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Tues 7 September 2004

      HARARE - President Robert Mugabe has instructed his ruling ZANU PF
party to cut all communication including informal contact with the main
opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) following the opposition
party's pullout from next year's general election, sources told ZimOnline.

      The two political foes broke formal dialogue in August 2002 but had
remained in informal contact giving hope they could still resume formal
talks to find a solution to Zimbabwe's fast deteriorating political, social
and economic crisis.

      South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki, who had tried to broker a
settlement between the MDC and ZANU PF, has consistently claimed the two
parties were engaging each other behind the scenes.

      But sources yesterday said an angry Mugabe had called off even the
informal dialogue that had been spearheaded by MDC secretary-general
Welshman Ncube and Justice Minister, Patrick Chinamasa who is also ZANU PF's
legal secretary.

      "Since the announcement by the MDC to suspend participation in
elections, informal contacts between the two parties have died down. Mugabe
instructed ZANU PF to stop all contacts," said one source, who asked not to
be named.

      Ncube confirmed that there was no more contact with ZANU PF. He said:
"They (ZANU PF) have reacted angrily to our decision and seem no longer
interested in keeping contacts with us. We had some contacts with guys in
ZANU PF on the electoral reforms but only until we announced our decision."

      Chinamasa said ZANU PF was now going to press ahead with electoral
reforms, "with or without the MDC in line with the SADC principles.

        "Tell me, how do you work with such people? Do you want us to kneel
down and beg them or spoon-feed them like young children? We were shocked by
this decision (to boycott elections) when we thought we had some people to
work with."

      SADC electoral norms and standards among other things require the
setting up of independent commissions to run elections. Electoral processes
must also be transparent while human and individual rights must be upheld
during and after elections.

      Informal talks between ZANU PF and the MDC had in the past few months
focused mostly on how to create a level political field ahead of next
March's crucial parliamentary election.

      The MDC accuses the government of being insincere in its promises to
democratise Zimbabwe's electoral laws. The opposition says that a new
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to be tasked with running elections in the
country will lack independence because its chairman will be answerable to

      The MDC also says it is impossible to hold free and fair elections
unless the government restored the rule of law in the country and ended
political violence. ZimOnline

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Zim Online

Bogus oil firms siphon US$113 million onto black market
Tues 7 September 2004

      HARARE - Bogus companies siphoned most of the US$113 million raised by
the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to pay for fuel onto the parallel market, bank
governor Gideon Gono told journalists yesterday.

      The money was raised through the foreign exchange auction system
between January and August this year. Gono said of the 70 private companies
that had been given hard cash raised through the auction system, only about
10 had fuel distribution networks.

      The rest were mere briefcase companies with no physical addresses let
alone networks through which to distribute fuel, according to the governor.

      The bogus oil companies instead offloaded the foreign currency
allocated to them onto the parallel market where rates are much high than on
the auction floors.

      Gono said: "Some have elected to make money out of disposal of the
foreign currency they would have accessed on the auction floor, instead of
importing fuel."

      The central bank governor, who blamed the Ministry of Energy which
registers oil companies for the fiasco in the fuel sector, did not say why
the bogus companies had operated undetected for so long or who was behind

      Gono, who spoke as fuel shortages worsened with most filling stations
across the country running dry, said the government was giving oil companies
48 hours (from yesterday afternoon) to account for the foreign currency
allocated to them since January. Companies failing to do so will have their
licences cancelled.

      In an emergency effort to halt the fuel crisis, Gono said the central
bank was disbursing US$10 million under a special fund that will be used to
pay for bulk fuel imports by mid this week.

      Zimbabwe's four-year old fuel crisis - itself the result of foreign
currency shortages - showed signs of worsening again two weeks ago with
filling stations across the country reporting that they had exhausted their
supplies or that they were selling their last stocks.

      Several filling stations visited by ZimOnline reporters across
Zimbabwe yesterday were either selling their last stocks of petrol or had
nothing at all. Nearly all the stations said they last had diesel two weeks
ago. ZimOnline
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Zim Online

Finance minister remanded in custody
Tues 7 September 2004

      HARARE - Zimbabwe's Finance Minister, Christopher Kuruneri, in jail
for allegedly siphoning hundreds of thousands of scarce foreign currency out
of Zimbabwe, was yesterday remanded in custody to 20 September.

      Kuruneri, who was arrested in April during a government crackdown on
corruption, is accused of illegally externalising 5.2 million rands, 34 371
pounds, 30 000 euros and US$582 611. 99. He allegedly used the money to buy
and develop properties in South Africa.

      Kuruneri, who is also ZANU PF's Member of Parliament for Mazowe
constituency was found in possession of a Canadian passport in contravention
of Zimbabwe's Citizenship Act which bars Zimbabweans from holding dual

      He has pleaded not guilty of externalising foreign currency saying the
money he used to buy properties abroad was raised through consultancy work
he did outside Zimbabwe.

      Another high-ranking ZANU PF official and top businessman James
Makamba is awaiting sentence on six charges of illegally dealing in foreign

      Several other ZANU PF-linked businessmen have fled to Britain and
neighbouring countries fearing arrest for siphoning foreign currency outside
Zimbabwe. ZimOnline

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Zim Online

Prostitutes, greed drag Warriors into Hall of Infamy
Tues 7 September 2004

      HARARE - The Warriors demanded a whopping $20 million each or else
they would have boycotted Sunday's World Cup qualifier which they lost 0-3
at home to Nigeria.

      The Zimbabwe national soccer team on Friday night also boycotted a
pre-match reception hosted by an international mobile company amid shocking
revelations some of the Warriors had slipped out of camp to hook up

      Some players also allegedly demanded VVIP tickets - which were selling
for $700 000 each - for their girlfriends to watch them play.

      The perennially cash-strapped Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa)
quickly moved in to avert the impending strike by conceding to the Warriors'

        "The players felt the $15 million we were offering them wasn't
enough and we agreed to give them the $20 million they wanted," Zifa
chairman Rafiq Khan told ZimOnline yesterday.

        "But the bottom line is that the players failed to deliver and they
won't get the $20 million bonuses each."

      Khan said the players would now only get an appearance fee, which is
$5 million per player.

      The embattled Zifa boss said a probe into the prostitutes issue had
been launched, although he declined to discuss the scandal further.

        "I can confirm reports have reached me that some players were
involved with prostitutes during camp, but I would only be in a position to
comment after the probe is complete," he said.

      A reliable insider says the foreign-based Warriors had also demanded
refunds for the costs they incurred in travelling to Harare for the

      The hiccups in camp clearly had an impact on the Warriors on Sunday,
when a Nigeria side that was not even at their best reduced them to mere
schoolboys still struggling to grasp the basics of football.

      Zimbabwe went into the match with an unbeaten record, trailing Nigeria
by a single point in a Group Four that also includes Angola, Rwanda, Algeria
and Gabon.

      But the humiliating 0-3 defeat left Zimbabwe, already with a remote
chance of making it to the 2006 World Cup in Germany, at the risk of missing
out even on the African Cup of Nations finals in Egypt.

      The team which tops in five of Africa's qualifying groups makes it to
the World Cup, while the top three proceed to the African Cup of Nations

      Zimbabwe now lie fourth in Group Four, although they have the same
number of points with third-placed Gabon who shocked Algeria 3-0 in Algiers.
Angola are now second after edging Rwanda 1-0 in Luanda.

      Rwanda are fifth while Algeria anchor the group.

      The Warriors were surprisingly a pale shadow of the side that had not
lost a match in three qualifiers against the Super Eagles. Zimbabwe held
Gabon 1-1 in Libreville, struggled to a 1-1 draw at home to Algeria before
coming out of Kigali with a shock 2-0 win over Rwanda that had revived the
Warriors' dreams of clinching the sole ticket to Germany in 2006.

      Although Nigeria trooped into Harare as favourites, the Warriors
failed to prove their mettle in a disappointing fashion that has been blamed
on the upheavals in camp. ZimOnline

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New Zimbabwe


      MDC needs to do more for Zimbabwe exiles

      Last updated: 09/07/2004 08:23:52
      IT is now common cause that Zimbabwe is presently reeling under the
side-effects of its worst political and socio-economic crisis ever.

      As I write today, there are no clear positive signals emanating from
the country. It is no wonder that one of the regime's most outspoken
critics, Archbishop Pius Ncube is quoted having said that with the way the
situation is at the moment, 'things can only get worse'.

      In response, millions of Zimbabweans have come to the realization that
the regime is determined to shut down all avenues towards their future
prospects. Millions have realized that there is totally no hope for some
positive change in the near future. The excitement that had been created by
the 2000 Constitutional Referendum results over the efficacy of a
non-violent transition towards a more democratic Zimbabwe has all but
completely evaporated.

      As a result of the foregoing, it is no wonder that millions of young
people have and still continue to desert Zimbabwe. Indeed, the past five or
so years has witnessed such a highly level of displacement that has no
precedent in our nation's history.

      This has led to an ever growing number of exiled Zimbabweans. At
present, the estimated figures are between four to five million. A very
astounding figure if one considers the fact that it is almost half the
nation's population of eleven million.

      This development has now led to a new word in the nation's political
lingo. That is, the 'diaspora'. Previously virtually unheard of, the term
has now become a part of almost every Zimabwean daily lives. The term refers
to growing exile community in South Africa, Botswana, Britain, United
States, among other countries.

