The ZIMBABWE Situation Our thoughts and prayers are with Zimbabwe
- may peace, truth and justice prevail.

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From: "Justice for Agriculture" <>

Dear FriendsJAG John Faber Update Communique 19th October 2004 Farmers supplied with wrong maize seed Zimbabwe crisis still to degenerate into 'serious unrest', says UN Tsvangirai calls for fresh start Exiles' forum raps government's handling of road crash 'ICC decision on Zimbabwe racism dispute a joke' ECB safety probe in Zimbabwe to enter second phase Iran to construct gas power plant in Zimbabwe Cabinet taskforce tours fertiliser firms Parliamentary committee, millers meeting postponed Zimpapers manager arrested, faces $172m fraud charges Refrain from violence, youths urged 26 foreign tourists fined for Zimbabwe Park offences New laws that make it a crime to disrupt Mugabe's motorcade Mnangagwa implicated in Bindura nickel boss' murder 'I was offered a farm to silence me' - Bishop Pius Ncube ZANU PF threaten to deal with Tsvangirai ZBC boss fired The family of John Faber wish to thank you all for your prayers and support
following the shooting incident last Thursday which left John critically
wounded and Rosemary traumatised.

The offers and generous donations of blood was quite overwhelming, and the
phone calls, emails and SMS's from around the world with love and support
totally phenomenal. A simple "thank you" seems totally inadequate and we
can't find a more appropriate way to say it other than to say what a
privilege it is to be part of such a generous and caring community despite
the global distances that may now separate us. What a comfort for all of
us to know that despite the trials, pain and separations that we have all
had to face in the last few years we are all still there for each other
when it matters most.

John is now in a stable condition and recovering well following what we now
realize was a sequence of miracles that saved his life, including and
especially the excellent medical attention he received from Marvac and the
staff of Borradaile Hospital and Dr Martin, Dr Maguti and the staff of
Avenues Clinic,especially the theatre and ICU doctors and nurses - all of
whom played their part in the miracles determining John's recovery.

Our grateful and heartfelt thanks to you all, including the Marondera
Police and CID for their swift response.

May God bless you all.

Juana, Andrew, Murray and Louise Faber
Henry and Rosemary Faber (John's parents)

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Zim Online

Farmers supplied with wrong maize seed
Wed 20 October 2004

MUTARE - Several thousands of farmers were supplied with the wrong
type of maize seed in a development that could see a drastic fall in maize
production this season even if Zimbabwe receives good rains.

The Chairman of Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Lands and
Agriculture, Daniel McKenzie Ncube, told a meeting of parliamentarians here
that poor planning and haphazard distribution by both private seed suppliers
and the government's Grain Marketing Board had resulted in farmers being
supplied seed that did not grow well in their regions.

Zimbabwe is divided into six ecological regions each with specific
soil and climatic conditions requiring particular crop seeds.

For example, the planting of long-maturing and less drought tolerant
maize in region four where conditions are drier could see yields being
reduced by more than 50 percent.

Ncube said: "Input supply can be best described as erratic and
inappropriate. For example, seed distribution did not take into account the
ecological disparities of the provinces and hence in some cases seed
varieties were distributed to areas where they were not suitable."
Production of maize, which is Zimbabwe's staple food, was already
under serious threat because of a severe shortage of seed maize with local
seed companies saying they were at most able to supply 43 000 tonnes of
maize against a national requirement of about 100
000 tonnes.

Foreign suppliers are reluctant to sell seed maize to the country
unless the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe guaranteed they will be paid in hard

The government had also seized some seed producing farms under its
chaotic and often violent land reform programme which had also contributed
to a drop in production of seed maize, Ncube said.

Ncube, who is the ruling ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Zhombe
constituency, said: "The government should undertake a review of the land
reform programme in order to spare all seed companies their farms where seed
factories are located and parent seed is grown."

According to Ncube, fertilizer companies were also unable to produce
enough to meet requirements because they were allocated only US$6 million to
import raw materials, far below the US$20 million they required.

