The ZIMBABWE Situation Our thoughts and prayers are with Zimbabwe
- may peace, truth and justice prevail.

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 At 0825am on Thursday 14th October 2004 we were advised that one of our
aircraft, B747-200F Registration 9G-MKJ did not complete it's take-off and
crashed into woodland.

 There were seven personnel on board the aircraft and it is with great
regret that we must advise there were no survivors.

 The personnel were all fine airmen and our deepest sympathy and condolences
go out to their family and friends at this very difficult time.

 The National Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating the
accident with assistance from the US National Transportation Safety Board,
the Federal Aviation Administration, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, the
UK Air Accident Investigation Branch, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing and other
interested agencies.

 For any further details please contact Steve Anderson, Press Officer, MK
Airlines Limited on +44 (0)1892 770011.

15th October 2004


 Further to our earlier Press Release today, we can now confirm that we have
contacted each of the next of kin for the seven crew members who died in
yesterday's air crash in Canada.

The seven crew members are -

Captain Mike Thornycroft

Captain David Lamb

First Officer Gary Keogh

Flight Engineer Pete Launder

Flight Engineer Steve Hooper

Loadmaster Chris Strydom

Ground Engineer Mario Zahn

Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to their families and friends
at this difficult time.

 For any further details please contact Steve Anderson, Press Officer, MK
Airlines Limited on +44 (0)1892 770011.

15th October 2004
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The Telegraph

One cheer for Zimbabwe
(Filed: 16/10/2004)

Although treason charges are often hard to prove, yesterday's verdict in the
Harare High Court came as a surprise. It was widely thought that, despite
the flimsy nature of the charges against Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of
Zimbabwe's main opposition party, he would be convicted of treason.
President Mugabe has purged the judiciary, and the judge who heard the case
is a beneficiary of the government's seizure of white-owned farms. In the
event, however, Mr Justice Paddington Garwe ruled that the state had failed
to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Tsvangirai had plotted to kill
Robert Mugabe.

It would be illusory to think that this verdict marks a watershed in
Zimbabwean affairs. Having been cleared of accusations relating to his
meeting in 2001 with a Canadian-based political consultant, the head of the
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) still faces a separate treason charge
linked to a general strike organised by the MDC last year. As for the
"independence" of Mr Justice Garwe, it has been reported that he wanted to
find the defendant guilty, but was prevented from doing so by two lay
assessors. Mr Mugabe may also have been under pressure from other African
heads of state, such as Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and Olusegun Obasanjo of

Mr Tsvangirai has not been allowed to leave Zimbabwe since February 2002 and
his legal expenses have cost his party dear. The MDC has so far decided to
boycott parliamentary elections due next March, leaving the field clear for
the ruling Zanu-PF. The prospects for the opposition are of continued brutal
harassment by an old tyrant, who appears to have concluded that it would be
self-defeating to imprison or execute Mr Tsvangirai. Mr Mugabe would thereby
make a martyr of a man who no longer poses any immediate threat to his rule.

In the meantime, the economy continues to unravel. Zimbabweans go hungry
while their president makes absurdly optimistic claims about the size of the
grain harvest. As summer begins, the farmers lack seed and fertiliser. The
rates of inflation and unemployment are soaring. At least two million
better-educated Zimbabweans have emigrated. Around one third of
schoolchildren failed to enrol this year because their parents could not pay
the school fees. This is a country going steadily downhill. The acquittal of
Mr Tsvangirai, though cheering in itself, will not halt that melancholy
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The Scotsman

Tsvangirai ruling spells hope for Zimbabwe's opposition


THE smile on Morgan Tsvangirai's face said it all. Yesterday must have been
one of the best days of his life.

His acquittal, nearly two years after his high-profile trial began, will
breathe new life into his party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Founded slightly more than five years ago, the MDC swept to victory in
nearly half of all contested seats in parliamentary elections in June 2000.
But that wave of hopeful euphoria dimmed after Mr Tsvangirai lost to Robert
Mugabe in presidential polls in 2002. He said the election had been rigged.

In recent months, the MDC has been steadily losing ground. Following the
loss of six parliamentary seats to Mr Mugabe's ruling Zimbabwe African
National Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party earlier this year, the
Zimbabwean leader triumphantly predicted the opposition was "ripe for

Mr Mugabe said the opposition would lose dismally to ZANU-PF in
parliamentary polls due next year, and with Mr Tsvangirai seemingly headed
for a conviction, it certainly looked that way.

Yesterday afternoon sitting in the garden of his modest home in Harare's
Strathaven suburb, tables laden with food and drink ready for a party, Mr
Tsvangirai could, for now at least, put his fears behind him. "What a
relief," he told reporters, thanking his supporters for the "solidarity they
have shown over this very traumatic period".