      The regime has also realized the importance of this global community.
This was made even more evident when it dispatched Dr Gideon Gono to several
countries in July to promote the Reserve bank's so-called 'Homelink' scheme.
It was hoped that the scheme would bring the much needed foreign currency
that would be crucial in helping to prop up the nation's ailing economy.
Unfortunately for the regime, the exile community completely snubbed the
desperate measure.

      However it is fair to give credit to the regime for its high level of
opportunism and resourcefulness. The fact that they even attempted to seduce
the diaspora is an admirable feat in spite of its obvious level of

      But the same cannot be said of the MDC. The opposition party has
totally failed to harness the goodwill it enjoys from the diaspora to its
political advantage. It is a fact that most of the people who have left the
country in the last few years have a lot of positive attitude towards the
MDC. This may be in the form of some sympathy at the very least and support
at the very best.

      Lest I be accused of being unfairly critical to the opposition, I have
to state clearly that while I am not a member of the party, I feel obliged
as a patriotic Zimbabwean to proffer some advice to the party. I do believe
that if my advice is taken in good faith by the MDC, it will go a long way
in enhancing its strategy on an international level.

      I have been resident in South Africa since the beginning of the year
but I can confess that a lot of people I have met have been very critical of
the MDC's weak presence in South Africa. The country is home to the largest
fraction of the diaspora. That is, at least two million Zimbabwean are based
there, including Peter Ndlovu, our soccer genius!

      In his weekly message to the people of Zimbabwe, dated 17th August
2004, the MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai dwelt so much on the exiled
Zimbabwean community. The message bordered much on rhetoric and lacked any
clear strategic plan of some pragmatic engagement with the diaspora.

      At the very best, Tsvangirai seemed to be keen to assure the exiles
that his party was the ultimate source of political hope for Zimbabwe. At
the very worst, he seemed to be in an election mood, hoping to inspire some
exiles to try and vote for the MDC if it contests in the 2005 elections.

      After reading through the message, I felt convinced that Tsvangirai
and the MDC were more or less on the same par with Zanu-PF in terms of their
emotional interests with the diaspora.

      Like Zanu-PF, the MDC needs to change its attitude towards the exiled
community. It should not think of what political mileage it can get from
them only. It should also think how it can help the exiles rediscover their
sense of destiny and place in a futuristic democratic Zimbabwe.

      The MDC must realize that the majority of the exiles are struggling to
make ends meet. That given a choice, they would rather be back at home. But
even more importantly, the MDC must also address the skeptical elements who
have by now totally given up on ever returning to Zimbabwe even after the
much anticipated regime change. Some have even abandoned their national
identity and no longer want to be associated with the country in whatever
possible way. This scenario is more prevalent in South Africa where most of
the Ndebele people have legally changed their national identities.

      Unlike the regime, the MDC should come up with initiatives that will
seek to motivate the diaspora not to abandon their future hopes for
Zimbabwe. The party should seek to inspire Zimbabweans in exile to realize
that they still have the power to 'complete the change', however displaced
they may seem to be.

      Admittedly, the party has tried to devise an economic recovery plan.
(That is, RESTART) But I honestly feel that it does practically address the
role of the diaspora at all. As such, benign as it may seem, RESTART is
irrelevant to the present plight of the diaspora.

      I believe that the MDC should come up with a specific strategic plan
that will be used to woo the exiles. The plan would also serve as the basis
of all its international branches policies across the world.

      At present, most of their international branches have lost a lot of
active members because of their lack of a relevant and pragmatic policy
direction. Most of them merely wait for directives and visitations from
Harare. This is a very sad situation that needs to be addressed with the
urgency it demands.

      I suggest the following factors need to be taken into consideration in
coming up with a strategic plan for the diaspora:

      (a) An education plan - The MDC should try to assist exiled
Zimbabweans to further their studies on condition that they will eventually
return and be part of the reconstruction process in Zimbabwe. In particular,
they should come up with a serious scholarship programme for the exiled
youth and students.

      (b) A welfare scheme - The MDC should take a leaf from organizations
such as ZIPOVA that have come up with a food relief programme in
Johannesburg. The scheme will also address the medical needs of the exiles.
The other serious issue is that of repatriation or burials of deceased
persons. The MDC should use its branches to help people set up viable burial

      (c) A refugee crisis plan - The MDC must come with a legal initiative
that will seek to address the refugee rights of the exiled Zimbabweans. The
situation is particularly bad in South Africa where there is little sympathy
for the MDC cadres by the ANC government.

      (d) A diplomatic missions' initiative - the MDC should learn from the
liberation movements such as the ANC who set up their own diplomatic
missions abroad. It is about time, the party appointed 'shadow ambassadors'
that will help maintain a very high profile for the party at an
international level.

      (e) A strong Secretariat system - the MDC need to have not only
accessible offices but also well equipped staff members. The staff must
include a very vibrant information and publicity department that links the
party not only to the exiles but also with the international media. The
situation such as their Johannesburg office that is run by a single staff
member is a sad indictment on the lack of seriousness with which the party
values the role of the diaspora.

      (f) Stronger links with the media and civic society - there is an ever
growing number of websites and NGOs run by Zimbabweans in exile. There are
at least 20 Zimbabwean NGOs based in Johannesburg alone. On the other hand,
the last few years has witnessed a proliferation of Zimbabwean crisis
related websites.

      The MDC should come up with a strategic plan to find ways of
supporting these initiatives. This is an obvious platform the party can
easily use to reach out to the exiled community.

      These then are some of the ideas they can explore so as to become a
pragmatic and relevant party to the interests of the exiled community. It is
my hope that the MDC will move beyond the rhetoric of its weak weekly
message and strive to be an active part of the daily lives of the
Zimbabweans in the diaspora. The failure to heed this sound advice will only
spell disaster for its political prospects in the diaspora -
      Daniel Molokela is the National Co-ordinator of the Peace and
Democracy Project
      Johannesburg, South Africa. His column appears here every Monday
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New Zimbabwe

Spend it like Grace!

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 09/07/2004 09:38:01
ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace, has blown an estimated
£2,1 MILLION fortune feeding her insatiable love for shopping.

According to The Sun, Britain's biggest circulating newspaper with over 3
million readers daily, her biggest extravagance was blowing a cool £75 000
in TWO hours in Paris last year.

The paper named Grace in a list of spouses of the rich and famous who were
"big spenders", documenting how the 40-year-old former secretary to Mugabe
has "battered" the 80-year-old leader's wallet.

"Grace has managed to work her way through an estimated £2,1 million during
her frequent shopping sprees," the paper said.

"The biggest battering for her husband's wallet was when Gucci addict Grace
blew an estimated £75 000 in just two hours in Paris fashion houses during a
jaunt last year.

"And Grace's doting husband Robert - 40 years her senior - also splashed out
on a lavishly-equipped DC-9 airliner once owned by Playboy baron Hugh
Hefner, as a present for her."

Grace's lavish spending has been a major discussion point in Zimbabwe for
years. She has been to almost all the famous fashion houses in the world,
including Harrods in London which was her favourite stop before the European
Union barred her an her husband from travelling there over human rights

Grace is definitely in good company in The Sun's "merry wives of wonga"
list. Also listed is Imelda Marcos, wife of the late Phillippines dictator
Ferdinand Marcos. She reputedly owns 3 000 pairs of designer shoes.

Grace's indulgencies appear all the more vulgar in Zimbabwe where almost
half the country's population is in need of food aid.

Asked recently how she justified travelling to Europe to spend thousands on
Ferragamo shoes while her people starved, she replied simply: "I have very
narrow feet, so I wear only Ferragamo."

Grace began regularly commandeering jets from state airline Air Zimbabwe to
ferry her around the world on spending sprees, tearing out seats on return
flights to accommodate the spoils of her trip. The UK Daily Mirror
speculated recently that they are thought to have spent £200 million on jet

In London, Grace would insist on taking over a suite at the exclusive
Claridge's Hotel. Bodyguards in tow, she would cruise through Harrods before
piling her purchases into her chauffeur-driven Mercedes.

On one of her London shopping sprees Grace spent £40,000 in an afternoon. At
home the spending was just as spectacular.

Before the couple were married, Grace was embroiled in controversy after
using £500,000 of government funds to build a 30-bedroom mansion in the
capital Harare. She named it Gracelands, in honour of herself and her hero
Elvis Presley.

The High Court ruled the loans taken out on the property were illegal but
when Grace sold the mansion to the Libyan Government for £3 million in 2000,
she kept the profits.

A year after Gracelands was sold, Grace demanded that her husband start work
on a new £6million mansion outside Harare. And she went on a spending spree
to kit it out. The three-storey home was fitted with imported Italian sunken
baths and oriental rugs. It also has a swimming pool.
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New Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe elections and the terrorist factor

By Ralph B. Black
Last updated: 09/07/2004 08:36:48
IN the post 911 world, the calculus of democratic political processes has
been altered by the introduction of a new consideration - that of
international terrorism, disrupting and affecting the outcome of a national

The idea that terrorists can influence the outcome of an election or even
disrupt the political process of a nation has become less fanciful, as
witnessed in Spain and America.

American legislators and civic society have in recent months openly debated
the options available to the American people in the event that terrorists
attempt to influence and or disrupt the presidential elections in November
2004. However, for decades the citizens of emerging democracies contend with
the reality, that terrorists control and execute the critical political
mechanisms of a nation.

For these beleaguered nations, no viable options exist to remedy this
situation - except regime change wrought by the hands of the militarily
strong realist nations guided by the doctrine of preemption.