Once the regional breadbasket, Zimbabwe has for the last three years
depended on food handouts from international relief agencies after chaotic
government land reforms caused a 60 percent drop in farm production.

Agricultural experts say the country could still require aid next year
because of shortages of maize, fertilizer and other inputs. - ZimOnline
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Zim Online

Zimbabwe crisis still to degenerate into 'serious unrest', says UN
Wed 20 October 2004

CAPE TOWN - The United Nations says Zimbabwe's political instability
has not reached a stage where it can be described as "serious unrest".

But Zimbabweans feature prominently among 90 000 people whose
applications for refugee status are still pending at the United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees' Office in Pretoria.

The UN has previously faced criticism over its inaction on Zimbabwe
despite calls by civic groups that it should consider a resolution censoring
the Mugabe government over human rights abuses.

Bemma Donkoh, an envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, told
the home affairs portfolio committee of the South African parliament
yesterday that President Mbeki's government should constantly monitor the
situation in Zimbabwe to see whether the situation could escalate to such a
point "which makes the pursuit of life risky".

However, at the moment, the UNHCR did not classify the crisis in
Zimbabwe as an area of "serious unrest" despite the increasing number of
asylum seekers, Donko said.

Donkoh was responding to a question from Patrick Chauke, the
committee's chairman, and other committee members about the United Nations'
understanding about the current influx of Zimbabweans into South Africa.

South African authorities estimate that more than three million
Zimbabweans, a majority of them illegal immigrants, are living in South

Most don't bother to seek refugee status upon arrival. While many
Zimbabweans have fled political unrest in the country, it is also believed
that the majority of them are in fact economic refugees.

The UNHCR does not grant refugee status to economic migrants.

Donkoh said the "issue of Zimbabwe is a very complex one". She
confirmed that not every Zimbabwean who came to South Africa sought asylum
or refugee status, others were economic migrants which the UNHCR would not
help at all.

"But then there are some who feel their lives could be at risk if they
remained in that country (Zimbabwe)," she said.

"Those are people who should be given the opportunity to explain their
reasons and, if in fact if those claims are credible, they should be
recognised as refugees."

She said there should be no blanket belief, or perception, that all
Zimbabweans were economic migrants. "There are economic migrants... but on
the other hand there are genuine asylum seekers among them ... depending on
what the person is describing as the reasons for the decision to leave."

She said some people left Zimbabwe after being attacked or arrested
for being members of a political or social group.

"I would not go as far as to say that there is a situation in which
broadly everybody leaving Zimbabwe and going into another country is
necessarily an asylum seeker or eventually to be considered a refugee.

"From what we understand, not all of them are even interested in
making that claim," she said.

She said she had not come across a white Zimbabwean who sought asylum
in South Africa as many of them had dual nationality - mostly South African
or British. - ZimOnline
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Zim Online

Tsvangirai calls for fresh start
Wed 20 October 2004

HARARE - Addressing Zimbabweans since his acquittal last week,
opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said his Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC) party was ready to play its part to end Zimbabwe's

Tsvangirai, who could have faced the death penalty last week if had
been found guilty of plotting to assassinate Mugabe, said his acquittal by
Judge President Paddington Garwe was not enough to repair Zimbabwe's
battered image on the international scene.

Sounding more conciliatory, the opposition leader said the country
required a new beginning but said such a fresh start was only possible if
President Robert Mugabe and his ruling ZANU PF party were committed.

He said: "We must drop all the political experiments of the past five
years and get real. Zimbabwe needs a new start. Zimbabwe needs a new
beginning. We are ready to play our part depending on the seriousness of
those who pushed the nation to a cliff-edge and abandoned the people.

"We are determined to rebuild, to start afresh. I am confident that
together we can recover as a nation from bankruptcy and lawlessness. Through
elections, and by democratic means, we can easily retire the dictatorship
and move on."

