Bulawayo water woes mount

Source: Bulawayo water woes mount | Daily News

BULAWAYO is set to experience some intermittent water problems as council carries out repair works in the Umzingwane/Mtshabezi pipeline today.

In a notice by the City of Bulawayo, the repairs on the pipeline bypass will be conducted between 07:00 hours to 22:00 hours.
The repairs come as the city has instituted a 72-hour water rationing regime in order for all residents to receive water following a drought which has dried up some of their water sources.

“These repairs will result in the shutdown of pumping from Umzingwane Dam and will affect the amount of raw water being delivered to Criterion Waterworks. This will resultantly affect volumes of raw water available for treatment,” council said.

Bulawayo went on to advise its residents that they had taken all the necessary steps to ensure that adequate water was supplied up to the end of the repair works unless any other circumstances arose.