Zimbabwe is one such nation, where the critical mechanisms of the political
process; namely the electoral process, is firmly in the control of a
political party that has historically employed intimidation and terror as a
political weapon.

For contextual purposes a working definition of the term "terrorist" is a
highly sophisticated adversarial group or person, which employs terror and
or intimidation as a political weapon.

Since 1980 ZANU-PF has exerted undue influence on the electoral process. The
outcome of the 1980 independence elections resulted in a wave of post
election reprisals that claimed the lives of an estimated twenty thousand
lives. Every election there after has been attended by the use of
intimidation, violence and generalized terror.

When faced with the possibility of dwindling support, and the emergence of
viable opposition to its rule, ZANU-PF has resorted to violence,
intimidation and terror. The electorate has been subjected to threats, of a
return to the bush, and has been subjected to waves of unbridled violence
and terror. Against this background, the Zimbabwean people are expected to
participate in a general election in 2005.

Post 2000 and the emergence of the MDC, Zimbabwe has been divided into black
provinces and red provinces. The black provinces are predominantly ZANU-PF
strongholds whilst the red provinces are predominantly MDC strongholds. Over
the period of four years ZANU-PF has sealed off the black provinces from
opposition influence and has deployed Youth Militia, war veterans and the
Zimbabwean Security forces, in the red provinces to perpetrate acts of
terror against the civilian population - Taliban style.

To date, an estimated six hundred lives have been lost in politically
related state sponsored violence, whilst over 200,000 citizens have been
tortured. The population of the red provinces has been starved, tortured,
displaced, medical services have been disrupted, the environment plundered,
resembling scene's of the Darfur region in Sudan. An estimated 10,000 people
have died of starvation and malnutrition, amidst claims by ZANU-PF
leadership that food is available in abundance. Elected officials of the red
provinces have been subjected to unprecedented persecution, and in some
cases tortured, sodomized and murdered.

In the run up to the March 2005 elections, ZANU-PF has promised to unleash
intimidation and unprecedented acts of terror, for its political advantage.
With the threat of unprecedented terror being unleashed on the civilian
population and the display of the strategic intent to commit genocide, can
the reasonable man fail to identify the group that displays terrorist

What remains is debate as to what options exist to the Zimbabwean

Clearly, there does not exist a constitutional remedy to this unprecedented
challenge. Civic groups have advocated wide ranging action for a boycott of
the election to the execution of a civil disobedience campaign, including
but not limited to, encouraging the electorate to spoil ballot papers.

However, for latter option to be effective at least two-thirds of the
ballots cast must be spoiled render the election null and void. The MDC has
suspended all
participation in any election, claiming that the adoption of sweeping
electoral and constitutional reform will provide respite for the nation. In
the mean time, a certain known terrorist group continues to subject the
population to inhuman treatment and terror.

The Zimbabwean people have persistently, called upon the international and
regional community to apply pressure on the Zimbabwean regime to succumb to
the demands of the people for freedom. International measures are limited in
effect. Symbolic measures undertaken by the international community have
been more effective in the breach. Such measures as the financial sanctions,
travel ban and the arms embargo, have been circumvented by ZANU-PF. The
Zimbabwean government continues to trade with non complying states,
purchasing military hardware, fuel, electricity and has free access to the
regional market for its products.

Robert Mugabe recognizes that regime change is the prerogative of the
Zimbabwean people. What remains is for the Zimbabwean people to wake up to
this reality. For International sanctions to be ultimately effective, such
measures must be complimented by the action of the Zimbabwean society. A
participatory moratorium in the election process alone is not a sustainable
option. Too think otherwise is a tad bit optimistic. The Zimbabwean people
must adopt a proactive, pre-emptive frontal approach to the tactics of the

It is imperative for civic society; trade unions and political parties in
Zimbabwe to consider, more radical action to weaken the alliances of the
ZANU-PF led government and disrupt its plans. A declining economy is the
ruling party's greatest vulnerability and the opposition's greatest
strength. Signs of a recovering economy, will serve to weaken the support
base of the opposition, and reduce the pegs that civic society can hang
their hats on. The groans of
an impoverished nation threaten the regime. The further the collapse of the
economy, the greater the regimes concentration on matters of security and

Economic recovery under the rule of Mugabe will increase the apathy for
activist politics. To this end it is suggested that the trade unions should
embark on efficiently managed industrial action. The trade unions membership
base must be educated in the politics of go-slows, sit ins, lockouts and

Civic society must as a priority advocate a consumer boycott of the state
media, printed and electronic. Households must be encouraged to boycott the
payment of ZESA, PTC, and city councils accounts. The commuting public must
be urged to boycott public transport concerns. Education activist groups and
unions must urge students to boycott classes and in the case of technical
colleges, students must be urged to boycott National Strategic studies

Street demonstrations must come as a last resort. Once embarked upon, this
nonviolent strategy must be implemented without respite until the regime
unconditionally accepts the demands of the people. Recognition that the
coordination of civil disobedience campaign is the responsibility of civic
society, with the support of the political parties is imperative.

Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, are critical in the regime change formulation.
Zimbabweans in the exterior must continue to hold vigils and demonstrate in
foreign cities and capitals.

The objective of this collective action is to dislodge the terrorist regimes
grip on power and the lives of the people by cutting of the financial
support the regime relies apon. If the Zimbabwean people will not fight for
the right when they can easily win with limited bloodshed, if they will not
fight when their victory is sure, they may come to the moment when they will
have to fight with all the odds against them and only a precarious chance of
Ralph B. Black is Director of Communications and Public Relations for the
Association of Zimbabweans Based Abroad Inc.
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7 September 2004




At the weekend, we shall celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Movement for Democratic Change – a major force that has changed the political landscape of Zimbabwe and ushered in an era of active, multi-party politics in this country.


After 19 years of Independence and a de-facto one party state, the people turned their backs to empty calls for empty nationalism and declared that post-colonial Zimbabwe needed a new dispensation that enhances the ethos of the liberation struggle.


A long battle of wills began; a major clash of visions ensued, leading to a radical shift in the hearts and minds of the majority. Without a new vision, without a hygienic political beginning, without a vibrant and participatory society and without an innovative political leadership, Zimbabwe risks permanent disability.


September 11, 1999 shall remain permanently engraved in our memory as the day that changed Zimbabwe. On this day, the people took a bold and unprecedented decision to position an alternative political formation, an alternative political movement that represents the future. We are the agents of change. Our final victory is around the corner.


That we met momentous obstacles and challenges is beyond doubt. We withered the storm as we continued to march on. Five years down the line, I am happy to note that you remained focused on the objective. As a result, the world has accepted the MDC as an essential cog in the resolution of the political crisis in Zimbabwe. SADC now agrees with the international community that an election without violence and intimidation is a right for every Zimbabwean. SADC agrees that Zimbabwe needs a new beginning.


The myth of invincibility that has come to be associated with the Robert Mugabe’s regime has been shattered. Autocracy and tyranny under the mask of nationalism has been dealt a fatal blow. The principle doctrine of autocracy on which the Zanu PF dictatorship nourished has been smashed. The very foundation of Mugabe’s tyranny has been defeated. It is a milestone, indeed.


This is your moment. You must celebrate your victory. Through your participation, the final chapter in the history of the democratic struggle in Zimbabwe is being written. As we walk the last mile towards our freedom, no force will deny us our rightful place in Zimbabwe.


I know that there are great expectations from the nation. Our membership, our supporters and our sympathizers as well as the public are therefore eagerly awaiting a positive outcome of the final phase in this struggle.


We must congratulate ourselves as well as our civic partners on the occasion of this victory.  The victory is ours, born out of the collective sacrifice of the democratic forces. We have been vindicated.


As you are all aware, we have suspended participation in all forms of elections until the Mugabe regime puts in place mechanisms in line with a recent SADC electoral framework agreed to in Mauritius.


The challenge facing SADC rests on the implementation of the latest protocol on elections. SADC must prove that the region has teeth. SADC must push Mugabe to honour his word, and to do so early enough for us to have our elections in March. It is crucial test of sincerity on their part. Mugabe is holding SADC to ransom, soiling perceptions about the region and delaying SADC’s political advancement.


As Paul Berenger, the Prime Minister of Mauritius and the new SADC chairman said, the region expects to engage international, multi-lateral finance institutions and influential regional blocks with a single SADC voice soon after free and fair elections in Zimbabwe in March. The entire region is waiting for the regime in Zimbabwe to start moving in the right direction for the benefit of all, not the tiny nationalistic elite running the country at the moment.


The significance of the Mauritius declaration is that it confirms the illegitimacy of the regime and its partisan national institutions. The crisis in the country pervades all national institutions and can only be resolved through national dialogue.


We had a huge rally in Gweru on Sunday. The message from the people was very clear: Mugabe has three months to put his house in order. He must make use of that window of opportunity to correct the anomalies in our electoral system, identified and set right in Mauritius by SADC. Mugabe was part of that process. He must show us and demonstrate to the region that he is willing to move; to translate that spirit of Mauritius onto the ground.


We are ready to assist in this process, otherwise we shall have a scenario similar to what happened in Seke on Friday where the so-called election ends at the nomination court. SADC and indeed its new chairman does not expect the international community to seriously engage the region if Zimbabwe crisis of legitimacy is going to resolved in a manner that reflects the kind of farce that became of Seke at the weekend.


