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Brown offers summit a lifeline: I'll go - but only if Mugabe stays away

The Times
September 21, 2007

Robert Mugabe says he will be going to EU-Africa summit whether Gordon Brown
boycotts it or not

Philip Webster, Political Editor, and David Charter in Brussels
Gordon Brown will go to an EU Africa summit this year as long as Zimbabwe is
represented by someone other than Robert Mugabe, Downing Street made clear

The Prime Minister threatened tougher measures against Zimbabwe last night,
saying that Britain would table proposals to the EU "in the next few days"
to extend travel and financial sanctions against leading members of the
Mugabe regime.

Mr Brown has personally targeted the Zimbabwean President and will not go to
the summit in Lisbon if he is there. Downing Street indicated that he would
go if Zimbabwe's place at the table was occupied by a junior or less
controversial representative.

That threw a lifeline to the Portuguese, who hold the EU presidency and are
desperately looking for a diplomatic solution to avoid cancelling the
meeting. However Ghana, which presides over the African Union, has made
clear that it wants Mr Mugabe to receive equal treatment.

The Portuguese attacked the threat to boycott the December summit yesterday
and insisted that it would go ahead. Portugal sees it as the high point of
its six months as holder of the EU's rotating presidency and is angered by
what it sees as Britain's undiplomatic move.
While there is widespread sympathy for Mr Brown's stance, some of Britain's
strongest allies are prepared to attend a summit with Mr Mugabe in order to
lecture him on human rights.

The Portuguese Government confirmed that invitations for the event, on
December 8 and 9, had not yet been sent. The Timesunderstands that one
consideration is to make the African Union responsible for the African
invitations so that Mr Mugabe is not technically invited by the EU.

With no EU invitation, the EU could then retain the option of refusing Mr
Mugabe a visa if behind-the-scenes diplomatic pressure does not dissuade him
from getting on a plane.

A Portuguese Government spokesman said: "The seeds of this summit were sown
under the British presidency of the EU [in 2005]. This is not a summit
between one European country and one African country, it is a summit between
the EU and the AU as mandated by the EU Council."

The strength of feeling in Africa was shown in Brussels yesterday when
Gertrude Mongella, the Tanzanian President of the Pan-African Parliament,
accused Mr Brown of "arm-twisting" at a European Parliament meeting.

She said: "I think this is again another way of manipulating Africa.
Zimbabwe is a nation which got independence. In the developed countries
there are so many countries doing things which not all of us subscribe to.
We have seen the Iraq War - not everyone accepts what is being done in Iraq.
Heads of state should go there, meet, develop a dialogue, an open dialogue,
a very committed dialogue to solve problems rather than threatening each
other by going or not going."

Mr Brown's spokesman said that he had had discussions with other EU member
states on what tactics to adopt before publicly threatening his boycott in
protest at the plight of Zimbabwe and despite continuing European travel
sanctions imposed on Mr Mugabe and 131 members of his Zanu-PF regime.

Asked if the Prime Minister would attend the summit if another member of the
Mugabe regime represented Zimbabwe, the spokesman said: "That would be a
different circumstance. The issue in relation to Robert Mugabe is that what
we do not want to do anything that diverts attention from the important
issues that the EU Africa summit needs to address."

Mr Brown has said that Mr Mugabe's presence in Portugal would divert
attention from key issues such as poverty, climate change and health.

Louis Michel, the EU Development Commissioner, backed Mr Brown by demanding
a ban on Mr Mugabe. He told the EUPolitix website: "I too share concerns
and, yes, I too would prefer it if Mugabe was not there."

But he added: "However, would his presence be sufficient reason for not
holding this very important event? The main objective, let's remember, is
the summit itself and not the participants, whoever they might be." While
moving to isolate Zimbabwe's Government, Mr Brown announced more British aid
money for the country. Already Zimbabwe's second biggest donor, Britain will
provide an additional £8 million to be delivered through the World Food

More greece to your elbow Mr Brown.Mugabe needs to be put back in his
place.Someone needs to stand up to him.He is heartless.

Emmanuel, Reading, UK

When is he going to be arrested for genocide?

B J Deller, Marbella, Spain

Thank you Mr Brown for your stance.Mugabe has ruined the lives of black
people in zimbabwe.People like Tindo are on his propaganda payroll.what is
he doing in London if he thinks mugabe is a hero.People are killed for
expressing their views.In Zim you have to whisper whenever you talk about
Mugabe,you are declared enemy of the state if you criticise mugabeMbeki is a
failure.he hero-worships Mugabe.African leaders are scared of him .Just like
the west they watched the Rwandans maiming each other.They called the
genocide an internal issue.Now they say zimbabweans must solve their own
problems.How?when the state machinery is used against us.Do you want to see
another genocide before you act? We desperately need your intervention.Act
now Gordon

Tim, Johannesburg, South Africa

It's a bit of a cop-out for PM Brown but I understand the sensitive European
position. The point is, it's the whole ZANU-PF junta that's a problem - not
just Mugabe. So having one of his lieutenants filling a chair still accords
them utterly undue respect and recognition. I don't know why this is such a
blind spot for the AU though. Their tacit or even vocular acceptance of the
actions and maladministration of these communist ideologues in Zimbabwe is
itself criminal and therefore an indictment of themselves. Indeed this
matter is astonishingly uncomplicated. It's not just human rights - a whole
country with all its assets, natural heritage and resources is far greater
than the sum of its human parts.

Marc, Bloemfontein, South Africa

This is total disrespect for the African people. African Countries must
instead boycott the Lisbon talking-shop if Mugabe is kept out. For the bells
that toll for Mugabe will soon toll for other African leaders. This
condencending behaviour towards people of colour that has been a phenomenon
for years.

Gilbert, Swindon, UK

NO! Prime Mminister!

Do not attend this Conference if there is ANY Zimbawean representation.

That regime must be shunned.

The solution is that mGabe is removed - one way or another very soon!

Tony J, Swanage, UK

People often do not understand the complexity of Zimbabwe`s issues with
Britain. Economic Independence thats what Zimbabwe wants from Britain. They
got political Independence in 1980 but economic Independence was never given
to us. The human rights issues are just a smokescreen being used by the UK,
I know for sure that the UK controls all the months in Zimbabwe through
their cousins in Australia, Canada and South Africa.

