‘Anti-gay law discriminates against men’

Source: 'Anti-gay law discriminates against men' | Daily News

MUTARE – A top human rights lawyer has slammed the country’s anti-gay legislation as discriminatory not only against homosexuals only but also male homosexuals in particular.

Passmore Nyakureba told a National Association of Freelance Journalists (NAFJ) gender training workshop in Mutare recently that the country’s sodomy laws were being used to counter homosexuals’ rights which are not outlawed by the Constitution but said the law only applied to males and not females.

“The Criminal Code is discriminatory on two levels. The first is that the Constitution guarantees freedom of association and equal protection and benefit from the law but then criminalises a sexual relationship between two consenting adults and then on the second level it criminalises homosexual acts among gays and not among lesbians,” Nyakureba said.


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    Morty Smith 2 years ago

    This person should think about what he is saying. He is not living in the West. Let sleeping dogs lie. Don’t ask other people about their sexual preferences. Keep your nose out of other peoples business