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Harare to read riot act to US envoy tomorrow

Zim Online

Tue 8 November 2005

      HARARE - Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi is
expected to summon United States (US) Ambassador Christopher Dell on
Wednesday for his stinging criticism of the government last week, which the
Harare administration says was undiplomatic behaviour.

      Authoritative sources said President Robert Mugabe and his Cabinet
would deliberate Dell's case at length at today's Cabinet meeting in Harare
and said the Executive would instruct Mumbengegwi to read the riot act to
the US envoy.

      "We expect the Foreign Affairs Ministry to summon Ambassador Dell this
Wednesday over recent statements attributed to him which are of concern to
us," said a top official at the ministry, who declined to be named.

      But the official was adamant Dell would not be expelled from Harare, a
move that could immediately see a freeze of already badly strained ties
between Zimbabwe and the US.

      "We are not aware of these threats to expel him (Dell) but clearly his
actions and statements are undiplomatic and he would be told in no uncertain
terms that the government of Zimbabwe will not be entertaining that kind of
behaviour," said another government official.

      State media had reported yesterday that Dell risked being expelled for
continuing to meddle in the country's internal affairs after the envoy
blamed corrupt rule and gross mismanagement by Mugabe's government for
plunging the southern Africa nation into its worst economic crisis.

      The government media also said Mugabe would himself summon the US
envoy but Information Secretary and Mugabe's spokesman, George Charamba, was
yesterday quoted by the Press saying the issue would be dealt with by
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

      Mumbengegwi was not available for comment yesterday but last Friday
told journalists that the government would issue "an appropriate statement
at the appropriate time" on the Dell saga.

      Dell's comments in Mutare last week that Mugabe's government is
squarely to blame for plunging the once prosperous country into its worst
economic crisis since 1980 has met with anger in Harare's corridors of

      In the most forthright condemnation yet of Mugabe's rule by a foreign
envoy, Dell said neither drought nor sanctions, as espoused by the Harare
authorities, were responsible for the country's economic ills.

      Mugabe constantly rejects accusations of mismanaging the economy and
instead charges that the West have ganged against his regime as punishment
for the often violent expropriation of white-owned commercial farms, which
critics say has resulted in food shortages

      Western diplomats were mum over the issue yesterday while officials at
the US embassy in Harare said they had no comment on the issue.

      One Western diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity however said
they were watching the saga with keen interest but said they could only
issue a statement in the event of any action being taken against Dell.

      Dell was last month briefly detained by members of the Presidential
Guard after trespassing into a restricted security zone at the National
Botanical Gardens in Harare, near Mugabe's official State House residence, a
move Harare said was calculated to provoke an unnecessary diplomatic row.

      Government officials said Dell was lucky not to have been shot.

      The sources said Dell was likely to be put under open surveillance as
was the case to former British Ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Donnelly in June
2002 who was accused personally by Mugabe of being involved in activities to
undermine the government.

      Meanwhile, former Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohammed arrived in
Zimbabwe last night on a three-day working visit, state television reported.

      It said Mohammed, one of Mugabe's closest allies, is today expected to
deliver a lecture in Harare on civil service reform. Top government
officials and chief executives of government-owned companies are expected to
attend the lecture, according to the television report.

      Mohammed is en route to the Southern African International Dialogue
biennial fete scheduled for Maseru. - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwe land invaders burn US$22 million in plantation fires

Zim Online

Tue 8 November 2005

      HARARE - Zimbabwe's Timber Producers Federation (TPF) has said about
Z$1.3 trillion (nearly US$22 million) of export  timber was lost to forest
fires since the beginning of the year, adding that the government was for
political reasons reluctant to act against black farmers accused of causing
the fires.

      In a report to Environment Minister Francis Nhema at the weekend,
federation chairman, Joseph Kanyekanye, said the fires were largely caused
by black villagers some of them illegally occupying plantations but many of
them settled there by the government contrary to its earlier claims that it
would not seize plantations for redistribution to landless blacks.

      Kanyekanye, who said the damage caused to plantation agriculture could
take up to 20 years to correct, said damage caused by forest fires since
2000 when the government began its chaotic land redistribution exercise was
greater than damage incurred in the previous 30 years before the land

      "In 2000, the Forest Act was sidelined in favour of the Land Reform
Programme. Since then, the plantations have had little protection against
fires. Fire damage in the last four years is greater than the previous 30
years added together," Kanyekanye said in his report.

      In many cases plantation managers have reported the black farmers to
the police for burning down forests but the police have shown unwillingness
to arrest the farmers because they considered the matter to be political,
according to Kanyekanye.

      "(There is) frequently no reaction (as the) matter would be deemed
political. The absence of policy and related  lawlessness is encouraging
illegal occupation of plantations," the TPF chief said.

      It was not possible to get comment from Nhema or Home Affairs Minister
Kembo Mohadi on Kanyekanye's report.

      President Robert Mugabe and his government have since 2000 seized
white-owned land, parcelling it out to landless blacks in what they said was
a campaign to correct an unjust land tenure system that reserved 75 percent
of the best  arable land to the minority whites while blacks were cramped on
poor soils.

      More than 90 percent of the country's large-scale producing white
commercial farmers were forcibly evicted from their properties under the
chaotic and often violent government land reforms that have also seen food
production  plummeting.

      Zimbabwe has in the past five years avoided famine only because
international food agencies provided food aid. But a third of the country's
12 million people face starvation between now and the next harvest around
March/April 2006 unless more than one million tonnes of food aid is urgently

      Mugabe's government had said it would not seize plantations and game
conservancies but backtracked on its promise allowing its supporters to
seize huge tracts of forestry and game conservancy land.

      It is estimated that more than 50 percent of Zimbabwe's wildlife may
have been lost to poachers during the chaotic government farm seizures. -

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Zimbabwe says take over of SA's Anglo-owned estate final

Zim Online

Tue 8 November 2005

      HARARE - The Zimbabwe government on Monday said it would not reverse
plans to seize the giant Mkwasine sugar estates owned by South Africa's
Anglo-American Corporation.