Mr Tsvangirai is no stranger to danger. According to his official biography,
there was an attempt to throw him from a tenth-floor office in 1997. Since
then, the MDC leader says he has survived several assassination attempts at
the hands of Mr Mugabe's militias.
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US Welcomes Acquittal of Zimbabwean Opposition Leader
David Gollust
State Department
15 Oct 2004, 18:55 UTC

The United States Friday welcomed the acquittal by Zimbabwe's high court of
opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on treason charges. The State Department
said it hopes the action leads to new political dialogue in the troubled
The Bush administration, which has long been critical of moves against the
political opposition in Zimbabwe including the trial of Mr. Tsvangirai, is
welcoming the acquittal, and expressing hope it leads to political dialogue
and electoral reform in that country.

At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher said he hopes
the verdict signals the end of politically motivated prosecutions in
Zimbabwe, and opens the door to "constructive dialogue" between Zimbabwe's
political parties.

He also said the United States is hopeful the trial outcome is a signal that
the government of President of Robert Mugabe is ready to approach
parliamentary elections next March with fairness guidelines like those
recently approved by the Southern Africa Development Community, SADC.

However, Mr. Boucher said reforms now under consideration by the Mugabe
government fail to address "fundamental flaws" that produced bitter disputes
after elections there two years ago.

"For these parliamentary elections to be free and fair, we think that a
number of steps are necessary, including establishing a truly independent
election commission, insuring balanced media access for all the political
parties, assuring freedom of assembly and political campaigning, and
suppressing political violence," said Mr. Boucher. "Those are the kind of
steps that we are looking for. If this positive development of the acquittal
is to lead to anything better, it's going to have to be followed by serious
steps like these for electoral reform."

The SADC election guidelines were approved by member states of the regional
grouping including Zimbabwe at a meeting in Mauritius in August, and call
for, among other things, impartial electoral institutions and clear
provisions for dealing with election disputes.

Mr. Tsvangirai was first accused of treason two weeks before his defeat by
Mr. Mugabe in a presidential election in March, 2002 widely criticized as
having been marred by fraud.

The United States said the election was neither free nor fair, and later
joined European Union countries in imposing travel and financial sanctions
against Mr. Mugabe and close associates.

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The Times

            Verdict toughens dictator's stance
            By Richard Beeston, Diplomatic Editor

            THE surprise decision to acquit Morgan Tsvangirai of treason
charges may have been taken because President Mugabe no longer regards the
opposition leader as a serious threat to his regime.

            Analysts said that the ruling may be the clearest signal that
the dominant Zanu-PF party is more entrenched than ever.

            "I would read this result as a sign that Morgan Tsvangirai is
not as much of a threat as he was a few years ago," Alex Vines, the head of
the African Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, said.
"Today Mugabe is in a stronger position and the [Movement for Democratic
Change] is much weaker."

            Foremost in Mr Mugabe's calculation is the parliamentary
election due early next year. Zanu-PF, which has launched a dual campaign of
intimidation and patronage to secure voter support, is confident of making
gains in MDC constituencies. He may also have calculated that a guilty
verdict, with the possibility of a death sentence, could have inadvertently
turned his opponent into a martyr.

            A guilty verdict would certainly have provoked a fresh
international backlash against Zimbabwe, risking a row with its powerful
neighbour South Africa. Even with the acquittal, Mr Tsvangirai remains
handicapped. With the State still holding his passport - because separate
charges relating to his movement's protest campaign last year can be
activated at any moment - he cannot travel abroad to raise funds and lobby
international support against Mr Mugabe.

            Above all, the ruling shows just how politically shrewd the
80-year-old Mr Mugabe remains. He is widely credited with outmanoeuvring
British attempts to isolate his regime and continues to be a respected
leader in Africa and much of the Third World.
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Khaleej Times, UAE

  Mugabe stands exposed again
  By Mohammed A. R. Galadari

  16 October 2004

  ZIMBABWE'S President Mugabe stands exposed again. The Harare high court
ruling over treason charges against opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says
in unmistakable terms that there was a frame-up against him. He is acquitted
of the charge, though the verdict in another similar case against him is yet
to come. Dear readers, it is laudable that a top court has shown the courage
to act independently of the government in a country where the regime is
often accused of interfering in its systems and due processes.

  The verdict shows how the man who rules the country for a quarter of a
century could go such great lengths to rein in his opponents. The judgment
is clearly a victory for the democratic forces, including the opposition,
the rights groups and the media, who feel miserable under the Mugabe rule.
In recent times, his dispensation had arrested journalists for not toeing
the government line in reporting; and he had introduced laws to curtail
freedom of function for rights organizations.

  The court verdict yesterday is further proof of the wrong ways of the
Mugabe government. Tsvangirai is a widely respected figure. Perhaps his high
reputation is one reason why the government made efforts to nail him. The
court rejected the argument that he had made any request to a Canadian
political consultant to help him stage a coup against Mugabe. Rather, the
court found that the consultant had taken money from the government to raise
this charge against him. The court has gone on record to state this. What
would be the credibility of the Mugabe government now, granted that it did
have some at all?

