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Zimbabwe warns against price anarchy


Wed 24 Oct 2007, 15:07 GMT

By Nelson Banya

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's central bank chief said on Wednesday that the
country should not return to the chaos triggered by a government price
freeze that caused a shopping frenzy and emptied store shelves.

Food shortages have worsened in the southern African nation since President
Robert Mugabe's government ordered businesses to roll back prices to
mid-June levels in a desperate bid to rein in the world's fastest-rising
consumer prices.

Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono, who at times has criticised the
government's economic policies, said further price control moves would

"We are aware that we will have a temporary upsurge in inflation as we ramp
up our engines, but we must not be tempted to go back to the anarchy of the
past three months," Gono told journalists at a weekly briefing on
preparations for the 2007/8 farming season.

"Prices must be decontrolled and there must never be any expectation by
consumers that prices can be held at levels of three months ago ... there's
an animal called inflation."

The freeze led to a slowdown in inflation in August. But the figure shot to
a record 7,900 percent last month in what political analysts said was a
clear sign the government was losing the inflation battle.

Prices have started climbing again after the freeze was eased for some
goods. Many businesses had slashed or halted production fearing losses at
government stipulated prices.

On Tuesday, the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe said the monthly average cost
of living for a family of six had risen 30 percent to Z$ 21.7 million, which
is worth $723 on the official market and $25 on a thriving black market.

An average government worker earns a monthly gross salary of Z$17 million.

Shortages of food, fuel and foreign currency and rising unemployment have
underpinned Zimbabwe's economic crisis, which critics blame on Mugabe's
policies, such as the seizure of white-owned farms to resettle landless

Although the crisis has fanned tensions, political analysts say a fractured
opposition poses little challenge to Mugabe, who has ruled the country since

But analysts say the economic meltdown could threaten Mugabe's grip on
power. Mugabe accuses his Western enemies of seeking to topple him by
funding the opposition and inciting businesses to hike prices.

On Wednesday, Agriculture Minister Rugare Gumbo said the government aimed to
produce 3 million tonnes of the staple maize crop in the 2007/8 farming

But critics doubt output could rise sharply after years of decline. Official
statistics show that only 500,000 tonnes of maize were delivered to the
state grain agency this year, against annual requirements of almost 2
million tonnes.

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Zimbabwe targets 3 mln T maize output in 07/08


Wed 24 Oct 2007, 12:07 GMT

HARARE, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's government expects the country to
produce 3 million tonnes of the staple maize crop in the 2007/8 farming
season, and to stop importing maize, the agruculture minister said on

"We have targeted to put 2 million hectares under maize and expect to get
about 3 million metric tonnes of maize at an average expected yield of about
1.55 tonnes per hectare," Agriculture minister Rugare Gumbo told journalists
in Harare

"Once we have a normal rainfall season, we will have a bumper harvest," he

The southern African country -- once a regional bread basket -- has failed
to feed itself since 2000 when President Robert Mugabe's government seized
white-held farms to resettle landless blacks who often lack expertise and

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Zimbabwe to investigate violence accusations: MDC

Yahoo News

By MacDonald Dzirutwe Wed Oct 24, 10:47 AM ET

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe will investigate accusations of political
violence against opposition activists by security forces and ruling party
supporters, the main opposition party said on Wednesday.

Zimbabwean Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi met opposition officials who
chronicled cases of alleged politically motivated violence by the police,
army, intelligence services and supporters of President Robert Mugabe.

"He assured us that once the investigation is over he will call us again to
give us a full answer as to what he has discovered," Sam Nkomo, a senior
official of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), told

There was no immediate comment on Wednesday's meeting from the government.

The MDC said last week that the government was escalating a violent
crackdown against its members, but would not walk away from talks with the
ruling ZANU-PF.

Mugabe, who denies allegations of widespread human rights abuses, accuses
the opposition of carrying out and fomenting violence and working with
Western powers to oust him.

Mugabe's ZANU-PF and the MDC are holding talks mediated by South African
President Thabo Mbeki as part of regional efforts to end Zimbabwe's
deepening economic crisis and promote political reconciliation.

The negotiations have yielded a compromise constitutional amendment allowing
Mugabe to pick a successor if he retires mid-term while the president's
powers to choose members of parliament have been curbed.

MDC officials said Mohadi indicated that the government wanted the talks to
be "fruitful for the country and anything that will jeopardize (the talks)
is not encouraged."

Opposition officials have said they recorded more than 4,122 alleged cases
of political violence since January.

The MDC said it informed Mohadi of what it said was a ZANU-PF plot to burn
its campaign vehicle fleet ahead of next year's presidential and
parliamentary elections.

Mohadi said he was not aware of the plot but promised to investigate, Nkomo

The opposition has alleged that Zimbabwe's tough security laws, which
require political parties to notify the police when holding political
gatherings, were applied selectively and that police often ban MDC meetings
without reason.

Mohadi said he was not aware that MDC meetings were banned. The opposition
would notify police of a planned demonstration to test the minister's
sincerity, said Nkomo.

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Bread 'as scarce as gold' in Zimbabwe


    October 24 2007 at 02:11AM

Harare - Zimbabwe's crisis has now reached tipping point, a
spokesperson for the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
warned on Tuesday as a local consumer watchdog said the cost of living had
climbed 30 percent in a month.

"It is now clear that Zimbabwe's crisis has reached the tipping
point," said the MDC's Nelson Chamisa who said bread was now "as scarce as

Food shortages have worsened since July following President Robert
Mugabe's controversial order that all prices be slashed by at least 50

Most basics are now only available on the expensive black market. Many
Zimbabweans say they are surviving on vegetables.

Chamisa whose party is currently involved in delicate South
African-brokered talks with Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF also pointed to
widespread power outages which have crippled hospitals, schools,
universities and industry.

"They (the ruling party) are not worried about our suffering," the
spokesperson said.

His comments came as the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) reported a
30 percent surge in the cost of living for a family of six, up to
ZIM$21.7-million in September.

Senior teachers report that their take-home pay that month was just
four million dollars.

The CCZ said there had been a 222 percent rise in the cost of the
staple maize meal, while rentals have surged by an average of 34 percent. -

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Election Watch - Sokwanele

Sokwanele - Enough is Enough - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Election Watch
Issue 9 : 23 October 2007

Executive Summary

"True democracy can only be restored in Zimbabwe if we restore genuine, democratic elections and restore an electoral environment that will allow free and fair elections to take place."

This concept is central to RESTORE 2, a document compiled by The Zimbabwe Institute (ZI) to provide a blueprint for the restoration of democracy in Zimbabwe.

Its precursor, RESTORE, was launched in 2004 following the signing of the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections by heads of state in Mauritius.

The ZI document, signed by Brian Raftopoulos, chairman, and Isaac Maposa, director, defines elections as a process, not as an event. It stipulates that, to ensure free and fair elections, Zimbabwe has to:

  1. Restore the rule of law
  2. Restore basic freedoms and rights
  3. Establish a genuinely independent electoral commission
  4. Restore public confidence in the electoral process
  5. Restore the secrecy of the ballot.

The events highlighted in this issue of Zimbabwe Election Watch - and in all the preceding issues - demonstrate that a free and fair election cannot take place in the existing electoral environment.

In fact the political violence perpetrated by the ruling Zanu PF party has now become so serious and blatant that the Movement for Democratic (MT) has written to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to "register concern over the violent crackdown against its supporters…"

The letter notes that a total of 103 rallies and marches have been crushed, while seven murders, 18 rapes, 69 abductions, 459 cases of torture, 2 323 cases of interference or intimidation, 1 141 cases of assault and 152 cases of unlawful detention have been recorded.

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), an apolitical social justice movement, presented a damning report in South Africa and said the Mugabe regime was behaving like "a militia or a warlord". The group said there was no possibility of free and fair elections next year.

The political climate has become so hostile and chaotic that armed riot police stormed a hotel in Masvingo and arrested a group of MDC women while they were having lunch. The group was accused of holding an illegal meeting.

Yet again police have severely assaulted and injured members of the National Constitutional Assembly for attempting a protest march to Parliament.

There has been a fresh wave of violence reportedly ignited by Zanu PF councillors in the southeastern district of Chipinge, while in the MDC stronghold of KweKwe, homes were destroyed by heavily armed police using sledgehammers.

A Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) plan outlining Zanu PF's vote rigging strategy has been exposed. It includes mechanisms for maintaining control of rural areas, vote buying and targeting journalists, opposition members and civil society leaders that are under surveillance.

A leading member of the independent Zimbabwe Liberators' Platform has dismissed the ongoing pro Mugabe marches by war veterans as "scare tactics to ward off opposition."

MDC appeals to SADC over political violence
Source Date: 16-10-2007

Zimbabwe’s main opposition party on Tuesday said it had written to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to register concern over a violent crackdown against its supporters by government agents and activists of President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF party.

Nelson Chamisa, who is spokesman of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party led by Morgan Tsvangirai, told journalists in Harare that his party had recorded more than 4 000 cases of politically motivated human rights violations against its supporters between January and June this year.

Reporting on the presentation, wrote:

In the letter, the MDC detailed a series of attacks that had occurred since the talks began in April.

A total of 103 rallies and marches had been crushed, while seven murders, 18 rapes, 69 abductions, 459 cases of torture, 2 323 cases of interference or intimidation, 1 141 cases of assault and 152 cases of unlawful detention had been recorded.

"While the MDC and Zanu PF are engaged in dialogue in Pretoria, the regime has continued to hound our supporters, brutally assaulting and attacking them against the spirit of the dialogue process," the MDC said.

"There's no use being in talks in Pretoria and at war here at home."

Source: Zim Online (ZW)
Link to source:

SADC standards breached

No chance of fair election in Zim
Source Date: 10-10-2007

Robert Mugabe's regime is behaving like "a militia or a warlord", and there is no possibility of free and fair elections next year.

This is according to Zimbabwean women who have been repeatedly arrested and tortured by Mugabe's security force.

"There is sustained repression in Zimbabwe. Free and fair elections cannot be held," said Jenni Williams, co-founder of Women of Zimbabwe Arise or WOZA (an apolitical social justice movement) at a press briefing yesterday in Johannesburg.

Williams - who has been arrested 25 times - added: "WOZA has often been the target of unprovoked violence."

A preliminary report on political violence against WOZA members paints a shocking picture about acts of suppression perpetrated by Zimbabwe police.

Assault, abduction or kidnapping, political threats, rape, forced removal of underwear while in custody, unlawful detention and psychological and physical torture were some of the abuses the WOZA women were subjected to, the report revealed.

*Note: The report showed that 73 percent of an initial sample of 397 members had been arrested more than once, 40 percent were tortured and 50 percent detained longer than the allowed 48 hours. About 26 percent were injured badly enough to receive medical treatment.

Identified victims: Jenni Williams, co-founder of WOZA; Clarah Makoni, WOZA activist

Source: Citizen
Article Link:,1,22

SADC standards breached

Zim women speak of torture camp
Source Date: 10-10-2007

… Among those present at the launch [of the Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) preliminary report] in South Africa …. was WOZA activist Clarah Makoni.

(She) broke down in tears as she related her ordeal in April when she went to deliver food to friends taking part in a protest over electricity shortages….

"I was beaten, kicked and tortured by the police... After several hours I was told to report at the police station the following day as they could not arrest me due to my age. When I went again I was beaten and tortured again till I fell sick.

I was taken to (the southern city of) Bulawayo where they torture people (Fairbridge torture camp) where the torture continued for hours. I was whipped while lying on my stomach. They then put me in a room full of ice."

The teenager was then ordered to cross an electric fence before having to make her way back home, a journey of more than 400 kilometres….

Identified victims: Jenni Williams, national co-ordinator of WOZA; Clarah Makoni, WOZA activist

Source: AFP
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SADC standards breached

MDC women arrested while having lunch at hotel
Source Date: 19-10-2007

At least 20 women from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly holding an illegal meeting at a hotel in the southern town of Masvingo.

Armed riot police stormed the hotel in Masvingo, about 260km south of the capital Harare, and arrested the women from the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC who were having lunch at the hotel.

The police, who accused the women of holding an unsanctioned political gathering at the hotel, later bundled the women into trucks and took them to Masvingo Central police station.

The MDC women, who included Theresa Makone and former legislator Evelyn Masaiti, were however later released after four hours of interrogation….

Identified victims: Theresa Makone, former legislator Evelyn Masaiti

Source: Zim Online (ZW)
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SADC standards breached

Police severely assault protesters in Harare
Source Date: 17-10-2007

Police on Tuesday severely assaulted and injured more than 30 members of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) political pressure group for attempting to march to Parliament to protest against constitutional reforms agreed between President Robert Mugabe and the opposition last month….

The NCA and other civic society groups have opposed the constitutional changes, saying any process to amend the country's governance charter should include all stakeholders and that what is needed are not piecemeal changes but wholesale constitutional reforms to produce a new and democratic constitution for the country.

In a statement, the NCA said its activists were on a peaceful march to Parliament to show their disapproval of Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Bill No. 18 when the police pounced, beating up and injuring 34 of the marchers.

"We wonder why the regime still believes in bloodshed. We were merely exercising our right to demonstrate against something we abhor," the group said, adding that those injured were taken to a private hospital for treatment.

Source: Zim Online (ZW)
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SADC standards breached

Several People Hurt in Fresh Chipinge Unrest
Source Date: 10-10-2007

At least 10 Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters have been injured and several had their houses and cars damaged in Chipinge in a fresh wave of violence reportedly ignited by Zanu PF councillors in the southeastern district.

Trouble started when (Mbandure), a local Zanu-PF councillor for Ward One, stormed the Gaza business centre on Saturday and tried to disperse the over 300 MDC supporters attending a rally that had been sanctioned by the police….

Unknown to the opposition supporters, Mbandure is alleged to have rallied his supporters who armed themselves with sticks, stones and bottles and went on a rampage, indiscriminately attacking people in the area. No arrests were made after the attacks….

Every time the MDC organizes a rally now, state security agents are (reportedly) taking over the venue and distributing maize. Known MDC activists are forbidden from getting near these distribution points.