Dialogue between the MDC and ZANU PF to find a solution to Zimbabwe's
economic and political crisis broke down two years ago.

Efforts mainly by South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki to bring the
two protagonists back to the negotiating table have so far failed. -

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Zim Online

Exiles' forum raps government's handling of road crash
Wed 20 October 2004

JOHANNESBURG - The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum yesterday criticised the
government for failing to timeously inform relatives of 13 Zimbabweans who
were killed in a road accident near Musina on Sunday.

The 13 people, believed to have been informal traders coming here to
sell their wares, died when the mini-bus they were travelling in crashed
into a truck near South Africa's northern border town of Musina.

Officials at Zimbabwe's embassy in Pretoria reportedly "took their
time" to visit the scene of the accident and had by yesterday reportedly not
contacted relatives of the deceased to make arrangements to collect the
bodies for burial.

Forum co-ordinator Gabriel Shumba said: "Our government wants to spend
money on the police and army fighting against the people but they don't want
to assist its citizens who are fleeing the country as a result of its own
skewed policies and practices."

Zimbabwe's Consular-General in Johannesburg, Godfrey Dzvairo, could
not be reached for comment on the matter. His office said he was out in
Musina trying to assess how the government could assist.

A senior South African police officer at Musina, who spoke anonymously
for professional reasons, told ZimOnline that they had passed on a list of
names of the deceased to Harare but there had been no response yet.

He said: "We got the list of the accident victims from the Taxi
Association and passed it on to authorities in Harare. They have not
responded yet. In the past we have ended up giving such people pauper
burials because we do not get assistance either from their relatives or
government." - ZimOnline

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Hi Pakistan

'ICC decision on Zimbabwe racism dispute a joke'

LONDON: Former Zimbabwe cricketer Stuart Carlisle has described the
International Cricket Council (ICC) decision to clear the Zimbabwe Cricket
Union (ZCU) of racism accusations as 'a joke'.

The ICC probed ZCU after 15 white players were axed for backing Heath
Streak, who was stripped of captaincy.

"ICC found absolutely no evidence of racism," the ICC statement read.
But Carlisle said: "The fact you can categorically state there is no racism
in Zimbabwe cricket is a joke."

Carlisle and his fellow rebels are planning to meet Richard Bevan,
chief executive of Professional Cricketers' Association, in Zimbabwe to
consider their next move. "I don't really know where we go from here. We
probably could still go to arbitration but there's almost no point in that.
I think we should have chat with Bevan in day or two and see if there is way
forward for us," Carlisle added.

ICC began its inquiry after Streak and rebel players had questioned
ZCU's selection policy. But in the 73-page report by South African judge
Steven Majiedt and India's solicitor general Goolam Vahanvati, allegations
were rejected.

He said most of the rebels were now getting on with their lives and
original 15 now numbered just him, Streak and Trevor Gripper. They would
like to resume their careers if dispute can still be resolved but feel they
will not be able to, he said.

But Carlisle insisted they were all disappointed but not surprised at
the ICC decision. "ICC has sat on the fence in the past few months and in
past few years on other issues," he said and added, "They've swept problem
under the carpet. They think it's going to go away but it won't." "ZCU might
have won the battle but they've lost war for cricket. Zimbabwe cricket is
loser," Carlisle expressed.

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ECB safety probe in Zimbabwe to enter second phase

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe: The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) probe into
safety and security ahead of England's two-week tour of Zimbabwe enters
phase two on Wednesday (today) when the group travels to the capital Harare.

So far investigations have been centred for two days in the country's second
city, the most likely location for demonstrations. It was here that church
leaders demonstrated against President Robert Mugabe inside the Queens
Sports Club grounds during last year's World Cup and dozens of arrests were
made outside after whites and blacks waved anti-Mugabe placards.

ECB Director John Carr, players' chief Richard Bevan, and English security
experts have held a sequence of meetings with provincial officials, ground
staff, hotel management where the England group will be staying, local
government officials, opposition party leaders and police chiefs. They will
now move to the capital to hold talks with the Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZCU),
police, and government ministers.

