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Zimbabweans ready to topple Mugabe: spy agency

Zim Online

Wednesday 18 October 2006

      BULAWAYO - The government's spy Central Intelligence Organisation
(CIO) believes Zimbabweans are readier than ever before to overthrow
President Robert Mugabe and all they need is a "united and brave" opposition
to lead popular revolt, according to a secret intelligence document leaked
to ZimOnline.

      The document - a 15-page memorandum from the CIO dated October 9, 2006
and that was handed to Mugabe last Friday - adds that the 82-year old
President was the most hated by Zimbabwean, including by some members of the
security forces who it added could not be counted on to defend the
government in the event of a well organised mass revolt.

      The CIO document makes even more unsettling claims that most
Zimbabweans and some junior soldiers and police officers, all hit hard by
the country's unprecedented economic meltdown, wished Mugabe dead "as they
believed that only that or a (military) coup will solve all  their economic

      "Intelligence gathered by our members show that the president is the
most hated member of the ruling party, whom most people and some junior
officers in the security forces want dead, as they believe that only that or
a coup will solve all their economic problems," says the document entitled:
Monthly Security Brief.

      "This simmering hate for the President is enough to see the public
jump at any opportunity to topple him and all they need is the unity and
brave action from the opposition and civic organisations," reads the
document that comes a year after the Joint Operations Command (JOC) of all
security agencies similarly warned that the government could face civil

      Mugabe's spokesman George Charamba was not available for comment on
the matter while State Security Minister Dydimus Mutasa refused to take
questions from ZimOnline, saying he could not "discuss the country's
confidential security matters with the Press."

      Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi also refused to discuss the matter,
although he insisted that the army was "very loyal to the government and
will do anything to defend it against anyone and anytime."

      The JOC, comprising top commanders of the CIO, army, police and prison
service, in September 2005 said worsening economic conditions were fast
eroding the patience of long suffering Zimbabweans who it said could easily
take up to the streets should the opposition and its civic society call for
anti-government protests.

      In a bid to forestall mass revolt, the JOC drew up a list of 55
leaders from the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party,
political and civic organisations who it recommended be put under strict
surveillance to ensure they did not mobilize Zimbabweans to revolt against
the government.

      Among those put under surveillance were leader of the main faction of
the MDC Morgan Tsvangirai, secretary general of the smaller wing of the
divided opposition party Welshman Ncube, chairman of the National
Constitutional Assembly civic alliance Lovemore Madhuku and Zimbabwe
Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) president Lovemore Matombo.

      Attempts by the ZCTU in September this year to stage nationwide
protests by workers against poor salaries and living conditions were easily
thwarted by the police while the Tsvangirai-led MDC appears unsure whether
to go ahead with mass protests to demand political reforms - leaving
analysts wondering whether Zimbabweans have the stomach to confront state
security forces in the streets.

      But the CIO memorandum insists the political situation remains just as
charged, if not worse, than it was last year.

      It says Zimbabweans remain bitter over an economic recession they
blame squarely on mismanagement by Mugabe and which has seen inflation
shooting beyond 1 000 percent, skyrocketing unemployment, shortages of
foreign currency, food, fuel and power and increasing poverty levels.

      Divisions in the MDC did not automatically reduce the threat posed by
the party as both Tsvangirai and leader of the other faction of the
opposition party Arthur Mutambara appeared to share the same belief that
mass revolt was the only way to remove Mugabe from power and could still
join hands and "spring a surprise" against the government.

      The document says some retired senior members of the security forces
were now working with the opposition and advising it on how to defeat the
government's tough security strategies.

      It also urges a purge in the security forces to weed out all suspected
of being "opposition agents" while making sure that those that remain in the
army and police were looked after to ensure loyalty to the government. -

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Dollar crashes on parallel market

Zim Online

Wednesday 18 October 2006

      BULAWAYO - The Zimbabwe dollar took a heavy knock on the parallel
market last weekend as the economic crisis rocking the southern African
country showed no signs of easing up.

      A survey conducted by ZimOnline in Zimbabwe's second biggest city of
Bulawayo yesterday showed that illegal foreign currency dealers were selling
the South African rand at Z$175 against the local currency, up from last
week's $155.

      The Botswana Pula was selling at $220, up from last week's $185 while
the United States dollar and the Euro were both selling at $1 650 each. The
British Pound was selling at $2 300, up from last week's $2 000.

      The above rates are in sharp contrast to the ones being offered by the
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe with the central bank for example, offering $32 for
the Rand and $39 for the Pula, rates people say are ridiculously too low.

      A foreign currency dealer who refused to be named said yesterday: "The
rates rose sharply over the weekend and there are indications that they will
rise even further as we move towards month-end when civil servants are
likely to get salary reviews."

      The parallel market is the only reliable source of foreign currency
for most businesses and private individuals in Zimbabwe.