Identified perpetrators: Zanu PF Councillor Mbandure, Ward 1

Source: SW Radio Africa (ZW)
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SADC standards breached

MDC activist hospitalised in Chipinge after torture
Source Date: 12-10-2007

A magistrate in Chipinge on Thursday ordered Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) activist Charles Nyathi to be rushed to hospital for treatment after he was badly tortured in police cells. Nyathi is the information secretary for Chipinge.

The 27 year-old self-employed Nyathi, who has a wife and small daughter, was arrested on Monday by the police in Chipinge following political disturbances that saw at least 10 MDC supporters sustaining injuries in violence ignited by Zanu PF councillors.

Nyathi who had visible cuts and abrasions when he appeared in court to answer charges of public violence was later released on Z$500 000 bail. He had some of his front teeth knocked out and is also suspected to have suffered a broken jaw.

Identified victims: Charles Nyathi, MDC information secretary for Chipinge

Source: SW Radio Africa (ZW)
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SADC standards breached

Zimbabwe rights groups concerned about abuses ahead of the elections
Source Date: 08-10-2007

… (According to the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum’s latest report), the country's political environment is "largely defined by torture, intimidation and politically motivated violence" against rights defenders.

The report highlighted other violations including abduction or kidnapping, assaults, restriction of freedom of expression or movement, political discrimination, victimisation, unlawful arrests and detention.

The Forum said that in August, about 30 members of the Zimbabwe National Army circulated in the Harare high-density suburb of Dzivarasekwa beating up women and children who were selling various wares.

In an unrelated incident on August 8, more than 70 uniformed soldiers "ran amok in Esigodini in Matabeleland South, where they assaulted villagers (and) looted the village headman's shop" in what was seen as retaliation for a scuffle involving army officers and local villagers….

The Zimbabwe Peace Project report … (also listed) cases of murder, assault and political intolerance. (In addition, it noted that) agricultural "inputs and food continue to be distributed along partisan lines" excluding those known to oppose the ruling Zanu PF party.

The report also alleged that officials from the Office of the Registrar General carrying out a mobile voter registration exercise that ended in mid-August seemed to be under the control of politicians" as they failed to professionally manage the process."

Zimbabwe Peace Project National Director Jestina Mukoko told … VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the rights abuse trend suggests trouble ahead as the country prepares for national elections in March 2008.

Source: VOANews (USA)
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SADC standards breached

New Murambatsvina wave hits KweKwe
Source Date: 18-09-2007

Thirty eight families from Amaveni in KweKwe were last week left homeless after council officials from the town, accompanied by heavily armed police officers, used sledgehammers to knock down their homes.

The latest crackdown against 'illegal' housing by the Zanu PF led council in the town has met with harsh condemnation from the local MDC MP Blessing Chebundo, who described it as 'heartless' and politically motivated.

The demolitions were carried out last week Tuesday on a plot in Chiwundura B where most of those affected had lived for more than 40 years….

"This is political retribution against MDC supporters. The same people were targeted in 2003 for voting MDC in 2002. In 2005 some homes in the plot were demolished and now they have come back to ensure no one will be around to vote in 2008," Chebundo said….

Source: SW Radio Africa (ZW)
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SADC standards breached

CIO document outlines Zanu rigging strategy
Source Date: 11-10-2007

As the nation’s focus is fixed upon the talks between Zanu PF and the opposition, plans by the ruling party are already underway to unleash its violent election rigging machinery into the countryside, intelligence information at hand reveals.

The Zimbabwean has gathered information exposing a plan by the Zanu PF machinery, spearheaded by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) that also includes the other security arms – the police and army – as well as youth militia.

The CIO is planning “to ensure the party keeps its popularity in the rural constituencies and that the opposition finds it difficult to penetrate them.”

The CIO is preparing a dossier outlining the election campaign strategy, reported by our sources to be inclusive of lists of journalists as well as opposition and civil society leaders that are under surveillance.

“Campaigning in the rural constituencies must be based on distributing farming equipment, seeds and fertilizers,” the information states.

“There is progress by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and the relevant ministries on making these available. Army and police have to be involved in the distribution as a way of creating a picture of authority in the eyes of the electorate.

“Youths trained by government are already mobilised and ready for deployment into the constituencies where their roles are clearly defined as that (sic) of ensuring the opposition does not get access to the electorate and identifying trouble causers.”

This paper has exposed a plan by the ruling party to campaign using scotch carts and ox-drawn ploughs, produced at a cost of over Z$3 trillion provided by the RBZ.

…The Zanu PF government is (also reported to be) hoarding grain and other basic commodities for next year’s combined parliamentary and presidential elections.

Source: Zimbabwean, The (ZW)
Link to source:

SADC standards breached

Military base strikes terror among villagers
Source Date: 22-10-2007

For motorists cruising along the Gutu-Chivhu highway, a "No Through Road" sign near the 43 km peg is just like any other road sign that signals the end of the road in the once thriving ranching area….

Less that two kilometres from the sign, along the well-maintained gravel road, lies a small Air Force of Zimbabwe base where about 15 soldiers guard a radar installation mounted there in the late 1990s….

(This) base is dreaded by the villagers who see it as a "torture chamber'….

Two weeks ago, the deputy in command at the base only identified as "Ranga" committed suicide in his house…

Police say he left a note that revealed he took his life in shame after he instructed junior soldiers to beat up farm workers accused of stealing equipment from a farm, Irvin, owned by Finance minister Samuel Mumbengegwi. One of the victims, Fibion Mafukidze (58), died after the beatings….

Another victim, Maxwell Mazambani, (who was the MDC candidate for Ward 5 in Gutu North in last year's council elections), was abducted from his home by the same soldiers, and was lucky to survive the beatings….

(However, he) is fighting for his life at the Avenues Clinic (in Harare) where he is on a dialysis machine. Doctors say his kidneys are badly damaged…

(His) sister says he was punished for his involvement in opposition MDC politics…

Source: Zimbabwe Standard, The (ZW)
Link to source:

SADC standards breached

Govt equips thousands of farmers
Source Date: 11-10-2007

…Under (President Mugabe’s) “mechanism programme”, launched on Monday, small-scale farmers received 50 000 animal-drawn ploughs, 70 000 animal-drawn harrows, 70 000 knap-sack sprayers, 45 000 scotch carts, 20 000 animal drawn cultivators and 1 000 animal-drawn planters.

Farmers under the commercial A2 farm model will share a total of 1 200 tractors, 50 combine harvesters, 800 ploughs, 800 disc harrows, 300 planters, 200 boom sprayers, 200 fertilizer spreaders and 200 hay balers….

Note: Commentators point out that similar vote buying strategies have been used in the past. During the 2005 elections, Zanu PF used maize and fertilizers to buy votes in the rural areas.

Source: Financial Gazette, The (ZW)
Link to source:

SADC standards breached

Mugabe using war vets to scare off internal opposition
Source Date: 22-10-2007

The ongoing pro Mugabe marches by war veterans are scare tactics aimed at warding off opposition from the ageing despot's closest critics, a former fighter of the liberation struggle has said.

Many observers also accuse Mugabe of assembling youths and supporters of the ruling party, who never fought in the 1970s liberation struggle, to masquerade as war veterans.

On Monday a leading member of the independent Zimbabwe Liberation Platform, Muchapera Muhondo, said Mugabe is using the violent reputation of war veterans to strike fear into potential rivals, ahead of the ruling party's special congress in December.

He added that Mugabe will use "both the stick and the carrot" to get the much needed votes from Zanu PF's provincial governors to secure the ticket to stand for yet another term in office…

…Muhondo dismissed Jabulani Sibanda, chairman of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans' Association as a pawn on Mugabe's chessboard.

He said: "… Mugabe is using these war vets to scare off some challenge already, and then he will also buy out some with perks and favours. He is not going anywhere that easily." …

Source: SW Radio Africa (ZW)
Link to source:

SADC standards breached

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We can't exclude Mugabe just for being a dictator: EU official


24 October 2007, 20:42 CET
(STRASBOURG) - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe cannot be excluded from
the upcoming EU-Africa summit just because he is a dictator, or others must
be barred too, EU Development Commissioner Louis Michel said Wednesday.

"If we were to judge each of the dictators or personalities whom we consider
unsuitable we wouldn't just have problems with Mugabe, there would be
others," Michel told the European parliament in Strasbourg,

The possibility that Mugabe could attend the EU summit in Lisbon in December
has been a focus of Brussels' attention for weeks, not least because he is
formally banned from entering the European Union due to human rights

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has already warned his EU partners that
if Mugabe attend the summit then neither he nor any of his cabinet ministers
will be there.

The same issue resulted in the EU-Africa summit being cancelled in 2003.

"I have heard the incantatory calls to denounce Mugabe, I can also say that
that changes nothing," said Michel.

"We don't... have the right to say to our African friends 'you can invite
anyone you like except him'," he added.

The EU commissioner stressed that South Africa was "making considerable
efforts" to solve the problem in everyone's interests.

Michel said the summit should be used as an opportunity to put the question
of human rights in Zimbabwe on the table.

Earlier this month the EU's Portuguese presidency said that the summit
invitations would not be sent out until after an EU-Africa ministerial
meeting in Accra on October 30.

While Europe is increasingly in competition with China over African ties,
trade, investment and influence there has so far been just one EU-Africa
summit, in Cairo in 2000.

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WOZA Protest Water Hikes in Mutare Today

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (Bulawayo)

24 October 2007
Posted to the web 24 October 2007

HUNDREDS of members of WOZA and MOZA marched peacefully through the streets
of Mutare today to protest against the huge increases in water tariffs that
have recently been introduced by the Zimbabwe Water Authority (ZINWA). There
have been no reports of arrests so far.

Nearly 300 women and men marched for several blocks through the eastern city
to the civic centre demanding access to affordable water and a more reliable
service. Several bystanders rushed to join in the procession, some
abandoning their selling, agreeing with the demands. The protestors also
called for an end to violence against human rights defenders.

As they processed the group sang, "mvura yadhura ndomudana mwari yangu"
(water is expensive, oh my god) and handed out flyers calling for an end to
violence against women.

Police arrived at the civic centre after the group had dispersed. No arrests
have been reported so far but known intelligence officers were seen
monitoring events. After the last demonstration in Mutare in August, several
members had their homes visited by police and illegally searched. It is
expected that similar harassment of activists will occur in the coming

This is the fourth WOZA demonstration in Mutare and the third peaceful
street action this month (the other two being in Bulawayo and Harare) to
call for an end to violence against human rights defenders in Zimbabwe. WOZA
has recently released a report documenting incidences of political violence
against its members, the full copy of which can be found at our website,

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Hunger keeps children from school

The Zimbabwean

Wednesday, 24 October 2007 16:05

No grain since July in Umguza district
UMGUZA - Children are staying away from school as hunger takes its
toll in rural Matabaleland North Province.
Villagers are going for weeks without their staple maize meal and
blame the lack of food on the state-run Grain Marketing Board (GMB). In the
Buda resettlement area in Umguza district, people complain they last
received maize from the GMB in July.
"It was not even enough for all of us as some were left out. The GMB
has totally failed to supply us with grain, while local shops are also
always empty. As a result, we have had to rely on wild fruits and hand-outs
from relatives, who buy grain or mealie-meal in town," said villager Sihle
However, the villagers said they were risking their lives in accepting
the staple food from their relatives in the cities, as they were sometimes
accused by war veterans of getting the food from the opposition Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC).
"If they learn that that is how you are surviving, the war veterans
storm your home and take away everything and there is nothing you can do
about it, as they are literally ruling this place. If they see you carrying
either maize grain or maize meal, they also confiscate it for their own
consumption," said another villager.
"Very few children are still going to school due to this situation and
that has really affected their future. Most of those are secondary school
pupils, who should stay at school, about 35 km away from their homes, yet
they will be having no food whilst there. Others have even given themselves
away in marriages to better resourced families to escape this hunger," said
a local headman, who requested not to be named.
Some of the villagers said they were not getting food from
humanitarian organisations, as staff at these non-governmental organisations
were being harassed by the war veterans and some traditional leaders.
Industry and international Trade Minister Obert Mpofu, who is also MP
for the area, confirmed the hunger, but said government was trying to get
food assistance to the villagers to improve the situation.
"We know that some areas in the district have been affected by hunger
due to very low rainfall in the past agricultural season and we are doing a
lot in trying to help the villagers. We are currently speaking to some NGOs
so that they will move in with assistance to those affected by this hunger,"
said Mpofu.
President Robert Mugabe's government has also accused NGOs of trying
to effect illegal regime change in Zimbabwe, alongside the MDC, Britain and
America. - Bayethe Zitha

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Theft of land continues to masquerade as 'land reform'

The Zimbabwean

Wednesday, 24 October 2007 15:42

'Mugabe forgot about the 1.2 million blacks living on white-owned
farms when he launched his land grab in 2002'
MASVINGO - A highly productive dairy farm producing yoghurt and sour
milk, Lacto, has fallen victim to President Robert Mugabe's land grab, with
the white farmer kicked out and the farm given to the daughter of Masvingo
provincial governor Willard Chiwewe.
The Alfords, who owned the farm for generations, were evicted last
week from their home by Chiwewe's daughter, who was accompanied by a
brigadier in the Zimbabwean army. Chiwewe owns five farms in Masvingo.
The Alfords left the 40-hectare property in Chiredzi, about 460 km
south east of Harare, last week Friday. They were mulling returning to
Britain with a heavy heart this week.
The farm used to produce 1,000 litres of milk monthly and a crop of
oranges, vegetable seed and high quality sugar cane. The tractors on the
property have been seized along with ploughs, planters and tools that were
stacked into the store room by Chiwewe's daughter.
"We made a big mistake," said Nicky Phiri, 48, who has worked on the
farm for many years with his nine children and two wives. The mistake is the
"package" which thousands of retrenched farm workers demanded from their
former employers.
Mugabe forgot about the 1.2 million blacks living on white-owned farms
when he launched his land grab in 2002. They are losing their jobs and homes
under the renewed land seizures, which saw 11 farmers subpoenaed to court a
fortnight ago for resisting eviction.
In panic, the government has passed laws compelling dispossessed
farmers to pay terminal benefits to their workers. In a country where
unemployment exceeds 80 per cent, the former farm labourers know that they
will never work again. At the grabbed farms, workers once enjoyed free
housing, schools, food and medical care. They are now out in the cold.
Mugabe claims that drought has put 6.7 million people, more than half
the population, at risk of starvation. Yet rains were normal in Mashonaland
West, Zimbabwe's most fertile province, which has fed the nation for 60
Further north from Chiredzi lies the heartland of sugar production. In
Hippo Valley and Triangle, where "settler farmers" used to produce high
quality sugar cane for milling, mile after mile of empty land now stretches
from horizon to horizon after the grab of productive farms. There are
abandoned farmyards every few miles along the dusty Chiredzi/Triangle Road.
The sugar cane planting season should be on right now. Instead of a
green landscape of young sugar cane there is nothing but bare earth or dry
stalks from past seasons.
John Worswick of Justice for Agriculture said the ongoing evictions
were defective because the new owners were using offer letters issued by the
Ministry of Agriculture, which lacks the locus standi to issue such letters.
Worswick said the "new farmers" settling on formerly white-owned land
will barely succeed in growing enough for their families. There will be
nothing left over to feed the nation, he said.
After years of vilification from Mugabe, the British Government is
helping to pick up the pieces. A fortnight ago Britain donated £8 million to
feed starving masses in Zimbabwe.