"We have also been talking to private individuals, which is important,"
Bevan told AFP.

England will play two One-day Internationals in Harare and then three in
Bulawayo before moving to South Africa for a series of five Test matches.
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Tehran Times

Iran to construct gas power plant in Zimbabwe

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- Energy Minister Habibollah Bitaraf has said Iran is to
construct a gas power plant in Zimbabwe.

According to IRNA, Bitaraf's remarks were made during a meeting with
Zimbabwean Ambassador to Tehran S.C. Chiketa.

Bitaraf, during the meeting, expressed Iran's readiness to bolster economic
ties with African countries, saying Iran-Zimbabwe cooperation should focus
on projects that can be implemented easily.

He spoke of the existing economic ties between the energy ministries of the
two countries in the renovation of power plants, installation of
transformers and training of Zimbabwean personnel.

"The outlines of a cooperation agreement between an Iranian company and a
Zimbabwean energy company have been delivered to Zimbabwean officials," he
said, adding that these officials are expected to give their comments on the

He said that an Iranian company has made a survey of the possibilities for
constructing a hydro-electric power plant in this African country.

He said that as of now the parties are still awaiting funding for the
project, adding that the once the financial problem is solved, the Iranian
company will forthwith implement it.
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The Herald

Cabinet taskforce tours fertiliser firms

Herald Reporter
THE Cabinet Taskforce on Inputs yesterday toured the Zimbabwe Fertiliser
Company (ZFC) and Windmill factories in Aspindale and Workington to assess
the stocks of fertiliser in the country ahead of the rainy season.

The taskforce - comprising chairman Local Government and National Housing
Minister Cde Ignatius Chombo, Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Cde
Joseph Made, Industry and International Trade Minister Cde Samuel
Mumbengengwi, and Minister of State for Policy Implementation Cde Webster
Shamu - toured the companies' premises after concerns were raised about
delays in the disbursement of fertilisers to Government.

The taskforce, which was shown huge moulds of compound D fertiliser being
prepared for packing at both factories, took management of both companies to
task over delays in the movement of the fertiliser under Government order.

The taskforce also queried why the product was not being packed when it was
readily available.

Management at Windmill indicated to the taskforce that they were under
instructions that the Government's order could only be met if money was
received upfront.

They further indicated that there had also been delays by the Ministry of
Industry and International Trade in releasing the list of prices at which
Government was going to procure their product.

Management at ZFC blamed the delays in the disbursement of the Government
order on the lack of proper logistics to move the commodity to the
designated Grain Marketing Board depots.

On the packaging of the product, management at both companies argued that it
was not possible to package the product without proper logistics in place
since this would create problems in loading the product.

Officials at Windmill said they were ready to roll out 14 000 tonnes of
compound D, while ZFC management indicated that they were ready to pack 20
000 tonnes of the same commodity under the Government order.

Windmill was expected to provide Government with about 40 000 tonnes of
fertiliser, while ZFC was expected to provide a slightly higher figure.

The taskforce and management at both companies immediately went into a
closed-door meeting after the tour.

Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Dr Made said ZFC had indicated
that it was ready to roll out part of the Government's order starting from

"What is important is that what is there at the moment should be moved out
because the seed houses have done their part," he said.

Dr Made said Government was, however, contemplating taking action against
Windmill because of the stance that the company had allegedly taken of
demanding cash upfront. He did not specify what form the action would take.

"They have clearly shown that they do not want to be part and parcel of this

"The seed houses have managed to move seed worth billions of dollars and
they have been paid their money by the Reserve Bank upon delivery.

"What is so unique about the fertiliser companies? What game are they
playing?" said Dr Made.

The accusations levelled against the fertiliser company come barely a few
weeks after Government released $600 billion for on-lending for various
farming activities in the coming month.

