

The defence is expected to bring witnesses to testify against

Among those expected to testify are the Minister of Justice,
Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Patrick Chinamasa, the Deputy Minister of
Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Abedinigo Ncube, the Deputy
Minister of Environment and Tourism, Andrew Langa, and war veterans' leader,
Joseph Chinotimba.

Moyo is claiming $200 million from Dabengwa and Nkomo for
allegedly defaming him. He revised the figure upwards from $2 million,
citing the spiralling inflation.

Moyo claims the Zanu PF heavyweights defamed him through
statements they allegedly made against him over what became known as the
Tsholotsho Declaration.

The Tsholotsho debacle caused serious divisions within Zanu PF,
especially after the suspension of provincial chairpersons for their alleged
role in the foiled palace coup.

The defamatory statements, claims Moyo, were allegedly made by
the two senior Zanu PF members at a 12 January 2005 District Co-ordination
Committee meeting in Tsholotsho.

According to Moyo, Nkomo and Dabengwa claimed he had plotted a
coup against President Robert Mugabe and other senior cabinet ministers.

Moyo claims that the two alleged that he had "instigated, funded
and led the hatching of a plot against Mugabe and others in the top
leadership of the party".

The two deny the charges, saying they never uttered statements
to that effect.

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Zanu PF rules out new constitution

Zim Standard


BULAWAYO - Zanu PF spokesperson Nathan Shamuyarira has ruled out
the need for a new constitution, saying it did not guarantee good

His statement, made at a workshop in Bulawayo last week, was
seen by commentators as pouring cold water on agitation by pro-democracy
groups to push President Robert Mugabe to agree to constitutional reforms.

Shamuyarira's comments come after Mugabe, at a recent meeting
with church leaders, defended the Lancaster House constitution which has
been amended 17 times.

Mugabe said the constitution, like the land reform programme,
was non-negotiable.

Shamuyarira said civil society organisations' pre-occupation
with a new constitution was misplaced since the government would continue to
amend the current one when it is necessary.

He said: "The question of the new constitution is not an issue
at all. It is not a big issue in Zanu PF because constitutions are made by
people or organisations, but they can still be amended.

We had the Lancaster House constitution which has been amended
over the past 26 years, when it was necessary. I am surprised that some
organisations see the new constitution as a big issue to good governance.

It can just be amended when it is necessary. I don't think that
a new constitution can provide solutions to the crises in the country. They
can be resolved by way of amendments, which is what we have done.

The mayor of Gweru, Cecil Zvidzai, representing the anti-Senate
MDC, stressed the need for a new constitution: "We need a people-driven
constitution with sufficient checks and balances to vaccinate the country
against dictatorships and abuse of power."

David Coltart, the MP for Bulawayo South for the pro-Senate MDC
echoed Zvidzai's sentiments.

He said: "We are in grave crises because this nation has known
bad governance. The solution to addressing this bad governance must be found
in a new constitution."

The National Constitutional Assembly has been campaigning for a
home-grown constitution since it was formed in 1998. It has held a number of
demonstrations in the cities, some of them dispersed by baton-wielding

To date, the constitution has been amended 17 times. The latest
amendment saw the re-establishment of the Senate, which Zanu PF had
abolished 10 years after taking power in 1980.

Since the 2000 parliamentary elections, during which, for the
first time since independence, Zanu PF lost 57 seats to an opposition party,
there have been a number of amendments to the constitution, most of them
designed to entrench Zanu PF's hold on power.

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Jumbos straying on railway lines worry Parks Dept

Zim Standard

BULAWAYO: The rising population of elephants roaming along the
rail tracks poses a grave risk to train passengers in Matabeleland North, a
parks and wildlife spokesperson has said.

On Monday, 33 people were injured when a passenger train was
derailed after hitting six jumbos near Victoria Falls.

The accident occurred at the Jasupa Siding about 15 kilometres
from the resort town.

The passenger train was en route to Bulawayo .

The Jasupa Siding is situated in the Hwange National Park, a
wildlife corridor, where wild animals roam freely along the rail tracks.

Retired Major General Edward Mbewe, the National Parks and
Wildlife Department spokesperson, said the elephants were a cause for

"The situation is now serious as the jumbos move from one place
to another. Their movements are no longer restricted as they can get water
anywhere due to advent of the rainy season," said Mbewe.

He said the department was struggling to cope with the rising
elephant population. He would not give definite figures but estimated the
figure may have risen to 100 000.

The increased population is proving to be a major problem for
the under-funded department which has been hard hit by falling tourist

The elephant population cannot be reduced through the
controversial culling method, banned by the Convention on International
Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES) years ago.

And the rise in the elephant population, has spawned a rise in
poaching activities.

According to a recent report released by the Zimbabwe
Conservation Task Force (ZCTF), cross-border trophy hunters and poachers,
were threatening the country's wildlife.