The onus is on the regime to play ball. They have no choice. They must end violence; they must end intimidation; they must open the space for the MDC on public radio and on television. They must place the running of elections in the hands of an impartial electoral body approved by the whole nation. As things stand, they are wasting time.


The regime must openly acknowledge the existence of a political crisis and allow for a smooth transition. A unilateral decision by Zanu PF will not carry the spirit of the Mauritius declaration. The cosmetic changes they are proposing are designed for the preservation of the pillars of dictatorship. Together we will not allow them the space to play games with the people’s mandate.


Unity and solidarity of the democratic forces at this critical stage will surely derail the regime’s strategy aimed at refocusing attention away from the fundamental issues. I must state that so far the democratic forces in the country must be congratulated for staying focused in-spite of attempts to divide them.


As the nation celebrates the fifth anniversary of the MDC, the challenge facing us is a daunting one. We are ready to start afresh. We need a new beginning. We need a new Zimbabwe. We pledge to work towards full employment. We pledge to create a situation where no one will ever go hungry.


We know that we cannot continue to apply cut-and-paste solutions to eradicate unemployment and poverty or even to overhaul our economy. We need a brand new engine. We need new drivers to lead a new team, drawing its players from all your social stations and sections of our displaced population.


May I sign off by reminding you that we are on a winning track. Together, we are driving the political agenda. Zimbabwe is on the verge of colossal change. Don’t lose out. Be part of that epoch.


Morgan Tsvangirai



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Preliminary Notice to Compulsorily Acquire Land

Notice is hereby given in terms of paragraph (a) subsection (1) of section
3 of the Land Acquisition Act (Chapter 20:10), that the President intends
to acquire compulsorily the land described in the Schedule for urban
expansion. A plan of the land is available for inspection at the offices of
the Ministry of Special Affairs in the Office of the President and Cabinet
in Charge of Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
from Monday to Friday other than on a public holiday on or before 4th
October 2004.

Block 2, Makombe Complex
Cnr Harare Street and Herbert Chitepo Avenue

Any owner or occupier or any other person who has an interest and right in
the said land, and who wishes to object to the proposed compulsory
acquisition, may lodge the same, in writing, with the Minister of Special
Affairs in the Office of the President and Cabinet in Charge of Lands, Land
Reform and Resettlement, Private Bag 7779, Causeway, Harare on or before
4th October 2004.

Minister of Special Affairs in the Office of the President and Cabinet in
Charge of Lands, Land Reforms and Resettlement.



1.  4107/2000.  Eddies Pfungari Properties: Salisbury:
The Remainder of White Cliff: 1 065,7090 ha



JAG Hotlines:
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  Vesting of land, taking of materials and
  exercise of rights over land

NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of paragraph (iii) of subsection (1) of
section 8 of the Land Acquisition Act (Chapter 20:10), that the President
has acquired compulsorily the land described in the Schedule for
resettlement purposes.

Minister of Special Affairs in the President's Office in Charge of Lands,
Land Reform and Resettlement.
Collection of Section 8 Orders for lodgement of Section 5 Notice objection
letters can be effected at the following address which is not given in the

