A prayer for Idai victims this Easter

Source: A prayer for Idai victims this Easter | Daily News

EASTER, also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, this having occurred on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary.

Remembering the resurrection of Jesus is a way to renew daily hope that we have victory over sin.

As for Zimbabweans this year, we hope we will spiritually help our brothers and sisters in hard hit Cyclone Idai areas of Chipinge, Chimanimani and Masvingo. Only Jesus is our refuge and strength in times of such calamities.

We should also pray to our compassionate God who is the source of all comfort that He blesses all those who are working hard to save lives under unimaginable circumstances; the nurses, doctors, humanitarian staff, soldiers and all the volunteers.

Let us ask God to strengthen all aid partners already at work and give them the access they need to reach displaced people and provide more funding so they can provide more help.

As a devoted Christian and like many others, it is important that as Easter follows a period of fasting, we devote all our prayers and energy to these victims.

I hope many churches will set aside time for remembrance this Easter as this is a very significant date
within Christianity and is the foundation of the Christian faith.

It is through prayer that we can bring God’s glory so that He helps devastated communities so they move on to new days.
Something inside, so strong, causes us to sing and pray as Zimbabweans because we feel there is a sense of God’s present love and action.

We will pray that God has mercy on these lands where the weather has destroyed livelihoods and hoping that those left behind rebuild their houses, their shattered lives make meaning and that they may face the future without fear.

Jesus, the Son of God, fulfilled prophecy and through His death, has given the gift of eternal life in heaven to those who believe in His death and resurrection.

Thus for all those who lost their lives in this recent disaster we pray that they are blessed with eternal life.
For those survivors who lost dear ones, I would like to say to you that “the season of the growing sun” or indeed ‘‘the season of new birth’’ is upon you in these difficult times.

We are in prayer with the survivors, those people who wondered for days across difficult terrain, of bodies weary with sickness, hunger and thirst; we pray for deep rest and more food and medicines to help them heal.

While generally for others Easter is observed traditionally through the collection and purchase of the Easter bunny, coloured eggs, gift baskets or flowers, I challenge Zimbabweans to do the
noble thing and help those hit by Cyclone Idai through donations of food, clothes and medicines.

Our prayers must continually be with those left behind to face the trauma of losing a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter and grandfather/mother.
We should not forget them because they are hungry, thirsty, sick, naked and estranged.

And in conclusion I encourage all Zimbabweans to comfort all who have missing loved ones and for those who have had their worst fears realised.

Let us come together this Easter and comfort all who have lost their homes and everything they owned; sheep, goats, cattle, pigs and chickens.

Because even in the midst of crisis there is a growing faith that we are not alone! (Kasiyamhuru is president of ZIPP)