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The British role in land reform

The Zimbabwean

Wednesday, 24 October 2007 15:29

PETER FREEMAN, the first British development agency representative to
Zimbabwe in 1980, gives an insider's view into the workings of the early
stages of the British-funded land reform programme.
For over a century, in colonial Rhodesia and post-colonial Zimbabwe,
the right to own and occupy land has driven political struggle and dominated
the economy.

For over 20 years, working for successive British governments, it was
part of my life too. As millions of people now go hungry and agricultural
production plummets what happened to frustrate the hopes we had at
independence and to bring about our worst fears? This is what I saw.
In the early 1980's I was the British government's representative on
the committee in Harare that approved resettlement projects that both
governments financed. The cost of land purchase and of the necessary
infrastructure - water, roads, power, clinics and schools - was shared
equally between the two governments. Each scheme was identified and
developed by Zimbabwean officials and the land price was negotiated with the
commercial farmer. They were appraised for economic viability by British
advisers and we visited most of them. Other donors, including the EU and the
African Development Bank, helped to finance infrastructure (though not land
purchase) in other schemes. Independent evaluations showed subsequently that
the great majority of them worked well, enabling thousands of small-scale
farmers and their families to make a productive living. Over 2 million
hectares changed hands in this way.
This programme stemmed from the much-criticised compromises made at
Lancaster House in 1979. ZANU(PF) and ZAPU argued that buying out the white
farmers was something for Britain alone to do, and many farmers would
certainly have welcomed being paid in sterling with a British government
guarantee rather than in Zimbabwean dollars. For a government in London that
was cutting back heavily on public spending at home such largesse to people
who had supported a rebel government, who were often not British citizens
and mostly had no wish to live here, was never a starter. Watching the
negotiations in 1979 from the Zimbabwe desk in the British aid ministry I
remember being surprised at how easily Mugabe and Nkomo settled for pledges
of future assistance for land reform, not even insisting on a figure for the
amount of money.
More fundamental realities also favoured land reform in 1980. The
Muzorewa regime had bought substantial tracts of farmland at cheap rates in
areas where war (the cost of security) during the independence struggle hit
commercial profits, and immediately after independence there were few
alternative purchasers in the market. The planning bureaucracy in the
Agriculture and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) and other government
departments, and the availability of people and machinery to implement the
plans, was also comparatively strong.
However from the start there was a serious problem. President Mugabe
showed no interest, then or later, in solving the complex and sensitive
political issue of land ownership via this negotiated route. In 1981 a
target of 180,000 settler families in three years suddenly appeared, many
times higher than the capacity of the programme that British and Zimbabwean
Ministers had signed up to. To do it would probably have produced the same
dreadful results that we have seen 25 years later. But the announcement had
a political impact. The initial enthusiasm for the joint programme of Mr
Movern Mahachi and Dr Sydney Sekeremayi, the first of many Ministers
responsible for land reform, cooled as they failed to get support from State
House. During the years that followed the flow of new proposals slowed down
and the Zimbabwean capacity to implement them was dismantled.
When we reviewed the programme in 1989 we found that the British aid
funds that had been pledged after independence, which Zimbabwe ministers had
criticised as hopelessly inadequate, had not been fully claimed. The
Ministries of Land and of Finance had not asked for aid money due for work
on approved projects and new proposals were not coming forward. Lynda
Chalker, then Minister for Overseas Development, wrote to Zimbabwean
ministers reminding them of the debts that Britain owed and promising new
money when the post-independence pledges had been used. There was no
This depressing lack of activity continued into the 1990's while the
political pressure built up. Amendments to the constitutional provisions for
land purchase changed nothing on the ground. The practical proposals of the
commission on land tenure, which might over time have revolutionised farming
practices throughout rural Zimbabwe and given renewed impetus for land
reform on a sustainable basis, were brushed aside. And the British side,
finding little pressure from Harare, buried its head and hoped the issue had
gone away.
Shortly after I became responsible for British aid to Africa in June
1996 the Ministers for Land and for Local Government, Kumbirai Kangai and
John Nkomo, arrived unexpectedly in London. They told Lynda Chalker they had
come to reopen the Lancaster House settlement on land. Mugabe had, as usual,
fought the recent election with grandiose promises of land transfer to be
financed by Britain. They wanted the money, would stay as long as it took,
and would be reporting back each evening to their President at his London
Three days of discussion followed, during which they were embarrassed
to be given copies of the 1989 letter and surprised to discover that the UK
Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind had researched the colonial Land
Apportionment Acts while at law school in Salisbury in the 1960's. He knew
more than them about the historic wrongs that needed to be put right through
land reform. A memorandum signed by both sides promised a fresh pledge of
British aid for a renewed joint programme. It offered technical help to
develop it. Back in Harare, once again, nothing happened.
The following year Mugabe tried again. He hoped the arrival of a
Labour government would enable him to tear up the compromises he had made,
but never acknowledged, eighteen years before. He wrote to Tony Blair asking
for a fresh start based on the British government accepting full
responsibility for buying out the white farmers and handing the land to his
government to distribute as he thought fit, the position he had consistently
taken. He claimed, wrongly, that a previous Labour government had offered
such a deal twenty years earlier when David Owen and Andrew Young had
proposed a "Zimbabwe Development Fund".
Clare Short wrote a letter in reply that became famous when Mugabe
read an extract to his party congress. The reference to her Irish background
that he held up for scorn was intended to acknowledge that Zimbabwe is not
the only place where land expropriation by the colonial power had had a
negative impact on local people. Her encouragement to look forward, to work
together to design a land reform programme that would meet Zimbabwe's needs
in the 21st century rather than to focus wholly on the past, was either
beyond his understanding or did not suit his political aims.
The part of her letter he did not read out offered a fresh start,
though not the free hand and unlimited budget that he wanted. She offered
financial and technical assistance for an organised, Zimbabwe-led, programme
of land purchase and resettlement in partnership with other donors and
within the context of a British development effort now being focussed
world-wide on eliminating poverty. This was not what Mugabe wanted his
people to hear.
Further efforts by Britain, the UN and the World Bank over the next
two years to negotiate a sustainable rural development programme that would
meet justifiable political expectations were brushed aside. In September
1999 the Bank Board in Washington approved a US$5 million credit that had
been negotiated with Zimbabwean Ministers. It was meant to jump-start the
planning process and to start up a land acquisition fund for groups of
communal area farmers to draw on. I don't know whether anyone in Harare had
dared to tell Mugabe before the announcement. As ever he refused to endorse
it and it was never implemented. Turning his back on the outside world he
acted alone with the tragic results that The Zimbabwean continues to report.
So where did it all go wrong? 25 years ago many of us recognised that
the pace of change, beneficial though it was, could not meet the political
demands in Harare. But over many years attempts by politicians and civil
servants in Harare to reduce the bottlenecks in planning and implementation,
to allocate government funds for sustainable resettlement and to negotiate
foreign aid to support them, gained little or no support in ZANU(PF), in the
Cabinet or in State House
Did Mugabe and his circle all along want to allocate land as a means
of patronage, not as a route to development? Did they see land as simply a
symbolic issue and simply fail to understand its economic importance? Could
a more active British policy in the early 1990's have produced a response in
Harare that might have got a programme going again before frustrations
boiled over? Could the commercial farmers, rather than hoping to stay
forever, have acknowledged their fate and negotiated a phased handover to
productive successors?
These questions and others are unfortunately academic. The gap between
what Britain and other donors were prepared to offer and what Mugabe
demanded proved unbridgeable. Rather than compromise he has produced a

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New documentary on Zimbabwe launched in London

24th Oct 2007 09:24 GMT

By a Correspondent

LONDON - A documentary on Zimbabwe, A Bit Of Truth - Denied, which has some
interviews with leading figures from both the government and opposition, was
launched Monday night at the London School of Economics.

'Denied - this bit of truth', is a new documentary by LSE alumnus Shrenik
Rao who gained access to Zimbabwe's two deputy presidents Joice Mujuru and
Joseph Msika, Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono, Archbishop Pius Ncube and
the opposition Movement for Democratic Change's Arthur Mutambara.

Rao said he failed to get an interview with MDC founding president Morgan
Tsvangirai despite countless attempts to do so.

In the documentary the Mujuru and Msika talk about Zimbabwe's land grab
policy which they say they never wanted to embark on but had no choice
following Britain's refusal to honour the Lancaster House Agreement that saw
Zimbabwe becoming independent in 1980.

Mujuru said the chaotic reforms were the reason Zimbabwe was suffering
today, especially as the British government went out of its way to punish
Harare for a programme she says was not authored by her government but by
the landless peasants who were tired of waiting for land.

She said Zimbabweans were now suffering because the British government has
been leading efforts to punish its leaders for embarking on land reforms
that have dispossed thousands of white commercial farmers. Mujuru says the
British are the ones who want to protect their "kith and kin" hence
continued efforts to ostracize her government.

The Zanu PF leaders also blame the targeted sanctions for worsening the
plight of the ordinary Zimbabwean while Gono said he was partly to blame for
the crisis since he prioritised making payments to the IMF and the World
Bank at the expense of buying either food or fuel that could have served the
country for up to nine months.

Ncube talked about the Matebeleland Massacres, the suffering of the people
of Zimbabwe at the hands of the Zanu PF government, adding he was willing to
lead the people in a programme to defy and remove the Zanu PF government
from power.

He said the current sitution in the country cannot continue.

Mutambara acknowledges the land imbalances that existed in Zimbabwe before
2000. He, however, says the way the Zanu PF government went about wantonly
destroying farming in their desire to give farms to President Robert Mugabe's
cronies was unacceptable.

Mutambara said the suffering of the populace today should fall squarely on
Mugabe's hands raising the need for the opposition to unite and "remove the
dictatorship from office".

He said the patronage system in Zimbabwe had to come to an end. Tsvangirai
appears in the documentary addressing a Save Zimbabwe Campaign meeting with
Mutambara, the National Constitutional Assembly's Lovemore Madhuku and other
political activists.

The documentary presents juxtaposing "truths" - igniting a debate about the
most burning issues haunting present day Zimbabwe.

The screening of the documentary was followed by a panel discussion on media
and human rights in Zimbabwe with former Daily News Political Editor Sandra
Nyaira and George Shire, who has been linked with Zanu PF but denies this
saying his roots are anchored in the liberation struggle that brought
independence to Zimbabwe, and Brilliant Mhlanga, a top Zimbabwean activist
currently studying at the Westminster University.

In this guest blog, Shrenik Rao sets the scene for the documentary:

"Once upon a time, in Africa, in a land called Rhodesia, there was a man. He
was a humble teacher. He seemed to be full of ideas and ideals. He seemed to
have dedicated to his life for a cause - a cause larger than his own - that
of liberation, freedom and Independence from an oppressive regime which
denied them their denied them their basic dignity, freedom and rights. And
so, he was respected and revered by one and many as an able, honest leader
who would liberate them from oppression, and restore their dignity and
rights. The man was none other than Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Twenty-seven years after independence, we hear a similar story. But, this
time, the stories of oppression and humiliation are about the same
person -Robert Mugabe. Perceptions had changed considerably.  Robert Gabriel
Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe, was once the darling of the world is now
being considered a despot. A man who was once called a 'Liberator' is now
being called a 'Dictator'. A man who is the 'President' of a country is
being called a 'Tyrant'.  He who claims to be the 'sovereign' is being
called a 'surrogate' and has emerged to be one of the most controversial
African leaders in the world.

The enigmatic French philosopher Michel Foucault once famously articulated
that 'Power produces resistance to itself'.  In Robert Mugabe's case, has
Power produced resistance to itself? I wondered.

As a filmmaker and an academic who spent time researching and teaching about
'Information and Politics', I was intrigued by the way in which power
manifests itself.  From what I had read and from what I had heard from the
people I met - both good and bad, Zimbabwe seemed to me to be the right
place to test Michel Foucault's hypothesis. And so, I embarked on this long
journey of seeking to know the real story.

This story has been said many a times earlier. But still, I wanted to say it
again. And do I said it again - not like the way I saw it, but rather, the
way I heard it from many who were apparently the ones who were at the helm
of affairs. And so, this is a story, which attempts to present the
multifaceted truth as it 'Denied' itself in its journey through time,
especially in the realm of power and politics.

Don't ask me what motivated me or what inspired me. That is a question,
which haunts me with a menacing consistency and so, it is perhaps something
that I cannot answer with coherent eloquence.  And also what motivated me is
of far less importance than what sustained my motivation. May be I draw my
inspiration from the life and from people who carry on with life despite all
odds. May be it's the fascination with the way power manifested itself.  May
be it was just one of destiny's decisions. May be! May be?

But here it is 'DENIED-This Bit of Truth', as it has denied itself in the
realm of power and politics."

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Masvingo Student Leader Finally Released, 3 More Still Detained

SW Radio Africa (London)

24 October 2007
Posted to the web 24 October 2007

Tererai Karimakwenda

The secretary general of the Great Zimbabwe University Students Executive
Council (SEC), Edison Hlatshwayo, was finally released on bail by police in
Masvingo on Wednesday. The student leader has been in remand prison since
September 27 facing charges of malicious injury to property and it was
feared his health was failing due to poor conditions in prison and severe
assaults by police.

