Caledonia on way to getting own local board

Source: Caledonia on way to getting own local board | Herald (Top Stories)

Minister Moyo

Blessings Chidakwa Municipal Reporter
Caledonia, a sprawling informal settlement to the east of Harare, may get its own local board as Government has ordered the three surrounding councils to set up a caretaker local authority to assist in the regularisation of the chaotic area.

Harare, Ruwa and Goromonzi local authorities have been directed to each second five councillors plus critical staff to join a Government team to enable the setting up of a caretaker local authority.

The seconded team is scheduled to hold its first meeting today. Caledonia could eventually stand alone as a local board just like Epworth, or could be incorporated into an existing authority.

But first it needs to be fixed up. Caledonia Farm has no roads, electricity, clinics, schools, water and sewer reticulation facilities and other essential social amenities for proper human habitation.

Speaking during a recent Harare full council meeting, Mayor Jacob Mafume said Local Government and Public Works Minister Cde July Moyo had ordered for the creation of the caretaker local authority in line with the Urban Councils Act.

“Minister Moyo indicated that there be created a caretaker local authority for Caledonia which is going to be gazetted in terms of the Urban Councils Act,” he said.

“The staff will be seconded from Government and three councils that is Harare, Ruwa and Goromonzi will separately second five each councillors as well as some staff members.”

Mayor Mafume said the committee will make recommendations to Government.

“Part of the recommendations will either to make Caledonia a stand-alone local authority as it has a sizable population of over 150 000, 200 hectares of land and 30 000 stands,” he said.

“The other option might be that of just incorporating Caledonia into an existing local authority.”

Caledonia, a sprawling settlement east of Harare on a farm of the same name, has been synonymous with chaos, poor sanitation and irregular settlement.