  In the past, Mugabe had gone hammer and tongs against the White farmers
who largely helped in sustaining the country's economy with their push in
the agriculture sector. He encouraged a movement to seize the farms of
Whites and distribute them to natives. We all know this is incorrect. These
White farmers had made the land cultivable, brought in irrigation
facilities, produced grains, fruits and vegetables, and helped strengthen
the economy. You talk of the rights of indigenous people. But, if people who
lived there for many generations are not natives, who else are?

  Eventually, as you know, the White farmers ousted from Zimbabwe moved over
to neighbouring Mozambique, where the government welcomed them with open
hands. They were told they could cultivate the lands. See how constructive
was the approach of the Mozambique government. It knew these people would
irrigate the lands, make good use of open lands, create employment
opportunities and strengthen the economy. The government will earn money out
of it. It means better living conditions for its own people as well. Mugabe
didn't understand this economics. All what was in his head was hatred and
discrimination. He refused to see the better side of it all.

  Somebody wrote to me some months ago, saying they were only taking back
the land that the Whites had taken away from them. The land belonged to the
natives, they said. But, the question is not who owned the land, but what
they did with it. Who made it productive? We do not want to go into history.
Let us look at the existing scenario. Africa has long stretches of land that
are not properly utilized. Sudan, for instance has six rivers, and millions
of people, but poverty is rampant. What have they done with their lands?
People are fighting hunger there. Does it make sense? I am not concerned
about the issue of black or white, but about the reality on the ground.

  In principle, the idea of encouraging the natives is laudable, and no one
questions it, but the way Mugabe went about hurting the Whites who helped
the country made the difference. The country hasn't yet recovered from the
social tensions and economic troubles that arose from this offensive.

  Mugabe has stayed long enough in power, yet he is not ready to give it up.
He is widely believed to have rigged the 2002 presidential election in order
to continue with his hold on power. That prompted some Western nations to
raise the threat of sanctions against the country. The opposition leader had
challenged the election verdict, and that angered the government more, and
possibly also prompted it to go in for a frame-up. This is not the way for a
democracy to function. If Mugabe wanted dictatorship, there was no need for
him to court democracy as well. You cannot run with the hare and hunt with
the hound.

  Why is Africa still in the dark ages? Leaders like Mugabe are not doing
enough to change the scenario.That has been the case for ages. This is a
continent blessed with both natural beauty and resources. But the flaw is in
the management of resources. The result is that the number of people living
in poverty in the continent doubled from 160 million in 1981 to 314 million
today, according to World Bank figures. There are no great efforts put in
yet at combating communicable diseases.  HIV/ Aids is the biggest threat
there. A major portion of the 45 million people infected with HIV worldwide
live in sub-Saharan Africa, even though the region's people account for only
11 per cent of the world population.

  Africa, as I stated in this column the other day, requires good systems
and good leadership. It has to get rid of the tag of being the continent
that was colonised and practised slave trade. That is all past and history
now. There was no continent that didn't suffer injustices in the past two
centuries. Africa is a free continent now. It has also to catch up with the
rest of the world. Leaders like Mugabe should concentrate their energies on
improving the living standards of their peoples, rather than wasting time
and energies on wrong causes.

  Readers response may be forwarded to
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JAG OPEN LETTER FORUM 15th October 2004

Email: ;

Please send any material for publication in the Open Letter Forum to with "For Open Letter Forum" in the subject line.


"Once you have faced fear and prevailed, you stand taller, feel stronger
and stride through life with greater confidence." ANON

Letter 1.  Subject: OLF 301 Eddie Cross

Message for Eddie Cross and to JAG Open Letter Forum.

Dear Eddie, there are tens of thousands of displaced Zimbabweans scattered
across the globe who long for and desperately miss the bushveld you

But they also have no fear.

They, myself included, would not swap a life without fear for that glorious
dream your describe. To have lived it, even to have lost it, is to have
always known.

Do you think that everyone can afford the dollars and fuel to flee to the
Bushveld, visit National Parks, or go hunting or fishing, so as to "return
refreshed"? Get real Eddie - young families need freedom and hope, not the
Zambezi River. Many of those young families have sought domocracies
elsewhere. They may well mourn what they have lost, but they rejoice in
what they have gained.


Linda Costa

Letter 2.  Subject: CFU

Dear Jag,

I left Zimbabwe in 2001 because I was no longer able carry out my duties as
a Deputy Sheriff of the Court due to political interference. I have
followed Jag's adherence to legality rather than political expedience and
commend you for the work you have done with the Valuators' Consortium.

I also farmed simlutaneously and was a member of the CFU throughout my
farming career. Justice for Agriculture is now well known for its stand for
legality, however there is no information available about the CFU and its

Does the CFU have a real policy or function in Zimbabwe, and where do Jag
and CFU stand in the current period of destruction of the country?

Yours fathfully,

D. Phillips.

Letter 3.  Subject: Thank You.

Dear Jag Team.

Thank you for all that you have done.  Recently reminded on getting news on
John Faber, and pleased to receive your email.  God bless you one and all.
from Moira Wood ex. Marondera.