The ZCTF report was released shortly after the discovery of 22
tusks believed to have been poached in Chizarira National Park in Binga
where 11 elephants were killed.

The rise in poaching activities has been attributed to the
chaotic land reform exercise which drove villagers nearer to the wildlife

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High Court acts against party

Zim Standard

By Nqobani Ndlovu

BULAWAYO - The High Court has ordered a Zanu PF councillor not
to interfere in the operations of an independent tuckshop association.

This follows an urgent chamber application by the Cowdray Park
Basic Commodities Association (BSA) seeking an interdict barring the
councillor, Stars Mathe from interfering in its affairs.

In the provisional order, High Court Judge Maphios Cheda said:
"It is ordered that the respondent be and hereby permanently interdicted
from interfering in whatever applicant's business.

". . . that the respondent is interdicted from hindering,
stopping Lobels from delivering bread to the Applicant," read the
provisional order. According to the application by Martin Dube, the
executive chairman of BSA, Mathe is not a member but claims to represent it.

This, says Dube in court papers, has caused her to issue orders
allegedly on behalf of the association, much to the prejudice of members,
who risk being forced out of business by her interference.

Mathe also stands accused of ordering Lobels not to deliver
bread to Dube's tuckshops, which has hurt the latter's business.

"For sometime now, respondent purported to be representing BSA
in its affairs and this has not gone down well with the members," read the
chamber application.

"As if that is not enough, the respondent has now singled me out
because I challenged her actions.respondent feels that I am challenging her
authority as the councillor of Cowdray Park, Dube said in his application

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Lightning strikes mourners at funeral

Zim Standard

By our staff

A bolt of lightning struck mourners during a funeral service in
Nyazura on Thursday in a development which baffled many villagers, The
Standard has learnt.

Nyazura residents said the lightning struck while mourners were
attending the service held for Helen Taonezvi at the Anglican Church at St
John's Mapangure School.

Sixteen people were injured and one of them, Ambuya Theresa
Shumba, subsequently died in hospital, to which the injured were rushed.
Ambuya Shumba was expected to be buried yesterday, according to villagers
who spoke to The Standard.

Taonezvi, the villagers said, was buried later on Thursday.
Police in Nyazura confirmed the tragedy, adding that the incident had left
the people in Nyazura dumbfounded.

One villager said: "Mourners were attending the funeral service
when it started to rain. There was lightning and thunder. The metal handles
on the coffin acted as a lightning conductor and the mourners near the
coffin were injured."

A survivor, Isaiah Mukamba, said the bolt knocked down the
mourners including those who were carrying the coffin."When I woke up I felt
as if my body was on fire. It was a shock, but I am glad to say I am
recovering," Mukamba said.

The 70-year-old said he had not seen anything like that before.
"The whole community has been shocked. We were ready to bury our relative
and it just happened."

Scientists say lightning strikes somewhere on the surface of the
earth about 100 times every second. Each flash contains enough energy to
light up a 100watt bulb for three months.

Lightning is generated in electrically charged storm systems.
Lightning strikes have an even shorter duration, only lasting up to a few
milliseconds. In that instant, the lightning flash superheats the
surrounding air to a temperature five times hotter than that on the surface
of the sun.

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Gwanda man jailed for insulting Mugabe

Zim Standard


BULAWAYO - A Gwanda man was sentenced to three months in prison
at the beginning of this month (November), after being found guilty of
insulting President Robert Mugabe.

But Gwanda magistrate, Douglas Zvenyika wholly suspended
Bassanio Chikwiriri's sentence for five years on condition he did not commit
the same offence.

Chikwiriri was alleged to have insulted the President last year
by saying Mugabe was the architect of the country's economic woes.

The incident, according to the State, took place on 24 September
last year at the Talk of Gwanda Restaurant and Nightclub. But Chikwiriri,
through his lawyer, argued that the allegations were cooked up by a Zanu PF
official, Timothy Sibanda. He claimed the two had frosty relations.

Chikwiriri, a builder by profession, argued that Sibanda
reported him after he refused to join other builders in Operation
Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle, fearing that he might not be paid for his services.

Under the law, it is a crime punishable by either imprisonment
or a heavy fine to insult the president, his office or to make gestures at
his passing motorcade.

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Mwale escapes arrest as docket goes missing

Zim Standard


MUTARE - Efforts by the Attorney General's office to bring to
justice Joseph Mwale, the state security agent accused of masterminding the
murder of two opposition activists, have hit a brickwall, amid reports the
docket is missing.

AG officials on Tuesday said efforts to have Mwale, a senior
officer with the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), brought to trial
were being frustrated by top police officers in the Criminal Investigation

"When a follow-up was made on Mwale's docket, we were surprised
to be told it was missing," said a senior official in the AG's office who
did not wish to be identified. "The problem is that this docket went missing
when it was in the custody of very senior police officers here in Harare."

