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Reflections on Fearful Men
The Unlawful Intrusion of the MDC Offices
Thursday 14th and Friday 15th October 2000

Driving home last night, the moon tracked gracefully above the trees of Harare, oblivious and unconcerned.

Earlier in the day, at much the same time as the Olympic Flame was being ignited in Sydney, a smashing and banging rang through the Pearce Partnership Offices (architects who had the courage to sub-let their offices to the MDC).

A man, resembling a darker version of a planata frog (xenopus laevis), was hammering away at the metallic lock of a glass door and shouting for the door to be opened. In support of his demands he had fifteen shabbily dressed men in police riot gear, armed with a mixture of AK 47’s and FN rifles. {An aside: a planata frog is a slimy creature that can live at great depths and survives for long periods without oxygen. The man outside gave me the impression that he had lived without any love for much of his life. I have further established that this particular creature is an endangered species}.

We advised him that this office belonged to a firm of architects and that they should go to the next entrance. The angry man persisted with his smashing at the entrance to a private company’s premises. Tiring, he handed the bolt-cutters to his accomplice (I was not surprised, you try holding a pair of bolt-cutters above your head for a while!).

We asked to see his warrant.
“I do not need a warrant. Open this door before we break it!”
We asked him to identify himself.
“I do not have to give my name, we are about to enter this premises by force!”
We wish to wait until our lawyers arrive before agreeing to open the door.
“That will be too late. We are coming in now!”
Some of his armed accomplices adopted threatening stances.

We decided to open the emergency exit and many of the office staff left by this route, an unpleasant experience for those fearful of heights. Eight floors to clamber down with a series of open air stairs above a busy street. You have to look down to see where to put your feet. Rudo and Amanda elected to stay.

The main door was then opened a crack and the aggressors were advised that they had no right to enter the premises and if they did, it would be an illegal act.
“ You can come down to Central if you wish to discuss that further.”
He then instructed some of the armed contingent to push on the door and in they streamed. The invaders comprised plain-clothed men, two women and about eight men carrying weapons. Two got working on the computers, downloading files onto a disk and damaging the A-drive in the process while the rest gathered armfuls of files and papers and made off with them. Chirinda, (we had found his name out by now, but not his rank or organisation), refused to make a list of, or sign for any documents.

While attempting to monitor the theft we did a snap survey by asking each invader, “ when you get home tonight will your children be proud of the work that you have done today?”. They refused to comment but from their eyes their answer was clear. Only two of the eight men with weapons were actually committed to what they were doing. They were the only two who actually had their fingers on their triggers. The computer hack was a bitter young man. We should draw encouragement from the fact that over 50% of the crack team were undertaking this deed due to their own fear and not their commitment to the ruling party. There is no doubt that when the national “crunch time” finally arrives the majority of personnel carrying arms will support the will of the people.

This experience provided an interesting perspective on fear. Once those perpetrating the unlawful entry had burst in, for most of us, our fear dissipated. In stark contrast, the invaders although heavily armed, were very fearful and jittery. We must take strength from the fact that those operating unjustly court fear themselves and operate only with the help of power tactics and intimidation. When the “collective” heat is on they will collapse in a heap.

Chief Inspector Hwati, who had earlier given assurances to us that the police would wait for the ruling from the High Court following an application by the MDC, finally appeared looking bashful. If, indeed, this emotion is possible for those intent on using their power unlawfully. However, in all fairness, he had dealt with the raids in a stand-off manner which one might interpret as professionalism. It is important to note that his superior, Matema, kept away during this final, vicious phase.

Meet Joel. Joel is a member of the MDC youth wing who has been the security presence at the entrance to the MDC Support Centre since the elections. Joel lacks the finesse of a Swiss air-hostess. In fact he is more than a little abrasive but he is highly committed and very effective. Many visitors have been upset by his manner, which is uniform in its application and does not defer to bearers of business cards laden with qualifications and titles. There is little doubt that the CIO would have planted an item of war in our offices prior to the raid, had it not been for Joel’s uncompromising approach and alertness.

At 11pm on Wednesday night heavily armed police demanding to be let into the offices woke Joel, who stays in a room at our Provincial offices. Armed only with courage, Joel refused and a stand-off ensued for the rest of the night. He arrived at the MDC Support Centre on Thursday afternoon and resumed his post at the door. He manned his post all night in the dubious company of another bunch of armed police. Joel then joined the youth security detachment that went to escort the president of MDC from the international airport to his home. At 9pm on Friday he caught a bus to his room to get some sleep after 48 hours of voluntary and committed duty.