Letter 4.  Subject: Farm Labour

It really "pee's" me off when you go on about the plight of displaced and
out of work ex-farmworkers when we in the Chipinge Farming area are
desperately short of labour to harvest our crops. We would be willing to
collect and employ any 'willing' ex farm workers.


Gideon Mostert

All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions
of the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice
for Agriculture.


JAG Hotlines:
(091) 261 862 If you are in trouble or need advice,
(011) 205 374
(011) 863 354 please don't hesitate to contact us -
(011) 431 068
                                we're here to help!
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Vesting of land, taking of materials and exercise of rights over land

NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of paragraph (iii) of subsection (1) of
section 8 of the Land Acquisition Act (Chapter 20:120), that the President
has acquired compulsorily the land described in the Schedule for urban

Minister of Special Affairs in the
Office of the
President and Cabinet Responsible
for Lands, Land Refore and Resettlement.



 1.  3989/92. Simon Farms P/L: Bindura: M'chena of Chomkuti: 543,7159 ha
 2.  5372/81. Edward Gurthrie & Sdon (Pvt) Ltd: Bindura: Rietbok Vlei of
Rocky Spruit: 441,5292 ha

 3.  7244/73. Kathryn Anne Harvey: Chilimanzi: Culloden of Daviot of
Shasha Fountains: 809,3726 ha
 4.  5125/73. Dirk Cornelius Odendaal: Chilimanzi: Subdivision A of
Craig: 491,2696 ha

 5.  2335/70. Jacob Solomon Kotze: Chipinga: Stille Meer of Petrusville
West: 916,4486 acres
 6.  3544/82. Enhoek Estates P/L: Chipinga: Subdivision A of Wolfscrag:
256,9483 ha
 7.  1076/86. H N Orner Investments P/L: Chipinga: Gomondoni of
Canterbury: 214,1313 ha.
 8.  4307/75. Clearwater Tea Manufacturing Company (Private) Limited:
Chipinga: Lot 2 of Clearwater Estate: 789,4109 ha
 9.  7218/74. Don Victor Odendaal: Chipinga: Houtberg: 1 773,8004 ha
 10.  5731/98. Hipkin Jahme Enterprises (Private) Limited: Chipinga:
Rietvlei of Kenilworth: 371,4518 ha
 11.  2251/00. I B A Crawford (Private) Limited: Chipinga: Remaining
extent of Naffertons: 3 256,8108 ha
 12.  2645/90. H De Foiard Brown P/L: Chipinga: Chihosa of Subdivision A
of Excelsior of Hofstede: 164,6548 ha

 13.  06187/91. Glad River Farm Private Limited: Goromonzi: Lot 2 of
Liwonde: 478,1167 ha

 14.  6940/88. A C Lubbe Investments P/L: Gatooma: Ebor: 637,0671 ha
 15.  5946/81. Raath Brothers (Private) Limited: Gatooma: Glenview Farm:
769,6857 ha

 16.  3414/78. Esajas Fillipus Petrus Vosloo: Gutu: Irvine A: 1 280,7115

 17.  991/94. J J Cullinan, K J Botes, C S Scullion, R Lily Hartley,
   and Ruth Hardman: Gwelo: Farm 23A of West Gwelo Block: 479,7676 ha
 18.  991/94. J J Cullinan, K J Botes, C S Scullion, R Lily Hartley,
   and Ruth Hardman: Gwelo: Farm 23 of West Gwelo Block: 959,3487 ha
 19.  951/72. Dixi Ranches (Private) Limited: Gwelo: Subdivision 11 of
West Gwelo Block: 1 402,4155 ha
 20.  3080/99. Machinate Enterprises (Private) Limited: Gwelo: Goodhope
of Subdivision 10 of West Gwelo Block: 526,2361 ha
 21.  1236/72. Lionel Arthur Carlisle: Gwelo: Subdivision B of Bonnyvale:
40,8995 ha

