Chivayo probe intensifies

Source: Chivayo probe intensifies | Newsday (National)

Ex-convict and businessman Wicknell Chivayo is under a fresh probe over his multi-million dollar energy deals with the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) amid allegations of corruption, money-laundering and externalisation.


The National Economic Conduct Inspectorate (NECI), a State arm under the Finance ministry, has demanded to see Chivayo’s Intratrek bank statements, cash books and other documents pertaining to the Gwanda Solar Project and Munyati Power Station.

A letter signed by one Musasiwa on behalf of the NECI director on December 7, 2017 indicated that Treasury was probing the businessman to ascertain if his deals were above board and that he did not externalise money.

“As part of an exercise that NECI is carrying out, may you avail the following documents for inspection: All contracts/agreements entered into with ZPC, Intratrek Zimbabwe’s bank statements from January 2015 to date, cash books and all documents pertaining to the Gwanda Solar Project and Munyati Power Station,” the letter read.
In a follow-up letter dated December 12, NECI demanded the same documents after they had initially met with Chivayo.

“This letter serves as a follow-up to a request for documents done through a letter dated December 7 and a subsequent meeting between NECI officers and the managing director Mr Wicknell Chivayo, on the same date. NECI is still waiting for the urgent delivery of the documents,” the letter stated.

Chivayo, who before the ouster of former President Robert Mugabe, used to boast of having strong links to the ex-First Lady Grace Mugabe, was awarded the deals worth over $441 million.

The businessman reportedly received an advance payment of $5 million without offering surety that he would deliver on the project – a violation of public finance laws. Also authorities allege nothing has happened on the ground to warrant the payments made so far.

Chivayo did not respond to questions sent to him on the probe.