China calls for dialogue in Zimbabwe

Source: China calls for dialogue in Zimbabwe | Daily News

HARARE – Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Huang Ping has called for a national dialogue as he condemned the social unrest that took place last week saying strikes and vandalism will not rescue Zimbabwe’s economy.

Speaking at the Tour Africa — New Horizon in Zimbabwe launch Ping said: “We must maintain confidence and our bilateral relations… we have confidence in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. Visits by the Chinese show that the Chinese government has strong confidence in the people of Zimbabwe. Strikes and vandalism will not eradicate challenges …only dialogue will bring prosperity to Zimbabweans,” he said.

Commending the recent Chinese tour operators that jetted into the country on Monday, Ping added that China was a serious investor as compared to the negative sentiments that have been passed by several observers.

“We have several projects that we have on the ground and some have already been completed. Kariba South and Hwange thermal completed, new parliament building started, lithium project also started…cigarettes producing project…this shows Chinese people are people of action…”

The ministry of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry signed a memorandum of understanding with Touch Road International holdings Group from China a company promoting packages to destination Zimbabwe and Africa.