      Speaking ahead of Friday's visit to Zimbabwe by Anglo officials trying
to persuade the government to return Mkwasine, Willard Chiwewe, the governor
of Masvingo province, in which the estate is located, said the South African
firm should not expect any favours from Harare.

       "I look forward to meeting them on Friday but they should know that
Mkwasine Estates tatora (we have taken over) . .  . .  we will leave them
with Triangle and Hippo Valley only," Chiwewe said.

      Triangle and Hippo Valley are Zimbabwe's largest sugar estates and
like Mkwasine are located in the country's south-eastern lowveld.

      The 11 500 hectare Mkwasine sugar estate was last September issued
with a Section 8 order which under the government's land acquisition laws,
gives the company 90 days to wind up operations and vacate the property.

      Although the government had initially said it was not going to seize
timber, tea and sugar estates, it appears to have backtracked on the promise
with several estates now targeted for acquisition by the state.

      Harare's plantation seizures are also in violation of bilateral trade
and investment protection agreements with several countries including its
major ally, South Africa.

      President Robert Mugabe's farm seizure programme has destabilised the
mainstay agricultural sector knocking down  food production by 60 percent.
The southern African nation, once self sufficient in food, has since the
farm seizures which began five years ago virtually depended on food handouts
from international aid agencies. - ZimOnline

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200 Zimbabwean blind beggars kicked out of flats in Jo'burg

Zim Online

Tue 8 November 2005

      JOHANNESBURG - At least 200 blind Zimbabwean immigrants are living on
the streets after they were last week evicted from some municipal-owned
flats where the local authority said they had been staying illegally.

      The evicted families, who survive on begging on the streets of
Johannesburg, were staying in the poor suburbs of Berea and Hillbrow after
fleeing hunger and economic hardship in Zimbabwe over the past five years.

      One of the evicted Zimbabweans, Andrew Swetu-Mutero, said they were
ejected out of the flats last week after the Johannesburg city council said
they were occupying the properties illegally.

      "Right now we have nowhere to go and the rainy season has just
started. When we left Zimbabwe to come and settle here, we brought our
families including children . . . . But now things have become very
difficult for us here," he said.

      Efforts to get comment yesterday from the Johannesburg city
authorities on the evictions failed. But the council has in the past carried
out similar evictions of people who had taken over some run-down buildings
in a bid to revamp the city.

      At least three million Zimbabweans, a quarter of the country's 12
million people, are living outside the country the majority of them in South
Africa after fleeing home because of the economic and political crisis.

      Zimbabwe's main opposition Movement for Democratic Change party and
the West blame President Robert Mugabe for the crisis which has seen prices
of basic foodstuffs soaring beyond the reach of many.

      Mugabe however denies ruining the economy blaming the crisis on
sabotage by Britain and its Western allies whom he says are unhappy over his
seizure of white-owned land for redistribution to landless blacks five years
ago. - ZimOnline

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MDC leader 'chased away' by party youths

Mail and Guardian

      Johannesburg, South Africa

      08 November 2005 08:02

            Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan
Tsvangirai was chased away by party youths at a rally in Lupane on Monday,
that country's Herald Online reports.

            It quoted MDC sources on Tuesday as saying youths opposed to
Tsvangirai's boycott of Senate elections "camped" at Somhlolo Stadium to
stop their leader from speaking.

            Apparently, no one else turned up for the rally.

            "Tsvangirai was sent scurrying when a group of youths came
rushing to his car, threatening to beat him up. He was parked by the garage
near the main Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway to gauge the mood of the
people of Lupane," said an MDC member.

            "But before he could do anything, youths came running from the
stadium and wanted to beat him up. When he [Tsvangirai] saw them coming, he
quickly jumped into his car and they sped away towards Bulawayo."

            Some of the youths were said to have followed his entourage up
to St Luke's to make sure that it did not return to Lupane.

            "The message to him was loud and clear: he is not welcome here
in Matabeleland with his anti-Senate views," said a high-ranking member of
the MDC.

            Tsvangirai is on a tour of Matabeleland North to address party
supporters and campaign for a boycott of the Senate polls scheduled for
November 26.

            Tsvangirai's spokesperson, William Bango, said the MDC leader
boss did not flee Lupane.

            "There was no plan to address a rally in Lupane. The only rally
was at Dete. After addressing that rally, he [Tsvangirai] left." -- Sapa

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Zimbabwe surrounded by sound and fury, but little action

Simon Tisdall
Tuesday November 8, 2005
The Guardian

Christopher Dell, the US ambassador to Zimbabwe, did not mince words.
President Robert Mugabe's government was guilty of gross mismanagement and
corruption, Mr Dell said in a speech last week. "No wrongs are righted. The
rule of law (is) in a shambles."
Zimbabwe's economic collapse was due primarily to the seizure of 5,000
white-owned farms, not drought or limited western sanctions, he said. The
"astonishing" nosedive in agricultural production had reversed 50 years of
progress in six years.

Article continues



Mr Dell is not alone in his criticisms. Thirteen western governments
including Britain issued a joint statement in Harare at the weekend
demanding Mr Mugabe accept that Zimbabwe faced a deepening crisis, caused in
part by the government's urban clearance operation, Operation Murambatsvina
(Restore Order).
"Tens of thousands of people [are] still homeless and in need of assistance
five months after the eviction campaign began," the statement said. It urged
Mr Mugabe to reverse his decision to reject international aid as
unnecessary. Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general, made a similar appeal,
saying he was "deeply concerned about the humanitarian situation".

Whatever the Mugabe government may say, Zimbabwe's position looks
increasingly perilous. Various estimates suggest food shortages now affect
half the population; 4 million people face famine. Average life expectancy
has halved in a decade, the economy has contracted by 30% in six years, and
unemployment is about 70%.

A special UN inquiry last summer condemned Operation Murambatsvina as a
"catastrophe" that violated international law. It had displaced 700,000
people and affected another 1.7 million. Unicef estimated 250,000 children
were made homeless.