The prosecution insist that Hlatshwayo damaged a telephone booth during
disturbances at the university earlier in September, and have opposed bail
on numerous occasions claiming he would abscond. But fellow students and
others believe the lengthy sentence is unjustified and that the Zimbabwean
authorities are 'making an example of him' in order to deter other students
from engaging in political activity.

His lawyer Dumisani Hwacha spoke to Gugulethu Moyo about the case on the
programme 'In the Balance' on Wednesday. Hwacha said the student leader had
previously been granted Z$5 million bail by the magistrate, and ordered to
leave his passport with the court. But the prosecution opposed bail and said
they would appeal to a higher court, effectively undermining the authority
of the magistrate. Suddenly on Wednesday the prosecution decided not to
contest the magistrate's bail decision, and Hlatshwayo was subsequently
released Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile 3 other students from Great Zimbabwe University remain in custody
in Masvingo, facing contempt of court charges over demonstrations that took
place in court last week. They are

George Makamure, Brenda Mupfurutsa and Ogylive Makova. The 3 appeared in
court Saturday and were remanded in custody. Their bail hearing was
scheduled for Tuesday then postponed to Thursday, October 25.

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Chief Bans MDC Rally in Rukweza, Manicaland

SW Radio Africa (London)

24 October 2007
Posted to the web 24 October 2007

Tichaona Sibanda

A chief with strong Zanu-PF links has banned the MDC from holding a rally at
Rukweza business centre in Makoni East, Manicaland province on Friday.

The MDC has however said it would defy Chief John Rukweza's ban and go ahead
with its planned rally because he does not have the powers to ban or stop a
political rally.

Pishai Muchauraya, the MDC spokesman for Manicaland province said the many
MDC posters have reportedly annoyed Chief Rukweza and fliers posted in his
area and has vowed to stop all campaign activities by the opposition party.

Chief Rukweza ordered Loveness Makaure, the local MDC chairperson for Makoni
East to appear before his court, but Makaure has defied the chief's order
and has instead gone underground to continue campaigning.

'The chief attempted to read the riot act to Makaure but she refused to
attend his kangaroo court. He has sent his messengers to tell the MDC that
all campaign activities have been banned starting with Friday's rally,'
Muchauraya said.

This is not the first time that a chief has tried to ban a rally in
Manicaland. On several past occasions, the MDC's secretary for Legal and
Parliamentary affairs, Innocent Gonese has had to issue statements to his
party structures to ignore such orders from traditional chiefs.

'This is why we say Mugabe rigs the elections, because he uses chiefs to
force their subjects to vote Zanu-PF. All chiefs in Zimbabwe are now paid
handsomely and move around with top of the range 4x4's. It's all part of the
game by Zanu-PF,' Muchauraya said.

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Millers claim grain board blacklisted them

The Zimbabwean

 Wednesday, 24 October 2007 16:06

BULAWAYO - Grain millers in Bulawayo have accused the state-run Grain
Marketing Board (GMB) of bias towards millers with links to the ruling Zanu
(PF) party.
Millers who spoke to The Zimbabwean in Bulawayo complained they had been
blacklisted from receiving the staple maize grain from the GMB, which has a
monopoly on food distribution, because management suspected them of being
members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).
"Some of us have gone for more than two months without getting maize from
the GMB and our businesses have literally collapsed. We understand that
there is very little maize in the country, but how do you explain a
situation whereby some millers who produce party cards get open favours and
receive deliveries every week?" said one miller, who requested not to be
Some millers accused the GMB management in the city of passing false
information about them to the grain taskforce, which in turn led to them
being banned from receiving grain, ostensibly because they were
"All this was a lie against us because we are perceived to be MDC
supporters. The government, with these politically-aligned policies, is
worsening the food crisis in the city because those who get grain only
supply markets they are told to. Most of those who refused to supply such
markets and also refused to toe political lines were also banned from
receiving and milling grain," said another miller, based at Tshabalala.
Eddie Cross, a senior member of the bigger faction of the MDC (Tsvangirai)
said he had been also barred from buying anything from the food distributor.
"I am also not allowed by the GMB management from buying anything there. I
have to use other people to buy on my behalf and that is only because I am a
well-known MDC party member," said Cross.
However, the GMB's acting Chief Executive Officer Samuel Muvuti denied the
"That is really untrue. We serve people who deserve to be served with maize
and any other commodity that we have. Those millers who were banned are in
that position because they did things in the wrong way and they are now
looking for excuses," he said. - Bayethe Zitha

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Mugabe's neighbours evicted

The Zimbabwean

HARARE - Fifteen neighbours of Robert Mugabe have been told to leave their
homes, despite filing a legal challenge with the Supreme Court.
The challenge, mounted last year by 15 Borrowdale residents against eviction
orders, has been gathering dust in the Supreme Court, more than a year after
filing it through Harare law firm, Atherstone and Cook.
Getting rid of the residents would allow Mugabe to create a security cordon
around his retirement home.
Sources told The Zimbabwean that the residents were seeking to prove that
the eviction was irregular as the properties were urban rather than
agricultural land.
Among Mugabe's neighbours who face eviction are pensioners, widows and older
Although government claimed it was going to compensate the evicted families,
estate agents said the homes had been seriously undervalued. - Chief

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Zim runs out of toilet paper


24/10/2007 11:27  - (SA)

Harare - Zimbabweans could soon become a nation of newspaper collectors. Not
that Zimbos love reading newspapers or have a sentimental thing for news.

A newspaper has many other uses especially in the toilet. This is because
Zimbabwean shops have run out toilet paper.

A survey in city shops revealed that tissues are in short supply in most
retail outlets while many Zimbabweans have resorted to importing the
sanitary paper from as far as South Africa and other countries for personal
use and resale.

A listed group which manufacturers tissues and toiletry is said to be
failing to lift production to initial levels after President Robert Mugabe's
price controls ruined the company's raw material base.

Mugabe ordered prices of goods be slashed by 50% in June accusing businesses
of attempting to remove him from power through a wave of "unjustified" price

This comes a few months after the Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (Zamps)
revealed in April this year that Zimbabweans are foregoing personal care
products, such as soap and toothpaste, as they focus on paying for basic

The use of previously standard personal care products such as toilet soap,
deodorants, lotions and dental products declined steeply , according to the

Deodorant usage declined to 19% in the last quarter of 2006 from 37% in the
third quarter of the same year, while the use of soap plummeted to 29% from

Only the use of petroleum jellies increased from 76% to 77%.

The survey also revealed that usage of toilet paper dropped from 62% to 29%
in the same quarter as more people resorted to using newspapers and used
exercise books, the survey noted.

Zimbabwe is facing its worst economic crisis in history charecterised by
high inflation now close to 8 000%.

Critics blame Mugabe for running down the country's once thriving economy
through a a series of disastrous economic policies.

- Fin24

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Airzim Seeks Nod to Charge Fares in Forex

The Herald (Harare)  Published by the government of Zimbabwe

24 October 2007
Posted to the web 24 October 2007


AIR Zimbabwe is seeking approval to charge fares for regional and
international routes in foreign currency.

The national airline has since submitted proposals to Reserve Bank of
Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono and other relevant authorities on the
matter, Parliament heard on Monday. Air Zimbabwe is facing an acute shortage
of foreign currency to buy spare parts and service external debts running up
to US$20 million.

The proposal has sparked debate in Harare with some sections of society
shooting down the proposal as unfair while business leaders are fully behind
the idea. Those opposed to the proposal say it would be unfair to travellers
without access to foreign currency because it means they would not be able
to fly with the national airline.

Giving oral evidence before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on
Transport and Communications, Air Zimbabwe Board chairman Mr Mike Bimha said
the move, if approved, would help address problems facing the airline.

"We cannot continue to ask the RBZ to give us foreign currency. Most
passengers travelling to Dubai have foreign currency yet they pay in local
currency," said Mr Bimha. He said South African Airways and British Airways
quote fares in foreign currency while Air Zimbabwe continues to charge fares
in local currency on the same routes. Mr Bimha said an arrangement could be
made for vulnerable groups to pay in local currency. In a bid to generate
foreign currency, Air Zimbabwe is negotiating with a number of other
airlines to enter into strategic alliances.

These include Zambian Airlines, Malawian Airlines and Ethiopian Airways. Air
Zimbabwe group chief executive Dr Peter Chikumba said a number of meetings
have been held with Dr Gono over the proposal to charge fares in foreign
currency. "We have had meetings with Dr Gono. He does sympathise with us.
What we are telling you has been reported elsewhere," Dr Chikumba said.

In an interview yesterday, Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president
Mrs Marah Hativagone supported the proposal, saying it was good for the
airline and the nation as a whole. "It is long overdue. We have been talking
about this issue for a long time now. They buy fuel and spare parts in
foreign currency and they should be allowed to charge fares in foreign
currency for them to be viable. As it stands now, Air Zimbabwe is just
subsidising us," she said.

Mrs Hativagone dismissed assertions from some sections that Zimbabweans do
not have foreign currency. "Right now foreign currency is awash in Zimbabwe
but it is being suppressed. We pay in foreign currency when using other
airlines, but we are starving our own airline. If people can pay other
airlines in foreign currency, why can't they pay Air Zimbabwe?" she added.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president Mr Callisto Jokonya concurred
with Mrs Hativagone while Delta general manager (corporate affairs) Mr
George Mutendadzamera described the proposal as unfair. "I do not have an
objection to that proposal as long as it will enable them to be viable.
Anybody in Zimbabwe must be allowed to charge in foreign currency. We import
raw materials in foreign currency and that is the best that can be done. Why
should Air Zimbabwe be stopped?" Mr Jokonya said.

Mr Mutendadzamera argued that Zimbabweans did not have foreign currency to
pay Air Zimbabwe when travelling abroad. "We have never used other airlines
except Air Zimbabwe because we do not have foreign currency to pay those
other airlines. We do not generate foreign currency. Asking Zimbabweans to
pay for anything in foreign currency is not fair. Where is one going to get
that foreign currency? There is no foreign currency in the bank and in
suggesting that one is asking people to go to the black market. As citizens
of this country we should pay in local currency," Mr Mutendadzamera said.

Dr Chikumba told the committee that Air Zimbabwe has accelerated discussions
with other airlines following an announcement by British Airways to stop
flying into Zimbabwe. He said Air Zimbabwe has communicated with seven
airlines, including Ethiopian Airways and Kenyan Airways, aimed at signing
strategic alliances.

Locally, Air Zimbabwe has opened discussions with the ZABG and the CBZ Bank
centred on how the two banks could assist with funding. Dr Chikumba cited
the unavailability of Jet A1 fuel, shortage of foreign currency, and
inadequate funding among the problems dogging the airline. "On the
availability and cost of Jet A1 fuel, Noczim has failed. We are now relying
on Direct Fuel Imports," said Dr Chikumba.

He recommended increased funding from Government and the need for viable
fares and proposed talks for strategic alliances to be at Government level.
Chitungwiza Senator Cde Forbes Magadu (Zanu-PF) supported the Air Zimbabwe
proposal to charge fares in foreign currency, but stressed the need for the
airline to enter into strategic deals with reputable airlines. "On the
foreign currency issue, I support what you are saying. You need to put
pressure on the Minister (of Transport and Communications), engage the
Ministry of Finance, meet Dr Gono," said Senator Magadu.

Meanwhile, Air Zimbabwe has cleared the air on the fate of former acting
chief executive officer and long-serving pilot Captain Oscar Madombwe with
Mr Bimha saying he is on leave.

"Captain Madombwe is on leave, not because he has been forced. It was an
amicable arrangement," he said. Mr Bimha said they would discuss with Capt
Madombwe how to accommodate him when he returns from leave. Makonde MP Cde
Leo Mugabe, who chairs the committee, had demanded clarification on the

The committee also raised concern on the ability of Air Zimbabwe to fill in
the gap left by British Airways.

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Party heavies reject Sibanda's return to favour

The Zimbabwean

 Wednesday, 24 October 2007 10:11

'We are very angry because we were not consulted when Sibanda was
re-instated' BULAWAYO - Ruling Zanu (PF) party senior members in Bulawayo
province are planning to "surprise" President Robert Mugabe in his bid to
win the party's candidature for next year's Presidential election, party
sources revealed this week.

Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since it gained its independence from Britain
in 1980, is making endeavours to stand in next year's watershed elections as
his party's Presidential candidate and has already begun to purge the party
of his perceived stumbling blocks.

The 83-year-old leader, whose bad governance policies, politics of patronage
and intolerance for dissenting voices even within his own party, have been
blamed for the country's current economic and political crises, has even
dipped his hand in the party's recycle bin for previously discarded material
to prop up his chances.

One such is former Zanu (PF) Bulawayo Province Chairman, Jabulani Sibanda,
who has re-emerged with much vigour and organised war veterans to hold
solidarity marches in all provinces to mobilise support for the embattled
Sibanda was expelled from the party in 2004, after being accused of
assisting in organising the infamous Dinyane Declaration, together with
disgraced former information minister, Jonathan Moyo, which sought to
install Emmerson Mnangagwa as President.

Party bigwigs celebrated the fall of Sibanda and labelled him an
"ill-disciplined young man" lacking respect for the party's old horses. But
he has broken into the Zanu (PF) campaign hall and seized the pulpit to sing
praises to Mugabe, who he claims has re-instated him.
However, senior party leaders - including Vice President Joseph Msika,
national Chairman John Nkomo, Information Minister, Sikhanyiso Ndlovu and
fellow politburo member, Dumiso Dabengwa, have opposed Sibanda's
re-instatement, which they say is in total disregard of the party's
provincial authorities' reservations.

"We are very angry because we were not consulted when Sibanda was
re-instated and thus, as far as we are concerned, he remains expelled from
the party. The President should have consulted us before secretly
re-instating him single-handedly. This shows how desperate he is to get this
candidature, but we were not opposed to this. What he has done has made us
think twice," a senior member told The Zimbabwean this week.
The source revealed that party cracks have further widened in the province,
with some members now aligning themselves with the Mnangagwa faction, while
others, mostly the Provincial leaders, are fighting alongside the Mujuru

"The party leaders are planning to oppose the President's candidature at the
congress to be held in December, unless he comes to them to apologise on the
Sibanda issue. They want him to show them respect," said another source.