      Zimbabwe has faced severe foreign currency shortages over the past six
years after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) withdrew
balance-of-payment support after differing with President Robert Mugabe over
monetary policy and other governance issues.

      The foreign currency crisis accelerated in 2000 after Mugabe
instituted land reforms that disturbed the agriculture sector, a key foreign
currency earner for Zimbabwe. - ZimOnline

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Minister faces grilling over parastatal deal

Zim Online

Wednesday 18 October 2006

      HARARE - A Zimbabwe parliamentary committee is set to grill Economic
Development Minister Rugare Gumbo today over a deal signed between ailing
parastatal ZISCOSTEEL and an Indian firm Global Steel Holdings Limited

      The US$400 million management contract is hanging in the balance after
the Indian company complained that it was not getting enough coal supplies
from Hwange Colliery Company as agreed initially.

      Gumbo becomes the second minister to be hauled before the committee.
Last month, Industry and International Trade Minister Obert Mpofu also
appeared before the committee where he alleged high level corruption at

      Mpofu however later made an abrupt U-turn on the claims insisting it
was companies owned by government ministers that were benefiting while the
parastatal made huge losses. - ZimOnline

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As Zimbabwe Shops for Grain Imports, Domestic Crops Spoil In Fields


By Blessing Zulu
      17 October 2006

Recent rain in Zimbabwe has been bad news for farmers who have yet to
deliver their winter wheat crops to the Grain Marketing Board, say farming
experts, because the state monopoly is refusing to accept grain that has too
high a moisture content.

That is only one aspect of the crisis in Zimbabwean agriculture. Experts say
hundreds of thousands of tonnes of grain are going to waste in fields for
lack of fuel for combine harvesters to complete the long-overdue maize
harvest or ongoing wheat harvest.

Harare has said it expects a maize harvest of some 1.3 million tonnes for
the 2005-2006 crop season now ending, and 200,000 tonnes of winter wheat.

But GMB Acting Chief Executive Samuel Muvhuti said his agency has brought in
just 400,000 tonnes of maize to date, and the winter wheat crop is just
trickling in.

The World Food Program said last week that 1,4 million Zimbabweans were
expected to need food assistence just in rural areas between now and early

Agriculture Minister Joseph Made has blamed the Finance Ministry for what he
says is its delay in releasing funds to purchase wheat from farmers, slowing
collection. Made has also criticized the GMB for rejecting wheat on grounds
it is too moist - when the moisture content is too high the grain cannot be
ground for flour to make bread.

Wheat harvesting has been slowest in Mashonaland Central's Mazowe Valley and
the Lowveld, both traditionally major wheat producing areas.

Harare has announced it will import 565,000 tonnes of maize from South
Africa and Zambia. But South African grain traders said they will demand
cash up front as Harare has a poor payment record. It will cost 600,000 rand
or about US$80,000 to import the 480,0000 tonnes of maize Harare intends to
source from South Africa.

Reporter Blessing Zulu of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe sought comment on the
crisis from Renson Gasela, a former GMB general manager now agriculture
secretary for the Movement for Democratic Change faction led by Arthur
Mutambara. He said the Agriculture Ministry has no plan to overcome the
disarray in the farming sector.

For an economic perspective Blessing turned to consultant James Jowa, former
chief executive officer of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, who
said the root cause of the nation's food crisis was Harare' s lack of
forward planning.

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Magistrate Bars Rallies By Zimbabwe Opposition Party In Rural District


By Jonga Kandemiiri
      17 October 2006

A magistrate in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, has barred the Movement for
Democratic Change faction led by Morgan Tsvangirai from holding a series of
rallies in Manyame Rural District saying the party had failed to pay to use
public venues.

Magistrate Michelle Gudo ruled Oct. 13 that the MDC must pay requisite fees
before carrying out any party activities at council grounds.

The party had scheduled rallies in eight wards of Manyame Rural District
between Oct. 14 and Oct. 21 after getting police clearance.

The party is now moving to challenge the magistrate's ruling, saying that it
infringes freedom of association among other rights.

The party's director of elections for Chitungwiza province, Bothwell Chisvo,
told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the
ruling ZANU-PF is holding its rallies in the area without paying any fees -
while the local council refused to accept fees from the opposition saying
there was no legal basis for payments.

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Zimbabwean Opposition Politician Unrepentant, But Accepts Party Discipline


By Carole Gombakomba
      17 October 2006

An opposition member of the Zimbabwean parliament whose comments about women
during debate on domestic violence legislation sparked a public
demonstration and led to his suspension from a national council of his party
said Tuesday that although he submitted to party discipline he stopped short
of apologizing for his remarks.

