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MDC official accused of inciting army to revolt

Zim Online

Thursday 09 November 2006

      BULAWAYO - A senior Zimbabwe opposition official on Wednesday appeared
before a magistrate in Gwanda town facing charges of distributing subversive
material aimed at inciting the army to rebel against President Robert Mugabe

      Paul Themba Nyathi, who is the director of elections in the smaller
faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party led by Arthur
Mutambara, is being accused of contravening Section 30 of the Criminal Law
and Codification Criminal Act.

      Under the Act, it is an offence punishable by a 20 year jail sentence
for citizens to publish statement that are prejudicial to the state or are
likely to cause, promote or incite public disorder.

      The state says Nyathi distributed the material encouraging the armed
forces to join anti-government protests called by the Zimbabwe Congress of
Trade Unions (ZCTU) last month.

      The state says the MDC official induced or attempted to induce members
of the police force and army to withdraw services, loyalty and allegiance
after he distributed a document to the public entitled: A Message To Our
Armed Forces.

      The state says the document sought to cause "dissatisfaction" among
members of the police and army.

      The document read in part: "Everybody knows somebody who is in the
police force or army. Our police force and armed forces are also suffering
as a result of the economic collapse.

      "They are struggling to pay for food, health and education because
they are poorly paid. Help those people to help themselves. Help them to do
the right thing. Help them to have courage to say enough is enough. Take
this message to them."

      Gwanda magistrate, Mavis Mushohwe, remanded Nyathi out of custody to
22 November.

      Zimbabwe has some of the harshest security laws in the world with for
example, the Public Order and Security Act making it an offence to gather in
groups of more than three people without first seeking permission from the
police. - ZimOnline

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Church leaders to meet Tsvangirai

Zim Online

Thursday 09 November 2006

      HARARE - Zimbabwe church leaders will tomorrow meet opposition leader
Morgan Tsvangirai and heads of civic society organisations to try and woo
them to back a new set of proposals by the clergymen to end the country's
deepening crisis.

      The religious leaders two weeks ago released a National Vision
document proposing dialogue involving civic society and the opposition
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party on one hand and President Robert
Mugabe's government on the other to find a negotiated and democratic
settlement to Zimbabwe's political and economic crisis.

      Bishop Trevor Manhanga, among the religious leaders pushing for
dialogue among key Zimbabwean political players, told ZimOnline: "We will be
meeting Tsvangirai to input his party's response to our document."

      The leaders of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference, Zimbabwe
Council of Churches and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, who are
behind the push for dialogue are also expected to meet Arthur Mutambara, who
heads the smaller faction of the splintered MDC.

      Tsvangirai leads the larger wing of the opposition party that split
last year.
      The two MDC factions and key civic society groups boycotted a ceremony
to launch the National Vision document, in what observers said was a sign
the opposition and its civic allies did not accept the contents of the

      Mugabe on the other hand appeared to accept the church document
calling it a "veritable talking point" that could one day lead to consensus
among Zimbabweans on how to end the many problems confronting the country.

      But analysts pointed out that Mugabe may have accepted the document
only as a time-buying tactic, especially because the veteran leader
outrightly rejected proposals contained in the document for a new

      Political experts say any initiative to end Zimbabwe's political and
economic crisis is a non-starter without fundamental changes to the country's
flawed independence Constitution.

      Zimbabwe is grappling with an economic meltdown described by the World
Bank as the worst in the world outside a war zone. The crisis, critics blame
mainly on state mismanagement has seen inflation rising to more than 1 000
percent, skyrocketing unemployment, shortages of foreign currency, food,
fuel, power and increasing poverty levels.

      Mugabe, in power since Zimbabwe's 1980 independence from Britain,
denies mismanaging the economy and instead accuses the West of slapping
sanctions on Harare to punish his government for seizing land from whites
for redistribution to landless blacks. - ZimOnline

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Two university students arrested

Zim Online

Thursday 09 November 2006

            HARARE - Zimbabwean police on Wednesday arrested two University
of Zimbabwe students following violent protests at the campus over
deteriorating living conditions.

            The two, Clifford Hlatshwayo and Lovemore Chinoputsa are accused
of damaging university property at the campus in Harare during the protest
on Tuesday night.

            Human rights lawyer, Tafadzwa Mugabe, told ZimOnline last night
that the two students were still was still in police custody at Avondale
police station in Harare.

            "They were arrested in connection with public disturbances at
the university. The police are saying they are still making some further
investigations into the matter," said Mugabe.

            The students went on the rampage on Tuesday night after the
university failed to provide meals to students because of a strike by
non-academic staff.

            Non-academic staff at the university went on strike earlier this
week demanding salary increments.

            Meanwhile, a strike by junior doctors at Mpilo Hospital in
Zimbabwe's second biggest city of Bulawayo ended yesterday after the
government began supplying critically needed medical supplies.

            The doctors had downed tools on Tuesday protesting over the lack
of medicines and other basic medical resources which they said exposed them
to infectious diseases.

            "The end of the strike is with immediate effect. Some of the
things that were promised after we met officials from the Ministry (of
Health) have started trickling in today," said Dr Zimudzi, the chairman of
the junior doctors at Mpilo. - ZimOnline

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Chiefs summon MDC candidates

Zim Online

Thursday 09 November 2006

       HARARE - Six opposition candidates in Mhondoro-Ngezi have been
summoned to appear before chiefs for taking part in last month's rural
council elections "without clearance".
      The six, from the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
wing led by Morgan Tsvangirai, were summoned to appear before their
respective traditional leaders this week.

      The MDC says the move to drag its candidates before chiefs in
Mhondoro-Ngezi, about 100 kilometres south-west of Harare , was a clear case
of outright intimidation of its supporters.

      Sylvester Matizanadzo, who contested the election, told ZimOnline
yesterday that he had been summoned to appear before Chief Nyika on Friday.

      He said he was also asked to bring with him a $2 000 appearance fee to
show cause why he contested the election without notifying his chief.

      MDC secretary for local government, Sessel Zvidzayi, said the move to
summon their candidates showed that the chiefs were clearly working for ZANU
PF's interests.

      "They are clearly furthering the ZANU PF agenda of intimidating our
people. Hundreds of our candidates have received such letters even though
there is no legal provision demanding that they be granted permission (to
contest the polls) from their chiefs," said Zvidzai.

      "The fact that they managed to contest the polls means that they had
met all the legal requirements and we wonder what the chiefs' motives are,"
he added.

      President Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU PF party overwhelmingly won the
elections with the two factions of the MDC getting just 84 seats out of the
1 260 that were up for grabs.

      The MDC says they lost the elections because of massive voter
intimidation and fraud, a charge denied by ZANU PF.

      Traditional leaders have largely ceremonial powers but wield immense
influence over their subjects in rural areas.

      The opposition and pro-democracy groups blame chiefs and headmen for
abandoning their traditionally neutral role in the community to side with
Mugabe and his ZANU PF party. - ZimOnline

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Liar, Liar! : Taking stock of Zanu PF promises

Sokwanele - Enough is Enough - Zimbabwe

Liar, Liar! : Taking stock of Zanu PF promises
Sokwanele Report: 8 November 2006

In a democracy, politicians are held to account for their promises and their actions. In Zimbabwe, with a tyrant at the reins and with a limited free press and severe media restrictions, it is much easier for them to escape those difficult questions from the electorate.

Sokwanele is trying to fill that gap here by looking at each one of Zanu PF's election promises from the March 2005 elections, and comparing the promises with reality. Help us and pass this on! Email it to those near and far (see tips at the bottom), and if you have access to email addresses for the culprits, then please send it to them. They need to know that they are accountable, and that people are watching!

This is what they said:

Anti-Blair Campaign Means:

And for Sokwanele's comparison with reality, read on!

Getting back your land

The tragedy of the land reform programme is that very few of the most needy have benefited. No-one in their right mind would deny that some type of land reform was necessary, but the entire country has suffered from the way in which it has been carried out.

From the time the Fast Track Land Reform Programme commenced in 2000, a total of 231 251 families have been resettled under the A1 (communal and small-scale) and A2 (large-scale) models on just over 10 million hectares of land countrywide.

However, a large proportion of the resettled families are those with well-paid jobs in town: mostly government ministers, Zanu PF bigwigs, and the like. Of the remaining resettled people, hardly any have been given access to the tillage, fertiliser and seed that they need to farm: it is reported that 94% of farmers have no seed for the coming planting season.

Consequently, the country is facing starvation

The regime is now having to back-track somewhat, and appears ready to offer leases to white commercial farmers to enable them to resume production and the job of helping feed the nation. This comes in the wake of the Agriculture minister Joseph Made's admission for the first time ever that the country faces a food supply shortfall.

Meanwhile, the World Food Program (WFP) is running out of funding for assistance with food aid: the agency urgently needs USD61 million or 97,000 tonnes of grain to restore distributions to previous levels. The WFP has said that food aid rations in cities will be halved, affecting about 364,000 children and another 190,000 people in vulnerable groups.

Land reform was intended to redistribute land to those poor who had the ability to farm, and to assist them to continue to ensure food security for the population: this has failed on both counts, and a populace weakened by Aids and malnutrition slowly starves. A poor rainy season will see the deaths of many.

An end to racist factory closures

A walk around the CBD of any of the major cities will reveal large numbers of closed shops, and the situation in the industrial areas is the same. But factory closures have little or nothing to do with racism: black and white industrialists are subject to the same economic pressures and many have been unable to continue profitably and have closed. We have no data to back up the following statement but, with inflation increasing exponentially, it is probable that more factories have closed in the 18 months or so since Zanu was re-elected (read "stole the elections") last year than in the whole of the last 6 years.

An end to racist withholding of commodities

Who has withheld commodities? No-one, that we are aware. Price controls (see below) have at times led to providers closing shop until sense was restored but, for the most part, commodities simply found their way onto the black market, where they traded at a premium. Those who benefited were often those men and women closest to the regime, who were able to buy at the controlled price, and then sell the goods on the black market at the going black-market rate (and not many of these people are white….).

An end to politically motivated price increases

Price controls don't work! That has been proven throughout the world, not least in the former communist countries that Mugabe so admired.

Market forces generally determine the price of commodities, for example fuel. The price had stabilised to around $650 per litre before the regime set the price at $350; the result was that the scarce commodity found its way to the black market, immediately commanding premium prices of $1200 and above per litre.

Interventionist policies also saw the regime freezing the price of bread at $200 a loaf at a time the bakers wanted the price raised to more than $300 in order to meet production costs. The price of bread was later agreed at $290 a loaf, but not before the commodity had disappeared from the shelves and was being sold at around $500 a loaf on the black market.

Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono's policies have been termed "ambush economics": the general population (and, indeed, many parliamentarians, even on the Zanu side) being ambushed by his surprise decisions.

So, price increases in Zimbabwe are only politically motivated in the most indirect of ways, in that it is the political decisions and political mismanagement of the country which has forced producers to increase their prices to economically viable levels.

An end to sanctions

The sanctions are still there; not, as Zanu would have us believe, against the country itself, but targeted specifically against those directly responsible for the collapse of this country, preventing them from travelling to those countries who are signatories to the sanctions' agreements. The reason why the sanctions remain is clearly that those responsible for the collapse are still in power, and still running the country as Zanu PF Inc., and also still perpetrating human rights abuses on a horrific scale (think of the recent torture of the trades unionists). We thank the international community for not having removed the sanctions - we plead with them to do still more to unseat this regime.

No safe havens for corrupt bankers

To whom does this refer? To the bankers who had to flee the country after their banks had been found to be facilitating foreign exchange deals at parallel market rates. Does anyone remember where Gono was before he was catapulted to the helm of the Reserve Bank ship? He was the CEO of the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ). Were his hands clean?
No, these bankers were, in the main, not corrupt or fraudulent, but doing the best that they could to keep industry running in the face of the Zanu PF machine's destruction.
Maybe these bankers still haven't found a safe haven, but they kept many people's jobs alive.

No disruption to fuel supplies

Fuel supplies continue to be disrupted, and to disrupt the day to day life of everyone here. Without access to hard currency, or to the special allocations that parliamentarians, farmers et al have (enabling them to get fuel at the special low gazetted price), Zimbabweans remain crippled. This has direct implications for the economy, as workers arrive late at factories, having waited for commuter omnibuses which simply don't arrive. Alternatively, the workers eschew public transport and walk to work, unable to afford the luxury of transport: they arrive tired, having got home at perhaps 8pm the previous evening, and risen that morning as early as 5am, in order to be at work on time. Tired workers are less efficient, more prone to accidents, less productive. The entire economy suffers.

Recently we were told that garages were required to sell fuel at the lower, gazetted, prices - about a half of the market price. Quite simply, the garages refused to open, determined not to sell their stock at a loss. This forced the supply of fuel onto the black market, resulting in most urban transport operators immediately raising their fares by about 75%.

The regime has failed again on this one.

No to political interference

Who has interfered with whom? Our guess would be that the regime is referring to regional and international initiatives to restore order, justice, peace and democracy to our beloved Zimbabwe.

They are still saying "No" in resounding terms; who would want to be brought to account for the torture and the crimes against humanity that they have perpetrated or facilitated?

For our part, we do not want political interference. We want Zimbabweans to be able to elect the political party that they want to rule them, democratically, and without fear. But if political interference means being in the international spotlight, being criticised by the African Union, by Mbeki, by Amnesty International, and others, then yes, that is what we want. Until this country is a democracy, we want all pressure put to bear on Mugabe to resign, and to be able to hold free and fair elections.