Bulawayo province spokesman, Effort Nkomo, downplayed the rift when he told
The Zimbabwean that the party's division was not as bad as it has been
reported in the press.

"We have our differences but they are not as bad as you guys have portrayed
them. All we are saying is that as the provincial leaders, we know better
what is happening in the party and should be at the forefront or be
consulted in every decision that concerns the party, not be surprised by
certain decisions," said Nkomo.
On who they would vouch for to emerge as the party's Presidential candidate,
Nkomo put a veil.

"I cannot say because the party has its procedures of selecting candidates
for each election and that will come from congress in December. Whoever will
be the winner will get our support. For now that candidate remains anyone,"
he added.

However, Sibanda maintains that he was re-instated by Mugabe and is now the
party's provincial chairman.
"I was re-instated by the President and that stands. Mugabe is also our
Presidential candidate because he is the most qualified man to lead us, not
anyone else. Those who think otherwise are just daydreaming. Congress will
only confirm him, just wait and see," he said.

However, the split within the party's leadership widened on Thursday as the
provincial executive are said to have frantically tried to stop state media
journalists from covering a march staged by war veterans in support of the
candidacy of Mugabe.

As the 5 000 war veterans, led by Sibanda, marched through the city from
Stanley Square in Makokoba suburb and back, chanting revolutionary songs,
the executive hastily deployed youths to guard the party's provincial
headquarters at Davis Hall, thereby managing to repel the war veterans from
congregating at the party offices.
Sibanda and his deputy, Joseph Chinotimba, then led the war veterans through
the city and avoided Davis Hall.
Sources in the government-controlled media said Nkomo, who is the Zanu (PF)
provincial secretary for information and publicity, telephoned all newsrooms
trying to order editors to ignore the march.

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Salary hikes not reflected in payslips

The Zimbabwean

 Wednesday, 24 October 2007 10:11

BULAWAYO - Zimbabwean civil servants are complaining that the new salary
hike they were given by the government last week remains insignificant
because of the country' current hyper-inflationary environment.

Zimbabwe's runaway inflation figure, the worst in the world, officially
stands at around 6 500 per cent, while analysts say it could be around 20
000 per cent when considering the parallel market, where most people get
most basic commodities.

President Robert Mugabe's government, which is largely blamed for this
economic rot, two weeks ago agreed to award all its workers a 422 per cent
increment on their basic salaries, 300 per cent on housing allowance and 250
per cent on transport allowance.

This was after a crippling strike by teachers had brought education at most
government schools to a standstill for more than three days.

The new salary hike, which was accepted whole-heartedly by Zimta and
grudgingly by the PTUZ, would see the lowest paid civil servants earning
close to Z$13 million and getting $4,8 million and Z$900 000 in housing and
transport allowance respectively, with effect from September 1 this year.

However, civil servants, who received "the remainder" of their September
salaries between Tuesday and Friday last week, complained to The Zimbabwean
that the government had in fact given them less than the agreed amount.
"The government is just not serious. The new salary together will allowances
should give one at least Z$18 million. If you subtract the round figure of
Z$3 million from that you are left with around Z$15 million and we got half
of that. I personally had $7 million deposited into my bank account," said a
junior policeman on Tuesday afternoon in the country's second biggest city
of Bulawayo. No payslips accompanied the shortfall.

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Zimbabwe introduces bus links to Mozambique, Namibia

Afrique en Ligne

Harare, Zimbabwe - As more and more Zimbabweans fan out into southern
Africa to escape a biting economic crisis at home, a state-run transport
company said Wednesday it had introduced bus services to Mozambique and

The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) already runs bus
services to Botswana, Malawi, South Africa and Zambia.

A service to Tanzania was discontinued.

The company said the new routes to Mozambique and Namibia were in
response to demand, especially from small cross-border traders.

It said services to Mozambique would be daily to the port city of
Beira, while the Nambia route would be serviced twice monthly.

Scores of Zimbabweans, struggling to survive at home after more than
seven years of recession, are flooding neighbouring countries in search of
jobs and essential products such as food.

Most are cross-border traders who buy goods from other countries in
the region for re-sale back home.

Meanwhile, state carrier Air Zimbabwe - also struggling to navigate
turbulent economic times - said it planned to charge fares in foreign
currency on regional and international routes to survive.

Airline officials said the move was intended to raise foreign
currency, which is acutely scarce in Zimbabwe, for essential payments and
spare parts.

"We cannot continue to ask the RBZ (Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) to give
us foreign currency. Most passengers travelling to Dubai have foreign
currency yet they pay in local currency," Airline Chairman Mike Bimha said.

Harare - 24/10/2007


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Zimbabwe's key producer stays afloat by swapping diesel for beer


By: Lindsey Shanson , CTO Data Services Co.

      A South African company owned by a Cameroonian businessman will
supply Zimbabwe's Delta Beverages with 800,000 litres of diesel for its
fleet and factories. Delta will pay with an undisclosed quantity of beer...

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JAG Classifieds- 23rd October 2007

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified adverts
for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds: - JAG Job Opportunities:

Rules for Advertising:

Send all adverts in word document as short as possible (no tables, spread
sheets, pictures, etc.) and quote your subscription receipt number or
membership number. Notify the JAG Office when Advert is no longer needed,
either by phone or  email.  Adverts are published for 2 weeks only, for a
longer period please notify the JAG office, by resending via email the
entire advert asking for the advert to be re-inserted.

Please send your adverts by Tuesdays 11.00am (Adverts will not appear until
payment is received.). Cheques to be made out to JAGMA.
1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items
3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation
5.  Specialist Services
6.  Pets Corner
7.  Social Gatherings

1.1  Generators & Inverters for Sale

The JAG office is now an official agent for GSC Generator Service (Pvt) Ltd
and receives a generous commission on sales of all Kipor generators and
equipment.  Generators are on view at the JAG office.  Please could all
those JAG subscribes who deal directly with GSC, rather than through the JAG
office, clearly stipulate that they commission if for JAG.

The one stop shop for ALL your Generator Requirements SALES:
We are the official suppliers, repairs and maintenance team of KIPOR
Equipment here in Zimbabwe.  We have in stock KIPOR Generators from 1 KVA to
55 KVA.  If we don't have what you want we will get it for you.  We also
sell Inverters (1500w), complete with batteries and rechargeable lamps.  Our
prices are very competitive, if not the lowest in town.

SERVICING & REPAIRS: We have a qualified team with many years of experience
in the Generator field.  We have been to Kipor, China for training.  We
carry out services and minor repairs on your premises.  We service and
repair most makes and models of Generators - both petrol and diesel.

INSTALLATIONS:  We have qualified electricians that carry out installations
in a professional way.

SPARES: As we are the official suppliers and maintainers of KIPOR Equipment,
we carry a full range of KIPOR spares.

Don't forget, advice is free, so give us a call and see us at: Bay 3,
Borgward Road, Msasa.  Sales: 884022, 480272 or
Service: 480272, 480154 or
1.2  For Sale

So Far and No further! Rhodesia's Bid for Independence during the Retreat
from Empire 1959-1965 by J.R.T. Wood

533 pages; quality trade paperback; pub. Trafford ISBN 1-4120-4952-0
Southern African edition, pub. 30 Degrees South : ISBN 0-9584890-2-5

This definitive account traces Rhodesia's attempt to secure independence
during the retreat from Empire after 1959. Based on unique research, it
reveals why Rhodesia defied the world from 1965.

Representing Volume One of three volumes, Two and Three are in preparation
and will take us to Tiger and thence to 1980;

To purchase:
Zimbabwean buyers contact Trish Broderick:
RSA buyers: WWW. 30 or Exclusives Books
Overseas buyers see:
and a link to Trafford Publishing
1.3 For Sale

Road motorcycle for sale. YAMAHA - Model YZF 600cc - Thundercat - in
immaculate condition.

Highest cash offer secures.  For further details contact Dave on 011 600 770
or 091 22 55 653 or email
1.4  For sale.

Tracer MR959 radio base set plus two vehicle mobiles and arial, at present
operative on the Bromley / Ruwa / Goromonzi network. Offers. Phone Carter
04-701940 or 011 649310
1.5  For Sale (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Nissan CWA 45. 15 tonne Lorry with 10 Tonne trailer. 176000 kilmetres.
Immaculate condition. Phone 747777 mornings or 011606595


Following units ex stock:
Generators -
5 Kva Silenced, 15 Kva Silenced, , 40 Kva Silenced, John Deere 60 Kva Open
Frame, John Deere 100 Kva open frame.

Units arriving in next two months in Bond SA

100 Kva John Deere, 150 Kva John Deere, 180 Kva John Deere, 200 Kva John

250 Kva John Deere - available on first pay first served basis

Inverters -

1500 Watt complete with 1 x 100 Amp Hr battery and charger in cabinet

5000 Watt complete with 4 x 100 Amp Hr Batteries and charger in cabinet

Large Range of Generators available from 5 - 2200 Kva ex import (some in
Bond South Africa)

Please phone:-

Radium Africa

Tel + 263 4 335848 / 307740

E-mail :


We now have imported Harrow discs (24", 26" and 28") available :

Please phone:-

Radium Africa

Tel + 263 4 335848 / 307740

E-mail :


Single Row forage harvesters available ex stock

Please phone:-

Radium Africa

Tel + 263 4 335848 / 307740

E-mail :


Tractor Mounted 12 Metre / 600 Litre tank Boom sprayers and Canon sprayers
in stock.

Please phone:-

Radium Africa

Tel + 263 4 335848 / 307740



Imported Offset disc harrows suitable for 80 Hp Tractors currently on order
and will be available August / September, 2007.

Please phone:-

Radium Africa

Tel + 263 4 335848 / 307740

Sean Bell: + 263 11 600389

Keith Lowe + 263 11 800859



If you require any agricultural equipment we can arrange supply and import
for you:

Disc Harrows, Ploughs, Fertiliser Spreaders, Mowers, Trailers of all types,
Forage Harvesters, Dairy Equipment, Generators, Planters and Drills, Chisel
Ploughs, Rippers, Full Range of Equipment for Sugar Cane including,
Planters, Harvesters, Root eradication unit etc etc - if you have any Ag
equipment requirement please contact us.

Please phone:-

Radium Africa

Tel + 263 4 335848 / 307740


1.7   THE WEAVERY.(The African Craft Market)

Going Overseas or down South? Why not take hand woven gifts for your friends
or family?  These super articles which are light,easy to pack, take or send,
and fully washable.Some of our articles are to be discontinued(**); so don't
miss out! Christmas is not far off!

Contact Anne on 332851 or 011212424.Or email

Prices will be increase on the 28th, by 20%.
Crocheted oven gloves--$810,000.
Cotton oven gloves--$765,000.(**)
Small woven bags--$665,000.(**)
Large woven bags--$810,000.(**)
Crocheted bags--$945,000.

Single Duvet cushions(open into a duvet)--$4,080,000.(**)
Double Duvet cushions--$4,720,000.(**)

Queen bedcovers--$6,070,000.(**)

Single bedcovers--$3,550,000.(**)

3 piece toilet set--$1,610,000.(**)

Toilet roll holder--$550,000.(**)
Bath mat--$1,140,000.(small rug).

Cushion covers--$810,000.(**)

Table runner--$473,000.(**)
Set(4)Bordered table mats + serviettes--$1,610,000.(**)
Set(6)Bordered table mats + serviettes--$2,420,000.(**)
Set(4) crocheted table mats only--$1,280,000.(**)
Set(6)fringed table mats + serviettes--$2,420,000.(**)
The table mat range is to be discontinued once present stocks are sold.

Small(approx.105x52cms) plain cotton rug--$1,140,000.
Medium(approx.120x65cms) plain cotton rug--$1,610,000
Large(approx.150x75cms) plain cotton rug--$2,420,000.
Ex.Large(approx.230x130cms) plain cotton rug--$5,210,000.
Small patterned cotton rug--$1,610,000.
Small rag rug--$1,140,000.
Medium rag rug--$1,610,000.
Medium patterned cotton rug--$2,420,000.
Large patterned cotton rug--$3,230,000
Ex.Large patterned cotton rug--$6,390,000.
Small patterned mohair rug--$3,180,000.
Medium patterned mohair rug--$4,010,000
Large patterned mohair rug--$5,210,000.
Ex. Large patterned mohair rug--$8,810,000.

Lots of other articles.PLEASE be aware that prices may change without notice
and orders take some time as they have to be woven and sent from Gweru to
1.8   FOR SALE.

Are you leaving Zimbabwe and wanting an investment to take with you? For
sale (Valuation certificate by Sharon Caithness(Graduate Gemologist. USA)

Solid silver tray (2.836 gms), Solid silver coffee set - coffee pot,sugar
bowl and milk jug (1.307gms).


Silver-English Hallmark-Sheffield(1950). Oval. Handles and Edges
patterned.(Acanthus leaf). Mass 2.836 gms. Z$ 1,363,000,000.00.


3 piece coffee set,beaded rims, acanthus leaf swan's neck spout, scrolling
acanthus leaf handles and circular pedestal foot, comprising coffee pot,
ivory cover finial and handle heatproof liners, wt. 797.00 gms(Z$
509,000,000.00), 2 handled sugar basin wt.315 gms(Z$ 202,000,000.00), Helmet
cream jug wt. 195 gms(Z$127,000,000.00). Overall total mass 1.307 gms.
Birmingham c. 1905, Maker W.D., In original, oak presentation case, hinged
brass side handles, with key, fitted lined interior of rich cobalt

Total value, by Sharon Caithness  Z$2,201,000.000.00 (two billion, two
hundred and one million dollars).

NO "chancers".email

1.19  For Sale (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

Various '94 Peugeot 405 body parts
Windscreen - cracked
Rear window (with heater lines)
4 Doors (one bit of a dent)
3 glasses for the doors
Door panels
Rear tail lights
Back seats
Rims x3
Front & rear suspension

Boat motors:

Mercury Blue line 40hp motor, running but needs minor attn, complete with
controls, plus many spares.

