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Supreme Court defers case challenging control of airwaves

Zim Online

Friday 05 October 2007

By Simplisio Chirinda

HARARE - Zimbabwe's Supreme Court on Thursday postponed indefinitely an
application by a Harare firm challenging the state-owned Zimbabwe
Broadcasting Holdings (ZBH)'s monopoly of the airwaves.

The court, the highest in the land and that hears constitutional cases,
deferred the application by Manala Private Limited on a technicality after
the state questioned the suitability of part-time government lawyer Terence
Hussein to act on behalf of the applicant.

Hussein, hired by Manala to plead its case in court, told ZimOnline: "The
case has been postponed indefinitely after the state raised a few unrelated
issues stating that I was not suitable to defend the case because I once
represented Ministry of Information permanent secretary George Charamba in a
related case in 2005."

The state raised concern over Hussein acting on behalf of Manala after
Charamba who was not among respondents cited by Manala requested to be made
a part in the matter.

In papers filed at court, Hussein said although the Supreme Court seven
years ago struck down a 43-year statutory provision that granted the old
Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBH's predecessor) monopoly of the
airwaves that monopoly still exists through a law giving ownership of all
radio and television frequencies to the state broadcaster.

Section 38 of the Broadcasting Services Act stipulates that "all frequencies
allocated immediately before the date of commencement of this Act to
broadcasting corporation shall continue to be operated exclusively by the
broadcasting corporation."

This clause effectively gives all the radio and television frequencies
available to Zimbabwe to the government broadcaster, which was the only
broadcaster in the country and controlled frequencies at the time the law
was made, and remains so today.

Journalists, human rights groups and potential investors in the electronic
media cite Section 38 as one of the key impediments to the liberalisation of
airwaves that was supposed to have taken place when the Supreme Court
nullified ZBH's monopoly in 2000.

For example, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe chief executive Obert
Mugunyura last month told a special parliamentary committee on transport and
communications that the authority could not license new players in the
broadcasting sector because of severe restrictions imposed by the Act.

A ban on foreign funding and partnerships in the broadcasting sector is
another hindrance to potential investors.

The ZBH, initially conceived as a public broadcaster, is tightly controlled
by President Robert Mugabe's government which has the final say on senior
editorial and managerial appointments.

The political opposition and other voices seen as opponents of the
government claim they are shunned by ZBH, charges the state broadcaster

Supreme Court Justices Vernada Ziyambi, Misheck Cheda, Luke Malaba,
Paddington Garwe and Elizabeth Gwaunza hearing Manala's application ruled
that the matter be postponed indefinitely and ordered the state to go back
and file a proper challenge of Hussein's suitability to appear on behalf of
his clients. - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwe civil servants calls off strike plans

Zim Online

Friday 05 October 2007

By Patricia Mpofu

HARARE - Zimbabwean civil servants on Thursday called off plans to
strike after the government hiked salaries by about 420 percent to cushion
public workers from a severe economic crisis marked by the world's highest
inflation of more than 6 000 percent and shortages of every essential

Cecilia Alexander-Khowa, president of the Public Service Association
(PSA) that represents government workers outside the uniformed forces, told
ZimOnline the association had decided to call off the civil servants strike
which had been set for Monday next week.

But Alexander-Khowa said the majority of public servants remained
unhappy over their poor salaries especially because the increment offered by
the government left them still earning below the breadline or poverty datum
line (PDL).

"We appreciate what the government has done but it is far below the
PDL. Civil servants will continue to suffer," she said.

The breadline is estimated at $16.7 million while the latest increment
will leave most civil servants earning around $14 million per month.

The Zimbabwe Teachers Association, the biggest representative body for
teachers in the country was on Thursday urging its members to return to work
but the smaller and more militant Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe
(PTUZ) urged its members to continue boycotting work saying the salary raise
offered by the government was too little.

Public school teachers and state doctors have already been on strike
for the past week demanding more pay and better working conditions.

PTUZ secretary general Raymond Majongwe said: "What can Z$14 million
buy now when a pint of beer costs $200 000?† Our members have indicated they
will continue the job action because this award is an insult."

It was not immediately clear whether state doctors who have demanded
to be paid $120 million up from the $6 million per month had returned to
work after the government salary offer.

