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13th fire guts Glen View 8 complex

Source: 13th fire guts Glen View 8 complex | Daily News

Glen View 8 home industry complex in Harare was, this Tuesday, gutted by yet another fire whose cause is still unknown.
The fires, which have now become a yearly occurrence, destroyed thousands of dollars’ worth of furniture and equipment.

There have been 13 fires that have so far broken out at the complex over the years since operations started. In an interview with the Daily News at the complex, informal sector committee deputy chairperson Denford Ngadziore said the city has a document ready on what they want to be done at the complex to prevent any more fires and damage.

“There are a lot of measures that we want to undertake at the complex and firstly it is to widen the road leading to the complex so that at least when the fire brigade comes, it can access the place. Secondly, we want to put fire hydrants in the place because there is no water point in the complex,” Ngadziore said.

One of the carpenters Passmore Chihwai said the issue with the complex is not about stopping fires but of making it a place that people can trade freely. “We have been in meetings with other carpenters and they agreed to start paying directly to the council,” Chihwai said.