Block 2
Makombe Complex
cnr. Herbert Chitepo Street/Harare Street
See Mr. Pazavakombewa
 1.  1539/69.  Richard Mark Chance & Jennifer Mary Appleby Chance:
Bindura: Hedleywood Estate: 4 526,8006 acres
 2.  6963/90.  Labaly P/L: Bindura: The Remainder of Trefusis: 2
563,5722 ha
 3.  175419/91.  Devt AID: Bindura: Nyamambara: 1 284,78 ha
 4.  1895/72.  W D C Reed: Bindura: Melfort: 554,17 ha
 5.  2507/92.  Duiker Investments P/L: Charter: Remainder of Hugos
Fountain: 640,4252 ha
 6.  9783/90.  Alta Coetzee: Charter: Subdivision 'A' of Uitkyk:
631,5263 ha
 7.  4913/84.  Beach Farms P/L: Charter: The Beach: 409,9595 ha
 8.  4399/54.  James Thomas Wheeler: Charter: Wildebeestelaagte:
1 000,14 morgen
 9.  11132/99.  Freitas Investments P/L: Charter: Kwesfontein A:
2 219,2387 ha
 10.  4276/67.  Iris Mary O'Neill: Charter: Vlakfontein Estate: 4
709,9470 acres
 11.  6210/00.  Navalphase Farming P/L: Charter: Duncanston:
457,8817 ha
 14.  1413/89.  Hoffmanrus Estate P/L: Charter: Nooitgedacht estate
B: 3774,7662 ha
 15.  7029/86.  Hendrik O'Neill: Charter: Gelukwerwacht A:
6772,4349 ha
 16.  6074/86.  Jan Hendrick Blignaut: Charter: Leeuwfontein:
284,7856 ha
 17.  5515/87.  L C M Farming P/L: Charter: The Remaining Extent of
Kuruman: 1 355,4998 ha
 18.  4298/96.  Hambrook Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd: Charter:
Ricefontein: 1284.7799 ha
 19.  4378/74.  Anthony Nicholas Brakespear: Charter: Philipsdale
Ranch: 2 331,4231 ha
 20.  1171/82.  Thomas Mattheus Lambert: Charter: Bordeaux:
856,5680 ha
 21.  1805/67.  Constantia Estates P/L: Charter: Lot 1 of
Subdivision 'B; of Antelope: 1 275,6815 acres
 22.  2710/92.  Hendrik Jacobus Smith: Charter: The Remaining
Extent of Schoongezicht: 642,3942 ha
 23.  2161/82.  Cornelius Johannes Nel: Charter: Buckenhill of
Tantallon: 626,5370 ha
 24.  2099/78.  Johannes Jacobus Smit: Charter: Subdivision B of
Jackal's Bank: 943,3236 ha
 25.  5464/87.  Brian John Coveley: Charter: Eton: 616,6930 ha
 26.  6111/86.  Philips Wine Cellar (Pvt) Ltd: Goromonzi: The
Remaining Extent of the Meadows Farm: 691,6411 ha
 27.  5294/88.  Nicholas Follitt Douglas Powell: Goromonzi: Madan
of Hillside: 120,2734 ha
 28.  9148/87.  Northfield Farm P/L: Goromonzi: Northfield:
676,6492 ha
 29.  4943/80.  Secuta P/L: Goromonzi: Remaining Extent of Melfort
Estate: 1 473,7273 ha
 30.  5629/80.  Howson Lands P/L: Goromonzi: Colga: 941,5774 ha
 31.  5397/85.  Chifumbi Enterprises (Private) Limited: Goromonzi:
Remainder of Chifumbi of Meadows: 552,1045 ha
 32.  4675/85.  Daniel Nicholas Smith: Goromonzi: Remainder of
Glenroy: 444,8080 ha
 33.  3979/82.  Glenlair Estates (Private) Limited: Goromonzi: Lot
3A Bally Vaughan: 364,0369 ha
 34.  6530/72.  Belmont Estates P/L: Goromonzi: Belmont Estates:
1 290,0036 ha
 35.  4072/86.  Chakanyuka Farming P/L: Goromonzi: Lawfield:
421,3826 ha
 36.  857/84.  Mildred Cecilia Douie and Rhoda Imelda Tibbs:
Goromonzi: Subdivision 'A' of Witness: 155,0298 ha
 37.  7577/96.  Allhallows Investments P/L: Goromonzi: Ruargo
Extrension A: 123,2262 ha
 38.  493/67.  Dodhill P/L: Hartley: Dodhill: 1 530,9300 acres
 39.  3439/82.  Haighton Farm (Private) Limited: Lomagundi:
Haighton: 889,0657 ha
 40.  2971/89.  J W Deale and Sons P/L: Marandellas: Remainder of
Progress Farm: 402,6191 ha
 41.  7496/86.  Landsdowne Estate P/L: Marandellas: Subdivision N
of Carruthersville: 2 621,4751 ha
 40.  8545/97.  Bita Properties P/L: Marandellas: Bita Estate: 1
973,8009 ha
 41.  7727/97.  Lowveld Leather Products P/L: Marandellas: Mlanje
of Roraima: 103,6086 ha
 42.  7755/89.  Chipesa Farm (Private) Limited: Marandellas: Chipesa
Estate: 1 597,2831 ha
 43.  6443/85.  Graham Christopher Graham Francis Douse: Marandellas:
The Remainder of Surrey Estate: 787,7386 ha
 44.  6013/58.  Gresham Farms (Private) Limited: Marandellas:
Remaining Extent of the Farm Gresham: 815,0116 morgen
 45.  5656/81.  Demetrios Nicholas Paliouras: Marandellas: Corfe:
1230,4710 ha
 46.  4673/89.  F N Heathcote & Sons P/L: Marandellas:
Mutoramandwe: 622,7279 ha
 47.  5282/85.  Fighill (Private) Limited: Marandellas: Newton
Estate: 552,6445 ha
 48.  5690/81.  Orion Investment P/L: Marandellas: The Remaining
Extent of Eldorado: 3 402,8647 ha
 49.  3175/78.  H J Baker (Pvt) Ltd: Marandellas: The Remainder of
Cotter: 1 138,8810 ha
 50.  554/78.  Amberley Estate P/L: Marandellas: Chikombingo of
Scorror Estate: 195,0302 ha
 51.  4392/73.  Hunthorn P/L: Marandellas: Subdivision J of
Carruthersville: 1 163,8009 ha
 52.  3646/76.  J L Pretorius P/L: Marandellas: Howgate Estate: 2
511,5693 ha
 53.  1733/02.  Chinwiri Farm (Private) Limited: Marandellas:
Remainder of Chinwiri: 1 224,9057 ha
 54.  7339/73.  Rufaro Bricks P/L: Marandellas: Rufaro of
Longlands: 1 303,4890 ha
 55.  6848/72.  John William Malzer: Marandellas: Branthingham
Estate: 703,2937 ha
 56.  429/50.  John William Malzer: Marandellas: Lynton: 3
127,4180 acres
 57.  1531/77.  Home Park Estates: Marandellas: Riverside of
Wenimbi Estate: 607,0143 ha
 58.  3744/85.  A Schoeman P/L: Marandellas: Tranquility of
Solitude Extension of Alexandra: 508,7063 ha
 59.  11393/00.  Mjange Properties P/L: Marandellas: Mjange of
Scorror Estate: 1 067,7898 ha
 60.  4391/99.  Bayvale Investments P/L: Marandellas: Camdale
Estate: 1 824,7973 ha
 61.  2144/66.  Merryhill P/L: Marandellas: R/E of Sheffield: 3
419,8610 acres
 62.  4328/74.  Chipadzi Farms P/L: Marandellas: Skoonveld:
648,8724 ha
 63.  3226/93.  Frances Elizabeth Milbank: Marandellas: Leeds: 1
332,2096 ha
 64.  6180/90.  Karen Kay Richards: Marandellas: Castle Combe:
375,7716 ha
 65.  1/96.  Claire Jane Hough: Marandellas: Remaining Extent of
Farm 7 of Wenimbi Estate: 651,2950 ha
 66.  1603/39.  Safari P/L: Marandellas: Eirene: 4
612,8153 morgen
 67.  7362/2000.  Ultracon Investments (Private) Limited:
Marandellas: Elim of Anwa: 405,0757 ha
 68.  10924/89.  Longlands Farm (Private) Limited: Marandellas: Lot
2 of Longlands: 545,7551 ha
 69.  2970/89.  Gladys Doreen Deale: Marandellas: The Remainder of
Subdivision 'A' of Longlands: 84,7155 ha
 70.  2988/80.  Gombola P/L: Marandellas: The Remainder of Machiki:
903,7271 ha
 71.  1358/80.  Christian Dewet Nel: Marandellas: The Remainder of
Endsleigh: 1005,2194 ha
 72.  7865/88.  Hercules Solomon Nel: Marandellas: Chudleigh:
1096,1261 ha
 73.  1823/94.  Christopher Michael Lampard: Marandellas: Vilendy:
859,9313 ha
 74.  6065/80.  Derek Richard Hinde: Marandellas: Killerton
Estates: 1 246,0267 ha
 75.  5406/88.  Silver Ponds P/L: Marandellas: The Remainder of
Keal: 816,1276 ha
 76.  6001/58.  Bolton Estate P/L: Mangwendi: Bolton: 3 429,3839
 77.  9125/95.  Sable Nominees Three (Pvt) Ltd: Mazoe: Edmonston:
2 472,7900 ha
 78.  2058/75.  Anglo American Rhodesian Dev Corporation Ltd.: Mazoe:
Mazoe Junction: 98,95 ha
 79.  1479/66.  Gerrit Cor Zee: Mrewa: Barrymore: 2 273,9496
 80.  7071/72.  Edward Beckett Hodgson: Mrewa: Paradise: 1
942,0450 ha
 81.  4480/72.  Chigori Farms P/L: Mrewa: Spes Bona Ranch:
879,9283 ha
 82.  980/87.  Rolf Jan Philip Walraven: Mrewa: Springdale: 1
432,2938 ha
 83.  5855/72.  Trico Tobacco Estate: Mrewa: Rupture: 1 332,7549
 84.  7838/96.  Bickerton Enterprises P/L: Mrewa: Klipspringer
Kop: 828,6241 ha
 85.  8931/87.  Stehpanus Kenneth Krynauw & JeaneaFlorence Dent
Krynauw: Mrewa: Highover: 1 090,3589 ha
 86.  1639/62.  George Sebastian Kriel Botha: Mrewa: Fairview: 3
528,0626 acres
 87.  7993/89.  Kilbride Estate P/L: Mrewa: Athlone Estate: 1
331,8683 ha
 88.  993/90.  Chirandu Farms P/L: Mrewa: Royal Visit: 1 308,0936
 89.  400/79.  Showers P/L: Mrewa: Remaining Extent of Dawn:
325,9052 ha
 90.  7294/74.  Gerrit Cor Zee: Mrewa: Hilton: 825,6834 ha
Que Que
 91.  3263/80.  William James Martin Henry Kaulback Que Que: Dunlop
Ranch: 7 229,6188 ha
 92.  2233/82.  John Harry Curtis: Salisbury: Keargeri of Alderley:
151,0721 ha
 93.  6051/93.  Albion Farm P/L: Salisbury: Albion Estate A: 1
335,5887 ha
 94.  7588/90.  Asgard Investments P/L: Salisbury: Kildonan:
636,3929 ha
 95.  4481/79.  Neptune Farm P/L: Salisbury: Remainder of Neptune:
283,0056 ha
 96.  8295/91.  T S Payne P/L: Salisbury: Nil Desperandum of the
Twentydales Estate: 571,3335 ha
 97.  4715/86.  Dunnottar Farm P/L: Salisbury: Braemar A:
818,3586 ha
 98.  7671/95.  Goodcrop Enterprises P/L: Salisbury: Remainder of
Enondo: 306,3192 ha
 99.  1409/98.  Adlams Rest Farms P/L: Salisbury: Adlams Rest
Estate: 831,0138 ha
 100.  5199/82.  T J Greaves P/L: Salisbury: Enondo B:
765,770 ha
 101.  890/63.  Glen Avon Farm P/L: Salisbury: Glen Avon: 3
174,7643 acres
 102.  1846/75.  Nelson Estates P/L: Salisbury: The Remainder of
Eyam: 531,3412 ha
 103.  744/94.  P N Wingfield P/L: Salisbury: The Remaining Extent
of Belvedore: 534,6912 ha
 104.  6565/85.  Guy Denzil De Wet; Salisbury: Cawdor: 655,2363
 105.  420/79.  Nyachidze P/L: Salisbury: Remaining Extent of
Nyachidze: 816,2183 ha
 106.  4055/73.  Chibvuti P/L: Salisbury: Chibvuti: 1
069,6483 ha
 107.  1663/63.  Saratoga Farm Successors P/L: Salisbury: Remaining
Extent of Saratoga: 2 628,8200 acres
 108.  5296/81.  Red Dane Dairy P/L: Salisbury: Marirangwe:
632,9454 ha
 109.  3667/95.  Farland Investments P/L: Salisbury: Thorndale:
644,0502 ha
 110.  2214/87.  Fels Estate (Private) Limited: Wedza: The
Remainder of Bristo Estate: 1294,4112 ha
 111.  5301/84.  Lille Farms P/L: Wedza: Fels Estate: 1 990,8475


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Today's Herald (3rd September 2004) lists Lot 4 of Notices of application
for confirmation of Section 8 Orders in terms of Section 7 (3) of the Land
Acquisition Act Chapter 20:10 (SECTION SEVEN NOTICES)

Today's Listings is a new list pertaining to 187 new farms listed for
Section Seven Notices.


TAKE NOTICE that an application for the confirmation of the acquisition
order issued in respect of the following farms has been filed in the
Administrative Court at Harare and that the Respondent and any holder of
real rights over the said farm are required to lodge their objections
within 5 days after the publication of this notice failure to which the
matter shall be set down unopposed without any further notice.

A copy of the application is available for collection at Applicant's
undersigned legal practitioner of record's address between Monday to Friday
from 8am to 4pm.

Minister of Special Affairs in the Office
of the President and Cabinet in Charge of Lands,
Land Reform and Resettlement.

Applicant's Legal Practitioners
2nd Floor, Block "A"
New Govt. Complex
Cnr Samora Machel AVe/Fourth St.