Timothy Mubhawu's comment in parliament that it was "against God's
principles" for women to be treated equally with men led to a demonstration
Oct. 10 by 200 women and on Sunday to his suspension from the national
council of the Movement for Democratic Change faction led by MDC founder
Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mubhawu, member of parliament for Harare's Mabvuku-Tafara constituency, an
MDC stronghold, said he accepted the National Executive Council decision to
suspend him for, as the faction's supreme body put it, "bringing the party
into disrepute."

The council said Mubhawu had made "feudalistic and primitively patriarchial
remarks" in a debate in parliament about a long-pending bill on domestic
violence. He was also implicated in the assault in early July of Trudy
Stevenson, member of parliament for Harare North for the rival MDC faction
led by Arthur Mutambara. It was alleged he commissioned the attack on
Stevenson, but no charges were ever brought.

The MDC panel also dissolved Mubhawu's district executive and replaced it
with an interim committee to oversee party matters until new district
elections are held.

While maintaining that he had said and done nothing wrong, Mubhawu told
reporter Carole Gombakomba of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the MDC
leadership acted correctly to maintain the party's image based on democratic

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How Mugabe's Zimbabwe Regime Survives

      By a Correspondent

      ZIMBABWEAN journalists long to see the back of their tormentor, Robert
Mugabe. But, despite stratospheric inflation, the Zimbabwean economy fails
to collapse and his regime survives. Former Financial Times journalist
Arnold Kransdorff explains how.

      The University of London must be wondering why one of its alumni seems
to be ignoring one of economics' most sacred theories on inflation. Print
money willy nilly to pay for expenditure beyond a country's ability to earn
the extra wealth - and the economy will implode. That is the theory.

      Printing money is the policy in Zimbabwe, whose ruler since 1980 was
awarded the university's MA degree in economics, albeit by correspondence.
Inflation is the result.

      The latest "official" rate for the pound is 470 Zimbabwe dollars, with
the black market figure $1,150. This compares with an exchange rate of $2 to
£1 in 1980, the year he assumed office. With a current inflation rate of
almost 4% a day - 1200% a year - the octogenarian nationalist leader, who
has cheated his way into power in at least two elections, has vowed to keep
the money presses rolling.

      This won't help the inflation rate; only the volume of paper currency
that individuals need to carry around. Ahead of his wheeze of trimming off
three zeroes, money was mostly handled in elastic-banded 'bricks' of $20,000
and $50,000 notes (the $11m version was about three-inches thick).

      At the banks, people deposited and withdrew their requirements in
metal trunks, with the handovers invariably attended by several robust
guards, often with bulging armpits. Counterfeiting is a lost art as
photocopying costs more than the highest denomination note.

      Life expectancy is now 34, with the mega-price of coffins the subject
of widespread media debate. Parking meters stand lamely on the pavements.
Yet whilst everyone complains, no one begs, people are generally well
dressed and smoke-spewing cars crowd the urban streets when petrol is
available. It's more than puzzling. It's undemocratic.

      How, then, are people surviving? And why is conventional economic
theory not working?

      Firstly, around five million of Mr Mugabe's 'comrades' - a quarter of
Zimbabwe's population - have fled his administration's loose grip, with
around 3m in South Africa, a million in the UK and many in the US.

      Of the Zimbabweans who stay, the unemployed (80%) and those infected
with Aids/HIV (at least 35%) have become almost invisible, most having
deserted the towns and cities to return to their tribal homes to live and
die inexpensively. Along with the peasant rural population, they have
virtually removed themselves from the cash economy. So, inflation is not a
problem to them so long as they can grow their own food.

      The relatively small political, professional and entrepreneurial
classes subsist well, many of the former on huge government salaries, perks
and corruption. Most professionals charge fees at South African rates while
the businessmen trade, trade and trade again. So long as they can buy and
sell quickly, they can keep ahead of inflation.

      For the rest - the employee middle class - life is hard, with
inflation constantly eating away at earnings and savings. Into this group
fall the military and the police, to whom Mr Mugabe has given regular,
inflation-linked increases to buy their loyalty.

      Meanwhile, a combination of unrelated factors keep the economy afloat.
First and foremost is the support of Zimbabwe's neighbour, South Africa,
whose leader, Thabo Mbeki, can't bring himself to disapprove of a fellow
nationalist revolutionary, whatever Mr Mugabe's despotic behaviour.

      Second, Mr Mugabe's five million disaffected citizens working abroad
send money back to their unemployed and starving relatives and friends.
There is also talk of income from crime carried out in South Africa by
Zimbabwe's military.

      Thirdly, shopkeepers, who have to do without a previously lively
manufacturing base, keep going through a system of 'runners', who travel
with mostly black market foreign currency to neighbouring Zambia, Botswana,
South Africa and Mozambique to buy both necessities and luxuries. Fourthly,
Zimbabwe is not finding it too difficult to sell its deposits of chrome,
gold, silver, platinum, copper and asbestos.