Strikes for more pay by civil servants have become routine in Zimbabwe
as the southern African country grapples with an economic meltdown, critics
blame on repression and mismanagement by President Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe in power since Zimbabwe's 1980 independence from Britain denies
mismanaging the country and instead says the West has sabotaged the economy
as punishment for his seizure of white-owned farms to give to landless
blacks. -ZimOnline

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Queues surface as hospitals run out of ARVs

Zim Online

Friday 05 October 2007

By Regerai Marwezu

MASVINGO - Long queues have surfaced at government hospitals offering free
HIV treatment amid reports Zimbabwe was running out of life-saving
anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs.

Desperate patients have been queuing from early as three in the morning for
a chance to get free anti-retroviral drugs at government hospitals.

Health and Child Welfare Minister David Parirenyatwa yesterday confirmed
that the ARVs were in short supply, resulting in long and winding queues at
the few government hospitals still with the drugs.

"It is true that HIV and AIDS patients now have to get into queues to get
ARVs because the drugs are in short supply," Parirenyatwa said.

The minister said the shortages of ARVs were critical in Chiredzi in the
southern Masvingo province as well in Hwange and Victoria Falls in
Matabeleland North province.

Workers at Chiredzi District Hospital told ZimOnline yesterday that some of
the patients now squat at the health facility overnight in order to beat the
long queues.

"People are now sleeping in the queue in a desperate attempt to get ARVs
although we are telling them that the drugs are not available," said a
worker at the hospital.

Masvingo provincial medical director Julius Chiregwa said the drugs had been
out of stock at most hospitals for the past two weeks.

"Our stocks for the drugs have run dry and we are not sure when the next
consignment would arrive," said Chirengwa.

It also emerged yesterday that senior government and ruling ZANU PF party
officials are allegedly grabbing cheap ARV drugs from government hospitals,
which they later sell on the black market.

The situation has prompted the health ministry to launch investigations into
the way ARVs are being distributed.

Parirenyatwa said his ministry was investigating the allegations.

"We have heard that cabinet ministers and their relatives sometimes come to
our health institutions and hoard these drugs at the expense of the majority
and we want that to come to an end," he told ZimOnline.

"At the same time we are also discouraging people from buying ARVs from the
black market since some of them might be fake".

Drug shortages linked to the country's economic crisis have resulted in AIDS
drugs - some of them contaminated, faked or diluted - being sold at flea
markets and hair salons.

The government has however warned that the fake drugs increased the patients'
chances of becoming resistant to treatment.

The price of life-prolonging ARVs last month shot up from $2.5 million to
$5.9 million for a month's supply in registered pharmacies, putting at risk
lives of thousands of Zimbabweans who depend on the drugs for survival.

At least 1.8 million Zimbabweans are living with HIV. But out of that number
just about 50 000 are accessing ARVs at state hospitals. - ZimOnline

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State agents order artists to perform satirical play in police cells

Zim Online

Friday 05 October 2007

By Tafirei Shumba

HARARE - Three artists who were arrested last weekend for performing a
political satire depicting the country's eight-year political crisis were
ordered to perform the play during their detention in police cells,
ZimOnline has learnt.

The artists who were arrested at the weekend for performing the satirical
play, The Final Push, were released on Monday after they were charged under
a vague section of the Censorship and Entertainment Act.

Syvanos Mudzvova, the writer and producer of the hard-hitting play, said
state security agents ordered him and his colleague Antony Tongani to stage
the satire 12 times non-stop as punishment for daring to lampoon President
Robert Mugabe's government. The play is 45 minutes long.

"They ordered us to perform 12 times as the police and CIO (Central
Intelligence Organisation) agents watched while some of them were filming us

"It was tiresome but we did so under duress. We had no choice and feared
that they would beat us up if we refused," said Mudzvova adding that
although the experience had shaken them, they would not be silenced.

Mudzvova said allowing the CIO agents and the police to silence them would
be counter productive for artistic freedom.

"Yes, we are defying the police who are arresting us on the grounds of some
stupid laws enacted in the colonial 1960s era. They can arrest us a million
times but they wont shut us up," he said.

A lawyer representing the artists, Phillip Nyakutombwa said the police had
ordered his clients to surrender the script of the play which they said had
heavy political connotations.

"The police said the play has political connotations and that it is not good
for public entertainment. But it's a trivial offence as far as the law is

"But what has annoyed us is that there was no investigating officer after
the arrest of the actors and no one knew where exactly the actors were being
detained for two days. There was no point of reference which alone is an
anomally and is unprocedural," said Nyakutombwa.