 22.  11505/89. Olaham Estates P/L: Hartley: Alpha of Mopani: 1 933,51 ha
 23.  14019/53. Petrus Setphanus Martin: Hartley: Clearmount: 941,0584
 24.  9160/90. Johannes Lodewyk Delporta Lorna Anne, Delporta: Hartley:
Ardlui Extension Portion of Oldham: 327,9800 ha
 25.  4249/64. J H Erasmus Investment P/L: Hartley: Alpha West: 370,5900
 26.  743/89. Blandale Estates P/L: Hartley: Cecil: 1307,2921 ha
 27.  10783/89. Fopofena Properties P/L: Hartley: Remainder of Fopofena: 1
373,4829 ha
 28.  10301/99. Mike Campell P/L: Hartley: Mount Camel of Railway 19: 1
200,6489 ha
 29.  7202/99. Marulla Farming P/L: Hartley: Remainder of Violetsvale of
Raiway 18: 736,5941 ha
 30.  1360/72. Tiverton Estates P/L: Hartley: The Remaining Extent of
Farnham: 763,8588 ha
 31.  743/89. Blandale Estates P/L: Hartley: "Cecil": 1 307,2921 ha
 32.  1447/87. Farquhar Transcorp (Private) Limited: Hartley: The
Remainder of Idbury: 296,0055 ha
 33.  5792/81. Taunton Holdings (Private) Limited: Hartley: The Remainder
of Idaho: 1 219,4753 ha
 34.  4466/74. Nyadgori Estates P/L: Hartley: Nyadgori: 1 397,3721 ha
 35.  493/67. Dodhill P/L: Hartley: Dodhill: 619,4143 ha
 36 4214/54. Rock Farm P/L: Hartley: Farm Rock: 1 289,0596 ha
 37.  8491/96. Bonview Estates P/L: Hartley: Bulfield: 1 223,1077 ha
 38.  5682/74. Brunswick Farm P/L: Hartley: Brunswick of Railway Farm 13:
514,1667 ha
 39.  5554/91. Mohammadi Gardens (Private) Limited: Hartley: Braeside
Estate: 3 261,7761 ha
 40.  1534/86. Borden Enterprises P/L: Hartley: Borden Extension:
317,6826 ha
 41.  1533/86. Borden Enterprises P/L: Hartley: Borden: 937,4390 ha
 42.  5409/56. R J Geyser: Hartley: Bedford: 375,2900 ha
 43.  5833/90. Alecandra Estates P/L: Hartley: Remainder of Calwearie: 1
216,1955 ha
 44.  4466/75. Nyadgori Estate P/L: Hartley: Balmoral: 1 256,1516 ha
 45.  1537/62. Mathys Johannes Vosloo: Hartley: Ardmore: 3 606,5322 acres
 46.  4120/88. Pax Farm P/L: Hartley: Pax: 518,1900 ha
 47.  4771/80. Maynard Estates (Private) Limited: Hartley: Remaining
Extent of Subdivision A of Forothy Hill: 478,2698 ha
 48.  279/82. Just Right Estates (Private) Limited: Hartley: Just Right
Estates: 2 060,4990 ha
 49.  2693/88. Just Right Estates (Private) Limited: Hartley: Bexhill: 1
240,2381 ha
 50.  779/72. Josias Stephanus De Toit: Hartley: Eureka of Alabama
Extension: 506,9899 ha
 51.  847/98. Tom Beattie Family Farms: Hartley: Chigwell Estate: 4
756,7470 ha
 52.  4585/81. Jean McAlister Baldwin: Hartley: Clevedon: 705,3369 ha
 53.  4585/81. Jean McAlister Baldwin: Hartley: The Remainder of
Maratonga: 857,0166 ha
 54.  3645/87. Burgan Estates (Private) Limited: Hartley: Serui:
1176,8558 ha
 55.  3645/87. Burgan Estates (Private) Limited: Hartley: The Remainder
of Chingford: 1 082,8516 ha
 56.  1845/81. Sherwood Tobacco Estate P/L: Hartley: Sherwood: 1 288,9654
 57.  6322/71. Claremong Estates (Private) Limited: Hartley: Harndale:
260,40 ha
 58.  8856/95. Wakestroom Farm (Pvt) Ltd. Hartley: Stroomop Estate:
280,1858 ha
 59.  656/77. Umsweswe Ranches (Private) Limited: Hartley: Farm 7A
Umsweswe River Block: 3 618,3514 ha
 60.  656/77. Umsweswe Ranches (Private) Limited: Hartley: Farm 6 of
Umsweswe River Block: 915,7077 ha
 61.  13007/99. Mapani Park of Deweras: Hartley: Mapani Park of Deweras
Extension 274,7580 ha
 62.  291/83. Bartlus (Private) Limited: Hartley: Lot BA Hunyani Estate
No. 3: 2 749,0308 ha
 63.  1360/72. Tiverton Estates (Private) Limited: Hartley: Stanmore:
65,0582 ha

 64.  7878/87. Dunnotar Farm P/L; Inyanga: Lot 9 of Lot z of Inyanga
Downs of Inyanga Block: 8,6038 ha
 65.  1523/58. Eastern Highlands Plantations Limited: Inyanga: Aberfoyle
Plantations of Inyanga Block: 2 362,3536 morgen
 66.  527/52. Wattle Company Ltd: Inyanga: S/D B of Britannia: 502,1819
 67.  2978/79. Louie Angelor David Spemcer: Inyanga: Glen Spey: 1
250,9517 ha
 68.  4327/86. Staffin Estates P/L: Inyanga: Maybeck Estate: 180,31 ha