Tindo, London, UK

Not much moral courage in the EU then!

jimd, Norwich, UK

Hurrah for Brown - at last someone has the moral courage to stand up against
Mugabe. The man has ruined a perfectly fine country, reduced his black
population to starvation, ruined the white population who basically ran the
farms that fed the country. Its about time other western and african leaders
also spoke out. Why has the west let this man go on for so long - is it
because any criticism will be seen as racist and imperialist??

Gil, london, uk

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Brown tightens screw on Mugabe by targeting family

Independent, UK

By Andrew Grice, Political Editor
Published: 21 September 2007

Britain will urge the European Union to extend the sanctions against leading
members of Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF party to their wives and children.

As part of a new international drive to increase the pressure on the
Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, Gordon Brown has asked officials at the
Foreign Office to draw up a list of family members of the 131 people who are
banned from travelling to Europe and have had their financial assets in the
EU frozen. This would prevent members of Zimbabwe's ruling elite from
educating their children in Europe or hiding their assets in the names of
close relatives. In Britain, only £172,000 in 42 bank accounts has been
frozen under the existing sanctions.

Yesterday, The Independent revealed that Mr Brown would boycott a summit of
EU and African leaders in Portugal in December if, as expected, Mr Mugabe
attends. The Prime Minister said Britain would submit proposals to the EU to
tighten the measures against Zimbabwe's leaders in the next few days. He
told ITV News: "I believe that these sanctions could be extended to the
families of people so more people could be under sanctions.

"The sanctions are an indication of the abhorrence of people in Europe about
what is happening in Zimbabwe."

The growing crisis in Zimbabwe was a "shocking tragedy" that required the
whole world to speak up and act, Mr Brown added. "It is getting worse as a
result of the failure of President Mugabe to respond to what the world is
saying, and to the events in his own country," he said.

"And the numbers of people who have been pushed into poverty, unemployment
and suffering as a result is something that is angering the whole world.
There are no easy answers to this question but it is the combination of
measures that will, in the end, bring the results which we want - which is a
restoration of full democracy."

Britain's "assumption" was that Mr Mugabe would attend the African Union-EU
summit in Lisbon, a Downing Street spokesman said. Portugal, which holds the
rotating presidency of the EU, is worried that the meeting will collapse if
Mr Mugabe is not invited because other African leaders would pull out. Mr
Brown's official spokesman suggested that the Prime Minister would attend if
Zimbabwe was represented by someone other than its President. "That would be
a different circumstance," he said. But government sources in Portugal and
Zimbabwe indicated that Mr Mugabe had been told he would be invited and
would turn up.

British officials denied that Mr Brown's decision to launch an initiative on
Zimbabwe would play into Mr Mugabe's hands, emphasising it also included
"positive measures", such as an extra £8m of food aid and a long-term
economic recovery programme.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said Mr Brown's move was "a step in
the right direction" but did not go far enough. He added: "As long as Mugabe
still has got his embassies overseas and in the rest of Europe and in
England, there is still the conduit through which he actually gets all the
goods and the money being transacted through those embassies." Military
intervention by the African Union might be needed to ensure humanitarian aid
was properly distributed in Zimbabwe, Dr Sentamu added, saying: "I want to
say to by the African Union, 'Please put pressure on Mugabe to go now, not
in five, six, seven weeks' time. Go now, put in a government that can
actually begin to reverse the particular difficulties'."

A Portuguese MEP, Paolo Casaca, accused Mr Brown of double standards,
pointing out that Britain did not boycott a summit between the EU and the
Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) bloc this year, despite the
presence of the Foreign Minister of Burma. Burmese leaders are supposedly
banned from travelling because of their country's human rights record. "What
is the difference between Zimbabwe and Burma?" Mr Casaca asked.

"It is absolutely double standards. The difference is that, unfortunately,
Africa is worthless from the economic point of view and the Asean is very

British unions welcomed Mr Brown's stance. Brendan Barber, the TUC leader,
said: "If the Zimbabwean leader is allowed to attend, his appearance will
give his despotic and repressive regime the legitimacy he craves.

"The Prime Minster is sending a clear message that the UK will have nothing
to do with Mr Mugabe so long as he continues to oppress [his] people."

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At last, Britain takes a stand on Mugabe

Daily Mail, UK

Last updated at 23:30pm on 20th September 2007

From Tony Blair, we heard nothing but excuses about Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe,
he argued, was an 'African problem' requiring an 'African solution'. Now
Gordon Brown has taken a stand.
The European Union, after much procrastination, imposed a travel ban on
Mugabe. Despite that, it plans to invite him to an EU-African summit in
December. Other African leaders have threatened not to attend if the
Zimbabwean president were excluded.

Now Mr Brown has made it clear that he will boycott the summit if Mugabe
attends. There has been predictable disapproval from appeasing European
politicians, but this is the right decision.

Mugabe has turned his country into a wasteland. Inflation is 6,600 per cent,
four out of five people live in poverty, a quarter of the population have
fled the country, life expectancy is the world's lowest and opponents have
been tortured and killed.

Just one thought for our prime minister. The European Constitution, which Mr
Brown wants to adopt in its thinly disguised Treaty form, without a
referendum, will give the EU a common foreign policy administered by a
European foreign minister.

So one day soon Britain could find itself bound by a policy on Zimbabwe with
which we profoundly disagree.

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TUC demonstrates against 'brutal Zimbabwe despot' Mugabe

Independent, UK

By Alan Jones
Published: 21 September 2007
Dozens of workers joined a demonstration by the TUC outside the Zimbabwean
embassy in London yesterday lunchtime to protest against a six-month wage
freeze imposed in the country. The TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber,
who sent a letter of protest to the Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe, said:
"Zimbabwe's people are suffering from President Mugabe's appalling economic
mismanagement, corruption and brutal repression. They are standing up for
their rights, and we must stand with them."