Wayne Bvudzijena, the police spokesperson refused to comment.

"I am on leave," he said.

Another police spokesperson, Oliver Mandipaka could not be
reached for comment.

The reported disappearance of Mwale's docket comes weeks after
the AG's office had instructed the police to arrest Mwale. On 23 September,
the AG's office wrote to the police demanding that Mwale be arrested by 6

The officials said they were ala-rmed last week when they were
told the docket could not be located.

Mwale is accused of masterminding the gruesome murder of two
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) activists, Talent Mabika and Tichaona
Chiminya at Murambinda Growth Point in the run-up to the 2000 parliamentary
elections. He has remained free and has been occasionally seen at Zanu PF
and government functions.

Mwale and Kainos Tom Kitsiyatota Zimunya, a war veteran, were
named in the High Court as the culprits behind a petrol bomb attack on the
car which Chiminya and Mabika were using during the campaign.

In a letter addressed to the officer commanding police in
Manicaland, Ronald Muderedzwa, Levison Chikafu, the Manicaland Area
Prosecutor said: "The accused is facing a charge of murder which was
committed in the year 2000.

"The docket was referred to your office with instructions that
you arrest Joseph Mwale and bring him for initial remand.

"To date we have not received any information pertaining to the
progress made by your office. I need to go through the docket with a view of
taking up the matter with my superiors. Submit the docket on or before 6
October 2006."

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Lobby group for SMEsBudget priority: parastatal reform

Zim Standard


FINANCE Minister Herbert Murerwa faces a daunting task on
Thursday when he presents the 2007 National Budget in Parliament.

The budget comes at a time when there are two bills, Public
Finance Management Bill and Audit Service Bill, tabled in Parliament to rein
in errant ministries and parastatals.

The Bills advocate sanctions on errant ministries and

Economic commentators who spoke to Standardbusiness last week
said they were not expecting any surprises from Murerwa who has in previous
budget presentations left legislators in stitches by quoting verses from the
Holy Bible.

At least this time around, Murerwa won't be hassled by big
figures, thanks to Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe's move to slash three zeros off
the bearers' cheque in use up to August.

"There won't be any surprises unless he says something about the
land reform which is a political issue," said economic analyst John
Robertson of Robertson Economic Information Services.

He said that Murerwa should address the shrinking tax base by
introducing policies that generate more taxpayers.

"He is trying to compensate the shrinking tax base by hitting
tax-payers harder than before," Robertson said.

"What he should address is what the Ministry of Finance is doing
to attract investors into Zimbabwe," he said.

David Mupamhadzi, an economist with the Zimbabwe Allied Banking
Group implored Murerwa to ensure that performance-related contracts are
introduced for civil servants and heads of parastatals to "ensure that we
minimise inefficiencies"

"They (civil servants and parastatals) play a critical role in
economic development," Mupamhadzi said.

Mupamhadzi said that Murerwa had to allocate resources to line
ministries "with the scope of business they intend to carry out, to minimise
supplementary budgets".

In July, Murerwa tabled a $327.2 trillion (old currency)
supplementary budget, over two times higher than the actual budget for the
year of $123.9 trillion (old currency).

Mupamhadzi said that Murerwa has to introduce incentives to
workers regarding disposable income. "He should review the minimum tax-free
threshold to ensure that workers are cushioned against the impact of
inflation." he said.

There was need to introduce tax incentives to protect business
interest, especially those entities that have long-term investors Mupamhadzi

He had no kind words for parastatals, insisting that the
government could not continue to spoon-feed loss-making entities. "They
(government) need to look at commercialisation and privatisation of these
entities. They are central to the economy," he said.

Economic commentator Jonathan Kadzura agreed: "The only way you
can properly privatise is when those entities are operating profitably so
that potential investors will see the profit in them.

"If they are operating profitably, we can negotiate with
potential investors on equal terms".

Kadzura said the fiscus had to put in place resources to finance
the operations of parastatals.

He defended the quasi-fiscal activities of the Reserve Bank of
Zimbabwe (RBZ) in doling out funds to parastatals.

"I can appreciate and understand what RBZ is doing. Some of
these parastatals require high levels of financing which should be coming
from the fiscus."

On the need to put in place performance-based contracts, Kadzura
said this should be introduced at heads of department levels.

Kadzura said: "Performance contracts should guarantee their jobs
not loyalty."

As the nation waits with bated breath, the ball is in Murerwa's
court to walk the talk and not to subject the populace to free lessons from
the book of Jeremiah.

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Parliament must demand a value-for-money audit on foreign trips

Zim Standard


IF Parliament were to conduct an audit, most of the trips
undertaken by Zimbabwean delegations would be quite questionable.

One point that emerges very clearly is that the skills of
Zimbabwe's representatives at trade negotiations need to be subjected to
scrutiny, especially by a parliamentary committee.