Human Rights Watch said the evictions had disrupted treatment for people
with HIV/Aids in a country where 3,000 die from the disease each week and
about 1.3 million children have been orphaned. The operation was "the latest
manifestation of a massive human rights problem that has been going on for
years", said Amnesty International.

"Zimbabwe's governance has reached a low point which it is now almost
impossible for its neighbours to ignore," the independent International
Crisis Group said in an investigation, Zimbabwe's Tipping Point.

But all these statements and reports have yet to bring an effective
international response - and have been flatly rejected by Harare. State
media reported yesterday that the US ambassador faced expulsion "for
interfering in the country's internal affairs".

Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, the foreign minister, accused Britain last week of
manufacturing a "fictitious crisis" and mocked its failure to take Zimbabwe
before the UN security council. Mr Mugabe continues to accuse "hypocritical"
Britain of masterminding an Anglo-Saxon conspiracy against its former

Critics of British and western policy say a tougher, more proactive approach
is needed if the UN's "responsibility to protect" principle is to have any
meaning, and if many Zimbabweans are to be saved from catastrophe this

"Mugabe's brutal expulsion of white farmers was only a trial run. He has
since persecuted and starved hundreds of thousands of black Zimbabweans,"
Andrew Mitchell, the shadow international development secretary, said
yesterday. "The government should be doing more to coordinate a response
with what used to be called the frontline states, the UN and other African
countries, particularly South Africa.

"You try everything. You don't take no for an answer. What Mugabe is doing
is immoral and wrong."

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MDC hitting a brick wall

We in MDC must accept that to differ is not to be disrespectful. Why did the Gibson led faction boycotted the National Council meeting on Saturday? There is no doubt that Morgan Tsvangirai did not handle the first debate on the Senate tactfully but why Gibson Sibanda and others decided to boycott a meeting to resolve their differences is shrewd and suspicious.
To an outside world, MDC has never had internal differences, far away from it. Like an organization the purpose of having meetings is both for the purpose of information dissemination and making conclusive decision based on human suffrage.  Past differences were resolved amicably using the constitution to whip every member into line. A good example is when Morgan, Welshman and Gasela were caught in the web plot by Ben Menashe and the Madison PR company. There was a feeling of mistrust that the 3 acted outside the party lines to meet a dubious PR company just like what Mugabe did with the intervention in the DRC war without parliament approval, and the suspension of Sikhala, Musekiwa, Jongwe and Mashakada for infighting and the firing of Gwisai. The party was able solve these serious misdemeanours with no protracted fighting unlike this Senatorial election fiasco.  That to me were graver than the Senatorial election but as a party we resolved it amicably. What then has changed in Zimbabwean politics to warranty this political mudslinging? Mugabe is still the dictator he was, ZANU (PF) is still in power plundering the economy of Zimbabwe wily nily. As I see it the only thing that has changed is the value of the dollar, of course to the worse. I would not be wrong then if I say that the infighting currently in MDC is born out of greedy and economic survival. I don’t stand to be corrected that none of those being political manipulative and thick still have the struggle at heart. They will have very little to show me that there are not sell-outs to a struggle that has been for a very long time on course through blood of sons and daughters of Zimbabwe. Surely if MDC agreed to talk with ZANU (PF) in the last aborted talks what makes MDC fail to talk to MDC if they are still committed to the struggle.
While in my last article I alluded to Morgan Tsvangirai making an error of political judgement, I have always supported the total boycott of the senate and the Lower House and anything ZANU. In principle there is need to have a political consensus on such matters and they must be no political grey area. I repeat, it is wrong to use a decree to solve an electoral process and what ever Morgan want us to believe, I remain adamant that he should have campaigned for the no vote rather than leave it to the mercy of political vultures, if you can not convince your own subordinates on what is a matter of principle then how then do you expect to convince ZANU (PF) that you are an alternative government, it sounds sordid to say the least. Worse still if you agree to a voting process then be prepared for any outcome and be the first to admit defeat if it comes your way. If as a matter of principle you needed it reversed, then you must use your leadership charisma to force reason unto your doubting Thomases, such is the language of politics.
Lets look at the pending results of the Senate election. ZANU (PF) has already 40 seats out of 66 possible seats even assuming those registered to participate under MDC tickets win the elections. If numbers are to go by, then ZANU (PF) has already hijacked the electoral results. It is then illogical to expect anything coming from the 26 November election. How does MDC even justify being in the House of Parliament as window dressers for ZANU (PF)?  Gibson and Morgan must stop behaving like school hooligans. There must be dialogue and unity of purpose. Let the congress decide who should lead the party rather than start snatching none existing powers from each other. What ever is happening in MDC is giving Mugabe the longest laugh. MDC belongs to us the people of Zimbabwe those bent on hijacking it for their own personal gains must be warned that history will be at your mercy.

Elliot Pfebve

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Sudden Death

I do not know if you have ever experienced a sudden death in your family?
Two years ago my son in law, Antony, died from a heart attack without any
real warning. We had just spent a wonderful few days with them and their new
baby who was just 5 months old at the time. He was a highly intelligent, fit
man of 34 years and was headed for a superb career as a lawyer. He was also
a man of impeccable integrity and real personal faith, and perhaps most
special to us; he deeply loved our daughter and was besotted with their
first child after 11 years of a happy marriage.

I do not think we will ever recover from the nightmare of that day when our
daughter phoned us from the emergency medical clinic in Harare and told us
Antony was dead. Even today it is tough for us to talk about and we often
grieve the loss as his young son grows up into such a splendid young man
near us.

The past week two friends died suddenly here in Bulawayo - first, Phil
Whitehead who, like Antony was a fit man and died running a marathon for
charity in Bulawayo. Phil leaves behind Sandy and four children. Then on
Friday, Dave Lowe died after a very short illness. Also a big man and
someone who never gave the impression of having anything wrong with him.
Dave leaves behind Tracy and two teenage girls.