 69.  9159/99. P V Lardner-Burke: Lomagundi: Nkuyu: 616,2876 ha
 70.  3223/78. A and J Farms P/L: Lomagundi: Remainder of Stratford:
620,7204 ha
 71.  2380/66. Harold Edwin Schultz: Lomagundi: Remainder of Lions Den: 1
801,5527 ha
 72.  2913/75. Lancefiled Farm: Lomagundi: Blackmorevale: 4 984,0274 ha
 73.  3422/72. Mema Estate P/L: Lomagundi: Mema: 1 164,9437 ha
 74.  1939/86. Keiray Estate P/L: Lomagundi: Lot B of Donnington:
568,7280 ha
 75.  4281/79. George John Beattie Small: Lomagundi: Dart Moor: 631,2538
 76.  11120/2000. Nibrob Holdings P/L: Lomagundi: Remaining Extent of
Gwina: 701,3146 ha
 77.  115/57. R P Cress P/L: Lomagundi: Mawara of Gomo: 505,1949 ha
 78.  1447/87. Farquhar Transcorp (Private) Limited: Lomagundi: West
Cote: 584,5636 ha
 79.  2520/75. Marasha Farm P/L: Lomagundi: Peth: 2 372,3591 ha
 80.  5012/85. Farquhar Transcorp (Private) Limited: Lomagundi: Mfuti:
516,3947 ha
 81.  5207/55. Weston Park P/L: Lomagundi: St Ninians Estate: 2411,2488
 82.  9071/87. David Stacey Lane Manning: Lomagundi: Broadlands Estate: 1
360,6718 ha
 83.  4511/85. A D Amira (Private) Limited: Lomagundi: Gretton of
Stratharn: 816,2617 ha
 84.  2025/91. Mission Vlei Farm (Private) Limited: Lomagundi: Mission
Vlei: 559,6075 ha

 85.  6577/83. Chris Grobler Enterprises P/L: Makoni: Farm 16A of
Lawrencedale Estate: 859,5429 ha
 86.  11897/99. Kokstad (Private) Limited: Makoni: S/D B of Tsungwesi
Ridge: 330,2327 ha
 87.  842/76. BAC Farm P/L: Makoni: Farm Woodlands: 1363,9893 ha
 88.  9358/88. Jacobus Andriaan Smit: Makoni: Farm Nyamwa: 991,8165 ha
 89.  10616/2000. J G Delport P/L: Makoni: Fodjga: 353,4955 ha
 90.  4323/75. Adam Farms P/L: Makoni: Fonteintjie of Fishers Farm:
683,6720 ha
 91.  6578/83. Chris Grobler Enterprises P/L: Makoni: Farm 15 of
Lawrencedale Estate: 526,5545 ha
 92.  7406/95. Beeskraal Farm P/L: Makoni: Farm 17 of Lawrencedale
Estate: 852,8507 ha
 93.  6594/84. Henk Luther Viljoen: Makoni: Farm No. 23 Ptn Farifield
Estate: 1196,5557 ha
 94.  2679/90. G H B Estate (Pvt) Ltd. Makoni: Haileybury A: 498,9162 ha
 95.  4394/82. H Muller P/L: Makoni: Farm 18 of Lawrencedale Estate:
848,1770 ha
 96.  4936/75. Desmond Charles Munch: Makoni: Inyamasitza: 607,4325 ha
 97.  1874/82. Dawie Malan: Makoni: Tiny Extension of Mount Tikwiri:
809,3506 ha
 98.  6944/73. J H B Herrer P/L: Makoni: Tsungwesi Source: 1 091,0455 ha
 99.  10197/99. Cathrose Enterprises P/L: Makoni: Inyamasanga: 529,3287
 100.  484/90. Driefontein Farms P/L: Makoni: Farm 26 of Fairfield
Estate: 907,9988 ha
 101.  4672/98. Farinya Farming Enterprises P/L: Makoni: Farm 25 of
Lawrencedale: 1 053,8598 ha
 102.  1845/99. D W Van Rooyen P/L: Makoni: Dyffryn: 1 180,5720 ha
 103.  12967/99. Stubbs Farm P/L: Makoni: Bormu: 1 343,4200 ha
 104.  7676/96. Acrefair Farm P/L: Makoni: Bathavon of Firmandale: 1
021,2534 ha
 105.  1003/90. PVP P/L: Makoni: Remainder of Lesapedale: 329,6738 ha
 106.  5173/94. Brookdale Estates P/L: Makoni: Devos: 1 388,000 ha
 107.  6872/84. FAR P/L: Makoni: Remaining Extent of Lesapi Cave: 1
062,7386 ha
 108.  1205/40. Government of Colony of S R: Makoni: Mapopi of Falls:
472,2810 morgen
 109.  1011/98. Cotleigh Farm P/L: Makoni: Cotleigh: 1 009,7391 ha
 110.  10616/2000. J G Delport P/L: Makoni: The Remainder of Compton:
689,5307 ha
 111.  3349/69. Lesbury Estate P/L: Makoni: Urmston Extension: 705,1979
 112.  6039/88. Lodewyk De Klerk Van Rensburg: Makoni: Cavalla: 1
259,9380 ha
 113.  1221/49. Silverbow P/L: Makoni: Silverbow: 2 633,58 ha
 114.  4410/82. Wengi River P/L: Makoni: Wengi River Estate: 927,7500 ha
 115.  1168/81. John Bamber and Francis William Bamber: Makoni: Arrowaw
of Umvukwe Estate: 694,6518 ha
 116.  1428/67. H J S Phillip & Sons P/L: Makoni: Montegomery: 3 189,5124
 117.  6107/80. Mahomed Ismail Kassim: Makoni: More Baas of 24 of
Fairfield Estate: 419,6174 ha