The unions urged people to give up part of their lunch breaks to join the
two-day protest to highlight the disastrous state of Zimbabwe's economy,
where hyper-inflation has reached 7,600 per cent, there are shortages of
food and fuel, and the unemployment rate is 80 per cent.

Welcoming a threat by the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, announced yesterday
in The Independent, to boycott the upcoming summit between EU countries and
their counterparts in the African Union should President Mugabe be allowed
to attend, Mr Barber said: "The TUC wholeheartedly supports the Prime
Minister's tough stance against Robert Mugabe's possible attendance at the
EU summit in December. If the Zimbabwean leader is allowed to attend, his
appearance in Portugal will give his despotic and repressive regime the
legitimacy he craves."

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Conditions in Zim won't allow free and fair polls: US envoy

Zim Online

Friday 21 September 2007

By Farisai Gonye

HARARE - Incoming United States (US) ambassador to Zimbabwe James McGee has
said conditions in the southern African country do not permit free and fair
elections and promised to pile pressure on President Robert Mugabe's
government to implement democratic reforms.

In a statement to the US Senate foreign relations committee, McGee said
Zimbabwe was suffering under an authoritarian government that he said
"continues its repression and intimidation of civil society, religious
organisations, businesspeople, and political groups."

McGee said Washington should continue supporting efforts by African leaders
pushing for democratic change Zimbabwe.

"Our goal must be that the presidential and parliamentary elections take
place as scheduled for next year and meet international standards," McGee
said. He was however quick to add that a credible election depended on
Mugabe's administration immediately moving to level the playing field and to
establish conditions for free and fair polls.

The US diplomat spoke days after Mugabe's ruling ZANU PF party and the main
opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party agreed in parliament
on a new constitutional amendment Bill that permits Mugabe to anoint a
successor but which does not address the opposition's electoral grievances.

The MDC has said it agreed to the Bill in the greater interests of resolving
Zimbabwe's worsening political and economic crisis.

McGee is set to replace the combative Christopher Dell, who left Zimbabwe in
June at the expiry of his term. Dell courted Mugabe's ire by continuously
accusing the veteran Zimbabwean leader of tyranny and economic

Weeks before leaving Zimbabwe, Dell - who Mugabe at one time threatened to
expel - boldly predicted that runaway inflation would hit 1.5 million
percent by year-end and Zimbabwe's spectacular economic collapse would
eventually ignite civil revolt against Mugabe.

McGee showed he would not be the mild mannered diplomat Zimbabwean
authorities may have hoped for, labeling Mugabe's government a threat to
regional stability and vowing to "work diligently to strengthen
pro-democracy organisations in Zimbabwe."

Inflation, which at nearly 6 000 percent is the highest in the world, is the
most visible sign of Zimbabwe's deep recession that has left more than 80
percent of the labour force without jobs and spawned severe shortages of
food, fuel, hard cash and just about every basic survival commodity.

Western governments and the MDC blame the economic crisis on repression and
wrong policies by Mugabe.

Mugabe - now 83 and seeking another five-year term in 2008, which will take
his reign in the southern African country to more than three decades -
denies mismanaging Zimbabwe and instead blames Western countries of
sabotaging his country's economy in a bid to remove him from power.

McGee has served for 26-years as a diplomat and once served in Madagascar
and Swaziland. - ZimOnline

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Bulawayo residents to get water once in 11 days

Zim Online

Friday 21 September 2007

By Nqobizitha Khumalo

BULAWAYO - Zimbabwe's second largest city of Bulawayo says it will soon
limit water supplies to residents to only once every 11 days as water
shortages reach desperate levels in the city of more than one million

Bulawayo city council spokesman Phathisa Nyathi told ZimOnline water cuts
could last for even longer periods later in October, ironically the country's
hottest month when demand for water is at its highest.

"Residents will soon be getting water once in every eleven days but already
there are some suburbs that are on higher ground that have been getting
water once in every two weeks but the situation will as from next week apply
to everybody in the city," said Nyathi.

 Bulawayo the hub of economic activity in the southern half of the country
consumes 150 000 cubic metres of water per day but according to Nyathi has
been pumping only 69 000 cubic metres per day after decommissioning three
supply dams due to low water levels.

The city will decommission yet another dam in late October to leave it
dependent on only one dam and some boreholes sunk across the city.

Bulawayo, tucked at the heart of the dry Matabeleland region, was this week
hit by an outbreak of diarrhoea and dysentery as residents resorted to
drinking untreated water.

The outbreak has left more than 400 people hospitalised, while health
experts warn of a possible outbreak of more diseases such as cholera and
typhoid as more and more of the city's residents resort to unprotected wells
for water while also using bushy areas to relieve themselves because toilets
cannot work without water.

But some residents who have boreholes at their premises have been quick to
exploit the water crisis to make money, selling water to fellow residents
who do not have boreholes.

Maria Ncube, who is employed as till operator at one of Bulawayo's leading
supermarket chains says she pays Z$30 000 for a 20-litre bucket of borehole

 "I spend most of the time at work and I do not have time to queue for water
at council boreholes, so the best I can do is to buy from individuals who
have boreholes at their homes," she said.

Residents have been banned from watering gardens or washing cars, while some
families say they are now doing laundry once in every two weeks to save on

"I wash my husband's overalls once every two weeks while I have had to buy
several pairs of uniforms for the kids so they can go for more days before
they need to be washed," said Rose Ngwenya, a mother of three from Bulawayo's
Mpopoma low income suburb.

Zimbabwe's second city has faced perennial water problems for more than two
decades during which both residents and the city fathers have pinned their
hopes on an ambitious project to draw water from the Zambezi River.

The Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project, a long held plan to tap water from
the Zambezi River through the construction of a 450km pipeline to arid
Matabeleland was mooted way back in 1912.

Costs have since ballooned to about US$600 million, way beyond what the
cash-strapped Zimbabwe government can afford. - ZimOnline

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Mining sector to pay for power in foreign currency

Zim Online

Friday 21 September 2007

By Lizwe Sebatha

BULAWAYO - The Chamber of Mines and the state-owned Zimbabwe Electricity
Supply Authority (ZESA) Holdings have signed an agreement for mining firms
to pay the power utility in foreign currency.