An increasingly paranoid Zimbabwean government has over the past seven years
arrested and violently disrupted public performances of plays they deem
critical of President Robert Mugabe.

Several popular musicians such as Thomas Mapfumo and Leonard Zhakata, who
are deemed anti-establishment, have had their songs banned from the
state-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation as the Harare authorities
cracked on dissension within the arts. - ZimOnline

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Asmal breaks ranks and slams Mugabe


††††October 05 2007 at 05:51AM

By Angela Quintal

Former cabinet minister Kader Asmal has delivered a devastating attack
on the Zimbabwean government, accusing it of conducting a tyrannical war on
its own people, and dramatically confessed that he should have spoken out

Asmal acknowledged that silence had made him complicit and also
questioned the view that only Zimbabweans could decide on their future.

Speaking on Thursday night at the launch of exiled Zimbabwean activist
Judith Todd's book Through The Darkness, Asmal lamented how things had
turned to "ashes and ashes" in Zimbabwe.

Freedom in Zimbabwe in the 1980s had turned into a nightmare because
of "the preservation of political power in a few hands".

However, it was Asmal's mea culpa that struck a chord with the

He said he was speaking as a "proud citizen of a free South Africa who
should have spoken out and campaigned against a regime which has brought
Zimbabwe to its knees".

"Why do I speak now? I should have done so in the 1980s, when
thousands of people were murdered by the infamous Fifth Brigade in

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Star on October
05, 2007

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Electric Power Bill Passes Zimbabwe Senate - But Blackouts To Persist


††††† By Carole Gombakomba & Blessing Zulu
††††† Washington
††††† 04 October 2007

The Zimbabwean senate has approved the Electricity Amendment Bill providing
for an overhaul of the disfunctional Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority
and stiffening of penalties for electric power-related vandalism such as
copper cable theft.

The country needs some 2,000 megawatts to function normally, but between
local production and imports is only receiving between 1,000 and 1,500

Blackouts have gotten worse in the past two weeks, leaving many households
with just four to eight hours a day of electricity to meet their lighting
and other needs.

Former ZESA chief executive Simbarashe Mangwengwende told reporter Carole
Gombakomba of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the legislation is needed -
but is unlikely to boost the availability of electric power in the near to
medium term.

Meanwhile, the highly controversial Indigenization and Economic Empowerment
Bill awaits the signature of President Robert Mugabe to become law with
executives in the mining sector and economists warning it could cause the
key sector to buckle.

Chamber of Mines Chief Executive Douglas Verden said the mining industry is
very concerned with the impending law which would allow the state take a 51%
stake in all companies in the name of indigenous - in effect, black -

Sector sources said companies have put investment plans on hold, and observe
that as the Zimbabwean mining complex is valued at some US$20 billion,
neither Harare nor indigenous private players have the capital to purchase a
controlling stake. This raises the specter of the outright expropriation of
private shareholdings.

Director Godfrey Kanyenze of the Labor and Economic Development Research
Institute, who conducted a study of state mining firms in 2004, told VOA
reporter Blessing Zulu that the law spells disaster for the wider economy.

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Zimbabwe Teachers Unions Split On Harare's Strike Settlement Offer


††††† By Jonga Kandemiiri
††††† Washington
††††† 04 October 2007

The Zimbabwe Teachers Association ended a strike by its members on Thursday
after agreeing with the government on compensation, but the rival
Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe rejected Harare's offer and said its
members will stay out.

ZIMTA accepted Z$14 million (US$28) package including allowances, but the
PTUZ said it intends to hold out for a base starting salary of Z$18 million
plus allowances.

The deal accepted by ZIMTA represented a 422% increase in the salary for an
entry -level teacher. But the package including allowances for housing and
transport still left teachers short of the country's official poverty line
set at $16.7 million in August.

President Takavafira Zhou of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe told
reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that disgruntled
ZIMTA members are urging his union to stay on strike as they don't like
their deal.

Meanwhile, PTUZ officials said police in Bulawayo have denied the union
permission to mark World Teachers' Day Friday with a public gathering. The
union has sought relief from the Bulawayo high court, which was to hear the
case Friday.

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IMF Affair Taught Me Hard Lesson - Gono

Financial Gazette (Harare)

4 October 2007
Posted to the web 4 October 2007

Kumbirai Mafunda

ZIMBABWE'S central bank governor Gideon Gono on Monday admitted that he
blundered in paying off Zimbabwe's debt to the International Monetary Fund
(IMF) in the hope that the global lending body would lift sanctions imposed
on the country.

