Amateurish ZBC propaganda ridiculous

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We all know that working at the state media one has to sing for their supper. But ZBC’s Robson Mhandu went above and beyond the call of duty.

During the live broadcast of the body viewing ceremony, Mhandu, who strangely called the ceremony an “exercise”, gushed over Mnangagwa’s benevolence.

Mhandu praised Mnangagwa for allowing the body-viewing ceremony of the former president which he said was something never witnessed before in the country.

Muckraker would like to remind the excitable Mhandu that it has never happened before because the country has only had one leader since 1980, which kind of
makes it impossible for there to be a precedent.

It is such naivety that ensures that ZBC remains bottom of the pile when it comes to broadcasting standards.

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    ace mukadota 1 year ago

    But the Herald and ZBC have won many international accolades I am told comrades.
    They are reporters of note -pamberi ne ZANUPF – then we are guaranteed to have no power, water, education, health care, money or future. But we are free at long last !
    ZW, where the comedy show rolls on …..

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    Cynical 1 year ago

    I think all the reporters receive their training in North Korea.