The agreement, that has the approval of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and
was signed on Wednesday, is an attempt save the mining sector that is
experiencing a decline in production output due to constant power outages
among a host of other negative factors affecting business operations in the

ZESA has constantly said power cuts are because it either has no hard cash
to pay foreign suppliers of electricity or pay for spare parts needed to
keep generators at its various power stations running.

Acting Chamber of Mines chief executive officer David Mutyanga yesterday
confirmed the development.

"The Memorandum of Agreement was signed during a meeting we had with ZESA
officials. The deal to pay ZESA Holdings in foreign currency has been
authorised by the central bank," Mutyanga told ZimOnline.

He added that miners hoped the deal would ensure uninterrupted power
supplies at mines, which he said was vital to ensure an increase in mineral

ZESA spokesman Fullard Gwasira was not immediately available for comment.

Power cuts sometimes lasting several days on end are only an addition on a
long list of troubles that Zimbabwean mines and industries face as the
country grapples with a severe economic recession described by the World
Bank as the worst in the world outside a war zone. - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwe Ruling Party Factionalism Nearly Derails Constitutional Amendment


      By Blessing Zulu & Thomas Chiripasi
      Harare & Washington
      20 September 2007

Legislation making major changes to the Zimbabwe constitution where
elections are concerned passed by a unanimous vote Thursday in parliament's
lower house, though factional divisions in the ruling ZANU-PF party earlier
threatened to derail the bill.

Ironically, the ruling party and the opposition Movement for Democratic
Change had one day earlier overcome their differences to agree a compromise
on the measure.

ZANU-PF sources said a faction headed by Vice President Joyce Mujuru, at one
time a favorite of President Robert Mugabe but now at odds with the
83-year-old leader, planned to boycott the session and delay passage of the
legislation by denying its sponsors the two-thirds majority required for
constitutional amendments.

For hours, only 51 ZANU-PF members, including Mujuru and her fellow vice
president, Joseph Msika, who do not ordinarily attend parliamentary
sessions, were in August House out of a possible total of 109 ruling party

ZANU-PF Chief Whip Joram Gumbo asked for time to summon the errant members
and the bill eventually passed unanimously with 111 votes.

Party insiders said the Mujuru camp is unhappy with a clause of the
constitutional amendment that leaves it to parliament to select a
presidential successor if the incumbent dies, is incapacitated, or resigns -
considered by many to be one possible scenario if Mr. Mugabe secures
re-election in March 2008 balloting.

The Mujuru faction is also said to be displeased with the direction of
crisis talks mediated by South African President Thabo Mbeki. Party sources
say progress in the talks has rattled Mujuru loyalists who were positioning
for a deepening crisis in the ruling party leading its heavyweights to vote
Mr. Mugabe out of power.

Some members of parliament are also less than pleased at the addition of 60
house seats, which means slicing up a large number of existing

The opposition and its civil society allies are also divided over the
constitutional amendment. Some prominent civic leaders call it a betrayal of
principles. MDC sources said the party will now move to patch up the split
in broad opposition ranks.

Political analyst Pedzisayi Ruhanya, also a Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
program manager, told reporter Blessing Zulu of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe
that the succession dispute could eventually cause a split in the ruling

Following the house passage of the amendment bill Thursday, vice president
Msika dropped a broad hint that he may retire from  politics before long.

VOA correspondent Thomas Chiripasi, reported from Harare that the
expectation was that Msika might retire in December at ZANU-PF's
extraordinary congress.

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Zimbabwean Anti-Sanctions Women's Group Called ZANU-PF Stalking Horse


      By Carole Gombakomba
      20 September 2007

A previously unknown Zimbabwean women's organization has launched a campaign
against what it says are economically destructive "illegal sanctions"
imposed by the European Union, the United States and other countries - but
opposition and civil society sources said they suspect the group is a ruling
party creation.

The state-controlled Herald newspaper said Women Against Sanctions was
"formed as a result of the pain that women were facing because of the
illegal sanctions."

The government of Zimbabwe maintains that the country's profound economic
distress has been caused by Western sanctions, but U-S and other diplomats
say they target only President Robert Mugabe and top government and ruling
party officials. The sanctions were recently extended to ZANU-PF dependents
in Australia.

VOA was unable to reach any member of the group, whose chairman, according
to the Herald, is one Talent Morongani. Other members are said to include
Mercy Chawora and Anna Chishowesha, who were unknown to members of other
women's groups.

National Cordinator Jenni Williams of Women of Zimbabwe Arise, an opposition
group that has staged many demonstrations in Bulawayo, Harare and other
cities, said that if the group exists it is probably staffed by the spouses
of officials barred from travel in most European countries, North America,
Australia and New Zealand. The assets of individuals on sanctions lists, if
identified, are subject to being frozen.

Williams said most Zimbabwean women know that the country has not been
penalized by general economic sanctions, and that current widespread
privations are caused by misgovernance by President Mugabe and his ZANU-PF

The Herald quoted the group as saying that it is time for women to "stand up
and go to [Movement for Democratic Change founding president] Morgan
Tsvangirai's house to ask for food so he could denounce the sanctions he
called for."

Tsvangirai spokesman William Bango told reporter Carole Gombakomba of VOA's
Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the opposition has been at pains to make clear
that the party founder is not in a position to call for economic sanctions
of any kind.

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Zimbabwe opposition defends support of constitutional amendment

Monsters and Critics

Sep 20, 2007, 19:25 GMT

Johannesburg/Harare - Zimbabwe's opposition Thursday fought off accusations
of 'treachery' from rights groups opposed to the party's decision to back
controversial amendments to the constitution that will allow President
Robert Mugabe to handpick a successor.

The ruling ZANU-PF dominated parliament backed by members of the opposition
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Thursday voted unanimously in favour of
the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (Number 18) Bill, said MDC spokesman
Nelson Chamisa.

The vote followed a surprise decision by the MDC earlier this week to back
constitutional changes it had initially opposed.

The party has justified its decision as a confidence-building measure. But
there has been an outcry from some civic groups who have been fighting for
much wider democratic reforms.

The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), a prominent rights group that is
lobbying for a whole new constitution on Thursday, dismissed the MDCs
decision as 'treachery.'

