From the archive: Anti corruption group calls for prosecution of #mugabe

via Anti corruption group calls for prosecution of Mugabe | SW Radio Africa By Alex Bell 19 September 2012

An anti corruption group in Southern Africa has called for the prosecution of Robert Mugabe and 55 other top ZANU PF officials and companies accused of corruption.

The Anti Corruption Trust of Southern Africa has listed the Zimbabwean officials in a news report titled: “Corruption Cases: Lest We Forget: Bad Leadership Examples for Accountability, Transparency and Integrity in Zimbabwe.” Senior officials including Mugabe, his wife Grace and high level government ministers were named as having been implicated in major corruption cases that have never been finalised.

The group has now demanded that all the cases be reopened and all guilty parties be prosecuted. Norman Tjombe, the Chairperson of the Trust, told SW Radio Africa that their research was done over a year, because of concern that corruption was affecting an already troubled political system in Zimbabwe.

“The governance system is fraught with difficulties and part of that is because the political system is so corrupt. We wanted to see if these issues were dealt with to pressurise the different practitioners responsible for prosecution of corruption cases to take up the matter,” Tjombe said.

He said that the impunity in Zimbabwe must end, explaining how “many people’s hands are tainted with corruption and they cannot sit in public office.”

The group has made extensive recommendations, with the main recommendation being that the corruption cases be revisited, regardless of who stands accused.

“People implicated in these incidents must not sit in public office simply because those who sit in that office have the trust of citizens of Zimbabwe and must be beyond reproach. Part of the problem has been that the list of 56 people includes the who’s-who in Zimbabwe, right up to presidents office, the first lady, several ministers, companies are implicated and perhaps this is the reason why these cases aren’t going anywhere,” Tjombe said.

The names of the individuals, and the corruption cases they are implicated in, include:

1. President Robert Gabriel Mugabe (Airport Scandal);
2. Joyce Mujuru (ZISCO Scandal and the War Victims Compensation Fund);
3. Grace Mugabe (VIP Housing scandal and the Diamond Scandals);
4. Joseph Made (Kondozi Scandal and Fertiliser scandal);
5. Mike Nyambuya (NOCZIM Scandal and Kondozi Scandal);
6. Francis Nhema (Asitroc Investment (Private) Limited Scandal);
7. Simbarashe Mumbengegwi (ZISCO Scandal);
8. Stan Mudenge (VIP Housing Scandal and ZISCO Scandal);
9. Obert Mpofu (ZISCO Scandal/ Marange or Chiadzwa Diamonds Scandal);
10. Patrick Chinamasa (Interference with the functions of the
Judiciary and ZISCO Scandal)
11. Ignatius Chombo (Acquisition of Massive Wealth, Constituency
Development Fund Scandal and the ZUPCO Scandal);
12. Didymus Mutasa (Kondozi Scandal);
13. Olivia Muchena (ZISCO Scandal);
14. Sithembiso Nyoni (ZISCO Scandal);
15. Christopher Mushowe (Kondozi Scandal and the University of
Zimbabwe Scandal);
16. Oppah Muchinguri (NOCZIM Scandal and VIP Housing scandal);
17. Phillip Chiyangwa (NOCZIM Scandal);
18. Kumbirai Kangai (GMB Scandal);
19. Tinaye Chigudu (NOCZIM Scandal);
20. Enock Porusingazi(NOCZIM Scandal);
21. Esau Mupfumi (NOCZIM Scandal);
22. Fred Kanzama (NOCZIM Scandal);
23. Mike Madiro (Kondozi Scandal);
24. Robert Gumbo (Kondozi Scandal);
25. Robin Shava (War Victims Compensation Fund);
26. Wilfred Mhanda (War Victims Compensation Fund);
27. Vivian Mwashita (War Victims Compensation Fund);
28. B Muranhwa (War Victims Compensation Fund);
29. Perence Shiri (War Victims Compensation Fund);
30. Oppah Rushesha (War Victims Compensation Fund);
31. Reward Marufu (War Victims Compensation Fund);
32. Augustine Chihuru (War Victims Compensation Fund and the VIP
Housing scandal);
33. Herbert Mahlaba (War Victims Compensation Fund);
34. Edgar Tekere (War Victims Compensation Fund);
35. Tirivanhu Mudariki (ZISCO Scandal);
36. Gibson Munyoro (ZISCO Scandal);
37. Gabriel Masanga (ZISCO Scandal);
38. Rodwell Rukuno (ZISCO Scandal);
39. Bright Matonga (ZUPCO Scandal);
40. Charles Nherera (ZUPCO Scandal);
41. Enock Kamushinda (Interference with the functions of the Judiciary);
42. Simon Pazvakavambwa (Fertiliser Scandal);
43. Gideon Gono (Fertiliser scandal, and Diamond Scandals);
44. Sam Pa (Diamond Scandals);
45. Sino Zimbabwe (Diamond Scandals);
46. Anjin Investments (Diamond Scandals);
47. Nyasha Mujuru (Diamond Scandals);
48. Bonwell Chakaodza (VIP Housing Scandal);
49. Tichaona Jokonya (VIP Housing Scandal);
50. Leo Mugabe (Harare Airport Scandal);
51. Paddington Garwe (VIP Housing Scandal);
52. William Gumbochuma (VIP Housing Scandal);
53. Marvelous Khumalo (Constituency Development Fund Scandal);
54. Albert Mhlanga (Constituency Development Fund Scandal);
55. Cleophas Machacha (Constituency Development Fund Scandal); and
56. Franco Ndambakuwa (Constituency Development Fund Scandal).