Joel works because he truly believes in the MDC. This young man understands the politics of Zimbabwe better than most of the professionals and businessmen in the country. It takes courage to allow oneself to understand. Joel has limited education but his courage knows no bounds. He gets food and bus fare as his material reward.

Thank you Joel. Because of people like you, democracy will prevail in our country.

From the Inside

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Zimbabwe - The silence is deafening
Our plea for help!!



  a) Many cases of beating and severe intimidation
  b) MDC campaign team member Wonder Manhango abducted by
ZanuPF led by Mr.Karonga.   His legs were broken, his head bashed in with a
hoe handle and he was castrated with a cattle castrater.
  c) Houses searched and destroyed by known ZanuPF
  d) The petitioners house was invaded and a rally held
by ZanuPF in his house, raising a ZanuPF flag above it

  a) Many voters denied access to polling stations.
  b) ZanuPF members actively campaigning within 100
metres of the polling station.
  c) Only 12 out of 38 polling stations did not refuse
MDC polling agents to enter.

Petition filed on the 26th of July 2000
Sureties forms signed and forms filed
Service on the ZANU(PF) candidate


MDC Support Centre
8th Floor, Gold Bridge


Guqula Izenzo/Maitiro Chinja

"The rule of law should not be applied selectively" (Morgan Tsvangirayi)

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19 September 2000

In this issue :

Zimbabwe - Concerned Citizens' Initiative (Bulawayo)


This is addressed to all concerned citizens in an appeal to protest the disappearance of PATRICK NABANYAMA. Patrick, (53), the polling agent for the MDC Bulawayo South MP, David Coltart, has been missing since the afternoon of June 19. War veterans allegedly abducted him from his Nketa home. He was taken away after a brief struggle as the war veterans, some of whom had threatened him with death, told family members that they wanted him to answer questions.
We are planning to gather on the Large City Hall steps on Friday 22nd at lunchtime (13:45 HOURS). The organizers would wish that this should take place each Friday, at the same time at the same place until further notice. Placards, such as "Where is Patrick" would be encouraged.
It is our intention to raise the profile of his disappearance and demand that action to be taken in seeing that justice is done. (Please avoid MDC T Shirts and associated items).
Be reminded that a trust fund is being set up to support his beleaguered family. Please await further details.
To complain re police raids on MDC offices, and the lack of law and order generally, Police Commissioner Chihuri's numbers are:

cell 011 800 055
direct work 250008
fax 792621
From The Star (SA), 18 September

Zim cops round up war vets after homes burnt

Harare - Zimbabwean police rounded up scores of war veterans and illegal settlers at the weekend after labourers' homes were burnt down at a white-owned farm east of the capital, police said on Monday. "There were some disturbances at Chipesa farm resulting in part of the compound being burnt. After screening, we are now holding only six people," said a senior police officer, who asked not to be named. The police officer could not give the exact numbers of arrests, but a local newspaper, The Daily News, said 52 war veterans were arrested on Saturday after clashes with farm workers in Marondera district, 80km east of Harare.

Topper Whitehead, a rights activist and witness of the incident, said about 40 "squatters" were arrested. "The police searched the house (of the war veterans) and gardens, finding arms of war, poached meat and numerous stolen goods," said Whitehead, who witnessed the incident. Trouble started when the farm owner, Iain Kay, who had allegedly been brutally assaulted by war veterans who had occupied his property in April, returned to resume farming operations two weeks ago. The occupiers, who claimed ownership of the farm, were angered by Kay's homecoming and allegedly accused the workers of having facilitated it by their refusal to vacate the farm during their employer's absence. "The war vets and squatters have objected to this (Kay's return) and ... started to beat up the farm labourers and burn their dwellings," said Whitehead.

From The Daily News, 18 September

Farm workers destroy war veterans dwellings

HUNDREDS of rampaging farm workers at Dunottar Farm in Beatrice on Friday razed to the ground dwellings built by war veterans and Zanu PF supporters with some of the occupants fleeing to Chitungwiza. Ignatius Kachitsa, the senior foreman at the farm, said the workers decided on Thursday night to evict the invaders from the farm to protect their jobs. "These people are occupying land on which we are supposed to grow tobacco," said Kachitsa. "If we stop working on this land we have no reason to be here. We agreed not to beat up anyone but simply to remove them so that we can save our families from poverty."