      Finally, while tourism is dead on its feet, game shooting is thriving.
For almost every flight from abroad several 4x4's are waiting, with
padlocked lockers containing high-powered guns and ammunition. In attendance
are several bronzed and khaki-shorted ex-farmers, and the statutory pretty
girl holding up name cards of wealthy Americans, Britons, Russians and
Germans who have paid big bucks to shoot elephant, lion, leopard, kudu,
crocodile and rhinoceros.

      How much longer then must Zimbabweans wait for any relief? If South
Africa doesn't pull the plug - as White South Africa did to Ian Smith's
Rhodesia in the 1970s - they may have to wait until the army and police
realise how poor are their mathematical skills. Or, hopefully and more
compassionately, that their feathered nests are disadvantaging their fellow

      Arnold Kransdorff left Ian Smith's Rhodesiain 1968. He is the author
of several books on corporate amnesia: what happens when organisations lose
their memory as a result of the flexible labour market

      Nkosi Ndlela, a Zimbabwean professor in Norway, says the internet is
still allowing independent news to circulate in Zimbabwe. Websites based
outside the country get information from local reporters who write under
pseudonyms and use international e-mail outside government control.


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Temporary work permits demo for Zim's failed asylum seekers

      By a Correspondent

      MIDDLESBOROUGH - Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom yesterday
took to the streets again to petition the British government so it can grant
failed asylum seekers temporary work permits, allow them access into
institutions of higher learning and related issues.

      Protesters met in Stoketon on Tees here and marched to the Home Office
where they handed in a petition, which also seeks the release of failed
asylum seekers currently living in detention camps scattered across the UK.
The Zimbabweans want the British government to provide better accommodation
for those in custody until the on-going legal battle between the Home Office
and the asylum seekers is finalised.

      The Zimbabweans sang and danced in-front of the local Home Office as
they held placards asking the British government to allow the failed asylum
seekers an opportunity to work and extricate themselves from the poverty
most of them have been pushed into by not being able to earn.

      Most of the asylum seekers live in abject poverty because the British
system does not allow them to work or to access institutions of higher
learning to improve their education as they wait for their cases to be

      Noble Sibanda of the United Network For Detained Zimbabweans in the UK
(UNDZ) said: "We are here today to present a petition to the Home office
officials that while the Zimbabwean issue is still going through the courts,
meaning while the British courts have the risk assessment on forced
Zimbabwean returnees still pending in a court decision, we ask them to allow
Zimbabwean failed asylum seekers to be part of the community here in the UK
by letting them work or allowing them training."

      He said Zimbabweans were by nature hard working people who do not want
to live on handouts. He said most of the asylum seekers he works with are
ready to contribute to the British economy by paying taxes through working
to fend for themselves and their families.

      Kate Hoey, the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Zimbabwe,
last week told that a campaign she launched to
persuade the British government to allow failed asylum seekers from Zimbabwe
to work was still on-going. Hoey, the Labour MP who recently visited
Zimbabwe secretly, said the Diaspora was very important in keeping a lot of
Zimbabweans alive through remittances sent from abroad. She said she had met
a number of people whose families were surviving the harsh political and
economic climate in Zimbabwe through money sent by relatives abroad.

      But she said there was need for vigilance to ensure the asylum seekers
were not bogus.

      Sibanda welcomed the recent reprieve on forced removals to Zimbabwe as
the case continues in the "but the strife is not over yet as we are aware it
was through our constant vigilance on Zimbabweans who were being picked up
everyday, detained and then swiftly given removal direction".

      "We are thankful to our lawyers who have given our asylum saga their
long dedication and won many Zimbabweans this very reprieve from the
 judges," he said. "We now ask the Home Office to release all those
Zimbabweans still detained and house them in their old NASS accommodation or
give them temporary work permits to fend for themselves."

      "While these temporary measures are on, we hope to use the extra time
we have to concentrate most of our efforts on Zimbabwe and the illegitimate
regime itself. We are not fighting with the British government but we are
only asking for sanctuary so that we can re group and summon more and more
pressure for a swift intervention and smooth resolve of this Zimbabwean
manmade crisis."

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JAG Classifieds dated 17 October 2006

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offers will be welcomed. The vehicle is in Bulawayo at this time but can be
brought to Harare if there is the need.

