Byo baby appeals for $10 000 to undergo India op

Source: Byo baby appeals for $10 000 to undergo India op | Newsday (News)

PARENTS of a 10-month-old Bulawayo girl, who is fighting for her life after she was recently diagnosed with a life-threatening heart complication, have launched an appeal for $15 000 to enable them to take their daughter to India for urgent surgery.

Rudorwashe Grace, who is battling congenital heart disease, has been kept on life support system for the past three months and is surviving on expensive, anti-heart failure medication, which the family said they could no longer sustain.

Her mother, Tendai Moyo (32) told Southern Eye yesterday that medical doctors have described the baby’s condition as critical and urgently requires corrective surgery, as the left side of her heart had ceased operating.

“It is very traumatising. We are looking up to the Almighty to intervene and save our baby,” a tearful Moyo said. “We have not lost hope. We know the Lord Almighty will intervene…we have been praying and praying.”

Moyo narrated her child’s condition: “From childbirth, the doctors and nurses never detected that something was wrong with her during the monthly check-ups. We could, however, see that she used to sweat a lot, had heavy breathing and was not gaining any weight.

“It was only when she was seven months old that a nurse at Maqhawe Clinic in Nkulumane told us our baby was not healthy and suggested we go to Mpilo [Central] Hospital for further medical examination, where she was then diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

“From four months, she weighed 6kg and now weighs 6,5kg, showing the nature of her problem prevents her from gaining weight.

Currently, we get plumpy-nuts supplements to try and assist the baby to gain weight. She is also on anti-heart failure medication and also taking daily injections to prevent recurring chest infections such as colds and incessant coughing.”

According to a medical report, Rudorwashe is suffering from chronic cyanotic heart disease, leading to heart failure, mixing cyanotic congenital heart disease with tricuspid atresia, single ventrice, ASD and dilated left and left atria with evidence of IVC congestion.

Moyo said the condition was diagonised in October last year and ever since they have been trying to raise the $15 000 without success.

“We tried to negotiate with doctors to operate on her and then we pay later, but they demanded that we pay 80% of the said amount before the procedure. We have been trying to raise $15 000 since October without success. We raised $3 023 and used $323 for oxygen refill and hire. So we have $2 700 at hand,” a tearful Moyo said.

“We appeal for donations from organisations, companies and individuals. Any amount is appreciated because every dollar counts.”
Donations can be deposited in ZB Bank, Jason Moyo St, Bulawayo; Account name: Tendai Moyo; Account number: 4307 453 101 200 or Ecocash on 0771 907 636. Well-wishers can contact Moyo on 0785 516 142 or 15953 Nkulumane 12.