Let me tell you, no experience is tougher than this. We all grieve with
Sandy and Tracy and wish we could stand in their place and take the hurt,
but we cannot. It does not help that both men were highly successful in
business, were men of faith and courage and principle. That they were both
wonderful dad's and deeply loved their families and their homes. Phil was
the CEO of a tyre manufacturing plant here and Dave ran one of the largest
engineering factories in the country.

They were both outstanding individuals - working hard for a better future
for all in Zimbabwe and they simply cannot be replaced. All of us who knew
them and worked with them will miss them very deeply. But none of us will
know the deep pain and sense of loss of Sandy and Tracy and the kids. The
girls will especially miss their father and his guidance and love as they
grow up and find their own feet in the world. We will have to rally round to
see that the families are cared for and are not left alone to face the
future. That is the very least we can do and perhaps that is one of the
wonderful things about life here is that we do care for each other in a
special way.

We all ask questions at a time like this about the meaning of life and ask
why God should allow things like this to happen? It is not a question that
is easily answered and anyone who has a glib answer is wrong. We know that
God shares our sense of loss, that He weeps with us when things like this
happen, what we find difficult to understand is why He did not just step up
to the plate and use His power to prevent something that has such profound
consequences for everyone associated with the two men. But I think that the
two men themselves would have understood that sometimes as a manager, with
real power over events and circumstances, all of us have to take decisions
for the sake of the company rather than the simple welfare of the people who
working within its bounds.

Every manager knows that the first loyalty of a manager with real power (a
CEO) is to the company and its survival and welfare. This commitment is why
they are Chief Executives and why they have power and others do not. All
company decisions must past one acid test - is it the best decision there is
for the company as a whole in the short and long term.

So God looks down on His creation - mankind included - and must make
decisions that are right for the whole of creation and not simply right for
a time for small parts of the whole. Many times that involves real sacrifice
for Him, as we know that he deeply cares about and loves the world and all
it's creatures. That love is especially held for those who are of faith and
who live their lives, or try to live their lives, according to the tenets of
God's rules for life on earth. Antony, Phil and Dave were all such people.
When life strikes down those who fit such a category, God weeps with us and
grieves with us in our loss just as much or more so as we do. Especially as
He knows he could "fix" the problem - but only at the expense of what He
knows is the greater good.

So the question really is "what is the greater good that justifies such a
loss?" The answer to that question is as complex and deep as the answer to
the first question and there are no glib answers. However I feel that if God
intervened every time we petitioned Him, mankind would not need faith and
hope as cornerstones of their lives as Christians in a fallen world. Jesus
said it all when He said to His disciples "In the world, you will have
tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world!" In other
words, life in this sphere of existence means tribulation and trouble of all
kinds. It is a normal part of life.

The trick is to see that what God does for us during these trials and
tribulations is to walk with us - in fact to walk in our shoes, know our
pain and loss just as if He was really here. He also helps us to overcome
these trials - not partly but completely so that we become "more than
conquerors, through Him who died for us." Whatever the trial - we can emerge
more as real overcomers in every sense of the word. In fact that is the real
wonder of life in Christ - not being raised from that sickbed to live as a
whole person again but to somehow be a whole person in that bed. To become a
real example of what it means to be transformed by the Spirit of Christ who
lives and works through us in every circumstance of life.

That has been my experience - even in the darkest hour and I just pray that
the women who have been left behind by the sudden deaths of their loved ones
and the kids who share their loss, will somehow find the strength and faith
to carry on and to live a life of victory and thankfulness for the joy of
having lived with and known these fine men.

A prisoner of conscience and faith who spent 25 years in solitary
confinement in a Soviet jail, said at a conference I attended in Europe that
he often felt a deep longing to go back to that cell because there the love
of God and faith in Christ was a deep reality. When we go "through the
valley of death" we will know that "His rod and His staff will comfort us".
Wish it was otherwise, but it isn't.

Eddie Cross
Bulawayo, 6th November 2005.

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Zimbabwe welcomes UN aid

Business Day


The letter, Mugabe must accept UN help (November 4), by Joe Seremane of the
Democratic Alliance, is pathetic and lamentable.

Seremane must not disgrace himself by pretending to be a friend of Zimbabwe
when his party is regarded negatively by all patriotic people of Zimbabwe.

He and his party represent the past and it would do him good to wake up to

Apartheid is dead and buried. We live in a new era. For the record, the
Zimbabwe government has never taken a decision to reject humanitarian
assistance from the United Nations. Such a decision exists only in Seremane's

President Robert Mugabe and Kofi Annan met recently at the UN world summit
in New York and agreed that a humanitarian co-ordinator from Annan's office
would be sent this month to Zimbabwe to assess the clean-up operation
Restore Order and its aftermath. The UN humanitarian co-ordinator was
supposed to come to Zimbabwe and report back to Annan before he himself
visits Zimbabwe. The person has not yet arrived.

After Operation Restore Order, the Zimbabwe government embarked on massive
construction of houses throughout the country under Operation
Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle to accommodate those who were affected by operation
Restore Order and others. These houses are permanent structures, not slums.

If the UN is keen to assist, government welcomes it to direct its resources
to constructing permanent structures, which is government policy anyway and
the reason temporary, unplanned structures had been destroyed.

Our people deserve no less. Hundreds of houses have been built already. The
beneficiaries are already on various sites, a clear demonstration of
government commitment to housing delivery.

I am aware that when Joe Seremane last visited Zimbabwe, he ended up at
Harare Airport. I understand his bitterness, but that must not obscure his
mind to live in a world of falsehoods and fiction. Zimbabwe shall never be a
colony again.

Simon Khaya Moyo
Zimbabwean Ambassador

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Zimbabwean opposition parties form alliance

Xinhua 2005-11-08 05:34:23

          HARARE, Nov. 7 (Xinhuanet) -- Three little known opposition
parties in Zimbabwe have formed an alliance named the Zimbabwe Opposition
Parties Council, which seeks to provide a platform for the opposition to
share ideas.