 118.  6042/72. Snowsprite Farm (Private) Limited: Marandellas: Remainder
of Subdivision "C" of Southampton: 255,0415 ha

 119.  3800/86. T G Berwick (Pvt) Ltd: Mazoe: Farm 8 of Howick Estate:
834,7482 ha
 120.  6140/72. R A Beatrice and Sons (Pvt) Ltd. Mazoe: Lazy 7 Ranch of
Barwick Estate: 861,4381 ha
 121.  72058/70. Anglo American Rhodesian Development Corporation
Limited: Mazoe: Remainder of Corncopia: 1 375,7206 acres
 122.  4217/53. Fredrick Jack Saunders: Mazoe: The Remaining Extent of
Normanale: 1 3767,2400 ha
 123.  8750/95. M D Stobard Vallaro P/L: Mazoe: The Remainder of
Sandhurst: 977,1200 ha
 124.  6986/86. Sleamish P/L: Mazoe: Sleamish Estate: 421,2204 ha

 125.  6208/98. Mangwiro P/L: Mazoe: Barrock: 2 633,58 ha
 126.  949/87. Andries Hendrik Joubert: Melsetter: Remainder of Holland:
1832,3979 ha
 127.  251/39. Kenneth Hastings Nethersole: Melsetter: Springfield:
286,595 morgen
 128.  8501/99. Hangani Development Company (Private) Limited: Melsetter:
Remaining Extent of Sawerombi: 1 922,3886 ha
 129.  2820/96. Hangani Development Company (Private) Limited: Melsetter:
Weltevreden Estate: 1 067,9585 ha
 130.  2820/96. Hangani Development Company (Private) Limited: Melsetter:
Welgegund Estate: 1 737,7694 ha
 131.  2820/96. Hangani Development Company (Private) Limited: Melsetter:
Glacier of Weltevreden: 856,5180 ha
 132.  2820/96. Hangani Development Company (Private) Limited: Melsetter:
Groenkop: 533,9802 ha
 133.  2820/96. Hangani Development Company (Private) Limited: Melsetter:
Middelpunt Portin Jantia: 1 121,4276 ha
 134.  1729/47. Border Timbers (Ltd).: Melsetter: Tilbury: 12 661,8630
 135.  2572/80. Border Timbers (Ltd).: Melsetter: Cambridge Estate: 18
241,2954 ha

 136.  5712/79. Stephanus Gerhardus Borman: Mrewa: Wheatlands: 972,4100

 137.  4172/85. Gillian Mary Southwood: Ndanga: Subdivision B of
Glendevon Estate: 1 824,8139 ha
 138.  2138/77. Robert John Tayler: Ndanga: Lot 8 of Mkwasine Central:
149,4070 ha
 139.  2331/81. Abraham Johannes Van Aarde: Ndanga: Sebenani of Glendevon
Estate: 1 827,4660 ha
 140.  1332/94. Mkwasine Ranching Company (Private) Limited: Ndanga:
Remainder of Mkwasine Ranch: 16 588,9415 ha
 141.  4862/73. Buffalo Range Ranches (Private) Limited: Ndanga:
Remainder of Essanby: 12 134,2927 ha
 142.  4525/81. Hippo Valley Estates Limited & Triangle Limited: Ndanga:
Lot 2 of Mkwasine Central: 190,2965 ha
 143.  757/97. Chiredzi Wildlife Investments (Private) Limited: Ndanga:
Lot 2 of Fair Range A: 174,9053 ha
 144.  2507/77. Buffallo Range Ranches (Private) Limited: Ndanga: The
Remaining Extent of Buffalo Range: 19 245,2553 ha
 145.  6642/87. Mungwezi Ranching Company (Private) Limited: Ndanga: Lot
1 of Chiredzi Ranch South: 5 038.4994 ha
 146.  1486/84. Naude Holdings (Private) Limited: Ndanga: Mkwasine Ranch
A: 16 396,8575 ha

 147.  2636/91. Michael Anthony Clark: Nuanetsi: The Remainder of Umbono
of Nuanetsi Ranche A: 5 413,3665 ha
 148.  8968/99. Administrators fo the Estate of The Late Theodoor Carl
   and Louis Carl Rjis: Nuanetsi: The Remainder of Limburgia of Nuanetsi
Ranch A: 11 049,0865 ha
 149.  3642/75. Mariotti Ranch (Private) Limited: Nuanetsi: Mariotti
Estate: 9 802,7658 ha
 150.  1404/82. Richwill Car Sales (Private) Limited: Nuanetsi: Kyalami
Ranch of Quagga Pan Ranch of Nuanetsi Ranche: 4 249,1209 ha
 151.  5180/80. Ironwood Ranch (Private) Limited: Nuanetsi: Lot 28 of
Nuanetsi Ranche A: 11 330,2672 ha