 1.  3972/88.  B K Cawood (Private) Limited: Beitbridge: Lot 9 of
Jopempi Block: 8 568,7173 ha: LA 4176/04
 2.  2104/90.  Jopempi (Private) Limited: Beitbridge: Lot 12 of
Jopempi Block: 13 100,1884 ha: LA 4092/04
 3.  453/60.  R Nagel: Beitbridge: Remaining Extent of Bea of Nuanetsi
Ranche A: 15 844,0004 acres: LA 4060/04
 4.  1847/01.  Maxville Farming (Private) Limted: Belingwe:
Shenandoah of the Umsungwe Block: 80,9359 ha: LA 4053/04
 5.  1338/59.  Moorcroft and Moorcroft: Belingwe: Remaining Extent
of Kromdraai Estate: 8 420,6127 morgen: LA
 6.  6846/87.  Lydell Farm (Private) Limited: Chipinga: Subdivision
A of Busi: 202,3392 ha: LA 4174/04
 7.  4636/79.  Jean May Gifford: Chipinga: Subdivision C of
Wolfscrag: 226,8702 ha: LA 4172/04
 8.  1483/73.  La Luce P/L: Chipinga: Lot 5 of Newcastle:
192,9829 ha: LA 4170/04
 9.  2971/75.  Gerrit Rynier Kruger: Chipinga: Brabant of Fortuna:
212,1852 ha: LA 4085/04
 10.  246/82.  Deborah Louis Odendaal: Chipinga: Remainder of
Wolveeldraai 'A' of Wolverdraai: 506,7511 ha: LA 4083/04
 11.  1076/86.  H N Orner Investments P/L: Chipinga: Gomondoni of
Canterbury: 214,1313 ha: LA 4100/04
 12.  2836/85.  Neville Hastings Baker: Chipinga: Lot 12 AB of
Middle Sabi: 135,8121 ha: LA 4165/04
 13.  4480/96.  Packwood Investments (Private) Limited: Chipinga:
Remainder of Dhleni of Hartbeest Neck: 429,2876 ha: LA 4166/04
 14.  2512/89.  Shydone P/L: Chipinga: Dingley Dell: 1
197,9161 ha: LA 4183/04
 15.  10468/97.  Makandi Tea & Coffee Estates (Private) Limited:
Chipinga: Small -Deel Estate: 1 804,6964 ha: LA 4110/04
 16.  3607/97.  Club House Investments P/L: Darwin: Everton: 2
765,0031 acres: LA 3823/04
 17.  1448/83.  Loch Nagar Farm (Private) Limited: Darwin: Mshawa
Estate: 404,3686 ha: LA 3791/04
 18.  2415/49.  Tuenen and Company (Pvt) Ltd: Goromonzi:
Subdivision B of Springs: 784,1256 morgen: LA 2755/02
 19.  3545/86.  Le Sur Dale Darms ((Private) Limited: Goromonzi:
Subdivision C of Weardale: 407,0908 ha: LA 4088/04
 20.  3545/86.  Le Sur Dale Darms ((Private) Limited: Goromonzi:
Lot 1 of Leicester of Weardale: 204,2259 ha: LA 4062/04
 21.  3545/86.  Le Sur Dale Darms ((Private) Limited: Goromonzi:
Remaining Extent of Weardale: 561,7382 ha: LA 4061/04
 22.  3519/01.  Shirley Jeanne Dock: Goromonzi: Remainder of
Oaklands: 117,3208 ha: LA 4102/04
 23.  3545/86.  Le Sur Dale Darms ((Private) Limited: Goromonzi:
Remainder of Great Bromley Estate: 515,4493 ha: LA 4182/04
 24.  3545/86.  Le Sur Dale Darms ((Private) Limited: Goromonzi:
Subdivision 'B' of Subdivision 'C' of Subdivision 'B' of Great Bromley:
132,2045 ha: LA 4057/04
 25.  3545/86.  Le Sur Dale Darms ((Private) Limited: Goromonzi:
Subdivision 'C; of Subdivision 'B' of Greate Bromley: 366,7643 ha: LA
 26.  3023/87.  Cecil Michael Reimer: Goromonzi: R/E of Stuhm:
583,1360 ha: LA 640/01
 27.  5262/59.  Patrick Noel Wingfield: Goromonzi: Lot 1 of
Belvedore: 919,6135 ha: LA 3272/03
 28.  5438/74.  Goromonzi Estate P/L: Goromonzi: R/E of Gorominzi
Estate of Liwonde: 1 073,0769 ha: LA 3369/03
 29.  3457/82.  Valarie Brenchley & Arthur Donald Brenchley:
Goromonzi: Tarisa of Sebastopol: 142,61 ha: LA 2926/02
 30.  3155/82.  Solomio Farms P/L: Goromonzi: Hofmoor Estate:
598,0956 ha: LA 3121/02
 31.  10585/97.  Clairson Investments P/L: Goromonzi: Ivanhoe:
610,36 ha: LA 1111/02
 32.  5322/90.  Afropol P/L: Goromonzi: Mwanza Estate: 416,57 ha:
LA 2740/02
 33.  4312/93.  Dorisdale Farming (Pvt) Ltd: Goromonzi: The
Remaining Estent of Hawkstone of Wychwood: 161,7500: ha LA 651/01
 34.  2831/81.  P J C Williams P/L: Goromonzi: Matsirirano of
Hillside: 494,54 ha: LA 2692/02
 35.  4440/93.  Paddock Farm P/L: Goromonzi: Paddock Portion of
Melfort Estate: 404,8465 ha: LA 2722/02
 36.  189/64.  Glenvon Farms P/L: Goromonzi: Marryland Estate:
600,36 acres: LA 3282/03
 37.  1949/68.  Ian Steward Cox: Gwelo: Adamantia: 4 517,6155
acres: LA 4177/04
 38.  2559/86.  Hester Antoenetta Mortley-Wood: Gwelo: Remainder of
Dewhurst: 1 357,3013 ha: LA 4175/04
 39.  1248/97.  Chrisgid (Private) Limited: Gwelo: Woodlands: 2
802,5028 ha: LA 4189/04
 40.  98/47.  Robert Basson: Gwelo: Farm 'Koppies' portion of East
Shangani Block: 1 100 morgen 201 square roods: LA 4087/04
 41.  211/65.  Freda Mary Kaschula: Gwelo: Remaining Extgent of
Subdivision 20 of West Gwelo Block: 1 961,8913 acres:
LA 4077/04
 42.  1014/71.  Walter James Avery: Gwelo: Gwelo Small Holding:
28 239,6509 ha: LA 4162/04
 43.  341/96.  Elsje Hester Herbst; Louise Antoinetta Erasmus;
   Anna Magdalena Van Druten and Hendrika Maria Griffiths: Gwelo: Good
Hope of Ghoko Block: 2 213,5004: LA 4180/04
 44.  3022/97.  Hollyland Farming (Private) Limited: Gwelo: The
Remainder of Lot 3 of Bushy Park 2: 3 946,8085 ha: LA 4152/04
 45.  1302/99.  Davis Granite (Private) Limited: Gwelo: La Rochelle
of Bendhu: 102,5431 ha: LA 4135/04
 46.  2107/70.  Colin Charles Barry: Gwelo: Ellangowan of Foxton:
1 000,0507 acres: LA 4185/04
 47.  2843/72.  Petrus Jacobus Van Der Berwe: Gwelo: Buda: 2
446,9736 ha: LA 4184/04
 48.  5508/89.  Christoffel Gideon Laurens: Gwelo: Subdivision A of
De Rust of Fallowfield: 1 027,8196 ha: LA
 49.  5032/75.  The Management Committee of the Local Authorities
Pension Fund: Hartley: Bosbury Extension of Oldham: 350,5871 ha: LA
 50.  668/75.  The Management Committee of the Local Authorities
Pension Fund: Hartley: The Remainder of Essex: 687,8972 ha: LA
 51.  3160/81.  Local Authorities Pension Fund: Hartley: The
Remaining Extent of Risboro A: 1176,8321 ha: LA 4223/04
 52.  5032/72.  The Management Committee of the Local Authorities
Pension Fund: Hartley: Remaining Extent of Bosbury: 1046,0072 ha:
LA 4219/04
 53.  2013/91.  William Jacobus Odendaal: Hartley: Remainder of
Railway Farm 12: 1 165,1929 ha: LA 3861/04
 54.  915/96 Lepricorn Estates (Private) Limited: Hartley: Shamrock:
646,5369 ha: LA 3265/02
 55.  5/86.  James Ross Goddard: Inzisa: Fern Creek: 1 443,6383
ha: LA 4089/04
 56.  770/65.  Hilltop Farm (Private) Limited: Lomagundi: R/E of
Hilltop: 2 473,9504 acres: LA 4143/04
 57.  5689/97.  G Beamish (Private) Limited: Lomagundi: Gravelotte:
3 494,9240 ha: LA 4080/04
 58.  1991/72.  Lomagundi Smelting & Mining (Private) Limited:
Lomagundi: The Remaining Extent of Subdivision B of Sinoias Drift:
242,0565 ha: LA 4071/04
 59.  10816/97.  Agro-Ecnomic Consultants Africa (Private) Limited:
Lomagundi: Morton: 526,3303 ha: LA 4036/04
 60.  4837/79 Central Livestock Company (Private) Limited: Lomagundi:
Remainder of New Burnside: 264,1540 ha: LA 4038/04
 61.  3544/77.  Christiaan Jacobus Jordan: Lomagundi: Remainder of
Mimosa: 404,6748 ha: LA 4124/04
 62.  4849/87.  Arthur Johannes Scholtz: Lomagundi: Euthopia:
441,8600 ha: LA 4214/04
 63.  4860/91.  PTA Farming (Private) Limited: Lomagundi: Bassett:
518,0221 ha: LA 4226/04
 64.  2274/80.  Pen Nicole & Sons (Private) Limited: Lomagundi:
Remainder of Hunyani: 3 356,2250 ha: LA 4220/04
 65.  733/92.  Span Farming (Private) Limited: Lomagundi: Dembwe
of Subdsivision L of Donington: 387,2800 ha: LA 4224/04
 66.  8897/71.  Geprge Alfred Pio: Lomagundi: Hare Field Estate:
858,8648 ha: LA 4216/04
 67.  2521/48.  Buckstone Estates (Private) Limited: Lomagundi:
Buxton: 854,4000 ha: LA 4218/08
 68.  5435/79.  Palmerston Estate P/L: Lomagundi: Lot 1 of Hunyani:
495,9508 ha: LA 4221/04
 69.  4859/91.  Nyararapinda Farm (Private) Limited: Lomagundi:
Nyarapinda Extension: 354,2500 ha: LA 4205/04
 70.  1767/99.  P E N Nicolle and Sons (Private) Limited: Lomagundi:
Lot 3 of Hunyani: 1488,2713 ha: LA 4217/04
 71.  7562/72.  Mawmae P/L: Lomagundi: Clydesdale: 1 442,4800 ha:
LA 4215/04
 72.  9794/97.  G P S Pope and Sons P/L: Lomagundi: Brendon:
574,6400 ha: LA 4222/04
 73.  1150/78.  Karna Estate P/L: Lupane: Lot 8 Karna Block: 4
541,0321 ha: LA 4093/04
 74.  5898/91.  J N Oosthuizen Enterprises P/L: Makoni: Farm 29
Fairfield Estate: 793,1357 ha: LA 4173/04
 75.  4240/98.  Farinya Farming Enterprises (Private) Limited:
Makoni: Lot 1 of Chimbi: 1 120,97 ha: LA 3894/04
 76.  6039/88.  L W De Klerk Van Rensburg: Makoni: Cavalla: 1
259,9380 ha: LA 4171/04
 77.  8057/86.  Kelvin Farm P/L: Makoni: Remaining Extent of
Halsted: 381,5081 ha: LA 4168/04
 78.  525/84.  Michael Ian Kelvin Freeland: Makoni: Lion's head:
776,2326 ha: LA 4188/04
 79.  11180/90.  Burl enterprises P/L: Makoni: Causeway of Tara of
Helensvale: 717,0436 ha: LA 4163/04
 80.  3018/73.  Adams Farms P/L: Makoni: Farm 2 of Lawrencedale:
797.4183 ha: LA 4161/04
 81.  12966/99.  Davel Farm P/L: Makoni: Lifton: 364,2043 ha:
LA 4160/04
 82.  10616/2000.  J G Delport P/L: Makoni: Fodiga: 353,4955 ha:
LA 4159/04
 83.  214/85.  Terrington Estate P/L: Makoni: Cold Stream Ranche
'A': 2 213,0980 ha: LA 4157/04
 84.  3495/88.  Freezing Point Estates P/L: Makoni: Sunrise: 1
112,2906 ha: 4181/04
 85.  6509/69.  Gorubi Estates P/L: Makoni: Adams Farm: 1
147,1482 acres: 4179/04
 86.  8341/96.  P J Morris P/L: Makoni: Farm 6 Fairfield: 1
269,0799 ha: LA 4150/04
 87.  6872/84.  FAR P/L: Makoni: Remaining Extent of Lesapi Cave:
1 062,7386 ha: LA 4155/04
 88.  791/87.  Lysiasdale Farm P/L: Marandellas: Milderbron Estate:
602,10 ha: LA 2337/02
 89.  1242/98.  Landsend Farm P/L: Marandellas: Lot 4 of Percyvale
Estate: 529,6308 ha: LA 2277/02
 90.  7727/97.  Lowveld Leather Products P/L: Marandellas: Clifton
of Roraima: 136,6800 ha: LA 2832/02
 91.  5187/84.  Magdalena Johanna Zwart: Marandellas: Buckingham:
1 247,3515 ha: LA 2846/02
 92.  3703/81.  Peter John Worsley Worswick: Marandellas:
Waterfalls Paddock: 307,7100 ha: LA 2822/02
 93.  6088/91.  Chipadzi Farms P/L: Marandellas: Bickleigh: 1
466,6515 ha: LA 764/01
 94.  2550/95.  Loujo Farming P/L: Marandellas: Lot 23 of Wenimbi
Estate: 630,4682 ha: LA 2278/02
 95.  2873/78.  Nyambuya Farm P/L: Marandellas: Nyambuya Farm:
649,2400 ha: LA 2921/02
 96.  6723/95.  Bemba Farm (Private) Limited: Marandellas: The R/E
of March: 487,0190 ha: LA 2845/02
 97.  1242/98.  Landsend Farm P/L: Marandellas: Lot 2 of Percyvale
Estate: 668,0841 ha: LA 2282/02
 98.  2939/53.  James Nigel Duff: Marandellas: Musi: 1 0902,42
ha: la 2834/02
 99.  4768/82.  Edmand Tadeusz Taezalo: Marandellas: Hull: 1
982,1900 ha: LA 2881/02
 100.  64/94.  Pepukai Enterprises P/L: Marandellas: Lot DE of
Dudley Estate: 98,8900 ha: LA 2829/02
 101.  1308/91.  J A Laphana Sons P/L: Marandellas: Revolt:
613,3029 ha: LA 2836/02
 102.  6780/71.  Rushfree P/L: Marandellas: Dombie Estate: 1
073,7600 ha: LA 2817/02
 103.  2140/69.  Warwick Farm P/L: Marandellas: Warwick: 1
745,5620 morgen: LA 3449/03
 104.  7255/88.  Petrus Gerhardus Botha: Marandellas: Goede Hoop:
433,3981 ha: LA 3271/03
 105.  2567/92.  Chanel Farms (Private) Limited: Marandellas:
Remainder of Subdivision A of James: 443,2087 ha: LA 3262/02
 106.  6088/90.  Jozua Bekker: Marandellas: Inandu: 683,59 ha:
LA 3342/02
 107.  1530/68.  Komani estate (Private) Limited: Mazoe: The
Remaining Extent of Glenara: 691,2097 acres: LA 4208/04
 108.  7167/95.  P Robaert-Morgan& Sons P/L: Mrewa: Craigielea
Estate: 768,2929 ha: LA 4213/04
 109.  508/90.  Zebec Farming P/L: Mrewa: Twist: 627,8277 ha:
LA 4212/04
 110.  4764/72.  Fantaisie Farm P/L: Ndanga: Hippo Valley
Settlement Holding 29: 120,062 ha: LA 4146/04
 111.  4722/98.  Yvonne Sharp, Clive Anthony Sharp, John Edmund Sharp
   Ellen Barbara Doyle: Nyamandlovu: "Carlsville" : 1
284,3602 ha: LA 4086/04
 112.  3493/00.  Theunes Farming Company (Private) Limited: Que Que:
Lime Ridge of the Main Belt Block: 1 564,0134 ha: LA 4089/04
 113.  2691/81.  Harold John Corbelt: Que Que: Bridgewater of the
Quantocks: 987,2561 ha: LA 4091/04
 114.  141/87.  Pavloma (Private) Limited: Que Que: Maryann: 3
419,8564 ha: LA 4090/04
 115.  3124/72.  Henry Swan Elsworth: Que Que: Kilkennny: 2
569,5570 ha: LA 4052/04
 116.  1279/89.  Derek John Louis Austen: Que Que: Lot 2 of
Matchebel: 258,4497 ha: LA 4144/04
 117.  2639/80.  H E Elsworth and Son: Que Que: Gabbari Extension:
2 589,1470 ha: LA 4143/04
 118.  2335/81.  Anthony David Graham Clarke: Que Que: Remainder of
Bon Accord of the Main Belt Block: 188,6096 ha: LA 4140/04
 119.  616/79.  Hilton Stewart Gifford: Que Que: Kabanga Ranch: 8
604,3602 ha: LA 4103/04
 120.  670/76.  Paul Redin Savory: Que Que: Remainder of Loozan
Estate: 2 733,7627 ha: LA 4051/04
 121.  3010/55.  G M Swan (Private) Limited: Salisbury: Karreeboom:
1 664,122 morgen: LA 4057/04
 122.  224/96.  Hortloac P/L: Salisbury: The Glebe: 669,1900 ha:
LA 4207/04
 123.  4909/03.  K G Mangenje: Salisbury: Remainder of Guensey:
743,8355 ha: LA 4210/04
 124.  449/94.  Danbury Properties (Pvt) Ltd: Salisbury: Lot 1 of
Mount Hampden: 413,0247 ha: LA 3448/03
 125.  8060/96.  Chezani (Pvt) Ltd: Salisbury: Chezani of Worsley:
240,1400 ha: LA 3457/03
 126.  1599/76.  Gloria Levy: Salisbury: Gloria Levy of Dover of
White Cliff: 104,7400 ha: LA 3378/03
 127.  4844/92.  Jim Bruk-Jackson Farm Property (Private) Limited:
Salisbury: Remaining Extent Subdivision B of Jonker: 300,2711 ha: LA
 128.  578/72.  Samuel Rahamin Levy: Salisbury: Lot 2 of United:
370,2822 ha: LA 3374/03
 129.  2301/94.  Allan Francis Munn: Salisbury: Remaining Extent of
Mashonganyika: 209,7241 ha: LA 3292/03
 130.  1320/79.  David H Wheeler: Salisbury: Calgary: 1 456,00
ha: LA 3129/03
 131.  857/84.  M Cecilia Douie & R I Tibbs: Salisbury: Subdivision
A of Witness: 155,30 ha: LA 3090/02
 132.  8170/2000.  Sigaro Farm P/L: Salisbury: Sigaro Farm:
873,3686 ha: LA 3626/03
 133.  5059/83.  Parsons Farms P/L: Salisbury: The Remainder of
Derry: 1 250,0724 ha: LA 3623/03
 134.  3774/96.  J F Rhom P/L: Salisbury: Tweespruit of Mtsike:
321,8800 ha: LA 2828/02
 135.  5016/74.  Martinus Stehpanus Beatrice Bolt: Salisbury:
Colandne of Dryton: 1 485,6100 ha: LA 2821/02
 136.  6269/97.  Cigar Investments P/L: Salisbury: Denmark: 6
926,9200 ha: LA 2848/02
 137.  7929/87.  Good Return Investments P/L: Salisbury: Rudolphia:
802,0700 ha: LA 2910/02
 138.  681/97.  Grainsby Farming P/L: Salisbury: S/D A of
Nyarigondo: 404,78 ha: LA 3280/03
 139.  449/94.  Danbury Properties (Pvt) Ltd: Salisbury:
Subdivision A of Mount Hampden: 102,9888 ha: LA 3445/03
 140.  8170/2000.  Eastwood & Cocker: Salisbury: Remaining Extent
of Sigaro: 873,3686 ha: LA 3444/03
 141.  3929/92.  T Caine P/L: Salisbury: Edinburgh of Nyatsime
Ranch: 1 470,64 ha: LA 3516/03
 142.  983/96.  Welgetroos Estate P/L: Salisbury: Middlewater:
214,31 ha: LA 3608/03
 143.  418/76.  Sarel Du Plessis Meyer: Salisbury: Remainder of
Voorspoed: 357,1003 ha: LA 3612/03
 144.  7611/90.  Airport Game Park P/L: Salisbury: Remainder of
Rocky Farm A of Arlington Estate: 394,2123 ha: LA 3595/03
 145.  6847/00.  Addon Investments P/L: Salisbury: Hesslewood of
Subdivision of A of Glenara: 28,3000 ha: LA 1036/02
 146.  1570/81.  Peter Samuel Warren Kileff and Hazel Ellen Kileff:
Salisbury: R/E of Nyarakuru: 600,5385 ha: LA 1001/02
 147.  9495/90.  Innislaoide Pvt Ltd: Salisbury: Devonia: 914,73
ha: LA 2774/02
 148.  4973/86.  Chakanyuka Farming P/L: Salisbury: Thorn Vlei:
857,060 ha: 3019/02
 149.  1488/79.  Daniel Johannes Ferreira: Salisbury: Malleny:
510,75 ha: LA 2727/02
 150.  509/78.  Auks Nest Farm P/L: Salisbury: Stilton: 704,06
ha: LA 2736/02
 151.  43/71.  Erens Hendrik Nieuwoudi: Salisbury: Stilfontein:
751,5000 ha: LA 2899/02
 152.  4308/73.  Mayfield Farm (Pvt) Ltd: Salisbury: Mayfield
(Salisbury): 741,9900 square meters: LA 2860/02
 153.  3885/82.  Alan John Sutart Dunn: Salisbury: Maas Plein: 1
297,3236 ha: LA 2927/02
 154.  5167/70.  G M Swan P/L: Salisbury: Hockies: 1 904,8939
acres: LA 2900/02
 155.  7248/86.  Sherwood Tobacco Estate (Pvt) Ltd: Salisbury:
Ellandale: 614,6700 ha: LA 3105/02
 156.  7477/73.  Abraham Petrus Louw Van Niekerk: Salisbury: Lushof
of Shanghaini: 428,2600 ha: LA 3118/02
 157.  1315/93.  Burney Investments (Pvt) Ltd: Salisbury: R/E of
Little England: 5 065,7106 ha: LA 1363/02
 158.  5003/72.  Thomas Willar: Salisbury: Dunluce: 625,2600 ha:
LA 2802/02
 159.  3157/95.  Seso Emterprises P/L: Salisbury: Chito of
Sebastopol: 49,1300 ha: LA 3107/02
 160.  2925/86.  N J du Plessis: Salisbury: Lisbon Extension:
49,400 ha: LA 2924/02
 161.  1588/58.  Kilworth Estates: Salisbury: Kilworth Estate:
689,0379 morgen: LA 1998/02
 162.  6644/81.  Theun Gert Coetzee: Salisbury: Sanctuary: 385,87
ha: LA 3071/02
 163.  5922/91.  A J S Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd: Salisbury: Mnaku: 1
510,0413 ha: LA 2754/02
 164.  4557/72.  Andy Green P/L: Salisbury: Glen Avon: 708,34 ha:
LA 2742/02
 165.  2050/94.  Gordonsbury P/L: Salisbury: Voorspord: 663,9100
ha: LA 1728/02
 166.  1530/68.  Komani Estate P/L: Salisbury: Komani Estates: 2
900 ha: LA 4208/04
 167.  9870/99.  Crowke Farming P/L: Salisbury: Retreat: 701,30
ha: LA 2320/02
 168.  799/84.  Anthony Stephen Turner: Salisbury: The Remaining
Extent of Glen Forest of Borrowdale Estate: 149,0329 ha: LA 2783/02
 169.  5922/91.  A J S Enterprises (Private) Limited: Salisbury:
Didcot: 1 432,9818 ha: LA 2769/02
 170.  2024/91.  Harwen Farm Pvt Ltd: Salisbury: Harwen: 658,21
ha: LA 2758/02
 171.  1067/96.  Allan Grange (Private) Limited: Sipolilo: Allen
Grange: 3 098,8100 ha: LA 4206/04
 172.  4575/88.  Tengwe Estates (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Fumeira
Estate: 582,5291 ha: LA 4167/04
 173.  4196/90.  Ropet Investments (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Lot
1 of Nassau Estate: 1 011,7106 ha: LA 4187/04
 174.  7782/88.  D M Younghusband (Private) Limited: Urungwe:
Foliot: 1 254,8864 ha: LA 4081/04
 175.  4492/2000.  Ruggick Investments (Private) Limited: Urungwe:
Kemasembi: 281,87765 ha: 4156/04
 176.  8510/71.  Renedzvous Estate (Private) Limited: Urungwe:
Remainder of Subdivision A of Coldomo of Nassau Estate: 991,9841 ha
 177.  812/89.  D A Duvenage (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Tengwe 61:
513,1443 ha: LA 4151/04
 178.  4089/85.  H A Blignaut (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Remainder
of Blockley of Nassau Estate: 866,9527 ha: LA 4148/04
 179.  7058/96.  Danasha Farming P/L: Urungwe: Tinhini: 448,1462
ha: LA 4154/04
 180.  8631/88.  M Liebenberg (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Tengwe
55: 273,3247 ha: LA 4186/04
 181.  1236/84.  Christiaan Johannes Botha: Urungwe: Richard:
971,8728 ha: LA 4037/04
 182.  987/84.  Margret Cornelia Botha: Urungwe: Dunkirk: 1
313,6400 ha: LA 3115/02
 183.  658/87.  Richard Seager Wedza: Lot 1 of Una: 606,99ha: LA
 184.  6908/90.  Riverbend Estate P/L: Wedza: Bally David A:
304,53 ha: LA 3072/02
 185.  1359/65.  Frederick Jacobus Ketze: Wedza: Kuatora: 3
039,8700 ha: LA 2882/02
 186.  6191/93.  N C Tapson Properties P/L: Wedza: Dean: 1341,00
ha: LA 2819/02
 187.  5102/70.  Iamba Farms (Private) Limited: Wedza: Ifudu
Estate: 3 278,07 acres: LA 3276/03