          Parties participate the alliance are Zimbabwe National
Congress,National Alliance for Good Governance (Nagg) and the Multi-Racial
Open Party of Christian Democrats.

          The president of Nagg, Llyod Chihambakwe said on Monday the
alliance was a working group meant to bring together all opposition parties
in the country in a bid to unseat the ruling Zimbabwe African National
Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) through constitutional means.

          Zimbabwe's fractious opposition has failed to provide a formidable
challenge for ZANU-PF, which has won all parliamentary and presidential
elections held since 1980. Enditem

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Chombo elbows out Chitungwiza mayor

New Zimbabwe

By Lebo Nkatazo
Last updated: 11/08/2005 15:24:42
ZANU PF has taken the control of Chitungwiza Municipality following the
appointment of a ruling party functionary to take charge of the affairs of
the municipality.

Local Government Minister, Ignatius Chombo, said Monday that MDC mayor,
Misheck Shoko, had failed to run the affairs of the politically volatile
town as evidenced by the collapsing service delivery system.

The minister imposed on the council Chitungwiza's District Administrator
Godfrey Tanyanyiwa, a known Zanu PF supporter whom he said would be
reporting directly to him.

Shoko will keep on reporting for duty, but if he fails to co-operate with
the minister or Tanyanyiwa, he would be fired.

"This is meant to bring back sanity," Chombo said.

The takeover of Chitungwiza follows a 24 hour deadline the mayor was issued
with by the minister "to come up with a turn around strategy".

Last week, Zanu PF supporters set the stage for the take-over after barring
the mayor and all officials from entering council premises.

Chombo visited Chitungwiza a day later and issued the ultimatum.

Shoko is on record as saying the problems faced by Chitungwiza are beyond
the control of his council as they their solutions lie with the government
putting its house in order.

He singled out the non-collection of refuse which is being caused by fuel
shortages which have crippled service delivery countrywide.

Over the years Chombo has replaced MDC-led councils with people loyal to the
ruling party.

Opposition officials complain that in cases where councils fail to deliver
or councilors are corrupt, he has not taken action if they belong to Zanu

In Chinhoyi which is under the control of Zanu PF, council officials have
been arrested before on allegations of flouting tender procedures but the
minister has never issued a public statement on the issue.

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Chombo defies parliament, reinstates Chegutu councilors

New Zimbabwe

By Lebo Nkatazo
Last updated: 11/08/2005 16:19:35
LOCAL Government Minister, Ignatius Chombo, has reinstated 10 Zanu PF
Chegutu councilors more than a year after they were suspended on corruption

Chombo said the 10, who form part of the ruling party dominated council,
headed by a lone MDC member, mayor Francis Dhlakama, have to come back to
work since time for their suspension has lapsed with no charges having been
preferred against them by the police.

Only one ruling party councilor, Wellington Macheka, out the 11 Zanu PF
councilors, has been convicted and would not be reinstated, Chombo said.

Chombo suspended the councilors in May last year after an audit team he
appointed unearthed rampant corruption that included favoritism in the
allocation of stands, abuse of council funds, and mismanagement, among other

Chombo's decision goes against the audit team recommendations that all the
councilors be fired for corruption. Apart from a damming report by Chombo's
audit team last year, the fourth report of the Sixth Parliament of Zimbabwe's
Portfolio Committee on Local Government also recommended the sacking of the
ruling party members and the jailing of deputy mayor, Phenias Mariyapera.

Mariyapera was accused of muzzling the municipality and interfering in its
affairs therefore hindering the operations of the executive.

He was also pinpointed in the disappearance of about $150 million from
council's drying coffers by placing his disciples in key strategic positions
in the finance and recruiting departments whom he would then manipulate.

The committee blamed some of the rot on Zanu PF factionalism which it said
was making Chegutu "ungovernable".

Read the committee's report: "Your committee was highly disturbed by the
effects of Zanu PF factionalism that existed in the town. While your
committee recognises that factionalism was normal and progressive, it was
disturbed by the damage it has done to Chegutu town."

The report said some of the effects of the factionalism were that a
"youthful mafia" was resorting to extensive damage of council property such
as blocking water and sewer pipes in order to discredit others.

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Farmers' unions reject amalgamation

New Zimbabwe

By Lebo Nkatazo
Last updated: 11/08/2005 15:40:22
ZIMBABWEAN farmers have rebuffed government moves to force them into a
single farmers' union, charging that it was an attempt to control their

Over the past five months, the government, under the guise of the need for
the country's farmer unions -- the commercial farmers Union (CFU) the
Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) and the Zimbabwe Commercial farmers Union
(ZCFU) -- "to speak with one voice", has been agitating for their

On October 26, Agriculture Minister Joseph Made said the three unions should
disband and form a single entity to do away with what he termed the colonial
legacy where blacks had their own organisations, with whites having theirs.

Made has not been alone in making these calls.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor, Gideon Gono has also pushed for a
single union saying "there are too many voices" in the farming sector.

However, on Monday, the unions said they would not follow the government's
directive. CFU president Doug Taylor- Freeme said there was no need for the
government to interfere in the affairs of farmer unions.

"The Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) and the Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) are
working closely and co-operating on many issues concerning our unions and
our membership," said Freeme.

"Although the CFU supports the concept of the unions speaking with one
voice, this does not mean amalgamation of the unions. Agricultural unions
are grassroots, membership driven organisations and will continue to
function with a bottom up approach.

"Everyone should focus their attention on maximising production rather than
have their minds diverted by the issue of amalgamation. Rather than talking
about that (amalgamation), we should be aligning ourselves to producing
without interference as we are in a serious situation," the CFU president

ZFU Vice President Edward Raradza said the issue of the merger should not be
imposed on them and could only be done if it comes from the unions

"The country's laws are very clear. Everyone can belong to a union of his
choice," the ZFU vice president said.

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Is Tsvangirai his own man?

New Zimbabwe

By Chikoko Muponde
Last updated: 11/08/2005 15:36:00
WHAT is happening in the MDC should force us to ask questions about ideas of
democracy and the constitution.