Phone Ben on 011 444717 or Bebe on 011 408401. email


1.24 For Sale (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

1 Single Bed Duvet Cover - Green, Pink Biggie Best Floral  $50 000.00 for 1
Green Lamp Shade Cover to match above set 1 Continental Cushion cover to
match above

2 Double Bed Duvet Covers, 1 Continental Cushion cover,  100 000.00 for 2-4
pillow cases, 1 kist cover, 2 small, 2 large lined curtains, set night
frill, small circular table cloth, Grey's/Pinky/maroon's

Oddments/Kitchenware etc
1 Cast Iron Pot with yellow lid (biggest pot) 40 000.00
1 Washing up wall drainage rack (as new) 15 000.00
1 Plastic serviette holder 1 000.00
1 Electric Carving Knife 10 000.00
2 Tupperware measuring cups (25mls/50mls/100mls)            3 000.00
1 Square to round adaptor            2 000.00
1 Craft Wood Burner 5 000.00
1 Compass Cutter  5 000.00
1 Coleman's drinks cooler box (green and cream) 12 000.00
4 Rectangular baking trays            ea 2 000.00
1 Cardboard Shoe Rack (9 Pce) 8 000.00
1 Bread Maker, Recipe Book, Measuring cup and spoon (Newish) 50 000.00
1 Double tape deck/radio with removable speakers
60 000.00
1 Ironing board 8 000.00
1 PC, key board, mouse, monitor etc 200 000.00
1 Vacuum Cleaner            50 000.00

3 Microwave plates of varying depths ea 2 000.00
1 Boiled/poached eggs microwave set 5 000.00
1 Microwave cook book 2 000.00
1 Microwave Vegetable Steamer 2 000.00

Garden/Cleaning/Braaing etc
1 Extension Cable and stand 25 000.00
1 Round small braai     5 000.00
1 Braai Set, stick in ground holder for drink and utensils  3 000.00
2 Gas bottles with plates ea 50 000.00
2 Square Washing tubs (white with grey specks ea   6 000.00
1 Plastic blue and black small pedal bin 5 000.00

1 round dining room table 80 000.00
1 Rectangular coffee table, dark wood 20 000.00
2 square side tables to match above ea   5 000.00
1 Bathroom Cabinet and matching rail - Teak 150 000.00
1 Garden Suite, round table, tablecloth,4 chairs and cushions 100 000.00
1 Deck Chair (Canvas and wood) 10 000.00
1 Double Bed,+ mattress (Newish) 250 000.00
1 Automatic (front loader) Washing Machine 250 000.00
1 Cane lounge suite, couch + 2 one seater's, peach cushions & covers 180
1 Cane kist, to match cane lounge suite above 80 000.00
1 Pine double cupboard for wall 50 000.00
1 Pine Wardrobe 90 000.00
1 Pine Dressing Table and Stool 80 000.00
1 Pine Kist 60 000.00
1 Pine Book Case 40 000.00
1 Pine Chest of Drawers 60 000.00
2 Pine Bed side Tables ea 20 000.00

Prices negotiable, within reason
Call Shelley on 091 264361 or 883348 pms only or reply by email : or


1.25 Motorcycles For Sale (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Honda XR 600, 4-stroke trail bike, 1994 model, 16 500km, registered.

Yamaha WR 450 F, 4-stroke enduro bike, 2005 model
off road only.

Yamaha YZ 125, 2-stroke scrambler, 2002 model, off road only.

Honda CR 85, 2-stroke scrambler, 2004 model, off road only.

Kawasaki KX 85, 2-stroke scrambler, 2002 model, off road only.

Phone 04 443017 or 011 218792.


1.26 Tyres For Sale (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Goodyear, Silverstone, Pirelli, Dunlop.
All sizes available including agricultural and commercial vehicle tyres.
If we don't have it, we'll find it.

Phone 04 443017 or 011 218792.


1.27 For Sale (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

DVD player, Sanyo SL-40, still in the box. $140,000  (40% less than Makro)
Contact Rob 091 887 864, 04 499776


1.28 For Sale (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Piranha fisherman with 90 Force (Mercury).  We have had this motor from new.
Complete set up with bass motor, lifejackets, fishing rod holders etc.
Offers around 7000 US (or equivalent)
Phone Jacquie 339144 or 091 311 503.

Brand new Salton foot spa  $20 000.   Brand new bathroom scale  $7 000.
Christian Dior travel pack of perfumes (still in new packaging) - $25 000,
Phone Jacquie 339144, 091 311 503




2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 19/09/06)

Am looking for a PERSIAN CARPET Runner suitable for a passage - about
85-95cm wide and 3-4 m long.
Also any Persian carpets in good condition.
091 315 297


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Second hand baking trays and tins in good conditions
Also second hand electrical mixer in good condition
Please call 011 200 325


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Does anyone have a second hand swimming pool fence that they would like to
sell?  If so, please could you phone me on 091326755.


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

Looking for a copy of "Golden Age of Tobacco" if anyone has a copy of this
book please contact me on


2.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

Second-hand 28" old-fashioned bicycle wanted. Please phone John Robertson on
Harare 740205


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Double bed and base set in very good condition.  Please phone Jenny


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

For loan or hire a bunk bed for November Dec and January as I have my family
coming from New Zealand.
Also Looking for 3 to 4 Leaver Locks Preferably a good make like Union.