About $130 billion from the amount was allocated to fertiliser companies,
while $110 billion was set aside to cover the importation of seed and

The money was part of the $3,2 trillion earmarked by Government for
disbursement to farmers during the 2004/2005 farming season.

Fertiliser companies have been failing to meet demand for their commodity,
especially ammonium nitrate, due to production problems faced by the sole
producer of the commodity, Sable Chemicals.

The company was currently operating at two-thirds of its capacity after it
shut down its plant for maintenance in August.
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The Herald

Parliamentary committee, millers meeting postponed

Herald Reporter
A PARLIAMENTARY committee yesterday postponed to Tuesday next week a meeting
at which millers were scheduled to give oral evidence on the availability of
maize in the country.

An official with the portfolio committee on Lands, Agriculture, Rural
Resources, Water Development and Resettlement said the meeting had been
postponed at the request of the millers who needed more time to prepare for
the deliberations.

"Some of the millers were outside the country and they have just returned so
they asked for more time," said the official.

The committee, chaired by Zhombe Member of Parliament Cde Daniel Ncube
(Zanu-PF), has so far heard evidence from the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) on
the state of maize stocks countrywide, and major seed and fertiliser
manufacturers on the availability of farming implements for the 2005 season.

Projections were that the GMB, which has the sole mandate to purchase grain
from farmers, might receive between 500 000 and 750 000 tonnes before the
expiry of the staple grain's marketing season at the end of March.

Zimbabwe this year produced a bumper harvest of 2,4 million tonnes of maize,
of which 1,2 million tonnes were expected to be sold to the GMB by farmers.

Other members of the committee are Chief Ndiweni Bidi (Matabeleland South),
Chief Robert Chirau (Mashonaland West), Buhera South MP Cde Kumbirai Kangai
(Zanu-PF), Makonde MP Cde Kindness Paradza (Zanu-PF), Gweru Rural MP Mr
Renson Gasela (MDC), Chipinge North MP Mr Mathias Matewu (MDC), Tsholotsho
MP Mr Mtoliki Sibanda (MDC) and Bulilimamangwe MP Mr Edward Mkhosi (MDC).
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The Herald

Zimpapers manager arrested, faces $172m fraud charges

Herald Reporter
POLICE in Harare have arrested the transport manager at Zimbabwe Newspapers'
Harare branch, Jeremia Mukandi, on allegations of defrauding the company of
more than $172 million.

Mukandi was picked up on Monday at Herald House.

Zimpapers chief executive Mr Justin Mutasa yesterday confirmed the arrest of
Mukandi, saying police investigations are in progress.

Harare City Council, as the local authority, instructed that the outside of
the Herald garage in Mbuya Nehanda Street be painted. It is alleged that
Mukandi turned this small order into a renovation project costing more than
$340 million and then raised a cheque requisition for half the cost to be
paid in advance.

He then allegedly hired a second contractor to paint the outside of the
building, not taking the lowest quote, and raised a second cheque as an
advance payment of $5 million. The painting would be covered as well in the
main project.

Mr Mutasa warned that anyone suspected of corruption within the group would
face criminal charges.

Mukandi is expected to appear in court as soon as police investigations are
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The Herald

Refrain from violence, youths urged

Herald Reporter
BIKITA WEST MP Cde Claudious Makova has called on youths in the constituency
to refrain from violence and urged them to campaign peacefully for the
ruling Zanu-PF party in next year's general elections.

Addressing ruling party youths from Bikita West, attending a two-day
workshop at Nyika Growth Point at the weekend, Cde Makova appealed for peace
and calm during campaigns for next year's elections.

"We want you to preach non-violence during campaigns.

"It is incumbent upon you as youths to move around all the wards in the
constituency that we want peace during elections.

"We do not want you to be violent during campaigns, but to explain the
objectives of Zanu-PF and court their support," said Cde Makova.