More than 200 angry workers brandishing sticks and picks gave the war veterans 15 minutes to pack their belongings before they razed the new dwellings. An assortment of property, mostly empty opaque beer containers, were thrown into the burning shacks. A lone policeman from a police base on the farm tried to restrain the workers but he was overpowered. He fired one shot into the air to disperse them, but they ignored and became more incensed, instead. "Please stop what you are doing until you get an order from the government to remove these people," said the policeman, who refused to be identified said before leaving scene. Francis Kamoga, a farm worker, said: "Why is the policeman telling us to respect the law when these people from Chitungwiza are not respecting any law? They are stealing our chickens here. Is that lawful?"

From The Daily news, 18 September

Lawyers adamant they served papers on Mugabe personally

THE papers relating to a $20 billion civil suit instituted by four Zimbabweans against President Mugabe in the United States were served on him personally in Harlem. Roland Whitehead, a representative of the four complainants, said in Harare yesterday the papers were served on the President personally as he ascended the stairs of the Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Harlem, New York. Whitehead said the papers were served on Mugabe by representatives of a firm of legal practitioners, and not by members of the US secret service, as reported in The Washington Post. "The papers were served on the President and on Foreign Affairs Minister Stan Mudenge," said Whitehead. "Government officials cannot deny that fact."

The Minister of State for Information, Professor Jonathan Moyo, has denied the President received any such papers. Presidential spokesman George Charamba made the same denial. The $20 billion lawsuit was filed by Evelyn Masaiti, Elliot Pfebve, Maria Stevens and Adella Chiminya who said they were convinced that the criminal justice system had collapsed in Zimbabwe. They said the police had made no arrests in connection with the murders, before the parliamentary election in June, of their relatives. The four sued Mugabe under the US Alien Tort Claims Act (1979), filed at the US District County Court in Manhattan. An affidavit of service, signed by Larry Martin of legal consultants On Watch Limited in the US says that on 7 September, he personally served Mugabe with the summons on the steps leading to the entrance of the Mt Olivet Baptist Church. Mugabe was in New York to attend the United Nations Millennium Summit.

"I approached Mr Mugabe and handed to him personally the summons and complaint aforementioned which named him a defendant in his capacity as an officer and leader of Zanu PF," the affidavit reads. "I then stated to Mr Mugabe that he was served with a summons and complaint filed with the US Federal District Court. Mr Mugabe, having accepted the papers, entered the church with them in hand." Martin says on 8 September, he handed the same set of papers to Mudenge, in his capacity as an officer of Zanu PF, outside the Zimbabwe Mission building at 128 East, 56th Street, New York City in New York. "He refused to accept them. Standing approximately one foot from Mr Mudenge, I placed the summons and complaint near his feet and informed him that he was served with a summons and complaint filed with the US Federal District Court," he said.

Whitehead said yesterday Mugabe could not invoke the privilege of diplomatic immunity. "There is no such thing as immunity in cases involving violations of human rights. By inference, if Mugabe invokes diplomatic immunity privileges, it confirms that he is guilty because if he is not afraid, he should have the courage to defend himself in court," Whitehead said.

From The Daily News, 18 September

Sakhala says CIO tips off MDC on plots

MEMBER of Parliament Job Sikhala has said that many senior members of the CIO are so tired of the government that they freely provide the MDC, with vital information. Debating a motion introduced by Welshman Ncube (Bulawayo North East) calling on the House to condemn the harassment of the MDC, Sikhala (MDC, St Mary's) said the Zanu PF government was having what he called its last supper. "The creation of the MDC became a nightmare for Zanu PF," he said. "We are aware of Zanu PF meetings to plot to eliminate the MDC leadership".

Sikhala surprised Parliament by divulging details of a Zanu PF security meeting held on 8 September at the Zanu PF headquarters. He said the meeting was held by the Zanu PF-CIO think-tank on how to curtail the MDC because "the land gimmick is not working and they have to moot new ideas to paint the MDC as a subversive organisation&". He said the think-tank had agreed on a number of ways to portray the MDC as a political party seeking to sabotage the peace in the country. He challenged the Home Affairs and State Security ministries to reveal the owners of four cars seen driving around and monitoring the MDC offices at Eastgate. He disclosed the registration numbers of the cars, saying they rotated their duties of monitoring the MDC. He said he had been tipped by security agents in the CIO before the cars were even deployed.