Zimbabwe has sent its delegations to various corners of the
world, ostensibly in search of agreements of mutual benefit to this country.
However, up to now it has proved an Herculean task to attempt to quantify
the overarching benefits of such trips, the latest of which was to Iran.

Since October 1999 one crisis that has defied the combined
resources and efforts of Zimbabwe's best international trade negotiators has
been the one affecting the fuel sector. If the number of trips undertaken in
search of new fuel supply sources translated into the supply of the
commodity, this country would be awash with fuel.

President Robert Mugabe has led high-powered delegations to
Libya, Equatorial Guinea,Venezuela, Nigeria, Kuwait and Iran. In all these
cases the solution to the fuel crisis has remained elusive and it is
precisely for this reason that Parliament and the opposition must demand an
explanation of the value of these trips.

In fact, they can go further and demand that future trips should
be linked to specific, measurable and achievable outcomes.

It must be a source of great concern to the majority of
Zimbabweans that last week's visit to Iran - one of the world's major oil
producers - bore scant details on fuel supply. For many workers, it means
bracing themselves for more fare increases because of the erratic fuel
supply, while there will be a domino effect on transport charges and
consequently, the price of commodities.

The question begs: precisely what is the brief and priority of
the country's delegations when they travel to foreign lands for trade

Last week's trip to Iran was remarkable in that instead of fuel,
top of the agenda was construction of a thermal power station - the same
sector where in October 2004 Zimbabweans were informed the Chinese would be
embarking on various power stations.

Sometime ago Zimbabweans were informed that the Iranians would
complete construction of the giant Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam in Masvingo, after the
Italians pulled out because Zimbabwe failed to pay the contractors. Since
the announcement that the Iranians were taking over from the Italians, there
has been no significant progress on construction of the dam.

A new pattern is emerging and it raises profound doubts about
Zimbabwe's ability to meet its future international debt obligations:China
is being paid, partly through tobacco; and Iranwill be getting minerals.

Mining companies need to seek clarification on the implications
of this decision. One of the implications is that Zimbabwe will generate
less foreign currency earnings for its other needs and the country will
default on its other international obligations. This will usher in a vicious
circle whose full implications we doubt the government has given serious and
deserved consideration to.

The kind of solidarity Zimbabwe has forged withIran is long on
rhetoric but woefully short on delivering what this country urgently needs.
Iran has all along known about Zimbabwe's acute fuel crisis. Teheran did not
have to wait for last week to remember that Zimbabwe has been blighted by
this crisis for almost a decade. And there is little doubt at the end of the
day who the beneficiaries of this agreement will be.

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No justification for any violence

Zim Standard

sundayopinion by Fungai machirori

IF we agree to this Bill, we will be trapped. If I catch my wife
with another man, I cannot discipline her because once she reports it, it
becomes domestic violence."

Zacharia Ziyambi, the MP for Kadoma West, offered the statement
in a sitting of Parliament for the second reading of the country's proposed
Domestic Violence Bill.

These words hold a frighteningly powerful answer to the question
of why domestic violence persists, and will continue to do so in our
societies, unless we re-think the beliefs and expectations we hold about
this most serious offence.

The current law in Zimbabwe treats physical and sexual abuses of
women as crimes of common assault. The Domestic Violence Bill went through
five stages where it was debated in the House of Assembly. It will now go to
the Senate for the second reading before the other various stages.

Only a handful of countries in the Southern African Development
Community (SADC) have specific Domestic Violence Acts in place - including
Mauritius, South Africa, Namibia, and Seychelles. Even in countries that
have such a law in place, domestic violence continues to be a pervasive

The Zimbabwe Domestic Violence Bill currently in the pipeline
incorporates provisions for preventing violence, including the establishment
of a non-Domestic Violence Committee composed of government,
non-governmental organisations, churches and traditional leaders. It also
provides for a definition of domestic violence that encompasses physical,
emotional, verbal and psychological abuse, as well as "economic" abuse, that
is, the misuse of financial assets to the detriment of the partner and other
members of the family.

Ziyambi's comments show how people still run circles around the
issue, refusing to accept their own actions as domestic violence. He would
like to believe that domestic violence begins when the law enables his wife
to report such acts to the police.

However, domestic violence does not require the state's approval
in order to define it. It refers to the gross use of one's own power,
whether physical, verbal, emotional, psychological, financial, or otherwise,
to dominate and harm another human being and thus rob them of their inherent
rights and dignity.

The point is not to analyse jealousy, infidelity, and the
factors that lead to these abuses. We must highlight the arrogance and lack
of awareness that exists among perpetrators of domestic violence.

People who hold Ziyambi's views believe that as long as the act
of striking a partner or child, or using other means to create fear and
subordination, occurs within the four neat walls of the home, the matter
remains solely their business. Therefore, to them, the Domestic Violence
Bill, if passed into law, would serve as a pervasive Big Brother-like
structure that would impinge upon their right to privacy and 'freedom' to
discipline errant behaviour.