Cde Makova said youths were the future pillars of the country and were
supposed to be patriotic and stand ready to defend the country's right to

Addressing the youths, Zanu-PF provincial youth chairman Cde Zebron Masunda
said the two-day workshop was aimed at imparting knowledge to youths on key
issues such as the history of the country's liberation struggle, the economy
and many other topics.

Cde Masunda said the workshop was also aimed at enlightening the youths so
that they would not be exploited by politicians, but be principled
individuals, which the nation could depend on.

The youths who attended the two-day workshop organised by Cde Makova, were
drawn from all wards in the constituency.

Among other issues that the youths were taught were patriotism,
international relations, the land issue in Zimbabwe since 1980, the Zanu-PF
constitution and the impact of HIV and Aids on the youths.

Bikita West experienced some political violence in 2000 during a
parliamentary by-election in the constituency.
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New Zimbabwe

26 foreign tourists fined for Zimbabwe Park offences

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 10/20/2004 04:19:48
THE department of foreign affairs confirmed on Tuesday that 14 South African
fishermen had been arrested overnight in Zimbabwe and then released.

Foreign affairs spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa said: "According to ambassador
Jerry Ndou, South Africa's representative in Harare, 14 South Africans were
arrested last night at a game reserve near the border with Zambia.

"They were released today (Tuesday) after paying an admission of guilt

Reports from Zimbabwe said 26 campers, including the South Africans and an
Australian, were arrested at a government-run camp site after failing to pay
camping fees in foreign currency.

In Zimbabwe, it is mandatory for foreign tourists to pay in United States
dollars when entering national parks and using camp sites in game reserves.

The reports added that the group was released after paying a fine of Z$25
000 (about R30) each - Sapa
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Zim Daily


HARARE -A HARARE motorist yesterday fell foul of President Robert Mugabe's
new laws that make it a crime to disrupt, gesture rudely or swear at his
high-speed heavily armed motorcade.

The motorist, who was driving a light blue Nissan Langley registration
number 713-516W along Rotten Row Road, failed to take heed of the speeding
motorcade that was heading towards the Zanu PF headquarters for an
extra-ordinary parliamentary caucus. The motorist tried to cut in front of
the motorcade in his vintage vehicle at the intersection of Samora Machel
Avenue and Rotten Row Road but failed to do so in time. The vehicle
disrupted the smooth flow of the motorcade, which had to change its course.
As soon as the motorcade passed, one of the officers on the motorcycle
escort followed the motorist and directed him to park along Samora Machel

In a fit of rage, the officer confiscated documents in the motorist's
vehicle including his driver's licence and escorted him to the Zanu PF
headquarters. On arrival members of the Presidential guard quizzed him. The
menacing looking soldiers harangued the shocked driver who was only saved by
his wife who pleaded with the officers to forgive her husband. After
launching a tirade on the driver, the officers let the dazed motorist drive

According to the new laws, when Mugabe's convoy sweeps down the road, all
other vehicles are forced to pull to the side of the road and stop. The
regulations state that "the driver of every vehicle on the road on which a
state motorcade is travelling ... shall halt his vehicle."

Meanwhile, Mugabe has increased the number of vehicles in his prestigious

Three shiny 4x4 Nissan Hardbody vehicles, all blue in colour are the latest
additions to Mugabe's motorcade. The convoy - colloquially known as 'Bob and
the Wailers' because of the sirens of the accompanying motorcycle escorts -
includes 4X4 vehicles packed with heavily-armed soldiers, sedans carrying
plainclothes secret police and an ambulance, at the back. Mugabe's luxurious
bulletproof Mercedes Benz, commonly referred to as Zim-1, with dark-tinted
windows usually drives at the centre of the convoy. The convoy is getting
bigger and now stretches almost 400 metres, virtually taking up both lanes
in Harare's busy roads.