Empowerment through takeovers

Again, it's hard to know exactly what the regime was promising here. Takeovers are good if they are in the interests of the country, the shareholders and the workforce. However, our suspicion is that this promise has strong political undertones, and that it really means takeovers by those closest to the corridors of power, to enable them to continue their rape and pillage of the country.

While we're on the subject of takeovers, perhaps we could suggest some companies which are ripe for privatisation: the NRZ (National Railways of Zimbabwe), Zisco (Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company), Air Zimbabwe, the GMB (Grain Marketing Board)……..

Faster economic turnaround

Inflation in April 2005 was 129.1%, just as Zanu PF's new term began. The latest inflation figure (for September 2006) was 1023.3% - in other words, products cost on average 28 times more now than they did just after the March 05 elections - or looking at it yet another way, prices are doubling roughly every 3.5 months. We now have the highest inflation rate in the world.

In order to turn the country around, two major issues need to be tackled: firstly, to rein in government spending; secondly, to boost industrial and agricultural production, which would generate the badly needed foreign currency for the country.
Zanu PF has failed dismally.

More foreign currency inflows

Foreign currency inflows result from a stable economy: one in which investors have confidence, one in which goods are produced for export, one to which tourists flock to spend their dollars, pounds or rand. The country needs foreign currency (forex) to trade; it needs forex to purchase its imports and the raw materials for manufacture; it needs forex to buy essential medicines which are not manufactured here; it needs forex to keep communications going; and so we could go on ad-infinitum. If you want an example of how badly we need forex to keep ourselves going, look no further than the crisis just a few weeks back, when the internet came to a standstill, because the regime had no money to pay the USD700 000 that was owed to international telecommunications companies.

Just recently, we read in the government papers that all MTA's (Money Transfer Agencies) were to be closed with immediate effect. The MTAs appear to have raised the Reserve Bank's ire because, instead of trading at the official rate (Z$250 to the US dollar at the date of closure), the agencies were exchanging foreign currency at rates near those of the parallel market (approximately Z$1300 to the US dollar on the same date). Mugabe's government is still suffering acute foreign currency shortages, and the latest monetary manoeuvre by the Reserve Bank is seen as a way of funnelling foreign currency into the country through commercial banks and the Reserve Bank's Homelink facilities, which only trade foreign currency at the official exchange rate.

Mugabe and his party have not done anything to stabilise the economy, generate exports, encourage tourism, or any of the other things needed to create more foreign currency inflows; in fact we are in a far worse mess than we were when Zanu PF made these empty promises. The exchange rates for 1 USD speak (volumes) for themselves: in April 2005 Z$18 000; in October 2006 Z$1 300 000 (reconverted back to the old currency pre-revaluation)…….

Keeping our Zimbabwe

It seems that this is not something that most people want, judging by the number of legal and illegal emigrants leaving Zimbabwe for other countries over the past 6 years: 3 million by all accounts. People want food, health care, education, jobs, and a future for their children. If Zimbabwe is to be what it is now, people just don't want it, and are voting with their feet. The evidence is there to see.

End to Blair's MDC

They tried their best on this one - the CIO went into full swing to attempt to destroy the Movement for Democratic Change (the MDC), and they very nearly succeeded. However, the one party has now split into two, and both remain a credible challenge to the misrule and kleptocracy of Zanu PF. Neither before nor after the split, however, had the opposition anything to do with Blair or the United Kingdom in general.

Rather Mugabe's conspiracy theories fuelled the fire of the regime's propaganda. Thankfully the opposition in Zimbabwe is alive and well, and we hope that the two factions of the MDC will each serve to keep the other in check, as well as to work to defeat the evil regime in power.

Failed again, it seems. Zanu's promises are shallow holes. To those few who really did vote for Zanu PF in the last elections, we ask: "Are you living comfortably? Is your standard of living better now than 18 months ago?" - WAKE UP, we say! This regime is only out to serve itself; better you realise that now.

But there is hope! Zimbabweans need to unite in ways they never have done before, and find creative and peaceful ways to destroy and demoralise this regime:

Think of other ways, talk to your friends, challenge your MP's! We are all in this together, and it is only together that we can overcome! Remember Edmund Burke's words:

"All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for a good man to do nothing"

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Government welfare officer selling donated goods at Hopley Farm

      By Tererai Karimakwenda
      08 November 2006

      An employee of the ministry of labour and social welfare is allegedly
      food, blankets, clothing, sanitary ware and other goods which are
being donated to victims of last year's Operation Murambatsvina. The
disastrous government sponsored demolitions displaced nearly one million
people and brought much suffering to Zimbabweans. Many of the families from
Porta Farm outside Harare, whose homes were bulldozed, were forced to
relocate to a squatter camp at Hopely Farm.

      Speaking to Gugulethu Moyo on the programme In The Balance, lawyer
Tafadzwa Mugabe from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said Ezekiel
Mupande, a government appointed welfare officer, is making money by
diverting donated goods meant to benefit the victims of Murambatsvina at
Hopely. He said Mupande also uses some of the new brick houses to store the
stolen goods he is selling. Meanwhile the displaced families are sleeping in
plastic shacks instead of benefiting from the houses built specifically for
them under Operation Garikai.

      The shocking revelations come just days after a report on the
Zimonline news site which said the government was preparing a new task force
which would launch another version of Murambatsvina. But Tafadzwa Mugabe
said the illegal forced evictions by government never stopped and many of
the victims were displaced again, with very few being given new homes under

      You can hear more about the plight of the victims of Murambatsvina on
the programme, In The Balance after the news.

      SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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MDC needs to restore hope among its legion of supporters

      By Tichaona Sibanda
      8 November 2006

      The MDC's district chairman in Durban South Africa has said the
biggest challenge facing the MDC now is to restore hope among its millions
of its supporters based in and outside the country.

      Percy Nhau, whose district is currently involved in a massive
membership drive in the KwaZulu-Natal province, agreed the party was faced
with a crisis with the backdrop of having three elections 'stolen' away from

      Inevitably he said that lost hope always forces people to lose
interest and invariably leads to voter apathy, a characteristic most evident
during elections in Zimbabwe.

      'A lot of our members lost hope after losing three elections on the
trot and the effects of that is evident from elections held after, where the
voter turnout was so poor. People just don't bother to go out and vote when
they know it won't change anything,' Nhau said.

      Nhau said the only way of regenerating hope in the millions of MDC
supporters was to engage and assure them that Zanu (PF) is not invincible.
First he said activists had to unite and push for change by way of
demonstrations in countries like South Africa. Thereafter activists had to
be warned of the dangers of voter apathy.

      'The response from our membership drive has been tremendous in the
last couple of months. People still have interest in the welfare of their
country and by engaging them more often they will begin to have hope and
start visualising that change is inevitable,' he said.

      Nhau explained the quiet diplomacy adopted by the South African
government suited them as it meant exploiting the situation by getting more
investment and cheap labour at Zimbabwe's expense.

      'The South Africans like the situation as it is. They pay low wages to
Zimbabwean immigrants and most companies are relocating down south bringing
in more investment as a result of the political situation in Zimbabwe,' Nhau

      SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Chamisa says united MDC would be ideal Christmas present

      By Lance Guma
      08 November 2006

      Speculation continues to grow over possible moves by Zimbabwe's
divided Movement for Democratic Change to build bridges and unite the
opposing camps. Nelson Chamisa, a spokesman for the Tsvangirai MDC, added to
the momentum Wednesday by suggesting such a reunification 'would be an ideal
Christmas present for Zimbabweans.' Chamisa told Newsreel there was strength
in numbers and that the majority of Zimbabweans were clear in identifying
the common enemy as Mugabe and his regime. He says constant bickering will
not help the cause of the opposition and that in the meantime innocent
people were suffering on the ground.

      A Voice of America report had suggested that the Tsvangirai MDC had
already appointed a committee comprising ANZ boss Sam Sipepa Nkomo, trade
unionist Lucia Matibenga and lawyer Innocent Gonese. The Mutambara MDC is
said to have appointed its Secretary General Welshman Ncube, his deputy
Priscilla Misihairambwi and Paul Themba Nyathi the director of elections as
part of its negotiating committee. Gabriel Chaibva, a spokesperson for the
Mutambara MDC, denied they had set up such a committee. He says the story is
news to him and all he knows is what the media has published so far. He
maintained however that their group has always been open to unity talks but
that these have not taken off .

      Chamisa on the other hand says the Tsvangirai MDC convened a strategic
meeting at the weekend were it was agreed they need to consolidate the party's
gains since its formation in 1999. He says they are working on making the
MDC a formidable force and this meant they had to 'refocus and re-energize'
their structures 'because people have their hope in the MDC.' 'We cannot
have the left hand trying to steal what the right hand is holding,' he
added. Chaibva meantime says he is not aware of any approaches to their camp
and that if this did happen it would go through their party's leadership
structures and as spokesperson he would know about it.

      Commentators believe pressure is building on the two sides to reunite
and that civic society groups and increasingly vocal church groups were all
singing from the same hymn book. The MDC split into two groups last year in
October over whether to participate in senate elections or not.

      SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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City Launches Blitz On Illegal Operators

The Herald (Harare)

November 8, 2006
Posted to the web November 8, 2006


THE City of Harare yesterday launched a blitz to close beerhalls,
restaurants and lodges, which are either operating illegally or whose
premises do not meet the required health standards.

The blitz, which started when a high-powered council delegation was touring
the central business district to assess the progress made by the department
of waste management in cleaning up sanitary lanes, saw the closure of Club
Casa and Nyama Choma Restaurant at the corner of Sixth Street and Central

Chairperson of the commission running the affairs of the City of Harare Ms
Sekesayi Makwavarara led the delegation which included acting town clerk Dr
Stanley Mungofa, strategist Dr Tendai Mahachi, acting director of waste
management Mr Leslie Gwindi, public relations manager Mr Percy Toriro and
other officials.

When the delegation arrived at both premises, Ms Makwavarara expressed her
disgust with the poor hygienic standards and immediately summoned officials
from the city health department to close them in her presence. Acting
director of health services Dr Prosper Chonzi, who inspected the premises
with other officials from his department, said they would continue with
similar inspections of bars and restaurants in Harare.

"This is totally unacceptable and we are launching a serious blitz of beer
halls, restaurants and bottle stores whose health standards are below

"We are going to immediately issue a closure order today for the premises,"
said Dr Chonzi.

Dr Chonzi said their inspection of the premises showed that the ventilation
and drainage systems and lighting were sub-standard for business premises.

He said he seriously doubted if the buildings from which the two businesses
were operating were even inspected during construction.

For example, Club Casa had one toilet while Nyama Choma had open drainage
canals on the floors.

Ms Makwavarara and Dr Chonzi expressed concern over the manner in which some
council employees in the licensing department were issuing licences to such

They hinted that a probe would soon be launched to look into what might be a
serious scam in council.

"We are not going to tolerate that (businesses operating under such
conditions). We urge similar businesses to close on their own before we
catch up with them.

"On each tour we will be looking out for such restaurants and we will be
moving around with inspectors from the health department," Ms Makwavarara

She said some of the lodges and restaurants were shut down during Operation
Murambatsvina last year but have since resurfaced.

Mr Gwindi said businesses operating under such unhygienic conditions were
responsible for waste management problems in the city as some of their
patrons and customers end up throwing litter and relieving themselves in
sanitary lanes.

Ms Makwavarara expressed satisfaction with the progress made so far in the
cleaning-up of sanitary lanes and pledged council's full support for the

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Hot Seat Interview Part 2: Bishops on The Zimbabwe We Want; Towards a National Vision

SW Radio Africa Transcript

Violet Gonda talks to John Makumbe, Trevor Manhanga and Levee Kadenge 

Broadcast 7 November, 2006

See part 1 Broadcast Wednesday 31 October

Violet Gonda: Welcome to the second part of the programme ‘Hot Seat’ where we continue the discussion on the new joint church document: "The Zimbabwe We Want: Towards a National Vision ” with well known political commentator John Makumbe, Bishop Trevor Manhanga of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and Bishop Levee Kadenge of the Christian Alliance.

We were not able to get Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube but he will be giving his comments in the final discussion next Tuesday. Last week Dr Makumbe said if the national vision that is being envisaged by the Churches does not look at the politics of things or does not look to changing the status quo, it will fail. I then asked Bishop Manhanga to comment.

Bishop Manhanga : What we are trying to initiate as a Church is dialogue and discussion, and you are quite right and Dr. Makumbe has said it, and we are not advocating a regime change agenda. We are advocating a discussion by all Zimbabweans. Whatever future comes out of those discussions it will be the people that decide. The Head of State has said ‘go to the people. Once you have heard correlated what the people are saying, come back to me and report to me what the people are saying.’ So, we cannot start this process by saying we want regime change. If that’s what the people want, it will come out in what they say but that is not the objective of the Church as we start this process.

John Makumbe: I accept that very much but what about the constitution? You know President Mugabe has already thrown the first stone; he said how can you call the Lancaster House Constitution that it is not a homegrown constitution. Are you going to delete that from your National Vision document then?