Motorbike for Sale

Suzuki Bandit 400

Contact Tyron on 091 2 317 961 or 772156 for further information
1.10  POWER CUTS (Ad inserted 23/08/2007)

Can't cook your food?  Problem solved.

Get yourself a wood stove or three legged cast iron pot.

1.11  For Sale

1)  Scandinova Deep Freeze (Frost Free). Upright freezer - gross volume
1.83 m3. POA

2)  2 Antique Grandfather clocks - lovely collector's pieces - POA

3)  Golf clubs old but hardly used. US 30

4)  Set of the "Great World War - a History" published 1916. 18 volumes. US

5)  Health Walker Plus exercise machine nearly new - US 170

6)  Red Saturn 2 door Sports Car manufactured by General Motors - immaculate
condition, low mileage, air-conditioning, power steering, automatic - POA

7)  1949 MGTC - 2 door sports car - red. Fully restored. Collector's car.

Please contact Martyn on e-mail or landline 721710
or cell 011 215 197


VW beach buggie with 1100 cc motor for sale, needs slight TLC and will run.
Offers invited call : Philip on 091 2 235579 or at office on 336962 or or

1.13   FOR SALE

1 x SINGLE BED   (Mattress & Base) - GOOD CONDITION  $15 MILLION

Contact - 497735 or 011 611360   e-mail -


CUE REST. PRICE  $380,000,000-00

TEL 861825  OR  862295  OR

1.15 Rare Books for Sale

"Adolf Hitler,Mein Kampf,Unexpurgated Edition,two volumes in one,first
volume:A Retrospect,second volume:The National Socialist Movement,Hurst and
Blackett Ltd,London,1939,1st edition,very good condition,US$100.00
equivalent,this book is being sold as an item of historical interest,i in no
way condone the views contained in this book,email "

"Jock of the Bushfeld,early edition with the picture of the dung beetle
rolling dung with its front legs as opposed to the back legs,a printing
error later rectified,good condition,$50 equivalent,email

1.16  ITEMS FOR SALE 15 10 07  -some festive season gift solutions!

Item, Description/Condition, Price in usd

Upright Piano , Excellent Otto Bach.. 1800

Floor polisher/vacuum cleaner combo, Good working  Columbus...50

Bridge table (folding legs), Nearly new, excellent baize.. 30

Tennis balls, 2 boxes of 3 balls.20

Ladies golf clubs/bag/trolley , Suitable beginners..35

Tea Trolley, Needs puppy bites to be sanded out...15

6 Tea cups/saucers/side plates & large plate, Excellent condition;  china
white with blue pattern...35

Tea set - early morning, Teapot/cups/saucers/side plates for 2..15

Towel rack wooden ...15

Warming cabinet, 4 pyrex dishes with lids excellent...25

Warming tray, Good condition... 10

Artist Easels, Very strong...15 each

Artist's work table - wood , two drawers, shelf on castors. .. 20

Punch Set, 1 large glass bowl, 12 glass punch cups, 1 serving ladle .. 35

Low chair/ladder combo, Good,

Casserole Serving Large, lidless... 20

Casserole Large, With lid..15

Casserole Medium, With lid...12

Casserole Small, With lid..10

Ceramic Casserole, Large & Medium pair, with lids.. 25

Curry Set, 6 bowls, 2 serving dishes.. 25

French Casserole Set, Luminarc 3 with lids,..35

Coffee/Tea Glass pot, ..10

Vacuum Flask,.. 5

Coffee Filter Set, Electric C/w filter papers working..15

Automatic Jug kettle, working..15

Wok, Electric..30

Ceramic Chicken Roaster...10

Assorted Mugs & small Jugs..1 each

Ceramic cups & saucers set, 4 each..10

Ceramic Serving Bowl, Medium..10

Ceramic Bowls Small, Lidless.. 4 each

Wooden Rolling Pin..5

Enamel Pie Dishes, Set 4 ..20

Tin Trays, Set 3 round..15

Double Boiler..15

Glass Fruit Bowl..10

Place Mats.. 7 each

Kenwood Whisk, Battery operated..10

RNADO Whisk, Battery Operated..10

Seikosha Printer SP-2000, Dot Matrix - working order..20

Punch Set, Large Glass Bowl, 12 glass cups, 1 serving ladle ..35

Kitchen stool/steps..15

Wing Back Chairs, Pink Dralon, sprung, high back..25 each

Carpet , Golden brown shaggy 3.6 m x 2.7 m..30

Carpet, 3.4 m x 2.7 m Red patterned ..30

The above prices are payable in Zimbabwe dollars at the prevailing exchange
rate on the day that payment by RTGS or cheques (s) is made.

Phone Denise or Tim 339592 or 011 201 231 or for more details e-mail the
above address.

1.17  FOR SALE:

Can't afford DSTV subs any longer? Buy the Wiztech 223 Super Satellite TV
Receiver and receive satellite TV FREE by using your existing DSTV dish!
This is a one-of payment - NO SUBS to pay. No hidden costs. SABC 1,2, 3,
Botswana, e-TV, SA News International, CNBC,, Press TV, Trade
and Travel, several religious channels, Radio stations like RSG, Radio
Pretoria, SAFM, 5 FM, 2000 Fm and many more. Contact Joe Esterhuizen for
details on Harare 339378 (anytime) or 0912 338414 or e-mail

1.18  For Sale.

1 double bed and matress, very good condition.

1 Australian stockman saddle.

1 x Meat band saw.

OFFERS?  04-744298 or
1.19  FOR SALE:


PHONE: JO-ANN   708036/7 (to 12 pm only) 091-2-261 140 or 747 660


We have beds, side tables, dining tables, coffee tables (with or without

Please phone Simon Silcock  0912-233103 /  04-668843

1.21  FOR SALE:



1.22  Generator for sale..

15  Kva kipor silent geny, only  done 150 Hours. $ 5000  ( about $ 7000
New )

Phone Alex, 091 2 261085
1.23  Bed and base:

Immaculate queen size .  Make me an offer.  Phone 011 614 233

1.24  Pork products

Desperately needing grazing for 50 cows in calf.

Wanted cold boxes,  Please contact Mrs Claassen on cell number 011 221088 or



ME, JO COCHRANE, ON 0912247001.






1 x double axle horsebox in good condition

3 x English General purpose Saddles

2 x English tweed riding jackets (one is a Harry Hall size 32 or 34 in)

All above highest offer secures.

Phone Sherry   852027/8 or 0912-724595


Isuzu KB250, breaking for spares, accident damaged right front. Call Graham
on 011 406 023 or 741001 or email


For a unique and diverse look in Security and Furniture why not try us TADA

We have a wide range of Burglar Bars,  Pool Fences and Security Gates both
external and internal.

Our beds will have you sleeping in style.

Be dazzled by our lighting with a variety of table lamps, chandeliers and

Accessorize your kitchens with our stylish hot plate stands, cheese and
chopping boards.

For all this and more come and see us at our shop at 167 Enterprise Road,
Chisipite or contact us on 487239 or 446699, alternatively email us at or

Dining room table with 6 chairs
Hall table
Square table
Other wooden Furniture
Wine cabinet
Baby cot
Other small items of furniture
Price negotiable


Tel: 04 481224  Cell: 011 781108

1.31  Hunting trophys for sale

Large collection including huge buffallo, bull and
female kudu, 2 impala ,warthog ,various skins ,ashtrays etc, call Mr Wallis
496829 or 023894597 or email "

1.32  CC Sales Equipment Sale.

Friday 26th October 2007

Mt Hampden Sale Pens.


Guest consignors welcome, Contact CC Sales Harare, 04-252253-9

Kevin Higgins    011602565

Mark Hayter 011604623

Allister Banks    011601083

On sale will be an assortment of equipment and machinery including
refrigeration equipment.

This will be a good opportunity to sell idle assets.
1.33  Items for Sale:

4 piece blue lounge suite                   $ 300 000 000.00
8 piece dining room suite                   $ 300 000 000.00
1 Royal Velvet 9 x 12 Pink Carpet           $ 50 000 000.00
1 Single bed                                $ 30 000 000.00
1 Bar counter with 3 bar stools             $ 80 000 000.00
1 Old Twin Tub washing machine              $ 30 000 000.00
1 Warfdale MP3 front loader,
2 pioneer 6 x 9,
1 XTC 2400 watt amp,
1 Jenson 525 watt 12" sub                $ 200 000 000.00

Contact 011777668 or 882146



 Brand New Laptops, Latest new processor not just Duo core but Duo Core 2
(newest processor out there, 64bit)

Brand new Big screen, Acer Aspire 9424WSMI Centrino Core2 Duo T5600 @
1.83GHz / 17" Crystalbrite color TFT LCD / up to 256MB NVIDIA graphics /
120GB hard drive / DVD Super Multi Drive (Dual Layer) / Bluetooth / Wireless
Lan / 1.3mp Web Cam / Video out / Windows XP Media Center Edition / includes
laptop bag. (Has side number pad)

Price $850 mil

Brand New, Toshiba Core2 Duo T5600 @ 1.83GHz / 1GB DDR2 RAM / 80GB HDD
/15.4" Truebrite Wide View TFT Color Display/Bluetooth / DVD Super Multi
Drive (Dual Layer)/ Intel 945GM Express Chipset 128MB RAM / 5-1 Card Reader
/ SRS TruSurround System/MS Office OneNote/Win XP Home and Express upgrade
to Vista  / 2.71 Kg. Includes Laptop Bag, plus wireless HD mouse

Price $750 mil

Contact Zane on 0912301396 or email me @ I can send you


Intersew Sewing Machine. (made by Singer) As new.
$40 million

Contact :Land Line 339574


ABAC Compressor for sale.  3 Horsepower, 150 Litre capacity.  Contact Jimmy
on 091-2-351-260 for more information.



60 bags Triple Supers. 120 bags MOP. and 150 bags Single Supers.


51ltr Gramoxone. 31 ltr Atrozine. 28 ltr Harness. 16 ltr Roundup. 7 ltr
Gardimol. 5 ltr Dual. 5 ltr Dursban. 4 ltr Basagran.


52 ha + 72 ha Zimatic/Lindsay


 2001 Landini 8860 4wd. 1988 Landini 8820 2wd. 1998 Landini 7860 2wd. 1986
Landini 7860 2wd 1994 Ford 5640


Imco 2x8gang TCW harrow. Imco Rev. Plough. Imco big Ox ripper. Duly ripper x
2. Duly Ridger. Duly Dam scoop.

3pt grader. Galion 4000 grader. Land plane.

Contact  Harare 788022 or email

1.38  ITEMS FOR SALE 15 10 07  -some festive season gift solutions

Christmas decorative lights  new 140 ....15

Christmas decorations....15

Bridge table (folding legs) Nearly new, excellent baize....30

Sideboard oak 150 x 100 cm very good condition ....90

Tennis Raquets Used Wilson in cases (each)....10

2 cans of 3 balls Tennis balls....25

Ladies golf clubs/bag/trolley.... 35

Coffee cups/saucers for  8.... 40

Tea cups/saucers/side plates & large plate for 6....35

Tea set  early morning ....15

TV Cabinet ....25

Tea Trolley ....15

Towel rack wooden ....15

Man's traveling cases ....10

Cupboard small solid mahogany  brass detail (antique) ....40

Warming cabinet 4 lidded pyrex dishes ....25

Warming tray ....10

Artist Easels ....15

Artist's work table wood two drawers, shelf on castors....20

Punch Set:

large glass bowl, 12 glass punch cups, 1 serving ladle

Decanters pair - crystal  modern Dartington Hall....30

Beer glasses Plain ....1.50

Tumblers ....1

Benedectine 700ml ....30

Dimple Haig   litre ....35

Glenfiddich    litre ....35

The above prices are payable in Zimbabwe dollars at the imara exchange rate
one day before purchase or the day that payment by RTGS or cheques (s) is

Phone Denise or Tim 339592 or 011 201 231 or e-mail the above address


1997 Year - 19-372 Model MAN Single Axle Horse

58 000 km's on the clock

with a More Steel tri Axle Trailer 2001 Model

Price : USD 40 000 equivalent


Thys and / or Merilyn de Vries 011 216674, 09 245109, 09 240909



20 kg Super freezer pack available.  Contact 664747  664801 or 0912 610 106
or 0912 262 491


2.1 Wanted

By way of loan or donation to the JAG Trust.  The Trust is Capacity Building
a New Project which necessitates the furnishing of an office with desks,
chairs, cupboards and shelving. Any surplus office furniture or trimmings
will be welcomed.  Phone 799410.

2.2 Wanted

Sheila Macdonald (Sally in Rhodesia) - If you have any of Sheila Macdonald's
books for sale, please let JAG know the details including condition etc with
your name, telephone number and price wanted.

Telephone JAG - 04 - 799410

2.3 Shotgun Wanted

Good quality, Baretta or Browning, 20 bore over/under shotgun.  In excellent
condition.  Please contact the JAG office on 799410.

2.4  Wanted (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Barwick School is in urgent need of a changeover switch for a 60KVA
generator (approx 100 amps).  Please phone 0912 262566 or

2.5  Wanted (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

We are looking for deep freezers and cold room units.

Please contact David and Janet Cunningham 09 251555/ 234879/232136 or

You can also contact   Khosi Bhebhe - 09 251555/234879/232136 -



PLEASE CONTACT HANNES STEYN ON 490847 or 0912-243018

2.7  Wanted PAPRIKA GROWERS (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

We are looking for Paprika Growers / Farmers for the 2007/2008 season. We
are an end user - we are not agents and we do not want agents.

Please contact or visit our website for
further information.


I am desperately looking for someone who travels frequently travels between
Harare and Johannesburg and would be willing to help.

My wife is currently applying for Permanent Residence in S. Africa and has
to re-apply for Police Clearance from Zimbabwe before the end of November.
However, CID want US$75.00 if we apply from S.A.and I am concerned that the
Certificate will disappear once the Forex is paid.

If anybody can help in collecting my wife's application, deliver it to CID
HQ, and collect and return to SA when cleared I will be most grateful.

I can be contacted on the following numbers:

Cell: +27 (0)73 548-8991 (Richard)

    or (0)83 714-8582 (Chloe)

Phone/Fax: +27 (0)11 462-2331


I will of course pay for any (reasonable) expenses incurred.

