Angry war vets tear into Mugabe

Angry war vets tear into Mugabe

Angry war vets tear into Mugabe

Source: Angry war vets tear into Mugabe | Daily News

HARARE – Angry war veterans yesterday launched a stinging attack on President Robert Mugabe with similar echoes to their infamous communiqué of last year before claiming that they had formed a revolutionary council to take over the affairs of Zanu PF ahead of next year’s elections.

This came out of a joint meeting of ex-combatants from former Zanla and Zipra liberation war fronts who waged a debilitating armed struggle against the Rhodesian minority.

Yesterday, the ex-combatants said they had fired Mugabe from the ‘‘original Zanu PF’’ while claiming rights to the party’s assets, including the towering multi-story party national headquarters located in Harare.

“We are stating in no uncertain terms that we have completely disowned Mugabe. He is no longer one of us. With immediate effect, we are in complete defiance of his leadership of the revolutionary Zanu PF. We are claiming our party and its assets.

“He (Mugabe) is free to go and form his G40 party with his receptionist-cum-wife and the G40 cabal. If he wants, he can resuscitate his Frolizi (Front for the Liberation of Zimbabwe) since that was his original and real party,” said Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda while addressing a press conference in the capital, at the end of yesterday’s meeting.

Matemadanda also claimed they had expelled Grace, along with Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, secretary for Information Communication Technology (ICT) Jonathan Moyo, national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo and politburo member Patrick Zhuwao, who is also Mugabe’s nephew.

“A revolutionary council/dare rechimurenga chechina/inkundla yomuzabalazo owesine has been formed to guide the revolutionary party in the interim. We shall be regrouping in the next few days to announce the leadership structure of that revolutionary council.

“We state categorically that  . . . Mugabe is deceitful; he was never revolutionary. Instead, he is a poster boy for the British South African Company (BSAC) principles that he pretends to hate. He is its darling; hence his knighting by the Queen and his support for the G40 cabal that is sponsored by the remnants of the BSAC.

“As war veterans, we are clear that we are fighting Mugabe and his dynastic cabal that have captured the revolutionary party and in the process have led to an economic meltdown and the general suffering of the people of Zimbabwe,” added Matemadanda said.

The war vets have been backing sacked former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe.

Last year, they issued a scathing communiqué on Mugabe and announced that they had severed their relationship dating back to the days of Zimbabwe’s 1970s liberation war.

In that communiqué,  the war veterans also said pointedly that Mugabe’s continued stay in power was now a stumbling block to the country’s development, adding almost maliciously that the nonagenarian would be “a hard-sell” if he ever contemplated contesting next year’s elections.

Mugabe responded by warning them that they would be dealt with severely, including through the use of extra-judicial suppression methods that his former liberation movement incorporated during the country’s independence war — such as incarcerating dissenters in inhuman dungeons where they were forced to live like caged rats.

After this, police duly launched a savage crackdown against the war vets leadership and arrested five officials, including Matemadanda.

Over the years, war veterans have served as Mugabe and Zanu PF’s political power dynamos, playing particularly significant roles to keep the nonagenarian on the throne in the hotly-disputed 2000 and 2008 national elections which were both marred by serious violence and the murder of hundreds of opposition supporters.


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    Haaaa. Mazipenzi. 37 yrs of creating & nurturing dictatorship – killing innocent people on behalf of the dictator – and now you start talking like normal human beings. Nonsense! You are all nothing but a pack of bloody-thirsty hyenas.

    Why, why, why did it take you almost half a century to open your eyes; you idiots? Why did you assist the dictator, who has now turned into your foe, in revising history? Yet you knew as you now tell us time & again that the so-called history of zim liberation war as sponsored and authored by you guys and your former master is mere fiction and devoid of fact. nxaaaaa!!!!

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      Samora Machel 8 months

      These are the people who claimed 120% disability during that BushDoctor Chenjerai Hunzvi. We are not surprised they all left their shoes some 20 kms away on their stupefying mission to go and see diesel oozing from hard rock. What else can you expect today from such bunch of people. They butchered and left people maimed, households razed to ground, communities in fear. Remember long and short sleeve to an extend of hiring genocidal merchants of Rwanda kuti zvityise. Go Nyamandhlovu, Muzarabani, Gokwe Gumunyu kwaTendawasvika, war veterans were and ruthless people. If truth can be told those who unleashed mayhem were and are not true war veterans of Zimbabwean’s liberation struggle. Never!!!!!! War Veterans never did that but hangers on who if they went to war only did in the last few years if not months when the struggle was on the end. They did not fight so they wanted to experience what war is by butchering their own people to compensate for inability to face the real enemy…..Ian Smith’s soldiers. History is full of distortion as we heard that ED was not part of the Chinhoyi Gang. He failed to defend that position. Real war vets were and are still onthe side of the people. Who are they to tell us that Mugabe is a dictator when they moulded him with their selfish ambitions. They contributed to the destruction of the country and now the cake is finished they think we dont know hapachina chokudya now they stand on high rooftops telling us that Mnangagwa is their best preferred president… let them follow him wherever he is and design their own kingdom and leave us with our own fight. They think we are as stupid as they are. Calling ED to protect their loot of national resources…..imagine wife of national army commandere walked away with 7 cars on divorce ivo vakasara nei? Handizvo here zvirikuvagwautisa kuti kana pasina ED noone else. they are now running all over the world telling us from some of the highest citadels of economic power, some taken away in private jets while the rest of us are wallowing in abject poverty. Where is the $15bhidha ungawana any investment ku Mabolokohlo, Nkayi, Madzivazvido never….but Emnotweni malls of this world you can see how our diamonds have developed other countries. Hazviitwe naana little Joe Nobody wokwa Chireya, Mabalauta, Simchembo Kwete but ivo vakanorwa hondo and the hordes of chancers around the dynasty. As ED plans to comeback for Bob and Grace we will also haunt and hunt him with ICC cases of Gukurahundi, and massacres of 2008. We have dossiers waiting for them. For your own info these will be worse dictators because they will be fighting to protect themselves as young wolves in sheep’s skins. Most of them vakatotiza, they knew it long back……yes they knew hence some scrupulous sons were stopped at BeitBridge with $7m dollar booty yainotengei yawanikwa sei when the rest of us were allowed $100/day. There are so many war veterans who kept queit I respect them for that. Not avo vatisiira Dynasty ivo vobva vatiza kunodya mari yavasina kushandira. Its boring to think that people were really driven by liberation principles whereas they were crafting their own selfish ends. Unfortunately we now know saka tichavatonga chete….Aluta Continua