Bishop Manhanga: Dr. Makumbe, you are quite right and when we met the President in private he brought up that issue and he said ‘look, you people are saying that there must be constitutional change; a home-grown constitution, but they believe that the Lancaster House constitution was a home-grown constitution that was put together by the liberation forces’. Now, he added also, however, ‘ if that’s what the people want then let it come from the people’. So, whilst he has said that, I think he has every right to articulate his position, but if the people overwhelmingly are saying ‘we want constitutional change’, we will present that to him and say ‘this is what the people are saying’. So, at that point he will then have to decide is he going to hear what the people are saying.

Bishop Kadenge: But..

Violet: Yes Bishop Kadenge?

Bishop Kadenge: But His Excellency has said already ‘it’s non negotiable’, then what are they going to do, what are the people going to do? We are a very good people here in Zimbabwe and we listen to our leaders.

Bishop Manhanga: No, Bishop Kadenge, this is what he said the non-negotiable principles are sovereignty, independence, the right to control resources, freedom from foreign domination, I’m quoting him verbatim. He didn’t say the constitution is non negotiable

Bishop Kadenge : and those things are the ones which are really on your summary eh? Those things really summarize the way forward. Those things are the ones which are there in your ‘Way Forward’, and those things are the ones which are said to be non negotiable. So what then?

Bishop Manhanga: Bishop Kadenge, whenever you say it’s a process, everybody will come out with their non-negotiable positions, but as a Church we are hoping …

Bishop Kadenge: But look, here is His Excellence who is saying that

Bishop Manhanga : Ya, but I think let’s not pre-empt the process. Let’s give the process chance.

Violet: But, can I just ask, we’ve talked about the issue of the constitution, what about the other issues, what are you saying on the issues of the economy, national reconciliation and land reform? Just summarize it for us.

Bishop Manhanga: You want to, I mean, exactly, we are saying lots of things, and if you heard what the President said, he said, ‘you have said a lot of difficult things in your document. You have presented a lot of very difficult issues, which we as government and as ZANU PF will have to go back and will look at and we’ll make a formal response’. So it will take a lot of time to go blow by blow in terms of the issues that we are raising in terms of all the matters that you are talking about. Under the issue of national reconciliation we bring up the land issue; the problems that have come up as a result of the land issue. We bring the issue around the constitution, we bring the issue of party politics and the issue of the Gukurahundi issue in Matabeleland and we bring up the issue of Murambatsvina; Operation Murambatsvina. So, those are issues which are brought up and we are saying things need to be done about these issues.

Violet: So where is this document and do you think it will modify Mugabe’s behavior?

Bishop Manhanga: This document is going to be made available to the general public. We just launched it on Friday and because we were a little bit late to the printers we were not able to bring out the large amount that people are really requesting. The amount of desire for the document right now is overwhelming. I was preaching in Harare yesterday and was swamped by people who wanted the document. We are going to launch it in each province now in the month of November; each Province will have an official launch. We also want to take it to the Districts from there. We will also meet with interest groups, including the Christian Alliance, the War Veterans, members of Business; the CZI, ZNCC, the Traditional Leaders. Each of these separate groups, we are going to meet with them and have discussions with them and present the document to them.

Violet: Now, Bishop Kadenge …

Bishop Kadenge: But Violet, Violet this is just buying time eh? Are you with me?

Violet: Why do you say that?

Bishop Kadenge: It’s buying time really becausethe issues that are bedeviling this nation are so clear to the Government, to us, and a change has to come yesterday! Why should we wait another six months, what for?

Violet: So what would you want to see happen, and also, on this issue, is this document any different from what the Christian Alliance and other stakeholders are saying?

Bishop Kadenge: No, its not any different,it’s actually the same, it’s a duplication of what we are doing. There is no problem at all in terms of what the document is saying, but it’s the way forward, it’s how we articulate our issues and how we envisage change and the time factor, which, when you say they need another six months, you know, these guys got four months to write the document. Now they are looking for six months to go around and then when they’ve brought it they’ll be given another six months to look at it and we are in 2009 or 10. So this is a gimmick to some of us.

Violet: Now, Dr. Makumbe, others may say the Church has become like MDC and ZANU PF, you know, fighting and criticizing each other all the time. Now, do you not agree that, to some extent, there are some good parts to this document, like calling for a new constitution and that draconian laws like AIPPA and POSA should go?

John Makumbe: No, no, no, I agree that the substance elements of the document are quite the usual things that we are talking about as Civil Society, as Civic Leaders, as Academics. But, Violet there is a difference between the product and the process. And, I think the process was really very much in the control of ZANU PF and that’s unfortunate. But I also have problems with the fact that you have a document here which says we have thought, we have been thinking for you, now you fill in the gaps, you know of what should be the flesh or the substance of the vision. I have problems with that. As Bishop Kadenge says, really to say ‘ now we are going to the people, we are going to every Province, every District’, we have been there in 1999 we know what the people want. When we changed what the people had asked for in 2000 they rejected the Draft Constitution. The things that are in the document are well known to Zimbabweans. The time period being asked for to re-consult the people is unrealistic. What we need is a roundtable; ZANU PF, MDC, Christian Alliance, and the group, I don’t know what they call themselves, who drew up this vision document, and all the other parties that would like to sit round and say ‘therefore, the way forward is A, B, C, D.’ And, A, B, C, D, can actually be implemented within two to three months at the most.

Bishop Kadenge: Can I talk to you about the divisions in the Church?

Violet: OK

Bishop Kadenge: Ya, I’m really perturbed by this call from both within and outside of asking the Church to speak with one voice. That is very, very commendable; that the Church speaks with one voice, but let’s look at history. Where have we seen the Church speaking with one voice? Let me begin with the American situation where Dr Martin Luther King Jnr had to rise up as an individual, and other individual clergymen in the States, and not from the really top of the Church, but from the so-called fringes of the Church and those small Sill Brothers from the mainline Churches and other Churches, change started to gain momentum in the United States.

Let’s go to Germany during the Nazi regime this time. Hitler at some point actually initiated at some time that the Churches should join together and speak with one voice. And really, he managed to do that and at some point he appointed a certain Reverend, a certain Mr Mueller, to be the head of the established Church in that country which was really voted against by others, but he finally lost in that game but the Church was established as a single entity there. But, there were individuals like Karl Bath, Dietrich Bonhoefferwho really said it’s time we have a confessingchurch in this country, and the confessing Church came up as a result of these individuals, and they spoke against the system and they influenced even the outcome of the German issue.

Let’s go to Romania, just a few days before Ceausescu was ousted the orthodox official Church leader wrote a letter to Ceausescu to support him, to say he was in solidarity with the Church, just on the 17 th of December and Ceucescu was ousted on the 25 th of December in 1989. But look, this is the official Church, saying ‘we are with you’, but, a few individuals outside the Church and outside the leadership of the Church, influenced people to think for and change.

Lets go to South Africa, our neighbour here, the official Church supported the Apartheid system right from the beginning. It was only individuals like Bishop Desmond Tutu, Alan Boesak and other individuals who had to influence a section of the Church to support change in the country, and with so much attack on them and on their persons.

And, coming to Zimbabwe, the sixth example, the same thing, history is repeating itself. The Church leaders, and I support Dr. Makumbe who said I think they are very genuine, I think they don’t know what they are in to; the system which they are dealing with which will, and has already, hijacked the process of good intentioned people. So, really, for people from outside and even from inside, to force us to as it were, speak with one voice, there is no one voice. There can be one intention, which is really what is there, but really one voice is impossible on this issue. Had it been that the NVD people, National Vision Document people were following an agenda which they own and control, I don’t see us as CA (Christian Alliance) joining them; I don’t see why we shouldn’t join them. But, because here they are being told what to do and what not to do then we ask ‘who owns the process, who is in charge, who is in control?’.

So really, our situation, take it as unique, those who are listening take it from me, take it as unique. We are fighting to work with the Heads of Churches Denominations, we are working towards working with them, yet, as I’m sure you know, they are not prepared to work with us. But, us, as a group will work with anyone. Look, we have been working with Civil Society, all Political Parties. When we had our Save Zimbabwe Campaign on the 29 th July we invited all the Civil Societies, all the Political Parties including the Ruling Party, and unfortunately on that day the Ruling Party did not attend and whatever ensued it is a result of them not coming to that meeting. It’s not our problem, but, we had good intentions and we still have those good intentions of bringing Zimbabweans together.

Violet: OK, Bishop Kadenge, I will come back to the issue of what the Christian Alliance is doing but I want to go back to an issue that you raised just now and this is a question for Bishop Manhanga, that the broad view is that on the issues of morality the Church is the authority. But, at the moment it is felt that the Church has vacated its position and has become nothing but a tool in the hands of the Dictator. Now, Bishop Manhanga, do you agree with this?

Bishop Manhanga: Where does that come from that the Church has become a tool? I think people must read the document. I can speak for myself and my colleagues, I stand to be corrected, I would like people, the critics, to produce evidence that we are tools. It is easy to write in the newspapers all these are ZANU PF people. I have been accused of having a farm, I would like people to produce documentary evidence. Myself personally, I was arrested together with Dr. John Makumbe at a meeting in Borrowdale some time back he remembers that very well.

Dr. Makumbe: I do

Bishop Manhanga: So, people must not just jump on this nonsense bandwagon of anytime people try and do something we start getting accused of this and that. All people who say that the Church leaders are in the Government hands, the Church leaders have been bought off, produce evidence, otherwise you are not helping the situation. Produce evidence that shows that the Church leaders as espoused by the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishop’s Conference, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Council of Churches have now become people who are speaking on behalf of government. I think that’s a big cop out for people to make that accusation without bringing the evidence that that’s what has happened.

Violet: I think many people feel that you are being controlled by the Mugabe regime. When you look at the suffering in Zimbabwe can you truly say that Mugabe has been a benevolent leader and converse with him as though he is a normal human being?

Bishop Manhanga: You see you are now wanting us to go onto issues and make judgment statements but what we are wanting to do in our document is illicit dialogue and discussion. For anybody in Zimbabwe; all over the world, wars stop when people start talking. So if anybody in Zimbabwe feels that they want to call people to war or removing the government through those means, they should come out and tell us. What we are saying as Church leaders is even if there is going to be a change of government it must be as people discuss, as people talk. So, all those questions you are asking, give me an alternative to what we are trying to do as Churches. We have stated if we fail we will not be ashamed because we have failed but at least we have tried to move the process as Zimbabweans discussing the future, together. If we fail we will not be ashamed for having tried.

Violet: Bishop Manhanga I think you are being judged by what you say and if you just put the document aside for a minute, you know, you went on national television the other day praising Robert Mugabe you know during the launch of the National Vision document. Now people ask when you are talking with him and having lunch at State House, do you ever question the extent of suffering he has caused the people of Zimbabwe?

John Makumbe: Or do you ever blame him? Do you blame him?

Bishop Manhanga : No Dr. John, let me just ask Violet, you said I went on TV praising President Mugabe, can you quote what I said and what I'm supposed to have? You said people are judging me by what I said or what I am supposed to have said. Tell me what I said?

Violet: Bishop Manhanga you went on TV and you said we want peace not war, we want to work with the government, we don’t’ want to go back to the negative things. That is actually trying to cover up, that’s what people believe; that you are actually covering up for the Mugabe regime, you are being used to sanitize the regime. Is this not the case?

Bishop Manhanga: Read the document

Violet: No, I’m not talking about the document, I’m talking about what you said on TV after the launch, when Mugabe was sitting there at the launch. You came out on national TV and you were praising.

Bishop Manhanga: That’s right and I will say it again to all your listeners. We want peace not war in Zimbabwe. We want to be healers not hurters, that’s what I said and I will say it again. Is that praising anybody? It is saying whilst we know what has happened in our country we are looking for a way forward because above all we thank the Zimbabwean population because they have refused to start fighting in the streets like other African countries. That’s what I said, we are continually calling our people to peace because they are peace-loving people. That in no way can be seen as bolstering anybody. It is calling upon Zimbabweans, we don’t want to see our people just being floated and fighting each other, why should we call our people to do that.

Violet: Can you tell the whole world that the beating of the ZCTU officials who were championing the rights of the downtrodden, can you say that Mugabe’s policemen reaction was justified for example and where is the Church…

Bishop Manhanga: We have never said that that action was justified. Have we come out and said that that action was justified? We are on record, check what we said as Churches. Its just unfortunate that maybe when the Churches speak on certain issues the press doesn’t put it there. We did not justify the beating of innocent people. We haven’t and we never will.

Violet: So where was the Church when this happened? If the Church has the moral authority to speak out against injustices where was the Church when this happened last month?

Bishop Manhanga: The Church is where it always has been and the Church is always speaking…

John Makumbe: (Laughs)

Bishop Manhanga : You will find that you might not hear it in London, it is no indication that the Church is not speaking.

Violet: Dr. Makumbe do you agree with what Bishop Manhanga is saying?

John Makumbe : Not at all! Not at all! Once the Church enters the political arena, which these clergy did by having lunch with Mugabe at State House, then every political thing that happens you are either for or against the perpetrator! You cannot, as the Church is saying, say we are not for war we are for peace even though the person who is sitting in front of you as Head of State is waging a war against the people who are in your pews and he is destroying them through Gukurahundi, through Operation Murambatsvina, through corruption and so forth and then you actually say it! In 1980 the hand of reconciliation was extended by the government and it was scorned and you said we are not going to let that happen again. You were literally saying to Mugabe you are a fantastic gentleman, you extended the hand of reconciliation. You were not looking at 2000 and what Mugabe did to devastate this economy, to devastate the racial situation in this economy by killing not only whites but blacks also! And you then went on to say ‘we are not going to apportion blame’. How can you actually say you can’t apportion blame for Murambatsvina, Gukurahundi and corruption to the man who is sitting right in front of you?

