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Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2000 11:31 PM
Subject: Fwd: [Indaba] TV interview with Zimbabwe Ambassador.

Someone I know who lives in America wrote this letter to me today:

What is needed in Zimbabwe, is an immediate airlift out for any whites who want to leave. There is no time to waste.
Write to your local paper or the big nationals, contact TV stations by telephone, anything that'll get the ball rolling.
Tonight, Anne saw the Zimbabwean Ambassador being grilled on TV about the shocking state of affairs in Zim. He lost it and went kaffir, yelling that it was all the fault of the British. He yelled that Britain had just walked into their country and took over land and that all Zimbabweans are doing is taking back what is theirs. He was asked, by a black interviewer, why land, confiscated years ago, has not been farmed but just ruined, when it was prime farmland.

"I don't care", he screamed, "we can do with it what we want to do with it".

Next question: "What happened to the Four Hundred Million given to Zimbabwe by the British twenty years ago ? That was meant to assist black farmers and they have done nothing".

"I don't know, that's not the point", was the reply.

He was asked why Mugabe has defied a court ruling, ordering the squatters off the land.
He yelled back.."Your courts ruled that the Cuban kid should be sent back to Cuba and your President is not enforcing that ruling....stay out of our affairs. Comrade Mugabe is right.
I was a freedom fighter and fought for that land".

They then cut him off, still yelling and his eyes bulging. I mean, he just went ape, according to Anne.
I guess the whole of America knows what a kaffir is now.

As most of the Rhodesians had Scottish heritage, it is Britain that should really jump into action and, tonight.

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