BREAKING: Zanu-PF UK/ EU District Chair Cde Tawengwa dies of Covid-19 . . .

Source: BREAKING: Zanu-PF UK/ EU District Chair Cde Tawengwa dies of Covid-19 . . . | Herald (Top Stories)

Cde Tawengwa

Africa Moyo and Conrad Mupesa

Zanu PF UK/EU District chairman Cde Masimba Tawengwa has died of Covid-19.

He was 48.

He died at Arundel Hospital in Harare, around 4pm yesterday.

Cde Tawengwa, who had been on political internship in the Commissariat Department at Zanu PF Headquarters, attended yesterday’s 114th Central Committee meeting, but left midway after falling sick.

He reportedly sought medical assistance at a Harare medical facility, where some tests were conducted on him. But his health deteriorated yesterday while in Marondera and got tested for Covid-19, and results came out positive.

Permanent Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mr Nick Mangwana, who worked with him in the United Kingdom, said after he got tested, Cde Tawengwa suffered from shortness of breath. He was then taken to Harare, where he died at Arundel Hospital, about 10 minutes after admission.

“I can confirm that Cde Tawengwa has died. He died today (yesterday) of Covid-19 at Arundel Hospital. He was on political internship in the Commissariat Department at the Zanu PF Headquarters and attended yesterday’s 114th Central Committee meeting as part of his brief to have an appreciation of how party systems work.

“Unfortunately, he started feeling unwell and left the meeting and sought medical assistance. Today (yesterday), he felt unwell again while in Marondera and was tested for Covid-19 and the results came out positive,” said Mr Mangwana.

Mr Mangwana described the son to National Hero Cde Solomon Tawengwa as a patriotic cadre whose credentials are “never questioned”, adding that he was a “gentle giant”.

Mr Mangwana and Cde Tawengwa worked together as chairman and deputy chairman for the Zanu PF UK/EU District respectively.

Cde Tawengwa then took over as chairman in 2018, when Mr Mangwana left to take up the position of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services.

He is survived by two children; a boy and a girl.

Meanwhile, Cde Shiela Mabasa, commonly known as Cde Yondo, has died. She died yesterday at a hospital in Norton after a short illness.

Cde Yondo was a ZANU PF Central Committee member.

Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson, who is also Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi said: “It is with great sadness that l have to inform to you that our dear Comrade and Central Committee member Cde Sheila “Yondo” Mabasa, has passed away.  It’s indeed a dark day for us. May her dear soul rest in peace.”

Minister of State for Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs and Devolution, who is also the provincial secretary for Finance, Cde Mary Mliswa-Chikoka, said: “It is a sad day for Mashonaland West province. We have lost a true heroine and cadre who was ready to serve the party at all costs. The gap that she has left behind is irreplaceable.”

Zanu PF provincial Women’s League chairperson, Cde Josephine Shava, said Cde Yondo was a pillar in the province. Her friend and provincial Women’s League secretary for Education, Cde Margaret Hoshiki, said she learnt of Cde Yondo’s death with great shock.

Cde Yondo was a decorated war veteran who joined the military after independence in 1980.

Burial arrangements are yet to be made.


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    Ndebele 6 months ago

    Interesting story? Zanu now has a Top Zanu Mujiba Post in the EU and London? The Top Zanu Mujiba is the grandson of this country’s first black millionaire – but Zanu still think that they need to send a Zanu Mujiba to London to raise money and assistance for the Zanu Fat Cats? Grandfather Tawengwa became a millionaire under the Rhodesian Regime at the height of sanctions in 1972!! He did all this from hard work and entrepreneurship. How is it that his grandchildren can think that they can go back to Zimbabwe and it will have the same opportunity in 2021 as it did in 1972? Do they sincerely believe that Zimbabwe is a clean and corrupt free country? Did they read what happened to Gororo after his trip to the USA as the American Mujiba for Zanu? If Zimbabwe is so great under Zanu – why would the grandson of a its first black millionaire be living the UK? The grandfather bought five farms in Rhodesia in his own right – but Mugabe and ED could only steal and destroy 6000 farms. We have some great Zanu Mujiba Economists – Mujiba Scoones, Mujiba Swanepoel, Mujiba Eddie Cross and Mujiba Joseph Chinotimba who need to explain this situation to us all?

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    Mpopota 6 months ago

    Scones should be asked to comment on ZANLA’s policy of killing as many African Purchase Area farmers as possible. Dumiso Dabengwa’s parents were among their victims. The loss of all this expertise add to the devastation caused by the farm invasions.