Bishop Manhanga: Ok, let me come in Violet. It is a fact that a lot of the white people did not accept reconciliation in 1980, lets not make as though it never happened. Racial discrimination continued in this country, and what I’m saying is if we reach a stage now with this dialogue and discussion where we appeal for reconciliation all sectors of Zimbabwean society genuinely move. It includes the Ruling Party, it includes the opposition. When I say we will not apportion blame what I’m saying is let’s not just say blame this person. We can blame all round; everybody in one way or another may contribute to a particular problem. We are not saying that there’s people who are not guilty, we are not saying that. So you know my dear friend Dr. John Makumbe, we need to get together and have a good discussion. Why shouldn’t I discuss with you, defend what I said on Saturday (laughs).

John Makumbe: (Laughs heartily)

Violet: But you know what, let me go back to Dr. Makumbe because in a way Bishop Manhanga has raised a pertinent issue that Zimbabwe needs to move on. How do we do that? So I’m asking Dr. Makumbe that is it not possible that the Church can encourage the Government to care about the suffering masses in Zimbabwe?

John Makumbe: It is very possible and believe me, the men and women in this group, which drew up this vision I respect them thoroughly, especially Dr. Manhanga, and I know that they can do a very good job. And I would like to urge them not to look at six months, not to look at going into the Districts, the Provinces and so forth. We know the Zimbabwe we want. The Zimbabwe we want is without Robert Mugabe as President. The Zimbabwe we want is without AIPPA; it’s without POSA, it’s without this suffering, the corruption caused suffering. It’s without a lot of the things which are already in the document. Let’s get these people around a table in Harare, in Vic. Falls, wherever they want, and let’s agree on the next three months to get Zimbabwe back on the road. The Church can play that role Violet.

Violet: It’s been said the church is in a very difficult position. Being critical hasn’t really made an impact and being soft hasn’t helped either. Is the church now trying to confront wrong, but without offending the regime? Join us for the final discussion next week where we will also be joined by the outspoken Archbishop of Bulawayo Pius Ncube.

Audio interview can be heard on SW Radio Africa ’s Hot Seat programme -  Tues 7 November 2006. Comments can be emailed to

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Undertakers report booming business

[This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

HARARE, 8 Nov 2006 (IRIN/PLUSNEWS) - One sector of Zimbabwe's depressed
economy is experiencing boom times. For those providing services for the
dead, business is very healthy.

An area on the western fringes of the central business district in the
capital, Harare, has been dubbed 'Death Valley' in recognition of the
concentration of businesses like undertakers, coffin manufacturers and
funeral insurance companies.

Although the capital has six registered funeral parlours, a further 21
unregistered parlours have sprouted up as a result of high demand for
funeral services. Attempts by the authorities to shut them down merely drove
them underground and they have reappeared as backyard businesses across the

According to the government's National AIDS Council, established to combat
the HIV/AIDS pandemic, at least 14,000 people die each month of AIDS-related
diseases. Analysts attribute the high death rate to low nutritional levels
and limited access to ARVs.

Humanitarian agencies say at least 1.3 million people are in need of food
aid, while UNAIDS estimates that one in five sexually active adults is
infected with HIV; 83 percent of the country's roughly 12 million people
live on US$2 or less a day.

Sebastian Chinaire, of the Grassroots Organisation for People Living with
HIV and AIDS, which advocates for the provision of ARVs to HIV-positive
people, said "We only have 30,000 people who are receiving ARVs, and yet
there are as many as 600,000 people who need the live-saving drugs but we
are unable to access them. The government has stopped supplying us with food
packs, which were good for those on ARVs, but affected people cannot take
the drugs on empty stomachs. We need drugs and food."

Joseph Chinemano, a manager at a 'death valley' funeral parlour, told IRIN
that their industry was probably the most profitable in Zimbabwe. "There are
not too many players in our kind of work, and with such a high death rate in
Zimbabwe ... we are assured of a steady supply of customers."

The economic meltdown since President Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU-PF
government embarked on its fast-track land reform policy six years ago, in
which white farmers' land was seized for redistribution to landless blacks,
has taken annual inflation to around 1,000 percent - the highest in the
world - and unemployment to over 70 percent, with chronic shortages of fuel,
food, energy and medical supplies.

Simba Chandada, who lost his job as a carpenter at a large furniture
manufacturing company in 2000, has now turned his hand to making coffins in
Mbare, a poor neighbourhood in Harare.

"The established coffin manufactures have a disadvantage in that they have
fixed prices for their products. I negotiate prices with my clients and can
also arrange terms for payment if they have no money to make an immediate
payment," Chandada told IRIN.

The undertakers' booming trade is putting pressure on Harare's cemetaries.
Harare Housing and Community Services, a municipal department, said in a
recent report that the capital's cemeteries, already at 70 percent capacity,
were expected to be filled within the next 12 months. This has already
occurred in Mutare on the Mozambican border in Manicaland Province, where
the two main cemeteries are full, forcing residents to travel to the
remaining burial ground 15km beyond the city limits.

Harare's authorities are considering other ways of disposing of bodies,
although cremation runs against traditional burial customs.

"Given the shortages of land for burials, the department of housing and
community services is considering the issue of cremation as an alternative
and a national debate will be initiated on the issue. There is a critical
shortage of burial space and the city is currently taking long-term measures
to address the problem and alternative land has been opened up," the
community services report said.

Burials used to take place on weekdays but are now also conducted at
weekends, providing a lucrative market place to vendors, in defiance of
bylaws forbidding such practices in graveyards.

Tina Chikanga, a graveyard vendor and widowed mother of four, said, "There
is a big market of mourners who are prepared to buy fruit and cool drinks
because of the ... [heat]. I will continue to provide that kind of service
as long as I do not have a formal job."

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Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund - Appeal For Assistance

P.O.Box 1349
South Africa
Tel : 013 790 0934
Cell: 084 589 3221

Greeting to you

This is an appeal for assistance by the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund
(ZPSF). The Z.S.P.F was started in 2002 and supplies white pensioners in
Zimbabwe with food hampers, medicine and good used clothing. The hampers are
given directly to the Pensioners therefore no middleman. Presently
a truck and trailer travels up to Zimbabwe every three months. A letter of
rebate is obtained from ZIMRA therefore no duty is payable at the border.
The fund has the use of clearing agents on both sides of the border who
assist with the clearing of the truck and the parcels for us.
Pensioners in the following towns and homes are assisted by the fund:
Masvingo - Pioneer Trust
Buddy King 09263-39-265784,Chivhu - Brocklehurst Trust Jenny Campbell e-mail, Kadoma - Westview Trust Pamela Marneweck 09263-86
23553, Gweru Boggies Trust - Mavis D'Hotman e-mail,
Gweru - Huisvergesig Rachel Smith 09263-54-224100, Shurugwi Muus Lodge Fred
Vermaak 09263-52-6656, Zvishavane - Zvishavane Cottage Trust Lettie Ugalitti
09263-51-13914, Esigodini - Kinghaven Moth Cottages Jenny Hoffman e-mail, Bulawayo - S.O.A.P. Louise Campbell,
Bulawayo - Edith Duly Nursing Home Valarie Frankl e-mail, Flame Lilly Foundation John Redfern e-mail
Please do not write this appeal off as a scam. Any of the above-mentioned
persons/organisations can
be contacted for verification on what exactly the fund does.
The fund was started by myself (Hannes) and my wife Edith. We are both ex
Rhodesians, I was born in Gweru and Edith in Bulawayo. Our last five years
in Rhodesia were spent in Triangle where I worked at the sugar mill. In July
1980 we left and moved to South Africa. We now live in Malelane, which is on
the Southern tip of the Kruger National Park where I am employed by T.S.B
the local sugar mill. All my annual leave is used to take the hampers up to
the various Pensioners and homes.
The fund has applied to be registered as a Non Profit Organisation.
Currently we are assisting 300 (Three Hundred) Pensioners directly and
another 190 (One Hundred and Ninety) through S.O.A.P Bulawayo. We have also
been asked to add the Old Age Home in Kwe Kwe.
Should you wish to support the fund by becoming a donor our banking details
are as follows:

Account Holder              :                   Zimbabwe Pensioners Support
Bank                               :                   First National Bank
Branch                            :                   Malelane
Branch Code                   :                   27 09 52
Account Number             :                  62058668230
      International Swift Code :                  FIMZAJJ926

Should you need any further information, please contact me at the
above-mentioned contact details.

Kind Regards
Hannes Botha
Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund

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Fuel Shortage Hits Kariba Tour Operators

The Herald (Harare)

November 8, 2006
Posted to the web November 8, 2006


Tour operators in Kariba are losing millions in potential revenue due to
critical fuel shortages that have resurfaced in the country in recent weeks,
an official said on Monday.

Kariba Publicity Association chairman Mr Justin Mabhena told New Ziana that
tour operators were losing over 90 percent of their former revenue as most
were operating below capacity.

"Most of the activities that include boat cruises and game viewing here
require fuel, hence most operators have shut down while some are operating
below capacity," he said.

Mr Mabhena said of the 200 house and cruise boats at the lake, only one was
in use on a busy weekend.

"We thought we had a crisis when we could send out only four to five cruise
boats a day for sunset cruises, but now the situation is even worse," he

Mr Mabhena said responsible authorities should also address the situation
where fuel could only be accessed from service stations, as this ruled out
boat owners.

Tourists who use their own aircraft were now shunning the country in favour
of Zambia, where they can get fuel, to avoid paying double landing fees, he

He said fishing boats, cruise as well as house boats now relied on the black
market where it was selling at exorbitant prices of $2 500 per litre
compared to $1 800 at some garages. The gazetted price of petrol is $350
while that for diesel is $335.

Mr Mabhena said tour operators were finding it hard to break even at the
unofficial prices considering they needed over 50 000 litres a week.

United Touring Company manager Mr Nigel Ncube said his firm had reduced its
fleet due to the shortage.

"We used to have four game viewing trucks and about nine buses but now we
are operating with one truck and four buses that are parked most of the
time," he said.

"Most clients are forced to cancel their bookings as the quotations we give
them exclude fuel charges."

Mr Ncube hoped the responsible ministries would consider their plight
urgently and allocate the tourist industry a special quota as was the case
in other sectors.

Mr Mabhena said his association had met with other stakeholders in the
industry in the resort town and made recommendations to be presented to the
relevant authorities today. -- New Ziana.

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Tests Condemn 160t of Imported Fertilizer

The Herald (Harare)

November 8, 2006
Posted to the web November 8, 2006

Ernest Njiva

AT LEAST 160 tonnes of fertilizer imported from South Africa have been
condemned as unsuitable, Agriculture Minister Cde Joseph Made said

Laboratory tests by the Grain Marketing Board working in conjunction with
private laboratories have proved that some chemical elements in the
fertilizer were not suitable for some soil types in the country and could
affect yield or even destroy crops.

In an interview yesterday, Cde Made said some of the fertilizer imported
from South Africa's Intshona Fertilizer Company has high sulphur composition
while the other has high nitrogen and phosphorous compositions.

"Chemical analysis have shown that some of the fertilizers have higher
elements of sulphur, nitrogen and phosphorous, which can be unsuitable for
some agricultural areas," said Cde Made.

He said there was nothing wrong in using the fertilizer as long as one uses
the right type of elements in the fertilizer for the right type of soil.

"Farmers should not feel shortchanged by these faults as some farmers will
be at an advantage especially farmers of tobacco and Soya beans that use
soil which require high content sulphur. In fact, if farmers are not sure
about their fertilizer they should report to our offices so that we assist
them," said Cde Made.

The Ministry, he said, was now taking the task of making chemical analysis
on fertilizer as they come in, in order to avoid any inconveniences to

Cde Made also said that his ministry was working with the Reserve Bank of
Zimbabwe to stop any payments on fertilizer they feel was not right until
they are satisfied.

"If we feel that imported fertilizer is not right, we should stop the
payments until specific analysis have been made and as I speak I have talked
with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to stop any payments, as this will cost
our side of the deal," said Cde Made.

He also said it was better to import raw materials so that Zimbabwean
companies can manufacture suitable qualities.

The imported fertilizer has already been taken to GMB for distribution to
the farmers as the farming season for 2007 begins.

GMB chief executive officer Rtd Colonel Samuel Muvuti yesterday confirmed
receiving the fertilizer and that the parastatal had already started
distributing it across the country.

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18 students arrested in Harare and Masvingo after more demonstrations

      By Tererai Karimakwenda
      08 November 2006

      There were student demonstrations in Harare and Masvingo on Tuesday
and Wednesday after which police arrested a total of 18 students who are
currently in custody. The protests started Tuesday at the University of
Zimbabwe campus where lecturers and non-academic staff are on strike.

      Washington Katema, coordinator for the Zimbabwe National Students
Union (ZINASU), said students at the UZ marched with placards supporting the
striking staff and denouncing unaffordable university fees and bungled exam
papers. Police then arrested two students Wednesday morning. Katema said
Clifford Hlatswayo, vice chairman of the student executive council, and
Lovemore Mutangi vice chairman of the representative assembly, are being
held at Avondale police station. Katema who visited them Wednesday morning
said they were allowed food from outside and had access to the Zimbabwe
Lawyers for Human Rights.