'The MDC's decision to abandon the principle of a people-driven constitution
and opt for a process driven by political parties in parliament is an act of
treachery,' the group said in a statement.

'The NCA wishes to repeat here that Amendment (No 18) does not, in any way,
advance the interests of the people of Zimbabwe.'

If passed by the Senate and signed into law by the president, the bill will
allow parliament to choose a successor to the 83-year-old Mugabe should he
die in office or step down before his term expires.

Government opponents say the amendments will entrench Mugabe's hold on power
by giving him the mandate to handpick his successor, who could then be
endorsed by parliament without going to an election.

The Zimbabwean president has already been in power since independence in
1980 and is expected to stand for a fourth term in office in elections next

Writing in the private Financial Gazette newspaper on Thursday, Rashweat
Mukundu, the director of the Zimbabwean branch of the Media Institute of
Southern Africa, said the constitutional amendment was Mugabe's strategy for
a graceful exit from power.

'President Mugabe will be allowed to choose his successor, and go in grace
with his tail up,' said Mukundu, arguing that MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai
would find it impossible to win an election under Zimbabwe's current
electoral laws.

But MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa pleaded with critics to give time to South
African-led negotiations aimed at brokering a truce between Zimbabwe's
deeply-divided political parties.

'This criticism is too rash and unfortunate,' he told Deutsche
Presse-Agentur dpa in a telephone interview on Thursday.

'The MDC is in a negotation, and the negotiation has to be a give- and-take
process,' he said.

He said the journey to a new constitution and a new democratic dispensation
in Zimbabwe was a long one.

'People have to give this process time,' he said.

In addition to allowing parliament to choose a successor to Mugabe, the bill
also enlarges both houses of parliament and allows presidential and
parliamentary elections to be held simultaneously next year.

© 2007 dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur

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Zimbabwe Political Standoff May Be Easing

New York Times

Published: September 21, 2007
JOHANNESBURG, Sept. 20 - A wisp of hope emerged on Thursday that Zimbabwe's
ruling ZANU-PF party and its political opposition, long implacable enemies,
were starting to edge toward a compromise solution to their nation's
deepening crisis.

Legislators from both sides joined in parliament on Thursday to unanimously
approve constitutional changes that clear the way for Zimbabwe to hold
presidential and parliamentary elections simultaneously next year. The vote
was a clear concession by the opposition, the Movement for Democratic
Change, which had called the proposal to move from separate to joint
elections a plot to dilute its own electoral power.

But at the same time, ZANU-PF and its head, President Robert G. Mugabe, also
made an unprecedented concession, surrendering Mr. Mugabe's power to
personally appoint 10 legislators to the dominant lower house of parliament.

Those and other changes to the electoral system apparently arose from talks
mediated by South Africa's president, Thabo Mbeki. The Southern Africa
Development Community, a body of regional leaders, asked Mr. Mbeki in March
to try to broker a solution to Zimbabwe's gridlock.

Zimbabwe has been gripped by an accelerating political crisis and economic
decline since 1999, and its inflation rate - officially near 7,000 percent,
but widely judged by experts to be twice that - is the world's highest. Mr.
Mugabe's autocratic government regularly represses its critics, and Western
governments and analysts say the electoral system is rigged to favor the
ruling elite.

Mr. Mbeki's cabinet hailed the concessions in a statement Thursday as a
major step toward "a lasting settlement" of Zimbabwe's political and social

"Proceeding from the premise that the people of Zimbabwe are the ones best
placed to find solutions to the challenges they face, we will continue to
assist where we can," the statement said.

Some outside analysts were less enthusiastic. "This is like wanting to build
a 15-story building, and just turning the soil," said Sydney Masamvu, a
South Africa-based analyst for the International Crisis Group, which tries
to prevent conflicts worldwide. "It's early days to portray this as a major
breakthrough. The issues where we really need concessions haven't been dealt

Among other matters, he said, Zimbabwe's government needs to repeal
legislation that sharply restricts freedoms of speech and assembly and
restructure an election commission that is put together to maintain the
ruling party's advantage.

Zimbabwe's government also has been accused by Western governments and
political analysts of gerrymandering legislative districts to weaken
opposition strongholds, rigging a voter-registration campaign to sign up
mostly government supporters and using threats and the denial of food to
voters as levers to boost support for Mr. Mugabe.

The constitutional changes approved on Thursday do not address those issues.
The amendments increased the number of seats in the recently-created,
largely ceremonial Senate to 93, from 66, and continue to allow Mr. Mugabe
to hand-pick 15 of those members. Another 16 traditional chiefs, who largely
support Mr. Mugabe, also have Senate seats.

Mr. Mugabe will lose his power to appoint 10 members of the 120-seat lower
house, which also will be expanded.

Another key change allows the parliament to appoint a successor should Mr.
Mugabe, 83, resign or die in office. The present constitution mandates an
election to choose a successor.

In practical terms, the opposition's decision not to oppose the changes
probably has little meaning, because Mr. Mugabe's supporters already
dominate the parliament and would have enacted the amendments anyway.
Officials of the Movement for Democratic Change cast their support as a
conciliatory gesture in the hope that negotiations toward free and fair
elections would move forward.

One leading Zimbabwean democracy advocate, Lovemore Madhuku, denounced
Thursday's compromise as a sell-out by the political opposition. Mr.
Madhuku, who heads the National Constitutional Assembly, a coalition of
civic groups, said that the changes agreed to by the Movement for Democratic
Change cemented Mr. Mugabe's political advantage without getting meaningful
reforms in return.

In particular, he said, the changes effectively granted Mr. Mugabe the power
to name his successor, which would be approved by the generally pliant
parliament, and to construct legislative districts in an expanded national
assembly that would strengthen ZANU-PF's dominance of the legislature.

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Zimbabwe lawmakers vote in favor of constitutional amendment

International Herald Tribune

The Associated PressPublished: September 20, 2007

HARARE, Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean lawmakers voted unanimously Thursday in favor
of a constitutional amendment that critics say further consolidates the
ruling party's power, but has been hailed by the government and the
opposition as a breakthrough in easing the country's political and economic

The speaker of the house, Kumbirai Kangai, said 111 lawmakers in the
150-member national assembly cast their votes in favor of the amendment,
state television reported.