If Tsvangirai believes in free and fair elections, why is it that he goes on
to reject the outcome of an election he suggested himself? Will he be able
to accept results of any election that do not promote his own vision and
ambitions? And, for the pro-senate faction, why do they also not accept that
46 out of 70 (or 52 out of 66 as reported) members of the so-called
all-powerful National Council attended the meeting and overturned the
watershed 33-31 vote last October? Is there anyone in the MDC who likes to
lose? Something is rotten in the MDC party, and the sooner members of the
party get to the bottom of it the better for the struggling democratic

The faction that favours participation in the senatorial election is
presenting strong arguments about defending whatever space the electoral
process allows them. But it seems to be the benefits of fighting for and
maintaining that space are just symbolic. To put it in Chenjerai Hove's
conscience-raising words on the same issue, the pro-senate faction is out
'kunodziya moto wembavha'.

Real practical benefits have not been delivered in most MDC territories
acquired through mayoral or parliamentary elections, nor have the MDC's
presence in parliament been respected by the ruling party which is
determined to reduce it to mere nuisance value.

This is where Tsvangirai's argument makes sense. To what extent can a party
constitution be allowed to enslave the majority of the people it sets out to
represent, even if the so-called all-powerful National Council would like to
make MDC followers participate in something that has no moral principle? The
pro-senate faction seems to believe in legality or constitutionality without
morals or conscience. They would like to make us believe that conscience is
not a basis for breaking the law.

Prisoners of conscience like Mandela will laugh at them. Mugabe will crack
his fists at them, because if he had been schooled by the pro-senate faction
in the MDC, he would never have led ZANU PF into a ruling party.

But that Robert Mugabe is not laughing at the pro-senate faction is not
because he is not aware of their timely gullibility and foolishness that
will soon render them irrelevant to Zimbabwean politics. Mugabe himself
knows any politician who ties himself to serving unjust laws, whether of his
own making or not, will never know the true taste of unfettered liberty.
That is why the state controlled political editors are suddenly giving acres
of space to every utterance by Gibson Sibanda, Gift Chimanikire, Paul Themba
Nyathi and Welshman Ncube. Wily Mugabe is luring them into what will finally
choke them for good. It is not daydreaming to think that a Unity Accord 2 is
in the offing, but it will be with the Bulawayo-based faction, as it was in
the past. It will still lack a broad-base, and will be supported by the
elite, not the general povo. Hence there is need for the pro-senate faction
to think through the limitations of their constitutionality, and stop being
viewed as Ndebele ethnic leaders (in spite of pushing Gift Chimanikire to
spew venom once in a while, and having all but one of the white legislators
in their wings). Will the white section of the community be better served by
an ethnic and elitist politics or broader mass movement, the latter which
overlooked their whiteness as MPs?

Leaders must have that extra vision beyond the clauses of a constitution.
But ultimately, the constitution must be respected, if it respects the will
of the people, the minorities and the majorities. How the constitution
should balance this is something that the MDC should be thinking about.

In a technical sense, Tsvangirai has not respected the constitution of the
MDC. The 33-31 vote shows the pro-senate lobby had a simple majority, but
whether it translates to a majority in terms of the grassroots support is
still very questionable. This is perhaps why Tsvangirai decided to challenge
his electoral loss by going back to the people. From what we read in the
papers, his rallies are well-attended, and the key constituencies that
ultimately decide the fate of any popular leader in Zimbabwe, the women and
youths and the workers are fully behind Morgan Tsvangirai.

So, who does Welshman Ncube and Gibson Sibanda and his faction represent?
Elites in the MDC who have no national appeal? If the numbers game is
pursued to its logical conclusion, Tsvangirai has a larger national
following, much larger than the numbers that the pro-senate faction can
manage. As it has turned out, many other districts and provinces have now
rallied behind the Tsvangirai faction. Only the three Matebeleland provinces
have stood out as the champions of the 33-31 vote. What actually happened
during the 12 October National Council election? Why have the supporters of
the pro-senate faction dwindled so fast? Why would the secretariat of the
MDC not call for another election if they were so sure the 33-31 result was
binding and immutable? So, is the MDC constitution serving the interests of
its many followers or the elites and their narrow interests? Isn't it time
the party gets down to the business of amending its constitution, or
redrafting it, to make it more responsive to the wishes and struggles of the
common members of society, than try to make us believe that its laws are
immutable. Aren't there professors and legal scholars in the party who
understand that when laws begin to work against popular aspirations they
become redundant and causes of friction and war? Aren't there historians and
war veterans in the party to remind all of us why the liberation war was
fought in the first place? Aren't there poets and priests of conscience in
the party to remind all of us that when the yoke of unjust laws becomes too
heavy, the protest of the prisoner of conscience finds echoes in the depths
of the suffering of the poor?

If the pro-senate faction believes Tsvangirai is a dictator in the making,
and is unwise and uneducated because he has flouted the MDC constitution,
the same can be said about the dictatorial and oppressive tendencies of the
MDC Constitution which rejects a person's right to be directed by the pangs
of his conscience, whether he is in the majority or not. Fortunately in this
case, Tsvangirai's conscience speaks to the majority of the population, and
that of the pro-senate faction is still to be tested at grassroots level.
Recent events have shown that it is now a wobbly pro-senate faction that is
threatening to take more than half of the MDC membership to court in order
to insist on its discredited, and rejected politics of elitism and

Retreating to Bulawayo as a place of bitter memory in order to score points
is in itself one way of playing tired politics. Zanu PF tried in the past
twenty years to cool the pain of Matabeleland by promising Zambezi water,
and recently by donating computers to schools, but the Matebeleland vote
still eludes them. The pro-senate faction is aware of the elusiveness and
bitterness of the Bulawayo vote, and would like to split the MDC party in
such a way that Matebeleland remains forever quarantined, hounded and
marginalized by frustrated politicians desperate to sign Unity Accords with
them. For as long as the pro-senate faction holds Matebeleland hostage, that
part of the country will forever remain a Ndebele space, and not a national
space. It will forever be oppressed by the sentimental politics of always
being regarded as the mourned ones, without real value being delivered in
terms of development and national integration. There is need to develop a
broader, trans-ethnic vision of history, which recognizes that forces that
unleashed Gukurahundi on Matebeleland in the 1980s, are the same ones that
unleashed Operation Murambatsvina across the country in 2005. Retreating and
restricting politics to the hurts of one geographic space will miss the
broader links that are important for the democratic struggle.