Sikhala said he had information that Zanu PF was saying Morgan Tsvangirai would never rule if he won the 2002 presidential poll. "All this is Zanu PF’s despicable and desperate attempt to suppress the people of this country," he said. "Even those in the CIO are also tired of this government. They bring information to us and say: 'There is a plot being hatched, tell your leaders to be careful'." Sikhala said all the confidential information he had disclosed in his contribution to the debate "came directly from Minister Goche’s office". Nicholas Goche is the Minister of State for Security in the President’s Office. Sakhala said last week’s bombing and subsequent searching of the MDC offices for arms of war were based on "naivete and stupidity" because "the MDC will not be lost to the extent that they will harbour any military equipment in their computers and cupboards".

Sikhala likened the police action last Thursday, during which four MDC officials were arrested and three of their offices in Harare were ransacked, to the period in the early 1980s when the PF Zapu leadership were arrested. Sikhala said, at the time, Zanu PF had, in fact, planted the arms to find a pretext to eliminate the Zapu leaders in the same way it was now trying to get rid of the MDC leadership. He cited the case of Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole of Zanu, saying the CIO had created a plot to damage the veteran politician’s reputation, by charging him for attempting to assassinate President Mugabe. "We must condemn totally the behaviour of the army, the CIO and the police against the MDC and its supporters," Sakhala said.

From The Daily News, 18 September

Top Bulawayo politician leaves Zanu PF to join MDC

Bulawayo - The Zanu PF vice-chairman for Bulawayo province, Edward Simela, has joined the MDC. The Zanu PF provincial commissar, Faineth Dube, said she had received Simela's letter of resignation. She declined to give details. But the party's office said Simela had resigned just before a scheduled Zanu PF meeting to discuss his fate following reports that he had bought an MDC membership card. "His resignation was well-calculated because if he had not done so, he was going to be expelled from the party," said a source. Simela stood for Zanu PF in Pelandaba in the parliamentary election. He lost to the MDC's Jeffet Khumalo.

Recently the Chikomba MP, Chenjerai Hunzvi, said all provincial chairmen would be replaced by war veterans after the party performed badly in many constituencies in the election. The MP for Mpopoma, Milford Gwetu, of the MDC recently announced Simela had joined the party at a victory celebration part held in the constituency. Simela, the long-serving chairman of the Bulawayo Residents' Association, was not available for comment.

From The Star (SA), 18 September

Uganda teaches Zimbabwe new anti-Aids tricks

Uganda and Zimbabwe may not be the best of friends right now - courtesy of the Congo war - but Zimbabwe finds it has to learn Aids control tricks from Uganda. Recently, a 10-person Zimbabwean delegation was in Uganda to study how to curb Aids. The delegation was led by churchman Dr David Imaen and included other religious leaders as well as staff and students from the United Theological College of Zimbabwe.

According to the Ugandan population secretariat, the Aids infection rate there has fallen from 30,5 percent to 9,5 percent in the past few years. Jotham Musunguzi, the secretariat's director, told the Zimbabwean delegation last Monday that this had been achieved through the right programmes and approaches. "The leadership in this country has opened up doors for the people to go out and talk about Aids freely," he added. He said Aids was not only a health issue, but also on the development agenda. The New Vision, a Kampala daily, recently reported that more than $954-million (about R6,7-billion) had been budgeted for improving health services, including Aids research, control, treatment, and awareness education, in Uganda in the next five years.

According to Professor Francis Omaswa, the director-general of health services, the money would come from both the government and foreign donors. Under the health sector strategic plan, all donor funding for health would go into a common account in the ministry of finance, instead of to specific health projects. Omaswa insists the new plan is aimed at reducing poverty and improving economic development through making people healthy and productive. By contrast, in Zimbabwe, health expenditure is reported to have gone down the drain, like any other sector, due to the strain caused by the Congo crisis, and by the continuing scuffles over land redistribution.

A member of the Zimbabwean delegation, who asked to remain anonymous, said it was difficult to fight hunger and improve economic prospects when the country is faced with "chaos". The delegate agreed with South African President Thabo Mbeki's remarks at the Durban Aids conference that there was an inter-relationship between Aids and poverty, and commended Uganda for working out a comprehensive programme to deal with both. The Uganda programme includes opening health registers in every village to record birth, sickness, and death, besides constructing an out-patient centre in every parish, a dispensary with a maternity unit in every sub-county, and a mini-hospital in every county.