However Mugabe has recently taken to travelling in his trademark Eurocopter
AS-532 Cougar helicopter. Two military Augusta AB-412 Griffons escort
helicopters usually accompany the chopper.
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Zim Daily


HARARE - SPEAKER of Parliament Emmerson Mnangagwa's mining dealership has
thrown him in yet another firestorm controversy that could scupper his
chances of becoming President Robert Mugabe's successor.

Mnangagwa is being implicated in a sting operation that plotted the murder
of Bindura Nickel Corporation chief executive officer Leonard Chimimba who
was about to disclose to the Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono how his
company lost a consignment of nickel worth US$600 000.

Chimimba was shot dead four months ago at the entrance of his Harare home,
hours before he could meet the RBZ chief to spill the beans on how the
contraband disappeared enroute to South Africa.

A brother to the late mining boss insisted that senior government officials
should shed light on what happened. "They knew that Leonard was key to
investigations into the disappearance of nickel in South Africa and he was
working well with the police and thought killing him would stop him from
revealing any dealings they had entered," he told ZIMDAILY this week.

Several attempts to obtain comment from Mnangagwa were fruitless as he was
said to be in parliament chambers. Calls to his mobile number were going
ZIMDAILY understands that Anglo-American Corporation sold Bindura Nickel
Corporation to Mwana Africa Holdings Limited last year.

Mwana Africa, fronted by Mnangagwa's long-time Congolese friend, Kalaa
Mpinga, bought Anglo's 52.94 percent stake in the consortium in July 2003 in
a deal worth US$8 million. The rest of the shareholders are businessmen from
Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Kenya, Ghana and South
Africa. Local business barons Oliver Chidawu and Ngoni Kudenga, who are also
shareholders are said to be fronting for Mnangagwa while Retired Air Chief,
Marshall Josiah Tungamirai is an alternate director.

Mpinga, the board chair of Mwana Africa, and Mnangagwa have previously been
implicated by a United Nations report in blood diamond dealings in the
Democratic Republic of Congo that almost threw Mnangagwa out of the
succession race.
The family spokesman said Chimimba met a team of investigators from the
ministry of Anti-Corruption and Anti-Monopolies in March about the loss of

Police spokesman Oliver Mandipaka has said the police would pursue all
possible leads to Chimimba's death and deploy a special unit to bring the
suspects to book.
"We will not carry out investigations on the basis of what the family is
saying. They are in a state of shock and would say anything," Mandipaka
said. Chimimba died of gun shot wounds he sustained after being shot twice
in the head. He died in a Harare hospital on 10 May.

Shareholders have remained mum about the fatal shooting raising eyebrows
that the way Chimimba handled the investigations into the loss of nickel
could have exposed Tungamirai and Mnangagwa. The disappearance of nickel in
South is believed to be an inside job and police have not shown zeal in
pursuing the matter. //
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Zim Daily


HARARE -The outspoken Bulawayo Archbishop, Pius Ncube, has just returned
from Ireland for the extraordinary days of the papal visit where he met his
dispersed flock and repeated his criticism of the human rights abuses in
Zimbabwe, the muzzling of free speech and the denial of food aid to
opposition supporters

About a quarter of the Zimbabwean population has fled the country in recent
years and hundreds of thousands are in Europe.

In an televised address to the crowd while celebrating Mass at the Holy
Spirit Church, Dennehy's Cross in Cork city, the indefatigable Ncube
appealed for the Zimbabwean community from all tribal backgrounds to remain
united in their peaceful opposition to the current regime. He urged his
flock to lead prayers for a free and fair election in Zimbabwe.

The Bulawayo Roman Catholic prelate was in Ireland to celebrate
commemorative masses emphasising that, over the last 25 years, the Pope has
been the missionary par excellence.

Ncube, who is emerging as the most important and convincing opponent of
President Robert Mugabe's government, criticised corruption by the
government and its failure to provide food aid to hungry Zimbabweans
especially to those areas that voted for the opposition in his archdiocese.