Richard von Memerty


Looking to buy either of the above car, or to swop for my Nissan sunny.

Please phone Greer 0912 353 047 / 744075.

2.10  "Looking for a set of bunk beds.

 Please sms 091 2 264160 or e-mail"

2.11   Wanted by WILD GEESE LODGE  (ad inserted 30/08/2007)

Wild Geese Lodge are looking for suppliers for any of the following items.
Payments are prompt.  Please phone or e-mail prices.




TINNED tomato / puree / apples / mango etc.

PLUS anything else for Hotel and Catering.

Please contact  860466 / 860275 / 2930963

                    Cell:  011-604203  /  0912-262066

e-mail  :

2.12  Alternator for generator:

Make: Brush (england) UK

K.V.A: 6
K.W: 6
Phase: 1
Amps: 45
Temp rise: 50
Price; 250m neg.Contact Elsie on (04) 747929 / (04) 747961 after hours

2.13  Wheel Chair sought  (ad inserted 30/08/07)

An old ex farming friend of mine, Frikkie Terblanche, has lost the use of
his legs and has great spine and leg pain when trying to walk and is looking
for a wheel chair, preferably with wide (ish) wheels so that he can go into
his garden and get around a bit. Please if anyone knows of a wheel chair
that is not in use, he would like to try it out. For loan or purchase.

Please contact Philip on 091  2 235579 or 336962 or 334865
or Sarie on

2.14   Wanted Items:

Water Tanks: Borradaile Trust in Marondera, a large retirement village with
hospital, is seeking water storage tanks for 20 000litres. Please advise
availability, whether new or second-hand and cost. Kindly address e-mail
replies to The Warden at


I require 500 tonnes of Gypsum ( Calcium sulphate ) Delivered to Chisamba ,
50 km North of Lusaka . Please state delivered price & chemical composition
. The requirement is immediate .

Please contact:
Graham Rae
Zambezi Ranching & Cropping Limited
Tele/fax - 260 211 213731
Mobile - 260 966 860531
Email -

Looking for second hand fish tank to buy. Minimum size 1m.  Pse e-mail or sms 091 2 264160.
2.17  WANTED /  TO BUY

2 or more Penn Jig Master fishing reels in very good working order or
something similar.

Please contact  Boet Lamprecht (China)

3.2 FOR SALE (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Blue skies and warm seas

Situated in the village of PENNINGTON in Kwa Zulu Natal Mid South
Coast,close to the sea ,surrounded by up market homes and simplexes , three
golf courses in the town area ,an ideal investment for the future with real
possibilities for a simplex development.The two beautiful acres are side by
side with two road fronts together are 100 x 80 meters...,secluded open
natural forest park land. ,almost level , 5 minutes from the beach and the
very smart brand new  Village Mall shopping centre.  Price on request.

Please look up our website to see all or
properties for sale in the village of PENNINGTON.Our mission statement is
"Making homes more affordable" by reducing our commission tariffs.

3.3 PROPERTIES FOR SALE (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

GLEN LORNE - A Country Home in Town

Lovely hilltop property on 6 1/2 acres with views and beautiful garden with
msasa trees and abundant bird life.

3 bed-roomed home with wooden strip floors, 2 1/2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining
room area, big lounge with fireplace, bar, covered veranda.

Charming cottage with 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, open plan lounge and
kitchen. Modern fittings. Single lock-up garage attached. Independent to
main house - own ZESA and Water meters.

GOOD BOREHOLE plumbed in to both houses

Double garage / Swimming pool / Staff quarters for 4 / 2 x Mushroom Houses /
Chickens runs / Electric fenced all round / Woodrow Art Studio


Thinking of downsizing to a nice quiet area?

Situated on a quiet close this is a very appealing 3 bed-roomed home with
pretty garden, slightly elevated looking out over lovely msasas on 2 acres.

2 bathrooms, lounge with wooden doors opening onto covered veranda, dining
room, fitted kitchen. Alarmed / Swimming pool / 5000 litre storage tank /
walled with electric fence and gate. Small Guest Cottage

Very charming with Oregon pine features

Contact Helen Stephens: 011406428 or Kennan Properties:  334994, 302721

3.4 Accommodation :

Private Sale,  Large double story house comprising 5 beds, 1 1/2 Baths,
fitted kitchen, lounge, dining room, double lock up garage, all situated on
1 1/3 acres with good parking space in Mt Pleasant. Property has perfect
potential for upmarket offices.
For more information and viewing arrangements, please contact Doug on

Available is a nice , clean  two bedroomed garden flat. Very secure
premises, in Cotswold garden flats complex,  Mabelreign. No big family
please. Interested email me and I will give you the number of the the person
to go and see. My CELL 07904562015

 e-mail :    ATT:  J.KANGA

3.6  Wanted:

I am looking for a house to Rent in Ballantyne Park, Chisipite, Greystone
Park, Borrowdale village, or  just outside Borrowdale Brooke.

At least 4 bedrooms, 2 lounges, staff quarters.

Immediate occupation: Call Monica on 0912 240 658 or 860793.


Two ladies and three small dogs are desperately looking for cottage or small
house to rent.

Please contact Rachelle at


83 Bishop Gaul Avenue, Milton Park, Harar
Ph: 741655

4 bed family home
Hilda on 0912 229 790 or 0912 430 756

Company registered! Solid 3 beds hse, qtrs, partly walled, ½ acre.
For viewing please call Aldona 011 403 183 or Hilda 091 2229 790 or

Spanish style home on 3/4 acre in prime location.
3 bed (m.e.s), lounge and separate dining room, fitted kitchen with
scullery. Double staff quarters (can be converted into self contained
Erika 0912 370 651

Attractive and spacious family home, north facing with beautiful views of
the golf estate and Dombashawa Hills.  House consists of 3 bedrooms, 2
bathrooms, study, lounge, dining room, double lock up garage.  Fitted
kitchen with breakfast room, walk in pantry, seperate scullery and single
staff quarters.  Although no bore hole, has large water tank connected to
plumbing in house.  Wired for generator.  Very few power cuts on this

Phone Gail on 862677 or 0912-354 079


A charming townhouse featuring spacious lounge, separate dining-room,
kitchen and four bedrooms (2 en suite).  Plus double lock-up garage and
laundry.  Excellent block.  Share transfer.

Ph:  Vanessa Vos 0912-333-548

2 bedroomed flat
Hilda on 0912 229 790 or 0912 430 756

2 bedroomed flat
Hilda on 0912 229 790 or 0912 430 756


We are delighted to offer this 1.3 HECTARE (approx 2.5 acres) piece of PRIME
REAL ESTATE in Harare's Northern Suburbs.

>From Enterprise Rd, (heading out of town) turn left into a small newly
>built road about 50 metres past the Umwinsidale Road turnoff.

Views, beautiful trees, gently undulating land, perfect for your dream house
and garden with almost immediate access to Enterprise Road.

Ph: Nadia 091 2 789 111



This is a huge house on almost an acre with an excellent borehole and walled
on all sides.  The main dwelling is currently used as a business (in fact
because of the additions and alterations to the dwelling, this particular
house is only suitable for business purposes).  The size of the floor space
in the main dwelling is in the region of 350 square metres.  There are
altogether about 9 offices two of which are huge and another which could fit
at least another 6 employees.  One could easily accommodate 30 employees.

Vanessa 0912-333-548 or Alison 0912-400-637


Prime location exc. Road frontage. 6 acres good soils fully walled & elec
fence.  Wooden warehouse & ablution block.

Vanessa 0912-333-548



We have the following for rent

Borrowdale Brooke - two very upmarket homes

Helensvale - furnished townhouse - St James Park

Greendale - beautiful townhouse

Phone Nola 091 2 401 134 or Junelee 091 2 248 468
3.10  Wanted asap:-

We are looking to rent a house in Harare.   4 bedrooms, with borehole.

Please phone 011-411000 or 776205


A small family of Four is looking for accommodation cottage or flat to rent
in Harare, Greendale, Msasa Park,   Msasa, Letombo, Athlone or areas
surrounding Msasa.  Urgently like 01 November 2007.

Please ring Tendai Karinda on 487 559 or 487 832 or send an email to or


Properties for Sale



3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, m.e.s. Lovely fitted kitchen, lounge, separate
dining room, entrance hall, laundry room, double lock up garage, store room,
double staff quarters, property is walled and electric gated.


Lovely home for relaxed living, so central to everything. Nestled in a
tranquil garden, offering 4 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, m.e.s., study,
lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, sparkling pool, borehole, lock-up
garage, double domestic accomm. The property is fully alarmed, walled and
electric gated, and is on one manicured acre. Invest in a lifestyle today!


Cozy Spanish Style house with charm and character, 3 beds, 2 baths m.e.s.,
study, lounge, sep. d/room, fitted kitchen, established garden, walled and

A bargain. Needs some attention.


This affordable home can be yours today. Excellent value, excellent

Well maintained property in a quiet avenue offering 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom,
sep. toilet, lounge, d/room, fitted kitchen. Pool, lock-up garage, lockable
carport for 4 cars, workshop, guest flat let, single domestic accommodation
and prolific borehole. The property is alarmed and well secured, walled on 3
sides and gated.

HIGHLANDS P.G. $ 105 B (ref. 20916)

Here is the home you've been looking for. Situated in a secluded close, this
solidly built and well maintained property offeres three bedrooms, 2
bathrooms, m.e.s., study, lounge and separate dining room, well fitted
kitchen with scullery and walk-in cold room, ideal for stocking up on
essential perishables! Separate self contained cottage, borehole, pool,
double carport, and double lock-up garae. Neat garden, walled three sides
and gated. Excellent condition.


We offer you a home in a sought after suburb at an excellent price. Why pay
rent if you can own your home? This bargain buy offers 3 bedrooms, bathroom,
lounge, sep. dining room, fitted kitchen, study, self contained cottage,
prolific borehole, lovely park like garden, walled 3 sides, hedged and
gated. Don't hesitate, make a date, to view call:



FACTORY UNIT of approx. 700 Sq.M. in this sought after complex.

Lots of office space and store rooms. Neat and secure.

Call or Text Eleanor Bunting-Gray
011-420209, 0912-315399, 04-303328/9

Property Wanted

Houses, Garden Flats, Town Houses and Cluster Homes wanted by Cash buyers,
all suburbs.

Call or Text Eleanor Bunting-Gray
011-420209, 0912-315399, 04-303328/9

Due to previous accommodation falling through, we are URGENTLY SEEKING

for ex farming couple with two dogs (people and pet friendly!) and a loyal
maid! To HOUSE SIT or Nominal RENT short or long term.Pref Avondale/Alex
Park/Mt Pleasant/Newlands, but cant be fussy! Dave & Wendy Dolphin 335124
Mornings, 495886 Evenings (next two weeks only) 011 205459 or 0912 205459

3.14  For Rent

Charming, old, fully restored, double storey house in the Avenues. Double
plot. Ample undercover parking. Swimming pool. Beautiful established garden
with Msasa trees. Gated & walled. Ideal for residence or offices. (No power
or water failures due to location). Would suit Embassies, NGO's etc.

Please contact Martyn on e-mail or landline 721710
or cell 011 215 197


Looking for Office premises, an office suite in town or big house ideally in
the following areas:

Milton Park
Alex Park

Will consider other Northern Suburbs.

Contact Tarryn Hall on 705475/6 or 0912 237 509 email


Avondale - Lovely 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom flat on a quiet road.  Front and
back gardens, veranda and double lock up carport.

Piersdale Mews, Borrowdale -  Well appointed 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom
townhouse with combined lounge and diningroom, fitted kitchen, veranda,
water tank and double lockup garage.  Share Transfer

Dandara Studio Apartment - This lovely little studio has one large room,
bathroom, kitchenette and veranda.

Marlborough - 3 bedroom home and two bedroom, 2 bathroom cottage on 2
acres with PROLIFIC borehole and good soil.

Hatfield and Parktown - These 2 homes have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
and are both on an acre.  The Hatfield one would be ideal for offices
for a business that uses the airport alot.

For details on these and other properties - please contact Jenny Taylor
011 409 353 or 251643.


Art Teacher from St John's College looking for townhouse / flat / cottage to
rent A.S.A.P.

Please contact  Amanda 023-406453
           Sally  0912-607879


4.1 Need a break

Getaway and enjoy peace and fresh air at GUINEA FOWLS REST
Only 80kms from Harare, Self-catering guest-house
Sleeps 10 people, Bird-watching, Canoeing, Fishing, DSTV

REGRET: No day visitors.  No boats or dogs allowed.
Contact Dave: 011 600 770 or Annette 011 600 769
or 091 22 55 653 or email

4.2 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 31/07/07)

Self catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges. Just bring your food,  drinks and
relax.    Best value for money. U12 are 1/2  price

Contact John : or Phone 091 2631 556

4.3 GACHE GACHE LODGE - KARIBA (Across the lake.)

The weather has warmed up and the fish are biting! Come and enjoy -

Those of you going to the TIGER TOURNAMENT plse note that you can book for
lunches or just pop in for a drink with us then go back to fishing for that
BIG one!

Bookings now open for DECEMBER HOLIDAYS!  Boat tansfers arranged or you can
drive around in a 4x4.

Contact: Fatima - or phone 301889.

4.4 Self Catering Holiday Cottages S.A (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Figtree Self catering Holiday cottages almost on the beach in the quiet
village of Pennington four cottages which may sleep comfortably 20 persons.
Minimum of R300 per night and R60 per person per night.Kindly book in
advance so as not to be disappointed. Contact Cindy or Willy on 27833002394
or Email : We really look forward to hearing from you

4.5  NATUREWAYS SAFARIS (Ad inserted 15/08/07)

Urges you to take a step back in time to the untouched, unchanged wilderness
of MANA POOLS. Away from the rush and stress of the modern cities to an
exclusive paradise where you can be at one with nature and interact with a
variety of interesting neighbours such as elephant, hippo, waterbuck to name
just a few.

Partake in a luxury Odyssey safari (and spend your days walking, canoeing or
on safari drives) or climb into your canoe and set off on an exciting
semi-participatory Explorer canoe safari down the mighty Zambezi River. We
look forward to welcoming you to our magic world!

