1 000 prepaid water meters installed

Source: 1 000 prepaid water meters installed | Sunday Mail (Local News)

Sunday Mail Reporter

THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has installed 1 000 prepaid water meters around the country as part of plans to connect 35 000 units by year-end.

A total of 8 000 new installations are expected in the next few weeks, as ZINWA intensifies the programme.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, ZINWA corporate communications and marketing manager, Mrs Marjorie Munyonga, said the prepaid meters will be installed for free for now.

“ZINWA has indeed started rolling out prepaid water meters in the places and areas that it provides services. These are small towns, growth points and rural service centres. At least 1 000 meters have since been installed targeting new clients, clients without meters and clients with high consumption.”

The meters are envisaged to improve revenue collection, regulate water consumption and ensure accurate billing for consumers.

“A further 8 000 meters are expected in the country in the coming few weeks to give more impetus to the exercise,” said Mrs Munyonga.

“ZINWA is quite pleased with the acceptance of the concept. In this initial phase, ZINWA is installing the meters, including replacing the old post-paid meters without asking clients to pay anything. There will not be any changes to the tariff structure. Those on the prepaid system and those still on the post-paid system will pay the same tariffs”.