Bulawayo people should reject people who speak into their pain, and feed on
the fodder of the painful past, in order to get seats in the discredited and
impoverishing senate, or ministerial posts as a result of political
handshakes and compromises. What we are seeing in the pro-senate lobby is
real battle fatigue and a politics of accommodation. They would rather rest
sooner than continue with the painful struggle to realize the highest
possible moral and political standards in Zimbabwe. I do believe that those
who seem to think that the break up of the MDC at this stage is the darkest
hour of democracy are rather too squeamish. Zapu went through this, and Zanu
was born. Zanu Pf still struggles with factionalism, but it does not stop it
from ruling, whether you agree with how it rules or not. Why should being in
the MDC be so romantic, rosy and buddy-buddy?

History has its own ways of correcting, and even repeating its own
anomalies. The break up should be welcome as an early-warning system, even a
cleansing process, well before another presidential election. It could have
been worse if Zimbabweans had suddenly found themselves ruled by a bunch of
people who brandish the constitution, however immoral it might be, as if it
is all there is to life and politics. Whichever MDC faction will come on top
of the situation, will now have the opportunity to refine and redefine its
mandate and politics, and come to the common market begging for votes. Only
in this regard is it pertinent to ask whether Tsvangirai has finally become
his own man.
Chikoko Muponde is a researcher based in Johannesburg

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MDC split grows as Tsvangirai cracks the whip

Business Day


Dumisani Muleya

Harare Correspondent

ZIMBABWE's main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader
Morgan Tsvangirai has given candidates who registered to contest the
forthcoming senate election a week to withdraw from the poll or risk

Tsvangirai's ultimatum comes as analysts fear the split in the MDC is
irreparable, leaving the two camps in the party fighting for control.

The MDC's infighting has over the past month diverted attention from
President Robert Mugabe's ruling Zanu (PF) power struggle and the worsening
economic problems in the country.

However, US ambassador to Zimbabwe Christopher Dell last week shifted the
spotlight back onto the regime by unleashing a ferocious attack on Mugabe's
government. He said Mugabe had ruined the economy through "gross
mismanagement and corrupt rule".

Dell, who was recently briefly detained in Harare for allegedly trespassing
into a security zone in a public garden near Mugabe's home, said the
president should "lay to rest his threadbare pretexts that drought and
targeted sanctions has caused economic decline because they don't hold under

Government-owned newspaper the Herald on Saturday began a smear campaign in
retaliation to Dell's comments by claiming that the American ambassador was
a sexual pervert visiting "unseemly" areas, and threatened his diplomatic
immunity. Mugabe has said he would call Dell for an explanation.

Tsvangirai said MDC candidates who would not have withdrawn from the
controversial election scheduled for November 26 by Saturday would be

"I am giving all the MDC members who chose to go against my will and contest
the (senate) elections seven days to withdraw or be fired from the party,"
Tsvangirai told a rally at the weekend.

The MDC leader tried and failed two weeks ago to block 22 candidates from
registering with the electoral commission to participate in the election.
The opposition only fielded 22 instead of 50 candidates due to the

For the first time in public, Tsvangirai admitted that his party is divided
down the middle over the senate election between factions led his deputy
Gibson Sibanda and himself.

In a move to assert his authority over the party, he said he would use the
continuing wrangling to eliminate dissenters. "This has created an
opportunity for me to weed out members who have gone against my will," he

"(Sibanda) and secretary-general Welshman Ncube and their supporters should
know that I hold the keys of the party. As long as I am still the leader,
they have to do what I want since they are my juniors."

"I have worked with Gibson for over 20 years but can't let him have his way.
I can't be found negotiating with him and the secretary-general since they
are my juniors," he said.

The two MDC factions clashed after Tsvangirai overruled the party's national
council decision to participate in the election. The MDC leader convened a
council meeting on Saturday to rescind the decision to fight the election.

However, the Ncube camp said the meeting was unlawful because it was not
held in terms of the party constitution. They said its decision was
"fraudulent and thus null and void". The faction has accused Tsvangirai of
violating the MDC constitution "willy-nilly" and of being a "dictator in the

On Saturday Tsvangirai said in Harare: "The council rescinds the decision to
participate in the senatorial election. For the avoidance of doubt this
council resolves that the MDC will not participate in the senatorial
election set for November 26 and shall accordingly campaign against this

The meeting was attended by 52 of the 66 council members, although boycotted
by four of the party's top six leaders, who are pushing for participation in
the poll. The Ncube faction said the council meeting was largely attended by
people who are not members.

Tsvangirai said he noted President Thabo Mbeki's efforts to mediate in the
MDC crisis, but it was "not necessary because we have internal mechanisms
and capacity to deal with such issues".

He said the four senior MDC officials who met Mbeki on October 21 over the
issue were not "authorised to make that trip and I wasn't aware of it".

Tsvangirai has formed a four-member team headed by party chairman Isaac
Matongo to mediate in the MDC squabbles. Mediation efforts by Professor
Brian Raftopoulos, which started two weeks ago, collapsed last week.

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A must-see fully furnished and equipped house comprising three large double
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equipped kitchen, pantry, dining room, living room with fire place, large
terrace, garage, swimming pool, satellite dish and borehole. The house is
situated in a quiet close, well secured and fully alarmed, fully walled and
it has an electric gate. All furniture and furnishings are provided,
washing machine and tumble dryer, crockery and cutlery * down to towels and
bed sheets.

