Chigwedere paternity test case takes twist

Chigwedere paternity test case takes twist

Source: Chigwedere paternity test case takes twist | Newsday (News)

THE paternity test case pitting former education minister Aeneas Chigwedere and son Mangwiza has taken another direction after the latter set more conditions.


Chigwedere recently agreed to demands by Mangwiza to foot the bill and do the tests at an independent laboratory.

In a move meant to put to rest the case that has been dragging in the courts for a long time now, Chigwedere gave in to Mangwiza’s demands. However, Mangwiza responded by setting more conditions ahead of the paternity test court hearing.

In his notice of opposition filed at the High Court on October 27 (HC9576/17), Mangwiza demanded that his father should give him transport money using electronic means and that it should be done by someone not Chigwedere.

“As a precautionary measure, on paying for travelling costs I demand that this be done only electronically through EcoCash or funds transfer through his legal practitioner or someone doing it for him without me coming into direct contact with his money,” Mangwiza said.

“This is based on my knowledge of the applicant, his prowess or capabilities in the dark underworld as we have suffered in our clan through his deeds. He is capable of tampering with money or objects he handles for his own dark designs towards another.”

In the court papers, Mangwiza also demanded to know the authenticity of Chigwedere’s response saying the affidavits attached were not signed by his father before a Commissioner of Oath.

“I am a layman at law but believe commissioning of a document done by Commissioner of Oaths, TD Stevenson with whoever signed PP Chigwedere for the applicant is not acceptable in any court of law and stand to be corrected. An oath is taken and signed by the very same person and not signed for by anybody else.

“Why sign using the applicant’s name of AS (Aeneas Soko) Chigwedere instead of their very own name as it is not the applicant who signed for it?” he said.

Chigwedere is embroiled in a court wrangle with Mangwiza who is accusing him of practising witchcraft and tormenting the family through the use of goblins. The matter is before the constitutional court while Chigwedere is seeking a paternity test order after disowning Mangwiza as his biological son.