The statement from Tafara-Mabvuku MP, Timothy Mubhawu that women
are not equal to men and any legislation supporting such claims would be
diabolical, resulted in mass protests by women's groups. Yet, other speakers
echoed his sentiments more subtely showing that this Bill is making many
people, particularly, men, very uneasy.

Unfortunately, this discomfort is not born from concern for the
loss of mutual respect and trust that ought to form personal relationships,
but instead, from the sanctions that a criminal charge of domestic violence
would bring.

In the same session of Parliament, Binga representative, Joel
Gabbuza noted: "It (the Domestic Violence Bill) is against jealousy and
extreme possessiveness but I have to be possessive because she (his wife) is
the only asset I love."

Here, possessiveness is equated to and understood as an offshoot
of love, when in fact real love must entail trust and respect in order to be
called such. The statement implies that women are valued as mere assets to
yield investments on bride price through servile behaviour and
childbearing - to be further disposed of if they fail to fulfill these
roles. This implies that women can never be equal partners and stakeholders
within marriages and societies.

It was refreshing however, to hear one male policy influencer,
Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, note
that domestic violence cannot be justified through traditional customs and
values. Chinamasa contradicts such claims and urged Zimbabweans to move away
from a system of condoning domestic violence in the name of culture.

He, and hopefully many others, realise that culture is dynamic
and as such must adapt to ever-changing environments in order to remain
viable and relevant. Gender equality and equity are values that we need to
start appreciating in homes and other social institutions to create a
culture of tolerance and respect for each human being's individuality and
security of person.

Violence begets violence and violent acts in the home must be
recognised for what they are - violence.

* Fungai Machirori is a trainee media professional with the
Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service.

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New constitution key to free and fair elections in 2008

Zim Standard

sundayopinion by Madock Chivasa

It is general knowledge that the next Presidential election will
be in 2008. Although there are different opinions about whether the
Presidential election will be held then or not, it is abundantly clear and
enshrined in the present constitution that we are required to hold a
Presidential election in 2008.

Assuming that the election is called for early 2008, it leaves a
period of less than 15 months to prepare for the presidential election.
Zimbabweans should start to debate the kind of a presidential election we
will have without a new constitution.

Holding a presidential election under the present constitution
clearly guarantees a Zanu PF victory. It's therefore clear that the task of
the government is of ensuring that we use the present laws to hold the 2008
presidential election and any other election in the country.

The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) wants all Zimbabweans
to come out and challenge the government to put in place a new constitution
which is people-driven as a way of ensuring free and fair elections. Unless
that is done, we will experience a repetition of a presidential election
where opposition political parties are barred from campaigning freely in
some areas.

We will also continue to have elections where the President and
his government handpick observers and appoint people who run elections. At
this particular juncture in the history of this country, we can no longer
continue to run elections that are condemned by local, regional and
international observers. Zimbabweans should not forget that we still have
the same judiciary that took five years to hear the petitions of MDC cases
arising from the 2000 Parliamentary elections.

It's still the same judiciary that is still to hear the case of
the MDC and President Mugabe where the MDC disputes the outcome of the 2002
presidential election. Now that we are already focusing on another
presidential election with the previous case still pending, the NCA doubts
regarding election held under the present constitution are vindicated.

The NCA urges Zimbabweans not to forget the partisan nature of
the army that came out in the media prior to the 2002 election declaring
that they had power to approve or disapprove of the outcome of the
presidential election that year.

The role of the ruthless youth militia in the election is not
clear and it was generally seen during the last presidential election as
that of coercing people into voting for Zanu PF.

There are several citizens who can testify to the inhuman and
barbaric nature of the youth militias during previous elections.

Zimbabweans should also reject having another crucial poll with
a public media that is privatised by Zanu PF. An election under laws such as
AIPPA and POSA where the private media is restricted and the public media is
monopolised by Zanu PF is a clear indication of the unfairness of any
election conducted in such an environment.

POSA will be used to deny clearance for opposition political
parties' meetings, rallies and any other gatherings. We cannot afford yet
another election with an Election Supervisory Commission that can announce
results with discrepancies with neither shame nor respect for the whole
nation. We are tired of all the draconian laws and the tyranny that is
perpetuated by the ruling elite and their cronies against peace-loving

The government is comfortable with the present set of laws that
ensures its victory in any elections. We urge Zimbabweans from all walks of
life to come out clearly, demanding a new constitution that is people-driven
and serves the best interests of this nation. Zimbabwe does not deserve a
constitution that allows a minority grouping to decide on behalf of the
majority of citizens, who are languishing in poverty.

