Catholic bishops embrace Covid-19 vaccination

Source: Catholic bishops embrace Covid-19 vaccination | Sunday Mail (Local News)

Father Reki Tendayi Mashayamombe

Catholic bishops have heeded the Government’s call for vaccination against Covid-19.

The bishops joined his Excellency President Mnangagwa, who recently launched the second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination programme in Victoria Falls.

The Catholic community is solidly behind the Second Republic’s socio-economic development agenda, and is in full support of the ongoing vaccination efforts.

His Grace, Archbishop Christopher Robert Ndlovu of the Archdiocese of Harare, called upon citizens to support the Government’s inoculation programme.

“We are a responsible church that is in full support of efforts of the Government of the day.

“This disease affects all of us regardless of one’s standing in society; therefore, we have seen it proper to lead by example.

“We urge our citizens to embrace this noble vaccination drive so that we are not left behind as a nation,” he said.

During the launch of the second phase of the national vaccination programme, Catholic priests explained the need for humanity to have faith, pray and ask for divine intervention from God.

The Roman Catholic Church is thus moving ahead with the times.

This transformation purports that “when one does not change, they die, meaning that change is inevitable, yet we still need to adapt to it,” they explained.

More importantly, Archbishop Ndlovu noted that the coronavirus has disrupted a greater part of our lives, and the new norm is to wear masks, maintain social distance, as well as sanitise our hands.

Times have changed, and it is unlike in the historical times of Galileo.

Although there maybe other church doctrines that do not support vaccination, the Roman Catholic Church has taken the stance to urge other churches to embrace the scientific advances of our time.

The Roman Catholic Church is for science and demystifying myths in favour of science.

During the ceremony, over 100 priests and religious sisters who serve the church community were vaccinated.

This citizen participation will go a long way in ensuring that our nation achieves herd immunity.

Thus, the role of the church is to mediate between the State and its citizens, while acting in the interests of the citizens.

The Catholic community will continue to play a leading role in raising awareness on the Covid-19 pandemic as part of broader State-Church relations.