      In Masvingo students from all colleges in the province participated in
a similar demonstration on Wednesday. Katema said they took to the streets
of Masvingo city centre where they marched peacefully until they were
disrupted by the police. 16 students were taken into custody. Katema said
the president of ZINASU Promise Mkwananzi and Secretary General Beloved
Chiweshe, were both in Masvingo with the protestors. It is not known whether
they were among those arrested.

      SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Mugabe's prosecution and punishment

New Zimbabwe

By Admore Tshuma
Last updated: 11/08/2006 10:34:59
THE unprecedented economic meltdown coupled with gross violation of human
rights in Zimbabwe merit the prosecution and punishment of Robert Mugabe.

After clinging to power for nearly three decades, Mugabe has made sure that
he wholly paralyses the economy of a country once regarded as the brightest
beacon of hope in southern Africa.

Today, Zimbabwe has been relegated to a begging bowl of southern Africa and
according to latest World Bank figures, Zimbabweans now have the shortest
life-span the world over. This is not political rhetoric but a product of a
reliable scientific measurement.

The country is deep in poverty, and Mugabe is responsible for the severe
deprivation of human basic needs, including food, safe drinking water,
sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information. This is
the exact and universally agreed definition of absolute poverty -- a
condition which is more prevalent in Zimbabwe today.

I wish to argue that Mugabe is prosecutable and chargeable with systematic
violations of economic, social and cultural rights which rise to the level
of serious crime under international law as understood by the Princeton
Principles of Universal Jurisdiction, interpreted in light of Article 7 of
the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

With half of Zimbabwe's population facing grinding poverty and millions more
having emigrated to other countries where some live miserably as illegal
immigrants, just eke out a decent living, the systematic character of the
violation of economic, social and cultural rights by Mugabe's regime have
assumed a genocidal dimension.

How Mugabe created poverty in Zimbabwe is perhaps the simplest question that
does not need academic research.

Mugabe is responsible for political repression, killing and deliberately
inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction
in whole or in part, first for the vulnerable group, the Ndebeles and then
Whites and then everyone.

This is against the background that we now live in a globalised village -
what a political leader says or does in Harare makes a chain reaction all
the way to Washington DC. It's the New World Order and it's unchangeable.

One might want to know, as human memory is very short, who are the actual
victims of Mugabe's murderous regime, the answer is first they were the
Ndebeles.then Whites..later everyone. Mugabe has always assumed that
Ndebeles were by definition enemies and opponents of his regime. Remember,
there was a time in the late 1980s when Mugabe tried to establish a one
party state in Zimbabwe. He saw Ndebeles as a hindrance to his plans of a
one-party state, hence he attempted to exterminate them.

This "genocide" was both ideological and national in character, for in
effect, it sought to annihilate an entire political spectrum from Zimbabwe's
public life by persecuting elite members of the Ndebele society.

There is no doubt that Mugabe's regime should be held accountable for the
unprecedented levels of poverty, or what we would call social genocide. In
my view, his crime stems from a deliberate reduction of the living standards
of the country's poorest and working people, because of intentionally
redistributing wealth upwards and reconcentrating wealth among his cronies.
Using this theory of social genocides, one can authoritatively conclude that
Mugabe's enemies (and victims) are the majority of Zimbabweans.

In addition, Mugabe's regime can be pursued under the 1986 Limburg
Principles on the Implementation of the International Covenant on Economics,
Social, and cultural Rights, echoed in part in the language quoted above
from 1993 Vienna Declaration, the 1997 Maastricht Guidelines on Violations
of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the evolving General Comments of
the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the findings of
Special Rapporteurs on related topics. Such principles, guidelines and
comments are all essential elements of the emerging normative framework of
international poverty law.

In the Maastricht Guidelines (1997), this emphasis is further elaborated:
"It is now undisputed that all human rights are indivisible, interdependent
and interrelated. Therefore, states are as responsible for violations of
economic, social, and cultural rights as they are for violations of civil
and political rights.

Violations of the Covenant occur when a state fails to satisfy what the
committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has referred to as a
minimum core obligation to ensure the satisfaction of, at the very least,
minimum essential levels of each of the rights, thus a state Party in which
any significant number of individuals is deprived of essential foodstuffs,
of essential primary health care, of basic shelter and housing, or of the
most basic forms of education, is pram facie, violating the Covenant.

What is more depressing is that even if Mugabe goes today, his legacy will
continue to haunt Zimbabwe for many years to come. It manifests itself
plainly in the form of hostility between Zimbabwe's two major tribes, Shona
and Ndebele.

Because of Mugabe's earlier preachings of tribalism, Zimbabwe is today a
more divided country than it was before independence in April 1980. This is
evidenced by the fact that when one visits football grounds, internet chart
rooms and so forth, there is a lot of tribal slurs going on.

These are some of the behavioural attitudes which our society has
unwittingly inherited from Mugabe's quarrelsome brand of politics. Remember
if Mugabe had not resorted to planting seeds of tribalism he would have lost
the 1980 elections to Joshua Nkomo.

From independence, Mugabe's vampiric government lacked particularly a basic
attribute of all laws, and that is the simple ability to provide rational
guidance for exemplary conduct. For Zimbabwe to flourish and move on as an
egalitarian society we need our version of the Truth and Reconciliation
Commission whose major task would be to investigate the Mugabe regime crimes
in order to reconcile and unite a deeply divided society.

What is more glaring is the deliberate inequality Mugabe tried to create
between Ndebele and Shona - today Harare and Mashonaland are regarded by an
average person from Matabeleland as upper class and privileged against the
background of numerous skyscrapers and glassy buildings in Harare and
well-constructed roads while Bulawayo is still reeling from medieval
buildings put up by the Smith regime in the 1970s.

Perhaps leading British social scientist Prof Peter Townsend's definition of
absolute poverty gives us a better insight of what is happening in Zimbabwe
today. Prof Townsend argues in his celebrated work on poverty that
individuals, families and groups in the population can be said to be in
poverty when they lack the resources to obtain the types of diet,
participate in the activities and have the living conditions and amenities
which are customary, or at least widely encouraged or approved, in the
society to which they belong to.

According to the Bulawayo City Council, in the first six months of 2003, up
67 people died in the city as a result of malnutrition. The figure included
both children and adults.

Zimbabweans lack many more necessities that are needed for a human being to
properly function and participate in his society. Individuals or families
whose resources are so small as to exclude them from the minimum acceptable
way of life are said to be living in poverty. In the study of poverty and
inequality we find that both financial exclusion and debt are associated
with low income. Moreover, debt is strongly associated with a range of
psychiatric problems.

Mugabe's laws are a deliberate ploy to bring down Matabeleland - salaries
are higher in Harare even if people are doing the same job with same
qualifications and working for the same company. What seems to be a problem
is to be based in Matabeleland. And more daring was the fact that in the
1990's, the Chronicle newspaper which I worked for, earned more revenue for
Zimpapers, but still Herald employees in Harare were paid far much higher
than Chronicle workers.

When I was still at The Chronicle, firebrand politician Welshman Mabhena
once told me that Mugabe has a secret agenda to destroy the Ndebele as a
society. Mabhena said Mugabe blames Ndebeles for his miserable, fatherless

Mabhena said Mugabe's father walked out on the family and left his wife to
fend for the off-springs to live with a beautiful woman in Bulawayo's
Makokoba suburb, identified as MaTshuma, and has never forgiven the Ndebele
for his miserable upbringing. According to Mabhena, Mugabe achieved revenge
for his troubled childhood by sending the 5 Brigade to kill the Ndebeles.

For the greater part of my seven years at The Chronicle, I worked with many
Shona people, journalists, clerks, messengers etc - most of them, if not all
could not even attempt to speak in Ndebele except for those who grew up in
Bulawayo. Yet all Ndebele employees at Chronicle did speak fluent Shona. It
is not their fault.

Remember, when Mugabe appeared on television in the mid-1980s, he
deliberately twisted his tongue, coming up with a horrible accent in an
attempt to say a Ndebele word. He was in a deliberate contempt of the
Ndebele language. However, Mabhena argues that Mugabe can speak in Ndebele
fluently as the two were teachers at Hope Fountain on the outskirts of
Bulawayo - implying what Mugabe intended to demonise the Ndebele language
and its values, hence no Shona child would envy to speak a demonised

I had an opportunity to be among reporters who listened to Mugabe's speech
on the funeral of Joshua Nkomo in Bulawayo's Ascot stadium. I can reveal
that, on this day he spoke fluent Ndebele without even fumbling. I thought
to myself: "Mr President you have finally invoked your Hope Fountain Primary
School days".

What I found more interesting is when I visited South Africa recently, I
found out that in every street there is a Zimbabwean who happens to be Shona
and they all speak in Zulu which is close to Ndebele. The excuse we were
given by our fellow employees at Chronicle was that Ndebele was such a
difficult language to learn as it involved learning to pronounce cliques
omankankane or uxakuxaku. As a head of state Mugabe's hatred of the Ndebele
people was never a secret which penetrated deep into the social fabric of
society. Even children in Matabeleland know that Mugabe hates Ndebeles so is
vice versa in Mashonaland.

Unfortunately, such a behavioural attitude is contagious even among the
unborn generation. There is alarming hostility among the two tribes, this
hostility turns out to be Mugabe's strength. For example, consider what
happened in the run up to the division of the opposition MDC. Under normal
circumstances, and in a proper democratic institution, Tsvangirai should
have been ostracised for what he did. He called in for a vote and when he
lost that vote he decided to use brute force, so what is the difference
between Tsvangirai and Mugabe?

W2hen some dissenting voices queried and tried to bring in sanity in the
name of democracy, they were simply labelled "dissident Ndebeles", because
of that label very few Shona people would support the rebelling Ndebeles.

The purpose of my article is to argue that a leader such as Mugabe who has
presided over the world's fastest shrinking economy, thereby, condemning the
entire population to poverty is guilty of social genocidal crimes and crimes
against humanity which should be prosecutable at the international court of

To start with, designing and legislating brainless policies which result in
mass poverty is a crime on its own. Apart from the 20 000 Ndebele speaking
people of Matabeleland who were massacred by Mugabe's Fifth Brigade,
estimates say up to 10 000 people from Matabeleland disappeared and had not
been accounted for to date.

Murderous state-sponsored hit squads have been in existence at least since
the independence of Zimbabwe in April 1980 and are widely acknowledged to
have stirred up much dissident activity in Matabeleland in order to justify
the killing of civilians in the region.

There is a school of thought which says the six European tourists killed at
Esigodini area allegedly by the dissidents were in fact murdered by Mugabe's
murderous hit squads in order to justify the deployment of the Fifth

There is no doubt that Mugabe and his government are guilty of crimes
against humanity. To some extent, crimes against humanity overlap with
genocide and war crimes.

But crimes against humanity are distinguishable from genocide in that they
do not require an intent to "destroy in whole or in part" as cited in the
Genocide Convention of 1948, but only target a given group and carry out a
policy of widespread or systematic violations. Crimes against humanity apply
in the context of war and in times of peace as well.

The good thing about it is that no one is immune to prosecution for crimes
against humanity - this applies to those who acted on behalf of the state
and even the head of the state himself is not immune.

The Geneva Convention, states that if the head of state sends an army to a
troubled area or province, and that army happen to target civilians, the
head of state is guilty of war crimes. The Convention goes on to state that,
under such circumstances it is the duty of any nation or anyone else to
prosecute or the International Criminal Court has a right to indict the head
of state with his accomplices.

What makes the Zimbabwe situation more needy is the gruesome killings of
people of Matabeleland especially in Tsholotsho, Lupane and Gwanda.

Coming back to the crunch of my paper, the sorry state of the Zimbabwe's
economy here does not need us to consult a rocket scientist or a Professor
of economics. I'm sure even a young school boy would tell you that Mugabe
and his gangsters have messed up, and the destruction of our economy was
long expected.

Much of Mugabe's legislations are so capricious in their drafting as well as
in their application. Above all, the whole battery of laws makes political
dissent a crime. The normal functions of a responsible citizenry becomes the
business of the country's jailers. Mugabe's government has increasingly
conferred forms of lawless discretion on his functionaries in the civil
service, the police and the military. The deployment of the state's
resources to inflict random terror and assassination on the state's own

Poverty levels are unprecedented and Mugabe, like a woman in a polygamous
relationship, keeps on churning abuse at George Bush and Tony Blair - guess
what, they don't reply back they just shut up.

When a BBC reporter confronted Tony Blair in 2002 at the height of bloody
farm invasions, and asked him why he was not engaging Mr Mugabe in talks Mr
Blair simply said: "I will not sit in a round table conference with a leader
guilty of mass murder. In fact, I will do everything for him to go."

Blair and the whole international community can go a step further than just
pushing for Mugabe's exit. He should be brought to account for his murderous
reign and sermons of hatred that have divided our beautiful land.

Admore Tshuma is a former Chronicle Chief Reporter now reading for a PhD at
the University of Bristol specialising in Global Poverty, Social Justice and
Human Rights Law. He can be contacted on

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Zimbabwe women preach love to demand change


afrol News , 7 November - Women in Zimbabwe are taking to the streets and
crying for love to show their frustration with poor governance, lack of
basic social services, and unprecedented increases in the cost of education.
In the process, police have arrested nearly 1000 women activists for their
attempts to hold their leaders accountable.