The house is a well-maintained golden oldie with wooden floors and wooden
beams on the ceiling, lots of original fittings and furnishings, just
breathing old English style. The garden is huge with sprawling lawns, a
large variety of trees and lots of flowering plants.  Presently, the old
jacaranda trees are in full bloom and by April the entire garden will smell
of roses.

A reliable gardener will remain to look after the garden and swimming pool.
There are three domestic quarters, several storerooms and there is a
vegetable garden. For the bird lovers, there are plenty of indigenous birds
that live on or visit the garden.

Sounds enticing? Well, it is. The house is available for a fixed period
only, short or long term, so ideal for expatriates. Rental is negotiable.
Ballantyne Park is an upmarket leafy neighbourhood of Harare, about 20"
drive from the city centre, near to schools and shopping centres.

For more information or viewing, call + 263 4 882170


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Flat with own bathroom and kitchen.  Furnished.  Electric gate and fence.
Use of pool. Electricity, water, cleaning and laundry included. $6m p.m.
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Cute house in Imbeza Valley, Mutare for rent.  Would suit a person who
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Free Accommodation offered to displaced farmers - 16km from Mutare on main
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Looking for affordable accommodation from the end of December. A cottage,
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Globalization Rocks, but African Leaders Fail to Understand It

The Independent Institute

November 7, 2005
Franklin Cudjoe

Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa will step down this week, complying with
his constitutional term limits. He will be the third African leader in
recent times to honorably leave office following the departure of Nelson
Mandela of South Africa and Jerry Rawlings of my country, Ghana.

At the same time that Mkapa hands over power as required by the law, he is
urging his colleagues to discard the political system and warning other
African leaders to be wary of the present competitive global political and
economic order because globalization threatens to "exploit, denigrate, and
humiliate Africa." But one might ask whether Africa's problems are really
caused by globalization.

This message particularly smacks of a return to the pre-independence
rhetoric that made the creation of political kingdoms a greater priority
than development and fed the overwhelming urge of many leaders to remain in
power long after the colonialists were gone. No wonder President Yoweri
Museveni of Uganda has cunningly severed all ties with his country's
constitution since he managed to give himself a de facto third term.

These ideas are as dangerous today as ever. At a time when the continent
strives to liberate itself from the expansive powers of postcolonial
governments and the politicization of society brought about by them, the
real need of the day is economic freedom. Alas, the economic situation is so
bad in so many African countries that young men are fleeing their own
governments, trekking through the vast and dangerous Sahara desert and
struggling over heavily guarded barbed wires to look for better
opportunities in Europe. Unfortunately, many die on this pilgrimage of

African countries greatly increased exports to the U.S. in 2004, generating
revenues of over $26 billion in that year. Jeans made in Lesotho are sold in
U.S. stores. Flowers from Kenya and vegetables from Senegal are regularly
available in European shops. The use of mobile phones and the Internet is
growing faster in Africa than anywhere else in the world, according to the
United Nations.

Globalization can hardly be blamed for the fact that only 10 percent of
Africa's trade takes place among African countries themselves. With 750
million people living on the continent, the potential for the expansion of
trade must be enormous. Very little trade has been allowed in this poorest
of continents where tariffs are almost as high as 50 percent and where
highway robbers dressed as customs officials block free exchange.

What is it that motivates Nigeria, which calls itself the giant of Africa,
to ban the importation of ninety-six different products from Ghana when both
countries have duty-free and quota-free access to the U.S. markets for 6,500
of their products? So what sort of globalization does Benjamin Mkapa want
Africans to be wary of?

But the West is also guilty here as there is little incentive to encourage
trade because foreign aid is piled on the leaders who make these economic

It is widely reported that an African child dies of hunger and malnutrition
every three seconds while in the same period African leaders steal $14,000
from their people and put it in foreign bank accounts. In the words of
Milovan Djilas, they squander the nation's wealth as though it was someone
else's and dip into it as if it were their own.

Isn't it strange that exactly two weeks after the G8 deal that wrote off 80
percent of my country's debt, all our parliamentarians, who earn $300 per
month, are to receive $25,000 each in free car loans and $60 a day in rent
allowance? I call it free car loans because five years ago they each
received $20,000 but have yet to pay it back.

It is insulting that the bill for this lavish behavior is passed on to the
disrespected poor as they struggle to pay a 40 percent tax on fuel that is
used to support, among other things, government entities that consume almost
one-third of the country's fuel.

One would have thought that African leaders would be better advised to use
resources to build the infrastructure that will increase the volume of trade
within the continent and thereby improve economic activity. But President
Benjamin Mkapa's men are too busy harvesting where they have not sown.

You might ask why those in Niger go hungry when Nigeria, its next door
neighbor, has abundant food. And how it is that Zimbabwe, a country that
used to be the food basket of Southern Africa, now has thousands of starving

Does President Benjamin Mkapa know that African farmers use less than
one-twentieth as much fertilizer as those in the West in part because import
duties and red tape make fertilizer eight times as expensive as in Europe?
For the same reasons, ordinary Africans pay ten times more for air travel
than those on other continents.

Every ordinary African faces innumerable government-created bottlenecks in
any enterprise they attempt. As the government has become the majority
employer in these countries, the range of employment opportunities has been
reduced and the government's limitless public borrowing has crowded out the
private sector's access to capital.

Even the World Bank, one of the few remaining organizations still doling out
free money to governments, now confirms that of the twenty countries in the
world where it is most difficult to do business, seventeen are African.

Capital is a cowardly bird. It flies to safer places where it expects to
earn better returns. 40 percent of Africa's private investment takes place
outside of the continent, while only 3 percent of Asia's investment takes
place overseas.

If there is to be any hope for long term prosperity in Africa, Africans must
be given the predictability that comes with the rule of law, the protection
of private property and free markets, and decentralized management of
resources. This will harness local knowledge along with the creativity,
diligence, and thrift that is natural to Africans.

Franklin Cudjoe is head of the Ghanaian think tank Imani: The Center for
Humane Education in Accra and an Adjunct Fellow at the Independent
This piece is for the Center on Global Prosperity at the Independent

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