An election that does not ensure a free and fair outcome is a
threat to democracy and should be resisted by all Zimbabweans. While
acknowledging the need for different ways of demanding a new constitution,
let's all start to put pressure on the government so that it agrees to
constitutional reforms before a crucial presidential poll.

The NCA is going to increase its presence on the streets,
demonstrating for a people-driven constitution and we ask people to support
this noble demand. Freedom is not easy and it comes with a price, therefore
Zimbabweans should be courageous enough to confront the arrogant government
until their needs are addressed.

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Zim Standard Letters

CHRA condemns Senator Thembani's meddling
THE Combined Harare Residents' Association (CHRA) is not
surprised by the threats from Senator for Mufakose-Kuwadzana/Dzivaresekwa,
Sabina Thembani, directed at the headmaster of Rukudzo Primary School,
Kambuzuma, whose "crime" was to allow residents of Kambuzuma to meet to
discuss the forthcoming 2007 City of Harare budget.

The meeting ended prematurely after she ordered the headmaster
to disperse the residents.

CHRA rejects these attempts by the Senator to exert some
imaginary power over residents. Nearly 400 residents gathered for CHRA's
public meeting while less than 10 parents turned up to witness the
pre-school graduation ceremony where Senator Thembani was a guest. It is
obvious that the Senator was incensed by the apparent slap in the face by
the residents.

Senator Thembani must not fool herself that she represents
anyone. She is simply the recipient of Zanu PF patronage, which uses the
Senate to park off some of its political dinosaurs.

Thembani's actions demonstrate that she is an active proponent
of Zimbabwe's dominant political culture of intimidation, coercion and

Anyone who wishes to receive the residents' support must work
for the good of the residents and not abuse them. CHRA will continue to
mobilise residents for action against the thieves who continue to steal from
our city and its resources.

We urge the Zimbabwe Teachers' Association, the Progressive
Teachers' Union of Zimbabwe and Parliament to protect teachers who are
threatened by abusive politicians.

CHRA calls on the community to support the headmaster of Rukudzo
Primary School against the ill-intentioned Senator who still believes in the
politics of intimidation and threats.

Precious Shumba



Norton Council biting more than it can chew
THE proposed construction of ancillary works at the Norton
Water Treatment plant is a noble idea, which is needed as soon as possible.
However, as a resident of Norton, who is expected to contribute $20 000 a
month to the proposed project, I wish to object to the levy for several

The first is that the council is not competent enough to
manage such a critical project because the staff does not have the capacity
and commitment to undertake such a project. In addition, there are several
other projects that council has failed to complete.

For example, the project to expand Norton's sewage works
remains uncompleted even though funds were provided and materials were
procured. I doubt the wisdom of embarking on something when the sewage
project remains uncompleted.

The Tankatara road housing scheme in Twin Lakes suburb
remains uncompleted even though the funds were paid some two years ago but
so far, progress has been extremely slow.

The housing scheme between Katanga and Maridale seems to
have been abandoned, even though not a single house has been completed. Have
the funds already been exhausted? I trust that all the money and materials
for this project can be fully accounted for.

The current rates being charged residents are in excess of
what the majority of residents can afford, how then are they expected to
afford an additional $20 000 a month? Council needs to be realistic in its

Projects such as construction of ancillary works at Norton
Water treatment plant can only be handled by a private company or the
government but not the council.

Resident & owner

Twin Lakes


Women must earn equality
ZIMBABWEAN women are a really confused lot. The
Standard of 19 November reports women demanding a 50% stake in political

But someone should tell them politics is no easy
stroll in the park. If they want 50% stake, they must work for it. They must
not expect to be given quotas, because we are now equal. If they are serious
about equal leadership, they must observe the following:

First, women must form their own political party,
and not ask for quotas from other political parties, which were formed by
men. They can't ask men to form a party on their behalf.

Second, they must elect female candidates who stand
against male candidates in any election. Men cannot elect female candidates
on their behalf. Besides, there are more female voters than men, so what is
the problem?

Third, those women who advocate for 50-50 leadership
should set an example by putting themselves forward as candidates. Female
candidates are not manufactured.

Fourth, the chances of having a 50-50 representation
are unlikely, as women are a naturally divided breed. Just look at the
scores of women's groups, all purporting to represent the interests of
women, when only one organisation would do.

The moment we have one women's political party, it
won't be long before we have dozens of other parties, because that is their
nature. The campaign that was launched last week for a 50-50 stake was
staged by only one women's group, Women In Politics Support Unit (Wipsu).
Where were the rest of the women's groups?

Ndomafungiro akewo


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Iran to Launch Zimbabwe's Oil Refinery

      By a Correspondent

      TEHRAN - Iranian experts have been appointed to re-launch the only oil
refinery of Zimbabwe, which stopped operation 40 years ago.

      The decision was made following a recent visit to Tehran by Zimbabwean
President Robert Mugabe.