This past October, members of the organisation Women of Zimbabwe Arise
(WOZA) scored three legal victories after the Harare state failed to
substantiate its charges against the some of the women arrested while
demonstrating, prompting the magistrates to set the women free.

Others have not been as successful. Some women spend months detained in
filthy police cells, sometimes with babies on their backs, attending
continually postponed hearings while the prosecution teams try to find
charges that will stick. Some have even gone into labour while in police

Jane Mlambo [not her real name] is from a low-income suburb in Bulawayo,
Zimbabwe's second city. At 62 years of age, the widow explains how jam has
become a luxury, and she cannot even afford to buy bread on which to serve
the spread. Her age mate in rural Insiza district, Thembi Ndlovu, is
frustrated that her grandchildren are no longer attending class because of
prohibitive school fees and costly uniforms demanded before admission.

Both reminisce about the past and dream of a brighter future for their
grandchildren. Such recollections and pent-up frustrations have stirred up
strong discontent not just in Ms Mlambo and Ms Ndlovu but also in hundreds
of other Zimbabwean women who have joined WOZA.

WOZA says its mission is to "restore the dignity" of the country's women by
speaking out against social and economic injustices that have eroded the
well-being of the majority of the country's citizens. Guided by their motto
'The power of love can overcome the love of power' the women peacefully show
their displeasure.

WOZA is now known for its non-violent but highly imaginative demonstrations
during which they persistently call for "tough love" among the country's
leaders to resolve the crisis that has made not just women's lives, but all
Zimbabweans' lives unbearable.

A major plus for the organisation is that the protests always catch
Zimbabwean state security agents napping because WOZA does not publicise
actions beforehand. By the time security agents catch on, the women have
already had their say.

With its street action and frequent visit to "the garden" - WOZA lingo for
police cells - the organisation is slowly chalking up victories against a
repressive government.

While in "the garden", the women seize the opportunity to share some
sisterly love through song and dance. The songs also send a message to the
arresting officers to realise that they too are victims of the
socio-political environment.

Additionally, the women highlight the fact that Zimbabwe's situation is
untenable but things are bound to change if they continue speaking out. So
effective has this strategy been that police officers who have heard the
women's "tough love songs" now refuse to arrest lead singers within the

WOZA members say through their homemade, handwritten placards and leaflet
they are communicating with a government that has cut off communication
links with its people.

Listening and watching WOZA members plan and stage their projects, one get
the sense that here are women determined to have their voices and opinions
heard. Here are women who invest their time and meagre material resources to
stage protracted protests for their dream of a "socially just future."

These women put passion and conviction into their street actions. These
women are serious.

The women's commitment is evident through their style of doing things.
Members receive intensive training programmes to maintain the organisation's
philosophy of non-violence and to always show love. Now even brutal
baton-welding police officers have conceded in court that when they go to
break-up WOZA demonstrations, "the women are very cooperative and sit down
and allow themselves to be arrested."

The spirit of sisterhood ensures packed courtrooms when WOZA activists
appear in court. Members, who escape the police dragnet after protests, go
and offer themselves for arrest so that they can be together with their

With such an impressive record of accomplishment, many men also hold it is
about time disgruntled Zimbabweans start taking WOZA seriously. Currently
debate in opposition political circles and civic society is revolving around
the need to a "united and brave leader to direct a popular revolt," but
discussions there focus on male leaders that are partly discredited among
Zimbabweans hungering for change.

Woman activists therefore hold it may now be time to draw helpful lessons
from WOZA's experiences. Essentially, these lessons are that it is not about
how strong the leadership is but how involved, committed and prepared
members are in identifying a cause and planning how they will achieve their
stated objectives.

It is about unshakeable belief in what you are doing and love for a brighter
tomorrow. Just as the old adage notes, "it is love that makes the world go
round." WOZA has shown the way of how to use love to unsettle an oppressive

By Miriam Madziwa.
Ms Madziwa is a freelance journalist based in Zimbabwe.

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1 Vacuum Cleaner            50 000.00

3 Microwave plates of varying depths ea 2 000.00
1 Boiled/poached eggs microwave set 5 000.00
1 Microwave cook book 2 000.00
1 Microwave Vegetable Steamer 2 000.00

Garden/Cleaning/Braaing etc
1 Extension Cable and stand 25 000.00
1 Round small braai     5 000.00
1 Braai Set, stick in ground holder for drink and utensils  3 000.00
2 Gas bottles with plates ea 50 000.00
2 Square Washing tubs (white with grey specks ea   6 000.00
1 Plastic blue and black small pedal bin 5 000.00

1 round dining room table 80 000.00
1 Rectangular coffee table, dark wood 20 000.00
2 square side tables to match above ea   5 000.00
1 Bathroom Cabinet and matching rail - Teak 150 000.00
1 Garden Suite, round table, tablecloth,4 chairs and cushions 100 000.00
1 Deck Chair (Canvas and wood) 10 000.00
1 Double Bed,+ mattress (Newish) 250 000.00
1 Automatic (front loader) Washing Machine 250 000.00
1 Cane lounge suite, couch + 2 one seater's, peach cushions & covers 180
1 Cane kist, to match cane lounge suite above 80 000.00
1 Pine double cupboard for wall 50 000.00
1 Pine Wardrobe 90 000.00
1 Pine Dressing Table and Stool 80 000.00
1 Pine Kist 60 000.00
1 Pine Book Case 40 000.00
1 Pine Chest of Drawers 60 000.00
2 Pine Bed side Tables ea 20 000.00

Prices negotiable, within reason
Call Shelley on 091 264361 or 883348 pms only or reply by email : or


1.20 Motorcycles For Sale (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Honda XR 600, 4-stroke trail bike, 1994 model, 16 500km, registered.

Yamaha WR 450 F, 4-stroke enduro bike, 2005 model
off road only.

Yamaha YZ 125, 2-stroke scrambler, 2002 model, off road only.

Honda CR 85, 2-stroke scrambler, 2004 model, off road only.

Kawasaki KX 85, 2-stroke scrambler, 2002 model, off road only.

Phone 04 443017 or 011 218792.


1.21 Tyres For Sale (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Goodyear, Silverstone, Pirelli, Dunlop.
All sizes available including agricultural and commercial vehicle tyres.
If we don't have it, we'll find it.

Phone 04 443017 or 011 218792.


1.22 For Sale (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

DVD player, Sanyo SL-40, still in the box. $140,000  (40% less than Makro)
Contact Rob 091 887 864, 04 499776


1.23 For Sale (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Piranha fisherman with 90 Force (Mercury).  We have had this motor from new.
Complete set up with bass motor, lifejackets, fishing rod holders etc.
Offers around 7000 US (or equivalent)
Brand new bathroom scale  $7 000.
Phone Jacquie 339144, 091 311 503


1.24 For Sale (Ad inserted 24/10/06

Lorry cattle "boxes"

1.                  Custom built in square metal tubing to fit Hino FF
lorry, 2000 model, rear side opening doors.

2.                  Custom built in metal and wood to fit Perfection
Trailer, 1985 model, rear side-opening doors.

Please contact me on email: or phone 091 255 659.


1.25 For Sale (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Sony Ericson T610 for sale.  In good condition with brand new covers.  Also
available is a blue tooth hands free for this phone. Offers phone 091 322


1.26    For Sale (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

The JAG office is now an official agent for GSC Generator Service (Pvt) Ltd
and receives a generous commission on sales of all Kipor generators and
equipment.  Generators are on view at the JAG office.

The one stop shop for ALL your Generator Requirements

SALES: We are the official suppliers, repairs and maintenance team of KIPOR
Equipment here in Zimbabwe.  We have in stock KIPOR Generators from 1 KVA to
55 KVA.  If we don't have what you want we will get it for you.  We also
sell Inverters (1500w), complete with batteries and rechargeable lamps.  Our
prices are very competitive, if not the lowest in town.

SERVICING & REPAIRS: We have a qualified team with many years of experience
in the Generator field.  We have been to Kipor, China for training.  We
carry out services and minor repairs on your premises.  We service and
repair most makes and models of Generators - both petrol and diesel.

INSTALLATIONS:  We have qualified electricians that carry out installations
in a professional way.

SPARES: As we are the official suppliers and maintainers of KIPOR Equipment,
we carry a full range of KIPOR spares.

Don't forget, advice is free, so give us a call and see us at:-

Bay 3, Borgward Road, Msasa.
Sales: 884022, 480272 or
Service: 480272, 480154 or


1.27    For Sale (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

ZNSPCA is selling dog collars and leads
 156 Enterprise RD. P.O.Box CH55 Chisipite. Harare
Tel: 497885/497574

Large                           $950 00
Med.                             $900 00
Small                            $850 00

Large                           $3,000 00  each
Med                              $2,500 00
Small                            $2,000  00

$2,400    each


1.28    For Sale (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Please advertise the following furniture for sale; 4-piece 6-seater lounge
suite $250 thousand, TV cabinet solid $250 thousand, kitchen dresser $150
thousand, writing desk c/w 3drawers 150 thousand, book shelf
150 thousand, Empisal sewing machine (slim line) 500 thousand. Contact Jo
Lewis home 336680 work 755149 or 090363471.


1.29    For Sale (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

General engineering factory and foundry for sale.  Norton Industrial Site.
Please contact 04 333727 or 091413613 or for details.


1.30    For Sale

1.         ITEMS FOR SALE
            Household for sale to include:-
            Sewing machines - 1 x Elnita, 1 x Bernina, 1 x Brother, 1 x
Janome Overlocker.
            Televisions - 1 x national, 1 x telefunken.
            VCR's - 1 x sony (SP and LP), 1 x JVC (SP & LP)
            Television cabinet
            Decoder with dish
            Adam Bede 4 pce bedroom suite
            Chest drawers with mirror
            Dining room suite 8 pce
            Room divider
            Corner display cabinet
            Deep freeze 8 cu Imperial
            Kitchen table & chairs
            Tumble drier
            Lounge suites - 1 x 3 pce green cushions, 1 x 3 pce brown
            Kitchen units - 1 x 3 door c/w draws, 1 x 4 door c/w draws
            Platform scale
            Pine bookcase
            Gas freezer 6 cu ft
            Phone Natalie 862566 or cell 091 270245


1.31 For Sale (Ad inserted 31/10/06)





CONTACT IAN 091 204 685


1.32  For Sale (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Office chairs x 6 - Executive type on wheels. Upholstery good.
 $120,000-00 each Tel: Faith 250489 or 250490 or call in to view
at No 6 Baines Ave, Harare.


1.33  For Sale (Ad  inserted 31/10/06)

Bare root jatropha seedlings available for sale, 1 year old $50; 3-month old
$20. Large orders welcome. Call Ester on 023 779038 Solo on 011529291 or
mail to:


1.34 For Sale (Ad inserted 31/10/06)
Komatsu D65A (D6 size) Bull-Dozer in good operating order - Z$ 50 million

Aveling Barford TO13 All Purpose Motorised Grader in good operating
condition - Z$ 45 million o.n.c.o.

Bedford AWD 5m3 Tipper - good working machine - Z$ 15 million o.n.c.o.

Benz - 10m3 Tipper with HiAP crane fitting and boom - good working machine -
Z$ 22 million o.n.c.o.

Wide Selection of other Plant & Equipment, Spares for above machines and
other, Bulk water and sewer line fittings

Contact Paul Brown at or on 754 301/2 & 755 401/2 for
further information (or Fax No. 754 300)


1..35  For Sale (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

1. Tri-Axle Trailers (x2)
2. Vintage Motor Car - Ford Model A 1930. Runner, not registered.

PLEASE CONTACT P.O.MARCHUSSEN on cell   011 201839

2 King George Court
King George Road
Phone/Fax :     263 4 308960 / 332450
Email         :


1.36  For Sale (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

BATHARAMA:  For all your bathroom renovations, tiling, paving, patios,
plumbing, electrical and guttering, please
contact Joe or Sylvia on 335274 and 339323 or 011 201 397.  Email us at

We are also stockists of 150 litre and 250 litre pressure and ordinary


1.37 For Sale (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Predator bass boat on trailer with 50hp red line Mercury motor.
28lb thrust Mercury Mariner foot operated bass motor, Eagle depth finder,
Bilge pump, Life jackets and fuel tank, spare 50hp red line Mercury motor
with new gear box, 2 spare tyres for trailer.

Phone Trevor 091 339022


1.38 For Sale

311 503 OR 339144.

PHONE JACQUIE 091 311 503 OR 339144


1.39 For Sale (Ad inserted 07/1106)

Toyota 2F in line petrol engine for sale, in very good running order, was
removed from a landcruiser FJ45 to install 2H diesel engine. Call Graham on
011 406 023 or email




2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Second hand baking trays and tins in good conditions
Also second hand electrical mixer in good condition
Please call 011 200 325


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Does anyone have a second hand swimming pool fence that they would like to
sell?  If so, please could you phone me on 091326755.


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

Looking for a copy of "Golden Age of Tobacco" if anyone has a copy of this
book please contact me on


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

Second-hand 28" old-fashioned bicycle wanted. Please phone John Robertson on
Harare 740205


2.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Double bed and base set in very good condition.  Please phone Jenny


2.6  Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

For loan or hire a bunk bed for November Dec and January as I have my family
coming from New Zealand.
Also Looking for 3 to 4 Leaver Locks Preferably a good make like Union.

