2 000 treated for typhoid in Gweru

2 000 treated for typhoid in Gweru

Source: 2 000 treated for typhoid in Gweru | Daily News

HARARE – More typhoid cases are being recorded in Gweru with nearly 2 000 people having been treated so far with the diseases.

According to the ministry of Health surveillance report on typhoid, 1 943 suspected cases had been reported as at September 8.

The report comes at a time when the cholera outbreak which started in Harare’s Glen View and Budiriro suburbs has spread to four other provinces in less than one week.

“A cumulative total of 16 cases were confirmed all being resistant to Ciprofloxacin but sensitive to Azithromycin and Ceftriaxone. One more case was confirmed from Chiredzi. Another case confirmed by Cimas earlier during the outbreak was not sent for confirmation,” read part of the report.

The report noted that most suburbs of Gweru were affected by the typhoid and the majority of them were from Mkoba 13 to 20.

Women aged between 15 and 24 years of age were the most affected with 242 cases compared to men of the same age were 160 cases were recorded in August.

At the height of the outbreak, Gweru Residents Forum director Charles Mazorodze reported that 1 000 cases had been recorded at Mkoba 1 poly clinic in less than three

He added that in July there was a time when council conducted a citywide shutdown in order to clean the water tanks at the Kopje Range Booster.

Mazorodze, however, said the cleaning did not occur as council employees forgot to clean the pipes and ended up pumping water with the residue to residents.

“Management have reports that some people might have used water from wells contaminated by Ecoli and sewage in Mkoba 19. There are also some claims by council that Mkoba 19 and 20 have alternating days were faecal matter is tested in some boreholes,” he said.

Gweru’s Mkoba high density suburbs are indiscriminately subjected to water rationing exercises by council despite the population density in the area.

Another issue is that the city only has one refuse truck to service the whole of Gweru leaving some areas with garbage collection for over one month.