Please contact Ann on 301860 or cell 011 404357.


2.8 Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

If any one knows of a front-loading washing machine for sale please contact
Maggie Norton on 499349 or 091255955


2.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

1. King size bed in good condition. With or without headboards.
2. Glass dining and coffee table

Phone Roy 011433588


2.10         Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

I am looking for a second hand or reasonably priced dish holder for a very
big dish I bought from a friend that left the country. I have been told it
should not be mounted on the wall.

The dish holder I need is one that is a tripod at the base (which is
concreted into the ground) and reduces to the size of the dish fitting on
the top.

It is made up of metal bars if you know what I mean.

Please reply by return mail or to
or call me on 301152, 091 324 287


2.11         Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Looking for an Incubator.  Contact Graham on 075-2264 or 011406023 or e-mail


2.12         Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Stove - 4 plates - electric wanted, must be neat and in good working order.
Please contact me on 091 865 666 or 882013 (evenings) or e mail on


3 Accommodation Wanted and Offered


3.1 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 19/09/06)

Small Harare family would like to rent a small cottage or domestic quarters
in any area between Belvedere and Mount Pleasant. Please phone Rich Tere on
091 295 129


3.2 House for Sale (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Greendale North
2.5 subdivisible acres with msasa trees
3 bed/ 2 bath brick under tile and a self contained cottage
Double garage and staff quarters, Pool
10 000 litre water storage tank with pressure pump
Electric gate and security light
2 metre electrified security fence and prickly pear hedge
House alarm, Security guard at end of Close
Borehole sited but not drilled.
Good area - Italian Embassy, French, British and Nigerian ambassadorial
Walking distance of Chisipite School and shops.
Serious buyers only, phone Margot on 04-776499 or 091 358 122


3.3 House Sitter Wanted (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Attractive newly thatched cottage to let for October and November on farm
near Bromley, 55 kms Harare.   Garden and space for vegetables.   $15,000
per month
plus Zesa.
Please phone 073 3399, or 011 423614, or 04 572513 (leave message here)


3.4 Flat Wanted to Buy (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Widow requires a safe cluster home/garden flat in Northern suburbs.  Must
have three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 carports or garages (a must) as she
doesnt want to lose her late husbands vehicle!!  Phone Jacquie (on behalf of
Widow) 091 311 503, 339144.


3.5 House Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

3/4 bed roomed house for single mother with 2 children.  Must be safe and
secure.  Areas around
Mt Pleasant, Greendale, Alexander Park, Avondale, Borrowdale, Highlands;
Newlands, Gunhill.

Please phone Debbie on 091 830 953 or 446191/2 during business hours


3.6 Cottage for Rent (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

AVAILABLE TO RENT, end of October

PLEASE CONTACT 499119. e-mail


3.7 Fish Hoek for Rent (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

To let:  In Fish Hoek;
Two bed roomed house with lock-up garage. Close to beach, shopping centre
and station in quiet street. R3000 monthly. Six-month lease. Available from
1st November.

To let: In Fish Hoek;
One bed roomed flat with own fitted kitchen, bath in secure area; Close to
beach, shopping centre and station in quiet street. R1500 monthly. Six-month
lease. Available from 1st November.

For details please contact Graeme:


3.8 Wanted Housesitter/Part time tenant

Garden flat in secure complex, two minutes walk from Sam Levy's village. 2
bed 2 baths, 1 en-suite. Furnished, Lock-up garage. Minimal rent to cover
expenses required.
Available 15th October. Please phone Nello Davies. 091-402410.


3.9 House Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

House wanted to rent as from 1st December 2006 in Avondale, Milton Park,
Emerald Hill, or Mount Pleasant.
Need at least 4 bedrooms and swimming pool and if possible a borehole.
Please contact Carol on 332798 or 011 231 541 if you have anything suitable.


3.10 House Sitter Offered (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Accommodation Wanted/House, animal sitter available end Nov

I have been housesitting professionally for the last 2 years (I have
references).  As of 1st Dec 2006 I will be looking for anyone who needs a
house/animal sitter for 4months or longer in Harare, preferably around
Borrowdale, Chisipite, Highlands, Mount Pleasant, Newland area. I am
26/farmers daughter, very homely and have passion for the outdoors and love
of animals. Any furnished cottage or small houses would be perfect. Needs to
be a secure surroundings, as, I'm a single female.

I would love to hear from you. Contact Lisa on 091 340 373 or


3.11 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Accommodation wanted urgently for a middle aged couple in  Harare,
preferably around Bluff Hill or Westgate vicinity.
Any cottage or small house would be perfect with secure surroundings.
If anything is available please contact Jenny on 091 387 891 / 011607298.