Please contact Ann on 301860 or cell 011 404357.


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

If any one knows of a front-loading washing machine for sale please contact
Maggie Norton on 499349 or 091255955


2.8 Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

1. King size bed in good condition. With or without headboards.
2. Glass dining and coffee table

Phone Roy 011433588


2.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

I am looking for a second hand or reasonably priced dish holder for a very
big dish I bought from a friend that left the country. I have been told it
should not be mounted on the wall.

The dish holder I need is one that is a tripod at the base (which is
concreted into the ground) and reduces to the size of the dish fitting on
the top.

It is made up of metal bars if you know what I mean.

Please reply by return mail or to
or call me on 301152, 091 324 287


2.10         Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Looking for an Incubator.  Contact Graham on 075-2264 or 011406023 or e-mail


2.11         Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Stove - 4 plates - electric wanted, must be neat and in good working order.
Please contact me on 091 865 666 or 882013 (evenings) or e mail on


2.12         Tractors Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06

If anyone has tractors for sale, please contact me on  or on 04-776458.


2.13         Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Looking for a RAM (sheep) of good stock. If they could contact me through


2.14         Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Skimmer required for use on Kariba. Please phone 091604444/091243184 or


2.15         Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

WANTED urgently is a  Working / Non- Working TV , VCR ,DVD , Satellite Dish,
Decorder and/or Hifi. Please contact Joel on 091 450 928 or email


2.16  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Reliable Small Car in good condition for our daughter who is a student
at university. The vehicle will be required in January 2007. Please


2.17 Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

6 sturdy dining room chairs only (no table) in mukwa or similar wood.
Contact: or 011 208 836


2.18 Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Does anyone have one of those cane and wooden cane ceiling fans they would
like to sell ? Please contact Penny on 776411 or 091 362333.


2.19  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

I am looking for a Center Pevit to hire, that can irrigate 50 or 100
hectares or any form of irrigation equipment that may be available that can
cover 50 to 100 hectares.

If you are interested kindly contact
Mike Peens
Cell: + 263 91 355117
Telephone: +263 4 300071


2.20  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

I am looking for a good, working, heavy duty exercise treadmill.
Phone:  091-343198 or 091-262834


2.21 Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

JUNGLE GYM - i am looking for a jungle gym in fairly good condition with any
of the following:- slide, ladder, swing, platform etc.  If you have anything
please let me know on 091352641 or 62328 (evenings), or email on


2.22  Wanted for Hire - for approx. 3 months (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Game viewing vehicle, 4 wheel drive, equiped for 6 - 8 passengers


P.O.MARCHUSSEN       cell   011 201839



2 King George Court
King George Road
Phone/Fax :     263 4 308960 / 332450
Email         :


2.23 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Desperate for a top loading washing machine in good order with large

Please phone 011803016


2.24  Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Looking for a late model (1995 onwards)B series Mazda pick-up. Condition not
important. Need not be a

Please contact Steve Durrant on 091251684 or 04335336


3 Accommodation Wanted and Offered


3.1 House for Sale (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Greendale North
2.5 subdivisible acres with msasa trees
3 bed/ 2 bath brick under tile and a self contained cottage
Double garage and staff quarters, Pool
10 000 litre water storage tank with pressure pump
Electric gate and security light
2 metre electrified security fence and prickly pear hedge
House alarm, Security guard at end of Close
Borehole sited but not drilled.
Good area - Italian Embassy, French, British and Nigerian ambassadorial
Walking distance of Chisipite School and shops.
Serious buyers only, phone Margot on 04-776499 or 091 358 122


3.2 House Sitter Wanted (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Attractive newly thatched cottage to let for October and November on farm
near Bromley, 55 kms Harare.   Garden and space for vegetables.   $15,000
per month
plus Zesa.
Please phone 073 3399, or 011 423614, or 04 572513 (leave message here)


3.3 Flat Wanted to Buy (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Widow requires a safe cluster home/garden flat in Northern suburbs.  Must
have three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 carports or garages (a must) as she
doesnt want to lose her late husbands vehicle!!  Phone Jacquie (on behalf of
Widow) 091 311 503, 339144.


3.4 House Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

3/4 bed roomed house for single mother with 2 children.  Must be safe and
secure.  Areas around
Mt Pleasant, Greendale, Alexander Park, Avondale, Borrowdale, Highlands;
Newlands, Gunhill.

Please phone Debbie on 091 830 953 or 446191/2 during business hours


3.5 Cottage for Rent (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

AVAILABLE TO RENT, end of October

PLEASE CONTACT 499119. e-mail


3.6 Fish Hoek for Rent (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

To let:  In Fish Hoek;
Two bed roomed house with lock-up garage. Close to
beach, shopping centre and station in quiet street. R3000 monthly. Six-month
lease. Available from 1st November.

To let: In Fish Hoek;
One bed roomed flat with own fitted kitchen, bath in
secure area; Close to beach, shopping centre and station in quiet street.
R1500 monthly. Six-month lease. Available from 1st November.

For details please contact Graeme:


3.7 Wanted Housesitter/Part time tenant

Garden flat in secure complex, two minutes walk from Sam Levy's village. 2
bed 2 baths, 1 en-suite. Furnished, Lock-up garage.
Minimal rent to cover expenses required.
Available 15th October. Please phone Nello Davies. 091-402410.


3.8 House Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

House wanted to rent as from 1st December 2006 in Avondale, Milton Park,
Emerald Hill, or Mount Pleasant.
Need at least 4 bedrooms and swimming pool and if possible a borehole.
Please contact Carol on 332798 or 011 231 541 if you have anything suitable.


3.9 House-Sitter Offered (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Accommodation Wanted/House, animal sitter available end Nov

I have been housesitting professionally for the last 2 years (I have
references).  As of 1st Dec 2006 I will be looking for anyone who needs a
house/animal sitter for 4months or longer in Harare, preferably around
Borrowdale, Chisipite, Highlands, Mount Pleasant, Newland area. I am
26/farmers daughter, very homely and have passion for the outdoors and love
of animals. Any furnished cottage or small houses would be perfect. Needs to
be a secure surroundings, as, I'm a single female.

I would love to hear from you. Contact Lisa on 091 340 373 or


3.10  HOUSE WANTED OR EXCHANGE (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Private Sale

We are looking for a 2 to 3 acre property with 2 houses on the property or 1
house and a separate decent 3 bedroomed cottage. Property must be walled,
secure and have a prolific borehole.  Areas considered are Borrowdale,
Ballantyne Park, Colne Valley, Colray, Rolf Valley, Rietfontein, Highlands
and Chispite.
we would consider an Estate Agent valued exchange for our house, located in
Mount Pleasant.  Property is on 1 acre with executive house.  4 b/rooms, 2
ensuite and separate shower and guest toilet.  Also has flatlet with
downstairs shower and toilet and extra upstairs room with bath and toilet.
Large kitchen with hob and oven, 2 large lounges plus one smaller.  Lovely
bar.  Has jacuzzi and sauna.  Floodlit aw tennis court and pool.  4 lock up
garages plus pit.  Underground watering system and prolific borehole.  Very
secure and extras not mentioned.  Has been valued at US$350,000 equivalent.
Please reply to


3.11 House Wanted to Rent (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

I am currently looking for a reliable tenant for my house in Mandara
(Harare), available immediately and a long lease. 3 bedrooms (loads of
cupboard space), 2 bathrooms (main en suite), 2 lounges, dining room,
kitchen, study, 3 verandah areas, workshop, laundry, store room, pool,
satellite dish, 2 garages. Set in a 4 acre garden with lovely indigenous
trees. Very peaceful, quiet and a great garden for children.
There are 2 excellent domestic workers at the house and I would like them to
remain with the property.

If you are interested, please email me on or call/sms me
on +27 84 6930 912 (SA) between 9am and 6pm for more details. Only serious
enquiries please.
(NB - this house is not suitable for a single lady)


3.12 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)


Young couple looking for a 2 or 3 bedroomed House or Garden Flat in or
around town (Mutare), that allows dogs.  Looking around nothing more than
Z$50 000.00 rent
Contact Ronel on 023 284 772 or 011 609607


3.13 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Two or three roomed cottage, Belvedere,Lincoln Green or Ridgeview area.
Call Andrew on 740233 or email


3.14    Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Forcibly retired farmer and wife desperately in need of cottage with
outbuildings to rent immediately - anywhere from Ruwa to Marondera.  Phone
011-221088 or contact Cherie at Jag offices.04-799410.


3.15    Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Young couple with 1 young child require a 2 or 3 bedroomed house or garden
flat in a low density suburb of Gweru.  For occupation immediately or in
November or December.  It must be walled and gated.  Preferably with a
lock-up garage, staff quarters and swimming pool, although these are not
necessities.  If anything is available, please contact Dalmaine on 091 777
033, (054) 221 501 (in Gweru) OR Pam on 091 646 268, (04) 756 841/850 (in


3.16    Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

ZNSPCA is looking for accommodation in Harare, preferably around Chisipite,
Newlands, or Highlands. Any cottage or room would be perfect. Needs to be a
secure surrounding. For a single female who will be only using it for 2
weeks in a month. If anything is available please contact Helen 497885 or


3.17    Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

W are looking for a 3 to 4 bed-roomed house, will consider most areas. Need
from 1 Feb 2007, for a 2-year lease contact Di at,zw


3.18  Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

l will be in Bulawayo for a holiday in December.l am looking for a two
bedroomed cottage to rent from 25 December 2006 to 15 January
2007.Preferably with basics like beds,stove and fridge.

Due to time difference between Bulawayo and Australia please send your
contact number to and the time when l can call you if
you have the cottage.


3.19  Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Urgently looking for a small cottage / flat furnished if possible but not a
necessity in Harare for my son who is a Zimbabwe Cricketer. Please if anyone
can help please contact me on 011207583 or on


3.20  Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

CONTACT US ON 011206614 OR 011216080 OR 061- 2265/2459 WORKING HOURS"


3.21 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Marsh Special Needs Class is a class for up to 10 disabled children. For the
past 3 years we have been fortunate enough to occupy a 2 bedroomed cottage
in Mandara free of charge. Unfortunately the house attached to this cottage
has now been sold and we are having to move out at the end of this term. We
really only need two rooms and a bathroom. One large room to use as a
classroom and another smaller room as a sickbay. Is there anyone out there
who would be able to help us find new premises for January 2007? We were
very lucky not to have to pay any rent and understand that we may not be so
lucky this time so if anyone has a cottage or a couple of rooms and a
bathroom they would be willing to let to us we would be very grateful.

Our children arrive at between 7:15 and 8am and leave between 12 and
12:30pm. We have two teachers who would need to be able to park their cars
for the morning. We stick to normal school terms and will not be there
during the holidays except maybe a day or two for cleaning.
Please could you forward this to everyone you know in Harare and help us to
continue this much needed class for a very special group of children.
Many Thanks
Nicky Franco
I can be contacted on 776044 or 011 402924 or


3.22 Accommodation for Sale (Ad inserted 07/11/06)


Beautiful, spacious town house for sale in secure property in an area that
is convieniently situated in Newlands.  3/4 bed with plenty of cupboard
space, 2 1/2 bathrooms/2 lounges/0ffice/sep dining room/kitchen with
scullery/ maids quarters and double lock-up garage.  Lovely entertainment
areas with splash pool.

Phone for app..... chancers please.
Jenny Riley


3.23 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Small furnished/unfurnished house to rent or house-sit for 6/7 months from
Dec or Jan.

Please contact or 490758 or 011219442.


3.24 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Looking for furnished cottage/flat to rent for man who spends majority of
time at the office but needs somewhere to "go home to".  Ideally cottage
with occupied house or flat in complex for security purposes.

Please phone or sms Donald 091258159.




4.1 Hippo Pools Camp (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp - Need a break from your hectic everyday life,
for a relaxing weekend or midweek getaway Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp is the
place to go.  For details phone Tracy on 747929 or email "


4.2 (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

88 Lomagundi, Road Emerald Hill

 Is the home of the following Christian organizations:

LifeWords (Formerly Scripture Gift Mission)
Words of the Holy One (Christian literature)
Life Tower (Christian library)
Your Life Magazine
Acts Basket

These are all legitimate non-profit Christian Organizations.

At present life House (Kindly left to Lifewords by the late Ms Audrey
Hickley in her will) is badly in need of some attention and renovation to
make it more user friendly to the public as a Christian resource centre. The
renovation has started, funded thus far by money from our own pockets, but
we (the small group of 5 people involved in the above) have found that our
personal resources are not nearly adequate for the task. Some of the needed
items are great indeed, but we do not wish to underestimate either the power
of God or the generosity of some people, by not asking.

So it is that we humbly approach you the public in an appeal for the

. Funding/general donations.
. Bore-hole (to be drilled)
. Bore-hole pump and motor, piping etc
. Water storage tank
. Plants (palms, cactii, hanging baskets, pot plants etc)
. Garden furniture and benches (prayer/reading/tea garden)
. Garden umbrellas
. Tables & chairs
. Office furniture (Christian internet reference library)
. Lounge furniture (Prayer room)
. Computers (Christian internet reference library)
. Printers
. Wood for book shelving and a carpenter's time and skill (Christian
. Paint
. Christian literature for the library collection.
. Light fittings
. Tiles
. Wrought iron security enclosure (verandah)
. Curtains
. Small rocks/boulders to build a rockery
. Lawn
. Tobacco scrap
. Compost
. Manure
. Plant pots
. Gravel

In fact anything you could give would be most appreciated. If any gift
cannot be used for the revival of Life House to benefit all Christians, it
will be donated to Acts Basket and so still benefit a Christian brother or
sister in need.