And amid all those, the message on abstinence, or, in the inevitable case of one failing to abstain, use of the condom, is everywhere. On radio, TV, and in the newspapers advertisements for condoms predominate. And at grocers, as you pay for your sugar, you have the option of buying condoms, too. In workplaces, and in some public places, you are likely to find condoms strategically located. Parents have learnt how to give their own children sex education, something that was taboo not so long ago. Uganda has also provided one of the first African guinea pigs for testing Aids drugs, and the earliest medical break-throughs in this effort have used Ugandan results.

Traditional medical practitioners have not been ignored. Concern Worldwide, an international NGO, has encouraged ordinary people in central Uganda to turn to herbal medicine where modern drugs are unavailable. And because individual Ugandan patients have developed a culture of extreme frankness in the face of Aids, they can testify openly whether a particular herb has relieved them, however temporarily, of their suffering. The national chemotherapeutic laboratory has prepared a directory of herbs and recommends what to use in treating Aids in the absence of modern drugs, especially where patients cannot pay for hospital treatment. No less that 339 such traditional healers are recognised in central Uganda alone.

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Zimbabwe police expel occupiers from 5 white farms: report - HARARE, Sept 19 (AFP)
War veterans in court for assaulting farm workers - Daily News - 9/19/00 9:08:16 AM (GMT +2)
Zimbabwean couple ‘invade’ German farm Daily News - 9/19/00 9:06:58 AM (GMT +2)
Tuesday, September 19 2:47 PM SGT

Zimbabwe police expell occupiers from 5 white farms: report

HARARE, Sept 19 (AFP) -

Zimbabwe police expelled hundreds of squatters occupying five white-owned farms Monday and destroyed some of their makeshift huts, notably near Harare, the pro-government daily The Herald said Tuesday.

Police operations, in the outskirts of Harare, the nearby town of Chitungwize and in Ruwa, 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) to the east, lasted around four hours, the paper said.

Chenjerai Hitlet Hunzvi, deputy for the ruling ZANU-PF party and leader of Zimbabwe's war veterans who have lead a campaign to occupy white farms for redistribution to landless blacks since February, said he was "shocked" that the police had expelled the landless people in such an "inhuman manner."

War veterans in court for assaulting farm workers

9/19/00 9:08:16 AM (GMT +2)
Staff Reporter

TEN people appeared at the Marondera Magistrates’court yesterday on charges of assaulting farm workers at Iain Kay’s Chipesa Farm near Marondera.

On Saturday, police rounded up about 50 war veterans and Zanu PF supporters who attacked Chipesa Farm workers and burnt their compound. The rest, including the war veterans leader Wilfred Marimo were released on Sunday.
Kay's wife Kerry, said the invaders were brought back to the farm in a police Land Rover on Sunday night.
The police then went on to arrest four workers from the farm who also appeared in court yesterday.
They were remanded out of custody, together with the 10 war veterans.
A Superintendent Matibwiri of Marondera police said the four were arrested for allegedly assaulting the invaders.
Kay said when her husband went to Marondera police station with the complainants to report the beatings, there were two war veterans from Harare at the police station.
One of them, Francis Makaro asked her husband if he was going to press charges against Marimo, she said. Her husband said he was going ahead with the charges, and Makaro said Zimbabwe did not need people like him.
Said Kay: “I do not understand why they released the people who torched our farm, and why our workers have been arrested.”
She said when they asked the police, they said they were reacting to the law.
The invaders burnt the houses after the return of Iain Kay to his farm last week.
Kay had fled in April after a number of attempts on his life by war veterans.

Zimbabwean couple ‘invade’ German farm

9/19/00 9:06:58 AM (GMT +2)
Staff Reporter

A ZIMBABWEAN couple, Juddy and Michael Carter, invaded a farm in Hamm,
Germany, a month ago claiming that the property belonged to their forefathers.