      The refinery had originally been made to refine imported oil from
Iran, but its operation came to a halt after the world community imposed
sanctions on the then government of Rhodesia.

      At present, Zimbabwe imports all its needed oil products from South
Africa.  Also during Mugabe's visit to Tehran, Iranian officials agreed to
provide Zimbabwe with direct financial aids and cooperation in the
agriculture and energy sectors.

      Harare, in return, has authorized Iran to explore and excavate her

      Fars News Agency

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SW Radio wins top international award

New Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 11/25/2006 21:34:57
ZIMBABWE'S privately-owned SW Radio Africa which broadcasts from London has
won the International Radio Station of the Year award from the Association
for International Broadcasting (AIB), it was announced Friday.

Presenter Mandisa Mundawarara was highly commended in the award category for
International Presenter of the Year.

The awards were presented at a gala dinner in London on November 22.

Attended by senior executives, producers and journalists from TV and radio
channels from five continents, the AIB Awards event rewarded the very best
programmes and channels for international audiences across television and

There were nine award categories and over 100 entries from international
broadcasters in 20 countries and SW Radio Africa was in stellar company.

Other award winners included the BBC, which won various categories including
Best Radio Coverage of a Single News Event for its coverage of the South
Asian Earthquake as well as winning International TV Station of the Year.

Sky News picked up the award for Best TV Coverage of a Single News Event for
its coverage of the London bombings while Al Jazeera received the award for
Best Magazine TV Program.

SW Radio Africa were described as "a brave, and excellent independent
alternative to Zimbabwe's state media."

The AIB awards are the only ones that celebrate excellence in international
cross-border broadcasting, judged by an international panel of broadcasting
experts, including professional TV and radio critics from leading

SW Radio Station said in a statement Friday: "We are very pleased to know
that our peers have recognised the quality of our programming. All we have
ever tried to do is broadcast well produced programmes into Zimbabwe so that
listeners feel informed and entertained.

"Unfortunately the government doesn't see it like that and has gone to
enormous expense to jam our signal in the main centres.

" What a tragedy that Zimbabwe's best journalists and broadcasters have
been forced to base themselves outside the country and that our government
doesn't celebrate our achievements. We look forward to the day when we are
out of a job, and can go home and help rebuild our shattered nation."

SW Radio Africa can be heard via shortwave in Southern Africa on 4880kHz (if
you're outside the jamming area!) and anywhere in the world via the internet

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Illegal immigrant numbers staggering

From, 23 November

Since 1980 more than 10.3 million foreigners who entered South Africa
legally, never declared their departure, an employment report released on
Thursday showed. The report, called the fourth South African Employment
Report, was compiled by T-Sec economist Mike Schussler on behalf of trade
union Uasa. The report showed that the number of foreign visitors, who never
declared their departure, had increased from 65 000 per month in 2005 to
more than 85 000 per month in 2005. Since 1988 to June this year, South
Africa deported 2.459 million illegal immigrants, the report showed. Last
year, the country deported 209 988 illegal aliens while the United States,
which has a well-publicised immigration problem, deported only 186 000,
according to the report. The report noted that if South Africa was deporting
only 20 percent of the illegal immigrants more than 9.84 million people were
illegal immigrants. It viewed this as a "possible" scenario.

"Between 1991 and 2005 the department of Home Affairs recorded the births of
more than 3.1 million people born in South Africa before 1991. his means
that this part of the population was at least 15 years old when registering
their birth," the report stated. "The numbers are staggering to say the
least, specifically when viewed against the actual 2006 population numbers,"
the researchers said. They added that more than 6.5 percent of the total
Mozambique population had been deported from South Africa since 1994. A
total of 4.3 percent of Zimbabwe, four percent of Lesotho and 2.5 percent of
Swaziland populations have been deported from South Africa since 1994.
Noting that most deportees were from Zimbabwe, Uasa urged government to
address the situation in that country. "At present, less than 1.2 million
Zimbabweans are employed in their country. Uasa estimates that more
Zimbabweans are employed in South Africa than Zimbabwe itself," the union
said. The report comes soon after the SABC's Special Assignment aired
footage of widespread corruption in the Department of Home Affairs offices,
which showed a Zimbabwean woman easily buying ID documents and birth

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Jag Job Opportunities - updated 24 November 2006

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Job Opportunities; or


Ad inserted 26 October 2006


Secretary in tourism/hunting needed. Word, Email and common sense required.
It is very interesting and can be very entertaining too. Salary negotiable.


Ad inserted 09 November 2006

Temporary position from the 27 November 2006 to 15 December 2006.  Locality
Mt. Pleasant.  Position is to fill in for General Manager who is going to be
away from the 3 December until the New Year. Basically it will be to oversee
the operations in conjunction with the Factory Supervisor and send off the
final shipment on the 15 December 2006.  The operation is textile based.
The ideal person needs to have a good working knowledge of knitting and
sowing as well as good administration skills.  Must be computer literate in
Word, Excel and E-Mail.