The amendment will see combined presidential and parliament polls next year
and the enlargement of the legislature.

In a major concession by the government, the measure called for the
scrapping of President Robert Mugabe's powers to appoint 30 lawmakers to the
House of Assembly. The measure also met opposition calls for a new
independent electoral commission and backed off government redistricting

In response, the opposition dropped its demands for a new constitution
before next year's polls and in a goodwill gesture, the opposition put up no
resistance to the bill.

Voting on the bill, which was approved on its second reading before
parliament Tuesday, took only a few minutes. It still has to be discussed in
the largely ineffectual upper house before Mugabe signs it into law.
Earlier, state radio appealed to all lawmakers to participate in the
"auspicious" event and reminded them that changes to the constitution need
to be approved by a two-thirds majority.

The parliament is controlled by Mugabe's ZANU-PF party, but earlier in the
week, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change said they would not put
up a token fight and block the bill in a gesture of goodwill.

Agreement on the bill has been hailed as a sign of progress following the
intervention of South African President Thabo Mbeki, who is leading talks
between the government and opposition to resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe and his party have been under pressure to make concessions because of
the collapsing economy, with its acute shortages of basic goods and a
sizzling inflation rate that the International Monetary Fund says may hit
100,000 percent by year's end.

The South African government welcomed the agreement by Zimbabwe's ruling
party and opposition on the constitutional amendments, calling it a

"South Africa wishes to congratulate the Zimbabwean political leadership for
this major step forward in addressing the challenges facing that country,"
the Cabinet said in a statement issued Thursday.

"Proceeding from the premise that the people of Zimbabwe are the ones best
placed to find solutions to the challenges they face, we will continue to
assist where we can to ensure that these processes result in a lasting
settlement," the statement said.

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CNN videos:

Black market Zimbabwe 1:50
Zimbabwe's shattered economy has led many people to turn to black markets
for daily needs. ITN's Martin Geissler reports.

The Mugabe question 2:15
Is there enough international pressure to force Robert Mugabe out of
Zimbabwe? ITN's Bill Neely reports.

Zimbabwe in crisis 1:55
Living in exile from Zimbabwe, cricketer Henry Olonga discusses the
mentality of Zimbabweans. ITN's Mark Austin reports

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JAG open letter forum No. 501

Please send any material for publication in the Open Letter Forum to with “For Open Letter Forum” in the subject line.


I would like to make contact with Vic Gifford from Chipinge and also Pat’s
friend Charmein (Charlie).
Please contact:


Avondale Anglican Church (Mary Magdalene) is currently running the Alpha

"Is there more to life than what we are going through these days"?
Explore the meaning of life
"Come and meet a Man who told me everything...."(John 4 vs. 29)

A practical introduction to the Christian Faith
For: All Ages, it's Fun, it's Free, Non-denominational, for everyone.

St.Mary Magdalene Church,
King George Road, Avondale, Harare

Sunday Mornings at 11:00am. [Shona].
Wednesday Evenings at 5:30pm [English].

For More Details:-
* Phone the Alpha Administrator:-
(04) - 339697 or 333854 or 302910
* 'E'mail to the Alpha Administrator:-

The Course Alpha Course for September 2007 Is now Running; Come Along There
Is Still time To Join In!!!!!

All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions of
the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice for

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JAG job opportunities dated 20th September, 2007

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to: JAG
Job Opportunities; or

(Add inserted 20/9/07)

SIMBA International School – NDOLA, ZAMBIA

SIMBA International School, a multi-cultural school in Ndola, Zambia, has
the following vacancies.

1. A-level and IGCSE Art teacher. This post will become vacant in January

2. An English teacher – to teach up to IGCSE level. This post is currently
vacant due to the death of a staff member.

3. A Design & Technology teacher to teach up to A-level. This post will
become vacant in September, 2008.

4. A History teacher to teach up to A-level. There is a possibility that
this post will become vacant in 2008.

In order to obtain a Work Permit from the Zambian Immigration Authorities,
it is essential that applicants have experience of the Cambridge
International Board exams and should preferably have had experience of
teaching in an Independent School. SIMBA prides itself on its academic
results, which have been excellent in recent years.

An attractive US Dollar based package is offered along with free
accommodation, free medical and a car.

Ndola is a thriving and friendly town with an expanding expatriate

Letters of application and a CV should be emailed to:

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

 (Add Inserted – 20/9/07)


A Horticultural Export project close to Mutare, requires a farm manager.
Previous horticultural experience would be an advantage.
Contactable references only .
Please send CV’s to:

(Add inserted 20/9/07)


Wild Geese Lodge has a vacancy for an Accountant/Book-keeper.
The right person must have at least 3 years experience in the Accounting
Working hours are: Monday – Friday,   8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Good package offered, including fuel.
Friendly working environment.
Please forward your CV’s and references to|: or post to:
T.J. Cornish
P O Box BW 198

(Add inserted – 20th September, 2007)


Qualifications: Must have excellent qualifications in Pastel Vs 7, 8, 9 and
be proficient in Excel & Word

Duties:            Perform all basic tasks of data capturing into Pastel and
interpreting into Excel & Word Spread Sheets
Balancing inter Company Accounts (no wages or salaries)
Produce monthly balances of Expense Accounts in Pastel

Responsibilities:         Ensuring daily sales are accurate
                                    Reporting to Financial Manager &
carrying out duties allocated
                                    Supervising Accounts Clerk

Qualities:        Well organised & Punctual
                        Efficient & Dynamic
                        Must work well under pressure & in busy environment
                        Suit mature female/male
                        Be prepared to work 6 day week

Forward updated C.V. with contactable references to:
Glynis Wiley
ABC Auctions
Hatfield House
Seke Road, Harare

Telephone: 751343 / 751498



Qualifications:  Must be very proficient in Excel, Word, Pastel and have
good working knowledge of VAT.