Zimbabwe fully settled its arrears under the IMF' General Resource Account
(GRA) in 2005 to evade expulsion from the fund and in the faint hope that
its voting and related rights would be restored.

The government also understood that the debt payment would have cancelled
the process for compulsory withdrawal of Zimbabwe initiated in December 2003
and opened access to funding from the global lender.

But Gono, who presented his long delayed monetary policy review statement in
the capital on Monday, said he regretted paying the IMF over US$200 million
as the global lender had not honoured its undertaking to restore Zimbabwe's
voting rights.

"....Zimbabwe under very difficult circumstances cleared its US$210 million
arrears to the IMF under the GRA account in 2005 after being assured by the
IMF staff that such clearance and demonstrated sacrifices were going to lead
to the restoration of our IMF voting rights, access to technical assistance
and international finance. What happened after we had met our side of the
bargain will remain a piece of historic economic injustice and a lesson for
all including this Governor who were naÔve to think that it was possible to
isolate our politics from the economy," Gono said.

Gono, who is at the forefront of efforts to arrest Zimbabwe's eight-year-old
economic decline, took the decision to settle Zimbabwe's debt to the IMF
amid strong objections from critics.

Most critics argued at the time that it was prudent for Zimbabwe to import
food and avert starvation than to pamper the IMF with debt repayments.

It was reported at the time of the repayments that the central bank had
raised money from exporters, and holders of free funds, and that it had also
printed money, to raise the hard currency to settle arrears to the IMF.

The central bank boss also disclosed that he had erred in settling a US$45
million debt owed to the United States Export and Import Bank (US Ex-Im
Bank) early this year ahead of prioritising emergency requirements such as
importing medicinal drugs, fertiliser, fuel and food.

Information gleaned by The Financial Gazette this week show that the US$45
million loan related to an export facility extended by the US Ex-Im Bank to
a US company for an aborted pay television deal agreed seven years ago.

The repayment was made after the US bank called the loan and threatened
action. Investigations carried by The Financial Gazette this week showed
that in 2000, Zimbabwe and Pfluger Enterprises, a small telecoms and TV
business based in Dallas, Texas, signed a contract for the sale and
operation of a wireless pay TV system in Zimbabwe.

The deal had the backing of a long-term loan guarantee from the US Ex-Im
Bank, which provided guarantee for a loan by Sentry Financial International
of Salt Lake City, Utah, to the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

According to that deal, the Ministry of Finance was the guarantor and prime
source of repayment on the deal. The deal was signed before the US enacted a
law in 2003 barring American businesses from direct dealings with the
Zimbabwean government. Government officials involved in the initial deal
recall that the transaction had not been without controversy. Finance
ministry officials had wanted Pfluger to fund the ambitious project on its
own, while the Ex-Im Bank itself was said to have initially been hesitant to
loan to Pfluger, because of the company's small size.

But other government officials pressed for the deal, which came after the
collapse of an earlier tender that had been awarded to a company called

Zimbabwe has had a frosty relationship with the IMF, which cut aid to the
country in 1999 in protest over the government's preference to keep loose
strings on the public purse and gross human rights violations.

The IMF has also slammed the government's violent land reform programme
launched in 2000, which saw most white farmers losing their farms ostensibly
for the settlement of landless blacks.

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One Left, the Other Right

Financial Gazette (Harare)

4 October 2007
Posted to the web 4 October 2007

Kumbirai Mafunda

DIFFERENCES over the contentious Indigenisation and Empowerment Bill, which
this week sailed through the Upper House, emerged after Reserve Bank of
Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono cautioned the government against planned
seizures, accusing top politicians of ganging up to take up prime assets.

Zimbabwe's upper house of parliament on Tuesday passed the bill, which will
allow the government to force foreign-owned companies to give up 51 percent
shareholding to blacks or the government.

The indigenisation will affect all sectors of the economy including
international banks, manufacturing companies and mines.

Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Minister Paul Mangwana has been
pushing through the controversial bill while President Robert Mugabe on
Monday vowed to press ahead with the seizure of mines.

But Gono on Monday cautioned the government against hasty and disruptive
seizures, saying the government could be rushing to prescribe medicines to
perhaps non-existent ailments.