3.12 HOUSE WANTED OR EXCHANGE (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Private Sale

We are looking for a 2 to 3 acre property with 2 houses on the property or 1
house and a separate decent 3 bedroomed cottage. Property must be walled,
secure and have a prolific borehole.  Areas considered are Borrowdale,
Ballantyne Park, Colne Valley, Colray, Rolf Valley, Rietfontein, Highlands
and Chispite.
we would consider an Estate Agent valued exchange for our house, located in
Mount Pleasant.  Property is on 1 acre with executive house.  4 b/rooms, 2
ensuite and separate shower and guest toilet.  Also has flatlet with
downstairs shower and toilet and extra upstairs room with bath and toilet.
Large kitchen with hob and oven, 2 large lounges plus one smaller.  Lovely
bar.  Has jacuzzi and sauna.  Floodlit aw tennis court and pool.  4 lock up
garages plus pit.  Underground watering system and prolific borehole.  Very
secure and extras not mentioned.  Has been valued at US$350,000 equivalent.
Please reply to


3.13 House Wanted to Rent (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

I am currently looking for a reliable tenant for my house in Mandara
(Harare), available immediately and a long lease. 3 bedrooms (loads of
cupboard space), 2 bathrooms (main en suite), 2 lounges, dining room,
kitchen, study, 3 verandah areas, workshop, laundry, store room, pool,
satellite dish, 2 garages. Set in a 4 acre garden with lovely indigenous
trees. Very peaceful, quiet and a great garden for children.
There are 2 excellent domestic workers at the house and I would like them to
remain with the property.

If you are interested, please email me on or call/sms me
on +27 84 6930 912 (SA) between 9am and 6pm for more details. Only serious
enquiries please.
(NB - this house is not suitable for a single lady)


3.14 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)


Young couple looking for a 2 or 3 bedroomed House or Garden Flat in or
around town (Mutare), that allows dogs.  Looking around nothing more than
Z$50 000.00 rent
Contact Ronel on 023 284 772 or 011 609607


3.15 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Two or three roomed cottage, Belvedere,Lincoln Green or Ridgeview area.
Call Andrew on 740233 or email


3.16 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

"Forcibly retired farmer and wife desperately in need of cottage with
outbuildings to rent immediately anywhere from Ruwa to Marondera.  Phone
011-221088 or contact Cherie at Jag offices.04-799410"




4.1 Hippo Pools Camp (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp - Need a break from your hectic everyday life,
for a relaxing weekend or midweek getaway Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp is the
place to go.  For details phone Tracy on 747929 or email "


4.2 (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

88 Lomagundi, Road Emerald Hill

 Is the home of the following Christian organizations:

LifeWords (Formerly Scripture Gift Mission)
Words of the Holy One (Christian literature)
Life Tower (Christian library)
Your Life Magazine
Acts Basket

These are all legitimate non-profit Christian Organizations.

At present life House (Kindly left to Lifewords by the late Ms Audrey
Hickley in her will) is badly in need of some attention and renovation to
make it more user friendly to the public as a Christian resource centre. The
renovation has started, funded thus far by money from our own pockets, but
we (the small group of 5 people involved in the above) have found that our
personal resources are not nearly adequate for the task. Some of the needed
items are great indeed, but we do not wish to underestimate either the power
of God or the generosity of some people, by not asking.

So it is that we humbly approach you the public in an appeal for the

. Funding/general donations.
. Bore-hole (to be drilled)
. Bore-hole pump and motor, piping etc
. Water storage tank
. Plants (palms, cactii, hanging baskets, pot plants etc)
. Garden furniture and benches (prayer/reading/tea garden)
. Garden umbrellas
. Tables & chairs
. Office furniture (Christian internet reference library)
. Lounge furniture (Prayer room)
. Computers (Christian internet reference library)
. Printers
. Wood for book shelving and a carpenter's time and skill (Christian
. Paint
. Christian literature for the library collection.
. Light fittings
. Tiles
. Wrought iron security enclosure (verandah)
. Curtains
. Small rocks/boulders to build a rockery
. Lawn
. Tobacco scrap
. Compost
. Manure
. Plant pots
. Gravel

In fact anything you could give would be most appreciated. If any gift
cannot be used for the revival of Life House to benefit all Christians, it
will be donated to Acts Basket and so still benefit a Christian brother or
sister in need.

Should you wish to make a pledge or donation or ask any questions, please

Anne Hadingham at LifeHouse on 304127 or 091400751 or email: or Peter Nyangara at LifeHouse on 304124 or 011629218 or


4.3 GACHE GACHE LODGE (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

GACHE GACHE LODGE - across Lake Kariba still have some rooms available for
the Xmas period. Full catering. Children welcome.
Contact: Andrea: 091 208 836
New Year is now full.


4.4 House Boat For Hire (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

MTEPATEPA: houseboat for hire. Sleeps 12, 3 crew, tender boat.  Reasonable
Phone Kate 067 23112 or 091 356 981.