Duties: Data capture from departments and interpretation onto Spreadsheets
               RTGs applications
               Balancing spreadsheet to Pastel
               Produce cheques & write out orders

Responsibilities: Ensuring accurate daily data capture
                         Reporting to Financial Manager & carrying out
duties allocated

Qualities:   Well organised & Punctual
                  Efficient & Dynamic
                  Must work well under pressure & in busy environment
                  Be prepared to work 6 day week
                  Suite mature female/male

Forward updated C.V. with contactable references to:
Glynis Wiley
ABC Auctions
Hatfield House
Seke road

Telephone: 751343 / 751498

 (Add inserted 20th, September 2007)

CV People Adverts:

Farm Managers – Angola – Southern Province. Required to develop and
rehabilitate agriculture in the Southern Province. Primary crops will
include maize, onions, potatoes, etc. US dollar remuneration. Email or visit our website

Production/Works Manager. Textiles, Manufacture & Export. Harare based. A
good technical/ engineering background required. Highly negotiable package.
Email or visit our website

Factory Manager. Construction mouldings and boards. Harare based. Lucrative
operation with expansion programme underway. US dollar based package. Email or visit our website

General Manager/Manageress. Designer furniture import and distribution.
Duties to include business development, sales and marketing, retail,
showroom administration, contract negotiations, etc. Email or visit our website

Construction Managers. Civil Engineers. Road Engineers. Site Agents.
Quantity Surveyors. Angola. Recruitment interviews presently being
conducted. Email or visit our website

PA to Operations Director.  Food Processing. Secretarial and public
relations functions. Very good communicator required. Own vehicle essential.
Email or visit our website

(Add inserted 20th September, 2007)


Urgently Wanted – A reliable, honest person to work in the house and garden;
preferably having worked for someone who is leaving and can recommend their
Please contact Liz on 0912 308410, 04 492754 (home) or 04 747859

(Add Inserted – 20th September, 2007)


The Capsicum Company needs farmers with irrigation. There is still time for
direct sowing of paprika.

The Capsicum Company has been established for over ten years and we have
reputable markets.

Please contact the office on 04 369143/369198 or
Zane:         011 611 650
Brendan    0912 214 340
Daniel       011 604 666
Douglas    011 638 622

 (Add Inserted – 6th September, 2007)


Is looking for an extra teacher for January 2008.
Competitive salary, excellent facilities and equipment, congenial working
atmosphere where the emphasis is on the all-round development of little
Only qualified persons need apply.
Phone 776470 or 746811 for an interview or email:

(Add inserted 6th September, 2007)

or 2 individuals required for Upmarket Progressive Business

(Applicants will also be considered from regional countries to Zimbabwe)

We are putting a management team together to run a successful and developing
Safari Lodge (75ks from Harare) of presently 32 beds with an additional
satellite/overlander camp to be added next year. The business is foreign run
with one owner recently relocated to Zimbabwe but not wanting to manage the
business on a day to day basis.
We are looking for either 2 individuals or a couple, one to manage the
hotel/lodge side and the other to manage the game section/park (7800 acres
with extensive game).
Management accommodation is a 3 bed roomed house very close to the lodge but
not on site (allowing personal time away from the business). A good local
primary school exists 20 minutes away. A good basic package with the
possibility of profit share exists for the right applicants.

The applicant for the lodge element MUST have experience in the Hotel/Lodge
industry in a Management capacity.
Preferably good knowledge on F&B
Good financial control management
Driving licence
A pleasant personality to interact with clients
Payroll experience (BELINA)

The applicant for the Game section will need the following:
A good basic knowledge of game
Basic mechanical knowledge
The ability to work with and organise, game activities and guides.
Be pro-active in the management of anti-poaching/fencing/road
Someone with a farming background may be suited to this position.

Suitably qualified interested parties please forward your current CV’s to
the directors listed below:
Mr Dobinson. UK   Tel: 00 44 1959 561031 (fax 00 44 1959 569171)
Mobile: 00 44 7775 840739
Mrs Bekker, Zimbabwe   Tel: 00 263 4 496297 (fax 00 263 4 480997) or Mobile:
00 263 23 401414

(Add inserted 6th September, 2007)


Twin Peaks in Gweru is looking for a husband and wife team. The husband to
be handyman/caretaker and the wife to supervise the restaurant.
A two bedroomed house, fully durawalled is available and animals are
The vacancy is available from 1st November, 2007.
Any further details can be obtained from Marie Pile.
Please send your CV: to
Tel: 054 223762 or 054 227996

(Add inserted 6th September, 2007)


Electrical Appliance Mechanic is required in Maroochydore, Australia, for a
commercial kitchen equipment installation company.
Ability to work under pressure, people skills, diagnostic ability,
understanding of PCB’s and components, pressure switches, elements etc.

Official qualifications and experience is required. Assistance to migrate
will be given if qualifications are acceptable and applicant is accepted for
the job.

Please contact Mrs Bown at 04 702402 (office) or: 023 316 739 (cell) for
further information.
No time wasters – please.

(Add inserted 28 August 2007)

Looking for work in Australia?
Australian Recruiting Pty Ltd is a national leader in the provision of
recruitment and human resource consulting services and is a wholly
Queensland owned and operated business which is staffed with leading
industry consultants.
We provide specialised recruitment expertise with local knowledge. Our
personalised friendly approach is backed up with skilled consultants and a
state of the art database that identifies both client and candidate
opportunities in the marketplace.
We partner with our clients to search for, attract, screen and appoint
exceptional people more effectively.
For a confidential appraise of the job market and work opportunities in
Australia, please contact Kerran Nicolle, Manager & Owner of the Sunshine
Coast Branch of Australian Recruiting.
Kerran ran a highly successful Agricultural Consulting Company in the
Chinhoyi District up until the end of 2002. He has now been in Australia for
4 ½ years. As an autonomous manager of the Branch or Australian Recruiting,
he is happy to communicate with any interested parties currently looking to
Australia to relocate.
Contact Kerran on:
                                    Work:   61 7 54453188
                                    Fax:      61 7 54456539
                                    Mobile:  61 400070526
(Add inserted 28 August 2007)


Looking for a mature book-keeper, mornings only excluding Fridays and the
odd Wednesday. Must be computer literate.