The couple said they decided to go back to the land of their ancestors and invade the farm on 18 August because they wanted to make a political statement.
“We wanted to make a political statement of how far back we can go with the question of land.”
“Our feeling is that we have been in Africa for 300 years and we do not have any claims in Germany,” said the couple.
Michael said when they invaded the farm, which was once owned by Juddy’s
great-grandfather, Germans took it as a joke.
No attempt was made to remove them from the farm, now a natural monument owned by the German government.
Michael said they wanted to find out whether the land could be returned to its rightful owners.
Juddy said: “My ancestor, Haarhoff, was the rightful owner of that land so we wanted to find out whether the land could be returned to its rightful owners. We were asking that in Zimbabwe do you go back (to) 1890 to have land redressed or do you go back to Germany to get land.”
The couple said they were calling for a lawful land redistribution in the country.
They said President Robert Mugabe should desist from victimising the minority for land, as this would make Zimbabweans guilty in the future.
Michael said: ”Germany also suffered one of the worst dictators in history, Hitler. Hitler killed millions of Jews and now the Germans are forced to feel guilty towards the minority groups. If Mugabe keeps on victimising the minority, Zimbabweans would be made to feel guilty.”

SADC Ministers Convince US Congressmen Not to Punish Zimbabwe

WASHINGTON, US (PANA) (Panafrican News Agency, September 17, 2000) - Zimbabwe's ambassador to the US, Simbi Mubako, said on Sunday a team of foreign ministers from the Southern African Development Community or SADC had managed to sway a group of American Congressmen and Senators to vote against a proposed congressional bill imposing sanctions on Harare for allegedly violating human rights and the rule of law.

The US is considering imposing sweeping sanctions on Zimbabwe, including exclusion from debt relief and funding from global financial institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, in punishment for President Robert Mugabe's refusal to evict independence war veterans who have forcibly occupied nearly 2,000 white-owned farms.

The former guerrillas are demanding land reforms.

But Zimbabwe has won strong regional backing for its controversial land reform programme, with all SADC countries agreeing to send individual and joint delegations to the US to argue Harare's case.

On Saturday, Zimbabwe's Foreign Minister Stan Mudenge led his counterparts from Malawi, Mozambique and Namibia in talks on land reform with a group of US Congressmen and Senators.

"Some of the Congressmen and Senators we met showed that they had not been given enough information regarding the whole issue (land reform) and showed signs that they will not support the passing of the bill.

Most of them said they will definitely re-think because they were willing to hear the government's point of view," said Mubako who accompanied the SADC Foreign Ministers in the talks with the US lawmakers.

In spite of international criticism, Zimbabwe is pushing ahead with plans to seize and re-distribute five million hectares of farmland from white farmers to landless peasants who have joined the war veterans in the land seizures countrywide.

Just 4,500 white farmers own 70 percent of Zimbabwe's arable land, while the majority blacks farmed in marginal areas in overcrowded conditions.

SADC has said US sanctions on Zimbabwe, expected to be debated in Congress shortly, would have an adverse impact on other countries in the region as their economies are inter- twinned.

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The MDC is utterly shocked by the Minister John Nkomo's statement in Parliament today, 19 September, 2000, in which he alleged that the police had found consignments of arms of war comprising grenades, pistols, rifles and tear smoke at the MDC support centre, MDC Head Office and MDC provincial offices at St Martins and MDC officials residencies in Harare.

We note for the record that the searches for arms of war which were conducted by the police on Thursday 14 September 2000 were done in the full view of both local and international journalists, MDC lawyers and other individuals. These searches yielded nothing and the police know this fact very well. It was after the police search for arms of war had yielded nothing that the police now sought to confiscate documents. Indeed they succeeded in doing this on the 15 September 2000 when they took with them MDC documents and computer discs. On Saturday 16 September the police went through the documents they had confiscated with an MDC team that was headed by the MDC Secretary General, Prof. Welshman Ncube at the Central police. Again no documents to do with of arms of war were found and the police are well aware of this fact. Minister Nkomo's statement therefore is a clear attempt by the Government and the ruling party to maliciously and falsely concoct baseless allegations against the MDC with a view to discrediting it within the eyes of the public and also taking this as pretext for cracking down on the MDC leadership. This does not come as a surprise to the MDC as the same trick has been used against opposition parties in the past. ZAPU and ZANU (Ndonga) have been victims of the same strategies in the early 80s and mid 90s respectively. The MDC urges all its supporters and Zimbabweans of genuine goodwill to dismiss Minister Nkomo's statement and the government's attempt to frame allegations against the MDC. In the interim the MDC is convening an emergency meeting of its National Executive and a detailed statement will be issued after the meeting.

MDC Technical Support Services Press and Information Department 8th Floor, Gold Bridge, Eastgate Harare, Zimbabwe Cell: 091 361 151-3
Web: www.in2zw.com/mdc Fax: 751 273 "The rule of law should not be applied selectively" (Morgan Tsvangirayi)

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