The central bank boss described calls to indigenise the country's banking
sector as careless, uninformed and with the potential risk of destabilising
an otherwise stable sector.

"As someone who personally led the turnaround and experienced the pain of
resuscitating the collapsed BCCI Bank, now CBZ and second largest bank in
the country, I urge those advocating for what seems to be unguided
interference with ownership structures in this industry to consult widely
and take heed of the advice of experts in this sector before rushing to push
through what could end up being viewed as counter productive legislation
likely to yield worse unintended consequences than what we saw with the
recent price controls," Gono said.

While embracing the empowerment drive, which he said would expand
involvement of people in the mainstream economy, Gono warned the government
to strike a balance between the objectives of indigenisation and the need to
harness foreign direct investment, which has been drying up in recent years.

The central bank chief advised against schemes that create perceptions of
instant gratification "through grab, take and run" and which would benefit
"a few well connected cliques".

Economic critics this week read the confusion and contradictions in policy
as illustrative of deep-seated ambiguity and lack of policy harmonisation
within the government.

"They are totally committing suicide. The ambiguity and ambivalence to
embrace the private sector and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been the
hallmark of the regime. The contradictions are emblematic of the confusion
in government and loss of direction in policy," said economic consultant
Daniel Ndlela on ZimConsult.

Ndlela charged that the government was already electioneering by pushing
through new legislation on indigenisation and empowerment ahead of crucial
elections, which the ruling ZANU PF party is desperate to win.

"Nobody in his right mind can take the banks. They (government) are pushing
through the militancy in order to garner votes," Ndlela said.

Other critics charged that pressing ahead with the seizure of foreign owned
enterprises could cripple the little prospects remaining for foreign direct

Ndlela said seizing foreign owned banks would ostracise Zimbabwe with the
international banking community, which already has imposed lending sanctions
on the troubled country.

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Victory for a Dictator

Commentary Magazine
James Kirchick -

What is the point of putting sanctions on a dictator if you refuse to enforce them? This was the question that the world community faced in its dealings with Saddam Hussein, who, over a twelve-year period, violated sixteen Chapter VII Security Council resolutions with impunity. The question has come up again in the person of Robert Mugabe. In 2002, the European Union placed a travel ban on the Zimbabwean dictator and his top associates, which it has repeatedly allowed them to break. This December, a European Union-African Union summit is planned for Lisbon, Portugal, and at the insistence of African governments, the Portuguese will be inviting Mugabe. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, however, has issued an ultimatum that he would not attend the conference were Mugabe seated across the table. Now, the Guardian reports:

“It’s the working assumption that Mugabe will be coming if invited by the Portuguese as expected,” said a European Commission official familiar with the preparations for the first Europe-Africa summit in seven years.

It appears that Brown will not be in attendance, then, and that the European and African Unions have chosen a dictator over a democrat.

This is not good news for Zimbabwe’s democrats, either, who have been working tirelessly, under very difficult conditions, to discredit Mugabe internationally. One would not imagine this to be a difficult task, considering the fact that the man is responsible for the deaths of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of innocent civilians and is slowly starving his own people to death. The EU invitation will send a message to other African leaders: not only are their governments able to hold European diplomacy hostage, but the Europeans respect Mugabe. According to the Guardian, “EU diplomats hope that Mugabe will come under ‘peer pressure’ from fellow African leaders.” As long as the international community acts like a high school guidance counselor when dealing with African politics, it should expect little to get done.

On the bright side, now that Mugabe is set to come to Europe, perhaps the European Union is deftly executing the plan I proposed earlier this week. One can hope.

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JAG job opportunities dated 4th October 2007

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to: JAG
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Accountant Required

A fully or semi qualified Accountant is required for a growing Financial
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A top Golf Club in Harare is looking for a bookkeeper to start immediately.

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SIMBA International School, a multi-cultural school in Ndola, Zambia, has
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1. A-level and IGCSE Art teacher. This post will become vacant in January

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3. A Design & Technology teacher to teach up to A-level. This post will
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4. A History teacher to teach up to A-level. There is a possibility that
this post will become vacant in 2008.