Should you wish to make a pledge or donation or ask any questions, please

Anne Hadingham at LifeHouse on 304127 or 091400751 or email: or Peter Nyangara at LifeHouse on 304124 or 011629218 or


4.3  GACHE GACHE LODGE (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

GACHE GACHE LODGE - across Lake Kariba still have some rooms available for
the Xmas period. Full catering. Children welcome.
Contact: Andrea: 091 208 836
New Year is now full.


4.4  House Boat For Hire (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

MTEPATEPA: houseboat for hire. Sleeps 12, 3 crew, tender boat.  Reasonable
Phone Kate 067 23112 or 091 356 981.


4.5  Lift Offered (Ad inserted 10/10/06)
Lift offered to Beira, Mozambique leaving 30th October returning 3rd
November Contact 091-343198/04-851873


4.6 House Boat for Hire (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Southern Belle

 Luxury Cruise Ship on Lake Kariba

                        HELLO AND WELCOME.

Christmas special 2006 - individual cabins on offer.

Deluxe Cabin -         US$  156.00 per person per day.
Executive Cabin -     US$  150.00 per person per day.
Double Cabins -       US$  144.00 per person per day.
Twin Cabins -           US$  138.00 per person per day.
Triple Cabins -          US$  136.00 per person per day.

Cruise dates - 22nd December to 26th December 2006

Departure times Marine Land Harbour - 10.30am

Cruise departure dependant on minimum of 20 passengers

 Book now to avoid disappointment - bring the whole family.

Contact Edward Vermaak on the following

Tele/Fax 061 - 3176 or Cell 011 - 208665


4.7 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Self-catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges, just bring your food, drinks and
relax. Best value for money. U12 are 1/2 price

Contact John: or Phone 091 631 556


4.8 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Accommodation wanted for 2 nights in Mongwe for 3 people - 3rd & 4th
November, 2006

Please phone 011-215 111 or 011 213 660



Sunday 04 November 2006.
At 187 Carrick Creagh Road, Helensvale.
Open at 9 a.m. to late afternoon.

An exhibition of lesser known artists.  Something for all tastes.

If you are an artist and you would like to exhibit, please contact me on 091
346 785.

There will be teas and cakes available and maybe a wine bar.


4.10 Lovely Linens Christmas Fayre
       (Ad inserted 24 October 2006)

14 Aintree Road, Highlands, Harare.

Thursday, 23 November 2006: 4pm to late.
Friday, 24 November 2006: 10 a.m. to late evening.
Saturday, 25 November 2006: 10 a.m. to mid-afternoon

Full bar and catering available.  Jazz band on
Saturday.  Secure parking.  Please bring all your friends and family for a
great opportunity to do all your Christmas shopping in one place.


4.11 Borrowdale Christmas Fayre in the Village
       (Ad inserted 24 October 2006)

Saturday 09 December 2006
9 a.m. to late afternoon
at Sam Levy's Village, Borrowdale.

For bookings contact 091 346 875 or The Tenants' Association at The Village.

4.12 (Ad inserted 24/10./06

TANDEM SKYDIVING' every saturday at Charles Prince Airport.  Contact Chris




5.1 (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

1. The Power People
Radium Africa stocking 2.5Kva, 5.5Kva, and 16Kva Generators. 40's and 60's
on the water. Larger units available on request.
Assessments, Installations and servicing available. Full spares backup.
Phone Office: 04 335848 Cell Derrek 011611717

2.  Need to use your FCA? - Radium Africa
Harrow discs 24" 26" and 28", Generators, Silage Machines in stock. Other
agricultural equipment imports available on request.
Phone Office: 04 335848 Cell Sean 011600389 Keith 011800859


5.2 (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

OUTSIDE BAR SERVICE for all your outside Bar & Catering requirements contact
 We specialise in Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Weddings etc.
 Let us take the hassle out of your function!
Contact: Glynis or Ed on:


5.3 (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

PH 850480   091 702 280 or email


 ALL your problems lay in your Subconscious Mind

Whatever the problem is .. Health .. Money .. Relationships { or lack of }
Depression or Confusion .. you CAN change it !
Learn how to Re-programme your subconscious and start making those changes

Make the REST of your life the BEST of your life


Venue:    Self Empowerment Centre ...22 Ross Rd , Rolf Valley
Time:      Saturday 28th October~ 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
                  Sunday  29th October~ 8.30 am -  1.00 pm

Cost:        $ 40 000.00  [ Bring and share lunch ]

TANIA   091702 280


5.4 (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Personalised DVD's and Calendars.

For that hard to find Christmas present...
Transfer your photos onto DVD/VCD (Will add music, captions and group the
photos in to a series of your choice.)
For that special Calendar this year have a personalised calendar made with
your favourite photos added.
To view samples, phone 745512 (evenings) / 011 611 744 or e-mail


5.5    Wanted: Computer-Based Home School (Ad inserted 24/10/06

Looking to start a computer-based home school in Umwinsidale.  This will be
on the Brainline form of teaching (South African system).  Anyone interested
please phone 011 806 731 - or Hre 494925 - or email


5.6 (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

NEW & USED SPARES - Fiat /  Ford / MF & Deutz Tractors only.

We import quality spares, if available externally, for these tractors only,
at very competative prices accross the board.

For any further enquiries contact Doug or Tracy on - Ph/Fax: 068-22463 -
Cel: 011212454 -


5.7 (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

"First class landscaping with 25 years in the business of landscaping and
nursery production.Innovative design and attention to detail is assured.Wide
scope in styles from luxurious sub tropical to elegant oriental ensures you
take pleasure in your environment.Contact Alun Hartung on HRE 744469 or


 5.8 (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

G-Tech Services, Specialist diesel truck, tractor and vehicle repair and
maintenance, fleet maintenance, staitionary engines, generators maintenance,
repair and installation. Call Graham on 011 406 023, or 741001 or E-Mail



6.1 PUPPIES FOR SALE (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Beautiful Red Setter Puppies for sale, available mid November.
Contact Dave, Helen or William to see them.
email 496961, 091-400-328, 091-403-526


6.2  Puppies Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Two Jack Russell puppies - Please phone Jenny 011 409 353


6.3  Temporary / Permanent Home wanted
      (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

We have recently relocated to Europe. Due to various circumstances we are
unable to bring our two dogs (Black Retriever and German Shepherd) as yet.
Once we have settled in and have reasonable space we would like to call for
one or both of our pets if possible.

In the mean time we are looking for an elderly couple who would be willing
to baby sit/ look after, or possibly adopt our two dogs. Due to the
situation it is difficult to put an exact time period required. They are
good security dogs and are extremely loving. They would suit a couple as the
shepherd enjoys the company of females and the Retriever, enjoys being
around Men.

We would be prepared to supply food etc as an when required to the approved
" new home "

For any further information or enquiries, please contact by email


6.4 For Sale

Pedigree Persian kittens.  5 left.  Please contact Warwick on 091 346 875 to


6.5 Ad inserted 31/10/06)


Toy Pom puppy wanted as soon as possible. Please, to help our family get
over our little darling puppy who was accidently run over on the road.

Please reply to:-
Tel:- 011-611360 or 011603889
       04 -407735 or 04-481419


6.6 (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

KITTENS FOR REHOMING - We have a variety of kittens (all different shades)
looking for good homes.  If you are interested please contact Pam on
091352641 or email , all donations go to SPCA Mutare.
Delivery can be organised if necessary.


6.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Please if anyone knows of or has Toy Pom Puppies or Jack Russells for sale
please, please can you phone or email me on 304030 or 091 27 213 or

We recently lost our Jack Russell to menegitis and would love to have a
bundle of joy back into our lives.

JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 610 073 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to: with
subject "Classifieds".

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Steel Firm Scandal Widens Rift In Zimbabwe Ruling Party


By Blessing Zulu
      08 November 2006

A move by ruling party members of Zimbabwe's parliament to impeach the
minister of trade in connection with alleged corruption at the Zimbabwe Iron
and Steel Company has nurtured divisions within ZANU-PF, parliamentary and
political sources said.

Industry and Trade Minister Obert Mpofu is alleged to have lied under oath
before the house industry committee in hearings on the widening ZISCO

The investigation followed the collapse of a deal with Indian steel firm
Global Steel to refloat the moribund state-owned enterprise with US$400
million over 20 years. The deal is said to have fallen apart when Harare
officials demanded share stakes.

With the committee intent on moving an impeachment to the house floor,
sources said Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa moved to adjourn parliament
until later this month, aiming to buy time to restore discipline within the
ruling party's lawmakers. The panel had been scheduled to present its
findings on the scandal on Wednesday.

Mpofu became a focus of attention for the committee after he revealed the
existence of a report by the National Economic Conduct Inspectorate, a body
that pools Central Intelligence Organisation and Finance Ministry officials.
But he later backtracked on his initial statement saying ministers and other
top officials were implicated.

The committee was unable to obtain a copy of the inspectorate report and
prepared its own, which concluded the ZISCO-Global deal was "fraught with

ZANU-PF sources said Chinamasa and Edna Madzongwe, president of the senate,
had received marching orders from the top whip ruling party parliamentarians
into line in a bid to scuttle the committee investigation into the
"Steelgate" scandal.

But MPs backed by speaker John Nkomo refused to budge. Nkomo is said to be
aligned to Vice President Joyce Mujuru and Chinamasa is perceived to be
sympathetic to rival presidential aspirant Emmerson Mnangagwa. Sources point
to this factionalism as the explanation for the lack of consensus on
handling the ZISCO scandal.

Anti-Corruption Minister Paul Mangwana confirmed last month that the cabinet
was concerned that the house committee was independently investigating the
trouble at ZISCO. Mangwana said Chinamasa had communicated this to the
speaker of parliament and to the ZANU-PF chief whip, Joram Gumbo.

The impeachment motion was moved by committee chairman Enoch Porusingazi, a
ZANU-PF lawmaker for Chipinge South, Manicaland. But speaker Nkomo held the
motion in abeyance, giving Mpofu time to respond to the accusation.

Parliamentarian Innocent Gonese of the opposition Movement for Democratic
Change explained to reporter Blessing Zulu of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe
why the industry and trade committee had held minister Mpofu in contempt of

Analyst Glen Mupani, based at Cape Town University, South Africa, said
Mugabe's failure to handle the succession issue is tearing up the ruling

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Zimbabwe Interns Strike Over Shortages of Critical Drugs, Materials


By Patience Rusere
      08 November 2006

A strike by junior doctors at Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second
largest city, entered its third day on Wednesday as about 50 interns
withheld services to back up their demands for better supplies of everything
from drugs to rubber gloves.

The doctors said they could no longer bear to see patients die for lack of
the materials needed to treat them properly. Later reports said management
at Mpilo brought in some of the supplies that lacked and that doctors might
soon resume work.

The president of the Zimbabwe Medical Doctors Association in Matabeleland,
where Bulawayo is located Chad Tarumbwa, told reporter Patience Rusere of
VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that conditions at Mpilo were the same as
everywhere else in a country where doctors are losing patients they could
have saved under better conditions.

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Zimbabwean Election Observer Applauds Neutrality Of U.S. Government


By Carole Gombakomba
      08 November 2006

A number of Zimbabweans in the U.S. diaspora participated in the American
midterm elections as observers, among them associate journalism professor
Stanford Mukasa of Indiana University in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Mukasa said he was most impressed by the neutral of the U.S. government as
such in the elections despite pre-election indications that voter sentiment
was running against the administration of Rebublican President George W.
Bush. His party lost control of the U.S. House with control of the Senate
still in the balance late Wednesday.

Despite reports of intimidation in Virginia, Mukasa told reporter Carole
Gombakomba  of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that such incidents were
insignificant compared with the intimidation of Zimbabwe opposition members
in local or national balloting.

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Soyinka accuses Mugabe, Bashir of atrocities

Daily Nation, Kenya

      Story by NATION Reporter and Correspondent
      Publication Date: 11/9/2006
            Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka yesterday delivered a scathing
attack on Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and Sudan's Omar Bashir for
orchestrating atrocities against their people.

            Saying the expulsion of opposition supporters in Harare under
the guise of cleaning up the city had historical parallels to Hitler's
pogrom in Germany, Prof Soyinka added that the crisis in Darfur revealed the
racist mindset of the Bashir regime that resulted in "fascism taking root on
African soil."

            Hopefully, Prof Soyinka added, those seeking "the final
solution," as Hitler's programme of Jews' persecution was called, "will not
have the final say" if artists use their imagination to expose those evils.

            The playwright known for his tragi-comedies and poetry -
delivered in idioms that some critics think require interpretation - arrived
in the country yesterday for a public lecture where journalists were not
allowed in, and his powerful speech could not be accessed as "it was
copyrighted," according to the Godown Centre officials who had organised the

            Read widely

            Earlier in the day, the first African Nobel winner called on
Kenyan politicians to read widely.

            Prof Soyinka said it was important for people to understand both
the internal politics of art, which entails art for art's sake, as well as
its external politics - which is the effects of art in the society
especially how it can influence political leadership of the country.

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