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JAG OPEN LETTER FORUM 6th September 2004

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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."
 --- Albert Einstein


Letter 1.  Pius Ncube in talks with Prince Charles over Zim

Independent 3rd September 2004
Gift Phiri

OUTSPOKEN Bulawayo Archbishop Pius Ncube secretly met Prince Charles and
briefed him about Zimbabwe's deepening economic and social crisis, the
Zimbabwe Independent heard this week. Archbishop Ncube, a fierce critic of
Mugabe, met the Prince of Wales in July at his London residence where he
told the heir to the British throne that Mugabe was slowly joining the
elite squad of tragic-comic African dictators.  Prince Charles was told
about Mugabe's obsession with arming soldiers to fortify his rule when
Zimbabwe was mired in unprecedented poverty, hunger and disease. The
meeting was kept under wraps by the British Foreign Office ostensibly
because of its potential to spoil relations between the Royal Family and
Harare. Ncube this week confirmed the meeting but emphasised that Prince
Charles did not want the get-together to be publicised. "It's true I did
meet him but he did not want it reported on." said Ncube. "I told him about
the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe but he was well informed.  He
expressed his sadness and stated that he was the one who handed the
leadership to Mugabe (at Rufaro Stadium in April 1980)." Mugabe has accused
Archbishop Ncube of joining hands with the former colonial power in a
"satanic" double effort to oust him from power. Addressing mourners at the
funeral of former governor Mark Dube last month Mugabe said: "Dube would
never have gone to Britain to invite Blair to please come and invade his
motherland, in the same satanic way Archbishop Pius Ncube and his
opposition colleagues are doing repeatedly today." However, Ncube said he
was prepared to die defending the rights of the voiceless in the country.
"People are suffering and as long as they continue suffering I am going to
talk," Ncube said.  "I can't stop talking because it is a God-given duty
that the Church must talk when people are suffering.  But I have never
advocated violence." Ncube said he told the Prince of Wales about
inflation, high unemployment, a burgeoning HIV/Aids crisis and hunger. The
cleric also told Prince Charles about Mugabe's misplaced priorities such as
equipping the army instead of ensuring that people are well fed. He also
briefed him on the lawlessness currently pervading the country.

Letter 2.  Help to Locate

On behalf of a friend, Charles Church in RSA, we are trying to find
addresses for the following :

Andrew Staunton - of Enterprise District
Jerry Bester - of Triangle
Paul Spear - of Harare

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

John Sawyer email as above or Harare 744247 091 362 302
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of the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice
for Agriculture.


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