Forward C.V. to soonest.


Ad inserted 17 November 2006

Farm Job Vacancy in Nigeria Kwara State Government, Nigeria, is looking for
a General Manager for an Agricultural Training Farm, situated 30kms.NW of
Ilorin.  The position entails the managing of the 1000ha farm, growing
200ha. Maize, 100ha. Cow Peas and 100ha Cassava, with livestock being
Catfish, Broilers and Layers. In addition, with the assistance of 5
technical staff, train 100 Agricultural Students the practical aspects of
Commercial Agriculture.

The contract is for two years, commencing on the 5th January 2007. The
contract is renewable and notice is six months, to take effect at the end of
the cropping season.

Terms of Employment
Salary  US$50,000.00 per annum

Accommodation: Fully furnished, three bed-roomed house on farm, with air
conditioning throughout.

Staff: One cook, one gardener, one official driver and 2 security guards.

Other: Two economy air tickets per annum to country of choice.  One official
Govt. vehicle.  One 4-wheel motorcycle.  Free electricity, water and fuel
within Kwara State.  Internet facilities.  Four weeks leave per year.

Interested parties, please contact Colin Spain - e-mail address

Please attach recent C.V.


Ad inserted 17/11/06

Maid required for family home in Umwinsidale area.  To start immediately.
Must speak good English; be energetic, over 30 years of age having finished
having their own family.  Washing, ironing, housework and basic cooking
would be useful.  Accommodation is offered and husband and 2 children still
at school are welcome.  Attractive salary to the right person.

Contact 499101 or 011207930 with contactable references.


Ad inserted 17/11/06


We are looking for a reliable, hard working honest middle aged gentleman to
fill the position of Water/Land Manager in the Bumi Area.

Please could all CV's be emailed to: or


Ad inserted 24 November 2006

A Harare based property company requires a hands-on, energetic and
disciplined individual, with a general basic knowledge of plumbing,
electrics etc, to help with the supervision and maintenance of existing
buildings. Package to be negotiated. If interested please send a one page
synopsis of your career and attendant skills to Box 10149, Harare


Ad inserted 24 November 2006

A Country Club close to Harare is looking for the following staff:

1) A general handyman preferably with some knowledge in maintenance of golf
course fairways and greens, associated equipment, staff management and
familiar with irrigation systems.

2) Someone with experience in bar and restaurant management or
organisational skills.

The above positions would ideally suit a couple. Accommodation, medical aid
and negotiable salary are on offer. These positions are available

Please forward CV to




Ad inserted 09 November 2006

House worker required.

Must be mature, clean, honest and hardworking.  Cooking would be an
advantage but not a prerequisite. A good salary is offered along with
excellent accommodation to the right person.
Please phone 04-301467, cell 011 614 233 or email to:

Many thanks
Keow Norman
61 Pendennis Road
Mt Pleasant


Ad inserted 09 November 2006

Bookkeeping done at home

Anyone looking for someone to do their books on a monthly bases, on Pastel.
Monthly Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss produced?

Please contact or phone cell 011 400 754


Ad inserted (17/11/06

I am a Bsc Hons In Agric (Crop science) graduate and currently working on a
tobacco farm in Nyazura area as a Farm Manager, doing mainly tobacco and
potatoes. I am looking for a similar placement elsewhere in Zimbabwe or
Zambia. Available from 1December 2006. I have six years experience in
agronomy and farm management with special skills in: -

Planning cropping programmes, farm staff and general labour management
drawing & implementing farm budgets general farm cost control sourcing and
procurement of inputs marketing produce planning and directing farm
operations providing expert advice in production of the following crops;
tobacco, maize, potatoes, peas, baby corn, sweet corn, cabbages, beans,

For my detailed C.V e-mail
Or telephone 011433837


Ad inserted 24 November 2006

Situation sought for a semi-retired male.

A semi-retired male, single, seeks rewarding employment. It does not
necessarily have to be in the scientific fields that he was trained, and he
is desirous in being kept busy and not completely chair bound. He has a
clean driver's license class 3, 4, and 5, and is relatively free to travel.

His training was in the fields of telecommunications including radio,
electromechanical equipment (instrumentation, including medical) and

He is employed at present but needs a change to be in a situation where his
skills / experience and knowledge can be utilized to the full for job

Employment does not even have to be in the formal sector and a flexi-time
position would be attractive. He is prepared to talk to any one with ideas.

He is trustworthy having been employed in a position of trust, handling
chequebook, cash, and stock since his retirement.

Interested persons please reply to this email address. and a CV will be forwarded to you.

Alternatively telephone him direct on 04 487631 evenings and weekends or 04
703119 any time where a friend will take your call and pass on your contact


For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact: (updated 24 November 2006)

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