Email :, Phone: 333 414 / 339 001, Fax:   333414 /
Skype: natureways_reservations2 or


Luxury Cruise Ship on Lake Kariba

Christmas special 2007 - individual cabins on offer:

Deluxe Cabin:  US$  195.00 per person per day

Executive Cabin  US $ 190.00 per person per day

Double Cabins   US $ 155.00 per person per day

Twin Cabins   US $ 140.00 per person per day

Triple Cabins  US $140.00 per person per day

Cruise dates   22 December to 26th December 2007

Departure times Marineland Harbour  10.30am

Cruise departure dependent on minimum of 24 passengers

Book now to avoid disappointment -  bring the whole family.


I am looking for New Year's accommodation at Charara, from 29/12/07 - 3/1/08
Please contact Roger Blair  062-2537 or

4.8   Accomodation available in Cape Town

6 Berth at Seapointer in Seapoint from 21 - 28 December.

6 Berth at Big Bay in Blouberg from 28 December - 4 Jan.

ZAR5,000 per each week.

Contact Simon Silcock - 0912 233 103



Situated on the Heights Kariba - most amazing views anywhere in the world.

Ideal place for your special occasion or functions.


We can cater for large groups and assist in getting discounted Accommodation
in the Kariba Area.

Three Bars, Tennis Courts, Squash Court, Snooker, Darts, Swimming Pool.

GUEST are always MOST welcome - small entrance charge.

Coldest and cheapest Drinks in town with very reasonably priced Meals.

Open every day except MONDAYS.

Enquiries regarding functions please either phone the Manager on 061 2283 or

Phone: +263 61 3215

Cell Phone: +263 91 344961


Accommodation available over the Christmas period in 3 bedroomed (max 6 pax)
beach house at Pomene, Mozambique (150km south of Vilancoulos). Idyllic
setting with km's of unspoilt, exclusive beach. Dolphins, flamingos and
crystal, clear tropical seas. Situated on a lagoon with excellent snorkeling
and swimming for kids, world class fishing.

Self catering. House fully equipped with minus 40 fridge and freezer, gas
stove, linen, cutlery, crockery etc. Staff available to clean and do

Contact - Janna Pole, 19 Rolf Avenue, Ballantyne Park, Harare

091 2 432523 / 870019 /

4.11  " Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp -

Need a breakaway for a relaxing weekend, where there is untouched natural
beauty and no outside interference? Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp is the place
you want to be. On the bank of the Mazowe River In the Umfurudzi Safari
Area. For Details phone Elsie on 747929 or email

Self catering lodge, situated in Honde Valley.  Offers something for
everyone - golf, tennis, squash, snooker, lovely walks in idyllic
surroundings  & excellent birding. There is a bird guide should you require.
Gather your friends, share transport for fun-filled few days.

For further information contact Sue  :   E-mail  or
phone 028-2493 /  028-2251-7.

4.13  Accommodation to rent - Nyanga

Large, well equipped house in Nyanga with lovely views and amazing bird
life. Close to hotel, golf course and shop.

Sleeps 12.

Just bring your own food and drink. Cook included in the rate.

For more information, please contact Rose Worthington on email: or

Tel: cell: 0912 339414

Landline: 0298 873 or: 0298 304


Bulawayo Light Tackle Club will be holding the 16th Western All Species
Fishing Tournament from Olive Beadle Camp on the Zambezi River. The dates
are Captains meeting Friday 19 October, fishing 20-21 October 2007. This is
open to all anglers and is for teams of two anglers. Prizes for top
male/female team, top overall team, top veterans team and many others.
Camping facilities are availible, if you get hold of me early enough we may
be able to organise accomadation in one of the chalets.

Entry Fee is one million dollars per team and includes a light meal on the
Friday night and Sunday night, as well as National parks fees for the
tournament days. Further information and entry form are available from Rob
Mckenzie Cell 011 602 016 or email or from Tom Oxden
Willows cell 011 402 674




5.1 Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle repairs carried out personally by qualified mechanic with 30 years
experience. Very reasonable rates.

Phone Johnny Rodrigues:  011 603213 or 011 404797, email:

5.2 SpeedWorx - WYNN'S

Intelligent Car Service has arrived!

Why pay ridiculous prices and be without your car for days.

Our services are done while you wait & cost a fraction of the normal repair.

At SpeedWorx we will:

Service your car

Increase your engine's performance and improve your fuel economy

Completely flush your engine oil to prolong your engine life

Restore your Power steering performance and stop it leaking

Restore your Automatic Transmission performance and stop it leaking

Completely flush your brake system and make you safe

Stop your car overheating and reduce the risk of leaks

Remove bad odours from the interior of your car and keep it fresh

Services done at your home or office.

Contact: Bryan 011 612 650 or Russell 011 410 525.


Filming & Editing of Weddings & Special Events. DVD Production, Broadcast
Quality.  DVD & VHS transfers. Call Greer on 744075 / 0912 353 047

Greer Wynn - Focused Video Productions:  0912 353 047 / 744075

5.4   HUNTING TROPHY EXPORTS (Ad inserted 31/07/07)

   Fast and efficient dipping and shipping

    Professional administration and storage of trophies

  Taxidermy in the USA

   Convenient drop-off

Contact me, Joe Wells on Tel/fax (263) 04 490677, Cell: (263) 0912 239305








852658   /   011 601 885   /


Highly recommended painter/tiler/brickworker (As inserted 23/08/2007
Newton Samukuite.  2 Wakefield Road, Avondale.  Cell 011 523624.

References available from Mary Dunphy,,  tel/fax 308318
cell 091 2 401664


Specializing in all Defy electrical products at a very competitive price.

Will also source other brands of electrical goods for you. Please look at
the Defy website for more details and models etc. you may want to order.

Delivery time is usually within a week after payment - payment to be made by

RTGS,cash or transfer - details will be provided once an order is made

Contact - Janna Pole, 19 Rolf Avenue, Ballantyne Park, Harare

091 2 432523 / 870019 /


Specialising in residential and lodge interiors - let us help you create
your dream home.

Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration - Rhodec International UK

Contact - Janna Pole, 19 Rolf Avenue, Ballantyne Park, Harare

091 2 432523 / 870019 /

THE PACKING CO. - Professional packing and crating of trophies

Secure storage of trophies with treatment to prevent any contamination

Thorough inspection of trophies

Trophies individually wrapped and packed in industrial boxes and strong
wooden crates

Fast and efficient processing of documentation

Delivery of packed crate and paperwork to shipping company

Weekly update on progress of shipment

Contact - Janna Pole, 19 Rolf Avenue, Ballantyne Park, Harare

091 2 432523 / 870019 /

5.8  Bond Point Mortgage, Finance for You!

Looking to buy a house in South Africa or Dubai?  Let us do your finance.
It is hassle free residential and commercial property & development.
Contact Sue Ronnie on  + 27 83 951 5064 or email


8 tonne lorry and trailer for hire

Phone Peter   073-2585  or 011-205377


For all your catering needs, please contact  Glynis 0912-343198  or

Tarryn 0912-413323


On 25 September John Robertson made a sudden shift from the usual macro
economic presentation.  He told business people to get to grips with the
fundamentals of managing their businesses.

He stressed that if you want to survive this depressed economic environment:

Go back to fundamental business principles

Resist managing by crisis

The Business Link in conjunction with John Robertson is proud to offer a 3
day business health check programme on 6 to 8 November.

As usual the Business Link's emphasis will be on implemention of
straightforward practical business solutions.  For over 30 years we have
helped nearly 9 000 business people on three continents.

To register please e-mail your name and contact details including phone and
cell numbers to


Stan Parsons, Lorna Pearson and John Robertson

You - How to Break Free - By Pamina Mullins, published by Kima Global
Publishers, Cape Town can be ordered now from or at
Avondale Bookshop.

"Pamina Mullins trained as a corporate and personal stress management
consultant in the United Kingdom and practices in Harare, Zimbabwe where
stress management is an essential survival tool; the moment by moment
challenges being akin to climbing Everest on a daily basis! She has walked
every step of her talk - work stress, relationship stress, family stress,
single parenthood, divorce, bereavement and financial stress. She works with
CEOs and secretaries, human resources trainers and housewives, board members
and bankers, messengers and marketing executives.

Stress Slaves explores with irrepressable humour the countless ways in which
we abuse our psychophysiology buying into stress slavery and explains with
logic and compassion how to stop pawning your personal power, plug the
energy leaks, divorce extreme expectations , shed historical baggage and
reclaim your birthright of healthy, happy self centred living - in any

If you would like to order a copy from Avondale Bookshop please contact Mrs.
Newton and give her your name and contact details and she will contact you
when she has copies in stock.

If you wish to book a Stress Management Seminar for your company or a
private consultation please call 04 336769 or 0912 973232 or email

It's the best insurance policy you will ever have!

5.13   Christian Counselling Centre

8 Coltman Road, P O Box MP 1129, Mount Pleasant, Harare

Tel: 744212 / 744580 - E-mail Address:

Dear Friends,

These days a great deal of emphasis is placed on physical health
(understandably).  But health is important in every aspect of our lives.  We
are presenting 3 Seminars which I know will help you examine what you are
doing to stay healthy in terms of your lifestyle, your thinking, and also
regarding your self esteem.

This one morning (or part of the morning) could impact your life forever.

Please note there was an error on our brochure which advertised 2 of the
seminars to start at the same time.  The correct times are given below.

The details of these 3 seminars we are offering are as follows ;

13.  A Balanced Lifestyle  -  Led by Brenda Smith

Do you get stressed out by overwork, or over- stretched by trying to help
others, or feel like you are always giving, forever trying to keep others
happy?  Do you struggle to find balance in your life.  Then this seminar is
for you.  Find out why we become driven, or people-pleasers or rescuers and
how we can change.

Time: 9.00 am

14.  Healthy Thinking  -  Led by Sue Marland

Our perception of events affects how we feel.  So, if our view is wrong or
distorted, it will result in unnecessary negative emotions.  How do we
recognise wrong thinking and how do we correct it?  This vital subject of
being healthy in our thinking has huge significance for all of us.

Time: 10.30 am

15.  Healthy Self-Image  -  Led by Olga Fredericks

Lack of confidence, shyness, defensiveness, being inflexible or controlling,
a sense of failure, guilt, and depression can all be symptoms of low
self-esteem.  We all suffer to some degree from this sense of inferiority.
Learn how to change and become the person God meant you to be.

Time: 12.00 noo

Yours in Him

5.14  Specialised Business Strategies

. . . . now into our 14th year . . . . . . .

 and still assisting people with much needed valuable Advisory Services. . .
. .

A.    PLC - Private Limited Companies
 - New Company Registrations
 - Shelf Companies
 - Statutory forms, ie Annual Returns, amendments to CR14, CR6,
    of & submission to Registrar of Companies

B.    PBC - Private Business Corporations
 - convert from PLC to PBC - distinct advantages
 - amendments to PBC Founding Statement

C.   Nominee Shareholders

 - caretaker shares in your company in light of the new  Indiginisation and
Empowerment Bill,

   expected to soon become law

D.   Investor Care Services

 - DFI -Direct Foreign Investment projects
 - New Investor procedures and formalities
 - Immigration formalities into Zimbabwe
    ie. residence and employment permits

E.   Resolving disputes through Arbitration/Mediation

 - labour matters - domestic and corporate employees
 - rental matters - landlord/tenant disputes

F.   Rent Board matters

 - Problems with undesirable tenants. . .?.?
 - Problems with unfair/unprincipled landlords

G.   Labour related matters

 - Workplace disputes
 - 'retrenchment' of staff
 - 'Collective Bargaining' negotiations

For further information and enquiries

Contact us:

Thomas Vallance ACIArb
Commissioner of Oaths
PARADiGM Management Services (Pvt) Ltd
Business Management Practitioners
Tels: (B) 304 482  (M) 011-617 161 / 0912-227 473

........doing it right the first time....................



6.1  Looking for a Home (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Please would some kind person give a home to 'Jessica'. She is a 4 year old
brindle English Bull Terrier bitch. Loves cats but is terrified of other
dogs so doesn't get on with them. If you are wanting an only dog Jessica is
for you, she has a lovely temperament and just wants love in return. Tel
Michelle on 884294 011602903 or e-mail


A male Bouvier dog was found on Coronation Avenue a few days ago, and a male
Rottweiller - young - was found at Chisipite Shopping Centre.  If anyone has
lost either of these dogs, they are at Kamfinsa Vet on Court Road.

6.3   LOST

Fritz, a liver and tan male daxi, disappeared from 28 Morton Jaffray Road,
about a week ago   Please please can someone find this precious little dog -
his owner is devastated.   If he is found please phone Ron Saul at 778573
Home, or  753336   Work.


Small green parrot with a grey head is lost in the Ballantyne Park area.  He
will probably land on someone's shoulder.  If you see him , please call:

Des   883226 / 011-606159
Amy  023-781169 / 883368
Kim   0912-274914  / 776643/7



7.1 Country Juke Box (Ad inserted 7/08/07)

Come and party with Country Juke Box. Bring the family. Children allowed.
Reasonable bar prices, club menu and a great atmosphere. A wide selection of
dance music from the 60's to 90's, Country, Tiekkie Draai, Rock and Roll
etc. For details contact Joe Esterhuizen on 339378 or 0912 338414 or e-mail


Short Circuit

(Stock cars and speedway)



Full bar and catering


Come racing with the dragon

Date:   Saturday  27th October

Venue:  Mashonaland Turf Club

Time:  12 noon

Faith wear Fashion Show Faces of Faith.  Plus music, auction, raffle and
spot prizes.

Catering and cash bar or bring a picnic.

Entrance fee:   $ 100 000

7.4  The Athol Evans Home 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert

Harare International School Auditorium, Mount Pleasant

7.00 p.m. Saturday 27th October 2007

A very wide variety of musical talent from indivudual singers, a youth
orchestra, a pipe band to a group of harmony singers.

Tickets are very reasonable priced at $400,000 and $200,00 for senior
citizens, and can be purchased from The Spotlight, Athol Evans Complex and
other outlets.

Please come and support this very worthy cause.




JAG Hotlines: +263 (011) 610 073, +263 (04) 799 410.  If you are in trouble
or need advice, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!

To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to:
with subject "Classifieds".

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