In order to obtain a Work Permit from the Zambian Immigration Authorities,
it is essential that applicants have experience of the Cambridge
International Board exams and should preferably have had experience of
teaching in an Independent School. SIMBA prides itself on its academic
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An attractive US Dollar based package is offered along with free
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Contactable references only .
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Duties:††††††††††† Perform all basic tasks of data capturing into Pastel and
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Balancing inter Company Accounts (no wages or salaries)
Produce monthly balances of Expense Accounts in Pastel

Responsibilities:†††††††† Ensuring daily sales are accurate
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Duties: Data capture from departments and interpretation onto Spreadsheets
†††††††††††††† RTGs applications
†††††††††††††† Balancing spreadsheet to Pastel
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Responsibilities: Ensuring accurate daily data capture
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duties allocated

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- Production / Works Director – Textiles†††††††††††††††††††††† : ref 471
- Livestock Out-Grower Programme Manager† : ref 1188
- Project Systems Business Manager†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† : ref 1189
- Finance Manager†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† :
ref 1433
- Farm Mechanic / Workshop Supervisor†††††††††††††††††††† : ref 1513
- CV People Recruitment Consultant†††† - Regional†††††††† : ref 1
- Borehole Drilling Team & Operators Angola†† : ref 1697
- Creditors Controller / Head of Department†††††††††††††††† : ref 1717
- Property Negotiator†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† :
ref 1754
- Roads Civil Engineer : Angola†††††††††††††††††††††††† : ref 1657
- Construction Engineer : Angola†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† : ref
- Quantity Surveyor : Angola†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† : ref

- email††††††††††††† :
- Cathy’s cell††† : + 263 (0) 11 213 989
- registration†††† :
- website††††††††† : or

Farm Managers – Angola – Southern Province. Required to develop and
rehabilitate agriculture in the Southern Province. Primary crops will
include maize, onions, potatoes, etc. US dollar remuneration. Email or visit our website

Production/Works Manager. Textiles, Manufacture & Export. Harare based. A
good technical/ engineering background required. Highly negotiable package.
Email or visit our website

Factory Manager. Construction mouldings and boards. Harare based. Lucrative
operation with expansion programme underway. US dollar based package. Email or visit our website

General Manager/Manageress. Designer furniture import and distribution.
Duties to include business development, sales and marketing, retail,
showroom administration, contract negotiations, etc. Email or visit our website

Construction Managers. Civil Engineers. Road Engineers. Site Agents.
Quantity Surveyors. Angola. Recruitment interviews presently being
conducted. Email or visit our website

PA to Operations Director.† Food Processing. Secretarial and public
relations functions. Very good communicator required. Own vehicle essential.
Email or visit our website

(Add inserted 20th September, 2007)


Urgently Wanted – A reliable, honest person to work in the house and garden;
preferably having worked for someone who is leaving and can recommend their
Please contact Liz on 0912 308410, 04 492754 (home) or 04 747859

(Add Inserted – 20th September, 2007)


The Capsicum Company needs farmers with irrigation. There is still time for
direct sowing of paprika.

The Capsicum Company has been established for over ten years and we have
reputable markets.

Please contact the office on 04 369143/369198 or
Zane:†††††††† 011 611 650
Brendan††† 0912 214 340
Daniel†††††† 011 604 666
Douglas††† 011 638 622

†(Add Inserted – 6th September, 2007)


Is looking for an extra teacher for January 2008.
Competitive salary, excellent facilities and equipment, congenial working
atmosphere where the emphasis is on the all-round development of little
Only qualified persons need apply.
Phone 776470 or 746811 for an interview or email:

(Add inserted 6th September, 2007)

or 2 individuals required for Upmarket Progressive Business

(Applicants will also be considered from regional countries to Zimbabwe)

We are putting a management team together to run a successful and developing
Safari Lodge (75ks from Harare) of presently 32 beds with an additional
satellite/overlander camp to be added next year. The business is foreign run
with one owner recently relocated to Zimbabwe but not wanting to manage the
business on a day to day basis.
We are looking for either 2 individuals or a couple, one to manage the
hotel/lodge side and the other to manage the game section/park (7800 acres
with extensive game).
Management accommodation is a 3 bed roomed house very close to the lodge but
not on site (allowing personal time away from the business). A good local
primary school exists 20 minutes away. A good basic package with the
possibility of profit share exists for the right applicants.

The applicant for the lodge element MUST have experience in the Hotel/Lodge
industry in a Management capacity.
Preferably good knowledge on F&B
Good financial control management
Driving licence
A pleasant personality to interact with clients
Payroll experience (BELINA)

The applicant for the Game section will need the following:
A good basic knowledge of game
Basic mechanical knowledge
The ability to work with and organise, game activities and guides.
Be pro-active in the management of anti-poaching/fencing/road
Someone with a farming background may be suited to this position.