"I refuse to be silent," Archbishop Ncube, 58, told seminarians, priests,
vocations directors, leaders of sisters and brothers. " My heart bleeds. I
suffer a lot when I see the lot of the common man in Zimbabwe. I'm annoyed
and upset when someone uses their power to trample on the disadvantaged, on
the poor," Archbishop Ncube said.
Mugabe has portrayed the archbishop as mad and as a prelate who did not have
the support of his fellow clerics. Since May, Ncube has been globetrotting
complaining about problems in Zimbabwe including an unemployment rate of 70
percent, an inflation rate of 300 percent and the AIDS epidemic. The
archbishop's current international campaign to muster opposition to the
Mugabe regime has included briefings with U.S. Secretary of State Colin
Powell and Britain's Prince Charles.
Mugabe has accused the archbishop of "satanic" betrayal of his own country
and charges that he is an "unholy man."
Ncube criticized Zimbabwean Catholic bishops and other church leaders who
support the Mugabe regime amid "mounting evidence of human rights abuses."
The archbishop said some Catholic bishops in Zimbabwe have received gifts
from the government, such as Mercedes-Benz cars, and that he was offered a
farm. The gifts are expected to bring silence from the clerics, he said.
"When you're being fed, you're not expected to talk," the archbishop said.

The prelate last Wednesday continued stirring controversy when he quizzed
Mugabe about the eviction of settlers during the ongoing inter-regional
meeting of Bishops of Southern Africa in Chishawasha.

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Zim Daily


HARARE - The Zanu PF government, its supporters and the public media and has
vowed to take the law into their own hands to seek revenge over the verdict
passed on Friday. They have used every word in the dictionary to
diabolically dress down the Judge President for his judgement as the race
continues to see if the verdict will survive the legal scrutiny and

On Friday, the MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai was acquitted of High treason
charges. The Judge President said the state had failed to prove its case
beyond reasonable doubt and its key witness fraudster and fortune -hunter
Ari-Ben Menashe was a suspect witness whose evidence should be treated with

According to Zanu PF, Justice Garwe acted in a biased manner to spruce up
his own image. Justice Garwe is a beneficiary of controversial land reform
programme and regardless of that he acquitted the accused.

The Zanu PF supporters have been quoted in the local press saying that when
the dust has settled down and emotions have died down, they will do what it
takes within their limited knowledge, to see that Tsvangirai is convicted on
other charges of inciting his supporters to march to State House to
overthrow Robert Mugabe during last year 's "final push".

Even the ruling party officials could stoop so low to be quoted in the
press,"If it were Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku, the outcome could have been
different", said one senior official of Zanu PF. Zanu PF has promised
Tsvangirai that "tsuro haipoone murutsva kaviri" literary meaning that one
cannot escape fate.

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Zim Daily


HARARE - ZIMBABWE Broadcasting Holdings (ZBH) has fired SFM chief executive
officer, Joseph Nhara - popularly known as Man Soul Jah - after an internal
audit revealed that he had embezzled $40 million.

ZBH public relations executive Loveness Chikozho confirmed that Nhara had
left the broadcaster.

"We would like to confirm that Mr Joseph Nhara is no longer with us,"
Chikozho said. "We are however obliged by law not to reveal details
concerning his departure from us."

Sources at ZBH said Nhara allegedly ordered an accountant at the station to
give him $40 million in salary arrears backdated to January, without the
approval of his bosses in Harare. He is also said to have demanded $9
million to repair his car radio.
ZBH has since repossessed Nhara's vehicle.

Meanwhile Walter Mfanotshiya is now the acting CEO at SFM. Information
minister Jonathan Moyo is also reportedly wielding the axe and has
threatened to fire redundant staff at the proposed television station
National TV. Moyo is said to have quizzed one of the staff members, O'Brien
Rwafa, why he was head of production at NTV when there was no one in his
department. "I am giving you two options, to go home or stay, if you are
staying you are staying as what?" Moyo reportedly asked Rwafa in the
presence of NTV staff who attended the meeting.
It was not possible to obtain comment from the minister.

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