APA defends one on one campaign strategy

APA defends one on one campaign strategy

Source: APA defends one on one campaign strategy | Newsday (News)

THE Nkosana Moyo-led Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) has defended its one-on-one campaign strategy, saying it was more effective and interactive than mass rallies.
APA spokesperson, Nyaradzo Charidza made the remarks last week following her party leader’s walkabouts in Bulawayo residential areas where he took time to interact with the electorate on various issues.


“We called ourselves the Alliance for the People’s Agenda for precisely that reason. We engage one-on-one with the electorate or in small groups and we are able, in that way, to hear the voice of the people. Talking down to masses sitting in the sun for hours on end is not engagement in our view,” she said.

Charidza said the campaign tactic had raised APA’s profile.

“The walkabouts have helped to raise our profile. We have been able to share our thoughts and plans with the electorate and they have been well received.

“The electorate said they appreciated the approach and felt recognised and appreciated,” she said.

Charidza said residents expressed dismay at the rampant corruption in the country and were yearning for new leaders who would fulfil their aspirations.

“People expressed that they long to live in a country with jobs, clean running water, health facilities and schools for their children. They have seen all the political parties in action; they have heard us all speak and seen the behaviour of the different political actors. They must decide, from what they see and hear which party represents the best possible future for Zimbabwe,” she said, adding her party would soon unveil its 2018 election manifesto.

The three-day walkabout saw party president Nkosana Moyo meeting residents in Bulawayo central, Mpopoma/Pelandaba, Nketa/Emganwini, Luveve/Gwabalanda and Cowdray Park.

Moyo’s unique campaign strategy has seen him interact with the electorate in various parts of the country.

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