Suitably qualified interested parties please forward your current CV’s to
the directors listed below:
Mr Dobinson. UK†† Tel: 00 44 1959 561031 (fax 00 44 1959 569171)
Mobile: 00 44 7775 840739
Mrs Bekker, Zimbabwe†† Tel: 00 263 4 496297 (fax 00 263 4 480997) or Mobile:
00 263 23 401414

(Add inserted 6th September, 2007)


Twin Peaks in Gweru is looking for a husband and wife team. The husband to
be handyman/caretaker and the wife to supervise the restaurant.
A two bedroomed house, fully dura-walled is available and animals are
The vacancy is available from 1st November, 2007.
Any further details can be obtained from Marie Pile.
Please send your CV: to
Tel: 054 223762 or 054 227996

(Add inserted 6th September, 2007)


Electrical Appliance Mechanic is required in Maroochydore, Australia, for a
commercial kitchen equipment installation company.
Ability to work under pressure, people skills, diagnostic ability,
understanding of PCB’s and components, pressure switches, elements etc.

Official qualifications and experience is required. Assistance to migrate
will be given if qualifications are acceptable and applicant is accepted for
the job.

Please contact Mrs Bown at 04 702402 (office) or: 023 316 739 (cell) for
further information.
No time wasters – please.
(Add inserted 28th August, 2007)


.I have an immediate vacancy for a Dairy Manager to manage our 1000cow dairy
in Chisamba, Zambia. This is a senior post and I am looking for a highly
motivated, experienced, professional person. Only high-calibre, suitably
experienced candidates will be considered. Experience of managing a large
dairy herd is ESSENTIAL. Total herd is 2500 animals. Tertiary education
would be an advantage but NOT essential.

1. 1000 milking cows.
2. TMR feeding system.
3. All silage/stock-feed is provided by Crops Manager so Dairy Manager can
focus 100% on managing the dairy
4. 40 x unit herringbone parlour.
5. 50km north of Lusaka.
6. Very attractive package.
7. Permanent/long-term position.

Please contact:-
Francis Grogan
Managing Director
Zambeef Products PLC,
Private Bag 17,
Tel:††† +260977999001
Fax:††† +2601213777

(Add inserted 13th September, 2007)


I am looking for either a houseworker/cook or gardener. The applicant should
be mature, experienced and either recommended by an employer or have recent
contactable references.
Excellent accommodation offered plus a good salary to the right person.
Please phone: 011 614 233 for interview.


(Add inserted 20/9/07)

Qualified in diesel and petrol.
Experience also on boats.
Had own workshop.
Requires position as Workshop Manager in and around Harare.
Contact: Vernon Cockcroft on Tel: 0912 272842

(Add inserted 13th September, 2007)

A mature man with many years referenced experience, mainly in administration
and security related management with various reputable organisations, seeks
a new direction in life.
CV is available and contact can be made through:
Mrs Parsons on Tel: 04 300514 or email:

(Add inserted 28th August 2007)


Mature man in his 30’s seeking employment in either Marketing/Sales or
Management. Preferably regional.
I am the holder of an IMM Diploma; Bachelor of Bus. Admin degree;
Certificate in Retail Business Management.
I am computer literate with experience in Word and Excel.
Please contact: Stan Mabika c/o email:

†(Ad inserted 16 August 2007)


I am mature lady with 14 years working experience in Administration and
Human Resources. I am currently working at the University of Zimbabwe in the
Human Resources Department. I hold A Bsc in Sociology from The University of
Zimbabwe and Certificates in Human Resources Management. I am looking for
employment either as an Administrator† in Human Resources. My contact is Mrs
Hove 011218590 or 333524 or 492348. My e-mail address

Employment Sought
†(Ad inserted 2 August 2007)

Position sought - Finance, Salaries and Administration.

Work experience
Currently serving as a Finance and Administration Officer for a regional
17 years solid work experience, 8 in the NGO sector.
NGOs, Embassies, Regional or International organisations preferred.
Current salary in foreign currency.
Clean class 4 driver s licence.

Diploma in Personnel Management.
Higher National Diploma in Accounting.
Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Finance.

Contact details
Juliah Murima – 04-2920769 home, 0912 699258 cell, 0912 405281 husband
Email or

For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact

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