 152.  9805/89. New Riverbend (Private) Limited: Shamva: Riverbend: 1
281,9363 ha

 153.  8292/00. Njedzana Investments P/L: Salisbury: Greenlands: 1
292,4900 ha
 154.  5207/55. Hill Brothers: Salisbury: Downend Portion of CharfieldA:
725,9987 morgen
 155.  1810/88. T S Ford Enterprises: Salisbury: Msasa: 435,0785 ha
 156.  1420/41. Duncan Hamilton Black: Salisbury: Bitton: 2 256 morgen
 157.  11326/2001. Kamilso Investments P/L: Salisbury: R/E of Charfield
A: 308,9988 ha
 158.  4994/84. Nigel Geofrey Lowe: Salisbury: Fairfield of Homefield:
51,2573 ha
 159.  3223/78. A and J Farms P/L: Salisbury: Remainder of Stratford:
620,7204 ha
 160.  578/72. Samuel Rahamin Levy: Salisbury: Lot 2 of United: 370,2822
 161.  5700/79. E Drakes & Son P/L: Salisbury: Spitzkop: 759,2500 ha
 162.  916/96. Chehamba P/L: Salisbury: Lot 1 of Lyne: 485,6211 ha

 163.  289/85. Burma Park P/L: Umtali: The Remainder of Burma of
Clydesdale: 1 251,299 ha
 164.  4861/89. Susanna Vivier: Umtali: Have: 202,7145 ha
 165.  2841/85. Five Streams P/L: Umtali: Five Streams: 1 388,7402 ha
 166.  3712/79. Robin Francis Haden Tebb: Umtali: Remaining Extent of
Braintree Portion Lawrence Wille: 215,7834 ha
 167.  3495/88. Freezing Point Estate P/L: Umtali: Eden Dale: 1 362,000
 168.  2985/85. Christian Hendrik Van Vuuren: Umtali: Lot 1 of Oukar: 1
278,5842 ha
 169.  200/78. Andries Christoffel Kok: Umtali: Saajhoek of Clare Estate
Ranch: 1 103,4826 ha
 170.  1149/64. Partridge Hill P/L: Umtali: S/D A Portion Partridge Hill
Portion of Cloudlands: 246,7650 ha
 171.  5039/80. Hermanus J Vorster: Umtali: Monkfield of Norseland:
866,18 ha
 172.  367/96. Ragdale Investments Pvt Ltd: Umtali: Mt Maienji: 1
602,4808 ha
 173.  6559/74. J & R Tobacco Estates P/L: Umtali: Mount Shalom of Clare
Estate: 2 381,2714 ha
 174.  5124/80. Alvern Farming P/L: Umtali: Lot 6 of Lot 1 of Mazonwe:
560,3347 ha
 175.  4089/82. Alan McGregor: Umtali: Nyamakari of Burma of Clydesdale:
897,4323 ha
 176.  1800/78. Robert Christopher Donald: Umtali: Remaining Extent of
Highlands: 40,4694 ha
 177.  7304/98. J R Hildebrand (Private) Limited: Umtali: Remaining
Extent of Walhalla: 376,0149 ha
 178.  2989/84. F J Barry and Company P/L: Umtali: L'amour Estate:
625,3807 ha
 179.  3495/88. Freezing Point Estates P/L: Umtali: Headlands: 1 405,000
 180.  2572/80. Border Timbers (Ltd).: Umtali: Imbeza Estate: 1844,0120
 181.  6997/81. Rhotalia Winery P/L: Umtali: S/D E of Chikonga Farm:
78,6112 ha
 182.  451/91. Britannia Orchard P/L: Umtali: Britannia: 2611,9614 ha
 183.  6010/74. Green Valley Vine Yards P/L: Umtali: S/D C of Chikonga
Farm 54,2747 ha
 184.  6010/74. Green Valley Vine Yards P/L: Umtali: S/D D of Chikonga
Farm 31,0987 ha
 185.  4151/58. Border Timbers (Ltd).: Umtali: Mahugara of Epson: 771,164
 186.  12892 Border Timbers (Ltd).: Umtali: Remainder of Walmer: 635,7329
 187.  4265/75. En Avant Farm P/L: Umtali: En AvantL 332,0-578 ha
 188.  1408/84. En Avant Farm P/L: Umtali: Lot 1 of S/D A of En Avant:
878,6539 ha
 189.  7850/88. Cynthia Elaine Kok: Umtali: Remaining Extent of Kostat of
Clare Estate Ranch: 408,8969 ha
 190.  224/58. Odzi Farms (Pvt) Ltd: Umtali: Remaining Extent of Farm
"Odzi": 942,4541 morgen

 191.  6404/70. Nyamihi (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Tengwe 92: 634,8335

 192.  5508/98. Warranted Investments (Private) Limited: Victoria:
Swartfontein: 777,2787 ha
 193.  2529/90. Harold Arthur Paterson: Victoria: Lamotte: 428,2590 ha



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