We off a fun working environment based in Highlands with a good remuneration
and fuel allowance offered.

Please contact:  Siobhan Hutchings on Tel: 443080/2 or 443088 or
Mobile: 011 410 347 or email:

(Add inserted 28th August, 2007)


.I have an immediate vacancy for a Dairy Manager to manage our 1000cow dairy
in Chisamba,  Zambia. This is a senior post and I am looking for a highly
motivated, experienced, professional person. Only high-calibre, suitably
experienced candidates will be considered. Experience of managing a large
dairy herd is ESSENTIAL. Total herd is 2500 animals. Tertiary education
would be an advantage but NOT essential.

1. 1000 milking cows.
2. TMR feeding system.
3. All silage/stock-feed is provided by Crops Manager so Dairy Manager can
focus 100% on managing the dairy
4. 40 x unit herringbone parlour.
5. 50km north of Lusaka.
6. Very attractive package.
7. Permanent/long-term position.

Please contact:-
Francis Grogan
Managing Director
Zambeef Products PLC,
Private Bag 17,
Tel:    +260977999001
Fax:    +2601213777

(Add inserted 28th August, 2007)


We require:
Good management skills
Basic computer literacy
Catering Experience (if possible)
The position would suit a husband/wife team and/or a displaced farming
couple without children.

A good package is offered in return.

Please contact::-
Tel: 495498 or mobile: 011 409 796

(Ad inserted 16 August 2007)


This position will require a more mature person over the age of 35, with
considerable mechanical and maintenance experience of ERF and Renault
trucks.  Would prefer a candidate with at least 5 years experience in this
same position, who would be able to manage the running of a fleet of
cross-border trucks.  Please send CV's to Mahomed Abdulla at

(Add inserted 13th September, 2007)


I am looking for either a houseworker/cook or gardener. The applicant should
be mature, experienced and either recommended by an employer or have recent
contactable references.
Excellent accommodation offered plus a good salary to the right person.
Please phone: 011 614 233 for interview.

(Ad inserted 16 August 2007)

Cook and Gardener
I am looking for a cook and gardener (preferably husband and wife team) to
start immediately. Accommodation is offered.

Please contact:  Glenn 011888214 or email:

(Ad inserted 19 July 2007)

Unique Own Business Opportunity

To the right person a rewarding opportunity exists to ‘operate your own
business’ in partnership with Zimbabwe and UK based businesses and a
Non-Profit Organisation.  No financial investment is required of you,
HOWEVER, this opportunity has specific requirements which would be your
contribution to the ‘partnership’.

Kindly Note:
This is not a ‘job’ - this is an opportunity to ‘operate your own business’
Self righteous religious zealots will not be considered
Timewasters will not be responded to

About Us:
We are a low-profile service orientated business (inc 1994) and
organisation, providing commercial services to the business community, and
strictly confidential services to private clients, and non-profit

The Partners
The partners adopt a philosophical approach to Life, believing in the
significance of an individual’s need to find their very own unique and
special purpose, and to then live out their personal dream.

About You
Business skills:
Excellence & proficiency in: secretarial & office practises, written &
spoken communication, computer skills (especially MSOutlook & File
Working knowledge of Company formation procedures
Basic knowledge of computer hardware (you know what’s in the tower)
Basic accounting experience - accounts are contracted out
Willing to learn LINUX

As the successful ‘partner’ person you will be self-motivated, and
competently & with dedication, carry out the daily activities, expand the
market of our services in Zimbabwe and further develop, maintain & operate
various Address Book data bases (Network Marketing).

Personal attributes:
You will possess and be able to practically demonstrate: personal
responsibility, a high degree of personal integrity and trustworthiness,
that you are a ‘people person’ with  compassion and empathy, emotional
maturity and stability. Good health and bodily disposition. Be committed to
staying....for the next year at least.  An added ‘feather in your cap’ will
be that you subscribe to the philosophy as expounded in the movie and book -
‘The Secret”

It goes without saying that you will be generously rewarded

Quo Vadis
Write an Email letter (attaching your Résumé) telling us sufficient about
yourself that we would be wanting to meet with you for consideration as a
‘partner’ in Zimbabwe.

Thomas Vallance ACIArb, Executive Director, PARADiGM Trust(Pvt)Ltd
Trust Executives & Administrator, Para-Legal Advisory Services
POBox HG750, Highlands, Email: []



(Add inserted 20/9/07)

Qualified in diesel and petrol.
Experience also on boats.
Had own workshop.
Requires position as Workshop Manager in and around Harare.
Contact: Vernon Cockcroft on Tel: 0912 272842

(Add inserted 13th September, 2007)

A mature man with many years referenced experience, mainly in administration
and security related management with various reputable organisations, seeks
a new direction in life.
CV is available and contact can be made through:
Mrs Parsons on Tel: 04 300514 or email:

(Add inserted 28th August 2007)


Mature man in his 30’s seeking employment in either Marketing/Sales or
Management. Preferably regional.
I am the holder of an IMM Diploma; Bachelor of Bus. Admin degree;
Certificate in Retail Business Management.
I am computer literate with experience in Word and Excel.
Please contact: Stan Mabika c/o email:

 (Ad inserted 16 August 2007)


I am mature lady with 14 years working experience in Administration and
Human Resources. I am currently working at the University of Zimbabwe in the
Human Resources Department. I hold A Bsc in Sociology from The University of
Zimbabwe and Certificates in Human Resources Management. I am looking for
employment either as an Administrator  in Human Resources. My contact is Mrs
Hove 011218590 or 333524 or 492348. My e-mail address

Employment Sought
 (Ad inserted 2 August 2007)

Position sought - Finance, Salaries and Administration.

Work experience
Currently serving as a Finance and Administration Officer for a regional
17 years solid work experience, 8 in the NGO sector.
NGOs, Embassies, Regional or International organisations preferred.
Current salary in foreign currency.
Clean class 4 driver s licence.

Diploma in Personnel Management.
Higher National Diploma in Accounting.
Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Finance.

Contact details
Juliah Murima – 04-2920769 home, 0912 699258 cell, 0912 405281 husband
Email or

For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact

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