4.5 Lift Offered (Ad inserted 10/10/06)
Lift offered to Beira, Mozambique leaving 30th October returning 3rd
November Contact 091-343198/04-851873


4.6 Southern Belle (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Luxury Cruise Ship on Lake Kariba

Christmas special 2006 - individual cabins on offer.

Deluxe Cabin -          US$  156.00 per person per day. / or ZW$ equivalent
at RBZ rate of the day.
Executive Cabin -     US$  150.00 per person per day.
Double Cabins -       US$  144.00 per person per day.
Twin Cabins -            US$  138.00 per person per day.
Triple Cabins -          US$  136.00 per person per day.

Cruise dates - 22nd December to 26th December 2006

Book know to avoid disappointment, as Cabins are filling up fast.
Cruise subject to cancellation in the event that bookings fail to exceed 20
passengers for this Christmas Cruise.


4.7 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Self-catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges, just bring your food, drinks and
relax. Best value for money. U12 are 1/2 price

Contact John: or Phone 091 631 556


4.8 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Accommodation wanted for 2 nights in Mongwe for 3 people - 3rd & 4th
November, 2006

Please phone 011-215 111 or 011 213 660



5.1 (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

1. The Power People
Radium Africa stocking 2.5Kva, 5.5Kva, and 16Kva Generators. 40's and 60's
on the water. Larger units available on request.
Assessments, Installations and servicing available. Full spares backup.
Phone Office: 04 335848 Cell Derrek 011611717

2. Need to use your FCA? - Radium Africa
Harrow discs 24" 26" and 28", Generators, Silage Machines in stock. Other
agricultural equipment imports available on request.
Phone Office: 04 335848 Cell Sean 011600389 Keith 011800859


5.2 (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

For all your outside Bar & Catering requirements contact NIBBLES.
We specialise in Christmas Parties, Birthdays, and Weddings etc.  Let us
take the hassle out of your function!
Contact: 091-343198/0901-252703/04-851873


5.3 (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

PH 850480   091 702 280 or email


 ALL your problems lay in your Subconscious Mind

Whatever the problem is .. Health .. Money .. Relationships { or lack of }
Depression or Confusion .. you CAN change it !
Learn how to Re-programme your subconscious and start making those changes

Make the REST of your life the BEST of your life


Venue:    Self Empowerment Centre ...22 Ross Rd , Rolf Valley
Time:      Saturday 28th October~ 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
                  Sunday  29th October~ 8.30 am -  1.00 pm

Cost:        $ 40 000.00  [ Bring and share lunch ]

TANIA   091702 280


5.4 (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Personalised DVD's and Calendars.

For that hard to find Christmas present...
Transfer your photos onto DVD/VCD (Will add music, captions and group the
photos in to a series of your choice.)
For that special Calendar this year have a personalised calendar made with
your favourite photos added.
To view samples, phone 745512 (evenings) / 011 611 744 or e-mail


6.1 Puppy Wanted (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

A puppy (jack russell, jack russell cross, maltese or
maltese cross, or similar) late November/early December

Please contact or call 011 630 803 or Harare 746408


6.2 Dog Sitter Required (Ad inserted 26/09/06)

Homes wanted. We have recently relocated to Europe. Due to various
circumstances we are unable to bring our two dogs (Black Retriever and
German Shepherd) as yet Once we have settled in and have reasonable space we
will call for one or both of our pets.  In the mean time we are looking for
an elderly couple that would be willing to baby sit/ look after, or possible
adopt our two dogs. Due to the situation it is difficult to put an exact
time period required. They are good security dogs and are extremely loving.
They would suit a couple as the shepherd enjoys the company of females and
the Retriever, enjoys being around Men. We would be prepared to supply food
etc as an when required to the approved " new home For any further
information or enquiries, please contact


6.3 PUPPIES FOR SALE (Ad inserted 10/10/06)



email 496961 091-400-328


6.4 Puppies Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Two Jack Russell puppies - Please phone Jenny 011 409 353


6.5 Temporary / Permanent Home wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

We have recently relocated to Europe. Due to various circumstances we are
unable to bring our two dogs (Black Retriever and German Shepherd) as yet.
Once we have settled in and have reasonable space we would like to call for
one or both of our pets if possible.

In the mean time we are looking for an elderly couple who would be willing
to baby sit/ look after, or possibly adopt our two dogs. Due to the
situation it is difficult to put an exact time period required. They are
good security dogs and are extremely loving. They would suit a couple as the
shepherd enjoys the company of females and the Retriever, enjoys being
around Men.

We would be prepared to supply food etc as an when required to the approved
" new home "

For any further information or enquiries, please contact by email

JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 610 073 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to: with
subject "Classifieds".

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