Byo commends President for roads rehab

Source: Byo commends President for roads rehab | Sunday News (local news)

Vusumuzi Dube, Online News Editor
BULAWAYO residents have been charmed by the commitment and efforts President Mnangagwa is putting in rehabilitating the city’s roads under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP).

The Government set aside $33.6 billion for the second phase of the ERRP, after the Government in February declared the country’s road network a state of disaster as most of them had become untrafficable following damage by heavy rains that were received across the country. In Bulawayo, 65 major roads are being rehabilitated under the facility at an estimated cost of $625  million.

Bulawayo United Residents Association (Bura) chairperson Mr Winos Dube said the programme was testimony that the Second Republic was living the talk. He said as residents they could easily point to successes by the Government noting that for a long period they had complained about the state of the road network but now something tangible was being done, which he said was  commendable.

“I want to express it with a lot of gratitude and say the New Dispensation has brought into reality all its promises when it came into power. The initiative that is being taken and done vis-à-vis the fixing of roads in the country, we are so proud as a people, we are so proud as a country, we are really following it with a lot of interest and getting a lot of satisfaction.

It is really the best way forward that will bring a lot of development because we believe that for any nation to develop and do its best it must have the best road network and where there is the best road network there is always the best way of bringing development,” said Mr Dube.

He said it was high time all authorities ranging from Government to the local authorities work together to foster development.

“I want to call upon the two authorities that is the Government working closely with the Bulawayo City Council that the kind of working relationship that has been proven, that we are seeing today, it must always  continue.

“We want to see this going on because we are seeing that this gives the best way which is green light to the success and development of the country. It shouldn’t be someone pulling this side while the other pulls the other way because at the end of the day focus should be on development and giving the best to the people,” said Mr Dube.

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association ward nine secretary for administration Mr Thabani Ndlovu said while the project was commendable there was a need for the Government and council to also address other major roads in the city.

“We note the importance of this project and commend that the authorities are now doing something to address the state of our roads. My only plea for now is that they also address some major business roads like at Renkini Long Bus Terminus where there is a lot of trading taking place. We also wish that the programme moves at a fast pace noting before the start of the rainy season,” said Mr Ndlovu.

A motorist from Mpopoma, Mr Rodrick Moyo, who said he usually uses Luveve Road said it was a good move that the authorities were now addressing a problem that has been there for some time.

“We were losing a lot of money through these potholes which were damaging our cars but the response from the Government shows that our cries were noted and finally something is being done,” said Mr Moyo.

The local authority recently revealed that at least 75 percent of Bulawayo’s road network has outlived its lifespan noting that they needed approximately US$700 million to bring it to good condition.